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Morning,all. I suppose it had to come-the long-awaited sequel to the original by SOL KITTS where he explained a match day from a refereeing perspective. If you’ve not read it,you can catch it on this link.

This one is more by way of comment on the disgraceful standards of refereeing accepted in Scotland. We all knew we had some rather interesting games to play in December,and not all of them have really been up to scratch. And we all knew that finishing with two away games against Aberdeen and Rangers was never going to be easy. Of course,Celtic are light years ahead of both of those clubs in every respect,and on paper,should have the beating of them. But football isn’t played on paper-hell,it’s hard enough to get them to provide grass these days!-and the unexpected can and does happen.

Hence the expression-“Doon like a Seturday coupon!”

There are lots of reasons for this,of course. But it should never be in the hands of a referee. I’m not talking about a ref having the odd bad day at the office,I don’t even have an office and I still have plenty of bad days. Sadly,no. I’m referring to sheer incompetence and downright bias and cheating.

I said years ago about Mike McCurry that as he was either incompetent or a total cheat,he should give up either his Saturday job or his Sunday one. How could he perform as he regularly did on a Saturday then attempt to explain to his flock the meaning of Mark 8:36, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

As it turned out,he didn’t even get the keys to the ludj or even first go at the goat. All he got was a front page in The Sunday Mail once he had outlived his usefulness. I’d love to hear the full story behind all that. The latest reincarnations waiting for Karma to sneak up on them are carrying on with Mike’s work,just as before them,Mike was simply carrying on with the work of others who had gone before him. Dallas,Foote,Valentine,et al. Not forgetting possibly the worst ever,R H Davidson. (I believe the initials stood for Right Hun. The B is understood) We have a proper combination on Saturday with Beaton and Madden,and Ross the Tory redredred and Roome as assistants. I’m willing to bet that the latter wouldn’t have got the gig if his surname was Rome. I believe they will actually bring the game into disrepute on Saturday,so clearly inept will be their display. After all,they all have form with us,or rather,against us. Whatever the price is on a red card and on a penalty,pop your Santa money in that direction.

They have a hard act to followfollow,of course. And while I have every faith in their willingness to achieve notoriety,they will have to go some to beat Oor Wullie’s performance on Wednesday. As a former RE teacher-I believe he is on a Sabbatical,surely that’s the one day he should be working?-he will know the meaning of Mark 8:36. Clearly the snivelling little wretch cares not a jot for his blackened soul. If he worked beside me,it would be his eyes and his balls that were that colour.

Let’s start with his game management. Tugs and pulls permitted time and again by Aberdeen players,preventing the build-up of play,stalling many of our moves. Or only booking Stevie May because he was going to have to take off his shoes and socks to keep counting the fouls he had committed. Or booking Scott Sinclair for placing the ball outside the quadrangle at a corner,the exact same punishment accorded McGinn for a high and late two-footed tackle with studs up. Ad infinitum,ad nauseam. Let’s also consider the corner which led to Aberdeen’s third goal,where Craig Gordon was repeatedly manhandled then shoved back over the line as the ball came in. Wullie never saw that-as we all know,his eyes are in the back of his head,and he was facing directly at the incident.

But more importantly,the penalties. Now,I’ll be honest here. I’ve known SOL KITTS for nigh on forty years,and 6’4″ or not,we have had many an argument in that time. Differences of opinions between friends,not a punch up,I’m not that bloody stupid! I honestly wouldn’t have claimed that as a penalty if it was one of our players,and in fact,I didn’t when Kieran Tierney was taken out much worse than that against Hearts. But SOL KITTS is a very experienced referee,and he explained quite clearly in yesterday’s comments exactly why it WAS a penalty. Briefly,that Izzy’s attempt at the block was too close to the player,the collision was inevitable. More importantly,had it happened outside the box,there would have been little argument that it was a free-kick. It was inside the area,so penalty.

But the wee runt didn’t see it that way when Kieran got taken out against Hearts-aye,he was the bloody ref that day!

As for the second penalty,that frankly is of the type which is only given if either the attacking player is a Rangers player,or if the defender is a Celtic player. (In the event of both,it is also a red card for violent conduct). I will contend that no referee of any level of competence would have given that penalty. Not unless he had an agenda,and a clear desire to do so. Which brings us back to the original points behind this article. Incompetence or cheating? If the former,why has it been permitted so long by the authorities,by the media,more importantly by the clubs? Why are the standards so low in Scotland-and they are,European clubs are appalled simply to find out that they have a Scottish referee scheduled for an important match. Same at international level. After all,they are all paid very well indeed. Most of them earn more than most of the people on here-sorry,did I say earn? I really shouldn’t have lent Mags my Thesaurus…

I’ve noticed some of the clubs recently being very critical in public of referees. The SFA are swingeing in their punishment meted out. They simply will not stand for it. They even fined Sevco £6000,no laughing at the back please.

But the referees in Scotland are immune to it all. They neither attempt to hide their cheating,nor care who knows it,and why. Tomorrow will see them ramp it up a notch or ten. Most people who only attend their workplace with dishonest intent wear a mask. Those four will be wearing a smirk as wide as The Clyde.

It’s up to us to wipe it off for them on the day. And then,we really have to place a formal complaint.


Above is a guest article by majoc. Rant away for free,send it to Mahe at

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Awe Naw

Sol Kitts

Arguments? Oh no we didn’t (it is panto season……).

big packy

hi majoc, I rememember the days of tiny Wharton and the oul handshake before the game, the hun referees have always been with us, celtic have always been up against 12 men 14 if you count the linesmen, just beat them by playing good beautiful football.hh,


VAR is not the answer, but it would be progress , which is why Sepp Blatter was against the introduction.

Btw The first ” penalty ” should not have been awarded .
Izzy attempted to block the cross , quite rightly , and the momentum of Mc Ginn took him forward over Izzys outstretched leg AFTER the ball had gone. Izzy didnt tackle him.
No penalty.

The half time substitution of Izzy I felt bad about.
He looked humiliated. I trust Brendan has since had a sympathetic word .


Hi,big fella. Wee correction-the hun referees have always been AGAINST us!

Personally,I think the biggest mistake Jock ever made was to make his comment about beating the referees by scoring more goals and taking them out of the equation. I’m pretty sure he said the opposite to his players.


Howdy,oul’ pal. I’ve never understood why players feel it humiliating not to get at least fifteen minutes in the second half. Izzy is a pro,and a bloody good one. He’ll have shrugged it all aside the minute the fourth goal went in.

Enjoy watching the match at the venue named after my favourite ever TV programme. I’ll raise a glass to absent friends tomorrow,just prior to sending it Down Under!

Por Cierto


Aye wasn’t nice at all. Although he may, as with other players, been warned pre-match to stay on his feet, as Collum has form for giving dubious penalty decisions, and free-kicks, when tackles are made from the sliding in.
Of course, I’m only presuming this :)) por cierto

Sol Kitts

I was moderated earlier (oooh errr missus) so this post is at the request of Majoc to see if I am back to my usual self ??

True. Arguments only lasted as long as the pints we were drinking. Next round,change of subject.

Missed our vocation in life,bud. Sad loss to The Diplomatic Corps we were. Of course,that theory wouldn’t work nowadays,most of the world’s hotspots are in alcohol-free areas.

Now there’s a thought.

Aye,yer back in. Dunno how that happened,mate. Seems that a spam filter spammed us!

I think I’ve removed it.


That’s a great piece of work,thanks for reminding me of it. I’ll watch it again tomorrow evening while I recover from the match/practice for New Year.



I just felt that Izzy was hung out to dry.
I have criticised him in the past. A high ball to his post seemed to me to be a recognised tactic if you wanted a goal against Celtic in Europe.
Having said that , Brendan recognises that hard decisions have to be made.
He`s right.


I loved when Izzy came back in from the cold and had major contributions in earlier games.
A loyal Tim.
You can`t buy that.
Literally . 🙂

Sol Kitts

Never liked spam fritters.

Awe Naw

Ten million according to Ladbrokes will be placed on bets on the Old Firm game. I bet betdaq does very nicely out of it

Spam fritters? You had fritters? Of Spam?

Luxury. We had to pull off our scabs and fry them in our snot. We didn’t have a lot then. Well,we had a lot of scabs and a lot of snot,and grateful for it,or we’d have starved.

Tell that to kids nowadays,they won’t believe you.

A thing of beauty

The penalty was the straw that broke the camels back. Izzy was not having a good game, going forward or at the back. Anything of any note from Aberdeen was coming from his side. He has done well coming in from the cold but Boxing Day was maybe too many games in quick succession. Whatever the reason, I don’t think many were too upset to see him not coming out for the second half. Though there were a few who could have joined him, especially Rogic. Something is not right with tam this season. He can’t seem to string two good games together. Just when you think the big man’s back on song he turns in a performance like Pittodrie where at times his indecision and falling over the ball leads to danger for us. None more so than trying to flick it over shinnies head on the edge of OUR box which led to the second penalty from cheating Willie. Let’s hope he returns from Dubai with the familiar old magic in those size 14 boots.

Sol Kitts

Stop it. Just spat my coffee out.


Majoc,,,we used to smell the fumes from Chinese takeout for dinner 😉


Hi stranger , welcome on board pal , hope all well. Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto

Sol Kitts

Obviously, you are the only grown up in this conversation…. so I expect you to sort this out. Send them to their rooms, or something…


Sol Kitts

We were so poor that I ran behind the bus to save 50p. My dad wasnae pleased, told me I should have ran behind a taxi and saved a fiver.

Awe Naw

I take it their will be a minutes silence tomorrow for the Ibrox disaster anniversary

Awe Naw


Margaret McGill

Any Celtic supporter who watched this documentary from beginning to end and still contributes financially to Celtic PLC’s current business continuity plan is either a Moron or a Judas

Mike in Toronto

quiet on here today. where is everyone?

big packy

mike, best wishes to you and seamus before im outed as a dog lover, hopefully a win tomorrow.hh.

Mike in Toronto


Went into the office today, but it is very quiet….so thought I would have a peak on SC… but it is even quieter on here!

Hope 2019 is a great one for you and for all SC’ers.

big packy

cheers mike.hh.

Good stuff M
What can you say, they cheat us on and off the pitch.
I have always said that if you sort the referees you sort the problem, and I stand by that, they can try to cheat us off the park all they want, as long as it’s an even playing field on it we will always be top dogs, they have cheated us since our inception yet we still give them a run for all their cheating.
Anything that will help has to be a good thing, the board are obviously happy with the status quo else they would say something, so the support either force them to, or force the sfa to reform the referees or we stay the same, it’s really no rocket science, the only weapon we have is money, it’s all anyone will listen to.
On the game the morra, am not bothered if the truth be known, they are a second rate pish team that have been built up to heights they can’t cope with, our players are gonna get the crap kicked out of them and the cheats with the whistles are gonna do feck all, but we turn up we win, simple.

Haven’t seen SeS or TGM on for a while, hope they are Ok and just having a wee rest from the blog.

Margaret McGill

Celtic are the bookies favourites tomorrow. Hmmmm..

Margaret McGill

Tellt yeez.
The legitimization of the OF is now complete.
You reap what you sow.
You lay down with dogs you get fleas.
BR will get the blame based on a lack of tactical nous(already happening on CQN) instead of the obvious lack of investment in the squad. However, I suspect the lack of commitment today from many of the players is the insecurity of who is next for the fire sale after Armstrong, Dembele, Sviatchenko? I suspect Boyata, Ntcham and Sinclair shop windying.


All great , mate.
Thank you and a happy and prosperous New Year to yin ana .

Margaret McGill

Happy New year Macjay Dismay 🙂