What Im expecting this year

Surprise Surprise January is the first issue , and its a biggie .  The last window I anticipated this much was the one after Seville ,,, and good Lord what a comedown that window was , so already I approach this window nervous .

So neck on the line time heres how I see it going . 4 players in . Mostly loan and probably a cheap buy in there as it was just too good to resist but I see 4 . Thats a decent number and could be held in defence by board lovers . I also see one , possibly two ,  out , but thats normal as usually someone feels they need more games and pushes for a switch . Gamboa or whatever .

At the very least I would bet on 3 minimum arriving . That  takes a bit of heat of all involved and the fans get a wee buzz . The end of this month / start of the next see’s a run of reasonably easy games to bed any new blood in .

End of February / most of  March we approach a mini series of  games with the Jam Tarts , der Hun , and the Dandy Dons all lined up in a short space .  Big Big games that will decide where silverware ultimately will go . I expect Brendan will have them prepared , the new bhoys bedded , and we will see cream rise . Past experience of defending the title will be invaluable , as will the fans backing as usual . Its probable that we approach this mini series having gone out of Europe ,, which means we should be extra focused on our chance of glory .  On the other hand going through in Europe may well give the squad a shot in the arm .

Either way , after these games I expect us to be at the summit looking down at the rest .

The Split ,,, We will go into it on top and stay there . Others will realise they were looking at a team that hadnt hit first gear yet and started dreaming of ultimate glory ,, and it was built on hope.  This team likes its destiny in its own hands , has been there done that , and with Brendans pushing and prodding will stay on top .

Aint gonna talk about another Cup final . If it happens it happens and if it doesnt it wont upset me unless we dont show up on the day , or fall for tactics we should be older and wiser to.

The Summer,,, will bring the “ bombshell “ that Brendan feels he has taken this team as far as he can and seeks a new challenge at this stage of his career etc etc .

“ Taken this team “ is diplomatic speak for I couldnt get my own players and dont want these ones anymore .  Out on the open market he will be an intriguing proposition for many a club , and is also young enough and confident enough to try his hand abroad if he wishes ( speaking Spanish helps ).

Our club of choice though will be  in the hunt for a new gaffer , and with only 2 to go until the fabled 10 , recruiting the perfect candidate holds its own challenge .

Common sense would tell you get the very best you can and back him bigtime to the next 2 leagues ,, but if we were gonna use common sense Brendan was that man and was right there , why not back him big time ?  Throw common sense out the window in any discussion regarding Scottish football .

History can and will always be looked to ,, and our history points to the following .

If there is an Ulsterman that shows promise in the dugout and is not affiliated with der Hun , he usually gets offered the job . 3 in the last 15 years shows this .

Michael O Neill has done pretty well with what he has and is young and ambitious . He may well get offered the job BUT will no doubt speak to all or some of his mates that have sat in the hotseat and get the low down .   Being from the North will bring its own unique problems should he take the helm and attempt to hit 10 . He wont take it . Too much hassle. Thats the Ulstermen ruled out .

Current possible domestic candidates are clearly WGS and David Moyes .

Either would be controversial , very controversial infact . Not saying they couldnt do the job , its just that opinions about them are soo deep rooted and ingrained , for many many fans either would be the last thing they want .

A rookie / new kid on the block shouldnt be considered . Lenny wont work with Peter so forget him . Stevie Clarke doesnt want the hassle .   Thats about it for the domestic scene .

Explayers ,,, Paul Lambert has tried his hand at management , and he read the game soo well , plus had good communication skills through those pearly whites that I can see why he tried his hand , but has hardly set the heather on fire and his name has never yet been seriously in the frame . Although currently employed by Ipswich he would probably jump at the chance ,,, so would I by the way but it doesnt mean I should get it ,, and I believe the majority of fans would not wish our ex Captain back when the time comes . Im gonna rule him out .

Henke would be a crazy move and he would risk his legend status by being the man Stevie G stopped winning the 10 or something ,, plus he hasnt shown much ,,, so nah .

Jackie Mac tried his hand but didnt cut it , nah .  

Mick Mc Carthy is a wise old head and has done well with what he had to work with wherever he went , and although I back Keano over Saipan I wont hold it against big Mick . I think he would be much too wise to waltz into the circus at this stage of life , cannae see it .

I cannae see an explayer that fits the bill here , bar Lenny that is who isnt gonna get or accept it.

The Continent ,,, its the obvious place . Der Hun , their fans , the refs will all be gunning for the new man and the players ,, the pressure will ramp big time . We all know this and domestic based managers will , and many will opt to avoid the chaotic goldfish bowl atmosphere that will come with the job , especially now Stevie has them riled and apparently playing .

Foreign managers however may well see it in a different light ,, or even no light at all ,, but when the job of managing the famous historic giants is offered to you along with a pay packet that you didnt think you would ever see , many will not even stop to think about the hostility the press for example will give them .   And thats why you see the deer in the headlight looks in December after they cant believe what they just saw in the derby and were in no way prepared for ,, or perhaps the big picture sinks in and you realise you dont have the players to win , its not your fault , but you will forever be the man who blew the 10 !!!

Or perhaps , just like Wim the Tim , you find the right guy .

But the continent looks the likelyplace  to recruit a gaffer where I sit ,, theres a mountain of coaches there , they dont seem to mind getting handed players , and they will see the Champions league or the Prem and think this is my big break !

A Foreign manager will arrive.

Next season,,,,a new man will want his own style of play no doubt .

Trying to implement decent footie is good on paper but doesnt match the climate or the pitch not to mention are the players in the squad he will be working with  technically good enough ?

He has no idea the refs are bent and will wonder what hes seeing when his players get kicked about and carded while other seem to do what they please with impunity .

And will expect to be backed properly not handed projects and sub par purchases .

And will be in for one hell of a rude awakening and will probably be chewed up and spat out by the Ceo and all involved with the domestic game , a Deila mark2 if you will .

He will be going in against a more settled and confident Hun squad and gaffer , who will smell blood . And looking at a squad that needs rebuilt and a new fella that is raw , why wouldnt he be confident ? If the roles were reversed I would be .

The battle for next season starts this window . Get this window right and we have a huge shot in the arm going into the next campaign . Some of those loans will stay , and the purchases made will have some experience under the belt .  This window is more than huge , its crucial we do well in it of we want to continue the dominance . I just hope those making the big calls actually realise this.

Happy New Year friends from myself Mahe and my partner in crime Majoc . Hope this year is a good one !

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Margaret McGill

I have 400 old posts saved on USB from 2009. maybe I should just post them?
here is one from almost exactly 8 years ago…..
Peter Lawwell was appointed to the Celtic Plc Board in October 2003 (just after Seville).

As much as I could gleam quickly from 2 annual reports (2005+2008) Peter Lawwell’s
total Salary + Bonus in the years since joining Celtic “plc” excluding shares are as follows (in pounds):

2004 165,961
2005 298,961
2007 393,236
2008 550,120


Mags,,,that USB must be the secret dossier John the pit bull Reid promised we were gonna unleash if they didn’t stop treating us poorly !!! I thought it was lost ffs.
Post away pal. Surprised you’re on and not out on the town. Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

yeah. I’m already stoned immaculate.

here’s one that got me in trouble….feb 28th 2010

Land of rope and whory
Im the famous hun convert that lives as a hermit in Carfin Grotto. Up at the back.
Im the apparition that appears for 12 stations of the piss after 12 oclock mass every Sunday.
Pay yer dues at the front. Only tims get in free. Cant miss me. Im totally naked and shaved.


Footballs actually not that big an industry at all. Many chat and gossip flows. In treating managers such as Brendan and Lenny badly surely PL is restricting the pool that would consider working with him?
Having got the big bonus today hopefully leaving can be heavily weighed up. After a long stretch a change of scenery at the very least must be appealing .
I don’t want another whole year of PL ,, I really really dont.


Happy New Year, Mahe, Majoc, Rebus and all others who frequent the site.

2019 will be a momentous year with two transfer windows that will have a massive effect on our quest for titles eight & nine.

Our friends over at Ibrox will continue to spend what they can’t generate in order to stop us and activate King’s ‘pack of cards’ theory. It seems that the justification of mounting annual losses funded by directors loans is that the money attracts no interest and will never have to be paid back. How long can this go on, we all wonder? – well probably until some outside influence forces change, much like the global financial crash brought Murray’s recklessness to an abrupt halt.

The Celtic model will not change, however what must change is the influx of players who add little, or, nothing, to the squad – e.g. De Vries, Gamboa, Commper, Benyu, Koussi, Mulumbu and Hendry. These players need to be moved on.

Boyata, Simunovic, Benkovic, Brown, Lustig and Griffiths will also leave during 2019, for one reason, or, another. In total we could have thirteen players going out the door in the next six months –

The following would be left from our current squad:

That’s a total squad of EIGHTEEN, just enough to field a team and fill the bench.

In the next two windows I suggest we need at least, ONE experienced full back (January), THREE centre-backs (January/July/August), and TWO strikers (January) – six players that will should give a squad of TWENTY FOUR.
Of course Brendan is on record as saying that he prefers to work with a “tighter squad”

So, a momentous and challenging year ahead – can we do it? Yes certainly. Will we do it? That remains to be seen.

big packy

hi bhoys, happy new year to everyone, lets hope we get a couple of quality players in the transfer window.hh.


Happy New Year to one and all.
Hail Hail

Happy new year everyone.

Once again Happy New Year to everyone. I don’t want to mention any names in case I miss someone out but their are many on here whom I love and respect.

However I have to make reference to our hosts Mahe and Majoc.

I can only imagine the time and effort (not to mention money) they spend to keep this wonderful site alive.

It’s appreciated guys!

Hope everyone has as good a 2019 as is possible.

A thing of beauty

Firs off, Happy new year to all. Secondly that is a scary prospect you have posted there gold. Or on the contrary a fantastic opportunity to trim the squad and bring in quality. 2 centre backs (one of whom must be left sided), a right back and 2 strikers over the next two windows sees us in a far stronger position than we are now squad wise. I would also look at a left back to cover for Kieran who cannot keep playing every week. Brendan doesn’t trust either back up option just now so we need to think about that. I also wouldn’t like to rely on Sinclair as left wing. His form has been very poor for a long time but I think Eddie can come off that wing if we have a natural striker up front. All in all there is work to be done and the quality of our signings will indicate whether Brendan stays. He has work to do to enhance his reputation if he wants a top job again. Winning the league up here means hee haw, just ask Lenny. 3 on the trot got him the Bolton job. Nope, Brendan has improvements to make at home and in Europe before he will be offered anything more appealing than bottom half of the epl. It’s just my opinion, I think he is a fantastic manager but he’s lost his way since his first season.


Izaguirre is out of contract in the summer, some of the other mentioned still have 18 months left on their contracts. As not playing, and package at Celtic. will be difficult to move them on, unless giving pay off ?? More money down the drain

Oh all the very best Bhoys and Ghirls for 2019

Garry Duncan

Happy New Year to all here on SentinelCelts.
An interesting article Mahe. I see this transfer window as the perfect opportunity to trim the deadwood in our squad and sign 3 or 4 high quality first team ready players. It would give Brendan the smaller, higher quality squad that he craves, and may convince him to stay at Celtic Park. Promise another 3 or 4 quality summer window signings, and take it from there. Our deadwood is in double figures. I feel it may take a financial hit by our PLC to pay some of them off. However it is done, it needs to happen though.


Hi Norrie and a Happy New Year.

Take your point on the difficulties of moving unsuccessful players on, however I believe that we should ‘bite the bullet’ and end contracts in the first group with negotiated pay offs if we can’t sell them on in January. Kouassi is long-term injured and so it will be summer for him.

As for the second group – Boyata is going it’s just a matter of when, Sumunovic can be sold, Benkovic leaves in June, Lustig will return to Sweden probably at the end of the season, Brown to Australia at the same time- that leaves only Griffiths. He has no future at Celtic, is not saleable, and so his contract will be terminated eventually, with perhaps a move to Hibs ‘engineered’, or, not.

This is Brendan’s fifth window and by far the most important. Out of the eighteen that we will keep, only six (33%) are Brendan signings – with the six new signings I have suggested over the next two windows, that would bring it to twelve out of twenty-four (50%). I also give him credit for the new long-term contracts given to Forrest, McGregor, Rogic, Tierney and Christie. I would have expected the number of Brendan signings in a new-look 24 man squad would have been around 16/17 ( 70%) over the three years with the last five mentioned plus Gordon, Ralston and Miller – of course if De Vries, Gamboa, Commper, Benyu, Kouassi, Malumbu and Hendry had ‘made the grade’, it would have been.

The Ibrox challenge will not go away – it will have to be beaten until it once again runs out of steam, and/or money – which ever comes first.


Hi Garry and hope all well pal.
The deadwood tend to stick out the contracts or go on loan , not get paid off. The plc don’t like that and it sets a precedent. There’s a lot of bodies could knock the door and say me also pls. Getting paid off and becoming a free agent puts the player in a fantastic position.
I understand they are a financial drain but least are there to use if needed , like Hayes couple weeks ago.
If a player comes free on a short contract , say two year deal , then yeah usually they are allowed to walk for free. I suspect this is because many in that bracket are on low basic and high bonus pay packet , and can get more money playing regularly for a higher basic wage somewhere else. If we paid money for them they tend to stay as the are on a good whack and training plus facilities are the best they will find domestically. Taking a step down or even starting a new journey isn’t always easy and it’s something many will no chose if given an option.
Hail Hail


Thank you very much Sir and hope this year delivers you joy and happiness!
As long as I’m getting prodded and climbed on at 4.30 every morning I’m happy , strange but true.
Didn’t see myself as a stay at home dad and blogger living in the States but there you go , anything can and does happen !
Hail Hail


Big Packy , a big Happy New Year to yourself and Joan in deepest Cheshire. Woof Woof and Hail Hail


JimmynotPaul, ,
And a big Happy New Year to yerself also partner ! Take care pal and Hail Hail


Happy New Year NorrieM. May she be a goodun. Hail Hail

Garry Duncan

All well here thanks. Hope the same for you and yours. I know it will not be easy to lose our deadwood, but it is something our club must do. They are a mighty drain on our resources. We simply need a leaner meaner first team squad of higher quality players about 25 in number.

Mike in Toronto

Happy new year to our hosts, and all of the SCErs. Hope 2019 is a great year for one and all.


Gold , first off a big Happy New Year and great to see your posts gracing us again .
So your list . It scares me, I count 6 I would keep .
Basically 18 years of dominance we should not be in that position , with a squad that needs rebuilt big time .
Now as you yourself admit Brendan should have more of his own players / buys in the squad but yet does not . This suggests to me the squad players that sign wont move or at least prove hard to shift . Soo if the clubs policy is not to use the pay off method ( we dont ) then its hasta la vista baby at the end of the contract for the most part .
And its only now that most of the originals are running out of contract so the big chance to switch out the squad is within the next 18 months .
Thats a beautiful and slightly worrying thought though as theres a lot at stake these next couple years and others are on our coat tails meaning everyone needs to hit the ground running ,, and that rarely happens .
Its bad timing and poor planning to be honest , although I can see the flip side in what do want me to do when we have players left right and center draining the wage allowance .
On the other side of that coin is the question well who put us in this position , and lets keep that person away from that area .
That might actually appeal to Brendan ,, wholesale changes and a better quality squad that he brought in ,, but Peter may well have burnt his bridges with him and the trust needed that he will deliver what is required is not there .
I hope the lead article is wrong and he stays but gut feeling says he has had enough , ten on the horizon or not .
He will not want to walk away , or if he is staying , lose this particular league title to a fresh faced rookie he has history with . Thats one of the reasons I am still very confident the title will not change hands this year.
Hail Hail

Some place this,A Christmas Carol a week ago,and Great Expectations today. I predict a month of Oliver Twist followed by the realisation that once again we’ve been sold a pup and end it with Bleak House.

We are unlikely to attract a manager of the quality of Brendan. His reputation in the game is enough to tempt decent players to join us. It will be an act of supreme folly to undermine him to the extent that he throws in the towel. My opinion of PL wouldn’t change as a result-it’s already beyond salvaging-but I don’t think DD will be any too pleased.

Awe Naw

Happy new year to everyone. Hope you all have a healthy and happy 2019


MIT,,, a very Happy New Year to yerself Sir !!
May there be many more . Hail Hail


AweNaw, happy new year partner . All the best.
Hail Hail


I think a few clubs would be out of range for Brendan yes , but I could see some top half teams going for him.
That almost year , plus the positive impact at Swansea , and speaking Spanish , being young , professional approach , are all big pluses on his Cv and he will represent a low risk appointment to many owners .
Just my take and fortunately we will be watching to see who is right ! 😉
Hope alls well,,happy new year . Hail Hail


Neganon2 ,,, Im sure we would all love to read your take on things , I know I would . Been waiting patiently since you joined 😉
Tell us where we are at pls . Hail Hail


TeT and a big Happy New Year to yerself partner . Hope shes a goodun . Hail Hail


Missed out Hayes and Allen from list.


Emusanorphan, , happy new year to you and yours. Hail Hail

So we are 3/4 ish the way through the first day of 2019, how are we all ?
Me, am not holding out for a good window, I can only go on what;’s gone before, I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised but as ever won’t be holding my breath.
Rumours of a young Ivory Coast fella playing in Slovakia, not a clue about him, looked at his vids and can score right enough but the defending was absolute garbage, a nineteen year old from PSG, if he is as good as the others he should be fine, the Belgian fella, can’t see it, far too much to pay for Pedro imo.
Been reading the ins and outs of posters, we are a complete shambles really, we have half a squad that are draining good money out of the club for breathing, a bit like Pedro gets a massive bonus for inhaling and exhaling, but hey ho, he gave them contracts so efing good that they won’t move till they are up, these things happen in the best run club on the planet so they do, in reality we are looking at a massive overhaul of the playing staff, does Pedro trust Brendan to do this, we will see soon enough.
Is Congerton for the ofski, no idea but if he is the one responsible for the Brendan signings, a massive fail for me and a massive misjudgment for trusting him by Brendan. The scouting system also needs a complete overhaul along with the playing staff, we are spending far too much on squad players who will never make it at the club and pound for pound we will lose out on them, not good enough for the best run club on the planet. The silence from the club re the cheating and the corruption is deafening as ever, it won’t change in 2019, unless they will make money from speaking out that is.
What am I hoping for this year, a league title and our CEO sailing off with his £2.3 mill bonus would be a good start, we know that one of those is not gonna happen 😉


Happy New Year.
Keep up the good work with the dogs.
Any one who doesn’t see that we are regressing isn’t paying attention.
The others, with the exception of Killie, aren’t really improving.
We are going down to their level.
Squad wise we are big on numbers and low on real quality.
We have to stop buying/on loan players who are projects and actually buy players who will go straight into the first team.
Hopefully the fact that we are still in Europe may persuade one or two to come to Scotland.
I hope they don’t watch and see how most refs allow players to be fouled with impunity up here, without any consequences.
Hail Hail

And you mi amigo.
Football is a small industry in the grand scale of things, players talk, agents talk, they will all know about Celtic and how we do business, the likes of Weah from PSG will see Celtic as a good move, he will hope it gets him noticed and get a move to the big money league, he wouldn’t have a hope at PSG so for the likes of him we are a good move, the same can be said for most young players, the older they get the more settled they become and the less chance we have of attracting them, unless we weigh in with top wages and we won’t do that so, there will be a fair amount of older very decent players who will be available who have had a decent career but not a great one, the eastern euro leagues specifically, where wages are not great compared to even scotland or Celtic, we can and should do well from there, but every now and again we have to break the buy cheap, develop and hopefully sell for lodsa money mould,cos it doesn’t happen that often.
I agree, we are to many numbers and not enough quality, this needs changing at the best run club on the planet, you would have thought that it would be happening already mind you, but there yo go.
As for the referees, don’t get me started, on they cheating scumbags, when I die I am going to come back and haunt every last one of them, they will wish they had been a tad more honest when refereeing us.


I have to wind you up about the refs.
Twitter is full of Beaton going back to the crown bar in Bellshill after the game. That’s Bellshills equivalent of The Louden.
Now the guy is entitled to go for a beer, but to go to a well known loyalist haunt, where a flute band practices, that says it all for me, can imagine Collum going for a beer in The Gallowgate, he wouldn’t be allowed to ref a Celtic game again. Yet Beaton know the the press won’t create a fuss nor his paymasters either.
Hail Hail

big packy

the exiled tim and jimmynotpaul luv ya to bits, where do we go from here, don’t know but in my 65 years on this planet im sick of being at the back of the bus because im a roman catholic yes a roman catholic feckin hell have I got leprosy because I go to mass on a sunday morning.


TeT ,, all the players we are getting linked with seem very young , projects almost , and thats not what we need or the gaffer stated was his aim. Either the press dont have a clue which is likely or we again wont give the boss what he wants . We will find out .
As for where to buy I would target players from poorer countries and especially cold ones so the climate isnt that big a deal . Poland and the Nordics etc .
The suits like new markets dont they , the states and such . Expect a curveball prospect ?
Hail Hail

Sol Kitts

I’m a bit late to the show today (been taking the mother-in-law to the airport for her flight home) and I’d like to wish everyone on this blog a Happy New Year. Let’s hope PL understands what he needs to do this month – he surely won’t want to be remembered as the CEO who had everything and gave it away to the cheats with nothing.

Awe Naw

I don’t think there will be much change in January. The. Squad is incredibly bloated. Don’t forget we have 5 players also on loan.

I would prefer to see a clearing out in preparation for a good summer. For me a good summer can only happen if Brendan stays.

Brendan staying is more important than anything else.

If that means making do with what we have until the summer bar one loan signing from the Irish squad then that’s what I expect to happen.

That leaves the club best prepared for any eventuality.this summer.

I expect Bitton to be used in the deep play maker role and the club will hope for a quick return for Griffiths.

Nothing will be spent this January.

Dave King has to come up with 12 million before the end of January and no players are involved.

That will not.go unnoticed by any PLC member or any former PLC. King will be sentenced on the 4th Feb. It will be kicked down the road until the summer after ST sales but I cannot see any ex SPL player turning up there in January. Unless it’s Bartonesque.

Awe Naw

EPL player

We have done no bad over the years from the Nordic country’s esp Sweden. Poland hasn’t been unkind either, hell knows why we are not scouting there more intensely, jeezo look at Iceland, a population the size of Edinburgh and they get to major footy tourney and even knock the mighty engerland out, they must be doing something right.
We seem to be concentrating our scouting at Man Cty and PSG reserves, I know that Pedros boy works for Man Cty and he is friendly with the PSG owner, coincidence, who knows 🙂
We could do worse than look at the US and the rest of the Americas, some top quality there imo.

Ef them BP, they will all be going to the burny fire.

Saw that.
We have season ticket holders, ex players brothers, rabid huns whatever way you look at things refereeing our and their games, people say they should have to disclose who they support, ffs there would be a hell of a lot of Partick, Morton and the like fans out there if that was the case.
We are fecked in reality, they will never be honest and fair, we need to either get the ef out, or push for a brit league, im sure fifa would want and be happy with a brit league, they really don’t like the UK brit islands having four associations.

Garry Duncan

Just listened to the majestic Going to California by Led Zeppelin. LA Woman by The Doors now.
In a west coast USA mood I guess? Or thinking of you? ???

Does he, he managed to kick the can down the road for twelve years in SA, he has been kicking it down to road so far in scotland and had he been down in england I reckon he would have been locked up, I won’t hold my breath for any kinda justice when scottish courts and members of the cabal are invloved, would you.
I think they will get Steven Davis,for free, a very decent player still and will help them no end imo.

Garry Duncan

Mr Mojo Risin
Magical track
Dance to The Doors everytime to LA Woman.
Magical 8 minutes of bliss.
Happy Ne’erday


Sol Kitts, happy new year pal. Hail Hail

The Gombeen Man

Happy 2019 to everyone here and thanks to Mahe, majoc and SeS for providing this (almost) rancour free, independent, advert free blog.

As time has passed all of my worst fears about the Sevco saga seem to be becoming a reality.

Dave King’s prophesy about Celtic folding like a deck of cards are an exaggeration. The PLC have a pile of money that PL will use to pay the bills if we fail to make the CL because of a loss of the league or a failure to get through the increasingly challenging qualifiers.

Mr Lawwell knows what numbers are required to trigger the maximum bonus under the incentive scheme. That’s why he looked so unhappy at Brendan’s first press conference. A big salary and an expensive backroom coupled with likely demands for transfers upset the numbers.

A wounded Sevco were back. Income would increase and qualification for the CL is a gamble. We’d win the league with a cheaper less troublesome coach but Brendan represented a challenge to the formula Mr Lawwell had calculated.

Mr Lawwell hit the jackpot.

Back to back CL qualifications under Brendan and Double Trebles. A thinner skinned businessman might have been embarrassed.

The problem is the management of costs. The crafty CEO got Sevco into the SPFL but the cost is huge. The failure to secure any checks and balances into the game will cost Celtic. Sevco’s ego is fully charged and they will do anything to win the league.

Mr Lawwell knows this and that’s why we have the money in the bank.

The summer transfer window was typical. Brendan Rodgers knew that the writing was on the wall for Scott Brown. An affordable Celtic minded prospect was identified. The transfer was bungled over relatively small money.

Several of our better players were sold and our nett spend wasn’t even zero.The priority is getting the numbers right. Spending wasn’t prioritised because spending and selling are key to making the numbers work.

The best run club spin is now worthless. We have a costly bloated squad with deficiencies all over the park.

We have no fit experienced strikers, a centre defence approaching crisis, problems in both full back berths and we are now coming to terms with the likelihood that Brendan Rodgers will leave in the summer.

What a damning indictment of our CEO.

If we can and do spend it will be a gamble. The money is already spoken for. It’s to plug the holes in the Balance Sheet. The players drawing the salaries and making no contribution are the real cost of years of incompetence.

The financial spoils of Scottish football and the European bonus has now got too greedy mouths to feed. The trouble is one club makes no ‘secret’ of it’s cheating. The cheating is more than tolerated, it’s an entitlement. Having spurned the opportunity to address this Celtic PLC have got a problem.

If Brendan is going it could be sooner than we think. If he is handed projects and loanees an offer from a cash rich club might be enough to persuade him to walk and leave Me Lawwell to it.

All the above is speculative of course. The following however…

1) Last Saturday wasn’t speculative.
2)The continuity myth isn’t speculative.
3)Resolution 12 isn’t speculative.
4)The limitations of the squad isn’t speculative.
5)The bloated squad isn’t speculative.
6)Brendan Rodger’s dissatisfaction isn’t speculative.
7)Today’s unprecedented bonus isn’t speculative.
8) Failure to address biased refereeing and protect players isn’t speculative.
9) A questionable player recruitment policy isn’t speculative.
10) The hiring of Ronny and Tony Mowbray… classic Lawwellism.
11) Neil Lennon’s dissatisfaction with PLC policy isn’t speculative.

The spin of the best run club feels somewhat hollow today. The numbers on n the Balance Sheet have been manipulated for financial gain. A competitive league has been manufactured to generate money.

The problem is that it’s corrupt and relies on bigotry and social division to generate money.

It’s regrettable that qualities like integrity and honesty appear to have been ommited from those all important Key Performance Indicators.

As Bill McLaren might have said,

“They’ll be dancing and singing on the heated driveway tonight.”




A Happy New Year to you and yours! Mine started with a dump of 20 cms of snow which had to be cleared. New Year meal will be a salmon crisp(starter), and tourtiere for the main…all washed down with a bottle of baco noir.

A new year but some old thoughts……BR will leave at the end of this season. He has enhanced his CV and to stay and risk not winning 10 iar does not make sense. I think he will have lots of opportunities and La Liga suits his brand of football. If Neville can get a gig in Valencia then BR can operate at that level of Spanish club. Depending how Solskaer does, he may have a shot at MU but mid table epl is more likely.

Who will replace him? Who knows? MON is available but I think his boat has sailed. Clarke would be a cheap option if he wanted it. Personally, I’d like to see a foreign rising star like Rose of Salzburg…..someone who knows how to play away games in Europe.

Time for a wee drink.

Happy New Year everyone,



Garry,,,and there was me thinking earlier you’re a lucky bassa as you can just walk to the top of the hill butchers. Give my right arm for a decent fry.
Hail Hail


TGM,, Hear Hear. Quality stuff my man. Keep em coming. Happy new year to you and yours. Hail Hail