Monday 21st May 1979

Today see’s another guest blog and once again our pal JimmynotPaul delivers a cracker ! Sit back and enjoy !

A day never to be forgotten, only Love St 1986 is comparable for the drama, in winning a league title, in my lifetime. Tommy Burns Thursday at Tannadice deserves an honourable mention too.
I was 15 but I recall it as if it was yesterday.
As you will have noticed, it was a Monday, it had been a severe winter and there was quite a fixture pile up. This game was the traditional New year game against Rangers, that had been postponed because of the weather. 
Celtic had been badly hit, no undersoil heating in those days. Celtic didn’t play at all in January or February because of the weather.
We had lost 1.0 to Rangers in early May, meaning it was now in  Rangers hands to win a double treble. If they won their last 4 league games, or won 3 and drew with Celtic and then beat Hibs in The Scottish Cup Final, the double treble was theirs. Rangers had already won the League Cup.
All was not lost though, if Celtic won their last 4 league games then they would win the league. Celtic beat Thistle 2.1, St Mirren 2.0 and beat Hearts,1.0 in an unbearably nervy game, well it certainly was for me, the final whistle was a long,long, time coming but finally it came and if we beat Rangers, in our final game, then the league title would be ours.
Rangers had only played one of their 4  remaining league games defeating Aberdeen.
They had Hibs in The Cup Final in between, which had gone to a 2nd replay after two 0.0 draws. meaning their league fixtures were further postponed.
So, we arrive at the 21st May, it’s simple enough for Celtic, win and we win the league, well say it quickly and it seems simple, it’s never that simple with Celtic is it?
Rangers, slightly more complicated for them, but avoid defeat against Celtic and win their last two league games and the title is theirs and potentially a first ever double treble.
It’s not hard to imagine the tension in the build up to this game then.
Big Billy was the Celtic manager and John Greig the Rangers manager.
The first decision for me on that Monday, was do I go to school or do I dog it? in this day and age, I should clarify, dogging it ( in Glasgow ), back then, meant playing truant. My reputation is bad enough without adding to it.
It was a no brainer, there was no way I was going to school, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate and if truth be told, dogging it, was a regular occurrence, my school was a typically rough inner city Glasgow school, where the teachers actually told you how to avoid your parent(s) being told that you weren’t turning up. It was one less pupil for them to worry about.
My day dragged in, but I read old Celtic programmes to pass the time, no DVDs in those days and day dreamed about scoring the winner against Rangers, one day, I still do that to this day.
The next decision was how to get to the game. There was a Glasgow Corporation bus strike that day, there was still a couple of options open to me and my friend John, but we decided we would take the train from Nitshill to Glasgow Central and then walk to Parkhead.
That doesn’t seem a big deal, but if you were brought up in a scheme,you will know going from Priesthill to Nitshill was going into enemy territory, so it wasn’t just Rangers fans we would have to worry about. The Nitzy boys would kill us for daring to go into their territory.
If anyone is wondering about me going to the game without an adult, again, it was a different world back then, my mum and Dad didn’t bother, I had been going myself since 1976.
We made sure we got on a train when the works were coming out, no chance any gang would challenge us when it was so busy.
Everything went to plan, on the way there, and we arrived long before kick off and picked our spot in the jungle, once the gates opened.
The atmosphere was electric and soon kick off approached.
Celtic went for it, right from the start, and my memory tells me, we were all over them and then the usual happened, rope a dope, they ran up and scored with their first attack, we battered them for the rest of the half but couldn’t break them down.  Half time Celtic 0 Rangers 1.
Although, we were losing at half time, the Celtic fans were still full of hope, it was only a matter of time, surely, or was that just me, thinking that as a naive 15 year old. 
The second half started and the Celtic fans roared on their team. Ten minutes or so into the second half, disaster, Johnny Doyle, right in front of the ref and us, had a kick at Alex McDonald, as he lay on the ground, it was inevitable he would be ordered off, incidentally no red cards in those days, they hadn’t been introduced to Scottish football yet. The ref would just point to the tunnel.
There was certainly loads of grumblings from the Celtic support now, losing 1.0 and down to ten men and only about 35 minutes to play. It wasn’t looking good, but once again that Celtic fairytale stuff would come into play.
It was Big Roy Aitken who stood up to the plate, Roy had been having a stormer of a game, but he now seemed to take on super powers. He,was everywhere and made up for us being a man short.
He equalised with about 25 minutes to go, we might have been down to ten men but we were hammering Rangers, could we get what we thought would be a winner? 
15 minutes to go, again Roy was involved, his shot was blocked but George McCluskey reacted first to score, we erupted 2.1 to Celtic, could we do it? We were still celebrating when Rangers equalised, I can still remember that sick to the the bottom of your stomach feeling, 
when that goal went in, we had put so much effort into it and then lost the lead almost immediately, we were stunned,but only momentarily.
The Celtic support got behind the team and tried to roar them home, the players responded and gave everything, time was running out though, could we get a winner.
In the 85th minute it happened, Peter McCloy, the Rangers keeper, known as the Girvan lighthouse, had a moment, he decided to punch a cross away, but only managed to punch the ball against Colin Jackson’s head and it flew into the net, for an own goal, it took a second or two to register what had actually happened and then we erupted in a way I had never seen the Celtic support erupt before. The nerves then really took over, everyone was asking how long to go, no scoreboard with a clock to tell us, back then, the next 5 minutes were the longest ever for me, then unbelievably it happened Murdo McLeod, rifled one into the top corner from 20 yards, we were the champions, the feelings of joy and relief, as one, I can still taste them to this day.
The celebrations were incredible, we are the champions, we are the champ, we are the champions, was the song of the evening, followed by YNWA., then the players came out for a lap of honour. What a game, what an evening. What utter joy. 
We still had to get home though!!! back to Glasgow Central no problem, singing all the way with the fans, 10 men won the league tra la,la la to the tune of Boney M., Brown girl in the ring.
On the train, again no problem, the last part though, we still had to get off at Nitshill and get safely to Priesthill, as we feared, when we got off the train, the gang were on the bridge at the top of the stairs, we would have no chance against them, the only thing we could do was run across the railway line and climb over a barbed wire fence, thankfully no electric line in those days, well certainly not where we lived. We made it to safety, but not before I ripped my trousers and cut the palms of my hands on the barbed wire. I didn’t care though, I was high as a kite, it would be the next morning before I felt the pain in my hands.
Celtic had won the league and had dramatically beaten our biggest rivals to do so. This was truly the stuff of dreams. 

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Just been reading yesterday’s comments,and I’m very sorry to hear you are going into” hibernation” for a while.

On the positive side,at least you are aware of the reasons why you so frequently feel this way at this time of year. As you say,it is a widespread phenomenon,and now a recognised medical condition.

I’m no medical professional,so I won’t even attempt to offer advice,other than a couple of Vitamin D supplements. All I can say is that I wish you well as you battle back to full efficiency,and look forward to hearing from you soon.

On a lighter note,I hope that PL doesn’t read these pages and put in a sick note for a month,claiming the same problem!


Ah,that brings back memories,old bean!

I was at that game too,in The Celtic End,bang behind the goal. If Murdo’s shot hadn’t been stopped by the net,it might have knocked some sense into me,and the world would be a different place today(!)

To this day,whenever I am asked which is my favourite goal,I can think back to some belters. Davie Provan’s free-kick in the ’85 final,wdowcszyk’s hammer in a 2-2 testimonial at Highbury,Dixie in the ’72 final. Even Henrik in the 6-2 match,though that doesn’t count as I wasn’t actually there. But no,I always confuse people by saying Colin Jackson.

That was the first title I’d seen us win from a position of adversity,though we managed to do so another few times before the end of the century,and on another few occasions since. But it was also something of a false dawn for us.

From 78/79 through to 87/88 Centenary Season,we could easily have done a Ten in a Row. We won five of them altogether,and were runners-up in the other five-most of which we literally threw away as the season came to a close.

Had we finished those seasons the way we finished in 78/79,we would have no qualms about naming a stand after them. There’s an article begging to be written about our profligacy,and the reasons for it. I’ll get round to it eventually.

Impudent Strumpet

Great post from Jimmynotpaul, although I am far too young to remember that match…I was only -7 you see…

Anyway, as we are now in the 3rd day of the most blunderful time of the year, I must ask…

Is there anything to be said for saying another mass?


Glad to know yer still alive,young fella! Don’t you go giving PL any ideas on procrastination now. As you say-or rather,Fr Ted does-this is a time for action!

Mind,so was last January. And the summer.

We have allowed our team to stagnate over the last eighteen months,and if you stand still at any level in football,you go backwards.

Impudent Strumpet

Still alive (just about) after the festivities – had to go back to work for the sake of my health.

This IS the time for action but I sincerely doubt that we will be sufficiently whelmed by the type of action that is coming our way this month. I believe BR will squeeze all that remains out this current crop of players to win the league and will then depart in the summer. A very sad and pessimistic point of view but I feel that the ghost of transfer windows past has shown us that this may well be on the cards.


Hi Rebus.

Sometimes it’s good to take a break and redefine the thought-process. We can catch up with some ‘brain filing’ and incorporate recent events and developments into our thinking.

Your posts will be missed until your return. HH.

Good stuff JNP


No surprise, no further action for Moelos,
It has been deemed that Beaton saw all incidents, so no retrospective action can be taken.


If the Ibrox club plagued by escalating losses and debt can win the title with a squad who have won nothing and are full of loanees, players from other clubs’ youth academies with no real first team experience – a few returning has been “real rangers men” all thrown together in a couple of months by a first-season manager, what are we to make of it?

We boast a squad with hand-picked players costing around £45m to assemble, five quality graduates from our academy with a notional transfer value of around £40m and an internationally recognised coach/manager.

Our wage bill is at least double that of The Rangers. We have won every domestic honour for three seasons, we have no debt and apparently have quite a chunk in the bank.

There will be two, or, three headline signings at Ibrox, albeit in the twilight of their careers in order to get the title over the line. They smell success and will go after it this season in the same way they went after us at Ibrox a week ago.

Here we are looking at strengthening three key areas of the team, all at the same time mid-season – full-backs, centre-backs and strikers.

Maybe it is not going to be our season. There have been a number of things that have gone wrong from the start. The delay in a few coming back from the World Cup, the Boyata situation prior to the CL, Dembele bailing-out at the last-minute, Commper & Hendry flopping, Boyata again, losing Rogic to international duty and of course Griffiths going AWOL. All this within a six month period together with a frightening loss of form away from Celtic Park.

The question could be asked, why have an honest and solvent operation? Why nurture the youth system? Why look to purchase the best you can afford and offer enhanced contracts to your best and brightest?

It is too early to ask these questions yet, however if the Ibrox club do indeed win the title this season, then questions will need to be asked, and asked of all, from the top of the administration to those in the football department.

The Gombeen Man


An enjoyable read and thanks for reminding me. I was at that game too and it was an unforgettable night. My Uncle Pat drove me there and it is a special memory for me.


In our favourite Soap Opera…More or less escapes charges in a ‘surprising’ decision by the game’s admistration.

At a meeting in the Louden Tavern the match referee told the Compliance guy that he’d seen the incidents and it was time to move on. No point in raking over the coals.

Celtic are considering their next move but top executives were engaged at Incentive Scheme Party and have no plans to issue a statement at this time.

In another shock Celtic have had £1.8m offer rejected for Bayo rejected by his current club in Slovakia. This is the first in a number of likely setbacks as Celtic PLC build on their own Treble of failed transfer windows.

On leaving the Incentive Scheme Party Peter Lawwell and Ian Bankier told reporters that the Celtic support were ‘happy with developments’.


Impudent Strumpet

A couple of tuppence worths from me (a fourpence?)…

The state (and I mean that in the vernacular sense “pure state”) of squad and away form has created this title race. That is quite disgraceful. You call out a number of contributing factors which are all correct although I’d chuck in Peter Lawwell dicking about with transfer negotiations on Piccini, Schaer and McGinn causing major problems in the camp. The players, the management and the board must all carry responsibility for what has been a startlingly bad 6 months for Celtic. This month the issues need straightened out. The players need to knuckle down in Dubai and make sure they come back after the break in peak condition. The management need to get the team focussed and identify the right players to help this squad over the line. The board must back the management to make sure they land the players that are identified, no more “We tried but January is a really difficult time to do business” rubbish that you will hear over on CQN. There can be no excuses.

My other point, is regarding your line “why have an honest and solvent operation?”. If the huns do win this title, and I think there is a fairly good chance based on recent performances that Celtic will perhaps gift them it, then we will back in Resolution 12 territory with regard to a UEFA Licence. The SFA and all the clubs were too meek last summer to point out that Rangers* did not meet the UEFA FFP criteria for a UEFA Competition Licence. This coming summer their financial position will be even worse with losses doubling. Will the Celtic board just once again sit back and let them have a crack at the Champions League qualifiers? All evidence to date suggests that they most definitely will do nothing.

big packy

JIMMYNOTPAUL,, as ever brilliant read,.hope you are well.hh.


I think that could be a lead article. Just change it to The Crown Bar in Bellshill where Beaton went, a pub as loyalist as The Louden.
A pub where a loyalist flute band practices, yet nothing to see here Timmy.

As for the 4.2 game. I can’t remember what happened yesterday but I can remember back then.
I think George McCluskey has to be an underrated, true Celt.
He’s Celtic to the core and never let us down, yet he doesn’t often get a mention when it comes to favs.
He certainly played his part that night.
Hail Hail


Thanks B.P.
I hope all is well with you.
How is the adopted dog settling in?
Hail Hail


JImmyNotPaul ,,
that was a beautiful read and a great start to my day , you captured it perfectly . A Monday was the first thing jumped out , and then to read there was no footie for two months because of bad pitches is just incredible . How some type of alternative wasnt though of is strange. The weather can be atrocious there , I know that .
If I could chose to go back in time and attend a game thats in the top 3 now , along with the 7 -1 , and helicopter Thursday which I thought was some finale to an incredible run of games that delivered the league title for the departed Tommy ( God Bless Your Soul pal ) .
Many many thanks once again . Hail Hail


Thank you for the kind words.
7.1 game hopefully someone will write an article on that game, I would love to read about that. Maybe Lisbon too, that’s two games, that I was too young for, that I would love to have attended.
Hail Hail


Hello there Impudent Strumpet…quite a moniker.

Yes it has been a kind of stop/go kind of six months. Usually these kind of things are the pre-cursor to some kind of crisis in an organisation, mini, or, otherwise. The old adage “can’t do right for doing wrong” comes to mind…..and yet we have one prize in the bag, are top of the league…..and still in Europe, only 48 (7%) teams can boast that.

I believe we have thrown away nine points away from home against St Mirren(2), Livingstone(2), Motherwell(2), Hibs(1), Kilmarnock(1) and Hearts(1), through ineptness and insipidity in our play – we could/should be nine points clear with a game in hand. This is a football issue, not a board, or, CEO issue. There have been other games when our play has been scintillating. We have the personnel, but sometimes they don’t turn up – why is this….I don’t know!

big packy

hi pal ,Jorge is eating us out of house and home, and the main thing he has settled in with the others.hh.

The Gombeen Man


I saw the post about The Crown Bar the other day. The way Beaton was joking and chatting to the Sevvies at Ibrox says it all.

The Sevco shower have been waiting for this day for years and are quite brazen in their cheating.
It’s obviously ‘too complicated’ for the likes of you or me but from where I’m sitting we have been stitched up by individuals who call themselves Celts.
Simply they aren’t fit for purpose and for apparent financial gain have allowed a rabid, bigoted bunch of people to run the show.

On the promise of a ‘generation of domination’ the support have been distracted from ongoing cheating and the simple failure to protect the average paying Scottish football supporter’s interests.

We have been let down.

Simply acknowledgement of past failings and transparent /fair administration of the game

Instead of that we have 21st Century salaries and Bonuses for incompetence and greater concerns about the legitimacy of the game.

The bigoted game is worth £10m a season to Celtic but I fear the cost is far more.

George McCluskey was always a favourite of mine. A good guy who means a great deal to the Celtic family.

Celtic…FC or PLC

You would be forgiven for thinking that we are a football club, for all intents and purposes we are a football club, problem is we are run by a PLC, a PLC who’s first and foremost aim is to make money for the PLC and the shareholders, which I happen to be. The PLC that run Celtic are like any other PLC, they have a structure that they adhere to, they have defined peramators that the CEO, in our case it’s Peter Lawwell can basically do what he likes within those boundaries, as long as the KPI’s are met the rest of the directors really couldn’t care less, hence the CEO is the head honcho, he controls everything, from the top to the bottom, he decides how much people get paid, how long they have contracts for, everything, he will delegate certain powers to each separate department, the manager for example is in charge of the footballing side of things, or you would imagine he is, but is he really, is there enough hours in the day for the manager to control everything related to the football side, especially when you consider we are a football club, I very much doubt there is, so the football department will be split into sub sections, each will have someone who will be answerable to the CEO, as it is in all PLC’s.

There will be those who will tell you that our manager, who at this time is Brendan Rodgers is in charge of the whole football department, I have asked a few of them how they come to this conclusion but none can answer me, the club have never disclosed anything of the like, nor would I expect them to, so they just made it up in their own head to suit their stance, fine it’s what folks do, problem is it can lead to serious division within the rank and file, you have one side, let’s call them the “Forelock Tuggers” FT’s for short, and the other side, those who refuse to do any sort of Tugging,cap doffing or bending over, the ones who quite often are called trolls and anti Celtic or never a Celtic supporter by the FT’s, it’s a bit like if you are not with us you are against us for the FT’s, strange but it takes all sorts, the FT’s can’t see past their beloved suits, they can do no wrong, it always has to be someone elses fault, well I have news for them, it’s the fault of the CEO, he carries the can, he gets paid the big bucks to make sure everything runs like clockwork, he has to make sure that each and every department is running as smoothly as it can, and if something is amiss, it’s down to him to sort it, no excuses, it’s on his head, so if the scouting dept are not up to doing their job, the CEO will make sure they step up to the plate, or he should else he wouldn’t be doing his job, the only part of running the football club that the CEO should have no input is the playing side, that should be solely down to the manager, after all he gets well renumerated for this, he in turn will employ the coaching staff etc.

This is a very basic layout of how a PLC works and how it will work within the confines of a football club, it’s actually a very simple way of working and it works well when everyone does their job as they should.

The problem at Celtic currently is that the CEO has been resting on his laurels, he assumed wrongly that the football side of things would just go from strength to strength without any further investment, sadly for him, or probably not him as he will use his army of FT’s to spread the word that it’s the managers fault, he is doing a good job of it so far, the teflon don is still ruling the roost, another thing you should ask yourself, the media in scotland are never slow in sticking the boot into Celtic, in fact they lie through their teeth at times to show Celtic in a bad light, but you hear very little negative news about our CEO, why would that be you have to ask yourself, if he has that much influence re himself why is he not exerting that over them when it come to the club.

At the present time we are in a bit of a slump, albeit we are still top of the league and are looking forward to a couple of euro games, that will be it for the season but at least we have them so kudos to the manager for getting us out of the group and bagging the LC taking his haul to seven baubles on the trot, a superb achievement, the slump I talk of is in the league, some of the players have gone stale, some have lost form and some imo don’t seem to care, I’m far from an expert but having watched football for more than fifty years some look like they have downed tools for whatever reason, quite incredible we can go from invincible treble winners, CL participants, treble winners and CL participation for a second year in a row to no CL and struggling in the league, well it’s really not that incredible when you think about it, nothing lasts for ever, footballers do go stale, the do lose form, and some even down tools, this should have been picked up and sorted long before it got to the stage we are at, it hasn’t been and the FT’s are out in force stabbing the manager in the back for being the one who is at fault, when in reality the blame lies at the top of the food chain and stops at the CEO’s door.

Another thing that intrigues me, the FT’s see our CEO as some sort of Guru that is the answer to everything, he has put it out there via his well oiled spin machine that we are a very well run club, the best in the land if not the planet, and when something goes amiss the finger of blame is quickly pointed elsewhere, amazing how good he is at controlling this kinda stuff, but I digress, the reason we have cash in the bank is down to the manager and the players, nothing to do with the CEO, he didn’t even appoint the manager, his boss did but the FT’s can’t see this, their Guru is the bold Pedro, who is irreplaceable in their eyes, how often do you see them asking who will replace him, aye bushiness will collapse in the UK because there is no decent CEO’s out there as good as Pedro FFS,all in all he has done a wonderful job on them so fair play to him for that, but if only they knew what went on behind those closed doors, what and why have the club stayed silent on a whole host of issues.

Res12 for example, the CEO told the requisitioners that if they supplied the silver bullet/s he would fire it/them, they did and he didn’t, why not, the highest court in the land has confirmed that the club and in turn the PLC were cheated out of potentially £100’s of millions, some may say no way £100’s of millions, when the dead huns were cheating their way to titles and cups with the aid of EBT’s and illegally registered players, the manager at the time Martin O’Neill took us to a european final, we weren’t that far behind the top teams, we could go toe to toe with the likes of Barca, Juve, Milan, Bayern and a host of other top clubs, imagine if we hadn’t been cheated and we got the CL income all those years, things may well have been so very different, alas it was not to be and the teams in the top five leagues accelerated away at such a rate of knots we will never be able to catch them unless there is a massive restructuring of the game and from where I sit I can’t see the top teams today wanting others to get a share of the pot.

LNS and his whitewash, all the club could say is they were surprised at the verdict, with respect, what a crock of shit.

The 5WA, there were five parties involved in the 5WA, the SFA, the SPL, the SPFL, old co and sevco, some of the FT’s have convinced themselves that Celtic didn’t know anything about the 5WA, even though a director from Celtic was on the board of the SPL at the time, a Mr Eric Riley, one excuse I read was that he was on holiday at the time the draft agreement was drawn up, aye as the biggest club in the land it would have been negligent and it would have been a dereliction of their duty to allow the 5WA to be ratified without their input and knowledge, had the 5WA been sanctioned without Celtic’s knowledge I would be horrified.

Then we have the ongoing sage of referees being allowed free reign to cheat as they see fit, it’s been happening for over one hundred years so to expect it to change now is fanciful imo, we will just have to accept we are the pariahs of the game in scotland, a land where we are not wanted, a land where the majority want us to go home.

This is what you have signed up for, you know they are cheating the club, yet you contribute to the farce, you are condoning the cheating and the corruption.

Only today in the last few hours, another sevco player Morelos has gotten away with a blatant kick out at our captain, a stamp on one of our players back and a grab at another privates, three high profile incidents in the one game and not even a talking to from the referee, admonished yet again, this is what you are condoning, this is what you finance.

Is it any wonder the kids of today really don’t want any part of the charade, they will look for another sport where there is a level playing field, a sport where the pre requisite doesn’t involve being a member of a secret organisation, sadly this is scotland in 2019.
Me, am going to keep watching the club that I fell in love with all those years ago, so long ago that things were in black and white, back when we knew they were cheating us but didn’t have the proof, so I am going to give up harping on about the officials, they cheat us, they favour the establishment team, our club are content with this arrangement else they would do something about it, they haven’t so sucking it up is the order of the day.


TeT,,,Who did copy and paste that from ? 😉 quality stuff , next time it’s the lead article tomorrow.
Pretty busy but will disgust it later , and looking forward to it. 5 teeth coming through have thrown our lives into chaos , puts footie in perspective does your crying infant.

Will be avoiding the Internet completely, hopefully , from noon here onwards so I can sit down when the wife comes home and watch today’s top of the table clash with no prior knowledge.
Tomorrow’s headline,,,Ex Celt shines as Pool blow away Peps pretenders ! probably just ” Pool Party !”
Who Pepped in the Pool? (If city win)
and finally in the event of a very unlikely draw,
Equal at the Etihad


Impudent Strumpet,,, a belated Happy New year my good man. Keep hitting us with those thoughts please.
I have echoed your own view about the manager , win and split.
Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto


Agree with most of what you say, except, in this case, the purpose isn”t to make money for the shareholders…. it is to make money for 1 shareholder- DD.

Most small shareholders in Celtic did not buy shares expecting to profit from them. I dont know of anyone who has ever sold a share, and I dont know of anyone who would; they were an emotional investment.

Not sure that is the same for DD. I have always thought that they were bought, like the airport, with a view to flipping them for a big profit, once Celtic moved into the EPL or a Euro league. When that didn’t happen, then it was thought that the OF model was the best way to make a buck. And so we ended up where we are today…

Teething weans, I don’t envy you mi amigo, but it does get better……. eventually 😉

True, I would never consider selling, but that wasn’t really the point, the PLC makes money for the shareholders, the fact they arny interested in selling is by the by imo, and I agree that when he didn’t get out he has settled for the OF model, it’s sure fire guaranteed income for very little out goings or work.

Awe Naw


An excellent post. Tomorrows lead article.

The reason its allowed to happen is mainly down rigid belief systems. Catholicism in our case. See Cardinals, Bishops, Priests etc. What they got away with. The hatred dished out by practicing catholics if you even dared to bring up the subject.

The other aspect is that everyone outwith the old firm hates us because they secretly love Rangers and hate Celtic. That veil has been lifted and it us due to us being an integral part of the Old Firm. I was disliked on CQN from the beginning for making this my main bone of contention. The bigot brothers and rightfully so.

There is also the absolute necessity for the faithul to believe that we are being cheated. We definitely are but the defiant fenian makes a more loyal customer so why address it if you will not address systematic proven industrial cheating. Its good for business due to the political and religous profile of most of our customers.

We are being squeezed out of Europe due to TV money. Therefore the resurrection of the hun is a necessity and it needs to happen ASAP. The wilderness years was not what our PLC wad hoping for. A year in the first div then back to business. After Sevilla we embarked on the FFP route. Nothing ignited in the imagination of our major shareholder after witnessing that. Nothing. I repeat that again. Nothing. The tragedy is nobody bought him out then.

Any future invites to any other leagues will depend on the Old Firm. Have I mentioned 10m was bet on Saturdays game and that our major shareholder owns betdaq and has his fingers in a few other turf shops.

Our PLC have always wanted their cake and
eat it. Thats what greedy capitalists do. That is
why nobody within Scotland likes them. Not that I give a fuck about those parochial bastards.

In Scotland its always been a case of who you know over what you know. Celtic plc is encumbered mit masonic tories.

Our biggest problem is of our own making. Dont ask questions that will upset any rigid belief systems. You will be ex communicated. Just keep the faith, sit at the back of the bus, know your place, Dont expose any wrong doing if you do you are shitting in your own garden. Sounds familiar ?

Not my kid.

Awe Naw

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Awe Naw

He was a reluctant buyer was never involved in celts for change because he didnt give a fuck. Probably because he didnt know the rules of association football. No joke but he is a billionaire so he must be infallible …etc. etc.

Awe Naw

Governent sponsored

Awe Naw
Yip and what you outline it why it’s so fecking sad, I can understand huns crapping on us cos they hate us, but our own, this is what does my head in.

A thing of beauty

Surely gold you have to recognise the position we find ourselves in is mostly due to a lack of options for the manager. We’ve dropped points all over the league, mostly away from home because we do not have enough options throughout the squad. We knew the problem positions, ( centre half, right back and centre forward) and we did nothing about it. Subsequently when we needed to make changes because of injuries, loss of form, or illness we have got no options. Seeing Mikey Johnson leading the line at Ibrox on Saturday was painful but is a direct result of our failure to sign players. As is the constant persistence with lustig at right back when he has made the same mistake time and time again in the last two seasons. We have been forced to play a player who has stated his desire to move on and though he has done well (Saturday excepted) it’s not where a club, who claim to be a well run operation should find itself. There has been a failure in the recruitment department at Celtic for too long, I would say definitely 2 years. That we have signed around 18 players under Brendan and he only plays 4 of them ( Sinclair, Benkovic, Edouard and ntcham and that’s only sometimes) tells you that. He’s not getting the players he wants or his chief scout knows as much about football as my mum. Either way this has to change. We have got ourselves into a mess and I’m not happy that people are being handsomely rewarded whilst this happened.
I will admit that some players have also let themselves down this season and that is also worrying. Maybe they feel they don’t need to perform at optimum level because there’s no one to pressure their place in the team.

A thing of beauty

I echo your sentiments mahe. Thanks jnp for your memories. Too young myself to have seen it but have heard enough about it from family to know it was an “i was there” game.

Margaret McGill

I was at that game with some old friends I havent talked to in 40 years.
The thing is there are no recordings of this game officially anywhere.
Thats how much it hurt the huns.
They were all being burned the minute after Murdo Mcleod’s rocket.
Been reading etims and some other Celtic blogs today and came to the conclusion that 10iar will bury the OF business model. Therefore, I am going to stick my neck out and say THAT is why BR is being hindered in transfers both in and out. I am convinced he had nothing to do with either Dembele or Armstrong being sold. Our custodians WANT a hun title.
Amazing eh?
Follow the money.


A thing of beauty.
Thank you, genuinely appreciated.
I’ve just received a text from one of my children calling me a hypocrite for ” frowning ” when they done the same as me and played truant.
Hail Hail

Awe Naw

I disagree and I havent changed my mind since in August 2012. 10iar was the price for the 5WA the cups could be shared with the diddy teams. When justice took its course and Celtic requested a public wrap in the knuckles to help keep the likes of us onside. We were told to fuck off. We then recruited Brendan and on the cusp of a treble treble with the first season being invincible. All cards off the table. Our present state is due to being too greedy which is standard procedure when we want to give the huns a leg up


Hi there TOB.

You make valid points and all ay the club must share the resposibilities, however when we play well, as we have at times throughout the last six months – e.g. first clash with The Rangers, RB at CP, Hibs/Aberdeen in the League Cup, Kilmarnock Motherwell & Dundee at CP, St Johnstone & Dundee away and last time at Pittodre, most of us were happy with the way things were going, although knowing that we must invest again in January.

It is the inexplicable lapses in performance away from home that utterly perplex me – sometimes we struggle to produce even one chance and in my opinion have frittered away nine point’s.

I cannot see that Brendan is routinely browbeaten into taking players he doesn’t rate – if he does then he is not the man I think he is. You are of course correct that the majority of signings under his watch have been dreadful.

We won the LC with this squad, we earned nine points in Europe and progressed – our domestic form at home is 100% – something happens to some of these players when we are away from home – to me that is a football department matter. HH

Hard to argue with any of that.

Sol Kitts

Scottish football, where the Laws of the game come to die. ??

The Gombeen Man

It’s pretty straightforward.

The PLC are either in cahoots up to their Balance Sheet,


They (Peter Lawwell) are so incompetent that they have completely blown our approach to the charlatans at Sevco and the SFA/SPFL.

Consider the threadbare squad, repeated failings with our recruitment policy, lack of transparency, lack of leadership in dealings with biased refereeing and the institutional cheating in the game’s administration. Disgruntled managers, bizarre managerial appointments. An obscene CEO incentive scheme.
Likely falling income in the future due to poor planning and preoccupation with short term financial objectives.

Evidence of their incompetence is readily available.

Whatever is the answer this PLC and their cheerleaders have led the Celtic support up the garden path.

As TET posted earlier the lack of criticism of Mr Lawwell in the anti-Celtic media is unsettling.

If he were acting in our interests they would be all over him.

Their silence is disquieting.


Margaret McGill

Seems a bit risky to me

Awe Naw

Nothing to lose except the old firm.

A thing of beauty

Fair comment good and I do think certain players lack fortitude when we go away from home. The problem is when they are not doing it, as in the games you suggested there is a lack of quality to replace them. I do agree it’s a football department problem that we are struggling against the high press and do not understand why we have had the tables turned on us as regards this. I think we can also agree that everybody involved at our club has a lot to do this month.

big packy

AWENAW/THE EXILEDTIM,.spot on bhoys.hh.

Margaret McGill

They don’t want to lose their bigot buck business model but if 10iar was the objective why take such risks at 7?

Awe Naw

Authenticity versus perceived integrity with the ultimate goal of keeping everyone on side. Cake and eat it etc. Vipers nest


Yes… a lot to do, and just like in the summer, the Ibrox mob are getting their work down early, I think I’m right in saying that they had signed 12 in June/July before we had moved. They are not interested in building a strong club for the future, their future, their desperate need is short-term, merely to stop Celtic winning the title in the next two seasons. I believe that they will risk everything over the next two years. Losses are sitting at around £40m since the new club was formed, I honestly don’t think they will blink at £100m, if it gets the job done. It’s almost like fighting a guerrilla war, or facing kamikaze pilots where they appear to have no fear of their actions, or, the consequences thereof.

With the accumulated losses and the director’s loans, it proves that they will spend as much as they can to stop No 8 & No 9. We at Celtic might have money available, but apparently we don’t have any multi-millionaires to underwrite our expenditure and possible losses. Would/could DD pump in £50m at 0% interest and convert it to shares in the long run?

Rangers f***** us when they had unfettered access to all kinds of borrowed commercial money, and now they are trying to do likewise with private finance from wealthy fans.

Should we risk all, spend everything we have in the ‘kitty’ and even incur substantial debt to meet this challenge? Is that what our fans want, bearing in mind that there are no guarantees and that kind of expenditure could have a deeply detrimental effect on the club?

The Ibrox club are now gambling big-time, however this time it is with their own (directors) money – should we match them with commercially borrowed capital to achieve 10 titles in a row……That is the £100m question.

Margaret McGill

If Celtic win 10iar I will eat my hat.
Again ?

A thing of beauty

It’s not really a 100m question. It’s a £30m question. That’s what we’ve got in the bank and I want to know why we can’t spend a substantial amount of it on tried and trusted players. We are wasting too much on projects. We need proven pro’s who know what it takes to play under pressure every week and the thought of wetting themselves at the likes of tynecastle and ibrox would be an affront to them. To me that’s not too much to expect and is nothing to do with spending £100m.

Been on quite a few blogs tonight to gauge the feeling of what is happening in Timland, many are wetting their knickers cos the huns have signed Davis and Defoe, combined age of 70, seems like the hun are going all in to stop us whatever way they can.
Our suits are getting it by many cos of their dithering with a low ball offer for an unknown project from Slovakia, who may or may not turn out to be a player, that’s it on the in front, not very comforting if you have ambitions of watching us to our eighth title on the trot, many are saying it’s only a couple of days into the window and we should wait and see what transpires, that’s all well and good, many more are saying wait and see where we are at the end of the window, that’s not so good, only going by what we are supposedly looking at we have no ambition of making sure we win the league this season, we are also gambling with our CL qualification if we do end up winning the league, we are defo two CB’s down for the start of the season, this is another re run of last year, a shambles, a shambles that our CEO is responsible for.
Scunnered, well and truly scunnered.



If we want to secure the tenth title, we may have to spend £30m, or whatever we have in the bank, for three years in a row. That’s transfer fees and wages – it soon goes – but nevertheless, if that is what the majority of fans want, they have a right to be heard.

Any extra income that The Rangers picked up during their EL campaign has now been spent. This years accounts may again show a loss of around £15m and a corresponding increase in debt. The Celtic board will not countenance this state of affairs at Celtic Park.

If we win seven titles in a row and another Scottish Cup – that’s eight out of nine honours – have we failed? If we win the eighth title and complete a triple-treble and lose the title next season – have we failed? If we win an ninth title and complete a quadruple-treble and fail at No10 – will we have failed? Are these projections and the panic they seem to bring to some of those who support us really rational? However they are right at the heart of all the bile that some serve up to those who run our club. I say it is an irrational fear of The Rangers ever winning anything again.

We never followed the Rangers way during their wild-spending EBT years and in all honesty I would be astounded if we are tempted to take the latest bait. Whether it is right, or, wrong, I feel that we will stick to our model of attracting mostly young talent – will it be our undoing? I honestly don’t know.

The squad we have at present have shown that they can be good enough to win this title comfortably – will they win this title? I honestly don’t know.

By the way, I want ten in a row and a quintuple-treble as much as anybody.