Opening gambits

By now you will probably have heard about half a dozen or so names that are heavily linked with moves to Scottish football .

When you analyse the transfer targets and their profile , you should be able to gleam  a bit of a strategy from the known knowns , and thus sense what course clubs have elected to take ,, roughly anyway ,, so here goes my take .

We , soo far ,, are in for a punt and a player .

The punt , Bayo , is a 21 year old Ivory Coast international , twice capped , who has came good this season in the Slovakian league . Under normal circumstances he might join as 4th choice maybe even 3rd choice striker , train for a few months to get up to speed , and then be accessed if he is first team ready .

As we basically have no strikers he would go straight in . Im not gonna say thats a lot of pressure on his shoulders , Im gonna say hes in a fantastic position to hit the ground running and immediately impress . However the potential is there for a run in the side to be fruitless also , and after reading someone that knows him say hes emotional thus his red card this season , plus he isnt polished , more a street footballer , I would be worried him becoming an instant starter for the Hoops and flopping could embarrass and cost everyone a lot.

Therefore I am HOPING that this is just a punt we felt we couldnt say no to , and not the solution at all .

And at the price range , it will take roughly 2 million to get him , I think its safe enough to take that view ,, that he will be a promising sidekick to the main man , yet to come .

The player though , Belgian International Castagne 23 years old , has the type of profile that makes me drool . Belgian footie has risen big time , and to break into the international squad is a feat . Experience in the tactical Serie A is another major feather in his cap , and it seems Lazio are willing to do business . The 6.7 million fee being bandied around shows we are shopping in the better end of our market , and that tends to provide more hits than misses , exactly what we need right now .  At the time of writing numerous sports desks are stating the Celts may walk away after a last minute fee hike , asking as much as 10 million .

The same press reported we paid 10 million for a player before , Odsonne Edouard , so Im not sure I follow their logic here . We arent priced out then  , we have the money in the bank , we could offer the asking amount if we wanted to ,, this simply boils down to how much do we want him ! We will find out very shortly .

And then his position , right back. We have traditionally played with attacking full backs , so you need a good engine , and not just be able to defend . At his age we could cover that position long term , 3 to 4 years before he gets moved on presumably at a profit .  

Its also an admission that Mik will be  gone for sure , will not be signing any new contract offer or anything and is heading for pastures new . . We wouldnt be looking at spending that wedge and the wages that would accompany it should Mik be staying .

I for one am glad he’s moving on , that side has needed attention for a couple years and he has  held it down well enough for 7 years or so . I always felt he was decent at both ends , not great at either attacking or defending , just a solid enough player with a good attitude .

Replacing the right back with quality would be a real real shot in the arm for defending that title.

Mik would also benefit with not playing every game and when he is called upon will be fresh and give it all . Im lovin the idea of someone new in that berth , and along with KT , that would be  the fullbacks sorted .

Bigger news though was the possible outgoings ,, with Benfica stating they want Boyata now not the summer , and our Captain being asked to move to Oz in the summer by all accounts .

Either leaving would be a blow but we only want committed players right ? .

Scott,, on the pitch , we can and have done well without him recently although I subscribe to the horses for course theory that he is best suited for certain games , the more physical ones for instance .  We have no idea how much of a galvanising influence Scott Brown is in the dressing room though , so cant state it would have an adverse impact with certainty .

But knowing that he has a two year deal on the table which would potentially see him the man to captain the team to the fabled 10 , and watching him turn that down , that might set a couple of alarm bells ringing in the dressing room . Then again , he might honestly want some sun and a less physical league and I can attest its a better lifestyle in case you didnt already know that .

This has the feeling of a bit of a heartbreaker , this decision .  I can honestly see him thinking he would kick himself if he missed out on either one . All I can say is , glad its not my call as I would be torn indeed ! Should he depart then I think its obvious KT would become captain , and he deserves it , but I just feel every hammer thrower in the game would attempt to kick him out of Scotland . I would fear for him captaining us towards any ten . Really fear as in John Kennedy fear .

Benfica may well see a bargain here in Dedryck , and  perhaps see themselves as a bigger fish than us , and fancy a bit of bullying to help take the guy they covet . Saying we will let you leave when we replace you wont help here as theres no guarantee that any new player will hit the ground running.

Im afraid we just have to bite the bullet on him and lose him for free at the end of the campaign . He will play the rest of the campaign and not throw a strop and sit on the sidelines , we know this now , and thats what we must ask him to do .  I think he will understand and he will be in a very strong position come the summer . Brendan , just do whats best for the team not the balance sheet .

Across the city the direction is crystal clear . Get in veterans who wont cost anything or much at all but offer them decent dough to entice . The names are good players , and will help them bigtime , especially should Defoe land , who will score plenty , and they already have the leagues top scorer . Its clear that they are in the here and now ,  looking at this season and maybe next while they age of our potential buys tell you we are going the opposite direction .

They smell blood and will push the boat out . We must be ready for this , up for the fight .

Should Stevie get those players they will improve no doubt about it and we will need to step up a gear to retain the title . With the Mib’s also we must be ready to fight  for everything we earn .

This is going to be some scrap by the looks of things .

Grab your keyboard and tell us of your favourite Celtic memory and we will gladly publish

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Very similar thinking to mine,and to many of us,I suspect. None of this nonsense about sorting out the central defence and let the rest of the team look after itself,this team needs a major injection of new blood.

Ajer-who’s still learning the position-is the only central defender likely still to be here in the summer whom I trust. So we need another two of them.

We need a right back. We need at least one striker,possibly two. And we need to either get Ntcham interested in his career again,or Mulumbu thinking he’s still playing for Killie,or we sign another central midfielder.

It’s all very well people-usually on other sites,not so much on here-saying that Brendan has signed eighteen players so far. That’s utter garbage. Eighteen players have been signed since Brendan became manager,yes,but our CEO has long had a habit of foisting his own choices onto the manager.

Henri Kamara for Henrik Larsson,remember that one? Aye,he started this as long ago as that,back when he was only overpaid by about 50% and not 5000%

Until he goes,we will have this sort of crap in every window,with few exceptions. This one is about his 30th. It will be as fruitful as almost all the rest before them.

I don’t know how he has managed to get away with it so far,and for so long. He is running Celtic into the ground.

And another thing. Remember the season honest mistakes? Well,it gained prominence mainly because the refs needed to be more cavalier than was their usual more subtle style.

After reading that Morelos has got away with it yet again,I think we can safely say that the refs no longer care to even attempt to hide things,or to make things up in a Dougie Dougie style.

The reason given for no further action being taken is that the referee saw every incident at the time.

So,Beaton saw three offences,each well-worthy of a red card,and declined to act.

So why in the name of …. is he still a ……. referee? That’s a sacking offence,and so too is the silence from Celtic on this subject.

A referee states that he is perfectly happy for an opponent to kick,stamp,sexually assault our players. He carries on in his job,Celtic stay silent.






Welcome aboard,me oul’ mucker. No sycophancy allowed on here,that’s for elsewhere.

What took you so long?


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Oh dear…yer gonna regret this ;-))


FFP…would be a start as would VAR…but will we see the FTSPFL implement them or our PLC bored push for ;-))


Happy and Prosperous New Year to all…and although everyone is entitled to an opinion…I reserve the rite to call it nonsense as I see it



Trogladiteism or is it Ludditeism…


JavaScript,oh that old thing? Shouldn’t be a problem here,nor will adverts ever be.

I was thinking,which hurts at this time of the day,about how difficult it is to demonstrate your disaffection with the board at Celtic.

Give up your season ticket,so what? Someone else will buy it. When that doesn’t work,so what? Sell the best players,cover the unsold areas in banners.

People can’t bring in their own banners saying Sack The Board or whatever,as they will be identified due to their individual seat.

However,our first game back is in the cup v Airdrie. At 530 on a Saturday. I think people will be able to sit where they damn well please-and if they take a bloody big banner with them,yes,they might be ejected because of it,but they can’t be identified.

How will that look to everyone? Kicked out because of a banner describing our opinion of the board?

Daft boayishness,I think we call it!


No need for banners at this match as the message should be loud and clear from the acres of empty seats around the stadium. The Scottish Cup is the SFA’s showpiece trophy, the same SFA who are bending over backwards to help their masonic cousins win the league this season and stop TIAR. Why then should any Celtic supporter part with their hard-earned cash to support a tournament run by our enemies?

It’s all very well for supporters to condemn the cowards and quislings in our boardroom for their silence and acquiescence then at the same time buy tickets for Scottish Cup matches. No self-respecting Celtic supporter should attend any match run directly by the SFA. If they do, they have no grounds for criticising the board.

If we keeping paying then they keep cheating.


Hi Majoc.

I can’t agree that PL is “running Celtic into the ground”, quite the contrary if the record of his tenure is examined.

However do we need to strengthen and reshape the squad? Most certainly yes!.

Overall we need a quality as you say at full-back, two centre-backs and two strikers, preferably one with a physical presence. If we sell Boyata now for £5m and get rid of half a dozen from the wage bill, we could be looking at a spend of around £25m (net £20) to improve the squad.

Isn’t it amazing that the Ibrox club with a rookie manager can throw together a mix & match squad in the summer, follow it up with 2/3 in their mid-thirties in January and, here are we probably needing to spend £35m (inc Eduard) plus expensive loans for Benkovic & Weah, to keep pace.

We are not getting enough ‘bang for our buck’ from the current squad. We should be nine points clear with a game in hand.

Many pundits and ex players who said, and kept on saying, that Celtic would win the league this season, are now having grave doubts – The Rangers as champions is a realistic prospect to many of them.

The Gombeen Man

Morning All,

Great post Mahe and welcome to AndersD.
M6 Bhoy, not sure if I’ve seen you here before but you make valid points.

All we can do is get our own house in order and that includes our policies with the SFA/SPFL.

The inertia in our recruitment and gaps in our squad simply mirror the deficiencies in our executive thinking and planning.

We don’t need to behave like Sevco. Ultimately their philosophy will lead to more pain but that may take time and the biggest relief for me is the fact that….’Im not one of them.’

There might be challenging times ahead as Sevco and their supporters enter a euphoric phase in the cycle.

It’s time to do things right at Celtic. No more dithering. Call out the cheats when it’s appropriate. Don’t meekly accept second best for our support, players or stadium.

If mistakes have been made fix them.



I was being quite polite about it,RALPH over on e-Tims is rather more forthright.

And there are certainly a few people on CQN getting an unfamiliar whiff of coffee.

IMO,his ego is out of control,and has been for a long time. He has to do what he is employed to do,and that is to agree a budget with the manager,and sign the players requested by the manager. We have lost four title-winning managers because of this man and his ego.

Remember the cost-cutting era of Gordon Strachan? The wage bill actually increased,because he filled the squad with cheap projects. He hasn’t got wage costs under control because he keeps signing players that the manager doesn’t want and won’t play. You highlighted it yourself the other day,look at the list of deadwood we have at the moment. I had done similar a few days beforehand,and I could have done the same at any time during his tenure.

How much money has he wasted on absolute crap strikers? And that’s only one position! Yet,think back to the likes of Naka and Hinkel,both signed from Spain for about £2.5m each. I bet he was having kittens at the prospect of them being flops. They were far from that,first picks for four years.

He is risk averse. Because he is an accountant. And worse,he’s a bloody know-it-all who knows sod all. About football at least.

There were a great number of excellent posts yesterday,including a right good rant from THEEXILEDTIM who didn’t miss and hit the wall. IMPUDENTSTRUMPET was another one,pointing out that the reasons for Res 12 are likely to be extant again should Sevco qualify for the CL next season. Not that it stopped their Europa League campaign earlier,mind.

One that many may have missed was posted around 2am,when sensible people are sleeping-and I’m working! Here it is…
Margaret McGill

The small, icy world known as The Old Firm has finally been revealed.

A new picture returned from Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft shows it to be two objects joined together – to give a look like a “snowman”.
The US probe’s images acquired as it approached The OF hinted at the possibility of a double body, but the first detailed picture from Tuesday’s close flyby confirms it.
New Horizons encountered the OF 6.5 billion light years from reason.
The event set a record for the most distant ever exploration of a Bigoted object.
The previous mark was also set by New Horizons when it flew past the dwarf planet Jabba in 2015.
But the OF is 1.5 billion km further out than Jabba.
It orbits the Scottish Sun in a region of the Solar System known as the Bigot belt – a collection of debris and dwarf bigots caused by alcohol and malnutrition.
There are hundreds of thousands of Bigoted members like the OF, and their frigid state almost certainly holds clues to how all planetary bodies came into being since 1690.
The mission team thinks the two spheres that make up this particular object probably joined right at the beginning, or very shortly after.
The scientists have decided to call the larger lobe “Old”, and the smaller lobe “Firm”. The volume ratio is three to one.

Jeff Moore, a New Horizons co-investigator from Nasa’s Ames Research Center, said the pair would have come together at very low speed, at maybe 2-3 bigots per second squared.
He joked: “If you had a collision with another bigot at those speeds you may not even bother to fill out the police report.”
The new data from Nasa’s spacecraft also shows just how dark the object is. Its brightest areas reflect just 13% of the light falling on them; the darkest, just 6%.
That’s similar to shitting yourself, said Cathy Olkin, the mission’s deputy project scientist from the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI).

It has a tinge of colour, however. “We had a rough colour from Hubble but now we can definitely say that The OF is brown,” added colleague Carly Howett, also from SwRI.
“Our current theory as to why the OF is brown is the irradiation of exotic faeces.” Essentially, its surface has been “burnt” over the eons by the high-energy pay raise and EBT’s that flood bigot space.
Principal Investigator Alan Stern paid tribute to the skill of his team in acquiring the image as New Horizons flew past the object, reaching 3,500km from its surface at closest approach.

The probe had to target OF very precisely to be sure of getting it centre-frame in the view of the cameras and other instruments onboard.
“[OF’s] only really the size of something like Larkhall, and it’s about as reflective as garden variety dirt, and it’s illuminated by a Bigot that’s 1,690 times fainter than it is outside on a sunny day at Ibrox. We were basically chasing it down in the dark at 32,000mph (51,000km/h) and all that had to happen just right,” the SwRI scientist said.

Less than 1% of all the Tims gathered by New Horizons during the flyby has been downlinked to Police Scotland.
The slow data-rates from the Bigot belt mean it will be fully 20 months before all the information is pulled off the spacecraft for dawn raids.
The best of the pictures shared by the team on Wednesday were taken while the probe was still 28,000km from the OF
CCTV and discern surface features larger than one bigot across. Pictures are expected in February that were captured at the moment of closest approach and these will have a resolution of about a bigot per pixel.
Several factors make the OF, and the domain in which it moves, so interesting to scientists.

One is that these bigots are so dim in this region that temperatures are down near 30-40 degrees above absolute zero – the lower end of the temperature scale and the coldest atoms and molecules can possibly get.
As a result, EBT’s have essentially stalled. This means that the OF is in such a deep freeze that it is probably perfectly preserved in the state in which it formed.
Another factor is that the OF is small , and this means it doesn’t have the type of “geological engine” that in larger objects will rework their composition.
And a third factor is just the nature of the environment. It’s very sedate in the Scottish bigot belt.
Unlike in the inner Solar System, there are probably very few collisions between objects. The Bigot belt hasn’t been stirred up.

Prof Stern said: “Everything that we’re going to learn about the OF – from its corruption to its geology, to how it was originally assembled, whether it has satellites and an atmosphere, and that kind of thing – is going to teach us about the original formation conditions in the Solar System that all the other objects we’ve gone out and orbited, flown by and landed on can’t tell us because they’re either large and evolve, or they are warm. The OF is unique.”
What does New Horizons do next?

First, the scientists must work on the OF data, but they will also ask Nasa to fund a further extension to the mission.

The hope is that the course of the spacecraft can be altered slightly to visit at least one more Bigot belt object sometime after the winter shutdown.
New Horizons should have just enough fuel reserves to be able to reach Tynecastle.
Critically, it should also have sufficient electrical reserves to keep operating its instruments into the 2030s.

The longevity of New Horizon’s plutonium battery may even allow it to record its exit from the Bigot Belt.

The Gombeen Man

On a brighter note congratulations to Patrick and Frances Connolly from Co Armagh who scopped €130m in the New Year Euro millions.

I saw a headline here that Celtic are interested in buying a stake in Shamrock Rovers, haven’t had time to read the ‘story’ probably cybertalk



Well,that’s out of the box thinking from the board.

“Mr Lawwell,sir,the fans aren’t buying as much merchandise as usual,and we are going to have huge amounts of strips left over.”

“Thanks. I’ll just buy Shamrock Rovers and punt the stuff over there”

The Gombeen Man


Must be squirrel season.
Hotels, youth development, parking restrictions, Green Brigade, charity initiatives.
You know the drill…

Just sign some decent players.

Till later


The PLC have narked me off, the last two windows have been disappointing ( that’s puting it mildly,). I genuinely expected us to have players lined up to sign on the first. Here we are arguing over a few thousand again.
Well done to Chris Sutton for calling out the SFA and Beaton, how many other ex Celts will have the bottle?
If you are on Twitter, no doubt, you will have already viewed the actual evidence of Beaton enjoying a drink or two, in The Loyalist Crown Bar, in Bellshill. A pub where a loyalist flute band practices and where a Rangers Supporters bus leaves from. Can you imagine the outcry if Collin ( not that he would) went for a drink in The Brazen Head.
They would want him sacked.
The PLC have to speak out.
Hail Hail


AndersD,,,welcome aboard buddy and I look forward to reading your thoughts. Hail Hail
And call out nonsense for sure by the way

Awe Naw

Honestly it is too late now for the majority of the Celtic support to react to Scottish footballs shenanigans and especially the shenanigans by our PLC. If we do manage to conspire to throw away the league then any reaction from our docile dimwitted support (the majority) will be seen and deservedly so as the demented whining of stupid “who were well telt” bigots and will actually only add and bolster the continuation myth and the Old Firm and our PLC know it and have counted upon it.

Shenanigan = Corruption

Awe Naw

Efe off to Cardiff and for free. Definitely a step up for him. Good Luck Efe



We agree on the deadwood however with the model we use some errors of judgment are par for the course. We have also had a string of success stories – Brown, Lustig, Nakamura, Hooper, Ki, Forster, Wilson, Wanyama, Van Dyck, Boyata, Armstrong, Dembele, Ntcham, Rogic, Sinclair Eduard (initial loan/buy), Roberts (loan), Christie, Gordon, Bain, Izaguirre, Biton, Ajer, Sumunovic, Griffiths and Benkovic (loan) – that’s 26 and no doubt there are a some more that I haven’t listed.

These players have given, or, continue to give to the squad – we must also add in our five academy graduates, Tierney, McGregor, Ralston, Forrest and Johnston. Furthermore those who have been sold on have produced revenue of around £85m, money that we could not have done without.

Tell me this, have any managers who have served during PL’s tenure ever actually said that he signed players against their wishes? – I certainly have seen nothing from Gordon Strachan, Neil Lennon, Ronny Deila, or, Brendan Rodgers to this effect.

Yes we must invest in the squad now, however we must not ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’ when discussing our operation and dealings during the last fourteen years. During these years our business partnerships, kit sponsorship and commercial dealings have grown exponentially and now account for around 40% of our income – again this is revenue that we could have not done without.

The return of a seemingly credible Ibrox challenge to the Holy Grail of ten in a row, funded by annual losses and accumulating debt, has spooked the fan base.

I agree that the next six months are vital both on and off the pitch, and like everyone else in the Celtic family, I hope we get it right.


Here here?


The Gombeen Man ,,
I was offline last night and just scrolled back . In one of your fine comments this jumped out at me
“ It sometimes staggers me when I read posts about tactics in matches or player selections.
Why bother?
It’s corrupt. “

And thats the rub isnt it . Many fans feel stuck between the rock and hard place . Its a bitch of a situation to be in , always loved the footie yet your own club has sickened you .
And in that situation its really each man to their own I believe , there is no right and wrong.
Watching and blogging about the team while withdrawing other forms of support ie financial can feel like a grain of sand in the desert ,, youre only one person and dont count in the bigger scheme of things especially in record breaker profit years .
The tug of the team is always there though , and its easy to think its not the teams fault so I can enjoy the footie while not liking the board .
And then most football fans will have a board they dont agree with at some stage , the vast majority dont go yoyoing in and out according to whether they are in sync with their custodians .
They just back the team .
I hate being in this situation , and I have mentioned before that my own little revenge is the team and the love of it will end with me , aint passing her on.
Should I happen to like what I see at some stage that might change .
But at least we have a talking shop free of interference to discuss these things . Like I say earlier it will be an individual choice , but we as a group I believe should not castigate anyone who chooses a different decision than ourselves about their own level of support , I really hope it doesnt come to that .
Seen people walking away completely recently , shocking that a huge part of your life can just go sour and you are compelled to split up .
The blog will also try to ride the line between love of the team / analysing the footballing department and pointing out where the PLC’s actions are not what the majority of fans want , and how they are not great at running that football club .
Im sure some people would love more of one than the other , and vice versa . Cant win every battle though .

You where in Beal Feirste ? Feckin jealous here , planning a visit soon myself . Sausage rolls ? Good fry ? Wheaten bread ? Spill the beans man , what did ye eat ? 😉
Hail Hail


On last nights game ,,,
I dont care if you dont like the Epl , when those two managers collide you should watch it , no matter what country it happens to be in .
Jurgen has the better in Pep over the course , and thats quite a feat as Pep is widely considered the best there is right now .
And Peps team gave it their all , had to really turn up and fight , and yet were 11 millimeters away from a draw , thats how fine the margin of victory was.
Some might say it took a world class finish from Aguero to take the lead , but when youve got world class players on the pitch world class football shouldnt surprise you , or be used as an excuse . It was one hell of a finish I will give him that .
The Pool eventually showed up , but the way that team plays they only need to shut shop and break correctly twice . I think they as a team mentally decided to do that ,,, against their managers wishes who wanted them to try to get the ball and force the issue .
City hussled and harried them out of their usual game though , and still nearly fell for the sucker punches . Just about got the win although they were good for it in fairness .
Virgil is already strolling it in his first season there , in a few years he will have that league in his pocket , and probably go to Barca , with league winners medals . I noticed last night the Etihad crowd were trying to spook the Pool defence as they were trying to play out from the back , but stopped whistling and wasting their time once Virgil got it . JUst too classy to harry or out muscle plus doesnt waste passes. Psychologically he is intimidating the league .
Still fancy the Brendan Double , Pool and Hoops both champions .
Happy forking Friday all
Hail hail

The Gombeen Man

Celtic issue a statement on Beaton.

Pish statement, no balls whatsoever, surprised ffs.
It won’t be followed up on, not a chance, rocking the boat is not on the agenda, they have the fear cos their pravda site today didn’t react too well to the leader about Brother Beaton just being feckin useless.
The statement has worked, pish as it is, the natives are happy and will continue to throw their hard earned into the corrupt game, job done.


Hi again TGM,

Thought I’d ‘keep my powder dry on the Morelos/Beaton stitch-up until after the SFA verdict. After that verdict it was, in my opinion, inevitable that Celtic would react in a formal manner – I am pleased this has now occurred.

It is obvious to me that the behaviour of Morelos was integral part of the Ibrox team’s strategy to win the game at ALL costs and under ANY circumstances. I’d go as far as to say that had Celtic won the match, the whole King/Gerrard project would have been blown off course, and they knew it.

Celtic did nowhere near enough to win, or draw, the game. The team was harried and bullied from the first minute in a display of aggression and desperation that I have not previously witnessed. All aspects of the game were closely coordinated, even down to Halliday’s time wasting at throw-ins and free-kicks and McGregor’s similar tactics when he had the ball. The Rangers won this game without the ball, it is as simple as that.

Morelos’s real part in the match was to snipe, dig and assault in the hope of eliciting retaliation which would have seen a red card for one of our players. His actions were too blatant and repeated to be anything else, and with Beaton refusing to caution him, he target a number of our players.

I firmly believe that Gerrard and his backroom staff devised this plot – it was a must must must win game for them.

To say that I was disappointed in our players attitude and application is a gross understatement, but not a complete surprise – we had had a similar performance a week before at Easter Road.



What did you want the club to say? I think the statement is clear, concise and comprehensive and asks questions of Beaton/Compliance Process and Maxwell.

You can’t ‘run off at the mouth, or rant and rave in a situation like this – legally it would be self-defeating.

Margaret McGill

“legally”?? for a moment I thought you were serious there.

Margaret McGill

Aye I’m satisfied.
Let me paraphrase the Celtic FC statement…
“Aye we know youre all at it cheating again.
Gonny no dae that.”

The Gombeen Man

Hi Gold,

I agree with your assessment of the game.
Earlier today I was thinking back a previous encounter against Sevco where concerns were made public about information relating to Sevco’s intentions to smear the Celtic support by alleging that Celtic supporters had caused damage to the toilets at Ibrox.

On that occasion Celtic supporters left scented candles in the toilets to highlight that we were aware of the intention to use black propaganda against us.

The last game at Ibrox was entrapment pure and simple and every possible stroke was pulled to defeat Celtic.

We have been playing poorly in away games for a while and we need to sort out our own difficulties.

The reality is however from the limitation on the number of Celtic supporters attending to the organised welcoming party for the team bus to the conduct of the Sevco players and the contribution of the match officials…we were subject to stitch up.

Whatever is the strategy of the Board they’re primaryvconcern should be the safety of the players and supporters.

The statement today is limited. We can’t allege a conspiracy when all we are doing is joining up the dots.

Having said that it’s welcome.But the administration of the game is a mess. And on the face of it we have failed to ensure that any of the deficiencies that allowed Murray, Whyte, Green and King to drive a coach and horses through the game have been addressed.

Let’s hope that the patience of the Board has been exhausted and at a minimum there is clearer commication with the support.

If unchecked Dave King will use whatever means he can to hurt Celtic.

Human beings can rationalise virtually any behaviour as legitimate. Sevco believe that they are the victims and that their ‘culture’ is under threat.

Under those circumstances they are, unpredictable and I hesitate to say it dangerous.

IMO, there should be no need for statements, we should have sorted the referees years ago, we had them by the balls when Dr John told the world the we had a dossier and that we wouldn’t be treated any differently…”Those days are gone ” he said, we had them bang to rights cheating, it should have paved the way for an open and transparent refereeing system, even now it would take the stroke of a pen to make them accountable for their decisions.
Like everything else money talks, withhold their money, or demote them for making mistakes, demotion costs them serious money, it’s quite simple really.

Margaret McGill

It will be perceived as paranoid Timmies.thats all.
We have Judas Custodians
Most of the support just need someone to hate. Its part of their religion
The bigot buck and cheating infrastructure has to be maintained.
The games a bogey and its a bogey of a game.
Anyway we have bigger problems in this world and this is just a microcosm of it. As western judiciaries pass laws to enable corporations to plunder tax reserves and the whole social infrastructure
collapases in the West due to corruption and propaganda Goebbels style, its only a matter of time before civil unrest, racist and religious wars begin.
We are beggining to see the start of it.A bit like the dark ages after the Roman empire collpased in Europe 1700 years ago.
The only difference this time is that it wont be the end of a civilization but a species. Nuclear war and coastal flooding.You know mosquitos, no electricity, ebola, cancer, starvation and mass murder.
Personally I cant wait but I wont see it in my lifetime. Shame. God bless yeez.



Your last paragraph days it all “unpredictable and dangerous”

After a c£15m loss last season, to completely re-staff represents a huge financial gamble. One that the followers are told to ignore because King & Co will continue to underwrite ANY losses.

They simply must get a crack at the CL next season and are throwing everything they can at it.

Celtic are not defined by The Rangers, however it is apparent that this season is turning out to be our biggest challenge for a long time.

I don’t think our board are stupid and the talk of Peter Lawwell/DD and the board manipulating situations to help Sevco are complete and utter rubbish.

That said, all at Celtic Park, directors, manager, coaches and players must respond to this challenge. If we lose the title this season, all hell will break loose among the support – I don’t the current powers that be could survive.

What’s your take on the Shamrock Rovers story? Could we be think about switching our youth development over there? Brexit could present a problem to us bringing in young players from Europe.

Margaret McGill
big packy

mags love your posts, and and the nothing to see hear timmy, you could also add move to the back of the bus timmy,, mags have had this all my life supporting celtic, getting pissed off now when are we gonna say enough mr sfa.and men in black.hh.

Best fry-up in Belfast is at Harlem.

hiya bp

“It’s Friday,it’s five o’clock and it’s crackerjack of a statement time!”

Well,bugger me backwards,eh? Celtic Plc making the first moves to right wrongs,or is it a sop to the restless natives,another exercise in kicking the van down the road?

Time will tell,but going on past experience,the latter.

And anyway,what does it matter if Beaton gets downgraded,suspended,sacked? Plenty more where he came from. It’s a complete clearout that’s required,and that will never happen.

Just like nothing will happen just because Celtic released a statement today.

Surprised,were they? Ffs,have they not been paying attention?

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the posts I’ll come back to you both tomorrow.

On Shamrock Rovers…There was talk of Celtic having first call on Rovers players and Rovers taking some of our younger guys for development.

Maybe we’ll open a second front in Dublin and get another crack at the CL that way?

big packy

hiya jim how are you keeping, know you have been feeling low lately, just remember you have good friends on here, keep on keeping on.hh.

BP, hiya.

I cant talk.

Remember the talk between you and MIT? I used to love that.

big packy

jim, yes loved that too, but was kicked into touch by some non dug lovers, shame but you wanna talk aboot dugs mike and I will oblige.hh.


BigPacky,, how anyone can’t love a dug ( spit excluded) is beyond me . Anyway woof woof!