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On Beatongate , so I watched the game on a dodgy stream that happened to be Rangers Tv , and as a result they basically ignored Morelos’ assaults during the game , actually they called the kick out at our Captain off the ball “ leaving his calling card “ and chuckled .

I missed the other two main incidents on the day , totally blanked by the obviously biased commentary team .

Lets look at what has happened of note since then .

The ref in question attends a Rangers supporters bar that evening .

The Sfa decide no retrospective punishment .

The Club issue a statement and call for a meeting with the suits involved .

Alleged electronic abuse received by Beaton

Sfa issue their own statement on the refs

Ref in question gets police escort in his next appointment

Im sure we are all in agreement it was welcome , the Club speaking up that is .  Having publicly announced they have called for the meeting they should give us an update post meeting of how it went and what outcomes were reached .

Just after the Plc issue a statement , these allegations of abuse see light of day . Further allegations even claim that his family has been victim also . That these allegations surface at that particular time is not surprising , when pressure is ramping up on the man in question as his excuse leaves him wide open to claims of incompetence .  After all he admits he seen all three major incidents , and deemed them not worthy of action .

Then operation protect and deflect begins. We know how the press works there in the best wee bigoted country in the world . They dont give news , they give protection and slant .

While walking the dug and analysing the whole situation it struck me , once again , that those who do not wish us to thrive , the masons , bigots , establishment , whatever you wish to call them ,, are not very smart , something I have said before .

So they pulled the biggest UK footie  swindle ever , over 100 million of debt and they die . And then were awarded all the rights and records of their predecessor through a process that is not transparent and was decided by a small number .

If the ultimate goal is to have Rangers alive and kicking and awarded everything of the old club also ,, why rock the boat ? Why piss us off with bent refs and clear agendas ?

Surely “ allowing “ us to do ten or even equal the 9 again and giving the impression that we won a fair race , and then while the support are wallowing in euphoria , strengthen their beloved Gers and start the fight all over again , all while laughing saying we got away with it ,,, still a Rangers alive with a lot of history and we didnt pay the money we owe .

After the huge swindle , they try to swindle even more !   Un fecking believable !

Then this alleged electronic abuse . It seems a rag can just type “ we understand that “  or some such jargon non descript phrase and thats it , its out there and accepted as fact .

Here at Sentinel Celts “ we understand “ that what is supposed the be the national sport has been lowered to a level that will drive most reasonable people from the game .  

Almost every week theres a farce or some eyebrow raising situation , with one of the biggest clubs actually admitting that they are ignoring the FFP rules , and the other biggest club is a constant victim of the authorities , despite having the biggest support in the domestic game , and thereby holding a very strong card to play if poked and prodded the wrong way . They have never even threatened to use that card . Actually I might be wrong there as I do seem to recall an extremely strong article over on Cqn that told how the governing bodies were looking at gate sharing ,,, and that this was their ultimate chopping us down at the knees move , taking half the season ticket money .

The Plc was well aware of the power of the green pound that day , and threatened to use that weapon . I hope they are thinking along these lines again but wont hold my breath as it took “ their own “ money to be threatened before becoming stirred , and thats not whats happening here , its “ only “ the integrity of the game at stake and not whether the gravy train will continue to roll or not . The season tickets are selling .

Back to events and the timing of the Sfa’s support statement leaves it wide open to criticism at best and accusations of bias possibly racism at worst . At least 4 other clubs have spoken up about the ref’s , Stevie on his first day , but yet why do they leap into action at a pretty mild , mostly quizzical  statement from the club . We all know why , because they must keep Timmy down and keep portraying him as the enemy .

The daily rectum states without any quotes or facts to back themselves up  that there will be a summit between the refs and representatives of our club !?

Why us ?

And Levein , who I get the feeling likes a rant and to see his name in print , he has the opportunity here to start shouting from the heavens that he wants a summit , or to claim old firm bias as he wasnt invited to a summit yet he highlighted the dodgy actions of the masons in black before us ! Craig , you have a valid complaint that will stand up ,,, YELL !

Who else is going to this summit ? Will the minutes be released ( yeah right ) or will all three parties issues statements post summit ( notice its not a meeting , its more important than that ! ).  What happens if we get contradictory utterings from all three , who do we believe ?

As far I as see it we could waltz into any meeting / summit / showdown in a position of power ,,, as what can the refs say ? And who looks bad to the rest of the world should the refs strike again ?  Expats and those who keep up an interest wont be blaming pesky Glasgow Celtic will they ? Foreign rags will report a dispute , and mention they have been criticized by “ clubs “ this season which has lead to this point .

The refs,,, tear them a new one and say no one , not just us , trusts you lot ,,, and if they walk we bring back Johnny Foreigner with his actual rulebook enforcing , theres a win .  

The refs are not in a strong position at all here ,,, three weeks of normal refs and its could be why were we worried in the first place .

In the past their paymasters would have slapped Timmy down when they complained ,  like they just tried to , and told their whistler thats it sorted , back to work .

Now though , almost half the league doesn’t trust them and complain in public ,, if they are gonna demand protection from criticism and respect ,, what exactly are they gonna do when they dont get it ?  Especially when others have the finger pointing at them and Timmy isn’t involved !

All while Var is being offered FOR FREE  by Aberdeen and Hearts remember .

This ,, this mess ,, I think they have blundered here and their false sense of security and bravado has left them open to being taken down , or issuing empty threats if you will .

Like above , the aren’t very smart . You pick your battles wisely ,, seems to me the refs havent .

And now onto the bigwigs in the Sfa , those who rush to issue defending statements as soon Timmy speaks and ignore other clubs requests that their refs be looked at .

Fleming and Maxwell in particular . I was lead to believe that these two were “ good guys “ and that the club had actually helped maneuver them into their positions , thus keeping Petrie out of one .  Seems I was very mislead , perhaps you were also .

I will be the first to acknowledge that suits in general inhabit a different world than me , have their own tricks and charms , and their battles are not physical but  strategic . I dont like em and never will , dont like wearing a suit myself although on one occasion me and my drinking partner , similarly attired , found out to our pleasure that one will more than likely get served at bar quicker when suited up , and people even tend to move out of your way I kid you not !

We clearly dont have good guys at the helm of their respective organisations ,, which leads me to ask ,, why  are we friendless ? Have we not networked an allegiance of some sort with someone or many who are reasonable ? Have we just been out maneuvered and stymied with regards to putting certain placemen in positions of power .

Its hard not to draw that conclusion , as we stand  the games worse than ever with almost half the clubs seeing ref bias ,,,ffp out the window,,, illegal songs flow  etc etc

The definition of insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting different results .

I think its fair to say if the board hasnt made inroads into the corridors of power by this stage then   they arent gonna .

Now , please notice I am not laying the blame for that at Peter himselfs feet .

As much as I have huge differences about almost all aspects of the club under his stewardship , I personally feel its important that we tried , through legal and perfectly normal means such as networking and maneuvering etc , to push through the people and rules that would make a difference towards normalising the national sport .

You might feel different but I stand by that , that its important we act properly and accordingly,, initially . That phase has now passed , we tried , we got stymied , and we are no more closer to an honest game than ever .

Soo the suits played politics and got beaten .,,, what now ?

We know we wont be reading a statement along the lines of “ having attempted to sway hearts and minds through rational argument and our respectful actions , the game at large continues to see us as unworthy outsiders therefore we have failed in our duty as custodians and will pass on the battle to the next group “ .

We know they will never admit defeat in public and will play the game and ride the gravy train , while getting cheated on that train , but will be thankful they are there , and while they are there its here sign this document which I will lodge and thats us with a nice pay rise well done old bean !

Nope , they have failed us and will sit tight , maybe make the odd bit of noise or cage rattling but after 15 years will know that  they have been beaten .

This leaves 3 groups , the national governing body , the European governing body , and the fans.  The national body is against us so thats them out .

The European body ,, again theres some questions to ask here .

We have all read the marvellous list of accolades from some of the biggest names in the sport for the special nights and the atmosphere the fans create .

And Peter sat on the board of the ( we are told influential ) ECA for  a long stretch .

Brian Quinn also had a spot in Europe , on the CCFB board .

We should have made personal relationships with some of the prime movers and shakers in the game ,, only common sense and good business sense , not to mention fostering relationships with other suits so as to help future player sales or buying negotiations etc .

But yet , nada .   A supposed beloved club , who sits with big hitters at big tables , who players around the world drool of gracing under the floodlights infront of that support ,, that club is getting royally shafted bigtime , and yet we dont call our friends , those bigwigs we know and mingle with ? We dont look for other help elsewhere if its not coming at home ?

Was there no form of pressure the ECA could have used to help us ,,, because if thats true walk away and state why . At least youve held your head high , been honest , and your actions might lead to reforms .

Again ,,, we have either been outmaneuvered in the European governing bodies we are affiliated with , or have not sought assistance through that channel , or they ( the bodies themselves ) are toothless .

One of those simply must be true , and I dont necessarily care which one .

It just points to more failure , failure to take advantage of any memberships or access to certain people etc . Im  not saying its intentional or negligence on anyones behalf , but the fact is we are alone , despite many friends on paper and hanging out with a powerful group also for years.

On our todd !

Which leaves one group , the fans . Fans of other clubs may well come into play here , like they did in 2012 , but getting all fans together under one banner and unified for a cause is nigh on impossible ,, its like telling a cat where not to go .  Besides could take forever to organise , or infiltrated and smeared from within etc . By the time it does click into gear the game may well have changed or a target resigns to be a sop etc .

If fans of all clubs uniting happens then great , if not I wont be surprised .

No we should  not rely on anyone else , and Im very comfortable with that .  

As fans we all face a choice , a choice we did not want to be forced to make , but have been placed in that position .  Stick or Twist ? Play or Walk ? In or Out ?

We know we are on our own now ,, the last 9 days events confirm it ,, and we know we cant expect the board to help ,, silver bullet /  good guys / Dermots great club comments / the requisitioners are happy ( Auldheidgate ) confirm it .

I love  sayings , and use them a lot . They have mostly stood the test of time and if they have then the wisdom contained within is still relevant .

Everybody probably has their own fav , I personally really like several and couldn’t just pick one off the top of my head ,, but out on that  walk today I realised that the way I feel , the way it seems a lot of us feel according to the comments and blogs that I have perused , is captured perfectly by an old saying , well almost . Like most sayings theres an implication there , a hidden meaning if you will .

The suits , and those that seek to keep us from equality , would be very wise to heed it .

“ Its not the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog ! “

I back us against anyone . Keep pushing and prodding us you fools and lets see what happens .

We know you can write and yes its about time you whipped something up , as these refs have been killing you also . Just sit down , let it flow , and get it all off your chest .

Writing therapy is free and liberating . Besides If it doesnt kill you it will make you stronger 😉

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Great stuff,mate. A call to arms,if ever there was one!

Sadly,I think that’s exactly what it will take to clean the game up-for us to get our hands dirty. Of course,you should never wrestle with a pig,but when the pig is on the attack,and running away or appealing to its better nature hasn’t worked,what choice do we have?

Of course,we could just shoot it. After all,that is what ‘The Silver Bullet’ of Res 12 was all about. So,IMO,if PL is as sharp-minded as he is sharp-suited,he won’t bring a knife to a gunfight.

“I love sayings,and use them a lot!”


Majoc , cheers pal . Glad you enjoyed it. Drive carefully out there . Hail Hail


Well Mahe!

Nothing like getting it all ‘off you chest at the same time!

You make a plethora of salient points, the basis of which we have known for a long time. What has now crystallized is the contradictory application of the rules surrounding refereeing and compliance procedure since the very first game of the season at Aberdeen.

I was disappointed in Celtic making a Sevco-like “We are surprised…..” -type statement. Doing so has presented the media with an ‘open goal. I would have preferred us to have simply announced that recent events had compelled the club to write to the SFA, as a matter of urgency, to seek clarity and to request an urgent meeting.

What is more important to me however is the fluctuation in performance of the Celtic team on the field. Quite frankly I am appalled and baffled by the insipidity of 75% of our efforts away from Celtic Park.

St Mirren (0-0), Livingstone (0-0), Motherwell (1-1), Hearts (0-1), Hibs (0-2) and at Ibrox (0-1), one goal for and five against in six games, quite pathetic. If we had won the first three and drawn the other three, we would be nine points clear with a game in hand. Apart from trying to ‘run down the clock’, and failing, at Fir Park, we were never ‘on the front foot’ in any of these matches.

I just hope that we have got ‘it’ out of our system and after the break, bolstered by the new additions, we can push on; otherwise we may see the word Armageddon rearing its head in a different context.

The season must start in earnest for us on the 19th of January.


Thanks for the nice comments yesterday about my part of the world. It is indeed a very beautiful area-in parts! One of the best things about it,of course,is God’s Wonderful Railway,though the current franchise holders do rip the pish somewhat.

Nevertheless,a short train ride takes me from Swindon to such as Bath,Oxford,Cheltenham,Bradford-on-Avon and Bristol,even Cardiff,Exeter and Weston-Super-Mare if I’m feeling adventurous.

A few years ago,I took my Dad on a potted tour of local sites of interest,like the preserved Elizabethan village of Lacock,the Avebury stone circle,Silbury Hill,Marlborough-whose High Street is so wide that buses terminate there,and do a u-turn for the return journey. I then took him for a pint up beside the old RAF Hospital before driving through a wee chocolate-box village,all Cotswold Stone,thatched roof,you name it.

Which is actually in that much-maligned concrete eyesore,Swindon!

I hope you are showing your Aussie missus more of Scotland than the mere tourist trails. A wee trip up to The Neuk,etc. I hope your health is holding up too.

HH,and look after yourself.


Thanks for your blog; great read as usual! Regarding referees, they are no longer hiding their bias, as they know it’s out there for all to see, so why hide it! The fact Beaton went to a Sevco pub after the game just emphasises his allegiance! We all know his background and both is mother being in elevated position in the eastern star and masons! Other ref’s, McCurry, Clark and Tait are of the same ilk and we’ve all seen their speeches on the after dinner speaking circuits, etc!! For me, I agree with you that Celtic need to take a stand! Depending on this meeting with the SFA will determine Celtic’s next move and it needs to be quick and clinical! My own worry is will Celtic do this!?!? With Resolution 12, they were given the golden bullet to shoot the establishment but……nothing! Going forward, and you mentioned it, we’re the biggest support, travelling in numbers to all away games (except the last game of last year)! For me, if Celtic plc doesn’t act, we should! Stop going to away games, don’t give them the money; especially Levein and Budge! Take it to them where it hurts most! We don’t need the derisory amount of TV money we get in Scotland, but they do! Sky will soon stop showing games with no one there! Then as the money slows in the game, change will be needed as investors/TV companies will leave the game here!!
Anyway, rant over! Great reading and keep it up!

Superb post Mahe.
I think we both know the club will do eff all, the chance has gone, we had them years ago with the Dougie Dougie fiasco, as for the sfa and uefa, they will cover each others back, as ever it will be down to the support, but the club have most onside presently so that is not looking like a goer, but lose the league and it may well be “Celts For Change 2019”

Margaret McGill

I get the history lesson. I get the bigoted biased institution lesson but we have been here before. Many times.
Until there is a PERCEPTION that any of this is reducing the Celtic PLC income it will continue as is nothing has happened until the next time.

big packy

good post derek, welcome to the blog, keep on ranting everything you say is true. im sure mahe will be on shortly to welcome you himself.hh.

The Gombeen Man

Welcome Derek.

Great first post.

I agree 100%.

The problem for these guys is this is all they have. In their desperation to hold on to their isolated position they’ll stoop to and justify virtually anything.

For years they have bent rules and fabricated reality to maintain any form of superiority over their neighbours. This philosophy has already led them to the ignomany of liquidation and their insanity is such that they’ll continue to act in completely the same way and remain blind to the inevitable consequences.

Their victory at Ibrox is now tainted.

Despite being the better team on the day their underlying fear and lack of self esteem meant that they reverted to the tried and tested…


John Beaton was even niave enough to ‘socialise’ in a notorious Loyalist pub hours after the game. It’s hard to fathom how stupid that was.

A Police escort? Statements issued after being asked to provide a simple explanation?

Was it really worth ruining a reputation and putting your credibility into the gutter?


big packy

hi mags great minds think alike, ? but seriously mags what the feck do we do about the cheating, haven’t got a season book anymore so I cant say boycott, but just think if every celtic supporter stayed away next home game ,would that not send a message.hh.

big packy

THE GOMBEEN MAN, hi buddy, think we have had enough of standing at the back of the bus, lets all sit at the front of the bus for a change, sadly don’t know if it ever will in bonnie Scotland, the masons rule the roost, go on timmy nothing too see hear, breaks my heart, hope you are well.hh.


Derek , welcome aboard and great first post .
I dont think the Plc will act , if they havent by now why should we believe they will , plus we have proof of lies now ,, silver bullet ,, Auldheidgate etc .
Its down to the fans , and I aim to stoke the fires of discontent and push and prod until the tiger bares its teeth .
The soul of the club is at stake and thats worth fighting for . Havent read fans this upset in a long time .
Whats interesting is that , if we dont win title the carpark could fill and revolt
If we do ,,, well we are told they could go under . Might have to decimate the squad to stay alive , in which case we win this title and it hurts the competition massively , thus putting hearts and the dons in a great spot to rip up the Old firm as the top 2 ..
The Plc might just find themselves between a rock and a hard place here . Good.
Hail Hail


Mags , havent seen the support this pissed in a long time and you might just be underestimating the strength of feeling out there .
Forget the plc fat cats , they arent gonna help.
Down to the fans now , good . Expect me to stoke the fire . Weve gotta try .
Hail Hail


Gold , I dont watch that many games tbh . Assuming you do , would you say those points lost were down to poor tactics or performances , or do they players know the ref will allow them to be booted and give 90% only ?
The players might be jaded also .
I expect us to push on and win thats for sure . Brendan will not want to lose to a rookie he has history with and will want to go out a winner with head held high .
Hail Hail and hope alls well in your fine weather 😉


Damian Duff signs on ( as a coach ).

The Gombeen Man

Hi Packy,

I took a wee woman in America to shame the establishment.
Hopefully a few folk with influence at Celtic Plc will have a similar awakening…But it’s usually those on the margins that lead the way.



TGM ,,,
Rosa was just an ordinary person , just like a fan these days . Exactly what I said , she was on her own , just like us now .
Its gonna take the normal fan to rise up here ,, many are pissed already . Just need a mustering point and a target .
Hail Hail pal


Hi again Mahe.

The variance in performance really has me scratching my head. If the ‘rotten’ games had occurred consecutively then perhaps one of your alternatives could be considered, however that is not the case. They have been interspersed with good, sometimes, scintillating performances.

I am not suggesting this for one minute, but if I was a conspiracy theorist, I may think that some of the matches had been delibertly thrown – the games against St Mirren, Livingstone and Hibs fall into that category.

Regarding Brendan, he is in an extremely awkward situation – lose out this year to a ‘rookie’ who played under him no more than a few years ago, with a mix ‘n max squad thrown together within seven months, surely he would have to leave – with a big demerit on his CV.

If he wins title this year how on earth could he leave before ten in a row with Gerrard still in situ – he would be accused of running away.

So either he leaves right now as a winner of every domestic trophy he has contested, slinks off in June with his tail between his legs if Gerrard bests him this season, or, he is here for the duration and it’s 10iar, or bust.

What I will say is that if we do get to number 10, the consequences for the Ibrox club could be even more serious than Valentine’s Day 2012.


Although Rosa is well known, Claudette Colvin lead the way.

Claudette Colvin
Claudette Colvin (born September 5, 1939)[1] is a pioneer of the Civil Rights Movement. On March 2, 1955, she was arrested at the age of 15 in Montgomery, Alabama for refusing to give up her seat to a white woman on a crowded, segregated bus. Colvin acted a few months before the more widely known incident in which Rosa Parks, secretary of the local chapter of the NAACP, played the lead role, sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott that began that year
Hail Hail

big packy

THE GOMBEEN MAN what id do for a rosa parks hope you are well.hh.


Colvin was among the five plaintiffs originally included in the federal court case filed by civil rights attorney Fred Gray on February 1, 1956, as Browder v. Gayle, to challenge bus segregation in the city. She testified before the three-judge panel that heard the case in the United States District Court. On June 13, 1956, the judges determined that the state and local laws requiring bus segregation in Alabama were unconstitutional. The case went to the United States Supreme Court on appeal by the state, and it upheld the District Court ruling on December 17, 1956. Colvin was the last witness to testify. Three days later, the Supreme Court issued an order to Montgomery and the state of Alabama to end bus segregation, and the Montgomery Bus Boycott was called off.

For many years, Montgomery’s black leaders did not publicize Colvin’s pioneering effort. She was an unmarried teenager at the time, and was reportedly pregnant by a married man.[2] Colvin has said, “Young people think Rosa Parks just sat down on a bus and ended segregation, but that wasn’t the case at all.”[3][4] Her case helped pave the way.

A little more information from Wiki.
I’ve always had a keen interest in American Civil Rights movement.
Unfortunately, with my medication I tend to forget more than I remember, that’s where WIKIPEDIA is useful
Hail Hail

big packy

JIMMYNOTPAUL hi pal, never heard of cluadette colvin, will look her up on Wikipedia, hope you are well.hh.

Awe Naw

ougie McDonald quits as a category one referee with a parting shot at Celtic chairman John Reid
Scottish football breathed a collective sigh of relief on Sunday night when Dougie McDonald announced that he would retire with immediate effect as a category one referee.
Roddy Forsyth

By Roddy Forsyth

7:05PM GMT 28 Nov 2010

The man at the heart of the crisis which led to a strike of his fellow match officials in Scotland at the weekend issued a statement which expressed regret but was also a veiled attack on Celtic, whose chairman John Reid recently repeated demands for McDonald to be sacked.

“It is with regret that I have decided, with immediate effect, to retire from my role as a category one referee,” said McDonald.

“My category one colleagues decided rightly to withdraw their services from matches this weekend in response to the outrageous way they have been treated by sections within Scottish football and, in my opinion, the lack of support they have received from the SFA general purposes committee in recent years.

“However, their united stand, and the position of strength they have established this weekend, has been clouded by one issue, namely the aftermath of the Dundee United v Celtic match on 17 October. I apologised for my role in that and wanted my previously unblemished 29-year career to move on.

“Now is the time for all of Scottish football to move on. My decision will therefore remove that issue from the debate and ensure that the next day of action – which, in my opinion, will undoubtedly come if the football community does not have a massive change of heart – will result in media coverage being concentrated on those who engage in referee bashing and those who condone it.”
Related Articles

SPL players on their best behaviour 28 Nov 2010

Old Firm history on ice 29 Nov 2010

Jim White: striking refs out of order 25 Nov 2010

SFA names the foreign referees 26 Nov 2010

SFA prepare to fly in referees 23 Nov 2010

Hugh Dallas denies cover-up 01 Nov 2010

After the enforced departure of Hugh Dallas – the former head of the referee development department at the Scottish Football Association, who was sacked on Friday for a breach of internal protocol – opinion was close to unanimous that that the crisis which has engulfed the game north of the border could only be defused if McDonald quit.

Although Dallas was dismissed because of his part in circulating a satirical email which referred to the Pope’s recent visit to the UK in the context of the child abuse scandal within the Roman Catholic Church, his exit is widely viewed as a direct consequence of the pressure exerted by Celtic on the SFA since McDonald awarded them a penalty kick in their game against Dundee United at Tannadice on Oct 17, then reversed his decision.

It was not McDonald’s U-turn that created the controversy but his failure of judgment in falsifying his match report. Dallas was drawn into the circle of fire when he defended McDonald’s performance on radio the day after the match, but he had already been in Celtic’s sights for some time.

The Daily Telegraph can disclose that Peter Lawwell, the Celtic chief executive, and Tony Mowbray, who was at that time manager at Parkhead, went to the SFA offices at Hampden Park earlier this year to express their concern about refereeing decisions in matches involving their team.

Dallas was present at the meeting, as was Gordon Smith, who was then chief executive of the SFA. It is understood that Lawwell and Mowbray were asked if they believed there was any bias against Celtic among the country’s referees and that if the answer was ‘yes’, the matter would be referred to a high level of authority.

When no such allegation was forthcoming, the brief meeting came to an end; Mowbray and Dallas then sat down together to analyse specific incidents involving Celtic games.

This meeting has not been reported by the person – or people – believed by the SFA to be working within their offices and responsible for leaking information to pro-Celtic websites.

Although Dallas had a reputation for being high-handed and sometimes brittle under pressure, he was also known for standing up for his referees, some of whom now believe that he would have survived the email furore had it not been for Celtic’s unrelenting ire that McDonald was merely censured and marked down for his performance at Tannadice despite the fact that he had lied to Neil Lennon, the Celtic manager, about his reversal of their penalty award.

The SFA’s position was that McDonald’s case went though existing procedures – which Celtic, as a member club, had a hand in establishing – and that, whether Celtic liked it or not, the Association could not keep sending the case back until the referee committee produced a verdict and a sanction that suited the club. Celtic, on the other hand, refused to move from the position stated at the club’s annual meeting when Reid said: “There cannot be integrity in a system that allows a referee to lie and, allegedly, to try to get others to lie about a crucial decision affecting a game. There cannot be a system that permits that and retains integrity.

“So we need a fundamental review but there’s no question that the referee should either be removed, or remove himself.”

The country’s category one referees – with support from their category two counterparts – withdrew their labour at the weekend in protest at comments about their impartiality which they believe instigate threats to their safety. Although there is no imminent threat of a second referee strike, positions remained entrenched.

The SFA chief executive, Stewart Regan, wants to pull the SFA back from open hostilities with Celtic, even if Reid utters further provocations. The referees want the governing body to stand up for them robustly.

However, during the discussions between the Scottish Senior Football Referees’ Association and the SFA, SPL and SFL last week, Martin Cryans, chairman of the referees’ union, was challenged to deal with “the elephant in the room” – McDonald’s continued status as a category one referee.

After being omitted from the roster, McDonald officiated at one SFL game and another in the SPL. It is understood that he was profoundly upset by having committed such a foolish deception and at the impact the affair had had upon family and friends.

However, the reverberations have already had much more serious consequences for others. Four low-profile SFA employees have also been dismissed for circulating the email about the Pope – believed to be Amanda McDonald, a senior secretary, audio visual technician, Tim Berridge, mailroom manager, Bob Bryan and administrative assistant, Marco McIntyre.

At least four others have received an official reprimand about their conduct. It is understood that one of the dismissed quartet is a practising Roman Catholic.

All of the employees who have been disciplined – including Dallas – have five working days to instigate an appeals procedure according to SFA policy.

Where the eff is everybody ?????????

So the bottom line is they lied, and tried to cover it up, attempted to deflect the blame onto Celtic and went on strike.
All the managers who have doubted their sincerity this season, the huns calling out oor Willie and not a peep, we make a nondescript statement and all hell breaks loose, please Celtic keep at them, sadly I know you won’t but I can but dream.

big packy

the exiled tim im here?


Total disrespect for the FA Cup by Klopp – three young boys in from the start did not even look Development Squad class. Playing almost like Celtic on an away day.

Due to all the changes that top teams now make – this great composition is becoming a freak show entertainment. Why don’t EPL teams just opt out and leave it to the lower Divisions?

Awe Naw

Not just that but after they exorcised Steven Craven and his family …his kids being bullied at School. Nothing was done or requested by any body to exonorate the man to this day. It was all left hanging. The point being that a deal was cut. Craven couldn’t be exonorated. I highlighted this for years on CQN. No takers. It was another example of our PLC operating on have your cake and eat it. Fuck Craven. Collateral damage. Celtic won this one because Dallas was discredited. John Reid being in position at that time was no coincidence. The establishment reaction to this was the shame game summit. That’s when the seeds of the 5WA were hatched. Government sponsored rescue plan and Celtic know there place within it. They will only peek above the parapet when income or possible income streams are impacted. Celtic are a subsidiary of the establishment. They will not rock the boat. They can’t rock the boat. If the real truth came out it would impact so heavily on the product. Scottish football is Rangers first old firm second.

Awe Naw

Because the FA cup is now a compensation cup for any of the top 6. Compensation for not winning the EPL or a CL place.

Scottish football is Rangers first old firm second.
Yip, nail on the head.
I can’t give up watching them tho, I won’t, the scum that run the club will be gone one day, I can hope that it gets taken over by people with better morals, it’s all I have, hope.
How sad is that.

Celtic are a subsidiary of the establishment.
I remember saying something similar years ago and was laughed uncontrolably for it, it gives me no please in say I/we were right.
I also remember saying way before the huns went bust that there would be court cases and the government would be involved, the blogger James Forrest tried to ridicule me for saying that, stuck to my guns, knew I was right.
I have said or more than one occasion that imo Celtic are akin to a Jewish team playing in Germany pre war, again mocked for saying it, the hate and violence towards us is worsening by the day, yet folks just wanny bury their head and say feck all, they can’t handle it, it’s only a few short years ago that there was real killings just across the water, many of thems could quite easily decant to scotland, what then, I have the fear so I do.
Just the other year we had to rearrange a game in Belfast agin linfield cos of the marching season, we should have told them to gtf, but no, bend over at all times is the watchword.
We really need to get the eff out

big packy

ok im not here.?

Awe Naw

Again Celtic never rebuffed the PSNI when they said they would after that tie. Warned off it and ultimately didn’t impact on any income stream. I reckon our independent commissioned safety report has also been silenced or is that just me ? Maybe I missed it.

With regards referee hullabaloo I do believe that all stakes have been raised. Like last time. Hun survival depends on their present crazy financial strategy winning. Same as Dougiegate and the summit.

I can only deduce that Brendan never spoke to MON, NL,WGS,RD before taking up the reigns

Mrs. Mahe

So, Mahe asked me for my 2 cents about Rosa Parks; I’m not an expert in history by any means, but my understanding is that while Rosa Parks made an important statement by sitting down at the front of the bus, it was hundreds of people and organized political action that made that statement meaningful to history. I studied as a social worker, and audited a few community organizing classes, where I was told that political leaders had been WAITING for that moment, if they did not orchestrate it themselves. It is likely the difference between Rosa Parks and Claudetee Colvin, that Rosa (not 15, unmarried, and pregnant) would have a greater political appeal. We know that there were hundreds, if not thousands of moments of civil disobedience during the civil rights era, but this is the one that made waves. It’s not just one person that makes a difference, it’s a community of people – and they usually do it best when they’re well organized. If you want something to change, you have to be purposeful about it, because you can bet that the people against that change aren’t going to just sit back and leave things to chance.
– Mrs. Mahe


TeT , I do very well recall you many times saying that nothing will happen and you are soo far correct .
I also recall someone I cant remember stating all they need to do is drag and drag it on until nearly everyone is sock of it and ignores it ,, and then 15 years later issue a judgement that yes they were wrong but its soo far down the track the club in question cant be punished , plus the people who have been waiting for that answer to decide what to do , they have dwindled in number that leaving the game wont affect it .
That also is true .
I remember a commonly used phrase on Cqn was playing a blinder . There was a blinder played alright , I just cant believe many thought it was us or the club playing it .
At least persistence beats resistance is actually true , hence drops of water can crack the biggest rocks , so that has a wee bit of truth .

I cant stand those Ajax scum or their club but its with interest I notice they are offering to pay to replace all the plastic pitches in their top flight so the standard of footie improves .
If Killie werent Killlie , I wonder how people would feel about us paying for their new pitch ?

Ha, believe it or not I also reckon Brendan never spoke to the past managers either, had he I very much doubt we would be in the position we are today, he would have told Dermot from the onset that Pedro just can’t get involved, I be he regrets it now.
Never heard nothing about the safety report, shelved probably as it will contain stuff that they don’t want seen.
Jezzo, I really hope the ref thing escalates, I hope a strike ids the outcome, this time I reckon if a strike does happen the support will act a tad differently.

Yip, so true, drag it out and drag it out some more, a typical hun trait, I am not excluding our suits in this, the way they have treated the Res 12 bhoys is shameful, worse than hun like imo, at least the huns do it cos they are huns and know no better, but our suits doing this for the filthy lucre, shameful.
I didn’t read that about Ajax, they are 100% right tho, pity our governing bodies didn’t have the balls to do anything about it, they may do if the huns object tho 😉
I need to retire now, been a very long day and so much to do in a few hours.


Gold , I was saying the other day , I don’t believe he will be accused of running away if he wins the title. Beating Stevie and hitting the sunset sees his stock higher.
Getting beaten and leaving , that might be seen as running away.
However if one wins 9 , the simply must stay for the ten . In essence to sign on for one more is impossible, that’s commit for 2 years or walk this summer.
Help in market plus a title win and there’s a chance he will stay imo .
A big unknown is how much would coming second hurt rival financially. Heard for years they are about to collapse,,,but by any account the boat is getting pushed out .
Foundations on sand as evident by all and sundry helping ? Almost like they know it’s needed , like last time and the honest mistakes .
Hail Hail


Welcome my love !

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Celtic supporters all over the world will agree, I’m sure, in fact football fans as a whole aren’t completely blind to the corruption and under carpet sweeping that goes on in, especially Scottish football. The Scottish football authorities should be held to account..