Henry,Henry,drop the ball!

Morning,all. My next two trips down Memory Lane will take us back to our glorious Centenary Season. For once,ATHINGOFBEAUTY can’t complain,as she was at both matches!


1987-88,and it had all started so badly,carrying on from where we left off the previous season. At New Year,1987,we were about a dozen points in front of Souness’s expensively assembled squad. By the end of that season,we had lost the league by six points.

We also lost our manager,David Hay,sacked in a most unbecoming manner,and some of our best players. Brian McClair,who had scored over forty goals that season,left to join Manchester United in an act of banditry from a previously honourable club;Judas buggered off to France to run up a tax bill;Alan McInally became a Bayern Munich legend in his own mind,via Aston Villa;Murdo McLeod joined Borussia Dortmund. I bore none of these players any ill-will for their decisions,it’s a short career,but our future did not look good.

Additionally,of course,we had also lost Danny McGrain,and one of the first things our returning manager,Billy McNeil,did was to replace him with a Sheffield Wednesday reserve player. Welcome aboard,Chris Morris. And also the Yorkshire Oak of Mick McCarthy,both English-born but who would represent Republic of Ireland with distinction. Up front,we brought in the free-scoring Frank MacAvennie from West Ham,and a young Andy Walker from Motherwell.

I confess to be less than enthused by the latter especially,he had scored about twenty goals in around 100 games at Motherwell,and was much more enthusiastic about the replacement for McLeod-Billy Stark! Although Billy was in his early thirties,he was a player I had long rated,and I was delighted.

My enthusiasm lasted as long as it took for Arsenal to hammer us 5-1 at home in a friendly,and we looked like we were in for a long season. And we were-a long season of joy!

By the time we rolled up at Hampden,we were championship leaders by a margin,and on the back of a thirty-game unbeaten domestic run. We were on a roll,and surely we could continue to an historic Centenary Season double? It was a beautiful sunny day,perfect for beautiful sunny football-but the first half was dreich! I think the BBC highlights programme consisted of Archie announcing the teams and then going straight to the second half!!!

If I’m honest,the quality didn’t improve much-but the drama did. Celtic had a few half-chances,the pick being Frankie one on one with Henry Smith in the Hearts goal,but a heavy first touch saw that come to naught. Hearts then won a succession of corners,before the ball broke to Whittaker-one of a number of former or future Celts playing for Hearts-about 25 yards out. He gave it a hopeful punt towards goal,McPherson alone anticipated it-and jumped into our goalkeeper! Clear foul,even if Bonner did crap out of it.

1-0,goal given. What a surprise. And it stayed that way,even with only a couple of minutes left. But Celtic were becoming notorious that season for late escapes,and neither the fans nor the players were for chucking this one. In between times,Walker had missed a sitter from six yards,and Frankie had somehow headed over from under the crossbar,and Hearts looked happy to see out time. But if it’s possible to roll up short-sleeved jerseys,that’s what our Bhoys did.

Time was indeed marching,only two minutes left on the clock,when Tommy Burns swung in a corner from the right,to around the penalty spot. Smith came for it-and fumbled it! It dropped loose to Roy Aitken,then to Mark McGhee,who somehow scrambled the ball through the forest of legs in front of him for the equaliser.

The fans clamoured for more,and Celtic were eager to provide a happy ending. Stark took a short throw from the right to MacAvennie,who gave it an up and under,coming down about a yard out,underneath the bar. Toffee for the keeper-who promptly fumbled it again,straight to the foot of Andy Walker,who couldn’t miss. And didn’t!

There was barely time to restart the game after that,though Hearts looked so dejected that it was game over,regardless. They would get revenge after a fashion the following week by ending our unbeaten run-our first defeat since October!-but this was our day. As far as Memorable Matches go,it was far from a classic. As far as Important Matches go,it was everything and more.

Tomorrow is another day,and frankly I didn’t give a damn about who we played in the final. Our name was on the trophy-wasn’t it? Another tale for another day,and another chapter in the glorious history of Celtic FC…


Above by majoc. If you have any tales of heroism and valour,share them with us by mailing MAHE at


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Sol Kitts

I can still hear big Roy roaring the bhoys on when Hearts kicked off after our equaliser. Settle for a replay? No chance.


Nae messin’ wi Roy. I’ve got a stud mark on my right hip to this day-from Central Ave pitches-which proves that. It wasn’t a high tackle,by the way,he was about two feet bigger than me!

Garry Duncan

My two vivid memories of that match, apart from the goals, were, as Sol Kitts just stated.
Big Roy driving and leading our team that day to victory. The other memory was being punched and kicked out of the Hearts end of the Main Stand at Hampden. Biggest doing I have ever had in my life. Hate Hearts fans more than I hate hun fans. Managed to hold it together when we equalised, but my mate James and I went mental when we scored the second. Was back to back with him fighting our way out of Hampden. The bruises were worth it that day though. Took my sis to her first final that year. Nearly got crushed to death entering Hampden. The Tim who opened the exit gate saved our life that day I am sure. Made her promise, no mention to our parents of the crush.

Same thing happened to SOLKITTS and me in 1985,we both took our girlfriends to the game. His was a bit of a veteran at the fitba’ by this time-mine wore bloody heels!

Tried to go into the NE entrance,Celtic End,and it was a nightmare. SOLKITTS managed to pull his lass clear,but I could only push my gal towards the turnstile,punt her over it-the operator told us to,it was quicker,and the crush was frightening. We walked round the other side and out,down to The International Bar.

She never went back,and I never asked her to either.

Garry Duncan

I got my Dundee Utd games mixed up.
It was the ’85 final, the crush happened. My sis was 16. She still has a season ticket for Celtic Park at 50.
Think that was last pay at gate cup final in Scotland?


We were in the same crush! Remember the mounted cop driving his way across and through the crush so he could but his horse in front of the huge hole we had torn in the exit gate?

Bastard should have been up for attempted murder for that one-and I’m surprised no-one was up for attempted murder on him!


Hi Majoc.

Yes there were many matches like the one you describe over the years, where from a losing position we “rolled up the sleeves” and our sheer energy and will to win saw us through – another one I vividly recall is the 2-1 victory over Dundee Utd in the final, coming from a goal down.

It makes you wonder what has happened to the “right lads let’s get something out of this game” attitude in our ‘horrible six’ this season at Paisley, Motherwell, Livingstone, Tynecastle, Easter Road and Ibrox. The meek might inherit the earth but they also drop vital points throughout the Central belt of Scotland.

Watching the Liverpool game last night, it appears to me that when a manager makes wholesale unforced changes to his starting eleven, he is in a way signalling to the players that it is OK to lose that particular match. Psychologically this seeps into the team and an insipid and uninspiring performance results.

I watched the two first choices that started last night for Liverpool, ‘Mr Reliable’ James Milner and Shaquiri – both were so out of touch in a wretched first-hand with all the new boys around them – dragged down to a lower level.

Liverpool have a large and very expensive squad but last night proved that even they cannot make changes for changes sake and get away with it – so should we be surprised when it doesn’t work for Celtic?

When we introduce too many squad players and/or play people out of position, we always come up short. I know this season, both in Europe and domestically, there have, at times, been valid reasons to chop and change; however with recent additions to the squad, we must, for the remainder of this season, play our strongest team, with players in their accustomed position, in EVERY game where possible.

The Ibrox club with their new signings should now be head and shoulders above the other ten in the SPFL – so we must assume that they will not drop so many easy points in the second half of the season. We must not have a repeat of our ‘horrible six’, if we do, we will blow the title.

Finally, on the Boyata situation. If we let him run down his contract and he leaves for nothing in the summer, it will be a sign that we have recognised the Ibrox danger and are responding, even if it means losing £5m to £8m in the process.

Garry Duncan

There were too many near Hillsborough like near misses for Celtic Supporters in a short period of time. I was crushed in three of them.
Janefield Street midweek hun game, City Ground Nottingham and Hampden ’85. Common denominator was Polis causing it, and Celtic fans remaining calm headed, prevented deaths.

Garry Duncan

I would guess that Dedryck and his agent are pursuing a pre contract deal for summer. No transfer fee, but huge signing on fee for DB and his pushy, greedy agent to share.
Modern day fitba is rubbish.


Huns are now monitoring this site. Was asked by one if I posted here?

The Gombeen Man


No doubt it will come as a blow to the Sevs that despite playing a very poor Celtic team at Ibrox they resorted to cheating to gain a tainted win.

In addition to that it must be really unsettling to know that despite the pain of liquidation, the new Rangers are following the same path of financial irregularity which will inevitably lead to more pain and suffering.

Maybe the viewing Sevs just don’t get that it’s possible to contribute to a blog without fear and the requisite need to blame or resort to hatred.

It’s liberating to be able to live honestly.



The Gombeen Man
They know Beaton was cheatin.
The huns I know are happy they are cheating to win at all costs. I have two blue nose pals. I have no hun pals. My two blue nose pals know Beaton was cheatin are a wee bit embarrassed.
I told them the fix was on to stop 8 in a row.
They both sheepishly agreed wi me.
It was feckin blatant to anyone wi a brain that The SFA game managed last Saturday to perfection and got their badly needed result.


The Gombeen Man
When I registered here it was meant to be in my CQN moniker Delaney’s Dunky. I mucked up and found I was posting as my name Garry Duncan.
Thought I would stick wi my name. Not many Tims wi my name in Clydebank ?


Bring the hun bassas on TGM.
I have fought them my whole life.

Awe Naw

Huns have been monitoring this site since Awe Naw Annoni made his debut. I know. I love it.

Awe Naw

Imagine being a part of the D-Day landings at Omaha beach and surrounding a soldier to help him as he has suffered a wee skelf on his finger meanwhile the carnage around you is not for letting up. That´s exactly what we are doing with Beaton. A squirrel.

Awe Naw


Thanks for those log files buddy. You can keep it on verbose for a few months yet. It is very interesting who is observing us.


Awe Naw
As TeT telt us. Celtic today are akin to a Jewish team playing in 1930s Germany. Jabba Goebbels is telling bigger lies than Joseph ever did. God help our Celtic souls.

The Gombeen Man


In fairness this is what they wanted back. This is what Scottish football and society had been missing.

The big compensation is that it’s driven by the same blindness and prejudices that killed the previous incarnation of Sevco.

The trick is to detach and watch the drama unfold and not get caught up in the hallow short-lived ‘victories.’

The fact that the last game is now completely discredited and a referee’s reputation is destroyed is just symptomatic of the failure to clean up the game.

Effectively it means anything Sevco ever achieve in Scotland will be tainted.

Sadly things will only ever be tainted in our eyes, the huns don’t give a flying duck, cheating is in their DNA, they see it as their birth rite, to cheat Timmy makes it all the sweeter for them.
In a way all we can hope for is that their supremacist attitude destroys them, cos we won’t, apathy has well and truly set in to the Celtic support.
We have highly intelligent supporters still contributing to the corrupt game when they have the proof that they have been cheated in the past and are still being cheated, I honestly can’t fathom that out.

Awe Naw

If you believe in fairies then it´s easy peasy


On this one,I’ll take issue with you. Chances are that you are right,but even though I’m none too happy with the timidity of our response so far,it is interesting to see the reaction. Despite the ramping up of the threats made to Beaton,there has still not been positive proof of a single one-no screen shot,whatever.

I genuinely think that Celtic will pursue this,with the Res 12 “Silver Bullet” sitting quietly in their armoury. Reliable information suggests that BRTH in particular has a few more in his,too.

I hold to my opinion that the hordes will cut Beaton loose,and that his days as a Grade One official are over. Mainly because,not of his handling of the game,but his behaviour afterwards. Including the threat lies.

The Gombeen Man


It really is of no concern to me what ‘they’ think. Their thinking is clouded by fears and prejudice it’s insane to be honest.
They’re blind and in their desperation to hold on to the illusion of supremacy they’ll ultimately only suffer.

Sadly many Celtic supporters are victims of similar conditioning. They appear trapped in similar attachments that prevents any real perception of reality.

The game is simply a low quality product that stiffles growth and perpetuates superficial divisions. If that’s a part of Scotland that is worth preserving you are better off where you are.

It’s my choice whether to allow any triumphalism affect me. The reality is that’s my call.

We both know that the opportunity to attempt to introduce some legitimacy into the game wasn’t pursued so the outcome will be more of the same for both parts of the ‘Old Firm.’

As Einstein suggested

‘Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.’

Leave them to it, I guess.


Awe Naw

Nah … Dougie Dougie had to go as they could prove the cheating. That and the fact that Baron Reid of Cardowan
sorry Director, John Reid Advisory Ltd (risk management; homeland security strategy) and Chair, Advisory Board, Shearwater Group plc (digital resilience/cyber security) and was able to intercept the FTP Dallas email was why Dougie Dougie resigned.

What you are witnessing here is not in the same ball park. The clue is in the word surprised in the statement.

when celtic plc issue the word “surprised” in a statement you really should know better

See TET reply to TGM below

Por Cierto

” Intelligent people ignore.”

Well, that rules everyone who posts on a Celtic Blog out then, doesn’t it? :))) por cierto.

Awe Naw

What about the caring people ?

You know those that are genuinely concerned that Ibrox has been a death trap waiting to happen since 2009 and only has a safety certificate based on a masonic handshake. Which everyone man and his dug knows about .

I tell you what you have to be some kind of exceptional perverted scumbag to sell tickets for such a venue and those that buy them for their sons and daughters. Truly deranged.

I´m just glad to have witnessed it in my lifetime.

The Gombeen Man

Guess it does por cietro,

We are told that it’s ‘too complicated’ a situation for us to understand.

Didn’t Albert once say….

‘When the answer is simple, God is talking’


They are why I left in the first place, you can’t reason with them, they are a breed apart, yip, for sure, leave them to it.

Awe Naw
Remember a couple of years ago during a game, the match was stopped cos part of the roof was falling down, they moved people from that part of the ground to another, they didn’t even stop the game FFS, but as you say they get a licence, they couldn’t give a if the whole roof collapsed onto the people, just one of them things would be the cry.

The Gombeen Man

Awe Naw,

Football has a history of tragic events at matches sadly.
Hopefully sanity will prevail and somebody will say ‘Enough is enough.’

Due to a change in the ticketing at Celtic Park narrowly averted a loss of life at the last home game.

This current unhealthy chapter in Celtic/Sevco fixtures is showing signs of plummeting to new depths


The Gombeen Man


It’s more difficult if you’re living there but the wise call for me is stay clear of the excesses of the OF.

There was an opportunity to attempt to address some of the difficulties. There was no appetite to do so.

The majority of the support on both sides seem entrenched and totally conditioned by the madness of the goldfish bowl.

There comes a time when it’s clear that the situation is out of control and unfortunately events will unfold as time progresses.

As Awe Naw points out the question of the Safety Cert at Ibrox has been ignored. Al Capone’s finances had clearer transparency. Rules have been ignored and still nothing.

With age you learn to let go and detach and pray for a ‘soft landing.’

Much like a parent with a troubled child. It can be painful to let go and let life take it’s course.


Awe Naw


and the race to the bottom it´s neck and neck between both clubs. The Old Firm same old same old

The only difference being that one club is desperate to survive and the other club is only desperate for profits

Por Cierto

The Gombeen Man
Guess it does por cietro,
We are told that it’s ‘too complicated’ a situation for us to understand.
Didn’t Albert once say….
‘When the answer is simple, God is talking’

Yes, but generally no one listens to the simple answer, shame really. por cierto.

Awe Naw

It is comforting for me though though to know that I have pulled my boy back from; the obsession, the cause, the fight, The Tommy Burns cause – because their isn´t one. It´s utter fabrication. Only the deluded and the deranged still think so.

WWF type entertainment masqueraded as sport and it has been for a long time.

When you see what the Old Firm fans only too readily accept as part of the deal you cannot blame anyone from above for them being treated like delinquent white trash wrestling aficionados.

They deserve it and the religious clearly enjoy it.

Por Cierto

Has the safety certificate been ignored?
, or have the regulations for granting been relaxed? por cierto.

Awe Naw
The Gombeen Man

Sorry to sound obtuse Por Cietro but we both have the opportunity to listen to ‘the simple answer.’

It’s simple but not easy given our backgrounds, I suppose.


Por Cierto

Has always been a business though. I heard the Managing Director of Eibar,
Patricia Rodriguez, state at a Football Conference in Spain, that they, the executives and directors in attendance, have always to remember that first, above all else, “they were running a business and that football was the effect of running the business”. So there we have it, executives and directors will do what they seem necessary to make the business a success, ie totally ignore any changes to the rules which will enable a major contributor, in cash terms, to continue to be part of the product which they sell. The vast majority of fans, IMO, don’t see it that way, all they see is the strips and the team which they support. If that team is successful they will go along with anything that happens at the club, but, it will not be the same, and we’ve only lost 4 games this season, once results start to change. But even then it is still hard to pin down the reasons for the fans displeasure as the media then start to fill their heads with who to blame from players to managers to tactics and CEO’s. However, even when there is a great change, as which happened at our own club, we, the fans, still do not totally engrain ourselves into the fabric of the business only the club por cierto.

The Gombeen Man

You’ve done your boy a good turn there Awe Naw.

It’s completely fabricated and relatively unique as it relies on manipulated belief systems that are very far removed from any definition of a balanced life.

At least fairy tales usually have an underlying ethical or spiritual emphasis.

Impudent Strumpet

Just as the UEFA competition licence will continue to be awarded, so too shall the safety certificate. Those regulations and laws are just a guideline you see…
In Scotland regulations and laws only apply to really awful offences like singing a song 😉

I say that as someone who has just decided to move back to Scotland. Oh, what have I done????

Awe Naw

So Celtic is not more than a club it’s just a shitey little business comparatively that helps to stoke the fires of bigotry as it’s good for that business. Winning means beating the proddy dogs and the extra chip on each shoulder that the KTF defiant Irishman brigade as we are the ones that are cheated against gives them a halo to wear.

Historically the acceptance of the Celtic PLC of the LNS commission is up there with Rangers signing policy pre Judas.

big packy

hi ghuys have just come in, as regards the ibrox safety certificate there isn’t one, yes ill bet a million bucks as Donald trump would say, there is a cover up here, someone said a while ago on one of the hun blogs, Glasgow city council was full of tims, don’t know, but there is probably more guys that belong to a secret society than tims.hh.

Awe Naw

It is more of a HSE issue than Glasgow Council. HSE is government controlled

Great to see a few in, amazed we are doing business early, still not breaking the bank, biscuit tin stuff, but better than not opening it.
Defence to be sorted now


Happy to see that three transfers have been delivered – midfield to front we are now adequately covered.

Bayu is ours, all being well Weah will probably stay eighteen months and Burke will fill in for Arzani until the summer.

I reckon this business will cost us in loan fees and wages, around £6m in the short-term – I.e. the next eighteen months.

Now we can concentrate on a permanent right-back and centre-back – I would like to think that we would consider a spend of £12m to fix these two positions.

Then let us cut loose the likes of Commper, Benyu, Dr Vries, Gamboa, Izaguirre and Allan.

Morgan & Hendry will probably go on loan and as I have said before, Griffiths is finished at Celtic. I assume Boyata will run down his contract.

These changes would give us a squad of 26 first team ready players for the remainder of this season.

New RB
New CB
Benkovic (L)
Burke (L)
Weah (L)

If Weah does stay for eighteen months, then at the end of the season, hopefully prior to the CL, we would lose only Benkovic, Burke, Lustig and Sumunovic – Arzani and Morgan would come back in. So maybe a replacement for Lustig would be all that is required.

Achievable? Certainly!

A RB we need for sure, but I doubt we will add a CB, if Boyatta goes we need one but if he stays I can’t see us bringing one in.
I personally would rather spend any money we might spend on a top holding middy.

Por Cierto

Yes, that’s exactly what they’ll do to turn a profit. Profit and Dividends is the name of the game. Football? Just the business product por cierto.

big packy

hi awe naw, yes understand, but they will still get away with it.hope, you are well.,

A thing of beauty

If I were brave enough I would have done an article about this game myself. Without a shadow of doubt my favourite Celtic game and the cementing of my belief that Celtic are never beaten. I went to this game with my dad and uncle Jim. I cant remember anything about the pre amble and remember little of the actual game aside from the goals. What I do remember is my absolute heartbreak that Celtic we’re going to lose a semi final. I was distraught. What happened next is legendary in our family. My uncle Jim is famous for being a man of few words. He just turned to me before we scored and said “plenty of time”. We know what happened next. Devastation to elation in the space of five minutes. That’s why I love Celtic and love the people who passed on this gift, even if I do moan sometimes about not getting to enough games when I was wee!! Incidentally the phrase plenty of time is a family mantra and we never believe we are beat till the full time whistle has gone.
Another thing I remember about this game was for the second goal, I think it was kenny black who bust a gut to stop the ball going for a corner and put it out for a throw. How’d that work out for you, ya big Hun bandit?
I might be wrong of course and it may have been another player but through the midst of time my satisfaction is enhanced 10 fold thinking it was him.

Por cierto

They will por cierto