“Live” and Learn


First of all,a round of applause to the gallant thirty thousand hardy souls who braved the elements on Saturday to watch our team despatch another mob of mini-huns. Hands up,I got that crowd prediction W-A-Y wrong,and while I’m not too proud to admit it,I’m certainly proud of everyone who was there. Still don’t know anyone who watched it “live” on tv,though.

(I reckon I’m still scarred from “that” Morton game,which drew around a third of Saturday’s total. That’s an evening I’ve no wish to repeat!)

So what did we learn from Saturday? After all,there were a few unfamiliar faces around,as well as the stalwarts. Well,we won’t have learned much from the performances of the latter,such as Boyata,Benkovic,Forrest,McGregor,Christie. But Scott Bain in goal rose-as usual-to the occasion. Comfortable and composed on the ball,he looked to have the confidence of and in his defence. That’s always a good starting point for a goalkeeper. No longer would outfield players be worried about getting a hospital ball from a keeper in possession,no sirree.

But of course,the measure of a goalkeeper is in the definition of the name. And although he wasn’t called on to do much,he did what he had to do with some aplomb. Certainly,I can’t recall a keeper ever making five saves in quick succession like that,it was like a speeded-up training exercise-with live bullets! In my opinion,Scott has never let us down in the year he has been with us,and I’ll be perfectly happy to see him take over from Craig Gordon when the time comes. Two top keepers costing us not a jot in transfer fees is good business by any standards.

At right back,Anthony Ralston continued his upward curve. His career had stalled after his mauling by Neymar in 2017,and it takes an iron will to recover from that. I watched him in the U-20 Tournament for Scotland in the summer,and he was frankly not up to it even then. He has clearly been hard at work on the training ground,and if he continues this level of improvement-which saw him win a deserved and treasured Man of the Match award on Saturday-I will rest a lot easier in my consistent calls for a replacement/back-up for Mikael Lustig.

At left-back was Izzy. Now,I’ll admit that I find it hard to be objective about this guy. Our best left-back since the heady days of Big Tam,he can still fire in a cross after a marauding run down the left and still fire in a tackle. In short,the fire still burns. He is an able deputy for the injured Kieran,and he’s back where he belongs. He might well be the second-best £650,000 we have ever spent! Additionally,in much the same way that he mentored a young Kieran,he may well be just the man to do the same for our latest signing in the position.

And so to a midfield,which had a settled look to it. Two of whom I’ve already referred to,but of course I neglected to mention our captain. Is Broonie back? Well,he’s still not playing to the form he displayed last season,still playing himself back in after that injury spell. But he was first on the scene when the Airdrie players got mob-handed on Izzy following the penalty,and seemed to be showing for every ball when required. Aye,it was only Airdrie,but as that’s who we were playing on Saturday,that’s what I’m judging that performance on. He can build from there,we have a long run of games at two per week to come. Get up to speed,Broonie,and tell the Australians to kiss your Down Under!

Another pleasant surprise saw Nir Bitton play a late cameo role as he finally returned after a long lay-off. Let’s be honest,Nir has never really nailed down a first-team place,but again he is a capable deputy when called upon,and his versatility is an additional plus. It’s good to see him back.

Up front may have been the most telling part of the performance. James didn’t have one of his better matches,but he more than justified his selection. Either Ollie Burke or Michael Johnston could have taken over,but the position belongs to James. I’d be happy to see that contract extended past next summer,and I hope the club are working on it. Michael Johnston replaced James with about 20 minutes to go,and looked much happier in that role than the central one he occupied three weeks ago. Another bright prospect from our Academy.

But to Ollie Burke. The young lad made his debut on Saturday,he has had a chequered career to date,even at only 21yo he is a millionaire just from his signing-on fees! He’s a big strong unit,and the only question mark over him prior to Saturday concerned his confidence and desire. I think he put them to bed on Saturday,showing a willingness to play an unfamiliar role through the middle. His performance probably merited a goal,but he’ll be pleased with that. We all know how good a player he is,and on Saturday he looked as though he kinda remembered that himself.

Of course,he had experience beside him in the form of Scott Sinclair. And what an experience Saturday was for Scott. Everything about his thirty months with us encapsulated in one afternoon,from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Of course,it was the other way round really. We had the “Aw,Ffs! Scott” missing another penalty when the score was 0-0. We had the (I’d get barred from here anaw) Scott when he missed an absolute sitter shortly afterwards,from what,three yards? Sure takes some doing. What also takes some doing is what Scott did. Easy to let the head go down and your spirits shrink,he manned up,scored the first two goals and but for a typical Mason-wi-a-flag routine,would have completed his hat-trick. That’s a man who does not hide,he takes a kicking from the opposition,and frequently from the stands too,but he fills that jersey. He could certainly look at himself in the mirror after his display,and it took some guts to overcome those howlers.

Possibly saving the best for last,we have Tim Weah. He replaced Scott with twenty minutes to go,and took to the occasion like a duck to water. Comparisons are odious,and he will know that he doesn’t have to compare himself to his famous Dad. He has pace to burn and showed delightful composure to finish off a peach of a through ball from Dedryck. What impressed me more about his goal was his awareness to bend his run and stay onside. I know we only have him till the summer,but he is on a long-term deal with PSG,and his club might well see him making sufficient progress at Celtic Park that they allow him to stay till summer 2020. Him and Eddie up front would put a smile on my miserable coupon,that’s for sure.

All in all,a much better afternoon than I had envisaged. It is unusual to take so many pluses from a game like that,but there were plenty of them for us. If I’m being honest,having three loanees on the pitch-none of whom is scheduled to be with us next season-is not what we would wish for,but it would be carmudgeonly to detract from a fine performance on the day. There are still eleven days left in the transfer window after all…


Above by BMCUWP. Got something to say,mail it to Mahe.


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big packy

HI BOBBY, yes interesting points, by the way I watched it on premier sports with the sound off, agree about scott bain, to be honest I would give him a run of games now, Ralston and izzy did not put a foot wrong, and scott brown was back to his best, the new bhoys done well, especially weah lovely goal, he is the one to watch…hh.

A thing of beauty

It’s true we all see the game differently. I am concerned about Izzy. His attempted tackle leading to the stramash just before half time, where incidentally Bain did brilliantly was an example of a player who is on the wane. I appreciate he can’t go on forever but he looks tired when having to get back and going forward his delivery and link up is not as it should be. I’m probably being harsh, he’s been a great servant but I think we’ll be getting targeted down both flanks from now on. Ralston is getting praise and as I have said before he is full of enthusiasm. He also delivered a peach of a ball for Scott to miss his sitter but aside from that I just don’t see it. He is not a modern fullback. He’s too big a unit to get up and down the park constantly like we require. I hope I am wrong but I struggle to think of any fullbacks in the modern game with a similar build and gait. Maybe he will grow into his body and become more athletic, I certainly hope s. Maybe more Pilates and less weights.
I’m definitely a glass half empty type and my dad will slap me about the car when I pick him up later!!!


Haw you,I’m the miserable sod in this family,even if I do have something to smile about for a change!

Today’s article was a change of tone due to today being a special day.


Be worried that my Dad is a glass half full type,he’ll probably tell you to take a drive around the block while he finishes it!


Aye,I know what you mean.

When David Francie used to be the commentator on Radio Scotland,I listened to him wi the sound turned off!

big packy

A THING OF BEAUTY not going to argue with you bobby and cosycornerbhoy will have my guts for garters.hh. ps hope you are well ??

Awe Naw



CCB and I are pussycats compared to our wee tiger.

Lies,damned lies,and statistics. From Craig Swan in DR
“Celtic got every plaudit going during their invincible campaign for their spectacular style. It was breathtaking at times but it’s often forgotten it was founded on frugal tendencies.

Just 25 goals lost in 38 games. The same meagre figures were recorded last year.

Butcher’s chat last week was aimed at Celtic because if they want those figures again this term they only have 11 concessions left to play with in the remaining 18 matches.”
Fails to point out that had we conceded ONE goal less in our twenty games so far,we would have a marginally better average so far than in each of those seasons.



I was there, and 30k is/was a wonderful turnout. Didn’t think it was so freezing cold – been at many colder.

I really did not know what to make of the game – Airdrie so very poor and we were profligate in the penalty area. If the score had been 7-0, as it should have been, then that would have been a comfort.

A wee bit concerned re the St Johnstone triple-header – the law of averages says that we could drop something, hope not.

Izzy is there on difference at the moment – I had expected Hayes to start, may be Johnny is on his way back to Aberdeen.

Tony looks like exactly what he is – a big raw boy with limited ability, but who will run through a brick wall for you. I think his settled position will be in midfield, maybe like David Hay, who also had an awkward upright gait when he started at right-back – however with so many in front of him, Tony may have to move on – the English Championship may be his destination.

Once last observation – watching Liverpool recently, neither Boyata, nor Benkovic would be out of place in their team.

A thing of beauty

Funny how they can go through the statistics wth a fine tooth comb but can’t seem to ask whether king has lodged the money with the take over panel yet.
In reply to gold, I think you could be correct about Ralston and playing in midfield though I am not old enough to have seen davie in the flesh. Let’s hope you’re right and he goes on to have a great career as a Celt or elsewhere


Suffrence not Difference


Transfer Strategy

So say this is how it is working out:

*Bayo & new right-back signed.
*Weah & Burke on loan.
Eight in row & triple-treble here we come.

*We sign two centre-backs and a striker on pre-contract to join us in June. ( The Wolves guy, the Sunderland guy and another)

*We might have a chance to keep Weah if he does well and PSG see the benefit of him having CL exposure.

* Ten out the door between now and August.

Onward ever onward.

The Ibrox club move to get Mbape, Messi on loan and bring Greg Docherty back – game on!

Awe Naw

I spent a little bit of my weekend (about an hour) looking at the “Celtic blogs”

I now reckon that this site is the best Celtic blog at the moment and it´s due to both the editorial articles and the contributions from its bloggers.

The others that I used to follow I no longer do so.

This site has in my honest and humble opinion knocked the others dead. Which is a real shame actually.

So I do thank you guys for that.

Have really enjoyed lurking recently keep it up.

Half way through the window. Nothing has surprised me. If it was a report card I´d wouldn´t be asking Peter Lawwells parents for their presence.

I do hope we now start getting get rid of some of our failed “projects” ASAP but the Allen situation highlights exactly this issue.

Was also good to see Nir Bitton on the pitch on Saturday. I think he is going to be key between now and May.

A thing of beauty

Hi gold,
I knew it couldn’t last, you and I agreeing so much. Jeezo that is some leap you’re taking there. Who is the right back we’ve signed, have I missed something? Also the wolves guy appears to have a very patchy cv and the Sunderland guy is scoring goals in league one. Not ligue 1. I am an eternal pessimist because I therefore reckon I’m never disappointed but you take optimism to new levels. Would you be happy with the recruitment you’re talking about. Replacing a World Cup semi finalist with a guy on loan at Ipswich? Selling a striker for£20m and replacing him with a player who has burst on the scene in the third tier of English football. You can’t be surely. And the very fact that you are comparing our tactics to the shit show on the other side of the city means they have become relevant again and that should never have been allowed to happen. And it’s exactly the type of recruitment you list above that has made them relevant. Clusterfckcsc


Thanks to CelticTV, I watched the game on Saturday in the comfort of my own home. The Rebusette noticed that I was getting excited waiting for the game to start……be still my racing heart!
As I watched the game, like everyone, I was interested in the “new guys”. How would they perform? Would they solve some of the team’s problems?
So, a starting point is to first list the PROBLEMS. Let’s focus solely on the immediate problems and not those that will occur at season end. So, forget about the CBs for now. Firstly, there are problems at FB. Of the three “regulars”, two are nearing the end of their careers(Lustig and Izzy). The stamina is not there to play two ways every match for each of them. Even when Tierney is back, there are still problems at FB…namely both FBs can be targeted by the long diagonal ball. Tierney can, to a degree, counteract this with his energy but his height is what God gave him and nothing can be done about that. So, has the window addressed this area? Not as yet.
Secondly, we have the problem of moving the ball quickly through the midfield. It was there again on Saturday and, frankly, Brown is part of that problem. He always has been. He does bring many other qualities to the team but he clearly slows forward movement and most of his forward passes are to boxed in wingers. Christie and CalMac can move the ball forward but I fear that their desire to do so is being choked by, either BR’s coaching or Brown’s influence. Keep the ball at all costs rather than chance a through ball. Has the window solved this problem? Nope, we still have the problem about how to replace Brown with a younger ball winner, and we still move the ball too slowly.
You may or may not agree with me when I say that we should be way ahead in the league race, but we are now in a dog fight where poor decisions/cheating can influence the end game. Part of the problem is that we often have difficulty finishing off teams. We get the first goal in the 20-35 minute spell of the game, and cannot get another quickly to finish our opponents, especially the ones that play not to lose. There are two aspects to this dilemma, first is the creativity of the midfield in creating chances. See above for that aspect. Secondly, we do not convert enough of the chances that we get. This is a Dembele-less problem, or, if you are a fan, a Griffiths-less problem. Has the strike rate been addressed by the window? Time will tell, but there have been clear moves to fix this aspect with the acquisition of Bayo, Weah and Burke. The latter may also contribute to the creativity issue if he is played properly, i.e. wide rather than through the middle.
I know that it is unrealistic to expect all problems to be solved in one window, however, it is certainly true that one window can create a lot of problems, as we know.
Our activity is not necessarily over yet, and I suspect a new FB is on the horizon. However, so far I feel we have focused heavily on one problem area and failed to deal with the others. If you were to threaten me with a 2 x 4 and request that I define the most important issue, I’d say I respond better to bribes! Notwithstanding, the Brown issue is the most important one facing the club in the immediate term. In the medium term, it will be the CB issue.
Random thoughts on a snowy Monday, January 21, 2019




Well it was good while it lasted.

I am assuming that we sign a right-back

Nobody whom we have bought in the recent past, and who has become successful has had a glittering CV – if they had had, then the rich boys would have been in for them – in fact Dedryk was virtually written off by Man City and, as far as I am aware no EPL clubs were chasing VVD, Wanyama, Forster, or even Dembele.

I am not saying I am 100% happy with our stategy, however It looks like this is the way it’s going.

I have heard, no not from a taxi-driver, that the Ibrox mob are in for a well-known and big earning EPL attacking midfielder on loan.

So, bearing in mind what they are reported to be paying for Defoe, the question to everyone, and also to myself is this : Why is the Ibrox club willing to spend so much money; money they haven’t got and risk the very existence of the club to stop ten in a row; when Celtic with access to funds and money in the bank seemingly won’t do likewise to achieve ten in a row.

There can, in my opinion, be only one answer – Celtic do not view ten in a row as vitally important to the future of the club.


Awe Naw, Agreed mate this is now the best site. Everyone is respectful, no name calling, less cynicism and negativity. That’s not to say everyone agrees on everything, but differing opinions are well presented and argued (in the best sense of the word).

The opening articles are very good and we seem to be lucky in having a good breed of posters. Some of the posts are worthy as an article in themselves.

Sorry if that sounds a bit crawly ,but it’s my honest opinion.

mike in toronto

spot on, Rebus.

I think both Lustig and Izzie were great servants to Celtic …. but neither do it now. Izzi’s position was never great, but, like a lot of players today, he compensated for that with his pace. But he was never the same player after that injury in (2011?) … he can still get forward, but cant get back quickly enough now. Love the little guy, but he needs replaced at the end of the season

Agree on Lustig … love his attitude, but he gets beat far too often, and so now stands off his men, and so too many crosses come in from that side ..was a great servant to us, but, his contract should not be extended after this season

agree with the Scott Brown dilemma … he does bring an attitude that others dont… but he seems to drop so deep,it stifles the forward progress that we saw with Calmac in the deeper position …. given that Calmac has offered that, I suspect that that isn’t a BR problem … if we are going to persist with the 4231, I think Calmac and Ryan Christe or Ntcham are the 2
In European games, where we are concerned about getting over run in the middle, then bring Brown back in, but we have to consider switching to a different formation

I still love CQN for live match updates and charity work. There are still lots of good posters on there.

Our transfer policy has not changed for some time now, the fact we have Brendan now, we have deviated from it one iota, we are still buying projects, this being the case, the problem we have, as I see it, is we are still buying them for relatively little money, £1-2 mill, where as we should be spending £4-6 due to the way that fees have gone up in the past few years and since we started on this path, we are now spending the equivalent of 200K on players, this is something that really needs addressed imo, it’s also one of the main reasons we have so many players on the books that are doing nothing but drain finances from the club that could be better spent, bang for buck is not something that our club is famous for and it shows.

Yet, according to the BBC, Brendan does not believe in ‘stockpiling’ players. Our squad would suggest otherwise.

A thing of beauty

I have got absolutely no idea how the Ibrox club are funding their current splurge. Just as I’ve no idea how they are able to avoid all rules on football governance. That’s not my job but it is the job of the Celtic board. Now if I’m in business and my competitor is continually cocking a snook at the rules and in danger or ruining my business I’d be making sure I was doing something about it. So let’s firget the multi million pound transfers for a minute, we’ll agree to disagree on that but surely we should be doing more to discover how they can afford all these wages they must be paying. What are we actually paying these people for? Ten in a row is vitally important to Celtic and the people responsible for making an erchie of it will not be forgiven. The kelly’s And white’s were incompetent and not considered top business people but if you are on the current Celtic board it’s my understanding you consider yourself a top business person so what are you doing to protect the business and more importantly to me the football club.

A thing of beauty

Awe naw that was class. I’d be asking peter lawwell’s Parents for their presence. Brilliant

He also said this weekend, “We know what’s needed and we will only bring in quality”, sort of goes against what’s happening, was that a shot across the boards bows ?

From last night, sorry I didn’t reply, I managed to work myself up and I just decided to log off.
Of course debate is good, problem I see is that it’s always the same people who start it for whatever reason, it won’t change, if anything it will get worse, just the way I see things.
What got to me was all those lumping the blame on to the GB, seriously conservative posters who wouldn’t have much time for the GB stated categorically that they didn’t sing what has been posted, that bothers me big time, that’s all 😉

A thing of beauty

Spot on Tet and kind of answers the point made by gold in that we didn’t spend big on say vvd ,wanyama and Forster. We spent between 1 and 3 million on these players when turnover was say half what it is now. So when we are turning over £100m and wages are rising everywhere from the pitch to the boardroom it’s only sensible to expect to pay more in transfer fees and that should mean around £4-6m per player that we require. That way we can sell them on after a couple of years and ok maybe not make ten times our money but if we make 3 or 4 times it’s still a hefty whack.

TET, I honestly don’t know how the transfers – in works at Celtic. Presumably it’s a 3 man effort. The manager, chief scout and the CEO. I wonder what the relative weight in the decision making process is? One thing seems true. There is at least one weak link in that set up. Otherwise how can they account for the dross on our books costing us a pretty penny?

Awe Naw

Not crawly at all.

I think the transfers goes something like this…..
Manager tells scouts what he is looking for, scout finds said players and gives the list to the manager, manager goes to his boss, in this case Pedro, Pedro looks at the list and decides whether or not is he is willing to pay for said players on the list, the list dwindles very rapidly so he has a word with the tried and tested Man Cty and his new baby, PSG to see if we can get any freebies 😉

I have a shop on the net and I would much rather sell something for a 20% profit if I have paid a whack for it, than a 100% profit for something I bought for little money, It makes perfect business sense, Pedro still reckons that things haven’t moved on in the past ten years, Doh

Awe Naw

It’s not a good sign if we don’t shift players. My hope is that the Dembele, Eduoard, McGregor projects is what rings Brendan’s bell more than EPL mid table mediocrity. It could be argued that the transfer window so far hasn’t given a clear indication if Brendan is still invigorated by the job or not. If we don’t sell then it would indicate it’s not a priority for him.

As the PLC can only act on a cake and eat it attitude-operandi. Then they are gambling a treble treble and/or nine in a row to be in an excellent position come the summer. Which will be necessary if ST sales would suffer.

A few days to go yet.

Awe Naw
Our business is done for the window, he wants quality that we won’t pay for.

Rolling Stone

” Celtic do not view ten in a row as vitally important to the future of the club.”

Yes, it does seem that they are that incompetent. The above statement could be swapped out for, “Celtic do not view winning football games as vitally important”. It’s that level of ridiculousness.

A thing of beauty

I would concur with that. Anything over a million is scratched off straight away then we throw a load of shit at the wall and see what sticks. As for the songs, it will never be solved but rebel songs,political songs call themwhat you will are what is now predominantly sung at away games and is becoming more and more prevalent at home games. I never heard the add ons on Saturday and haven’t for a longtime but the basis of the song book is less relevant in the modern Celtic park. I was in my normal seat on Saturday but due to all season ticket holders not being present there were some new faces. Behind me and my dad was a Muslim family taking in their first game. Quite honestly it must have been a strange experience for them. They may have felt compelled to join in with just can’t get enough but broad black brimmer I’m not so sure and that’s a shame because that’s a family we might not get back.


The Rangers is not a public listed company – so all we have to go on is their annual report.

The last one showed that they lost £14m and needed c£5m extra to fund the business this year. I would imagine ticket sales for their EL campaign would have been around that figure.

Now they have paid out to bring some contracts to an end, probably spent around £7 in transfer fees, which will be written-off over four years, and have taken on two big expensive loan deals.

So if the need for £5m funding was satisfied by EL money, and they have no new revenue streams, it seems to me that last year’s £14m operating loss could rise to the £20m mark this year.

King stated that all losses will be underwritten by interest-free directors loans, which will eventually be swapped for equity – what can Celtic, any organisation, or, any individual do about it.

What King has effectively said is that no matter how much it costs, there are private and friendly individuals will pay out until they can take the title from Celtic.

This is quite a scary state of affairs – a no-fear kamikaze approach – that is what we are up against.


TeT,, stick the link to yer shop up regular, might help.
New law in Cali says petshops can only sell strays from now on.
Hail Hail

big packy

awenaw and the exiled tim.yes in a nutshell, right before your very eyes, he wants quality, well that could be written by mr lawell, because midnight on the transfer window deadline, it will be we tried to get in players, but and but and but, sorry peter you have had all year to identify targets, but you wont because you don’t want to spend any money, its the same old shite every transfer window, it will never change sad but that’s the way the board wont it, rant over,hh,

BP, far be it for me to defend Peter Lawwell but he did allow the signing of French Eddie for a considerable amount. I still can’t get my head round that one. So out of character.

big packy

hi jim, nice to see you posting yes ill give peter that one.hh.

Pedro is best mates with the owner of PSG, not a hope in hell we will have paid anything like the £9m quoted, I reckon it will be 2-3 down and the rest in dribs and drabs and it may reach 9 if he gets 25 senior caps for France.

The songs thing will split the support down the middle, it’s a bit like politics, we won’t change our stance.
Maybes we should park it, it should never have started in the first place, some blogs you will get barred if you mention it, it causes that much bother.
I have my beliefs and others will have theirs, the only thing imo that has changed over the years is their hate for us has intensified.

If you click on my name it takes you to my shop.
That’s a great move imo, hopefully other nations follow suit.


I often seen a few players muttering to themselves in solitude with hands as if they are reading a book. I knew it was some type of prayer or whatever but had no idea.
One of this parish MiT was explaining its a Muslim prayer.
Now ,, I hope this comes across ok,, there are many places and nations that Muslims are viewed with suspicion let’s say, and maybes aren’t welcome.
Yet we had 3 young Muslims right in our midst,,,and I had no idea,,nor did I ever see it mentioned anywhere ( stumbled upon that info by accident almost ) and what did we as a support give them ?
Nothing but respect and love,,it wasn’t even the slightest hint of an issue.
I personally am very proud of that fact , honestly am.
As a support we do get some things right and that’s very heartwarming.
Wee Oscar ( RIP wee man ) getting such love and support remains my highlight on that front.
Hail Hail

A thing of beauty

I think I would be looking to see if the money they were funding the football club with was legitimate. That would be a start.

A thing of beauty

For me mahe that is not something I ever consider. I expect no less of the Celtic support to back our players regardless of their faith. Never has been and never will be an issue as far as I can see. As regards the songs TET, you’re right, best leave it there. We’ve all got our views and they’ve been stated so we move on for just now.



Good to see you on again. You have been marked absent recently.

I agree there are a lot of players that we should get rid of but it is easier said than done. Firstly, somebody must want to buy them and have the where-with-all to do so. Takes Hayes who cost around 1 million, no team in Scotland will pay that for him, or indeed pay anything. The only hope is thst he is part of a swap. Hendry is in the dame boat,although his age may encourage a lower league English team to buy him after a trial period. We shall not recoup anything like the 1.3 million that we were suckered into paying. So tge buying side of the market for these players is very limited. Secondly, the players need to want to leave. Salary wise, they would need to move to England to maintain/increase what they are on. Thirdly, there are at least three negotiations that go on to move a player: between the selling and buying club; between the buying club and the player for personal terms, and between the clubs and the player’s agent. Somehow all of that has to come together for the player to move. Alternatively, Celtic could agree a settlement to end the player’s contract but, again, that includes further outlay to the player and his agent.

Consequently,nwhat tends to happen is that the player sits tight to the end of their contract and hopes to pick up a signing on payment when he joins another club. Win win for him!




During the time I attended games in the sixties, seventies, i do not recall any anti- protestant songs. References to “Huns” frequently, but not proddies.

On blogs I have seen little to no references suggesting discrimination against protestants. I do not know if there was bigoted singing at the game but I would be surprised if there were no fans exhibiting prejudice. The audience is so large that there is bound to be some misguided souls in it.

I switched to Celtic in the early sixties to get away from that kind of crap. If it was to emerge in a significant way amongst our support, it would be a deal breaker, but I very much doubt that it will.


This might sound silly but sometimes I try to see the good things that can happen when it doesn’t work out for Celtic. “Always look on the bright side!”

Take Hayes and Hendry as mentioned above. There are many more examples. 2.3m put into other Scottish clubs. I wonder how much we have spent over a decade in Scottish football for players, successful or not. We may not do it for altruistic reasons but it is a side benefit to clubs.

Or take Lennoxtown. Not too many make it to be 1st. team players at Celtic, but many make a career elsewhere. I was speaking to a youth coach at Lennoxtown a few weeks ago. I mentioned that I read, a couple of years ago, there were twenty odd players playing in the top two leagues in Scotland who were trained at our youth academy. He jumped on his phone and came up with a list of 40+ players who are playing football in Scotland, trained by Celtic. Think of that – 3 teams. That costs us a lot of money.

My point is Celtic are givers! not takers, in the game here.

Add to that the money distributed to Premiership clubs because of our exploits in Europe.

And yet we are hated by many. Strange!