Diseased grass or plastic pitch ?

I would be the very first one to admit I have green ( white and gold ) tinted specs on a lot ,, and the flip side of that is anything that comes out of anyone based around Ibrox is automatically thought of as self serving deflective bs .

However as the old saying goes even a broken clock is right twice a day .

After our club of choice were paired with St Johnstone , the Ibrox based club were paired away to  Killie in the next round .

I could spend the rest of this article on the draw alone , which  was viewed as a fix with some side splitting comments coming out on Swallow Swallow ,,,

“ Thats seven in a row for them . Its a .5 probability to the power of seven which is .78% . But of course in any given round its a fifty percent chance “

“Did I see the wummin look in the pot and carefully pick out #5 ? “

“ When Hearts came out the burd looked in the pot and carefully picked a ball out !!! “

The “ burd “ happened to be  Eve Muirhead who proudly represented Scotland on the world stage  earning a bronze medal ,,, nothing at all to be laughed at ,, but has the “ unfortunate “ fact of being born in a place whos name translates as New Ireland .

This coupled with paranoia will probably see the poor lass persona non gratis to the clan .

And she probably thought it would be fun !

However the fact remains that Killie will host the next round , on that pitch , which is where I am heading with this one .

I was recently surprised to read that Ajax and PSV and Feyenoord have offered to pay for any plastic pitches in the Eredivisie to be replaced .

Thats quite a move when you think about it ,, although we have nowhere near the six pitches in the top flight  that they worry about at the moment . No less than Dutch legend Ruud Gullit himself has stated that players are avoiding their league due to this fact , something that has helped push the clubs actions along .

But  how exactly would you feel if it was announced that ourselves and der Hun would pay to replace Killies pitch with real grass ?

Im not sure I would be soo happy myself , but that is jaundiced by “ We knew they would lay down “ ,, and how effing right you were Chris,, every single one of us knew it and the fact they went straight to Madrid to stay at a 5 star hotel ( the same one Real and Barca use the night before games ) has nothing at all to do with that result Im sure .

But on a footballing basis it would be one hell of a gesture .

Not long ago after Stevie G had a pop at his teams pitch the other Stevie was forced to defend the decision behind the pitch if not necessarily the pitch itself ,, stating that he doesnt think there are more injuries on it and primarily its cheaper , and that was the driving force .


Perhaps the man in the Ibrox hotseat was upset after losing a player for the season on the plastic , however his comment that elite teams shouldnt have to play games on that type of surface rings true ,, especially when allied with other big clubs trying to replace them in their leagues .

I dont think Stevie Clarke has grabbed it in this case  . Its not just the injuries , its the game itself that suffers .

The ball reacts different ,, players  that know its basically rock hard under them wont commit to tackle as much or at all maybe . One team can train on it and get used to the reactions , the other is bewildered etc etc .  

KIllies results are no surprise , the have an excellent coach and that has been the main driving force no doubt , not the pitch .

But as the game looks to modernise a little with Var , it would make sense if this was the next issue under the microscope from the governing bodies ,,, after all they must find something to do , and it is a good squirrel from the larger ills .

With 2 other domestic clubs going down that route though ( Livingston and Hamilton Accies ) it really doesnt look as if the governing bodies are on the same page as most other clubs.

Surprise Surprise.

As for Stevie G and his club of choice up north , Im afraid this is a case of the boy who cried wolf ,,, when he actually does have something correct to say its lost in the churn .

The domestic game has many many problems however this one is one thats easily solved with  a bit of goodwill . flexibility , and some funds . Looking around the league though to see where those funds would come from , im certainly not building up any hopes of a Dutch style solution to happen soon . Shortsightedness will be the order of the day , as usual .

Hearts and the Dons actually offered to cover the cost of Var remember , they can work in tandem for the games benefit it seems .

This is one that I would actually be happy if the two biggest clubs came together on  . Doubt they will though.

The revelations that our own turf has a disease will further push clubs towards these artificial pitches , at a time when others seek to rid themselves of them .

If the richest club in the land has troubles keeping grass growing in that harsh climate then we might all have to accept that they are here to stay . Unfortunately.

We want to know your thoughts on the game and will publish them for all to debate . Help us be different and think about contributing please


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You must still be dreaming, the huns pay to replace pitches 😉
If clubs gave their pitches, grass ones, a dressing of organic liquid seaweed every week they would not get diseased, there are multiple golf courses that use it and they have expressed astonishment at how disease free they are, it’s Gods food and tonic.
Aff oot.

So the pitch has just been laid and it’s caught a disease? There’s a morality tale,if ever there was one.


What exactly is Brendan saying?

Everything he says regarding changing the squad can be interpreted in different ways – this divides and confuses the support – does he know that he’s doing this?

The latest is his words on the right-back position. He underlines that Lustig is an experienced internationalist, he says the same of Gamboa, and talks up the young Ralston. He then goes on to say that only QUALITY can replace them and is not interested in squad-fillers.

What does this mean?

(A) He is happy with what he has.
(B) Quality can be found but it is outside Celtic’s price range.
(C) The CEO will not push the boat put and sign who he wants.
Let’s remember that Castagne(£10m) does not want to come to Scotland and the Norwegian (£8m) who plays in Greece is apparently not for sale according to his manager.

Also last week in Dubai, he was questioned on bringing in marquee signings, he was quoted as saying “Celtic doesn’t work that way”

What does that mean?

(1) He wished that Celtic DID work that way.
(2) That he agrees with the policy.
(3) He doesn’t like it but can’t change it.

Come on Brendan everyone and their dog amongst the support is using your ambiguity to make up their own stories – tell us in plain language what your position is:

*Are you still at Celtic under sufference?
*Are you, the CEO and board all pulling in the same direction?

Time for the double-speak to stop.


I think that he is saying that HE will have the last word on a signing. Sorry,Peter,but any old pish won’t do.

My take on what Brendan is saying is we won’t spend and we go with what we have, he obviously knew what the policy was before he joined, but I have the feeling that he might have been told that we would loosen the purse strings if quality was available and we had the money, I say this due to his outburst after the summer window.
Maybes it’s time for Pedro to tell the support what’s happening.

Had to laugh at this,apparently some Scottish farmer tried to pass off a home-made (1999) stone circle as being around 3000 years old.


That’s nothing,of course. Scottish football has spent the last six years telling us that their new favourites are nearly 150 years old.

Ironically,both original property owners-Charlie and the farmer-admitted that it was all a loada garbage,but that won’t do up here.

“I hope the stones continue to be enjoyed. It is still in a fantastic location and makes for a great feature in the landscape.

“These types of monument are notoriously difficult to date.”

I can see his point,tbh. Difficult to tell the difference between 2012,1873,1690. And the monolithic age.

Awe Naw

Sevco will hump the huns on the plastic. They did the last time and they lost a player due to it. We lost Ajer and Boyata to it. Tierney was injured at Hamilton due to it.


Ever heard the expression-“Doon like a Setterdy coupon”? Well,I canny remember the last time I had a winning line,but I think the 5/1 available for Killie is an outstanding bet.

Your main point,of course,is about the pitch. They are a disgrace to football,IMO. I remember Dalglish refusing to risk certain players at QPR nearly 30 years ago,and being backed by a groundswell of opinion from inside the game. Now,as Mahe has reminded us,the better teams in Holland,a famously footballing-rather than clogging,haha!-nation are paying to get rid of them. Even as possibly their greatest player since the days of Cruyff and Neeskins damns the pitches to hell.

In Scotland? Well,it’s a great leveller,innit? And we can get the community involved,young kids playing on it 24/7 and paying for the privilege.

There you go,mate. Pitch is worn out in a month,and oh bythe way it is so much cheaper than grass because that community involvement gets you a government/Sports Scotland grant to pay for it!
Btw,thanks for the compliment yesterday about the site. Gratefully appreciated,for sure. How much do I owe you,and when are you submitting an article?

One thing about our transfer policy is that we use CL football as a lure to attract a better class of player, the europa will snare a lesser class of player, CL football is a major selling point for us, get seen in the CL and you have a path open to the EPL riches, so why the ef do we gamble year in year out with qualification, it’s a shambles, what it does prove is that the football club is a distant secondary thought to the PLC’s ambitions, the sad thing is, we don’t qualify and the income drops big time, a half wit can see this, yet our suits don’t for some reason, a total train wreck waiting to happen.

Awe Naw

I´ll submit an article at the end of the window. Your welcome the compliments are deserved. I agree with Gullit. No plastic at the top level for me. For me it is another indication of the poor way the game in Scotland is administrated.

The real driver behind plastic pitches is income (or to be more precises the horror of a lack of income over a two week cold spell). Too many games being played as well and at the wrong time of the year.

Scottish football is Groundhog century but the punters deserve all the shit that comes their way. Docile sheep are for shearing


You and I are no strangers to this topic,bud. Singing from the same hymn sheet for years. I doubt anyone has a bloody clue how the mind of a full-wit like PL works. Mysterious ways,for sure.


Good man re the article. Saves my kid sis giving me a kicking for going off on one again!
As for the fixture schedule,it’s absolutely ridiculous to load about two dozen games into Dec-Feb,even with a fortnight break. But it’s been happening for years,the clubs must know it hurts footfall,never mind football.



Brendan has been crystal-clear on the centre-back situation. He says I’ve got Dedryk, Filip, Kris and Jozo, with Nir & Mikael who can slot in – how many more do I need at this moment. There we are, absolutely no misunderstanding in central defence.

He has praised Oli, Tim and Odsonne – has Sinclair and Johnston and Griffiths if he ever comes back, which I doubt, he is signalling that he is happy up-front.

While KT is injured, he has recalled Calvin Miller, played Johnny & Izzy, and has just signed Gutman. So all is reasonably well at left-back.

Craig & Scott seem to interchange easily on the goalkeeping position.

We have a plethora of top-class midfielders – so no problem there.

So only the right-back position is causing consternation – so tell us Brendan, do you want one, or, not?

I think it is time Brendan tells the support what he wants to happen.

Of course what some in our support don’t understand is that if you broadcast to the world that you are desperate for a particular thing, when you try to buy it, the price always goes up.


TeT,,it’s funny you say that, I’ve been dying to get some dulse. Miss the stuff and will be bringing some back hopefulky . Jamie Oliver recently claimed the super food helped him shed 6 stone.
Hail Hail

What gets me is all those who can’t see it, they fawn over yer man like huns doff their caps, it’s quite pathetic.
We have been seeing the same pish for window after window now, we tried, they don’t want to come, it’s all bollix, much lesser clubs in lesser leagues manage it, we have a common denominator in a CEO who can’t or won’t spend the money, as I said, a shambles.


AweNaw, ,
Thanks for that compliment indeed, high praise for a couple of no ones.
As the driver is income , perhaps it’s more economically feasible for the bigger teams plus the home team to chip in and lay grass? Losing players must make people think surely.
Until the disease hit I would championed a whip round ,, now that will have pushed it even futher back , shame.
If one of the bigger names came out and say fans don’t travel as I’m playing the kids due to injury risk, now that might help.
Hail Hail


Come on lads – let’s look at Peter Lawwell’s time in charge. In fifteen years we have won.

11 Titles
7 Scottish Cups
6 League Cups

That’s 24 Honours. By far the best ever period in the history of the club.

Also first ever two trebles in a row – an undefeated season – a record sixty-nine game unbeaten run.

Received the four biggest transfer fees ever in the Scottish game – Wanyama/Forster/Van Dyck/Dembele c£60m


Eight qualifications for the Champions League (ave: once every two years)
Three times in the round of last 16.

All the above and in addition we make a profit most years, have negligible debt and money in the bank.

What more do you want from a CEO?

Now if, as some say, that during this time he was also recruiting all the players – then I have to say he must be some kind of football God…..or is it only the failures he signs and the incumbent manager signs all the goodies – of course that is so unbelievable as to be utter nonsense.

One last thing – if we didn’t allow sought-after players to move to the big boys, they would not come to us in the first place.

Por Cierto

I raised an eyebrow when he said “Celtic” doesn’t work that way and not “we” por cierto.

All the baubles and the money is down to the coaches and the players, you know that fine well, what I want from the CEO is not to gamble with CL qualification, to give us as good a chance as we can, this is not happening, I am not one of those demanding he spends money to buy players, but I want us to recruit players that are first team ready thus reducing the chances of failure, the Basel’s, PSV’s, the Greek’s, the Portuguese, the Belgian’s, the Salzburg’s all manage it, they can buy players for very little or on Bosman’s while we grub around hoping we hit the jackpot
The players you mention are the result of hitting the jackpot, but we for sure have wasted a hell of a lot of money in the pursuit of this, I said yesterday that we are still spending 1-2 mill on projects, our income has doubled thanks to the footballing dept yet we still spend the same on projects, we should be spending double at least, fees have risen all over, so a mill today is a couple of hundred grand 5-7 years ago, this is not good business practice.
The deadwood we are carrying is a joke for a club that is run on a tight budget, where is the value here, there isn’t any, the policy is the right one if it were to be tweaked now and again and bring in experience and a bit of quality, this is not happening, it’s too rigid, everything is a gamble when it shouldn’t be.
Pay decent wages for quality and we will increase our chances exponentially.
Laters, have to go out.


The following is who conducted the draw, I’m confused, where does Eve Muirhead come into it.
Jane Lewis was joined by former Scotland international Craig Beattie, who won the Scottish Cup with both Celtic and Hearts, and Rebecca Sellar, Scotland international amputee footballer.
Did follow follow think Rebecca was Eve?, if so that’s incredible.
Hail Hail


Gold ,
Despite not having the time your very well constructed post above has moved me to say a few things .
When coached in that way , then yes that is quite a list of achievements , and regardless of who exactly delivered those very achievements , that they happened under Peters watch can be seen as a big feather in the cap by many .
As you know there are some different opinions on whether Peter or the manager is buying the players etc , and there are a lot of blurred lines , and no clarity as to what exactly goes on within the footballing department . As such , for the remainder of this post , I will move away from the footballing department and look at other aspects that have been Peters remit during that time , to see if these apparent successes are matched in other fields . I think thats only fair.

The fans ,,, during this 15 years of on field success as you point out they have been let down and failed time and again . Notables are Ajax home and away ,, the famine song and go home ,, Green Brigade dawn raids ,,, I could honestly go on and on. It is my very strong opinion that under his watch the average fan may have seen more silverware than usual deliver , but has not seen any massive improvement and if anything has more cause to gripe than ever .
I firmly believe thats a fail mark .

The governing bodies ,,, as the biggest club , in a period of great success as you point out , are we being treated better or worse under his stewardship .
No need to expand ,, never been as bad .
Fail mark .

Commercial success ,,, out of this world results . A clear pass mark.

Youth ,,, I see 3 players in the first team that coud be thought of as our own youth , but overall over the last 15 years under his stewardship I cannot hand on heart say we are good at bringing youth through . I read yesterday we have 40 plus trainees in the domestic game .
Who has been the highlight ? Aiden probably , and he never fulfilled his potential . Neither did Maloney. Mc Manus was judged lacking after a while and moved on . Same Mulgrew.
I think youth has failed under him .

Our stature ,,, we are known for our fans ,, not feared at all on the continent . The Epl sees a good conveyor belt . Member of groups in Europe yes , but they were proven a shame when Brian Quinn resigned due to the lack of action by the one he was on ,, so basically it was a sop seat . Fined for supporting Palestine . The game at large didnt cry out when our fine fans who arent violent were attacked in Amsterdam .
Lets face it , our stature has fallen and we are a third tier club. Fail mark.

Structural growth ,, an area that has improved indeed . The Celtic Way , the Kerrydale , the hotel , the lights means we can now host big events . Theres more also but yeah , there has been growth on that front , so yeah a pass mark.

Now , as you give credit to Peter for one department under his watch doing well , despite having very good staff minding it yet seemingly not very happy with the restrictions they work under , its only correct that you take into account the other departments he de facto controls when looking to give an overall “ Hes been great for us “ or “ what more do you want ? “

As I have shown above , in my humble opinion , we have failed in a number of areas under his watch . Also I contend that we have failed in the most important areas , and passed in those least important .
The most important to me are the fans , and the governing bodies . I would gladly sacrifice the on field success we are having and have enjoyed for true proper reforms , and a game that we would be happy to pass on .
As it stands , and I know Im not alone here , some of us dont watch much anymore and will not be passing on that team to our children .
For even one person to feel that way is a massive massive failure .

So by all means ask us what more we want from a Ceo ,, but make sure you yourself are judging the big picture and not just the gleaming facet when you issue blanket praise please .
I think thats only fair.

Hail Hail


Jnp ,, this suggest otherwise
2018–19 Scottish Cup – Wikipedia
Jump to Draw – The draw was made by Olympic bronze medallist Eve Muirhead and Kilmarnock’s Scottish Cup winning captain Ray Montgomerie.
‎Calendar · ‎Preliminary rounds · ‎First round · ‎Second round
You visited this page on 1/21/19.

very interesting . Did you actually see the draw? I might be wrong here pal but some “burd ” was getting a hard time indeed and from above I thought it was Eve ?
Hail Hail


Yes, Mahe I watched the draw. It was live on BBC. Craig Beattie was dressed like one of the landed gentry, bizarre, outfit of choice.
The information, I supplied, is from the official sponsors website. I think what you have supplied, is from an earlier round.
Hail Hail


JnP,, and that’s one reason why it will always be free. One of them got pelters,,Jane or Rebecca. Thanks for the info.
Hope all good. Hail Hail

big packy

MAHE,you have just put into words, exactly what I would have written down, but my old fingers aren’t that fast, wonderful summation of the facts as it stands, no quarter asked for no quarter given,more power to your elbow sir, hope you and yours are well.

Awe Naw

You bhoys are knocking it out the park.

Seriously if you can’t prioritise providing quality grass surfaces you shouldn’t be in the professional game.


BigPacky, thank you Sir . Are indeed doing well cheers. I just assembled this patio heater thing and am having my first beer of many I hope under it. The flame bits 8 ft up ffs, could do with 7 feet but then yanks are tall. I’m a shorty ffs. Still pleasant when seated , hot when standing. Guess that’s ok.
Oh I read today carrying on from plastic pitches that the dons player has been told he’s not allowed to play on them. Reynolds?
Joke. That will stop players just like Holland
Hail Hail

Teh new boiler I put in last week has been giving me bother today, refuses to fire up, efed about for hours and decided to change the regulator and hey presto, it’s now getting gas 😉
Must admit, never contemplated that they could get clogged up, so my next thing is to get flex copper pipe and wrap it around the flue on our wood stove, it gets seriously hot, connected to a large a tank with a pressure release valve and it should give me more than enough hot water for free, not that the gas is that bad, we pay 16 euros for a 15 k bottle, it was less than ten when we came here, so about par for the course, most other things have gone up more, but it’s a pain, this is the third boiler we have had in ten years, so hopefully with that and the solar we should have free hot water all year round, I had a thing rigged up for the pool and am going to re do it this year, the sun destroyed it last year, 100 mts of 1/2″ black pipe in a coil with a small semi sub pump on a timer, it gave us extra months at the start and end of the year, the cost is minimal.


That’s using your head. Solar seems the way to go. Or wind back home. Speaking of home you know who has been a very naughty boy and could well be going away . The news and videos coming out aren’t good at all.
Hail Hail

New article,folks!


Hi Mahe.

Thanks for coming back – I note all you say, but cannot concur.

FANS – Peter Lawwell played no part In stirring up the problems that you have mentioned – just as he has had no part In the repeated actions of some fans that have seen Celtic charged and fined hundreds of thousands of Euros by UEFA.

GOVERNING BODIES – Again he doesn’t control these bodies, he/we are one of many members. I am sure he always does his best and always fights Celtic’s corner – why wouldn’t he?

YOUTH DEVELOPMENT. – We have eight academy graduates in and around the first-team squad, let’s count them: Tierney, McGregor, Forrest, Ralston, Miller, Johnston, Henderson & Dembele – three are first-team regulars – when Ralston and Johnston play, half the team is made up of academy graduates. We are revamping the backroom staff – Damien Duff comes with a glittering reputation.

Of course no system, no organisation, no individual is perfect, however if you had to write a job description for someone to replace our CEO, we would struggle to get suitable candidates.

When Peter Lawwell goes, and I think it will be at the same time Dermot ‘cashes in his chip’s, only then will we appreciate what we have at present.

PL is scapegoated by a small minority of our support – over at Ibrox where they have had the biggest load of criminals, spivs and shysters in charge during the last four decades, hardly a whisper is raised against them.

The criticism of PL is not based on his record, it is stirred up by those who dislike him, why?, I don’t know. Much of what is said about him is not based on any reliable evidence – mostly it’s gossip.

Peter Lawwell is a massive force for good at Celtic and has been its most valuable long-term asset. That statement is evidence-based.


Evidence-based? I’m willing to bet that any evidence you may offer will be met with a response to the contrary. My own criticism of PL,for instance,is entirely evidence-based,why else would I criticise him-or praise him when it is deserved?

Re the fans and the police raids on individuals,Celtic have admitted that they gave out those details to Police Scotland on request. This is despite the fact that there was no legal requirement to do so,and was in fact in breach of data protection laws at the time. They also hold banking details for all ST holders,including yourself. How would you feel if they were handed over upon request? Mightily pissed off,I would suggest. It is the same with addresses.

As for suitable candidates to replace him,funny you should say that because I can be reasonably sure that PL has raised the remuneration bar so highly that few will be prepared to accept the position unless offered similar terms to him,so his greed will continue to cause problems for the club for some time to come. The irony being that he has spent most of his tenure replacing players with cheaper options.

Mike in Toronto


Governing Bodies. We have been cheated and stolen from on his watch?! “I am sure he has done his best”. On what evidence do you base this?

Nothing seemingly said or done about the 5WA, LNS or otherwise. Without question, these decisions should have and could have been challenged in Court. PL knows what he did or didn’t do, and why, but has never felt it necessary to tell the fans and shareholders. That, to me, is evidence.. but not in his favour.

As you say, “hardly s whisper is raised against (the cheaters at Ibrox and Hampden’. As the member who was effected, it was Celtic who had standing to challenge these decisions. But there is no evidence that Celtic did anything, and not even an explanation for their inaction… well, except DD saying that Rangers were necessary.

And, this season, we are seeing the results of our rolling over off the pitch.. but on the pitch; the cheating is worse than ever. Why? It seems like the cheaters think they can get away with anything, and no one (including our Board ) won’t say anything.

You say the criticism of PL is because I dislike him. My criticism of PL is not personal; it is because Celtic and it’s fans have been cheated and worse on his watch. It is his job to represent Celtic’s interests in these fights, but there is no evidence that he has done so, or even trieD.

You say that, while criticizing PL, ‘hardly a peep has been raised’ by the fans against the zombies. Seriously? Firstly, as above, legally, it was the job of Celtic (and, hence, PL) to deal with the various issues that have arisen, but they don’t seem to have done anything. And then there is the little thing called Res 12 … the fan driven initiative to clean up the game. Celtic said ‘give us the evidence’, so the 4 did… and what did Celtic do with it? Nada.

The fans did speak out, but it was our Board (not the fans) who refused to speak out about the shenanigans in Scottish football…. more than that, the Board gave the fans the run around … any doubts on that, ask the guys involved, Canamalar, or even Auldheid

Why? The EVIDENCE on that is that DD said Rangers were ‘relegated’ And “needed for Scottish football”… it does seem that our actions since then have been designed to ensure an ongoing rivalry with a Sevco.

Mike in Toronto

BMCUWP… jinx


Hi Mike.

I honestly don’t know why Peter Lawwell and the board would purposely set out to undermine Celtic and it’s fans.

If they have done then they must have a separate agenda and are lying to the thousands in the Celtic family.

Bring me some proof that they indeed have this agenda and I will join you in holding them in utter contempt…..I honestly don’t see it.

Mike inToronto


A few points

PL and the Board know what was done and why, but won’t tell. This is not the normal course of business. The onus is on the Board to justify their non action

Evidence… we were cheated and stolen from. No response from the Board Our Board (ER) appear to have had some knowledge of the 5WA. Again, what the Board did has not been disclosed

In law, failure to adduce evidence that is within a company’s ability could be used as evidence against the company

It is possible that the Board agree with DD’s view that Rangers are necessary for Scottish football. If so, they should say so, and explain the implications of that

PL is in his job because of support from DD. What is best for DD May or may not be best for Celtic. That they are the same cannot be assumed.

Off to a meeting … but happy to pick this up later …. maybe on the new thread?