Midweek football-get used to it!


Welcome to the second half of the league season. Tonight Celtic host St Mirren in the second of a run of seven home games,split only by a visit to St Johnstone at the start of next month. That’s a 1230 kick-off on a Sunday,so I’ll be able to watch it for,a change.


Well,it’s a result for me,and it’s important Celtic get a right good result tonight. I have no axe to grind with St Mirren-despite them trying to kill me and hundreds of other Celtic fans by forgetting to open the Exit gates at full time back in the 80s-but I’d like to see our team starting to motor through the gears.

And that starts with the defence. Every one of our defenders should be looking forward to an easy night of it,and that’s without taking anything away from the opposition. St Mirren should really be too preoccupied with their own defence,trying to combat our forwards and attacking midfielders,than to hold out much hope of giving our lads at the back a hard time. And that’s why I can’t get a fixed odds coupon up,because matches aren’t won on paper,they are won on the field.

St Mirren aren’t having an easy time of it this season,second bottom and only two points clear of Dundee. Another two points adrift of our opponents on Saturday,Hamilton Accies-and I’d say that those three will fight it out for the relegation places from here on in. I hope they decide to concentrate their efforts on the games that look more likely to yield them points,rather than busting a gut against us! So with these two fixtures looming,I think it may be time to bring back Eddie. Give him a chance to find his shooting boots,and an opportunity to team up with Tim Weah when he comes on in the second half.

I’d probably rest Broonie for this one,and if not then definitely on Saturday. The engine still ticks over nicely,but going full-throttle too often is maybe not so wise nowadays. Allow Callum to perform the Spearchucker role he was growing into earlier in the season,the confidence he will get from playing that role to perfection will do the whole team good in games to come.

All in all,it looks like a pleasant enough evening for the Celtic support. Aye,it will be cold-it’s winter in Scotland,after all!-but with only a light breeze it could be a lot worse. A few goals sprinkled around to get bums off seats and sharing some body warmth is just the thing on a night like this-cheaper than the Bovril and much more palatable! So get yourself along to the match if you can,cheer on the troops,and if your seat is anywhere near The Directors’ Box,point out to them that there’s little more than a week of this transfer window left!!!


Sadly,this site cannot let today pass without offering our condolences to all who knew and loved Emiliano Sala. There seems little prospect of any survivors from his flight,which seems to have crashed just off The Channel Islands.


R I P Emiliano


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Good morning BMCUWP.

Join with you in offering condolence to Emiliano Sala- some of the reports of his concern about the plane in which he was traveling are quite heartbreaking.

Tonight starts a run of games in which we must not slip-up. The vast majority are at home, so there can be no excuses. The result at Kilmarnock will also be informative.

Had to have a wry smile when I heard Brendan insist that he did not want to be “stockpiling players”‘. Well Brendan, as much as I love you and all you have delivered for us, I can’t let you away with that – the vast majority of the ‘deadwood’ that we have stockpiled recently have come in on your watch – De-Vries, Gamboa, Commper, Benyu, Kouassi, Hendry, Malumbu and Hayes. I don’t actually believe any of those eight have a future at Celtic.

Let’s hope we can jettison the above as their is no doubt they are a drain on our scarce resources.


Good morning BMCUW.
Good to post that moniker again.
I reckon that we will be the only team to secure 6 points in the two matches this week. This will open a gap and drive us onto the three Perth Saints games. Win all three of those, and the Treble Treble is close.
God bless Emiliano Sala.
Tragedy I fear.

Everything is relative, if you are a positive kinda person or a negative kinda person, it seems like no matter what Brendan does some just can’t help but get their negative dig in to him to protect the Godfather that is Pedro, he who can do not wrong, take our “Deadwood” mentioned by Gold.
De Vris….Nottingham Forrest player of the year, their support were very sorry to see him go, bought as back up to Gordon.
Gamboa….International of good standing, great going forward, bought as back up to Lustig.
Compper….Established in a top German team with international caps, everyone on the blogs were delighted when he signed.
Benyu….Project, cost next to nothing and he may yet come good.
Kouassi….Had terrible luck with illness initially then serious injuries, still plenty of time for this fella, there is a player in there.
Hendry….Project to develop, takes time to develop players.
Mulumbu….Cost nothing, brought in as a sop to the support for massive transfer failings in the window.
Hayes….Bought as back up, then suffered a terrible injury.
Just another stick to attempt to beat Brendan with, take Brendan out of the equation and do posters honestly thing the club would have all these trophies and money in the bank that Pedro is getting all the plaudits for.

Sad news about Emiliano.


Good to know you are still alive after your trip to see The Mindbenders. Well,Gerry Cinnamon,but I expect there were a few mindbenders anaw. Enjoy the match tonight,and give my sisters a wave from your place in the posh seats.

See you in Valencia,we can plan our pincer movement on ticketing in the days leading up to the match.



MIKEINTORONTO and myself replied almost simultaneously to your post on the previous article. Spooky.


The Dam full of Castlemilk Tims on allsorts of blaw mushys eccies and coke was an experience and a hauf. The young team are mental. In a good Glesca over friendly way.
Amsterdam on Saturday was Sauchiehall Street full of oot their nut Tims. Mental Green Brigade Pacifists. ?




Pity that The King of the Milk wasn’t there too! Still hopeful of SIPSINI,for it is he,meeting us in a wee tapas bar…



I am not trying to get a negative dig at Brendan. He has done and is doing a tremendous job at Celtic. His record domestically is a perfect seven – Europe is patchy, however with two CL qualifications out of three and in last 32 of EL, is as much as we can expect given our finances.

You make a reasonable case for all the ‘deadwood’ eight, I don’t disagree with anything you say – I would love if we salvaged something.

However regardless of the reasons, these players have added virtually nothing to our squad. They would not be missed if they all magically disappeared tomorrow.

Now if there was evidence that players are being brought in without Brendan’s approval, I will be the first to stand up and shout the odds. It should not and must not happen.

That said, we are stockpiling players – I just thought it strange when Brendan went out of his way to say we shouldn’t.


Caesar the cat runs Sipsini’s hoose.
The Cat King fae the ‘Mulk ?


Totally off subject but its been a while since any comment on Res12 so read this from SFM if interested or ignore if not.

On the matter of whether the 2011 UEFA Licence to RFC was correctly granted in compliance with UEFA FFP 2010 only two possibilities exist:

Either the licence in March/April/May 2011 was correctly granted to RFC under ALL of UEFA FFP articles or it wasn’t.

Why it has taken over 5 years to establish which applies is for the SFA to answer and consequently in the absence of a decision we cannot rule out that the licence was correctly granted.

However the time taken to address the issue suggests the last thing the SFA (and possibly Celtic) want is a decision that it wasn’t correctly granted, because the consequences put the SFA in the dock much more than the new club/ company (to use Traverso’s justification for not applying sanctions to RFC in 2012) who took the place of RFC in Scottish football.

Why TRFC are asking that the matter go to CAS (as we understand it) is a mystery. It has nothing to do with TRFC as a new football club/company that replaced RFC, although some of the same individuals employed in 2011 by RFC are still there.

The narrative to emerge will show that the whole Compliance Officer regime under the Judicial Panel Protocol is worthless when it comes to providing justice.

There has to be independent oversight of the SFA and SPFL that forces accountability to restore any semblance of trust in the SFA as a governing body responsible for policing and enforcing the rules.

Accountability is the last thing ALL clubs want as it will take away their comfort zone, hence the resistance and so the need for persistence.

Steps are being taken to help the SFA Compliance Officer to take matters forward correctly.

By ST renewal there will be enough information available to help supporters of all clubs decide what the truth is.

After that, what happens then is up to them.


I believe that there is plenty of evidence to suggest that players are being brought in without the prior knowledge of Brendan,and the same applies to his predecessors.

Even as far back as Kamara in the previously-heady days of MON,and quite probably Juninho too. That might explain why he was so rarely played-although so too do his performances.

Do you think for one minute that Neil Lennon had Amido Balde-who I saw score a belter in a friendly with Brentford,then repeatedly struggle to control a ball lobbed to him by Danny McGrain at every half-time-on his radar? Bangura? Rasmussen? Boerrigter?

Don’t even start me on the likes of Josh Thomson and Milan Misun etc etc etc.

Or the much-maligned Ronny Deila,who made a statement at the start of his tenure,that Celtic did not do loans,then had to eat humble pie as his team was suddenly full of them.

“You sold my best players,and replaced them with shite”

Now,this is an entirely apocryphal tale,except that I trust the man who has repeated that,and I trust his judgement. He has no reason to lie-there are plenty of sticks to beat PL with,without picking up an imaginary one.

This is how,IMO,a proper CEO/football manager relationship should be run. Towards the end of the season,they both sit down and discuss the budget-fees and wages-available during the next two windows. The manager then recommends the players he requires and explains why they are needed,and the benefits they will bring to the club. Both as members of the team/squad,and potential increase in value.

It is then down to the CEO to bring those players in,as previously agreed.

I see very little evidence over the tenure of PL that he has EVER signed a player that he doesn’t approve of. That is NOT his job. I see plenty of evidence of him signing players that the manager doesn’t approve of. That also is NOT his job.

Additionally,I saw very little evidence of him doing his job AT ALL in the summer. His deliberate lack of action in the summer was a firing act in itself,the action of a petulant child.

He deliberately undermined our manager,and in doing so,the club that he is highly rewarded to represent. As I said in my spoof on A Christmas Carol,he still has his legacy within his means.

Does he want to be remembered as Sir Robert Kelly was,someone who saw the light towards the end and handed over to a professional in Jock? Or Fergus,who budgeted,but did his best to sign every player requested by his managers,overcoming his own misgivings?

Or Desmond White?

Me personally,I would recoil at the possibility of being more despised by the Celtic support than Desmond White. Peter Lawwell may scorn,but that is the direction in which he is heading.


Hi Aulheid.

As always it is good to hear from you and I am glad that you post on this site.

The reason that there has been no ‘crystalizing’ and thereafter judgement handed down, seems quite simple to me. There has been almost zero media coverage of the issue – no clamouring for the truth by special correspondents’ like Mark Daly, and no backing from other clubs.

I agree that for the purposes of laying blame, the Ibrox entity can be ignored – culpability squarely lies with the SFA. There is no doubt jiggerypokery went on and that some of the jiggerypokerers are still employed at the SFA. It was an inside job and the wagons have been circled.


(1) Is there a single course of action that can be taken to bring things to a head?
(2) Who should/could take a course of action?
(3) What route should any course of action take?
(4) How much would it cost?
(5) Could anything detrimental to Celtic occur if it backs such action against it’s home association?


Time for a rant! This piece touches on the issue of stockpiling players and who makes the decisions to sign players and who has to deal with the fallout from signings.

Several media sources(old and new) are suggesting that we are in advanced talks to sign a Ukrainian international, Shved, who plays wide, usually on the right. No doubt someone thinks that we need a wide player to play on the right flank. So far, we only have Forrest, Hayes and Morgan(who can play either wing), Johnson(one of the most exciting players to come through the academy), Henderson(who is an exciting player knocking on the first team door), Burke(on loan, I suspect with a view to buy). Well the lineup has not reached double figures yet! If these rumours have substance, what the ****** are we doing? Where is the sense in this?

Let me spin an hypothesis. PL sees this as a two year project that could return a substantial profit from an EPL club when Mr Shved catches the eye down South. Two impressive years at Celtic and he is offski for several times the 2 million that we paid for him. Alternatively he is a low cost failure who can be loaned out to defray his costs. Sooooo, this signing could contribute mightily to the bottom line at low financial risk.

Meanwhile, on the football field, Henderson sees his progress to the first team shut off. Johnson, either hardly plays or is loaned out and gets pissed off, Hayes and MOrgan fall further down the pop charts. Whereas, Forrest wonders what he has to do to be the first pick! Burke realises he will be playing through the middle for any games he plays in the next five months.

Who has to deal with these issues, besides the individual players, you have it in ONE……BR.

Oh, and by the way, BR thinks to himself as he deals with this fallout, there goes two million that could have gone towards a quality RB or CB. When do the job ads come out?

Rant over, return to passive default.

For the sake of my BP, let’s hope there is no truth in these rumours.



Sometimes I disgust myself. The most important issue today is the offering of thoughts and prayers for Sala and his family. Perhaps, two miracles will happen today. The wee boy in Spain will be rescued and Sala and the pilot will be found alive.

That would really make my year,



Hi again BMCUWP.

Tell me where is the logic financial, or, football, in bringing in players that the manager doesn’t want and will not select?

What would be the motive in doing such things?

Why has no incumbent manager during the Lawwell years, e.g. WGS, Lenny, Ronny and Brendan, come out and said – Peter Lawwell signs players that I don’t want.

Does he also sign the players that have been a huge success for us – some sold for large fees?

Boyata, Gordon, Biton, Lustig, VVD, Forster, Wanyama, Ki, Hooper, Wilson, Izzaguire, Bain, Ajer, Rogic, Griffiths, Ledely and Commons……and Dembele. – there’s eighteen players bought for modest, or, no fees – typical Lawwell deals you might say – did he in fact choose them?

As I’ve said before, if he did he is a football genius. Of course he did not choose them – it is a joint decision between the scouting staff and the manager – the CEO will have the final say on affordability.

I am at Celtic Park for almost every home match, and have got to know an awful lot of fellow supporters in the process. What I can say is from my experience is that there is no widespread dissatisfaction with Peter Lawwell ‘on the ground’. It is a social media phenomenon.


Why are my posts never buff coloured? We should be told!

Is this discrimination against Canadians and proddies? We should be told!

Justice for Buffs everywhere!




See my reply to GOLD about an hour ago. Personally,I have no problem with those who toe the party line,after all my Dad is the happiest of happyclappers,the epitome of Panglossian Theory that everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.

I’ve never fallen out with my Dad over this,nor with anyone else of similar opinions. We agree to disagree-sometimes more vociferously than others,of course! Broad church,every opinion has its merits,even those that I disagree with.


Another winger? James Forrest is having his best ever season,first pick,yet two players are being brought in to play the same position? When we are crying out for major surgery at the back?

Our only acquisition there so far is an inexperienced left-back. I’m on record as saying that I have high hopes for him,he has achieved much so far despite the odds being stacked against him,but our problems are in EACH AND EVERY ONE of the other positions in the back four.

These need to be addressed. There is bad history of our club saying that’ll do,we’ll get over the line with that. Stand still,you go backwards,and for a club which loudly proclaims…


I sometimes wonder how much the paymasters do.

As you rightly say,today looks like a sad day. A young lad who had the world at his feet. Highly thought of as a person too,not some prima donna,just a guy who worked at his game and came good. It’s such a shame,for those who knew and loved him.



Always good to hear from you,old bean. Thanks for the update,I know you guys are working on new angles,and you are always welcome to post an article here to that effect.

Of course,new angles shouldn’t be required,but sometimes you don’t realise that you have more people working against you than you originally thought.

I gather that BRTH has come up with a potential wizard wheeze when he was working on the day job too,so fingers crossed. Meanwhile,more power to your elbow,and more importantly,I have a feeling that when Celtic Plc advised that they “needed more”,they didn’t know just how forensic you four fellas would be in dotting i and crossing the t.

More fool them!


They won’t be buff-coloured on your device. The buff-coloured ones are those which were posted while you were writing your post. As soon as you refresh the page,they disappear.

By the way,my local team was The Buffs. A proud history,and in a stadium lodged about 100 feet above a fast flowing salmon river,the Garnock. The long-time club secretary-oul’ Hammy Walker-told me about twenty years ago that my Uncle was the first Catholic ever signed by the club-but he had to play as a ringer due to his registration being held by a top English club.

My Dad was the second one-he kicked the ball over the wall and into the river in protest at being booked for having a wee bit back at a left-back who had been kicking him all day.

Game abandoned,no chance of retrieving that one!

Rebus has been rebuffed !



Not a good idea to fall out with your dad! Fortunately, I never seriously fell out with mine. We would disagree and get heated but we never fall out.

I wanted to be a professional player but my father never encouraged that. After I failed at the professional game, I got a job in Colvilles as an apprentice electrician. My dad gave me the best advice that I could ever receive, and, he delivered it in a cany way. He said, “Look, why not try university for a year? After the year, if you want to apprentice as an electrician, fine, there will always be a job there for you.” Nothing against electricians, but I am glad I took his advice. I ended up with the perfect job for me.

So, keep in with your dad, there will be a lot of wisdom in there.




More than once!

Humour frees the spirit!


Colvilles ! haven’t heard that name in a long time. I think amongst other steelworks they were the original owners of Ravenscraig.

big packy

HI JIM AND REBUS, firstly thoughts and prayers for young sala, yes I think colvillles owned Ravenscraig and also gartcosh strip mill, where incidentally my aunt was the shop steward in the 1970s.hh.

Yes I just checked it out. Colvilles started Ravenscraig in 1954. British Steel did not come into existence until 1967.


Let’s have a bash at tonight’s line-up.





Bain, Johnston, Henderson, Biton, Hayes, Ajer, Miller.

Think Boyata may be ‘rested’


Sorry Gordon not Bain starting.

Of course it was a dig at Brendan, you could have said that we can’t get rid of the deadwood cos we pay them so much that they will sit tight till their contract runs out, quite right too,it was Pedro who sanctioned their contracts so he is the main one to blame imo, there are two sides to everything.
The list you compiled for BMCUWP, I will tell you who scouted them.
Boyatta, via Pedro’s boy at Man Cty.
Gordon, on Stevie Woods recommendation.
Biton, via the agent Duhan who was friendly with Pedro, he is doing no bad here…..
Lustig, Recommended by Mjallaby
Forrester, Recommended by Alan Thompson who knew him from Newcastle.
Wanyama, scouted by Neill McGuinness, John Park took the credit.
Ki, don’t know but will prob be down to the scouts, he was player of the year so not hard to scout in reality.
Hooper, Recommended by Gary Pendry.
Wilson, Lenny knew him from Forrest.
Izzy, Lenny spotted him at the WC when he was at a game when he was playing.
Bain, ???? anyone who watched Dundee.
Ajer, A Ronny D signing.
Rogic, ????
Griff, anyone who saw Hibs.
Ledely, Down to Lenny
Commons, Lenny again, he knew him and Ledely from his time at Forrest.
Dembele, Neil McGuinness
Doesn’t say very much for the scouting dept that John Park was in charge of, bar three of our biggest profits were Vic, VvD and Dembele were scouted by Neill McGuinness, Park took the credit, McGuinness left the club.

Question, did Celtic lose out in a CL qualifier place because of Rangers that year? 2011/12



So what you are saying is that apart from Boyata, who has become a great success, Peter Lawwell had no input whatsoever in attracting those players. I am happy to accept that.

So who are the players that Lawwell signs? Is it just all the duds we have had?

I said in the post, regarding all those players, that you have just answered:

“Of course he (PL) did not choose them – it is a joint decision between the scouting staff and the manager – the CEO will have the final say on affordability”

I have never written that the ‘deadwood’ will sit tight till their contracts run out.

The Gombeen Man

Good reading on Sentinel Celts over the last couple of days.

Courtesy of Celtic Wiki, I’ve copied the Transfers In to the club since Tony Mowbray.

The object of the exercise is simply to highlight that our recruitment policy has been questionable for years.

Remember Colin Kazim Richards? Carlton Cole? Nadir Cifti?
Or Scepovic? Wakaso?


Pukki? Derk? Amido? Mo Bangura? Rami Gershon?
Aatajic? Rasmussen?

On the face of it Celtic seem to be unable to recruit a manager who is capable of spotting a player.Why are we consistently failing? Is it budget? Is it scouting? Is it interference from the CEO? Brendan Rodgers on field successes are now under threat. The reversal at Ibrox highlighted our failure to recruit during the summer of 2018.

There appears to be very little logic or strategic planning to what we do and this isn’t a new phenomenon.

What is a reasonable success rate in recruitment? How do we define success? Are our expectations too high given our nett spend (or lack of)?

Are the PLC’s objectives the same as the supporters?

Brendan Rodgers (May 2016 – present)

?? Vakoun Issouf Bayo, £2m from Dunajska Streda [BBC]
30 Timothy Weah, (loan) from Paris Saint-Germain, Jan 2019 [BBC]
25 Oliver Burke, (loan) from West Bromwich Albion, Jan 2019 [BBC]
32 Filip Benkovic, (loan) from Leicester City, Aug 2018 [BBC]
27 Youssouf Mulumbu, free from Kilmarnock, Aug 2018 [BBC]
14 Daniel Arzani, (loan) from Manchester City, Aug 2018 [BBC]
03 Emilio Izaguirre, free from Al-Fayha, Aug 2018 [BBC]
22 Odsonne Edouard,£9m from Paris Saint-Germain, Jun 2018 [BBC]
29Scott Bain, free from Dundee, May 2018 [BBC]
29 Scott Bain, (loan) from Dundee, Jan 2018 [BBC]
04 Jack Hendry, £1.2m from Dundee, Jan 2018 [BBC]
67 Charly Musonda, (loan) from Chelsea, Jan 2018 [BBC]
16 Lewis Morgan, £300,000 from St. Mirren, Jan 2018 [BBC]
33 Marvin Compper, £1m from Red Bull Leipzig, Dec 2017 [BBC]
22 Odsonne Edouard, (loan) from Paris Saint-Germain, Aug 2017 [BBC]
07 Patrick Roberts, (loan) from Manchester City, Aug 2017 [BBC]
21 Olivier Ntcham, £4.5m from Manchester City, Jul 2017 [BBC]
26 Kundai Benyu, undisclosed from Ipswich Town, Jun 2017 [BBC]
15 Jonny Hayes, £1.3m plus Ryan Christie (loan) from Aberdeen, Jun 2017 [BBC]
88 Kouassi Eboue, £2.8m from FC Krasnodar, Jan 2017 [BBC]
12 Cristian Gamboa, £1m from West Bromwich Albion, Aug 2016 [BBC]
24 Dorus de Vries, undisclosed from Nottingham Forest, Aug 2016 [BBC]
11 Scott Sinclair, £3.5m from Aston Villa, Aug 2016 [BBC]
02 Kolo Toure, free from Liverpool, Jul 2016 [BBC]
10 Moussa Dembele, £500,000 from Fulham, Jun 2016 [BBC]

Ronny Deila (Jun 2014 – May 2016)

35 Kristoffer Ajer, undisclosed from IK Start, Feb 2016 [BBC]
13 Colin Kazim-Richards, free from Feyenoord, Feb 2016 [BBC]
27 Patrick Roberts, (loan) from Manchester City, Jan 2016 [BBC]
28 Erik Sviatchenko, £1.5m from Midtjylland, Jan 2016 [BBC]
24 Carlton Cole, unattached, Oct 2015 [BBC]
05 Jozo Simunovic, £3m from Dinamo Zagreb, Aug 2015 [BBC]
17 Ryan Christie, £500,000 from Inverness Caledonian Thistle, Aug 2015 [BBC]
02 Tyler Blackett, (loan) from Manchester United, Aug 2015 [BBC]
19 Scott Allan, £275,000 plus Liam Henderson(loan) from Hibernian, Aug 2015 [BBC]
07 Nadir Ciftci, £1.5m from Dundee United, Jul 2015 [BBC]
26 Logan Bailly, £250,000 from OH Leuven, Jul 2015 [BBC]
22 Saidy Janko, undisclosed from Manchester United, Jul 2015 [BBC]
20 Dedryck Boyata, £1.5m from Manchester City, Jun 2015 [BBC]
29 Michael Duffy, undisclosed from Derry City, Feb 2015 [BBC]
14 Stuart Armstrong, £1.75m from Dundee United, Feb 2015 [BBC]
16 Gary Mackay-Steven, £250,000 from Dundee United, Feb 2015 [BBC]
09 John Guidetti, (loan) from Manchester City, Sep 2014 [BBC]
12 Stefan Scepovic, £2.3m from Sporting Gijon, Sep 2014 [BBC]
32 Mubarak Wakaso, (loan) from Rubin Kazan, Aug 2014 [BBC]
22 Jason Denayer, (loan) from Manchester City, Aug 2014 [BBC]
27 Aleksander Tonev, (loan) from Aston Villa, Aug 2014 [BBC]
16 Jo Inge Berget, (loan) from Cardiff City, Jul 2014 [BBC]
26 Craig Gordon, free, Jul 2014 [BBC]

Neil Lennon (June 2010 – May 2014)

28 Leigh Griffiths, £1m from Wolverhampton Wanderers, Jan 2014 [BBC]
25 Stefan Johansen, £2m from Stromsgodset, Jan 2014 [BBC]
19 Holmbert Fridjonsson, £100,000 from Fram Reykjavik, Jan 2014 [BBC]
20 Teemu Pukki, £3m from Schalke, Aug 2013 [BBC]
06 Nir Biton, £700,000 from FC Ashdod, Aug 2013 [BBC]
11 Derk Boerrigter, £3m from Ajax, Jul 2013 [BBC]
22 Steven Mouyokolo, free from Wolverhampton Wanderers, Jul 2013 [BBC]
05 Virgil van Dijk, £2.6m from FC Groningen, Jun 2013 [BBC]
17 Amido Balde, £1.5m from Vitoria Guimaraes, Jun 2013 [BBC]
26 Viktor Noring, (loan) from Trelleborgs FF, Jan 2013 [STV]
05 Rami Gershon, (loan) from Standard Liege, Jan 2013 [BBC]
18 Tom Rogic, £400,000 from Central Coast Mariners, Jan 2013[BBC]
11 Lassad Nouioui, free from Deportivo La Coruna, Sep 2012 [BBC]
26 Lubos Kamenar, (loan) from Nantes, Aug 2012 [BBC]
04 Efe Ambrose,£1.5m from Ashdod, Aug 2012 [BBC]
07 Nicolas ‘Miku’ Fedor, (loan) from Getafe, Aug 2012 [BBC]
01 Fraser Forster,£2m from Newcastle United, Aug 2012 [BBC]
17 Pawel Brozek, (loan) from Trabzonspor, Jan 2012 [BBC]
40 Rabiu Ibrahim, free from PSV Eindhoven, Jan 2012[BBC]
23 Mikael Lustig, free from Rosenborg, Jan 2012 [BBC]
39 Andre Blackman, free from AFC Wimbledon, Nov 2011 [BBC]
04 Badar El Kaddouri, (loan) from Dynamo Kiev, Aug 2011 [BBC]
14 Mohamed Bangura, £2.2m from AIK, Aug 2011 [BBC]
67 Victor Wanyama, £900,000 from Germinal Beerschot, Jul 2011 [BBC]
02 Adam Matthews, free from Cardiff City, Jun 2011 [BBC]
06 Kelvin Wilson, free from Nottingham Forest, Jun 2011 [BBC]
46 Dylan McGeogh, free from Rangers, Jun 2011 [BBC]
15 Kris Commons, £300,000 from Derby County, Jan 2011 [BBC]
32 Tony Watt, £100,000 from Airdrie, Jan 2011 [BBC]
07 Freddie Ljungberg, free from Chicago Fire, Dec 2010 [BBC]
77 Olivier Kapo, free from Wigan Athletic, Nov 2010 [BBC]
10 Anthony Stokes, £800,000 from Hibernian, Aug 2010 [BBC]
26 Fraser Forster, (loan) from Newcastle United, Aug 2010 [BBC]
03 Emilio Izaguirre, £600,000 from Motagua, Aug 2010 [BBC]
05 Daniel Majstorovic, free from AEK Athens, Aug 2010 [BBC]
33 Beram Kayal, undisclosed from Maccabi Haifa, Jul 2010 [BBC]
88 Gary Hooper, £2.4m from Scunthorpe, Jul 2010 [BBC]
04 Efrain Juarez, undisclosed from UNAM Pumas, Jul 2010 [BBC]
27 Daryl Murphy, £1.5m from Sunderland, Jul 2010 [BBC]
16 Joe Ledley, free from Cardiff City, Jul 2010 [BBC]
11 Cha Du-Ri, free from SC Freiburg, Jul 2010 [BBC]
21 Charlie Mulgrew, free from Aberdeen, Jul 2010 [BBC]

Tony Mowbray

07 Robbie Keane, (loan) from Tottenham Hotspur, Feb 2010 [BBC]
21 Edson Braafheid, (loan) from Bayern Munich, Feb 2010 [BBC]
30 Paul Slane, undisclosed from Motherwell, Feb 2010 [BBC]
11 Diomansy Kamara, (loan) from Fulham, Feb 2010 [BBC]
19 Morten Rasmussen, £1.5m from Brondby, Jan 2010 [BBC]
25 Thomas Rogne, undisclosed from Stabaek, Jan 2010 [BBC]
37 Bahrudin Atajic, from Malmo, Jan 2010 [KDS]
16 Jos Hooiveld, £2m from AIK Stockholm, Jan 2010 [BBC]
18 Ki Sung-Yueng, undisclosed from FC Seoul, Dec 2009 [BBC]
27 Zheng Zhi, unattached, Sep 2009 [BBC]
38 Josh Thompson, free from Stockport County, Aug 2009 [BBC]
11 Fox, Danny, £1.5m from Coventry City, Jul 2009 [BBC]
06 N’Guemo, Landry, (loan) from Nancy, Jul 2009 [BBC]
10 Marc-Antoine Fortuné, £3.8m from Nancy, Jul 2009 [BBC]
24 Lukasz Zaluska, free from Dundee United, Jul 2009 [BBC]




I used that data for my article on loans and frees a few days ago. I summarised some of the data in that article.

I think we have to be careful about drawing conclusions based solely on the data. We need to compare with other similar clubs to see how many duds they signed.

In the past, we have shopped a lot in the bargain bin which is high risk. However, you are correct we have signed some turkeys.

Freddie Ljundberg comes to mind as does Carlton Cole. I recall Danny McGrain quipping, when he saw Amido in training, to the effect that was he a professional footballer!


Mike in Toronto

I always thought that, if the posts were buff, that meant that the posters were in the buff when they were posting them. You, being in wintery Canada, were always wearing your longjohns…. hence no buff posts from you. Same for me…

but just wait for a few weeks, while I am posting from Antigua.


lets see if I get my first red card from Mahe for this one!

A thing of beauty

First off terrible new about Emilio solano and his pilot. It’s a tragedy for them and their families.
On to the signings. Can I just say Gombeen that has put me on a right downer before tonight’s match. I take no pleasure in discovering I’m right but my thoughts to Tet a couple of nights ago that we throw a load of shite at the wall and see what sticks is borne out by that list. Totally unbelievable and so much money wasted on wages. We constantly talk about what happened to the avid money or the wanyama money or whatever. Well it’s there in black and white. It wasted paying wages to a great number of players I personally cannot remember. Bloody shocking way to run a football club. I’m incensed.

big packy

I think the scouting system at celtic park needs a good overhaul, but on to tonight, hope he plays weah from the start, he is one to watch 3-0 to the good ghuys.hh.

It depends on what you mean by signing, if you mean scouting, of course he doesn’t, but his buddy John Park did and there was failure after failure, a hell of a lot more than the eighteen you just mentioned.

A thing of beauty

Emiliano Sala. Sorry poor post there. My mistake

The Gombeen Man


I hope you are well?

Yep there are numerous factors. Given our market and budgetary constraints,. How are we doing?

What is an acceptable level of ‘failure?’

The three new guys for example, what’s the chances of them making it? One out of three? Are our expectations too high given the money we can spend and the demands on the player to produce almost immediately?

The main reason for posting was to get a way from ‘It’s Brendan’s fault’ type black and white thinking.

It’s to start looking at the facts over a reasonable period and recognise we have a difficulty and tease out the reasons and possible remedies.

A comparison with similar club(s) would be helpful re the number of players making good over a certain period and financials etc.

Enjoy the game.


Can I also say something else about John Park and the influence he held at the club, I was astonished to see this happen, but happen it did, it confirmed to me that he held power at the club that was way over his remit of scout, the list that TGM has just posted contains player after player that Park scouted and his boss signed, in the hope of finding that rough diamond, still looking me thinks
Anyways…..Cast your mind back to Lenny’s start as manager, a game against Ross Cty semi final at hampden, we lost the game, Park was sitting just behind the bench and Lenny was taking instructions from him, it was mentioned on the commentary, they couldn’t understand why this was happening.
As Lenny said to Dermot….”You sold all my best players and brought in shite”…..word for word.


TeT,,in fairness how I recall that , and I believe it was reported so at the time on the blogs anyway , was Lenny was handed NGUEMO and during that game became exasperated with him,,called the person that bought him over , and started questioning John what exactly he seen in him.
Another one to cast your mind back, Coelho, ,, the million and a half offer for him, , was on a fax sent back John Park. Remember that one.
That’s some list above,,, the wall of shame. Traders are we? Effing bargain basement buyers or what?
God bless Emiliano
Hail Hail

The Killie V Sevco game is live on Sky Sports. So which alternative big game is BBC Radio Scotland broadcasting Live? Celtic, Hearts, Aberdeen, Hibs?

Naw, their beloved Sevco!

Another referee from the hun conveyor belt, dreadful, blatant cheating, so far, two pull backs that are yellows, the rules tell you they are yellows, nothing, some of the challenges he is allowing makes my blood boil.


If RFC had been refused a licence Celtic were next in line and unless it was unfair to do so the place would have gone to them.

Had licence been granted but it was discovered during monitoring from June and Sept it shouldn’t have, then RFC would have kept the place and been sanctioned in the following season in normal circumstances if competition underway.

BT not Sky


But , but , but Defoe and Davis equals,a win at least , and a great win at that. With dignity.
What do you mean they lost their debut? Impossible ! Undignified I tell you.
Gwan yerself Stevie Clarke

Very professional performance, never easy when you are refereed differently to the team you are up against, a master class at cheating and there will be not a peep from the club.
Oh Dearie me, the huns got beat

Who is Coelho ?
Can’t recall that one
I remember Lenny didn’t have a scooby about Nguemo,

Despite all the rough stuff against Celtic, we got the first yellow! STM got their first yellow on nearly the 88th minute !