Midweek football-get used to it!


Welcome to the second half of the league season. Tonight Celtic host St Mirren in the second of a run of seven home games,split only by a visit to St Johnstone at the start of next month. That’s a 1230 kick-off on a Sunday,so I’ll be able to watch it for,a change.


Well,it’s a result for me,and it’s important Celtic get a right good result tonight. I have no axe to grind with St Mirren-despite them trying to kill me and hundreds of other Celtic fans by forgetting to open the Exit gates at full time back in the 80s-but I’d like to see our team starting to motor through the gears.

And that starts with the defence. Every one of our defenders should be looking forward to an easy night of it,and that’s without taking anything away from the opposition. St Mirren should really be too preoccupied with their own defence,trying to combat our forwards and attacking midfielders,than to hold out much hope of giving our lads at the back a hard time. And that’s why I can’t get a fixed odds coupon up,because matches aren’t won on paper,they are won on the field.

St Mirren aren’t having an easy time of it this season,second bottom and only two points clear of Dundee. Another two points adrift of our opponents on Saturday,Hamilton Accies-and I’d say that those three will fight it out for the relegation places from here on in. I hope they decide to concentrate their efforts on the games that look more likely to yield them points,rather than busting a gut against us! So with these two fixtures looming,I think it may be time to bring back Eddie. Give him a chance to find his shooting boots,and an opportunity to team up with Tim Weah when he comes on in the second half.

I’d probably rest Broonie for this one,and if not then definitely on Saturday. The engine still ticks over nicely,but going full-throttle too often is maybe not so wise nowadays. Allow Callum to perform the Spearchucker role he was growing into earlier in the season,the confidence he will get from playing that role to perfection will do the whole team good in games to come.

All in all,it looks like a pleasant enough evening for the Celtic support. Aye,it will be cold-it’s winter in Scotland,after all!-but with only a light breeze it could be a lot worse. A few goals sprinkled around to get bums off seats and sharing some body warmth is just the thing on a night like this-cheaper than the Bovril and much more palatable! So get yourself along to the match if you can,cheer on the troops,and if your seat is anywhere near The Directors’ Box,point out to them that there’s little more than a week of this transfer window left!!!


Sadly,this site cannot let today pass without offering our condolences to all who knew and loved Emiliano Sala. There seems little prospect of any survivors from his flight,which seems to have crashed just off The Channel Islands.


R I P Emiliano


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I really like the look of Burke and Weah. Wish they were permanent signings. I’ll tell you what. Burke looks a real toughie into the bargain. Just what we need.



The fax for him to join was signed by JP I remember. Thought it was very strange to see the scout agreeing deals and sending official club faxes
Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto

I know that people dont even like to consider a future without Brendan…. but, I have to say… I watched a few minutes of the killie game … I have always been a fan of Steve Clarke … I think he sets up his teams well, and seems to get the most out of his players …. I wouldnt be too upset if he were to come to Celtic when BR decides to move on…

Mike in Toronto

JtT53 … how you keeping, pal?

Agree … Weah has speed and skill … and Burke has much more of a presence than I remember … impressed with both so far.

Auldheid, thanks for the reply. It’s important. I’ll get back to you tomorrow if you don’t mind. I’m full of excitement just now and had a few wee glasses of wine. Cheers.

Remember now, also the Park thing now my memory has been jogged, he had power at the club that was way over the top, but the manager always got the blame for signing the players, superb media control from the club, always deflect and deny, still happening today.
Give me the silver bullets and I will fire them, aye sure you will Pedro.

We played well tonight, it was like trying to get through a brick wall at times.
Also hope we can get Timo for another year, he is kwality, Oli has surprised me as well, but given the opposition I will wait and see afore I commit masel, but Timo is the biz, no wonder PSG wanted him tied down before they sent him to us.
Always liked Stevie Clarke, I would hope the suits are thinking about him, he would be a dream for Pedro, build a team for virtually feck all and do well.

Hiya Mike, feeling a good bit better now. I don’t think Christmas & NY suits me nowadays. It’s January now – a different mind set. Even although we are struggling to get above Zero degrees at times, I see the dawn slightly earlier every morning and sunset just a bit later. I notice when the first birds appear and when they go to their kips. The wee souls ! I wouldn’t like to sleep outdoors in this weather!

Thought about you today, there was an advert on Radio Clyde, Flights from Glasgow to Toronto – £360, meals included. I thought what a bargain! Don’t worry I won’t be over, my family insist on me going to my sister’s place in Spain, but so affordable.

Hope you are well. Thoroughly enjoyed that game tonight. For many reasons. The Sevco result was a nice wee added bonus.

Mike in Toronto

It was minus 20 here this week … so, I would certainly understand if you choose Spain over coming to visit us here in TO!

Glad you are feeling better. More performances like tonight, and we will all have a bit more spring in our steps.

Mike in Toronto

JtT53 … I shouldn’t complain too much about the weather …. in Labrador, Newfoundland, they have had 11 feet of snow so far this winter… and in Nunavut, they had temperatures as low as minus 65 (with wind chill)!!!!!

A thing of beauty

Just back from the game. Good result and should have had a few more. Burke links play very well and has lovely touches around the box but still not convinced he’s the answer at centre forward. Weah buzzed about and is eager to strut his stuff which I like. You can’t buy belief. All round the team played well and it was an enjoyable night in paradise but we need to be making more of the possession we have.

Mike, many years ago I was the manager of a freezer centre. The walk in freezer store was minus 40. You had to put on all this protective gear, even so, we had to come out every 20 mins. for a break. Your eyebrows, eyelashes, hairs in your nose would be frozen. Do you know why -40? Soft scoop ice cream! To make it soft and frozen they use glycerine as an ingredient which has a much lower freezing point than water, blood, meat etc. If it wasn’t for bloody soft scoop ice cream it would have been tropical by comparison!

big packy

very happy with the result, young tim weah looks the real deal, can we extend his contract peter,hh


A comfortable win tonight. Oli Burke got the breaks tonight and although a wee bit fortunate he deserved his goals. Super Timo continues to impress. And we got our first our first sighting of Bayo at half time, who obviously doesn’t feel the cold. Hh


Killie proving to be genuine title challengers.

The Gombeen Man

Brendan Rodgers says Celtic have been in contact with Maryan Shved’s reps but if he signs for Celtic it’ll be one for the future: “We’ve got about a million wingers, we don’t need another one”

If that’s the case it looks like Brendan might be putting his professional reputation before the Moneyballers

How is he supposed to motivate a team if players are being identified and possibly recruited when they aren’t required?


Sorry for putting you in bad form before the game with the Transfer Listings…I could have gone back to WGS but I felt the point was made.

We seem to operate a business in football transfers which isn’t necessarily directly related to our needs on the pitch.

Hopefully Brendan will continue to enlighten us.


Was good to see Scott Sinclair taking that penalty tonight. You know what they say if you have been in a car crash – get back into a car ASAP.

I saw that from Brendan, sort of puts things into perspective so it does.

It’s been a very long day, it’s been a very good day football wise.
Sleep well Timland.

Sportscene on at 12.15am, this should be fun. Wish I had bought a bigger carry oot!

The Gombeen Man


Haven’t seen the interview live but read it online. Pretty damning of any notion that BR is running the recruitment.

Good win tonight and Sevco losing is a real boost. Delighted too that we have some clarity about the recruitment issue.


My brother, nephew and myself were talking about Maryan Shved earlier on today, sounds decent enough player but not essential just now. We need to concentrate on the back line if it’s possible.

The Gombeen Man

Yep Jim.

One for the future and hopefully we’ll get something sorted at the back.

Great to see you on. Enjoy the match on the tele….Did you not get a new tele?

HH & Nite All

Por Cierto

I worked in a Freezer place many years ago about 45yrs ago lol, it was in Pollokshaws. Boy, it was Freezing. por cierto.

TGM, You will probably be away now, but if you do catch up, yes I got my new 50″ TV up & running a week past on Sunday. So I started watching the Masters snooker – no football on that interests me that week. I was hooked for a week, every day twice a day. It was brilliant. Hadn’t watched the snooker for quite a few years. I now have a new hero. Judd Trump.

In addition to my comment to REBUS67 about wingers,it seems that Brendan reckons we have enough of them too!



Thsts nothing ffs . Back in Beal Fierste I remember one night it was soo cold the flame on the candle froze. You lot had it easy


Wish I had bought a bigger carry oot!

Haha. Great stuff. Although can I recommend always keep a bottle of something for medical purposes. That can suffice in extreme cases. 😉

Margaret McGill

Res 12 is dead and is going nowhere.
Lawwell has decided.
Wise up.
The Celtic squad is what it is and always will be on a daily basis with the current custodians because its what Lawwell has decided.
Anyone who disagrees with these 2 comments is deluded and probably believes that Jesus walked on water etc etc etc
or worse
believes that its not Glasgow Rangers that play out of Ibrox.


New Article Posted!


Join the discussion…Whatever happened to the Zheng Zhi money?


Apologies for delay Gold

The difficulty is in obtaining mainstream interest. It doesn’t help when Mark Daly recognises there is a story but has one of his own to pursue, but passes it to the sports desk who do SFA.

So before a single course of action might succeed the awareness of the issue needs to become more widespread using social media to present facts that folk, including msm can draw their own conclusions from.

Not just facts about 2011 although they are the catalyst for reform but how the SFA dealt with matters thereafter, particularly in relation to responses to shareholders in Celtic that have been unprofessional at best in terms of avoiding answers.

Work is underway to do that and until that happens (by end February is target in time for ST Renewal) its not possible to answer you specifically on your questions although I’ll try

(1) Is there a single course of action that can be taken to bring things to a head?

A) Unless SFA and clubs waken up then reference to the police to investigate would be it, but that would take the matters out of shareholder hands and provide more blue long grass to slow the Res12 ball down.

(2) Who should/could take a course of action?

If supporters of other clubs do not react/respond to the facts It has to come from Celtic supporters as a group along with the Celtic Board in whose best interests it would then become to be seen as working openly with the support to protect shareholder interests and bring about SFA reform. The CSA are well up to date but all recognised groups would have to join in.

(3) What route should any course of action take? See above

(4) How much would it cost? The police route is at no cost, to continue with current course via shareholders lawyers Id need to seek advice, but bill so far is in region of £10k.

(5) Could anything detrimental to Celtic occur if it backs such action against it’s home association?

From where? UEFA? For showing that the national association is at best lax in its job as a UEFA Licensor? From the media who would then be arguing reform wasnt necessary? The policy has to be to make it clear the issue is SFA reform and stick to that.

Auldheid you have kind of addressed my thought in your reply to Gold above.

I was thinking around the potential loss of income to Celtic in CL participation. Also, if Ranger were not allowed surely another Scottish team would have entered the EL qualifiers? Why are they not complaining?

But it seems to me that you guys have done everything by the book. Provided the evidence to the SFA and the Celtic board (and Eufa?) Even the ‘silver bullet’ in May/June. Yet, nothing! A reminder to the new CO – nothing!

What’s left to do?

A season ticket boycott? If only. This is different from 2012. Fans of all clubs understood profoundly the absolutely shameful and disgraceful way the authorities were trying to shoehorn the new club into the top two leagues. It was simple and easy to understand. The fans were animated. And it was timeous.

It isn’t remotely like that now. I speak to some Celtic fans and they know little of Res.12 nor care. It’s too complicated and its ‘years ago’!

I have come to the conclusion that I see no other way than through the courts. I believe JC on SFM is like minded with that?

The thing is, you mentioned the Police. Which would suggest criminality. Obviously potential fraud of shareholders earnings.

For some reason I had been thinking along the lines of a civil action at the Court of session. How it could be couched in those terms I haven’t a clue but I’m sure a decent QC would.

Obviously this would require crowd funding. I have no doubt this would be a success.

Auldheid, in the worst case scenario, even if it failed, if all the truth came out in open court as to what happened, who were involved, it would be worth it! Expose it all. Let heads roll!

Good luck.


Luckily it’s not up to Lawell but is up to what supporters are prepared to accept.

Being lied to is a red line for me.


All the truth will come out. It’s what supporters decide to do about it that will count.