Face value

Yesterdays presser seen Brendan launch what must be described as a bit of an impassioned defence of the Plc’s transfer strategy , and the head scout , and gave us all another insight into the transfer dealing which vex soo many of us .

Although I know the gaffer likes a bit of diplomatic talk and seems to sit on the fence very well on whichever issue hes choses , I will take him absolutely at face value on this one ,, he has credit in my bank .

He was very clear in saying he green lighted all incoming transfers using the phrase “ it will come to me in the process.”

He also added “ The club work in a particular  way to develop young talent and my job is to access the talent . “

This the day after admitting the club was bringing in a player he didnt know much about , but had became available and was being brought in and loaned straight out probably .

This wont stop certains arguments rearing their head but for the second time in as many days we get an insight into the internal transfer workings , even though Brendan went on to say “ I dont need to share anything about the internal working of the club! “

No , you dont , but do you not think the lifeblood of that club deserve a bit of information ?

Not asking for state secrets here .  For instance its a three man committee , Peter Lee and myself , with myself having the final say would be perfectly fine without letting any cat out the bag. But  they want to play their cards close to their chest , whatever floats their boat .

Then onto Lee , whom was the recipient of an public backing at the same presser .

I find this a bit strange as to me anyway Lee wasnt taking much flak . But hes Brendans bhoy , and he has just gotten an arm around the shoulder , a very public one at that .

Some in the media were accused of snowballing the transfers, or lack of , issue to his displeasure also .

There also was  the gutting news that Anthony Ralston has done a cruciate and is out long term, tampered with Kieran returning to training in a weeks time for a bit of good news .

Firstly about the right back berth  , terrible news but it cant be that hard to pick up a right back on loan for the remainder of the season ,, we do well with loans in general ,, surely we would consider that route now Anthony is out ?

We know we tried to buy a couple right backs and it hasnt worked out . Our business there must be stepped up now after this latest set back . We simply must bag one after that bad news.  However seems our targets arent for coming .

Can we learn any lessons from that ? We went in for a Belgian International in a bigger league and got knocked back . If he was our first choice there was alway a high percentage of a refusal ,, no foreigner  in their prime dreams of playing in Scottish football .

The second and third choice should not have the same profile ,, only makes sense .

While I would love Anthony to hold that position long term , the fact is we need a right back for any Euro qualifiers , and we dont have one available ! Mik gone , Tony injured for the next 6 months or so.

And right back is traditionally one of our favourite attacking positions !

This is now absolute priority number one , we must have one for the June qualifiers , and I certainly expect it to be addressed .

Then the media bit ,, who exactly is upsetting them I wonder and dont tell me they care about what the media say ? The same media that know a good Hun story and a negative Celtic story equals great sales even if it is pish ? Worried about the media .. why Brendan ?

The blogs are hammering Peter not you , and Im not reading Lee’s name getting dragged through the mud , rather everyone’s shaking their head saying how about spending some of that record turnover ?

The media should never be afforded that level of gravitas that they force public backings of employees.  

Then the scouting department and Lee . Well I’ll take Brendans word hes good at his job and knows a player ,, but it just doesn’t seem to happen  as far as going down the list of targets and getting one of your three or four choices when a position needs filled .

If the scouting is good , I would hate to see it when its bad .  

All in all though Ive no doubt Brendan will bring that league trophy home again .

A right back would be a nice hat tip to him for a stellar record.

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January 26, 2019 5:51 am


I think the content of Brendan’s media briefings recently is only serving to muddy the waters even further. It is really becoming like a soap opera,the kind where the bad guy turns out to be such a hit with the viewers that they turn him into the angelic boy-next-door.

Confused-you bloody well will be,trying to understand all of this,except that,unlike SOAP,it isn’t funny. My own personal opinion on all of this is that no-one is coming out of it smelling of roses. There seems to be a lack of forward planning even as the wagons are circled,and there’s definitely a lack of credibility when the manager says one thing-immediately following a match-and another,a day prior to the next one.

All of this leads to an inevitable breakdown in trust from the fans;I know that I’m struggling to know what or who to believe anymore. Once the trust goes,any relationship is in trouble.

This whole crap game is damaging Celtic,and it’s time to put a stop to it.

The Exiled Tim
January 26, 2019 8:19 am

Brendan said the same thing when he was manager at Liverpool, that he had the final say on who comes in, what he also said, this was said after he left, was that he never refused a player, reason being any player was better than no player.
Nothing in what was said yesterday was telling me that Brendan is in control of all the transfer dealings, but those who stick their heads in the sand are seeing it their way, they even call those who see it the opposite for them, conspiracy theorists and they tell us we are not Celtic supporters.
In the world I live in they are the ones who are not Celtic supporters, they are board supporters who are so fecking subservient that they believe anything their lord and masters tell them, the huns had so many of them it helped kill them, thankfully the majority of the Celtic support have more brains than to follow follow down that doffing the cap route that some of our support have fallen into.

big packy
Reply to  The Exiled Tim
January 26, 2019 8:36 am

THE EXILEDTIM/ BOBBY, cant disagree with any of that, something is not right in paradise at the moment regarding the ceo and Brendan, we need a right back as mahe said if only on loan while Kieran and Anthony are injured, will we get one —- hh.

January 26, 2019 8:54 am

We have been needing a quality right back for well over a year now to replace Mikel. With Ralston out injured our back up is Gamboa who can’t defend to save himself which leaves us vulnerable unless one of our million wingers can be converted into a RB. Hh

big packy
Reply to  Gordon64
January 26, 2019 9:08 am

GORDON64, how are you pal, yes weve got a million wingers but no right back, you couldn’t make it up.hh.

January 26, 2019 9:19 am

Hi Mahe, good morning.

I concur with almost all you write in today’s editorial.

What I can’t accept is the suggestion that the inner-workings of the club’s recruitment system needs to be laid open for all to see. I can think of no other club in the football world that finds this a necessity. If Man City, with all their money find difficulties(see Pep on BBC Sport website)in getting the players they want, surely Celtics situation at the other end of the money spectrum must be understood for what it is.

Brendan knows he made an error in giving the febrile media and some of our own fantasists, an open goal to shoot into with his “millions of wingers” quote. We have probably five wingers- Forrest, Sinclair, Johnson, Hayes and possibly Burke if we don’t use him through the middle. Morgan will go on loan and Arzani is long-term injured. Burke, Hayes could be gone by June.

Brendan says that Lee identifies many players that would be a good fit, however their availability and affordability can stop any deal in its tracks.

I feel certain that we will bring in a right-back, even more so now that young Ralston is out long-term.

Some of the wild comments and accusations by posters to this blog have to be seen to be believed. We all no that nothing is perfect in life, human beings make mistakes and we all get on with it.

One thing is for sure DD, PL and the board of Celtic will not be brought down by gossip and mischief-making by malcontents on a few social-media sites.

January 26, 2019 9:37 am

I am sad to read of Neil Lennon’s suspension at Hibs. Regardless of the outcome, it has surely finished any notion that he could ever return to Celtic as manager.

Some on here say that before he left Celtic he told Peter Lawwell that the players were “sh***”. I wonder if he has said something similar to Dempster.

Where will he go next? Probably to an Irish club.

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  Gold
January 26, 2019 10:25 am

See if you actually bothered to read what I post instead of making up shite that you think I post to suit your agenda.

A thing of beauty
Reply to  Gold
January 26, 2019 10:33 am

Hi Gold, I accept that some of the comments on peter lawwell are entirely negative and there does seem to be some who will not give him credit for anything he has done. I also think that most on here do give peter credit for sponsorship deals, increasing the clubs profile at uefa level and the general state of the club as regards our stadium and the improvements around it. Where I get annoyed is the football transfer dealings. Check that list posted the other day, it’s terrible. All I am saying is he should stick to the business side of the football club and stay clear of the football side. I understand the two are combined but there maybe needs to be a buffer between peter and Brendan now because this discord is causing the team to suffer as is evidenced in the slide since Brendan’s all conquering first season. That was done on the back of tremendous coaching where he improved several players beyond recognition but from that he should have got better players to kick us on. Instead he didn’t and things have gone backwards. Will you accept that if the window closes and we don’t get a right back then we have got a problem with our recruitment strategy. You seem sure we will sign one and I hope you are right but if we don’t then it’s proof for me that moneyball trumps first team planning.
Anyway gold enjoy the game. I am just leaving now. I appreciate you are a supporter the same as myself and we could be sitting next to each other today cheering on our team and our differences of opinion would not matter a jot. COYBIG

Reply to  A thing of beauty
January 26, 2019 11:18 am


I am sure that Peter Lawwell does stick to the business side, actually I find it amazing that anyone would believe that he gets involved in the selection of players.

We have all heard Brendan say, probably at every news conference, that his love is the coaching and guidance of players and entreching our style of play in the squad. How on earth would he have the time to watch players all over Europe and in the US?

In our unbeaten season we had Dembele (32), Griffiths(18), Armstrong(17) and Roberts(11) firing on all cylinders. That was 78 goals between them.

In season two all four had long periods of injury – Dembele (19), Griffiths(13), Armstrong(5) and Roberts(4). Only 41 goals between them – we were not so fluent.

This season apart from the odd appearance by Griffiths, all have gone. So from averaging around 60 goals per season, we are down to just a few from Griffiths. Eduard and Sinclair are ‘chipping in, but the regular scorers have been missed.

It takes time to recover and get back up to speed, however we have won the first trophy of the season, are top of the league, in the last 32 of EL, have signed three exciting players with another coming in on Monday – so just a right-back and we are off and running for the rest of the season.

This is good news to me as I head off to the bath before setting off to Celtic Park – hope you enjoy the game and we get the points HH

Awe Naw
January 26, 2019 12:02 pm

My reading of Brendans presser yesterday was one of not rocking the boat. He enthused for a very long time about the two players we have for another 5 months.

The question remains is Brendan content to continue in his present role developing young players in Scotland having won everything in Scotland twice already ?

Reply to  Awe Naw
January 26, 2019 2:18 pm

Hi Awe Naw.

That’s a very ‘glass half empty’ summation.

He certainly “rocked the boat” a few days earlier and all Celtic detractors were prepared to believe him then – but now, when he clarifies and says other things, apparently he is not to be believed.

Yes at the moment we have Burke and Weah only till June, however I am optimistic that both deals could be extended (glass half full).

I don’t know the answer to your last question, however let’s enjoy what we have now (again glass half-full).

Just arriving at Celtic Park, my unpaid driver will collect me at 18:00hrs.HH

Awe Naw
Reply to  Gold
January 26, 2019 5:02 pm

We will see this summer Gold. Nothing would please me more for him to stay. Except maybe putting Valencia away. I honesty think a wee European run will help him decide to hang around for longer. His own development as a coach is also paramount I would reckon.

Have to say I thought our whipping bhoys were excellent today. He’s finished Mikael Lustig, He’s too old and carrying an injury Scott Brown, He plays one good game in five James Forrest and the teachers pet Scott Sinclair have all been immense against Airdrie, St. Mirren and Hamilton.

January 26, 2019 5:57 pm

I know as much or as little as others on the recruitment strategy of the club. I have no doubt that BR was frustrated with the news that we were signing a wide player from the Ukraine. This suggests, strongly, that BR does not pick all of the targets during a window. Also, the number of times that we go to MC for loans, sometimes with a view to purchase, suggests that PL’s link with that club is being used, perhaps with the manager’s blessing to target players. The same is true with PL’s link with PSG, which has proved beneficial to the club, see Edouard and Weah. On the other hand, Congerton is BR’s recommendation so that suggests that BR has a fair measure of control over recruitment, certainly from the targeting perspective, if not the acquisitions.

I think that there is probably two types of recruitment going on. One is the project form, such as Shved, and inspired by PL as a profit contributor to the bottom line. The second is based upon the manager’s targeting of players and the scouting function of the club. Willingly, or otherwise, there are constraints placed upon the manager’s role in this. PL would prefer to see young players with potential brought in because that fits with his concern upon generating revenue through player development. Bayo falls into this category, and also the loans, Burke and Weah, if we are able to acquire either of them(Burke being the most likely.) The club should have learned that acquiring, even through frees, of older players is very high risk. Players such as Ljundberg, Cole, Dublin, Commper, and Ian Wright were expensive failures, even although some of them did make marginal contributions.I suspect PL feels burned by these decisions, whether he originated them or not.

So the most favourable conditions for a transfer to happen will be when the two strategies come together…that is, a young player with potential in a position that the team needs. Shved does not fit these conditions, which suggests, to me, that PL gets his way in these circumstances. There is nothing wrong with transactions like this, provided that two conditions are met: 1. they do not detract from recruitment of players that we need in particular positions, and 2. that these acquisitions do not hamper the development of academy players for the first team. Further, buying quality players who are the second half of their twenties is unlikely, because they will conflict with PL’s requirement that they can be developed and sold on. Occasionally, PL will stray from his criteria, especially with a new manager coming in, as we saw with Sinclair who was 26-27 at the time. So where does this leave us?

PL will be content to stay out of recruitment, provided he sees some acquisitions happening that fit his need of developing players for sale. Occasionally, he perceives that particular opportunities arise where for the club can pick up a bargain that will provide a short opportunity for profit, such as Shved. Selling our best players is, of course, not popular with our manager. Conflict is inevitable, especially if no adequate replacements are targeted and recruited.

All of the above, IMHO.


big packy
Reply to  rebus67
January 26, 2019 6:08 pm

Hi REBUS, good win today,but as regards your points about transfer strategy, your correct we get young players in develop them, then sell to the epl, hence a big profit for peter and the club, but you are never going to get a settled side by doing that.imho of course, hope you are well.hh.

Por Cierto
Reply to  big packy
January 26, 2019 7:54 pm

We are never going to make enough money unless we do do that but por cierto.

January 26, 2019 7:57 pm

I’ve been doing a bit of maths.

Celtic are on 48 pints, sorry, points with 16 games still to play.
St. Mirren are on 12 points with 16 games still to play.

If Celtic lose all their remaining fixtures and St. Mirren win all of theirs we could be in trouble!

big packy
Reply to  Por Cierto
January 26, 2019 8:01 pm

HI POR CIERTO,but its okay making money when everything in the garden is rosy but what happens when you have a bad harvest, only my opinion,.hope you are well.hh.

big packy
Reply to  jimthetim53
January 26, 2019 8:17 pm

jim how are you nice to see you posting yes statistics have I spelt that right unlike you young ghuys im 65 not like you 45 year olds.???

Sol Kitts
January 26, 2019 8:22 pm

Nice win today, watched it on Hesgoal. We were in total control for the entire game and should have scored plenty more, but their keeper had a great match apart from the errors for 2 of our goals.
Ref needs to be told what persistent infringement of the laws of the game means. It’s all very well talking to players after a foul, but when it’s clear they’re not listening that’s the time to produce a card – means next time is red. Looked like he was determined to let Accies kick us all game. Ryan took far too many hits but nothing was done till very late in the game. Still, 3 points collected, Kille and the sheep drop 2 each, and a good chance Livi will take something off Sevco tomorrow on their plastic pitch.

January 26, 2019 8:24 pm

Another decent performance that inches us closer to 8 in a row. Too early for Timo to lead the line. Burke was excellent when he came on. Mikels legs have most definitely gone. Not sure why we are playing 4 at the back and a holding midfield player at home to Hamilton. Callum was our best player however Hamilton’s goalie was my motm. Hh

Reply to  big packy
January 26, 2019 8:27 pm

BP, you know fine well I’m 65 too! Cheeky devil!

Reply to  rebus67
January 26, 2019 8:33 pm

Hi Rebus.

Brendan has said that the Shved deal came about ‘all of a sudden” and was put together by an agent with whom he dealt with at Liverpool and in whom he trusts. My reading of that is that the agent said to Brendan “this boy is good, and can be had for a fixed-price, however if you don’t move quick, there are others interested”

I know that I sound like a broken record, however I really don’t believe that PL is involved in any single player transaction except for the financial side. We have a club manager and recruitment manager who know what the Celtic model requires for permanent signings. Add to this the academy graduates and some opportune loans and the picture is complete. In a first-team squad of around twenty-eight, we could have, the perfect mix:

Purchased 18 (65%)
Academy 6 (21%)
Loans 4 (14%)

Of course with outgoings the squad will need to be re-booted on a season by season basis, however that is the market we are in.

Our model is correct – read what Pep Guardiola days on BBC Sport today regarding transfers and getting the right players in. HH

January 26, 2019 8:37 pm

On the game today, which I enjoyed, congrats to the team on increasing our lead at the top. Every point will be valuable from now on as the incompetence of the refs continues.

I fear for Ryan Christie as he hangs on to the ball to the last seconds before he is tackled. One day, he will be injured which will seriously inhibit the team.

We got a better, more accurate view of Weah today. He is limited with his back to the goal. His ball control is not good enough for that position. We can talk about the toe poke that he missed but the real miss was the header two yards from goal that he missed completely. So he has a bit of growing to do but he is in the best place to do it.

Our movement seems to have improved as we tried to use passes into the channels today. Long may it continue.

The defence looked vulnerable today on the few occasions that the Hammies got forward. Attacks down both wings created panic and several headers were missed by the CBs. Maybe it was the shock of the opposition getting into our box.I was also a bit concerned about Bain not coming out for crosses. Seems that he and the CBs need to come to some understanding.

Burke is something of an enigma…very strong, can turn defenders, can head the ball….however, his shooting is weak. Perhaps, the lack of games has inhibited that. If he finds his shot, then he will be a super star.

I have criticised SS a lot but in the first half he was excellent. He tended to shade off in the second half and got his goal when he had dropped out of the game.

I assume that Johnson was told to move inside? He was less effective under those instructions. It also left Lustig exposed which is not something that the team needs.

I really hope that we get a RB before the Valencia games.

The golden raspberry award was shared today between Alan Muir, who was too small to see over the blades of grass and thus missed many of the illegal tackles from the away team; and D. Imrie, who used to offer something positive to a game with his pace and crosses into the box, but now is concerned with perpetrating sneeky fouls as his way of announcing that he is on the park. Find another job, Doug, you do not look good out there. You should be giving your team the benefits of your experience rather than kicking ankles and hip checking players on the edge of the box. Your team needs more.


Reply to  jimthetim53
January 26, 2019 8:45 pm

Jim and Packy,

You are mere lads! Do you shave?

I am 73 in a couple of weeks. I’ll send instructions of where to send my presents.

I see that you both post on CQN. I guess you get something out of that?

I used to post the “odd” piece on there but I have become particular about where I am ignored. I prefer to be ignored here or etims.


big packy
Reply to  rebus67
January 26, 2019 8:50 pm

REBUS67, hi pal, my posts on cqn get ignored every day, so you are in good company, by the way I love your posts.hh take care.

Reply to  rebus67
January 26, 2019 8:51 pm

Rebus, I’m rarely on CQN nowadays. Still read it but feel more at home here.

January 26, 2019 8:51 pm

What to make of today’s game. Well it was the third in a row at CP against inferior opposition, nonetheless they gave us a couple of frights at 1-0

I am reserving judgement until after the St Johnstone match and a couple of away fixtures. The team is nothing like it was two seasons ago, however we are rebuilding extensively up front.

Burke looks just what we have needed since Moussa dropped out injured last season and eventually left – a quick physical presence with good skill. Timo & Mikey showed today that they are still developing talents.

I take no offence as to the sentiment of the GB banner, however I would have worded it differently.

Finally, can I mention John McGinn. He has caused us no little trouble since the summer window. He chose Aston Villa, no problem there, however the fiasco led to a major fall out between fans, the manager and the CEO. Then he comes up to sit on a panel at the Easter Road game and tells us that Lenny gets Hibs to target Mikael Lustig, as he is our weakest link – ever since the dogs in the street have been barking that ML is finished. With friends like John, who needs enemies?

Mikael Lustig is not finished – Brendan knows it and so do I.

Reply to  Gold
January 26, 2019 8:52 pm


I do not object to transfers that are designed to boost revenue(and then profit). BR’s comment that “the club” was going to sign Shved suggested to me that he was not involved in identifying the player. His remark that we had millions of wingers was also instructive.

If PL has generated this signing without consulting with the football department on whether this guy is any good, then that is bad business and poor HR.

Still there are probably nuances that neither of us understand.


Reply to  big packy
January 26, 2019 8:54 pm


And I love you too! How about a date? You, me and Maggie on a threesome!

Got to go and move snow before the Rebusette gets home.


A thing of beauty
Reply to  Gold
January 26, 2019 9:17 pm

Hi gold,
Like you I will reserve judgement till after killie away before saying if there has been improvement. What we did learn today as alluded above, Weah is a long way from playing centre forward for Celtic. We looked better when Burke came on but we need a proper striker playing up there to take advantage of the huge amounts of possession we have, especially at home. Listing had a poor game, to say otherwise is not being honest imo. He did put a lovely cross in for Sinclairs goal but aside from that his delivery was poor. His passing into midfield, second half especially was also poor, he gave the ball away at least 3 times in 5 minutes at one point. So much so that the guy beside me said that he must’ve changed his first name to for f**ks sake, bcos that was the most common phrase we heard all day – ffs lustig. As for his defending, yet again just not assured and struggles to get back. He was caught well up the park when they created one of their few chances and brown had to chase the guy back. Cmon gold, we all love mikael, he’s been a great servant but when you’re done , you’re done. He certainly can’t play two games a week so a right back is priority. Not another winger. I just heard Brendan attempt to be diplomatic about the gb banner today before going on to say we are educated fans and we know what we’re watching. So I would suggest he is getting pretty pissed off we have not yet recruited a right back. 5 days and counting. As the banner said 10 in a row is not a project…back Brendan or lose him. Hear hear.

Reply to  A thing of beauty
January 26, 2019 9:29 pm


Agree with most of your game review – but as you might expect, not the Lustig bit – however we move on.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are looking to sign a right-back, but identifying one that fits the bill and is affordable is proving difficult.

I also think that we will attempt to sign Berkovic and Burke permanently – they suit us, but again it is down to money. HH

A thing of beauty
Reply to  Gold
January 26, 2019 9:50 pm

Let’s agree to disagree about lustig but I hope you’re right about Burke and Benkovic. Both will go on to have top careers. I know an U21 colleague of Burke who swears he has never played with or against a quicker player but he lacks game intelligence. That’s where Brendan’s coaching comes into play. If he can get this boy thinking about the game and his positional play he’ll be some force. I wasn’t convinced and I’m still not pleased with any 6 month loan but it’s where we are and let’s hope he can learn quickly.

Reply to  A thing of beauty
January 26, 2019 10:04 pm

A Thing of Beauty

I know the loan system isn’t the best and most Celtic fans would love permanent signings but am afraid Benkovic at £13m on crazy EPL wages and young Timothy USA international and PSG player how else could we get players of that quality to Scotland … every other team in the world use the system so should we not enjoy what we can get ? I would love Celtic to sign Benkovic, Burke & Weah but am afraid these types of “young” players are even out with our great club… sadly

January 26, 2019 10:20 pm

The GB banner today was imo entitled nonsense. What does ’10 in a row is not a project’ actually mean ? and ‘back him or lose him’ ? BR is for the off at the end of the season whatever happens.

Reply to  GFTB
January 26, 2019 10:23 pm

Sadly so true.

Reply to  jimthetim53
January 26, 2019 10:31 pm


I sort of quite like we can’t go out and spend £13m on a player who isn’t even a first pick (Benkovic / Leicester) although having watched Match of the Day Benkovic is far better than what they have 🙂 would we still have the same emotional attachment…. I watched a bit of the Everton game & the West Ham gave their players are multi million stars but give me Tierney, Broony, MacGregor, Forest & co any day of the week…. (even though they are now probably very rich bhoys as well)

Reply to  Gordon64
January 26, 2019 10:49 pm

Gordon, you honestly don’t understand what the GB meant by ‘project’ ?

Let me say this. Peter Lawwell is not a Celtic supporter or even a fan. He is a number cruncher likewise Dermot Desmond.

Did you see the list of signings posted under his tenure a few days ago?

He is a fanatic for signing projects. Most of whom fail. In the hope that we buy cheap and sell dear. That’s all he knows. Occasionally he allows a proper signing to keep a manager for more than a few months.

What has his reaction been to Res.12, LNS, SFA corruption, refereeing bias?

A Celtic man? don’t make me laugh.

As for BR intentions you know as much as I do. That is nothing!

We know through history what PL’s intentions are however.


Reply to  GFTB
January 26, 2019 11:12 pm

I know what you are saying. We can still be good with local guys who don’t cost the earth. But I suppose I’m harking back to the days when we could have afforded these players and supplement our Scottish players. It’s all went crazy thanks to SKY.

Reply to  jimthetim53
January 26, 2019 11:35 pm

Jim The GB banner today was childish entitled nonsense. Lets focus our efforts on winning this league. HH

Reply to  Gordon64
January 26, 2019 11:46 pm


I agree, I think BR has already decided to go. AS we get nearer 10 in a row, the pressure will be incredible. If he feels that he is not fully backed, he will not subject himself to that….nor does it make sense from his career perspective.

If his Celtic put in a good performance vs Valencia, he be off to La Liga next season.


Reply to  Gordon64
January 26, 2019 11:49 pm

Gordon, I have disagreed several times with GB banners (and songs). But I have no problem with todays. You get the impression that our board don’t give a shit about us making history. I’m surprised you don’t see that. That banner today didn’t come from nowhere. It reflects the feelings of a lot of fans.

But you are correct in saying lets focus on winning this league. One year at a time. I normally hate talk of 10 in a row. But PL needs to be aware.


Reply to  A thing of beauty
January 26, 2019 11:56 pm

ATOB and Gold,

I agree that we need to wait until the new formation comes up against one of our challegers, but the ST J game will also be indicative of our real progress. They are a different class from the Hammies and the Saints.

Lustig has been a great servant to the club and he can still play football but two games a week is now beyond him. Shame about Ralston who cannot seem to win for losing…between those two I think we would be fine for the SPL but not for Europe. The same applies for Izzy who is now a good SPL player but will be exposed in Europe.

As I have said, I think we shall lose BR but what a fine ambassador he is for the club. At the end of the game he went over to the Hammie goalie and talked to him to reassure him. Class! he went round a few of the Hammies as well to talk with them. Then he had a chat with Burke to advise him on a couple of aspects of his game. True class.


Margaret McGill
Reply to  Gordon64
January 27, 2019 2:21 am

Lawwells remit is to make money for the shareholders/stakeholders and himself and his cronies.The football on the park is incidental. If investments on the park work then good! If not then sell to cover (Dembele etc). Europe? 10iar? Not relevant. What is relevant is money and the paradigm is:

Nice turnover
EPL fodder
Europe if yer lucky
whit are the huns daein?

and the squad will be tailored accordingly.

How come none of you can see the elephant in the room?
Is it a Catholic faith thing?

January 27, 2019 8:37 am

Remind me what was the SFA response to the statement about Beaton’s ‘see no evil’performance at Ibrox ? Was the Perth summit the sum of it ? Beaton should de facto not be allowed to referee another match until there is a satisfactory response from Maxwell, Fleming and Whyte. Keep the pressure on. Hh

big packy
Reply to  Gordon64
January 27, 2019 8:41 am

GORDON, remember when the refs went on strike and we had foreign refs, we got treated fairly bring them back.hh.

January 27, 2019 9:24 am

Good morning all.

I am having some doubts on the future of Boyata. His “slight groin” as stated by Brendan, seems to have come at a convenient time bearing in mind the closure of the window.

He looked absolutely fine at the end of the Airdrie game – so I am puzzled.

There are at least four clubs in the bottom half of the EPL and three near the top of the Championship who could do with a centre-back and who could afford him – has someone made a £10m bid?

If we could bring another in, plus a right-back, it may be the way to go.

Is it just me, or has the English market been uncommonly quiet this year?

January 27, 2019 9:31 am

Thought Celtic, and the game yesterday was very poor. Will take 3 goals and 3 points every week though. Wish Oliver Burke was our permanent player. Like the look of him. He will be a star performer, hopefully for Celtic.

Reply to  Garry
January 27, 2019 9:49 am

Garry. have to agree with you. the warning signs are all there. If we don’t sort out both full back positions then we are in big trouble.

Reply to  rebus67
January 27, 2019 9:52 am

Hi Rebus.

Looks like Brendan new the young keeper from his days at Liverpool.

On Brendan, the board, the CEO, the fans and Lee Congerton – history shows that when the manager’s general demeanour becomes the headline, parting of the ways is sure to follow.

Take for example the last few seasons in the EPL – Conte, Mourhino, Wenger and Ranieri, all winners – all gone.

Quite frankly I am fed up of the distraction – at every press conference, and there are two a week at the moment, the media are geared up waiting for a ‘killer’ phrase, or sentence to fall from the manager’s lips – these days Brendan never disappoints them.

Why can’t these things be hammered out behind closed doors? If an agreement cannot be reached then let’s make a decision a d move on. Right now we are dying the death of a thousand cuts – slow, painful and tortuous.

Sevco are a debt-ridden mess, run by a crook and managed by a rookie – yet no such trouble at their press gatherings – all singing from the same hymn sheet and backed up by seemingly never-ending line of ‘backslapping’ former players. Our former employees just can’t wait to put the boot in.

It makes me wonder, who is the successful, honest, well-run club and who is the cheating shambles who have won nothing for eight years.