The Monday Mish-mash


No,the title of today’s article hasn’t been spelt wrongly in reference to Saturday’s game,it’s because Saturday’s game didn’t throw up anything really worthy of discussion! It really was a mismatch,though we did make life difficult for ourselves,but it brought little worthy of mention.

A satisfying scoreline,3-0 so a third clean sheet with ten goals scored in the three games. Maybe a clue that for all his excellence so far,Tim Weah isn’t yet ready to play as a sole striker,especially not when the service is so limited. That’s about it really,move along nothing to see here.

There were however some interesting points worth discussing,mostly away from Celtic Park. Including the simple one of actually getting away from Celtic Park! With Glasgow City Council seemingly hell-bent on introducing their ludicrous parking restrictions in an approx 2km radius around the ground,a lot of Celtic fans are going to be woefully indisposed as they trail to and from Celtic Park. My Dad,for one,will be in bother,as his mobility is not what it was,and he is a fit stripling of a lad by comparison with many who travel.

Now,I appreciate that these restrictions are not to be applied exclusively to Celtic Park,but the two other large stadia in the city are very well-served by public transport. Celtic Park is not. It’s a fair old hike from Belgrove,Bridgeton,Dalmarnock stations,though admittedly not as far as the extent of the restrictions,and the trains are unlikely to have the capacity required. Same can be said of the buses,unless some bright spark comes up with the wizard wheeze of running a shuttle bus. This would take an almighty leap of forward thinking on someone’s behalf,and is as likely as me winning Mr Universe.

ATHINGOFBEAUTY posted yesterday about her experience travelling from Ayr. I could do that journey in thirty minutes each way,yet it took her bus over an hour simply to get onto the motorway! This shambles will only get worse if these restrictions are put into operation,because people will view a supporters bus as the preferred option to a 2km walk each way,often in pissing rain or on icy footpaths. I don’t know what the council were thinking of when they dreamed this one up,but I certainly don’t think they had an eye on the next local elections. A vote loser if ever there was one.

Onto the transfer window. You already know my feelings on this,and our need for a Paul Telfer-type right back is becoming more pressing with every passing day. However,maybe our problems with getting deals done isn’t simply down the “our”,it maybe down to “getting deals done” The last few days have seen Man City,of all clubs,bemoaning the difficulty of getting players in,Man Utd have done nothing of note,nor have Liverpool,Arsenal or Spurs-even with their injury problems. Even Chelsea have been relatively quiet,though a 31yo loan signing from Napoli in Higuain may well be the best deal of the window.

What is unlikely to be the best deal of the window was made by Barcelona,the club who have for years epitomised The Beautiful Game. Yes,they have slipped from their peak since the decline and departure of Xavi and Iniesta,and have never really replaced Carlos Puyol,but surely they can do better than signing Kevin Prince Boateng. That they’ve signed him as a striker,not first choice but in order to provided respite and rotation for Suarez and Dembele,is an even bigger worry for their fans. That he was signed because their main targets didn’t want to join should worry them most. When Barcelona can’t sign a striker,when Man City can’t lay their hands on anyone,maybe I’ll cut PL some slack. Provided he is as honest with the fans as Man City and Barcelona have been-you knew it couldn’t last,didn’t you?!!

I mentioned the other day that we should still be an attraction for most players,that outwith the EPL and the top clubs in the rest of the Big Five leagues,we offer as good a package as anyone. MARGARET MCGILL improved greatly on that statement earlier this morning on the previous article,which I’ll reproduce below.


Margaret McGill
Kuppla things.

In my opinion the word outside of Scotland is that Celtic is a stepping stone to the EPL if you are a professional footballer.
Any professional footballer who wants to sign for Celtic is probably given a list of pros and cons
as to whether this may be good or not for their career by their agent.

EPL if you’re good enough
Salary is reasonable
If you fit in and prove yourself the fans will love you.
You may go down in history
Once established the opportunities are good elsewhere also.
The fitness regime is excellent and facilities superb.
some games the atmosphere is special

The team you are playing in is weak
The European shop window is intermittent
The entire Scottish football establishment is anti Celtic so the situation is volatile and can collapse any season.
You will not be protected from injury as a Celtic player in the SPL.
Expect to be cheated.
the media will lie about you 24×7.
You need to understand the Old Firm

there are of course many more pros and cons for playing for Celtic and these also apply to Scottish players. Maybe just a point of discussion and you can add your own pros and cons.


Finally, I notice that Morelos sparked a crowd invasion yesterday by leaving the field of play after scoring to celebrate with the hordes who naturally-it’s their thang,innit?-invaded the pitch to hug their heroes. No yellow cards,no arrests. As there were also no arrests at the earlier fixture between the two when a coin from their end split the linesman’s head open. I’m not sure that the linesman should have been allowed to continue that day,not with an open,bleeding wound,but manfully he did,and refused to let it cloud his judgement. On that,SOL KITTS mailed me a list of the SPFL Ground Regulations,with a wee quiz question-how many of them do the huns regularly breach? He reckons ten,at first glance. As I can’t embed it,I’ve asked him for directions to it,and will post it later for The Brains Trust to work on.

Now,where’s our new right back…


Above by BMCUWP,and since you know you can all do better,mail your thoughts to Mahe on

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A thing of beauty

Morning all,
That’s a lot to take in at this time in the morning so will concentrate on the one part of it – the parking restrictions. Sheer lunacy. It has not been thought out and the chaos it will inflict on 60000 people shows complete disregard for our support. What’s new eh? I appreciate that the local residents get annoyed and are inconvenienced every 10 days or so when a game takes place but it’s not like they lived there before Celtic park came along. 20 years ago no one would have wanted to live close to the confines of Celtic park but since the regeneration of the area people have moved in and now see fit to complain their home is right next to the third biggest football stadium in the UK. No shit, Sherlock!!! As long as our supporters are parking legally then to my mind it’s a case of we were there first. Immature possibly but still correct. Anyone who has complained and has the opportunity to attend the meeting at Glasgow City Council chambers must go along and raise their objections. Until there are proper transport links in place this must be a non starter.

Por Cierto

Many years ago there were not so many people taking their cars to the game. This is the problem and people who live in the vicinity of Celtic Park should be able to have access to all emergency services on game days. But I don’t think just moving the problem a mile radius is an answer either. Public Transport has to be improved too on match days por cierto

Por Cierto

No agent worth his salt would let his client know about all the negative reasons for joining Celtic :))) por cierto.


You could use the same argument about any situation or location,that twenty years ago there weren’t so many cars. Here in Swindon,where much of the housing was built around the start of the 20th Century,the roads are frequently only wide enough for one row of parked cars and one vehicle driving along. It’s carnage when the bin lorries come out,and the local bus companies have to use severe shortened buses to allow them to turn.

Similar in my home town of Kilwinning,where post-war housing certainly wasn’t built with the thought that some day the occupants would mostly have at least one car. IMO,the answer is not to ban parking on match days,just simply allow the status quo while some joined-up thinking on public transport and supporters buses is undertaken.

At the moment,the plan is to deal with the problem-and in an unnecessary,thoughtless and high-handed manner-without thought for the consequences. Short-term fixes never work,and this one is typical of that.

At least he won’t need to worry about his religious affiliations!

Por Cierto

Very little, in fact, nothing is done about irresponsible parking in the area around the stadium. Perhaps if this was more strictly governed then the problem would not be as bad for local residents. But even with this, there is still a massive shortage of public transport on game days por cierto

Por Cierto

How it should be done. Easier though when starting from scratch por cierto

Por Cierto

Countdown, here I come! :))) por cierto


He has to take his shoes and socks off to count to twenty!

Not the sharpest tool in the box,but then,as we know he usually has tooled-up minders to hand.

Hugh Keevins (not my favourite punter):

“No board of directors is perfect but those in power at Celtic Park have adopted a policy of what Brendan wants, Brendan gets ever since he arrived at the club.

“Million pound playing surface? No problem.

“Disco lights? Let’s get this party started.”

Now I agree BR did want the new playing surface but the disco lights?
I quite like them, harmless fun from a different budget to the playing staff budget, but that their arrival is anything to do with Brendan I very much doubt.

Typical Hugh Keevins he just opens his mouth and lets his stomach rumble.

Remember Lubo’s signing?

Mike in Toronto


I suspect that has more to do with a soon to be written article ‘the Zombie Board needs to support Stevie G by splashing out the cash’….

I believe that there will be another share issue upcoming at Sevcoland ….

this will be a set up for the Ibrox Board to say to the Zombies ‘dont you want SG to be as successful as BR? … we need to give him more money to compete with BR … BUY MORE SHARES’

I know many tims treat the zombies and their minions as idiots …. but they have a system in place to get what they want (admittedly, it helps when you dont have to follow the rules)…. but these stories dont appear by accident.

Mike, It seems like a make or break season for Sevco. This is their last chance to bring in players to make a difference. But that would take millions. I just can’t see it happening. Defoe & Davis is as good as it will get.

I don’t know where the money is going to come from to stay alive never mind big transfers. I think I am correct in saying that traditionally their supporters tend not to rally round in the event of a share issue. Remember the David Murray one?

And as far as I know the director’s loans have dried up. Of course they could go back to Close Bros. but that is desperation.

The extra money for EL participation is not huge. Just about covers the extra expenses involved. Remember we got to the final in Seville? We all thought we would be cash rich the next season! How wrong we were. Cut backs were the order of the day.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part but I think they are heading for a dark place.

Mike in Toronto


Much of what you say is true and makes sense …but this is Scottish football where (i) common sense and rules dont apply, and (ii) even the teams they stole from (mostly Celtic) seem determined not to see them punished (our Board say nothing, and it seems most of our fans just want to keep playing them).

Somehow, someway, they will not be allowed to go under (although, I suspect that you are pretty close to the truth about them being on the edge again)….

There is often the suggestion that they are getting money from NI … I have (sort of jokingly) suggested that,. if they are in a real bad way, they could get a loan from a rich guy in ROI (although I dont know how much time DD actually spends in Ireland these days … ). It is just business after all.

As far as support from club 1872 goes, I read a while back on TSFM that the money raised by the Hearts supporters for their club is much much more that they (1872) have raised.

But yes, the media will help out as much as they can. Including that famous Tim, Hugh Keevins.

Mike, in some ways it’s sad that we can even joke about DD in this way. On the one hand he did seem to take the hump at the Sevco directors when they beat us on penalties. But previously he had mentioned how they would missed and how they had a great history/tradition?

I think he would sup with the devil if it suited him.

Awe Naw


The story about DD being insulted by Sevco supporters is not true. He left before the end of extra time at the semi final . Even though he knows very little about football he had obviously seen enough. 🙂

It is Phil Mac G that has continually peddled this line as that what Phil does. He giveth us this day our daily bread (although there is only so many times you can tell the world you wrote a book in 2012 surely to god ) and for that we have to be truly thankful

Mike in Toronto

I am not sure where the story started about hiring BR because of the way that the zombie directors were celebrating … but I have never put much weight on it. DD likes his money, so if stealing 40 million of our money didn’t cause him to act, then I cant see him getting so exercised over something like that …

Por Cierto

:)))) por cierto

Awe Naw

from about 2001 onward there were a few of us looking at the published MIH accounts and totting up the numbers. Those half dozen Celtic fans with an O Level in arithmetic could clearly see that it wasn´t sustainable. We used to scratch our heads at Moonbeams paper shuffling exercises. I have to be honest and say that (I personally ..I never got an O level in Economics) used to scratch our heads and say how is this sustainable ? as did the Celtic PLC … so ergo they knew they were cheating. Nobody knew until the financial collapse how much BOS were involved.

Now there can be no secret or need for debate about it.

Scottish Football is just one big criminal money laundering vehicle with the full support of the SFA, SPFL, UEFA and Celtic PLC.

I stand corrected chaps, never heard it contradicted before.

Awe Naw, I bought the book. Gave up half way through.

Por Cierto

As supporters the last time Celtic PLC gave us something for free was I think a CL game when they wanted us in early for YNWA, I think they gave us a Free Drin. Was it a Bayern Munich game? Anyway, that’s been it. Lately, Kilmarnock issued all their away fans with a voucher for a Pie and a Hot drink. Why don’t Celtic lay on a Bus shuttle service for their fans from the city centre, as everyone can get to Glasgow City Centre, I would think, to Celtic Park, or something along those lines por cierto?


MiT,,is AweNaw’s statement actionable? 😉
Asking for a wife

Mahe, might be in Canada but I doubt it in Scotland. UEFA & SFA have an aversion to courts.


JimtheTim, I’m only winding him up. I will say though that Ulster Loyalists sharing money? They feud every other year over money. Cannae see it myself.
Haul Hail

Mike in Toronto


Asking for a wife?!

This isn’t a dating site…. and, dont you already have one? How much trouble does one guy need to be in?



MiT,, as I love an old saying in you hadn’t noticed here’s one I’m fond of thats apt to you post,,,
A man gets married twice in his life,,,
Once to his team,,
Once to his wife 😉

Mike in Toronto

Mahe … as a theologian and lawyer, there is another expression I like: bigamy … proof that two wrongs dont make a right.


Awe Naw

Spending a lot of money on the correct your own homework safety inquiry after the Old Firm crush. It’s taking so long it must be thorough and a freebie ?

big packy

MAHE/MIKE/ JIM, think awenaw, has hit the nail on the head, but us being loyal to our team we cant see through it,, we are all born into celtic its in our blood and it is also in mags blood, you keep chipping away there, and mags is as good a celtic supporter as any of us hh.hope you ghuys are good.

Mike in Toronto


I think there is more than loyalty at play here ….
Much of social behaviour is determined not at the conscious or individual level.

Why do zombies believe WATP? Conversely, why have so many Celtic fans accepted, without any evidence, that our Board were and are helpless to stop or address the cheating?

As I suggested in my earlier post …. these things are not accidental, but are the result of long term social agendas and conditioning.


I was addressing the air, from which I usually get an appropriate response, with the musing, “I am thinking about not renewing my CelticTV subscription.” I am cheesed off with Scottish football!” Unfortunately, there was more than air in the room. There stood, hands on hips, the Rebusette. “Ach, you say that every year and you always renew!”, quipped the light of my life.

She is correct. I have these musing at this time of the year…..a lust to leave all the bigotry, pitch invasions, cheating behind, and hook up with a Spanish club, such as, Barcelona, Real Betis, or Seville. I would not be able to understand most of the chatter that surrounds those clubs and my access to them would be purely on match days. In the case of Seville, they occasionally win the Europa and usually progress far into the competition. So there would be plenty to get excited about. I could be more objective about performances because I would be free of emotions like……..” signed and sealed in blood, I would die for you!” The quality of football would be better, and as far as the refs go……….well, who knows?

Will I do it, finally?

On the other hand, the team has improved with the addition of the loan players. We have still to see Bayo and I love our midfielders( not literally!) CalMac and Christie, especially the latter. Sinclair seems to be clawing back some of his first season form. It is also pleasing to see the development of youth players like Henderson and Johnson.

On the other hand again(three hands?), the antics of the SFA, SPFL and Sevco as they activly fail to maintain a level playing field, are a big incentive to walk away. Sometimes I dream that I would not mind us losing the cup if the other team won it fairly with an even handed ref on the park. It would be good for Scottish football, in general, if the honours were spread around. I think we are a long way from seeing those conditions arise, sadly.

OK, a solution presents itself! Hold off to the end of the window, then make up your mind. Failing that, hang on until we are sure to win the league, then decide! Yes, I think that is a plan.


Theology? Hans Kung?

Mike in Toronto

not quite … I did my grad work in moral theology with Fr. Joseph Fuchs He wanted me to go to the Gregorian for my doctoral work, but I ended up in law school instead. Sadly, by the time I did get to Rome, it was only as a tourist. Spending a few years studying in Rome would have been brilliant.

Hans Kung is now 90 yo, has Parkinsons. he believes in euthanasia and has suggested he might go down that road.

Mike in Toronto

Although I generally am opposed to illegal websites, I have made the exception with Celtic… and watch most games on dodgy streams. When the Board is honest with the fans, then I will reconsider.

And I supplement those with a few TFC games, and maybe a game somewhere when I am travelling…. and chatting with people on sites such as this.

In truth, I think I would find it harder to give up chatting with the friends I have made through CQN and SC, than I would to actually give up watching Celtic games.


Great stuff my man . Thoul fingers were flowing I see , to all our benefit.
Anyway on the transfers front I cant agree with you as we are shoppin in polar opposites than Manchessity etc who are looking for elite players while we just need either a Telfer ( old hand ) or Miks replacement .
Whether Miks replacement will be given the starting berth is a good question as it seems this manager prefers homegrown youth ( presumably as he can mould them to his game / style of play and they are very receptive being young ).
I and it seems many hope Anthony goes on to hold that place down . I have noted calls about his physique but a larger full back can be a benefit if the player has sufficient game intelligence.
We should not ( and I dont think we will ) have much bother bringing a body in , most likely is someone who isnt getting enough starts at current employers and likes the idea of at least a few games to strut his stuff in front of 60k. Who wouldnt ! Chances are he will bust a gut to impress and hope for a permanent move also . Win Win.
Theres surely some talking going on and I really do expect some type of replacement.
Overall it really shouldnt be difficult in the zero to 4 million range to find a right back. I refuse to accept excuses on this one.
God forbid we switch the new left back over ,, brand new country and league full of hammer throwers , that could break the lad . literally ffs !

Anyway on the parking ,, heres what should have happened .
As soon as this was thought of originally a think tank / body / action group should have been assembled . To me this would include
the local councillor to the Parkhead area
The Celtic Supporters Association
Representatives of the Club
A cop in charge of transport in that area
The transport minister

The above group try to hash out a solution . To be perfectly honest as far as I see it the Club must provide infrastructure to help . That could include a multi level car park ,,, bus only park ,, park and ride throughout city ,, set buses leaving every 10 minutes throughout city etc.
ON the limited times I did travel over it was impressed upon me that you cant linger , its straight to that coach after the game , and within 15 minutes that coach had to be on the road to make the ferry home ,, which aint waiting because of a bus load of Celtic fans who cant make their departure time trust me. THis will further that issue and lead to more missed ferries . That will put people of going again , potentially stuck for the night and getting fired at worst .
This is where the AICSC comes into play with threats to withdraw visiting until there are satisfactory arrangements that wont mean a visiting fan from the motherland has a high chance of plans going awry along with budget allocated to that trip.
If money motivates our custodians then the threat of withdrawal will probably be heard loud and clear.

The Glasgow City Council,,, was this decision taken in good faith with zero prejudice involved? Do those who made this decision have a history of dodgy decisions?

Should there be any inference of bigotry or religion involved in this decision then the names of those , not to mention their business interests should be widely publicised and boycotts / removal from office asap campaigns should begin asap.

The Club,, the onus is on the club to make the game accessible . If this involves building a car park so be it . We shouldnt be at this stage ,, a plan should have been agreed beforehand . No serious business reacts but rather are proactive ,, the club should have had a plan for the very day this started . This is on the hoof decision making . Not good . Unprofessional.

The CSA ,, this seems to be the main bone of contention for supporters right now,, so the biggest supporters club should be all over it with emergency meetings / talk of member action etc right ? Dont hold your breath. Ill hold my tongue on this lot for the minute.

Businessmen / women / Bus companies,,, surely someone somewhere see’s a buck or two for the making here .
Even this stupid Irishman sitting thousands of miles away can see a fleet of buses with pick ups around the city ,, drop off quickly and away you go again . Money to be made somewhere in this sad tale, whether its the club converting neighbouring land or a building into a car park .
In this country the issues tend to be anticipated and a blind man could have seen this coming .
While ATOB is correct that the stadium was there first , people should have known what they were getting into , that can only stand for so long imo . If this is impacting in a big way against the local community ( elderly person needs the space outside their home for instance ) then its only right the homeowner is catered to first and not the visitor imo.
Theres a profitable solution somewhere,, and you might laugh at rickshaws but they are doing a trade in Dublin !

All in all just another fine example of the mess that is life in the Sphell for a bhoy !
Hail Hail

big packy

MIKE, don’t you ever give up chatting to me and the dugs, cause seamus wont be pleased, this is from frankie benny Donnie and Jorge, who has settled in nicely,mahe might ban me now for talking about dugs but jimthetim53 loves our doggy talk hh

Mike in Toronto

I believe he and Fuchs were well acquainted … sadly, Joseph, who was a bit older, passed away a few years ago (actually, more than a few years now … time flies).

A thing of beauty

I appreciate your thoughts mahe but I stand by what I said. People have parked around the ground for years, the difference is there is more housing and more cars. If people are parking illegally then there is law enforcement to deal with that. If they aren’t then it’s an inconvenience to have people park in your street but like I said, it’s not as if you couldn’t work that out when you bought the house. Incidentally if Celtic were to offer proper parking facilities I would happily pay for that rather than park in surrounding streets. I actually park around half a mile from the ground but this is becoming increasingly difficult with my dad’s age. What is the solution? Not everyone is mobile enough to walk a long distance to and from the park. As for bussing people in from the city centre. I can’t see that being feasible. City centre traffic is bad enough without a massive amount of busses leaving central and queen street stations between say 12 and 2. That’s not going to work. It’s a complete cluster..k and we have, as usual been found wanting when it comes to forward planning!!


BP,,I’m actually sitting here damp from giving my hound a shower. Always needs it when he comes back from the pet sitters place.
Dogs are fine on here woof woof

big packy

MAHE, you know I was only joking about banning me for talking about dugs, I know you are an animal lover, more power to your elbow.hh.

BP, Mahe, Mike, I remember the doggy talk didn’t go down well with some posters on CQN. I thought it was a good laugh, others thought the blog should be all about football. Some even hate any discussion about Sevco!

There is a section on CQN on the R/H/S of the page with posts from the past. 2-3k posts! I had a look at one. It was overwhelmingly about the Independence Referendum. One of the main complainers about ‘doggy talk’ – who shall remain nameless- was giving it laldy about politics at the time!

As Mahe mentioned some weeks ago, the days of 2/3k posts are gone. Most sites traffic is down as far as I can see. For this site, maybe an older generation and a lot of ex pats. People become on-line friends. It would be strange if we didn’t talk about allsorts. Football mainly of course but we shouldn’t be too rigid.

Woof Woof.

big packy

JIM ,that post is why I love you to bits, you care about people whether they are animal lovers or not, you are a true friend on here, if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, bobby has got my number.hh.

Mike in Toronto

Has Hrvatski J posted on here yet?

He had me in stitches with his SLIT posts, but he doesn’t seem to post much there these days. Not sure if he is on Celtic star or something … hopefully, he shows up here …. a really good poster, and a great lad..

A thing of beauty

I see from sky sports that Benkovic is out for Wednesday as well as boyata. What the heck goes on at Lennox town, cage fighting?!! I have never known a club like us for injuries. We are now looking at at Ajer and Hendry at centre half and anyone who has looked at these two together before will have sleepless nights. I’m off to look out my mogadon.

Thanks BP, although I don’t think I deserve that level of praise.


It’s concerning, also when are players are injured they seldom miss just one game. Brendan said Dedryk would miss St Mirren but should be alright for Hamilton, he wasn’t.
Whispers ( from elsewhere) that young Henderson will sign a new contract, if so, that’s good news. I feared we would lose him for a development fee.
Hail Hail

ATOB, I have been saying that for a few years now. Especially since year two of BR. Our injuries record is horrendous. I thought maybe it’s the amount of games we play but we have a huge squad and BR does indeed rotate the players. Is it the training regime? Or is it the rough treatment of our players with no protection from referees? I think that’s always been the case.

Or are players more ‘precious’ nowadays? Maybe all this sports science and health&safety issues are now to the fore.

But I certainly can’t remember anything like this in ‘the old days’.

A thing of beauty

Well let’s hope that true jnp. I think Liam said his brother was a better player Than him and I always rated liam. Also Jim the Tim 53, I also cannot remember a time like this for injuries. Something is not right up at lennoxtown, be it the training or the pitches but it needs to be looked at.

Por cierto

“Inconvienence” No it’s dangerous if the emergency services are unable to get through. There is not enough enforcement to take care of all the illegaly parked cars on any given match day. Residents should have priority over a football fan and it must be the responsibility of the club to do more to alleviate this problem for their neighbours. Por cierto.