You can take a turnip around the world , doesnt make it an expert in geography !

Stated the late great Hugh McIlvaney to none other than Bill Shankly during a “ debate “ after Shanks had dared to question the great mans knowledge of the game having never played it .

I think its a beautiful put down .  I have heard of an Italian manager who never played responding to journalists “ I never knew I had to be a horse in order to be a jockey ” and that also nails it for me anyway .

I am a bit young to really appreciate Hughs’ work as it came out however the pieces posted since his passing have really opened my eyes to just what quality journalism was / is .  Oh how far that bar has lowered .

Some great chat on the great man in the first 10 minutes of this ,,,

I recently opined that Hearts and the Dons offer to fund Var was a sneaky wee attempt to nullify the masons in black without bringing the heat of the clan down . Shrewd I thought .

It was pointed out to me in the comments that the system is open to abuse ,, either through non referral ,, or the video viewer being biased ( conscious or not ).

These comments opened my eyes to be honest as “ any given Sunday “ I can see video replays / the Var system being used to maximum effect if I chose to watch an NFL game .

They have it down to a tee ,, its eye opening ,, and a  huge part of the game is waiting on the confirmation of the video ref on something that isnt clear cut.

I had this in mind writing that article , thinking its a winner whats the problem ?

Karma gave me a good tickle though .

Incase you dont know its Superbowl week  which , like Vegas , must be seen to be believed . However a huge slice of the build up has been stolen by an extremely controversial referee non call .  One of the NFL playoff games was subject to a had to see it to believe it no foul decision which essentially made a team miss going to Superbowl .

As a semi ignorant relative newcomer to the sport even I seen the mega mistake that had been made .

The NFL has a total of seven officials on the field of play , plus numerous camera angles that can come into play in the event of a challenge , a possible foul , and touchdowns are automatically okayed by cameras just incase as a matter of protocol .

Despite all this , they effed up . Big Time .

The coach who’s team was on the receiving end of the horrendous call , immediately phoned the National Football League’s office ( despite the late Sunday evening time it was manned by high ranking officials ) and was immediately told “ They blew it ! “

Theres nada to be done now though , and as there were several officials we arent gonna see one man scapegoated . In effect its over and the league admits fault and said sorry .

Here we have the genuine ( it really does seem that way ) mistake of a human .

“ To err is to be human “ is an old but true saying , evidenced again .

Some of the comments below that article of never watching another game made me laugh , as it wasnt prejudice or anything , just a mistake .

“ These refs needs to be fined for missed calls or bad calls and maybe all these calls by the refs will stop and make the games fair and not having to play the other team and the refs. Fine them and let’s see what happens “

“ I for one will not be watching football again it is all fixed Las Vegas controls all games “

“ The referees need to lose their careers over this one. How can the fans maintain confidence in such a incompetent product? Was it rigged or a mistake? Fining and firing the refs is the only way to make it right. Saying that changes will be made moving forward is meaningless. The 2019 Superbowl is now a joke. An illigitimate team has been allowed to move on. That’s not something that can be fixed. “

Now thats over human error , if that lot seen what weve got going on the game would be halted and reformed !

And then the FA cup , that famous old darling of the football world , seen its own Var controversy when some grounds had it and some grounds didnt , and one that didnt got a goal that Var should have ruled out , and thus an upset occured on one side and on the other a fella is under more pressure because of  luck ( or unluckyness ) of the draw in essence .

His manager was even yelling at the technician to stop showing the controversial replay ffs

Just goes to show you that the grass isnt always greener on the other side of the fence .

Human error , never mind bias , can be more than enough to eff up important games.

Lesson learned for this young one.

Articles needed, apply within

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Hugh McIlvanney was revered by his peers,his readers,and by the people he wrote about. It takes a special type of person to achieve that,and I’m glad you enjoyed the links a few of us put up about him.

Here’s another one,a three-part tv show in which the subjects are Matt Busby,Bill Shankly,and Jock Stein.

I saw the incidents you mentioned,each of them incredible and in such similar ways. That the teams who suffered the poor decisions also lost the matches in question just adds insult to injury.

A bit like the Colin Meekes handball in the semi-final about four years ago,except that in our case,the officials saw it and just ignored it.

So yes,I agree with you that VAR is subject to human error and also to ingrained or otherwise bias,but there is a simple answer. The excuse that the referee is only human,and can be unsighted or even,God forbid,make an honest mistake,is true. It is difficult to prove outright dishonesty in cases like these,even when the evidence is overwhelming.

Not so with VAR. Those who are in control of it MUST be held to account for any wrong decisions they make despite having its benefit,and sanctioned accordingly.

And for me,that means three strikes and you’re out!

We’ll soon see them voting with their wallets.

Awe Naw

Benkovic out for the season according to the reliable and unbiased Sun

Awe Naw


Andrew Gutman’s proposed transfer to Celtic looks to have fallen through, despite the American left-back seemingly on the verge of being unveiled as Brendan Rodgers’ fourth signing of the winter transfer window.

It’s a strange one, he apparently has gone AWOL! Without wishing to prejudge what has happened maybe we have dodged a bullet here.

Awe Naw

BREXIT buddy. New rules only allowed 12 overseas players. They must have played in X odd percent of the last Y internationals


And this is where Celtic will fall down a transfer fee must be involved

Awe Naw

oh and they must play for a team in the top 60

Awe Naw

CELTIC are delighted to announce that Ewan Henderson has signed a new three-and-a-half year contract which will see him remain at the club until at least the summer of 2022.

The 18-year-old midfielder made his second appearance for the first team last week against St Mirren, coming on as a substitute for Ryan Christie with 20 minutes of the match remaining. And he made a strong impact, setting up Timothy Weah with a superb through ball to score Celtic’s fourth goal of the night.

His performance earned praise from Brendan Rodgers after the game, the Celtic manager saying: “Young Ewan Henderson, who I believe is a big talent, just needs maturation and experience, but you could see that talent with his beautiful pass that allows Timothy to finish. It was really good to watch.”

And speaking to this week’s Celtic View, Ewan spoke of his delight at getting another first-team run-out, to go with his debut, which came against Kilmarnock last May.

Ewan said: “It was great to feature in the matchday squad again against St Mirren. I didn’t know if I’d get on, and it was very much a case of just taking it as it comes and seizing my opportunity if it came along. I was hoping to get the chance, I got the chance, and it was really good. It was a really good night all-in.

“At this stage, I’m just taking everything day-by-day. I’ll continue to work hard, and I’ll try my best to get chances in the first team. If I can get them, then I’ll take them. All I want to do is try my best.

“It’s really good, looking at players like Callum McGregor, James Forrest, Ryan Christie and Scott Sinclair. I look at how they play, and learn from them. They’ve done so much in their careers, they’ve played at the highest level, so it’s great to look at how they play and learn from the what they do.

“Looking at the players who’ve come through the Academy and are now in the first team, it’s really inspiring. They’ve all done incredibly well and they’re great role-models for every young boy that’s also come through the Academy to look up to. It’s really good that they’re there, and helps us keep focused.

“It’s my job now to get the head down again, work hard and hopefully take more chances as they come.”

Benkovic injured now. As mentioned yesterday our injuries are worrying. Is it Lennoxtown? Do they do a lot of training on the artificial pitch?

I commend and recommend the article today on JOHNJAMESSITE,titled


JJ doesn’t appreciate direct links to his site,so I’ll defer to his wishes,but it is well worth of a read.


AweNaw, ,couldn’t make it up. Viduka mark ffs. If Benk is out that’s very bad news.
I wonder how he got injured? Could be a couple of busy days.
Hail Hail


So if we are announcing new contracts being signed then there you have it,,Scott Brown and Mik must be off surely? Else it would be announced!!! Next seasons gonna be watched through the fingers it looks like.

Awe Naw

We are all Neil Lennon. shit on by demented orange bastards and our ahem ahem cough splutter own


Bobby, I often got Hugh and Archie mixed up. To be clear Archie didn’t write but commentated?
Hail gail

Awe Naw

I´m certain he will encourage links … cut and paste jobs and plagiarizing ..he doesn´t like.

He also cant stand fair criticism

He also has a very high opinion of himself .. who doesn´t

There is one prominent figure in the fifth estate, and several two-bit players on another site, who do not have your humble correspondent’s background in business. They go to my site, interpolate my pieces, and either pass them off as their own or lampoon them. I’m not prepared to work for these individuals this year, hence my decision to password protect yesterday’s piece : Dave King – Indian Giver.

It was also my intention to password protect this piece but to my mind it should be read by as wide a readership as possible. There are individuals who opine that Neil Lennon is a divisive figure. He is not. He is a consummate professional who brings passion and conviction to the training ground and dressing room. Neil began his playing career at Manchester City. The step up from Under-18s to full squad member was unsuccessful. After a short stint at Crewe he was transferred to Leicester City. Under the tutelage of Martin O’Neil, Lennon’s career took off. When O’Neil moved to Celtic, one of his first priorities was to sign Lennon.

O’Neil played in a team that was managed by coaching genius Brian Clough and his right hand men Peter Taylor and Jimmy Gordon. O’Neil’s playing colleague, John McGovern, opined:

“We were like one of those comets you see flying across the night sky. We burned brightly, but it was all too brief. But, boy, did we burn brightly for a while.”

Successive European Cup wins, and a UEFA Super Club success after which fans of the defeated team Barcelona applauded Nottingham Forest from The Camp Nou, are just some of the highlights of O’Neil’s playing career. He learned from the best and has now returned to his former club to follow in Clough’s footsteps.

Neil Lennon also learned from the best. As a manager at Celtic he won three successive league titles. Should Celtic win the Holy Grail that is ten successive title wins they should celebrate Lennon’s part in this unprecedented achievement. He also won two Scottish Cups during his tenure at Celtic. Lennon at Hibs won the First Division championship, and qualified for The Europa League with a top four finish on their return to the Scottish Premiership.

So what’s not to like about this accomplished player and manager? As I write he and his coaching team are suspended at Hibs. From what I can gather from credible media reports and a source, whom on this occasion is not entirely persuasive, Lennon read his team the riot act. Kamberi was singled out. Other players defended their centre forward whose first language is not English. To say it was a robust exchange would be a euphemism.

The SMSM are alleging that there was an unspecified incident on the training ground but any opportunity to have a kick at Lennon is one that they cannot resist, whether it is true or not. When managers revert to invective, it tends to occur in the ‘sanctity’ of the dressing room. A training ground incident is a squirrel. Dempster was approached by a deputation of players. He has evidently lost the dressing room.

If Dempster had a spine, she would transfer list these players and back Lennon. She won’t. She will throw him under the bus.

Earlier in this piece I stated that Neil Lennon is not a divisive individual. However when he played and coached in Scotland he was confronted by a divisive society. Mr. Lennon does not ‘bring it upon himself’. He is a target for the lowest common denominator of Scottish football who support the former club that was Rangers, the new club The Rangers (Lite) and their ugly sister, Hearts.

As a Celtic manager when driving to his apartment in Glasgow with a female companion, his car was stopped by a red light at the junction between Byres Road and Great Western road. Two individuals, both students at Glasgow University, spat at his car and engaged in the sectarian invective that is an intrinsic part of the match day experience at Ibrox. Were these individuals dragged up by bigots in a tenement in Govan? No. They were both educated at Dollar Academy. Mr. Gregg Miller was reading medicine at Glasgow University and Mr. Neil MacLeod was reading law. Lennon drove away from their phlegm but was pursued by both, and on this occasion they blocked his car’s progress. As Lennon stepped out of his car to defend his terrified passenger MacLeod head butted the then Celtic manager with Miller kicking him as MacLeod set about the felled manager. Both should have been sent down for this unprovoked attack. Sheriff John Montgomery was so swayed by their academic background that he merely fined both. One can but conclude that if one goes to the right school one can attack a couple and avoid incarceration.

One can attack Neil Lennon, as did John Wilson at Tynecastle, and be acquitted of assault in a not proven verdict. One can fell him with a pound coin at the same ground and get away with it.

Two Rangers’ fans, namely Trevor Muirhead and Neil McKenzie, from North Ayrshire, sent parcel bombs to Lennon which could have maimed or killed him. Both were sent down for five years. Muirhead and McKenzie are currently feted by their respective lodges of the odious Orange Order when they drop by for a pint.

I am confident that Leeann Dempster’s twenty years as a 90 minute bigot at Ibrox won’t colour her judgement in her dealings with Mr. Lennon. Unfortunately others in the crucibles of hatred that are Ibrox and Tynecastle are consumed by their antipathy of Lennon.

When Stewart Regan did his utmost to shoehorn a new club into the then SPL, the individual who read American History at Hull University spoke of social unrest should a team not be playing football at Ibrox in season 2012/2013. What about the social unrest that continues to this day at Ibrox?

With the exception of Celtic, Aberdeen and the Edinburgh clubs, the other eight SPFL clubs who cannot wash their faces with their support, rely on the influx of 8,000-10,000 of the worst fans in Scotland to keep their heads above water. As these clubs greedily suckle on the blue teat they don’t care whether Neil Lennon lives or dies. Giving a choice between Lennon’s safety and playing ‘billy big baws’ in the boardrooms of minor clubs kept afloat by the blue pound, they will choose the bitter panacea that is the ‘Rangers’ support.

Neil Lennon, who was born in Lurgan, Northern Ireland, grew up in a period that is known as The Troubles. During this period loyalist paramilitaries were given the means and the intelligence to murder Nationalist targets by British intelligence officers and the RUC police apparatus. The individuals who assassinated these nationalists were relocated to Ayrshire. They are protected by police forces who are in league with MI5.

When Lennon as a callow youth relocated to Manchester he left The Troubles behind. However as soon as he relocated to Scotland he was on the radar of every assassin and would-be assassin who will never leave The Troubles behind.

These individuals have prominent positions in the Orange Order who march to the beat of The Famine Song. They are allowed to walk Scotland’s streets. They are accorded the freedom of Glasgow. They are provided with a Police Scotland escort which is paid for by Mr. Lennon’s community charge. The paradox of Scotland is one where a victim pays for the protection of his assailants.

For as long as the Orange Order with their doctrine of hatred is allowed to blight Scotland’s streets, Neil Lennon won’t be safe. For as long as this hatred is concentrated at Ibrox and to a lesser but still damaging extent at Tynecastle, Neil Lennon won’t be safe.

This hatred crosses social barriers. It ranges from those from the unemployed and unemployable Union Bears – who also received a Police Scotland escort – stabbing unsuspecting fans from foreign clubs; to the professional classes of our society where Doctor Greg Millar and solicitor Neil MacLeod move freely among the great and the good. The former heals the sick. The latter chases the ambulances the sick arrived in.

This seething hatred of high profile Catholics is Scotland’s Shame. The proscribed hatred of the Orange Order is Scotland’s disgrace. Hold your head high, with fingers pinching your nose, as you walk away Mr. Lennon.

Awe Naw
Sol Kitts

Neil Lennon will surely have a case for unfair dismissal against his club, and victimisation against the game’s governing body. Also could make a realistic claim that they both failed in their legal duty to provide him with a safe working environment.


JJ is clearly an educated man , and has a way with words no doubt. But I find him a little lacking in manners, and doesnt seem to ever offer answers or solutions . Neil Lennon is hated in Scotland, no shit Sherlock. Didn’t need 1000 words ffs we all know that.
At least it’s honest money though he’s earning of his own sweat, and honest money goes further. Just not a fan and he’s another reason why we are here.
Hail Hail

Awe Naw
Link for the 12 foreigners

Awe Naw


I am not so sure it is so realistic. Scotland HSE is obviously an orange hovel akin to The SNP, Scottish Judiciary, BBC Scotland, STV, The SFA, The SPFL, Police Scotland, et al etc.

It´s exactly the reason that Phil Mac G has gone all quiet on the Ibrox safety certificate and it´s exactly the same reason that Celtic choose Fairhurst Consultancy to carry out the independent safety review at the last Old Firm crush. Fairhurst have a good handshake with the Scottish HSE. Fairhurst are also well in bedded with the UK golf circuit. I wonder who made that decision.

Awe Naw

No Link and it is not written in stone. Well not yet., It might be 15 it might be 10. The home office are looking at it and the FA are having discussions with them. I would imagine Scotland and the SPFL will have even stricter restrictions. A transfer fee, number of appearances and top 60 is already part of the process.

Awe Naw
Awe Naw

Page 563

Awe Naw

I´m a fan of his. The best Celtic blogger on the internet who isn´t mahe or bmcuwp.

Money horny yes he is .. but he is just more open about it than the other Celtic bloggers.

He is a far better writer than the other bloggers and is better educated.

But most importantly he is nobody´s gimp

Awe Naw

I know you two guys promised not to try and earn any money from Sentinelcelts after Mags gave you $50K each

big packy

AWE NAW, more power to your elbow sir for pointing out what us tims should already know, neil francis was hated not because he was a catholic but because he was a northern irish catholic they could not stomach that ‘

Awe Naw


that´s John James that wrote that not me. My prose is far superior …. and….. I know Lenny is secretly an evil dob 😉

Sol Kitts

Aye, maybe I should have said he would have a realistic claim anywhere outside Scotland and only if not involved in Scottish football.

I would have thought that the spl would be more lax esp since the huns canny afford transfer fees…no


Mags is shouting the suite in Vegas for the convention. Never stayed in a suite, cannae wait !
Liverpool due to announce 100 million profit. Tying all younger players on long term contracts cost 200 million , ouch.


Gutman went AWOL after playing in the 4.3 defeat against Arbroath at Gayfield. Celtic have decided they no longer want to pursue, Arbroath must have been an eye opener for him.
Hail Hail


I have a lot of respect for Neil Lennon. As the JJ article points out, he and his family have suffered unacceptable levels of abuse. What I particularly like about Lennon is that he took on the Celtic job when his managerial experience was limited. At the time, I thought it was folly of the club to appoint such an inexperienced person to the job. It was a cheap option. However, as Lenny said he brought the thunder back. Who can forget the performance against Barcelona? Latterly, like most Celtic managers, his teams played boring football and it was for the best that he left. As a side thought, is there a reason that Celtic teams deteriorate towards the end of a manager’s reign? Which is the chicken, and which the egg?

But back to Lenny, he had the third highest win percent of all Celtic managers(70.04%), just behind Jock (70.06%), and Martin (75.53%). Our Brendan currently has a 69.57%. These stats illustrate that it is not just winning games that produces trophies, it is which games you win, as well.

Lenny’s venture into English football showed mixed success with Bolton. Initially, he brought confidence and order to a struggling side. They even ran Liverpool close in the cup, taking them to a replay and going out to a last minute goal. However, the rest of his first season at Bolton was less impressive, ending with the club just avoiding relegation in 18th position. The following season was a clear disaster for Lennon with Bolton firmly anchored at the bottom of the league, and ultimately relegated. Before the end of the season, Lennon had left the club. Arguably, no manager could have saved Bolton as their debts had escalated to unsustainable levels and it was not unknown for the club to be unable to pay the players’ wages.

The Hibs job seemed ideal for Neil and he did achieve success with them. However, draws against teams that they should have beaten(St Mirren, Dundee, Sevco, and Livingstone) have seen Hibs drop to seventh.

Irrespective of what happened, Neil is too good a manager for the game to lose. Perhaps his future lies in England with a “fallen giant” type of club that still has resources.



My daughter done her work experience at Celtic Park in 2003
Two people were very kind to her John Clark and Neil Lennon.
It was an international week, Neil had retired because of death threats.
Martin O’Neill was away watching games, so Lenny arranged for my daughter to get KFC for lunch, he swore her to secrecy, as he said Martin would go spare,at what he was eating.
Neil arranged, without her knowing, for Henrik to join them. He wasn’t on international duty either.
3 years later, by chance we bang into Neil and he chatted away and recalled the lunch.
My dealings with him, all positive.
Hail Hail

big packy

JIMMYNOTPAUL, never met the guy, but having watched him play for my club and then manage it, with all the death threats, and attacks from them evil bassas, he has my utmost respect.,hope you are well.hh.

” As a side thought, is there a reason that Celtic teams deteriorate towards the end of a manager’s reign? ”
I think you know the answer to this already 😉
After we beat Barca our international kudos was as high as it could be, so the club decided to sell Lenny’s best players and replaced them with shite, his words, the question should not be why do successive managers teams play boring football, but why does the club not back the managers when we are in a position of strength, it’s no like it’s the first time is it……Just ask Brendan et all.



Yes, I did know the answer. I thought I’d draw some folks out of the bushes!

In mitigation, Celtic are a selling club. Some players use the club as a stepping stone and if a player wants to go, there is little the club can do about it. Succession planning is the only solution that I can see. We do not seem very good at that.


For sure we are a selling club, but, always the but, the more loans we bring in, the more projects who may or may not make it, we drastically reduce our chance of selling players for decent money, it becomes a vicious circle, I agree that trying to bring our own through the ranks is the way forward for a club like ours, we have done Ok ish in the past couple of years, I personally thot we could have done a bit better but it is what it is.
As you say our forward planing is kinda non existent, it’s the fear of spending, proper forward planning would see us bringing in quality players for free, a well run scouting and recruitment dept would have no need for transfer fees, we could get players on Bosman’s all day long, sign them up on pre contracts etc, all it would take is to raise the wages ceiling now and again, but then we are then back to the fear.

The Gombeen Man

So in the uneventful backwater of Scottish football we’ve got our usual quota of incidents and distractions to keep the clickbait sites clicking.

Celtic Plc’s new pitch is suffering from a hitherto unknown disease leaving it looking suspiciously similar to the previous surface…

At the beginning of the window we were told that the Centre Back positions were a priority. Nothing positive to report. Additionally there are concerns about Bencovich’s fitness.
Boyatta didn’t appear at the weekend, so your guess is as good as mine there.

Happyclappers toiled last week posting lists of Brendan’s signings only to have it clarified that Moneyball is still the order of the day and our troubled recruitment policy over the last number of years (and managers) isn’t all Brendan’s fault.

Lee Congerton is possibly behind the recruitment of Edouard and Bencovich… according to Brendan.

Who knows who is responsible for the other recent acquisitions?

Our American signing, Andrew Gutman seems to be absent. Who knows.

We are still awaiting updates on the report into the dangerous crush before the last Celtic v Newco game. We still await the update into Beaton, the referee who told his bosses that there’s no offence in assaulting a Celtic player at Ibrox.

Bloggers updated us on the delays in getting out of the bus park at Celtic Park…move on.

Glasgow City Council are introducing a no parking zone around Celtic Park. Helpfully Peter Lawwell and Co are introducing a rickshaw park and ride facility from the Cathkin Braes and Lo

big packy

THE EXILED TIM im scared that down the road it will be loan deals for all celtic players its gut wrenching to me.hh.hope you are well.

The Gombeen Man

…oops button pressed in error….

…and Loch Lomand.

Still no word on Resolution 12.

Despite the usual chaos the Valencia game isn’t too far away. The team looks energised after the break and hopefully the skullduggery of Newco, SFA/SPFL will provide a catalyst for the remainder of the season.

Friday is St Brigid’s Day, the start of Celtic Spring so despite all of my misgivings about the PLCers it would be lovely to wipe the smile off Mr Beatton/Gerrard’s & King’s faces.



Good to see you on.
Aye it’s never uneventful for a bhoy in the Sphell.
Don’t write off a fleet of Rickshaws though. A smart person could make money there.
Forward planning is not our forte it seems . Wonder what is?
Hail Hail

Aye, it will take it’s toll at the end of the day me thinks, and you

Loans with an option to buy are Ok ish, but without the buy option are not the way forward imo.

Mike in Toronto


If you are chatting with St. Brigid, could you send her our way? I spend the morning shoveling the foot of snow we got overnight … so, spring seems a ways away at the moment for us.


Don’t worry Mike. We got a bit of heavy snow last night and this morning. But it is now daylight at 4.30pm. Spring is coming. Easter time! Lent won’t be long.

We will win against St. J. tomorrow night.

Hail Hail.

Mike in Toronto

JtT … I think we may have a bit longer to wait than you guys …. so, I am going to cheat a bit, and head to Antigua next weekend!

Mike, You lucky sod! I don’t even know where Antigua is but it sounds good. Hope you have a good time. Keep posting.

Mike in Toronto


It is a small island in the Caribbean. Basically, if you can find Jamaica, head east .. you will pass over the Dominican Republic, and then hit Antigua. Today, it was sunny, with a high of 27 and a low of 23. … the only ice will be in the drinks!

If you come from a cold climate at this time of the year there is nothing better. I went to Teneriffe – Los Christianos – one year in January. Nothing better. It’s like another world. Still went to an Irish bar and watched the Celtic games.



Rebus,,to me anyway I will always associate lenny with a certain game. 3 2 away win at Spartak. Lenny had instilled belief and heart into the team at last,,you could see they were fired up a lot of times.
And at the start his partnerships seemed to click,,stokes and hooper a prime example.
In that game we went behind and he immediately fit up and yelled at them.
You just knew that team were nor gonna roll over,,beaten maybe,,but they would show up as they had to in order to keep their place . It was that simple.
And they dug in , scored three , and came home ” from Russia with love” 😉
Hail Hail


Everytime you mention Antigua ( and Barbuda ) it’s all about Sir Viv for me.
My favourite non Celtic / Scottish sports person.
Hail Hsil