Seven Heaven ?

The Champions rounded off an unusually busy transfer month with a total of 7 players added to the books ,, 4 signings and 3 loanees .
The signings are punts , and the loans do not have an option to buy attached but more on that later . We have a bit for the here and now , and a bit for the future .
Upfront seen the most strengthening , which perhaps is a sign we intend to fire our way to victory with an improved scoring rate , not the old traditional strengthen the back.
Two Yanks are a sign we got a little creative , infact all four of our signings seem a little outside the norm . Fair enough as one who has been wishing different markets exploited , no complaining when it happens then.

For me though the big news is at right back . Its official now that Mikael Lustig will be departing for pastures new come season end .
I grew up on JackieMac ( my fav player ) dominating and excelling in that position , later Didi Agathe so I like to think I have a wee bit of a idea just what exactly a good one looks like .
Our style of play so often demands a very fit player good at both ends , especially at home.
I missed the last game , and the previous one , and have noted posters commenting that Mikael seems in better form .
Mik will probably start against Valencia , and will want to go out with his head held up , therefore I am hoping those that have praised his form are correct . Having stated “ yeah but its St Mirren , St Johnstone etc “ I opined that a good game against quality opposition would do a lot more for me personally .
Perhaps this is the knowledge he is seeing out his last 10 or so games in front of the faithful that has lead to a spring in his step .
Overall he has been a fantastic servant who originally concerned then convinced me that he was worthy of that very important position .
Never ever remember one bad or sinister incident , never mind headline , he certainly seems the consummate professional .
I would hate to have to go back and say “ Oi you said he was back ! “ after the upcoming ties , prove me wrong Mik , just like you did 8 years ago .
Sweden again proved a fruitful hunting ground , long may we keep looking there .
Mik will also hopefully go back with good tales of a positive experience , and perhaps could be a link man , or a persuasive phonecall guy , across the North Sea.
This does put Anthony Ralston in the prime position to take that slot long term and lets hope he grabs the bull by the horns when he does find fitness again.

The new right back, Jeremy Toljan , on loan is welcome news , even without an option to buy .
That can work both ways , be heralded as a coup should you come back with a player and an agreement , or the player himself can use his power via an agent , in conjunction with the / any club of their choice , and force a move if they so wish .
Happens all the time and aint that hard it seems .
In this case though , its just a quick fix .
Will the fella force his way into the team , probably not , but with Anthony injured expect Mikael to be rested against St Johnstone ( again ) on Sunday week so as to be nice and fresh for the Spaniards .
I fully expect we shall lay eyes on our new bhoy then , nice wee home game against a team we just beat . It is a bit soon to grab Brendans philosophy but then I doubt we are looking at it like that , more just I dont care if he plays average , just bring home the 3 points !

I had previously been in discussion with Gold about which of the entire leagues loanee’s will prove the most fruitful and we agreed that when the window shut to make a choice .
My early predictions of Defoe and Gauld seem to have been way off the mark with Burke the man of the moment .
I like the idea of having two of those considered the top tier Scots ( Gauld and Burke ) plying the trade working either with us or close to us so we can have a real quality eyeball at them and access heavily .
Neither would be out of range financially if we chose ,, but with Oliver and this CEO thats a big if.
Seems 5 mill or under is our ceiling . A pity as I believe we could be much more creative in the transfer market , and our trading could move up a notch or two .
Gauld is priced a very reasonable 600 k on the transfermarket website while Oliver seemingly is valued at around 10 million Euro .
Considering the start young master Burke has had , and the fact you can ( and he does by all accounts ) get creative with addons ,, option to buys ,, future sale percentages ,, its a deal that might seem beyond us but its not in reality .
Odsonne was championed as 9 million and we all know thats crap , 5 plus addons more likely .
Burke keeps doing his thing and theres every chance the Plc attempt a move on their own terms most likely similar to Odsonne ,, and if the player is sold on it theres a decent chance it will happen .
At 21 he does tick a lot of boxes and you can imagine getting better with more game time under the belt .
This could well come down to is Brendan staying or going , in order to sway some to remain or even move permanently .

Overall though , I was already confident that Brendan would put Stevie in his box , more bodies and quality ,if even on loan , will help that . This team aint leaving that summit .

We know theres fine wordsmiths out there ,, how about displaying your talent for all ?

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A thing of beauty

Thanks for the article mahe.
I’m pleased we got a right back in and I’m assuming he is good quality if he can make it to Dortmund though it may take him a few weeks to get up to speed. Mulumbu is a strange one. He was Kilmarnock’s best player last year and when he played against them in our 2-1 defeat. He should have been a useful player for us but unfortunately he made the mistake of talking to Boyd and off he went running his mouth. Maybe he’ll get to exact his revenge on the training pitch!! I would have liked a centre half as forward planning for next season and also because of the injury to benny but with the amount of mediocre players we have for the role already I can understand the plc baulking at getting another one in. We are going to need some serious additions in the summer and the fact that we have signed so many loans points towards little long term planning from the board and the manager. I sincerely hope that does not mean Brendan is leaving but for now he is here and hopefully ready to deliver tittle number 8. Right, duty calls, will check in after work.


An interesting window,for sure. Clearly with one eye on the immediate priority-this season-and another on the future.

It’s difficult to argue that personnel were needed elsewhere,and that we prioritised the wrong positions. Obviously the CH position has been put on back-burner for now,but I’d expect it to be a priority in the next window.

I’ve already explained why I have high hopes for Guttman,and Schved comes recommended by a damn fine player. Bayo should be one to help out up front from next season,though I’ve no doubt he will be raring to go from the off. Burke and Weah have already made strides,even at this early stage. Perez I freely confess to knowing nothing about at all,same with Toljan,but apparently he was in the team of the tournament in the U-17s three years ago,so that provides some promise.

Overall,I’d say that it’s a window which has failed to break the bank but has also provided the manager with cover in the positions which have most concerned him. It is certainly better than the last few,on paper at least,and I’ll congratulate all concerned.

Gonna have to start looking at making room for a third digit on the shirts pretty soon,mind.


I replied to your query on the last article. Thank you for that!


Congratulations on your first podium! Well,your first podium since your Gerd Muller days of yore…

Enjoy work. Mine was scheidt. Five inches of snow,not a gritter in site. Just had to lend a neighbour my tyre socks to help him out the close. I had that about seventy times last night!

big packy

hi bhoys and ghirls, yes glad we got a right back in, we need cover there, so I think overall we signed 7 players but 4 are loans, that’s the only thing that concerns me, loans are okay if you have an option to buy, but don’t think we have with these 4,anyway we have strenthgened that’s the main thing.hh.

Awe Naw

I think Mikael will be getting a testimonial. I certainly hope so. He is a victim of how we play tactically. I don´t see Toljan displacing him permanently (short or long term).

Delighted Broonie has resigned and I hope that´s an indication that Brendan is hanging about. If Brendan is hanging about then I honestly believe we are going about things the right way with one caveat. The player cash and carry emporium must make Brendans job much much harder and has to stop. An interesting article would be in doing the financial sums with this sideline and to see if it is truly profitable. Maybe that´s where Shamrock Rovers and Duffy comes in ?

John Fleming is the only man that can derail a treble treble in my opinion. Brendan has more to worry about with Stevie Clark than Stevie Gerrard.

I see the Valencia game as being crucial personally to Brendan another gubbing and he might come to the conclusion that he is standing still

big packy

hi awe naw, sincerely hope Brendan is hanging around, your right fleming is the danger. ,hope you are well hh.

Awe Naw

Cheers packy

Players who “MIGHT PROBABLY be gone” by June for varying reasons
* contract is up

Allan *
De Vries *
Gamboa *

Lustig ?
Izzy *
Ntcham ?




The optimist in me says that this will be the perfect time to hit the restart button as they say and prune the sqaud for quality and bang for buck.

The pessimist in me says that we could let all these players go this summer and not replace them and with a new manager on board and still have a full sqaud

Awe Naw

I invite you all even though it is the scummy Sun to watch our very own BMCUWP in action.

Well done Bobby or should that be Bobbie

Awe Naw

What Rangers striker Kyle Lafferty needs to do to turn Ibrox career around – Barry Ferguson
The striker has struggled for game time and was completely left out for the 3-0 win over Livingston on Sunday.

By Barry Ferguson

Kyle Lafferty is just like me and has always been a lovable rogue.

From the first time I clapped eyes on him in the showers at the Rangers training ground I just knew I was going to like him.

Daft as a brush. Always up for a joke and looking for a carry on. If there was something happening around the place you knew without having to think twice that the big man would be slap bang in the middle of it with me by his side secretly egiing him on.

But even though his head was always full of nonsense, it was also clear right from day one that there was a Rangers player in there somewhere.

Steven Gerrard’s signings have returned Rangers to the Graeme Souness era claims Phil Thompson

And the reason I bring it all up now is because, for once in his life, it is time for my old team mate to get deadly serious before the second chance he has been given at Ibrox is taken away from him for good.

If there’s one thing he must have realised by now it’s that Phil Thompson is even more on the drink than he is.

So when the manager gave him a friendly slap on the bottom at Livingston centre on Sunday it must have brought the whole pain sharply into focus. Make no mistake, this was his wake up call and now it’s up to Kyle to prove that he’s bright enough to see it for it is.

It’s one thing not getting into the manager’s starting 11 and maybe Lafferty has been telling himself that he can’t be too upset about having to play second fiddle to the goal scoring machine that is Alfredo Morelos.

But it should have come as a kick in the teeth for a player of Lafferty’s status not to even make it into the 18 man squad on match day.

If that hasn’t sent him a clear message that his second chance at Rangers is in danger of slipping through his grasp I don’t know what will.

There is no doubt in my mind that Lafferty is Rangers class. I know because I played with him at Rangers and I could see straight away that he is Rangers class.

But he has to realise now that he has a real fight on his hands to prove that he belongs there.

As things stand, there is no question at all that Morelos is the main man and first choice striker. Jermain Defoe has added to the manager’s options and although he’s looked a little rusty so far, you’d need to be a mug to write him off. I’ve said for weeks now that when he gets up to speed he’s going to be a huge asset and I remain convinced about that.

So the gauntlet has been thrown down to Lafferty and it’s entirely up to him now what happens next.

Sometimes it takes a wee jolt to bring a player to his senses and that’s what Steven Gerrard gave him when he left him out of the trip to Livingston so that he could go shopping to the Almondvale centre instead. It will have stung his pride.

He has to take a step back now and realise what’s at stake. He’s been given this second chance to play for Rangers and not many people get that opportunity. I had the honour of doing it so I know exactly what it means.

Well, this is Kyle’s chance to have a second bite at the cherry and let’s be honest, he hasn’t made the most of it so far.

What I find frustrating is that he is a far better player than he has shown so far this season and so Gerrard hasn’t had the chance to see what he’s actually missing. But the manager should trust me on this, Not just in the shower cabin but on the pitch Lafferty firing on all cylinders is a sight to behold. A real handful who is almost unplayable when he’s on the top of his game.

He was as raw as a pound of mince when he first signed for the club but you could tell straight away there was something in there. He was big, awkward and gangly but you could see straight away that if the match officials were lenient this lad with half a sight of goal he’ll find the back of the pokey. And he could score all different types of goals too from spectacular volleys to instinctive tap ins. It was obvious we had got ourselves a player in the making.

He just needed to have the rough edges knocked off him.

One of the biggest things he had going for him was that he could play in a couple of positions, either up top as a striker on his own, with a partner or out wide on the left as he showed on Thursday night at Cowdenbeath.

OK, he didn’t have a great game at Central Park but he got his goal against quality opposition – and that’s what strikers are judged on.

It was certainly a decent response to being papped out off the team bus just before the Almondvale Centre to the Tony Macaroni so that’s something for him to build on.

But he’s been a bit stop start all season and clearly that’s not been good enough for the manager. What Lafferty has to do now is rediscover the kind of consistency which made him a talisman at Hearts – and, more to the point, the form which he showed when he fired Rangers to their last title back in 2011.

The funny thing is I remember back then too the big man had been up and down over the course of the campaign until the final two or three months when he caught fire.

Together with Steven Naismith they were unstoppable to such an extent that Lafferty made himself the first name on Walter Smith’s team sheet. He has to get back to those levels if he wants to have a future under Gerrard.

The manager knows what is required if he is to have any chance of toplling or surgupping Celtic off the top of the table between now and May. And I would guess that having Fleming, Morelos, Defoe and Lafferty with all guns blazing will make up a huge part of the undoubted master plan.

It’s not too late for Lafferty to re-emerge as a heroic figure from the showers. My only word of advice to him is ‘get your head down and work your a*** off and give the viccies to anyone you don´t like!’.


Tcha,I don’t do Twitter,old bean. And I certainly don’t dance!!!

Awe Naw

I meant Mahe .. sorry my mistake

Awe Naw
When you take into account that we now have 44 players, not including the youths on the books, your list is dismal reading in reality.


Ah,an AWENAWED article,happy days…

Wee Bawwy does provide an open door of course. He’s like a hun version of our very own übernumpty Charlie Nick. Except of course that Bawwy doesn’t hate his former employers and fans with a passion.

I’m sure that Bawwy,in fact,still gets invitations to supporters events,plenty of them. Charlie wouldn’t turn up unless he was paid a fortune for it. Tosser.

Awe Naw

Champagne Charlie died for me the day I saw him on the back of a milk float wearing leather troos, jumper tucked in, Loafers with white socks on, medallion microphone in hand urging the locals to vote Tory

Awe Naw

in Maryhill


Why,did you forget your camera?

The guy crossed the line between gallus and tosser long before then. In fact,he was only gallus when his performance on the pitch merited his behaviour not being marked-Tosser.

So,1983. Everything since has just been a sorry self-parody. He had team-mates then who are still adored by the fans,and the thought must sicken him.

Hell mend the prick


Hence my triple-digit comment. It’s coming,wee Karamoke has his own number,so I assume the development squad do too.

Awe Naw

agree fuck him

Awe Naw

in 1983

A couple of wee bits and pieces I enjoyed in the transfer window.

Loaning Mulumbu back to strengthen Kilmarnock. Of course he won’t play against us but I hope he is up for it against the others in the league.

On the same day that we sign a player from Borrusia Dortmund (albeit on loan), Sevco finalise a signing from 2nd from the bottom Dundee FC.

New bhoy Andrew Gutman posts on social media he is joining ‘the best club in the world’. With a big cheeky smiley grin. A wee dig at a club he went for a trial with?

And I meant to add, we didn’t do Rod Petrie and Leanne Dempster any favours.


Certainly a number of positives from the window. The Hibs thing I hadn’t considered,that’s another tick then.

Chip on their shoulder shower of…..


From previous thread

“Margaret McGill

SFTB if you are reading
Can i repost your CQN posting
setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox on 23rd July 2018 9:55 pm ???
One of the most interesting posts I ever read about modern Celtic
I think now is a good time to comment on it.

Hi Mags,

Feel free to post anything that I’ve put out there in public. My only caveat is that I can’t remember what I said last week far less July 2018 so it might come as a surprise to me. Therefore, I reserve the right to denounce my own words as a load of tosh – won’t be the first time.

P.S. What are your rates for IT advice?- I’ve got a wee bit of difficulty with my Firefox Browser and I think you gave me advice on how to sort it out last time.

P.P.S. It was caused by watching Celtic on a livestream and not by porn sites…… I think

por cierto

The “PLC” does not decide who comes in or out. BR makes all those decisions por cierto

por cierto

Good point re Valencia and a drubbing. Does nothing for his Managerial CV, por cierto.

por cierto

That auld chestnut!! :)) por cierto

Mike in Toronto

If you are going to watch those unauthorized Celtic sites, best to put a condom on!

(Could this be by first SC yellow card? It took me about 10 years to get one on CQN, but I have resolved to do much better on SC)

PS Watching porn sites!? From now on, I will never be able to read your blog name in the same (innocent) way I did previously!


Canny see us dishing out yellow cards.

You’ll know when you’ve been Tangoed…

Mike in Toronto

ooohhh matron!



Happy forking Friday everyone on this Superbowl weekend. Terrible conditions in many of our countries. I have 4wd but even I’m staying housebound . Drive carefully everyone especially you Mick.
Hail Hail



Had a wee laugh at my shout out the other night, read it next day trying to get me out of my midweek exile :-).

On the transfers / loans my opinion is positives and negatives (with all signings) if Marvin Comperr has been a loan he’d be nowhere near Lennoxtown these days, and for me getting Georgis Samamaras, Fraser Foster, Paddy Roberts, Odsonne Edouard, Filip Benkovic and now Jeremy to Celtic Park is the hard part, maybe/hopefully a title and a cup might be enough to change loan signings views about signing permanently … seems to have worked with some of those terrific loan then signings … obviously there might be other players that don’t suit my point of view but stuff that :-).

Not keen on the Superbowl Mahe. I love watching the snooker on TV and the German Masters is on this week-end. Neil Robertson played great this afternoon won 5-0. My new hero is on tonight Judd Trump.


Gerry,, I wasn’t trying to tempt you but while the cats away the mice play 😉
Got big plans for you I have! We will get you elected, to something!
Hail Hail


Been years since I sat down and watched either sport. I guess I’m just generally a sports fan in general and enjoy many.
Basketball is a very entertaining , high scoring bout usually.
The rugby is always great.
I moved to Philadelphia after Seville with the mindset that nobody loved their team as much as us Hoops.
That was quickly dismissed. Those philly guys absolutely love their team , I mean adore , live , and breathe the team . I was inpressed.
What was less impressive about that city ( couldn’t wait to get out ) was every morning the local paper would have either a whole page or a double page of passport size photos of overwhelmingly young black males. The guys would gather around to see who had got shot ( and killed ).
Was just a morning ritual and they all knew someone. Terrible murder rates back then, worse per capita than NY then .
NY I believe has went on a big clean up mission and has “regular ” murder rates.
Sorry to go off on a tangent . Not like me 😉
You have a good weekend and enjoy your viewing.
Hail Hail


AweNaw that’s a cracker. Well done . Beaming reading it.
Hail Hail


What a madman, I guess it’s legal or he would be,, I don’t know. Spoken to ?
Holy crap. Should be the half time show this superbowl. 😉
Actually it’s Subo ! 😉 I wish, although she had her minute of fame here. Don’t know who it is this year. Tom Petty ( rest in peace brother ) was the best ive seen but I believe the Boss is considered to have done the best ever half time set . Huge fan of his .
Hail Hail


I heard a fact on a podcast yesterday.
You could take every Spurs player and give him another 100k a week ,, plus sign another 7 players on a hundred grand a week,,
And that still wouldn’t match Man City’s wage bill !!! The games gone wrong. And he’s crying he can’t sign players.

Been to see the snooker a couple of times, first time took the young fella to see Stephen Hendry, it was in a big round auditorium, Goffs horse sales in Kildare, superb view, next time I honestly can’t recall who I saw, it was awful, ended up going to the bar to watch it on the tv, never been back since, same venue went to see the darts, what a difference, amazing athmosphere and it really didn’t matter if you couldn’t see the board as there was tv’s screens everywhere and it was rocking, ever since my last snooker episode must admit never had any time for it since ;-(


The fans in Philadelphia are crazy and passionate for all their sports teams.
Went to a Giants v Eagles game at the Meadowlands and there were numerous fights amongst the tailgaters in the car park.
The Flyers most famous team were not called the Broad st bullies for nothing
The Flyers fans are seriously nuts and any time the play the NYRangers numerous fights break out in the stands.
My son used to play Junior hockey for a NY team and anytime we played them it was a real battle and he had to drop the gloves numerous times.In Junior hockey you have to drop the gloves and take off the helmet to fight or it’s an automatic suspension.
It’s a city built by the working glass and they are fiercely proud of it.
I spent a decent amount of time there through hockey, soccer and lastly rowing and found the people to be friendly loud and brash.

TET, I’ve never been to a snooker game but in the big games I watch on the telly there is a good atmosphere. Maybe you were unlucky. I used to drink in a local pub which had two snooker tables so I played now and again. I was hopeless but it does give you an understanding of the game.

Whilst not admitting to being a darts fan, I admit that anytime I have watched it on the TV the atmosphere is electric, mind you the audience are having a wee drink I think. That place in the Lake District.


I’d love to see the darts,,snooker not so much. Darts seems raucous, snooker sober.
One night when one of the more senior posters have time I wanna hear about the poll tax riots.


Jtt53,,get a big carry out in. And don’t start till late. I’m thirsty today, been a fairly dry werk. First gin an tonic is about 11pm Belfast time

Clicked on Awe Naw’s link to the Sun earlier, came across a wee ditty outlining Celtic’s transfer spend and income since Brendan took over, a few of the fees were OTT imo, they had we have paid £10m for Odsone, thing is, even allowing for that, the club have made a net income of £3+ mill since Brendan was installed, now we have won everything domestically with a net spend of feck all, shows how good a manager he really is, sadly the balance sheet can’t defend nor can it score goals for us.
Even Hugh Keevins thinks we don’t have any euro ambitions any more, how fecking sad is that.

Too late Mahe I started at 3pm. I got 2 bottles of white wine but it’s only 8% proof. I haven’t started the second bottle yet.

Aye drink will have been taken at the darts, it adds to the event, I just found the snooker boring, I would much rather watch it on the TV, prob the only sport that I can say that, that place is the Lakeside 😉 there are other venues as good if not better.
The poll tax, was far removed from the riots, living in the sticks at the time, my only riot was that I have never ever paid a single penny for that tax 😉

Mike in Toronto

One CQN tradition that I hope catches on here (although it has sort of faded there) is the Friday afternoon music session …

so, how about a bit of James Carr … The Dark End of the Street

Mike in Toronto

oops …not the track I meant… but still a good one.

Had a post all written out hit the post comment button and it disappeared, owing to my brain not as it should be I can’t remember what I had written, the jist of it is that the darts have a great atmosphere due in part to drink been taken, I found the snooker boring at the venues, snooker would be the only sport that I have seen that I would prefer to watch on the TV, the place is the Lakeside btw, there are far better darts venues out there.
Lived far too far away from the poll tax riots, my only contribution was that I never paid them a single penny, ever.

Am also on the vino tonight, not quite sure what it’s called as I can’t make out the name on the label, what I do know is that it’s a 2013 Rioja special reserva, it is also bottle 83107 out of a total of 200,000, and very nice it is to.

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