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Firstly,my apologies for my enforced absence over the weekend. Sinking the nut into an ice-packed road wasn’t,it turns out,a good idea. I’ve never slept so much as I did on Saturday/Sunday,and still not 100%.

Of course,I’ll live-not asking for a sympathy vote. Not bloody expecting one either…

On to yesterday,and what seemed on paper to be a tough away tie turned out to be just that. Yes,we got the points,but they came at no little cost. It all started as early as the first minute,when Kris Ajer headed down onto Tony Watt’s skull. It looked a bad one-it was certainly a sore one!-as Kris lay prone for a few minutes before being helped to the sidelines for further treatment. As I believe he’s just returned from a fractured cheekbone,he could have been forgiven for wrapping it for the day,but he soldiered on.

The first half saw St Johnstone taking it to us on occasion,they had two excellent chances. Scott Bain wasn’t for allowing any blemishes on his clean sheet record,though. I think he has an eye on Big Fraser’s record,personally. The game was settling down into an expected tempo,St Johnstone defending in numbers and looking for a breakaway,while we probed with more urgency and directness than normal on such occasions. Even Wee Willie,the much-maligned arse,entered into the spirit of things by allowing St Johnstone to kick us every chance they got,while pulling us up for even a hint of an infraction.

It’s Gollum,what can you expect? Well,to be honest,you expect him to get the bliddy easy calls right,and he’ll never have an easier decision to make than after 15 minutes! Oliver Burke,clean through and about to pull the trigger from about twelve yards,was cleaned out from behind by a defender. I didn’t even bother claiming it,it was such a stonewaller. Not Willie. He’s got his career to think about,and waved play on.

Snivelling little coward,he even managed to penalise us 16 times to their 12

It wasn’t really end-to-end stuff,Celtic had most of the possession in their opponent’s half,but St Johnstone continued to hit us on the break whenever possible.

Half-time arrived with few talking points bar the penalty incident. Which Kris Boyd,apparently,said was the correct decision. Aye,Kris,and if it had happened to you you would be bleating about it for years to come. Tosser. High time Sky employed people for their knowledge of the game and their punditry skills,rather than their place in the footnotes of a deid club.

The second-half arrived,with yet another enforced change. Mikel Lustig was unable to continue,and we got our first view of on-loan Jeremy Toljan. He had an impressive debut too,rarely putting a foot wrong defensively,and getting his crosses in to dangerous areas. He looks the part,for me.

Although St Johnstone had the best chance of the game so far,when Tony Watt missed a sitter,it was very much one-way traffic. The excellent Burke made way for Odsonne Edouard,who nearly put us ahead within minutes of his arrival. Ryan Christie attacked a ball in the six-yard box,and was attacked himself for his efforts with a boot in the chest. The ball flew back across goal,and as Eddie stretched to reach for it,he got a set of studs straight into his ankle. His game was over,and it looks a worrying one.

On came Timothy Weah,whose speed and skill sets are on a different planet to any normally seen in Perth,and with fifteen minutes to go,he made the telling intervention of the game. Deep into the left-hand side of the box,he got a great cross across the goalmouth. For all of keeper Zander Clark’s excellence on the day,with six great stops,he could do nothing to prevent James Forrest sliding in to score.

1-0 and as much relief as joy,which turned to despair as we lost a third player to injury as Forrest hobbled off with a hamstring problem. This gave St Johnstone added heart as they pressured our ten men,and with a corner put into the box,we panicked not. We broke with three against two,Callum McGregor drove into the left of the box and put in a perfectly-weighted gift for Timothy Weah. I don’t know how much Weah loves our club-yet-but he’s sure enjoying scoring for us. Nearly as much as I enjoyed him scoring that one,it was a textbook break at lightning pace.

There was still more action to come,though no more goals. Having been forced to book Goss and Swanson-who was immediately hauled off,his work done-and Forrest for celebrating off the park,Ajer did something he’d been doing all day,and all season in fact. Received the ball under a little pressure,so swivelled backwards to his left to keep the ball on his right foot. Simply asking for trouble,and the St Johnstone forward robbed him of the ball and ran in on goal. Ajer pulled him down,clear red card for denying a clear goal scoring opportunity. That there were two Celtic defenders around was incidental,they wouldn’t have got a tackle in in time.

(Never a red though as it can’t be a goslscoring opportunity against our star No 1!)

Overall,you have to be satisfied with that performance. St Johnstone are no mugs,with more clean sheets this season than anyone bar us. Toljan looked like a good acquisition,a player we’ve been crying out for for a while,Weah and Burke continue to impress. Broonie was possibly MOTM,and even Simunovic looked like he was settling into a game. A day of no failures,which is the “good in parts”

The not so good was the injuries. I suspect Lustig was taken off as a precaution,and I sure hope so as he will be needed at CH on Wednesday! But Forrest is probably three to four weeks,and I can only hope that Eddie’s ankle isn’t broken. Even Christie,who has been running through brick walls for us this season,looked by the end as if the wall had fallen on him.

Overall,a satisfying display and a great result,but potentially a very costly one.


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big packy

hi bobby you in the wars again, hope you are ok, back to the fitba. yes Gollum wants to keep his job so he wll bow down to his masonic masters, think young ryan was running on empty second half but still kept going, in the end our class told, even when edourd came on for that short time, we were beginning to find holes, hope the injury is not too serious, thought burke’s pace caused them problems, then when weah came on him and wee jamsie were combining well, my motm was broonie thought he was immense,,that new right back looks good as well.hh.

Awe Naw

Two things were decided upon last weekend for the nth time within the confines of Scottish football n being greater than 4000. The first decision that was taken was that no way were Celtic going to be up against St. Johnstone on Sunday, having whipped their arse continually for the whole season and being 9 points ahead of Sevco. League Over.

Luckily for us we had Willie Collum officiating yesterday. Willie is seemingly not an integral part of the inner sanctum of the Scottish refereeing fraternity. (See Sevco´s 6-5000 pound fine). Unfortunately his fellow referees well and truly are. For example Douglas Ross MP for Moray is on the take every way possible. A corrupt non entity of a man who would fuck his grandpa – or let his grandpa fuck him if it meant further perceived by him social climbing. perpetual ingratiating, brown envelopes, a press headline(good or bad) it doesn´t matter.

Scotland does seem to specialise in procuring this special kind of über wanker. It can do so due to it´s very prevalent slap me on the back tweak me on the nipple culture and instinctive subservience and love of the Union, the Queen and the mentally retarded nature of it´s supposed military omnipresence. From Dallas to Son of Dallas. Only in Scotland and under the watch of Celtic PLC

I cannot see them stopping eight in a row however. The problem for them is not in just stopping us. They need to stop FUCKING St. Mirren for goodness sake. Start at the bottom of the table and work your way up. That´s a tall order for a group who although collectively sly are thick as fuck. I suggest bonny Scotland would be an even more of a filthy frothing cesspit than it currently is if Sevco were pipped to the SPL title by say Aberdeen. It´s about stopping everyone See reference to stupid cunts above. Which considering how fucking gash Sevco are is not going to be possible over a campaign. The work to make it appear that sevco are involved has already been marked “done” and nobody – NO BODY – is more delighted about this than our very own Old Firm PLC.

So if I was Brendan Rodgers (we are all Brendan Rodgers) I would be prioritising getting my best players fit and ready for selection for the Scottish cup games due to the second decision that was agreed upon last weekend.

Awe Naw

“To put it simply, should Sevco fail to defeat Aberdeen now then it is very likely that Celtic will disappear over the horizon on their way to an eighth successive league flag.” _ Keith Jackson

Awe Naw


great article mate that bang on the head has done you good 🙂

At last some sense from Keith!



The Huns with whistles aren’t even hiding it these days… fior me it makes every trophy even sweeter… thought big Simonivuc had a great game yesterday bring on the Hibees on Wednesday, MissGFTB’s first real game and it’s not even with me …. the Kano foundation have done more in a couple of weeks than my influence in the last decade :-).

Mags … smallpox analogy made me laugh

Aff in to work to smile when I hear the Sevs try and justify Andrew Dallas’s blatant cheating

Hail Hail

Ha Ha, agreed! 🙂


Haha,thanks mate. My first booze-free Saturday since the 70s,I reckon. Wouldn’t recommend it,mind.

The refereeing,now there’s a thing. Apparently Brendan said that he didn’t see the penalty. Well,that’s a new one,even Arsene Wenger would have seen that,everyone in the stadium saw it,it’s not like the kick on Christie where there was so much going on and bodies flying everywhere that his view might have been restricted.

That tackle was two players coming together,the only two players within a dozen yards. He MUST have seen it,and he SHOULD have called it out. I love the guy to bits,but he needs to be standing up for our players. We now have FOURTEEN players out injured.

It’s not all the board’s fault,not when the manager says eff all in his post-match interview. You can stay classy,Brendan,be Mr Nice Guy,and still tell the bloody truth!


I hope the wee yin has a great time,everyone loves a convert! You’ve played a blinder,mate. Let her make up her own mind.

As for the Sevs at work,they’ll just shrug,laugh and say-What you gonna do about it?

The answer of course is nothing at all,and that’s sad.

The Gombeen Man

Aberdeen v Rangers

Ladbrokes Premiership

06/02/2019 7:45pm Pittodrie Stadium

Referee:Bobby Madden
Frank Connor
David Roome

Fourth Official
John McKendrick

From the hallowed pages of the SFA Referee’s appointment pages.

A lot rests on Ex Sevco Season Book holder, Bobby Madden.

Will Bobby makes an attempt on the number of penalties awared World Record?

Will he exceed 4 awards?

What’s the betting?



Aye,he slotted right in. Definitely looked the part.

Awe Naw

I thought the penalty call on Christie and Eduaord were clearer.

Disagree with you on Brendan. The club participated in a summit last week inspired mainly by Beaton. Brendan cannot say anything until Beaton has explained publicly why he choose not to caution Morelos as that is what the club requested.

I tell you what that will go the same was as

1) PSNI explanation
2) The safety review
3) Resolution 12 silver bullet
1649) Need I go on ?


Wee Dallas has set a high bar,but I’m sure the experienced refs can overcome it with a bit of application.

Interesting AR1,Frank Connor. Don’t recall seeing his name beforehand-but don’t be fooled by the Timmy sounding name!

A mate of mine in Kilwinning-I won’t name him,that would be unfair-has an even more Timmy sounding name than that. Member of the Orange and Masonic lodges,and the local Apprentice Boys chapter.

Canny judge a book by its cover,or even by the bloody name on it!!!

Brendan will be under instruction from above not to rock the boat, it’s as simple as that, nothing must derail the OF bandwagon.
Cheating referees are needed to help the huns as they are not capable of doing so on their own.

Awe Naw

Thankfully Morelos is a bit silly sometimes – nothing for Rangers to worry about. The dons can put the past behind them by lying doon on Wednesday

Bobby, I know Frank Connor, def. not a hun! However he was AR1 at the game against ICT when none of the officials saw the handball. He has been mercilessly cried out for it since locally.

Awe Naw

and it adds 10,000 onto the gate at Celtic Park


The fans keep demanding that the club ask the questions,but it seems to me that the club are happy to do so,and consider their job done. You don’t win arguments-or respect-by being a bloody doormat.

Now,we are always told of how difficult it is to get players to join us. I remember Saidy Janko in one of his games for us rolling about having been halfed in two,and screaming at the ref,he literally couldn’t believe that what he’d been on the end of wasn’t a red card,much less a free kick.

He hardly played for us after that,and I can’t blame him. So,is it difficult to get players to join us because the word is out? That you’re a target,you’re gonna get kicked to buggery? It would explain a lot. Football may be global,but it’s a small world.

Maybe we should be making PL’s job easier for him,it must be highly stressful to get all these deals within a whisker of the line,only to fall at the last hurdle,the one about refereeing.

Go on,Peter. You have my complete backing to make life easier for yourself. Call out the rotten state of our game and follow it through until meaningful changes are made. You owe it to yourself.


Was it in his area of responsibility? Or was he up the other end?

By the way,the linesman who flagged offside for THAT goal by Cadete against the huns was called Kevin McBride. He is a member of the same organisations as my mate. I asked him once how he could even consider that decision,a bloody mile onside.

His reply? Nothing to consider,Mick. You’d have done the same.

Thing is,I wouldn’t have,I’d have been beelin’ as I ran back to the halfway line,but done the same? No way. I’ll buy my own pints,thank you.


Also,please pass on my best wishes to Mhairidh Erin and her proud parents. (Hope I got that right)

I’ve no doubt she will be worth all the drama prior to her birth!

Bobby, yes he was right there. When questioned about it months later he said he didn’t have good sight of it. The TV cameras suggest otherwise. His father would have turned in his grave at his son not flagging that incident.

Btw, the reason his name might not be familiar with you is because he made a decision a few years ago that he didn’t want to be an out and out referee, instead he is a ‘specialist’ linesman or something like that.


Convert ???

Bobby she kids on she doesn’t like football to annoy me, she is a wee rebel and the main thing is from day dot she refers to Celtic as “us” and her mums team as “them” so that’s good enough for me ….

She was cheering on PSG last night because her words “Dembelle is a traitor for leaving us” I told her that was a bit harsh but I liked it :-).

At least 10k, look at the dwindling crowds at the end of RD’s reign

Awe Naw

Answers not questions.

Peter Lawwell has it made . He plays the We stay one step ahead of the hun game as that is what maximises income. As we know this can be undone by industrial and systematic cheating. For Dallas read Rowbottom. For Ferguson read Calderwood. We also know that we condone the cheating read Resolution 12. Why ? because CONSISTENTLY making money is more important to Celtic PLC than making sporting progress.



Was speaking to one of the bhoys yesterdat and we both agreed that at times Brendan is far too nice in the public eye … but there is no way you can get away with that all the time .. I think Brendan has a face for the media but is ruthless in real life … I would love him to call out the cheats but will settle for collecting titles & trophies ?

Awe Naw

There is also the EPL loving fanny contingent .. mainly Irish suckers. You know those that still believe that we are made in the image of God or DD


Funny,that. I saw a comment from PAUL67 the other day suggesting that Celtic-minded individuals should start applying en masse to the various county refereeing associations,that it would be interesting to see the various reasons they would be turned down.

Thing is,they WOULDN’T be turned down. They would be given weekly matches involving Nitshill Knifemen v Barrhead Barbrawlers,a real pleasure on a Sunday morning.

Of course they wouldn’t turn us down because of our background,they’d just stall us on the bottom rung. I suspect your friend found that out,as did Stephen Craven.

Hell,even Mike McCurry was thrown to the wolves once he’d outlived his usefulness.



Awe Naw, I’m afraid that for a huge amount of supporters they are just not interested in anything off the pitch. Us bloggers are fans/supporters with a bit more insight. For many, as long as we are playing well/ish, getting results that is all that counts. Shout at the refs on the day, then think ahead to the next game.


As I said,you’ve done a good job!

I speak to a lot of fans and they rarely go on to Celtic blogs. Twitter seems to be their thing.

Awe Naw

if he is as ruthless as you say then he will be gone this summer.


Awe Naw

Brendan is going nowhere, trust me I don’t tell lies :-).

Awe Naw

fingers crossed

Awe Naw~Gerry
I have no idea what the man is like behind closed doors, I doubt many of the players would eff him about tho, I did see a video when he was at LPool and he tore Sterling a new arsehole, I know that he got Broonie down to London when he was appointed and basically told him what the score was, hey presto a very different Broonie, as for the public face, Brendan is only following orders, it’s all about the money at the end of the day, and rocking boats against your employers wishes can cost you your job, or future employment no matter what principals you hold.

Awe Naw

Sure JTT53 .. absolutely and probably still buying the Sun and the Record


I saw the Sterling video,I didn’t think that it reflected well on either of them-a lack of empathy on Brendan’s part,and calling an employee by his surname?

Not good.

As for money,yes it’s easy to say he’s got plenty already,but why should he retire himself at 45? I mean,if I’d had his money at 45,I’d have had my feet up in my own pub beside a bookies ten years ago,but Brendan has ambition to go further.

I never once took him for a yes-man though.



Don’t disagree but I think Brendan is anything but a “yes” man… by all accounts his dinner with Broony was after a sit down with Ronny D… Broony, Mulgrew & Kris Commons were the dressing room leaders … only Broony survived the cull … might be nonsense but it seems plausible to me

Pretty sure AWENAW will slaughter me for the link,but the DR site is so crap that it’s virtually impossible to read,much less c&p

Looks like Stevie Clarke hasn’t given up on telling it like it is,but he’s got a bit smarter about it. Weah should have been booked for leaving the pitch after scoring. Spoke about that more than about the Rangers penalties.


Yep,the SFA will be happy enough with that,though I don’t recall a word when Morelos sparked a crowd invasion. Disappointed,Stevie. You’re smart enough to be smarter yet.

Awe Naw

Lawells cull

Dearie me Bobby, your own pub beside a bookies?

Bankrupt within 2 years.

Of course he is a yes man, to say otherwise is deluding yourself, and I mean that with no disrespect to yous or him.
He is watching his players basically get assaulted and says feck all, he is silent cos he is told to be silent.


Not at all,mate. I’m selective in my betting,and I can only drink so much. Be even better,of course,if the pub was owned by a stunning heiress,but I don’t want to be greedy..


Until or unless you are proven wrong,his silence suggests that you are right.



Am ok with being delusional but you is plural no neeed for a “s” :-).

I would love BR to call out the cheats but his job is to win trophies not sort out Scottish football’s blatant bias towards one Klub … and they still can’t win a major trophy in their 7yr exsistence … enjoy these good times they might not last forever

Awe Naw


I do not think that it should go unnoticed that Celtic supporting professionals like Neil Lennon, Steve Clark. Tony Mowbary, Jacke Mac, Paul Hartley etc have all grouped us into the one pot with regards decisions.


In a nutshell.
Keeps them directors bonuses rolling.
And sevco are a bottom six team without their brothers help.


In other words keeping his powder dry?
Where have i heard that before?


The crowd invasion was in fact caring hun fans helping to tidy up a messy pitch.
Clarke understood this and to suggest an alternative would have drawn the the wrath of mssm with subsequent knowledge garnered from a former cleaner of the West From toilets that he can’t pee straight being splashed all over the media.

Awe Naw


Having read the article I am now even more convinced that Steve Clark is calling Celtic out after last weeks summit and more importantly out continued silence.

We will not speak out because we Celtic PLC don’t want the game cleaned up.

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