The modern day prima donna

The prime example of just what exactly the modern day prima donna is actually like emerged from a recent Jose interview during which Mou let slip that Pogba had said to him
โ€œ Do you mind not criticizing me in public as it might affect my standing within the group ? โ€œ
And this a world cup winner and all !
I dare any Nottingham Forest player to say that this month ! Double dare ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

But seriously whats the game become when thats the mindset of an elite and its no wonder theres been a change of manager . Think of Jose what you wish but I doubt he responded politely .
Since a switch in the dugout the same player is now producing much much better form ,, something that irks me no end as no matter what the relationship with those above you is like the professional should emerge every single time you cross that white line .
Its in your best interests also I would have told the player . However as events show the player in question didnt produce , undermined and got intended results , approves of new temporary manager , and has decided to produce for him .
A strong chairman would bring him and his agent in for a chat in the off season and let the bassa go but we all know that aint going down .
Such a pity that a huge club caved morally but thats the modern โ€œ beautiful โ€œ game for you .

The new temporary manager has taken all the headlines recently although hes very quick to share them around , something admirable .
It seems he may have learnt from a rough time in Wales , and by all accounts is a Fergie clone in words and action in his new role .
Undefeated in 10 with 9 wins and a draw is title winning form ,, its that simple.
Take that over a season and come April / May you are right in the hunt.
Critics might point to not having hit a bump in the road yet , and thats very valid , but theres zero at all to think he would let them crumble . He certainly didnt as a player .

I opined recently in a piece that the right man right time factor is priceless ,, and that it cant be planned for or bought but merely stumbled upon and when /if you are lucky enough to find yourself in that position then you hope aboard that wave and ride it for all its got.
The boot room process is preferred of course but in its absence the right guy is the best youve got .
Lets see how long Ole is Mr Right . And more precisely how long can he deal with the modern day prima donna , especially the main one in his squad .
If hes smart Pog will be the first one out the door . Message to squad sent.

Lastly a big Happy Birthday to Big Packy in deepest darkest Cheshire !
Many happy returns young chap !

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big packy

HI MAHE thanks for the birthday wishes,yes I think mr solskjaer is getting them playing again.hh.

Happy birthday Packy, hope you have good one mate!

The Gombeen Man

Happy Birthday Packy, You are always positive and good to read on the blog.
Have a great day.

Fergie is proving difficult to replace in Manchester. Never liked Man Utd nor disliked them too much either…but I miss watching his teams and the whole thing about ‘them’.

The jostling the referees, getting yellow cards on purpose in European nights, Cantona. Sorting out egos…Ince for example. Very hard to replace, but I like Ole. A quiet, thoughtful kind of a guy. Let’s hope he has the inner strength when he’s tested.



Many Happy Returns Young Yin.
Reckon you are a Rooster.
Happy year of the pig.

Mike in Toronto

Happy birthday, Big Puppy!

Mike and Seamus


Modren day Celtic prima donnas include:

Mark Viduka
Charlie Mulgrew
Kris Commons

Any more?
Moussa Dembele
Dedryk Boyata

“The van Hooijdonk situation was a farce. The Dutchman whinged to the press and declared that “ยฃ10k a year is fine for a homeless person but not for a world class footballer!” What a pathetic excuse for a person” (Celtic Wiki)

(I think he meant ยฃ10k per week)


Here’s the opposite of a prima donna:

โ€œIโ€™m enjoying myself at Celtic, I really like it here. I think itโ€™s a great club with great team-mates who have made me feel welcome. Not only that, weโ€™re doing really well on the pitch as well and creating a chemistry thatโ€™s working. Long may it continue. Iโ€™m just a happier boy now that Iโ€™m playing football. Every day Iโ€™m happy and Iโ€™m getting up really excited to come in and train and see the boys. Itโ€™s been a really big boost for me after being starved of football for a while now.โ€
(Oliver Burke)


Happy birthday! Treat yourself for tofay and the rest of your birthday month!

Are you an Aquarius?



Happy Birthday Big Packy.


Let’s have a non prima donna’s thread.
Broonie,Bertie ,Bobby Lennox,Bobby Murdoch,Jinky.
Henrik,Boyd,McStay and Danny McGrain

Jimmy McGrory



Feliz Cumpleanos BP, I hope you have many more of them.

That bastion of impartiality,THEDAILYRECORD,highlights a “hotline” full of jibes against Tom Boyd for speaking about referee performances,AND has Gerrard accusing Stevie Clarke of “lacking class” in his comments yesterday.

Difficult to criticise the DR this time though,both pieces are reports,rather than opinions. Where they let themselves down is the coverage of “the nine worst refereeing mistakes this season”. Shocking lack of objectivity in that one.

Big Mjallby and Chris Sutton. I’d put Brian McClair in there too,alongside Big Roy and TB.

Gerrard accusing Stevie Clarke of ‘lacking class’? This from a man who complained about historical refereeing bias against sevco when he was about 5 mins. in the door. I think he was complaining about 5 disallowed penalties in an under 17s game against Berwick Rangers under 14s. Class? don’t make me laugh.


Happy Birthday big Packy. Still a nipper .
You probably still dream the Lions could beat my Seville bhoys . Anyway we awoke to 9 inches snow and power outage. Bust day but it’s beautiful outside.
Hail Hail


Gerrard is an ignorant scouse dick. He needs a lesson in manners. Thick and arrogant!


I’ve got a theory why the Huns are throwing everything into stopping 8. It’s because they know they’ve no chance of stopping 9 with a 20 point penalty for going into administration.
Technically it should only be 10 points a they’ve never entered administration before. But there’s no chance they’ll admit to that! Unless it was the Company which went into administration? ๐Ÿ™‚

big packy

hi bhoys just came in, thanks for your birthday wishes very much appreciated,, REBUS67 yes Im aquarius MAHE yes the lions would beat your Seville bhoys,hh??

What have you heard ๐Ÿ˜‰



They need to pay the Ferryman ๐Ÿ™‚ They could call in the Administrators before the end of this season if they know they can’t catch us. But they wouldn’t be allowed to play in Europe next season then.

Dharma Bam

Don’t forget that winning the league this season would mean we can put another 5 stars on the strip. I believe this is the main thing driving operation Stop 8 at All Costs.
It will melt the brains of many of them and make them pig sick when it happens.



Big clubs only put stars on jersey to commemorate European cup wins. One star means more.

But they don’t, they have been trading while insolvent for years and they didn’t pay the last time.
I also have a theory, the money laundering that is happening there is keeping them afloat, the authorities know this and don’t give a, if they did…..


Bobby, I hope you are feeling better after your accident. Coincidentally , Jim Craig has an article in the Celtic Star about our 4 2 home win against Hibs on this day in 1977. No prima donas in our Celtic team that day.

Dharma Bam

Are Rubentus not a big club then? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Regardless of the reasons for stars on football jerseys, it still stands that we will reach 50 titles with out next league title win and that will be striking fear into a lot of people. Hence, a very good reason for ‘stop the 8’. They might even ‘start’ to overspend inorder to prevent this happening.

Prima donnas? Yes, we have had a few over the decades. However, I have learned not to rush to judgement. I recall an outstanding player who frequently went absent without leave. Who does he think he is, I thought? He is living my dream and yet he embarasses the club!

His name? George Connelly. I now know better than to rush to judgement.

George, if you are reading this, you are still remembered fondly.


Dharma Bam

Need to say that I believe One Star Means More as well; OSMM would always be my pub quiz team name, however not everyone, especially supporters of an Ibrox based club, think that way.

A thing of beauty

Happy birthday big packy, hope you had a good one


Big George was one of the most elegant footballers ever.
He Had everything.
My brother used to play 5 a side with and against him when he was working at Torness.
He said that despite Big George being very overweight he was still ten times better than everyone.

Mike in Toronto


I have told you already … this story about them getting money from unscrupulous Irish sources is simply not true; DD will make sure that Celtic do everything possible to keep them going… but he draws the line at paying out of his own pocket to do so.



i have often thought that money laundering is the only reason they have survived this long.Would be the perfect vehicle for this as the Scottish courts and police have shown no appetite to convict sevco. And with a compliant media the silence is deafening.

Aye, how stupid of me, should have realised ๐Ÿ˜‰

I honestly can’t see anything legit keeping them going

George would be in my best ever team, I was privileged to have seen him play, masterful springs to mind.
I went to school with a bloke who got a few trials down in england, Sunderland offered him a contract at crazy money compared to what he was getting, didn’t bother taking them up on it as he would have had to curtail his drinking habits, he decided that junior football was what he wanted so he could carry on as per and didn’t have to leave home, didn’t work out at the end of the day, the mini bus that he was traveling in crashed on the way home after a game and he suffered horrendous injuries, he died 26 years later never having left hospital, his brother died in the crash with a few others, tragic.
He was a very very decent footballer, such a shame.

big packy

THE EXILED TIM,/REBUS,FAN-A-TIC, I had the privelage and pleasure to see George play, wonderful footballer hh.



The Huns of Italy. I have a mate who supports Torino. The tales of their cheating he tells and the support they receive from Turin authorities and Italian FA are very reminiscent of the Huns! You know they claim the titles they were stripped of for bribing refs as having been “won on the park”? Cheating bastards do as cheating bastards do!


Saw the big man play too. Sad loss to football.
Pinged you an email. Are you going to Valencia?


Story going round that Oliver Burke involved in a serious car crash!


Just got up for nightshift,had a text saying it was Tony Ralston involved,but no details.

big packy

emusanorpan hi pal, just heard it was Anthony Ralston who was involved maybe a rumour.hh.


Got a text saying it was OB and that someone had been killed!


Hope its not true but pic of accident looks bad!

Thank God OB & AR are ok after that accident near Lennoxtown. There were various reports about it. Nonetheless I hope very much that anyone involved are/is alright.

Sorry, this is my mood tonight.

My favourite video of Celtic.

It captures everything

Margaret McGill

From previous thread
Incredible construed logic.
This is the problem with Celtic fans and the lost pseudo intellectual argument.
Celtic PLC are responsible for the health of the SPL??
I’m sure our Irish Raj and Irish supporting contingent couldn’t agree more for this bigoted little cesspit.
While the huns behave like psychopaths Celtic are responsible for the financial income of the rest of the SPL??
Fuck me gently. This is windbag shite.
Therefore, proceeding logically on these assumptions, Celtic PLC and thus Lawwell’s sociopathic corporate behavior can be explained away because we need Europe and therefore we need to maintain
the rest of the SPL for our own corporate advantage?All I can say is Holy fuck.
Forget res 12. Forget it all. Just let it rip. Cheating and all. Who cares anymore.