The modern day prima donna

The prime example of just what exactly the modern day prima donna is actually like emerged from a recent Jose interview during which Mou let slip that Pogba had said to him
“ Do you mind not criticizing me in public as it might affect my standing within the group ? “
And this a world cup winner and all !
I dare any Nottingham Forest player to say that this month ! Double dare ! 😉

But seriously whats the game become when thats the mindset of an elite and its no wonder theres been a change of manager . Think of Jose what you wish but I doubt he responded politely .
Since a switch in the dugout the same player is now producing much much better form ,, something that irks me no end as no matter what the relationship with those above you is like the professional should emerge every single time you cross that white line .
Its in your best interests also I would have told the player . However as events show the player in question didnt produce , undermined and got intended results , approves of new temporary manager , and has decided to produce for him .
A strong chairman would bring him and his agent in for a chat in the off season and let the bassa go but we all know that aint going down .
Such a pity that a huge club caved morally but thats the modern “ beautiful “ game for you .

The new temporary manager has taken all the headlines recently although hes very quick to share them around , something admirable .
It seems he may have learnt from a rough time in Wales , and by all accounts is a Fergie clone in words and action in his new role .
Undefeated in 10 with 9 wins and a draw is title winning form ,, its that simple.
Take that over a season and come April / May you are right in the hunt.
Critics might point to not having hit a bump in the road yet , and thats very valid , but theres zero at all to think he would let them crumble . He certainly didnt as a player .

I opined recently in a piece that the right man right time factor is priceless ,, and that it cant be planned for or bought but merely stumbled upon and when /if you are lucky enough to find yourself in that position then you hope aboard that wave and ride it for all its got.
The boot room process is preferred of course but in its absence the right guy is the best youve got .
Lets see how long Ole is Mr Right . And more precisely how long can he deal with the modern day prima donna , especially the main one in his squad .
If hes smart Pog will be the first one out the door . Message to squad sent.

Lastly a big Happy Birthday to Big Packy in deepest darkest Cheshire !
Many happy returns young chap !

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You can cheat as much as you like,as often as you like,as blatantly as you like,you and all your arselickers in the press,the referees,even the associations,just as long as you don’t win-too often!-and my bonuses keep piling up.

A wee bit of controversy is good for the soul,and for the game. Most of all,for The Sacred Balance Sheet!