Tonight,Matthew,I’m Gonna Be Stretching My Lead!


Slightly late on parade,getting to be a habit the last week or so. We have a very important match tonight,though I think from now till the end of the season,our next game will be our most important. We are at home to Hibs,recently Lennyless due to unexplained circumstances. (

Put it this way,if Neil had been a wee Dutch kid of yore,and stuck his finger in a hole where the sea threatened to burst through and flood the vicinity,he’d have been arrested!)

From now on in,its turn-about home-away,until the split. Hibs look unlikely to make the top six due to underperforming disgracefully this season,but we all know they try that little bit harder,run that bit faster and tackle that big bit harder against us. I don’t know much about their playing personnel,like who is likely to be facing us,and I don’t care,for a change. It’s OUR personnel,our line-up that worries me.

So much for all the whinging about the squad being bloated and full of deadwood. We’ll be calling on a few of them tonight,due to an injury list from hell,and a rank stupid suspension. I won’t bother to list the injuries for you,just go to the webpage “Celtic FC Squad” and play eenymeenyminymo with it.

There’s a possibility that Brendan will bring back Craig Gordon tonight,and if he doesn’t,then that suggests Scott Bain may keep the gloves for the Valencia game. With Tony Ralston injured,and Mikel Lustig possibly also too,I think we will see Jeremy Toljan make his full debut. And I think Christian Gamboa will be on the bench! With no sign of KT returning yet,Izzy keeps his place.

Centre-half is where it gets tricky. We know Jozo is available-as we go to press!-but,erm,that’s it! Unless we risk one of our recovering players,it looks like Nir Bitton stepping in. And that causes a problem in midfield…

Broonie will be there,as will Cal-Mac. And I think they will play together centrally,with Cal-Mac possibly given a roving role. If freed from Centre Half duties,expect Bitton to play alongside Broonie instead. I’m hoping Ryan Christie has recovered from being bushwhacked on Sunday,because if he isn’t,I’ve run out of options,and even at that,I’m going to play Ewan Henderson alongside him!

Having cobbled together a midfield and a defence,and with James Forrest missing,,it should be easy now,eh?

Well,Scott Sinclair and Ollie Burke,assuming he wasn’t involved in that crash yesterday,and Eureka,I have it!

The squad is now stretched wafer-thin,and we need players like KT,Boyata,The Prestwick Pele and Ntcham back,and to their best,and a right few others too. Any more injuries and I’ll start believing in witchdoctors!

Elsewhere,Kilmarnock will fancy their chances at Dundee,and a win will only keep them in fourth place if a certain other result goes as I hope. A home win against the huns will see them leapfrog into second place,eight points behind us with fourteen matches to go-assuming we win,of course! I confidently expect Gerrard to have his greetin’ face on tonight,as he reads from a prepared Traynor script about how everybody hates his club. Aye well-“Nobody likes us and we don’t care!”-you should have thought that through…

Oh,and by the way,the first part is 100% accurate,chum!

So there you have it,a patchwork team stretching their lead,that’ll do me nicely thank you. It was a struggle to put a team together,but it saved you all from my planned rant about referees,or more accurately,the lack of sanction on them. Saved you for now,that is!!!


Above article by BMCUWP. Have a go yourself,it must be easy if I can do it! Any subject will do,mail it to

PS-my best wishes to the injured in yesterday’s car crash near Lennoxtown.

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big packy

HI BOBBY, yes best wishes to all those involved in the accident ,cant add much more than what you have already said, its gonna be a patched up team because of injuries, and hibs wont make it easy for us, I think he may well bring back craig Gordon tonight, if he doesn’t as you say it will be scott bain against valencia hh.

Dharma Bam

Good Morning!
Good write up BMCUWP, I wouldn’t know where to begin these days trying to set up a team.

So long as I can read ‘Last night we stretched our lead’ tomorrow morning!

Completely unrelated, here’s an article about The PM as if the British Press were writing about a South American country.

I would also be interested in s3ing the photo of Alan McRae and Kris Boyd giving each other a masonic handshake. Can’t find it on the internet.



THAT photo? Well,it’s a secret…

I’ll try to find it for you though.

I’ll click on your link in a mo,but I was amazed to hear that May was travelling to NI to give a speech emphasise her cast-iron intention to deliver Brexit,this in a region which voted for no such thing.

Obviously,her speech wouldn’t have been aimed at the Nationalists,as they apparently were 3-1 against it. Just goes to show the benefits of a good Catholic education,eh?

(Presumably,c25% were otherwise engaged during schooltime…)


How’s the hangover,old bean?

big packy

how did you know that??

big packy

dharmabam/bobby/ is it worse than the tiny Wharton/john greig handshake.hh.

Dharma Bam

There are some mornings when I watch the news and think of Stanley Tucci in The Hunger Games. Honestly.


That link is BRILLIANT!,and shows the power of journalism at its best,or in this case,its worst. Enough truth to be plausible,enough poisonous innuendo to be,well,plausible,because the rest of the article’s true,innit?

Certainly can’t accuse it of being a pack of lies,that’s for sure…


Lucky guess! I,of course,don’t get hangovers-which really pisses my Dad off!

I put it down to a virtuous lifestyle,natch…

In normal circumstances this should be shootie – in tonight with the state Hibs are in. But I can never remember such a threadbare team that Celtic will need to put out. David66 on CQN has made a guess of:
Toljan. Bitton Simo Izzy
Nitcham. Cal Mac
Burke. Sinclair

There is still good and potentially good players in that team but it’s such an unfamiliar set up. I don’t know how it’s going to go.

If ever our manager is going to have to bring his skills to the fore it’s tonight.

A propos not a lot,I heard a comment on World Service last night-aye,I know,but you try finding decent stuff at three in the morning!-which made me think of my local MP.

Swindon,that blue-collar bastion,home of the locomotive,the Spitfire,the motor industry,pressing out steel for everyone who wanted it…

Two Tory MPs,and entrenched too,with a local administration since even Tony Blair.

My local MP is now The Solicitor-General,doncha know,and I should be pwoud,vewwy pwoud. Not everyone can come back from so many defeats as this guy and still attain high office-he even achieved a huge 3.9% in one vote,presumably his Mum and his wee sister.

Even being found guilty of Professional Misconduct wasn’t enough to hold back my new hero,the Attorney General dismissed it as minor-I would have thought that would have been down to The Bar Association,but heyho…

There’s a lot more,but what has this got to do with Celtic,you rightly ask? Well,it’s actually to do with DHARMABAM and his earlier post. I’ve lived here for eighteen years,I work for the local newspaper ffs,and knew nothing about this. From just a chance remark on a radio programme.

Try finding the truth as you know it,if no-one will report it.

As he says,it’s news management,and getting back to Celtic,expectation management. Brave new world coming right at you in the metropolis near you.

Mike in Toronto

On sports and politics, I give you Mr. Chomsky…


Hi bhoys
Just on to say really enjoying the site,plenty of debate without a cross word,brilliant.
We have certainly got our work cut out no thanks to those mbs,but we will prevail.time for our esteemed plc board to call them out,na I don’t think so either,a shower of spineless b.s..
In my prayers stay strong,


Good man,and welcome on board. See ya in September,I hope.

Mahe is on the ball tomorrow,and I’m throwing a curveball,subject to some research,on Friday. Stay tuned!


Welcome. Your name brings back many happy memories! Troon was my father’s favourite place.

Gotta run, hair dresser today for the Rebusette which means a 70 km drive to the big smoke, Ottawa.


Used to go to the Ayrshire resorts a lot in the summer when I was a kid, for day trips, couldn’t afford holidays! Troon and Saltcoats were my favourites. For some reason I was less keen on Ayr and Ardrossan.

I remember one year we went to Portobello on Fair Monday. On the Wednesday we went on a ‘mystery tour’ run by the SMT buses. Guess where it went? Yes Portobello! We were a bit scunnered!


The joys of the day trip .
From Cydebank we would get the train to Cardross where we could sample the delights of a beach that had a sewage pipe at one end.Usually started out with one local saying lets go to Cardross tomorrow once the 65 degree Fahrenheit heatwave hit.By the next morning about 20 kids were in and the train was some adventure.Egg sandwiches were a staple and someone would start eating on the train so the carriage smelt like a giant fart.This would ensure the conductor spent less time in our carriage giving those without tickets a better chance of hiding.

Awe Naw

How good is this ?

That was funny Awe Naw but I can’t get the song out my head now! Had to go on to utube to watch the original a couple of times. 🙂

big packy

I remember we always used to go on mystery tours, might have been carmichaels coaches or alexanders or maybe smt, but you always ended up at either peebles or callander.

Margaret McGill


BBC R. Scotland have did it again. The Aberdeen game is being broadcast on SKY, so which game is shortbread covering? You guessed it! Aberdeen!

As well as showing favouritism it is commercially stupid.

On the match tonight, it will be a battle. Every match from now on will be a battle….every point vital from now on. Every opportunity will be taken by the refs to disrupt Celtic’s play.

On the Aberdeen game tonight, they will never be allowed to win. The best they can hope for is a draw.
The cheating will be obvious in this game.

This is the crap that is destroying Scottish football. A way has to be found to expose this behaviour. There has to be a champion to persue this.


big packy

jimthetim53 come on now jim you telling me our beloved bbc likes the huns more than us never in a million years.???.

big packy

rebus, they are out to stop us at all costs, they will stop at nothing to try and derail us, we must stay strong and resolute.hh.

Mike in Toronto

Brilliant! I hadn’t seen that before …. thanks for posting that.

Our problem when it comes to exposing the cheating and the corruption is we don’t have a megaphone like the msm does, it’s really that simple, bloggers are ignored unless they are saying something that the msm want to champion, I would wager that the majority of supporters still buy the sun and the record, that in itself is a major problem, the only people who can change this is the club and that ain’t happening any time soon sadly.

Welcome and thanks.

As for the game tonight, won’t be easy, if we don’t make any stupid mistakes we will win imo.
They will win also, the referees are on song just now and they have the full backing of the media, when you think of what they have gotten away with this season would have you creased up laughing if it wasn’t so serious, it started at the sheep dome at the start of the season and has carried on since.

Toljan Boyatta Jozo Izzy
Broonie Calmac Ryan
Weah Sincky

big packy

THE EXILED TIM. good team lets see what they can do hh,

Link if anyone wants one, works well with an add blocker

Aye, considering all those we have out it’s quite strong

Playing very good stuff.
1-0 Ryan

Margaret McGill

In the last 2 hours of competitive play of huns games in the SPL there have been SIX penalties.!
The sixth was for the sheep. Whats the odds on 7 penalties over 2 hun games?
Its so corrupt its laughable.
or a red against Aberdeen …oops …spoke too soon.
But not to worry. This will help Celtic’s European campaigns. Apparently.

2-0, Olie, we are good tonight,

CalMac is superb

Izzy gone from a shocking challenge, only a yellow when it’s a red all day long, brother thompshun has been a disgrace tonight, a few mins ago a pen was denied, but sine the nun got a dodgy one and we didn’t get one they even themselves out so they do.


Some very good football played tonight and with a little more belief in the last third we would have scored more.
Another game where the appropriate punishment for a shocking over the ball challenge on a Celtic player was not administered.
Celtic seriously need to think about dressing players in full body armour if we want to fulfill our fixtures this season.
Weah and Tonjal partnership looked fantastic
Sinclair was a no show tonight.
Bain again with excellent distribution..
Bitton showed well when he came on.

I didn’t think Sinky was a no show, he had a few decent chances, albeit didn’t take any but at least he showed imo 😉
I thot that Calmac was incredible, ran his heart out, some of his passing was sublime, Bitton also had a couple of very telling passes, but all in all imo there were no failures, sometimes things go for you in front of goal and other times they didn’t, tonight was one of they don’t, still scored a couple tho, all in all a very good three points.


Calmac was excellent as he always is when we have movement in the team.
Sinclair just frustrates as he has the ability to take people on but often passes the buck.
I thought Johnston should have replaced him around the 60 min mark.
And again Simunovic was very good.
Our build up play was very good and when our final third really gels we will give some teams a real hiding.


Another well deserved win with an increasingly depleted squad of players. At this rate if our players continue to be on the end of violent assaults as Izzy was tonight with zero protection we will be lucky to finish the season with 11 players. Callum was once again outstanding and was very impressed with Toljan whose use of the ball and link up play was excellent. Hh


I agree we were good tonight. One of the things that was heartening was the number of passes into space. We now have a midfield which can do this…I mean Christie and McGregor. Brown can also do it but he has slowed considerably and the opposition can read his thoughts as he shuffles the ball from one foot to the other to make a pass. Still he has the heart of a lion.

Sinclair remains a frustration where he is unable to complete the final pass or pull the trigger at the critical stage. He should have been off earlier. Johnson looked the part when he came on. I hope he is given more chances.

Toljan is pure class. When he gets full match fitness he will create many chances for us.
Apart from one error, Jozo looked the part. Don’t let the ball bounce behind you, Jozo, and you will do well.

For me, Christie was the man of the match. He was everywhere, scored a goal, and laid on the second. McGregor was not far behind. It cannot be overstated that both of these guys were created at Celtic.

Burke is an enigma…powerful, pacey, but he overworks the ball when on a run. He works really hard and got his reward with a deflected goal. I’d like to see him on the wing.

Weah is a typical very talented young player. He is in the game in flashes and then vanishes. However, he can win the game for you. His enthusiasm knows no bounds and it is great to see.

What a find is Scott Bain. It is like having another holding mid on the park! So far, his shot stopping has not been thoroughly tested, including the Airdrie game.

I think we saw how Valencia will play against us in Glasgow….only they will do it better than Hibs. They will play with two up top and a very high press. Somehow we need to find those long passes behind the press to catch them out.

Onwards and upwards we go!


A thing of beauty

Just in from the game but a quick word before I give you my summation. When I saw BMCUWP headline today I groaned out loud. I have known him for 48;years and have been telling him for 37 that hubris is not an endearing quality. I can honestly say that going by his previous examples of such blowhard over confidence I am actually surprised that that we never lost and they won. Listen bobby, no more. If I see that sort of nonsense getting room as a lead article I’ll hit you with a scholl shoe, cos you know that hurts!!
Now, tonight’s game. A professional performance with a lot of players missing. Burke has a lot to learn at centre forward but he is game to learn. Brown was absolutely immense and Toljan is looking like just what we need. Final mention for Jozo. Aside from one wee lapse in concentration I think the big man may be getting his mojo back. Let’s hope so.

Margaret McGill

I didnt see the game tonight. I tried to see it for free but all channels blocked.
Just saw a video of the tackle on Izzy.
What a disgrace
Duck season. Wabbit season. Tim season.
To contrast the way Celtic and rangers are refereed used to make my blood boil but now I laugh my arse off. Awe Naw told me 10 years ago that the SPL was degenerating into WWF entertainment. He meant World Wrestling Foundation I thought he was talking about the World Wildlife Fund. I think I was right but Fund would suggest philanthropy and not corruption so he was right again.Anyway take it up the arse ye Tims. You love to whine about but do fuck all.

New article published.