Putting The Boot In.


I wonder whether Clare Whyte,Compliance Officer at the SFA,bought a new pair of hobnailed tackety bits just before firing it right into the huns,or if she had always had them to hand,but the SFA had previously banned her from wearing them-something about messing up the parquet flooring and a repair bill.

Me,I think she had always had them to hand,and that she put her job on the line over events on Wednesday night.

‘Let me do my job,or I’m off!’

I’m delighted at the change in tack yesterday,and long may it continue. On Tuesday,McGregor is taking a chance with a personal hearing. He has been offered,and refused,a two-match ban. He should have accepted. I expect Tuesday to be along these lines…

‘Yer ugly anaw. Four matches!’

Seriously,I wonder who has had a word? TV executives? Tired of their production teams being wasted at events best covered by WWF wrestling?

UEFA/FIFA? Disgusted at The Beautiful Game being displayed as wild beasts fighting in The Coliseum?

Celtic or the other Scottish clubs,who have finally said enough is enough,get that lot under control or it’s lights out?!

I neither know nor care at how or why this outcome has been achieved,but I am very grateful for it being so. And I do hope it is the start of a long road back to sanity for Scottish Football,and not just a false dawn.


I know you all just l-o-v-e reading my stuff,and say to yourself-“there must be something in the water in Kilwinning that allows Mick to turn out such wonderful prose,because I’ve met the bugger,and he couldnae write oot a bookies line!”-I offer for your delectation a 20yo piece by a fellow-alumni of St. Winning’s in Kilwinning. There was an O’ Hagan in my class,arrived just before I left,so I presumably knew the author’s brother.


It is largely regarding Bhoys Against Bigotry,and has a great interview with Fergus McCann,and then an enlightening one with a senior priest,who sneered his way through it. Presumably Christopher Brookmyre read this interview before writing Boiling A Frog,the characterisation is stunning.

So how much has changed in the twenty years since? After all,we all like to think of ourselves as more enlightened,more grown-up than we were twenty years ago,don’t we? Read the article,and have a good hard think-how much has really changed? The answer,in my opinion,hurts like a boot in the hawmaws from those tackety things I opened this article with.


Above article is a non-rant for a pleasant change,by BMCUWP. If there’s something in the water where you live,write an article for us and mail it to


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I’m pretty sure that the author of this comment won’t be offended by me repeating it here-I lifted it from e-Tims.
puggy67 February 8, 2019 at 12:21 pm · Reply →

And Clarke responded: “Class is subjective. I’m 55 years of age. I’ve got no worries about how I live my life personally or professionally so that doesn’t bother me.”

Intersting comment responding to Gerradioni.
Stevie Clarke quietly going about his work in the same way that he did as a player-smoothly and efficiently. I doubt Gerrard will utter one word against him in future,the truth is out there and Gerrard knows that SC knows it!

Margaret McGill

I suspect McGregor refused so that he could play in the £3m stakes Kilmarnock cup game tomorrow. So Tuesday will do nicely.Remember this from the guy who believes if you cant kill him you just make him stronger. Its a hun mentality. Its the way it works in Scotland. Anyway doesnt matter if the cards are red orange or yellow as long as they win.


Early article especially for you,we are all fed up with you tagging on at the end of the old one!

Of course the ‘appeal’ is about the Kilmarnock game,but this is also where I think they have misread the situation-the appeal is four days away,that is plenty of time to circle the wagons and nobble the jury-as is usually the case.

That is what they will be doing between now and then. The result of this personal hearing is going to be instructive,Mags. And I genuinely see it going as above.

Hope yer lad is sorted,btw. Big step for him. My advice-move house,no forwarding address! My parents should have done that,haha!!!


Some of those honest mistakes for you,mate. Crack the gin open again!


big packy

HI BOBBY got a lot of time for stevie Clarke pulls no punches lot of good tims in Kilwinning what happened to you????.

Hi Bobby, Isn’t it a bit sad that we should feel happy, grateful and pleasantly surprised that the compliance officer is merely doing her job? Yesterday’s decisions should be the ‘norm’.

Of course the main problem is that the SFA should have to make these adjudications so often in the first place.

The problems begin with the refereeing standards. Led by John Fleming. The whole set up is rotten to the core. McGregor facing a two match ban is small comfort to Aberdeen. He should have been red carded on the night, a penalty given. How might that have changed the outcome of the match?

Two thugs, with a history of thuggery finally being dealt with should not be a cause for celebration. It is correct we should record our approval of course but I hope it is not a one off sop to put a lid on things. Like you I live in hope that it signals a change in direction.

Cosy corner bhoy

Well,well! Knock me over with a feather duster! Sometimes I get astounded of forehead and yesterdays ‘Dissertation upon a Roast Pig’ was one such time.
I thought the panel would not have convened before Saturday-Wrong- that Moreorless would get off-Wrong- and Hunugly McGregor would be admonished-Wrong!!
Mark you since it is a Saturday, my forecasts went doon like ma coupon…my other coupon is wreathed in smiles??


SC won’t thank you for that,he’s from Saltcoats. We’re very protective of our wee villages in our neck of the woods!


I reckon that Jabba will be spitting feathers,which makes my smile all the wider! How on Earth they thought the Morelos sending-off worthy of an appeal is beyond me,I’d have sent the clip to EUFA/FIFA myself had they won it.

Time will tell,mate. They will be licking their wounds,planning their revenge. Do they play it smart or do they play it ugly?

I’d say the first is beyond them,while the second is their default. Watch tomorrow and Monday’s Newspaper Columnists and Opinion Pieces.


I “read all about it!” when I got up last night for nightshift. I thought I was still dreaming!!!

That could be a master stroke from Tom Boyd and Brendan Rodgers. Foreign referees. It would address the problem of low standards and the closed shop brotherhood in Scotland. I can only imagine the panic and high anxiety levels in John Fleming, Dallas, Beaton, Madden etc. etc. Foreigners coming into our game and showing them up, at least initially.

When you think about it the game in Scotland it has been loaded with foreign players, managers and in England’s case owners. Why not referees? Even if it’s only from our near neighbours England for financial reasons,it would be something.

Imagine club allegiance declarations, VAR and foreign refs?

One can but dream!

That’s the thing Bobby, they can play it ugly on and off the pitch if they so choose. If we had a consistent SFA who were up to the job they could just say to them ‘Bring it on!’ You will be dealt with. Jabba would be facing retirement within 6 months.

This was the one M.
The worst one imo is the McCulloch elbow to the sheepies player, it’s quite near the bottom.


It will be interesting to see the response to Brendan’s call for English referees to be introduced to Scottish football. ‘Open it up and have the best referees that could maybe come from England or Wales or wherever. Then you have a DIVERSE group of referees’.

I’m not keen on rugby but it’s great hearing the referee’s comments.


Howdy folks,,apologies for my enforced absence.
That was quite a week . We had four days of rain forecast and I thought sounds bad but it is what it is . Day two the basement flooded , but thats normal after a big rain until I install sump pump .
Day 3 three rain turns to snow , morning of day four wake up to cold house with no power and almost 10 inches of snow on ground .
We were mostly prepared due to having a lot of off grid supplies for the pop up camper , but two days of wood backup quickly ran low ,, and battery packs lasted two days before giving up .
Every day the electric company said today it will be fixed . On day 3 of no power and starting to eat everything and anything they said another 24 hrs and we hunkered down again only for the power to be restored around 7pm that night .
So three almost four days without electric . Was an eye opener and a few lessons were learned.

On top of that Hamish is upset at being cooped up and during those three nights slept downstairs in the very cold temps . He also visited the communal dog park recently . Now he has a cough and the wife tells me its kennel cough and someone else has reported their dog having caught it at the park ffs.

Good news did come in that the wee one took her first steps over those stranded inside hours and has been coaxed to waltz around at her leisure . Its the little things in life eh.

Anyway a big belated happy birthday to our newfoundman in Newfoundland Rebus67 !
You dont read a day older than 30 !

I have tried a brief catchup of the last 4 or 5 days events and it seems I have missed quite a fiasco . Izzy done , and the fella hauled up . Morelos 3 match ban and McGregor appeals a 2 match ban ?

Anyways , good to be back and a big thanks to BMCUWP for holding the fort . Hail Hail

Good to see you back Mahe, ach well, you will go and live in them far flung places 😉
Hamish will be fine, it’s just the same as the flu in us humans, it will run it’s course, it’s highly contagious to other dogs tho for the first week or so.
Great stuff about those first steps, I still remember all the first steps that were taken.


Here in Connecticut the storms have become more severe in the last decade.
Since the power lines are all on poles and this state has a huge amount of forrest we frequently lost power for days
Hurricane Sandy in 2012 knocked the power out for ten days,
Ended up in a hotel for a week.
Wife got furious and swore we would be better prepared for next time.
Cue her having a generator fitted that could power a large city.
Since then we have never lost power even for a second.
Looks pretty though:-)


Mahe Respect mate. Btw is was pishin doon in Cambuslang the other day. Hh


Fan-a-tic, ,
I recently got a solar generator thinking gas will either run out or can’t get out of area to get it. And I don’t wanna store any gas.
Although it was just clouds the solar panel gave us a cellphone charge a day through daylight trickling in.
It was a good test as this is the first season with a pop up and I will set the solar up on that.
11 days is the record without power around here. Knowing it’s coming is half the battle. This was one instance when living in a bubble didn’t help me,,I haven’t watched the news in a long time. Didn’t know that big snow was predicted instead of rain. More due over the course of the next few weeks,,and here I was thinking springs around the corner ffs.
Those storms on the east coast were something else , loudest thunder I’ve ever heard, , seemed right above you. And the humidity in summer sucks ,, and in winter the ice turned grey with dirt and rock hard yet very slippy,,bad mixture. Couldn’t wait to leave the east coast. Fireflies were nice as was cheesesteaks.
One massive memory of Philly was having four days off in a row , the wife was outta town so by myself in a strange country / place,, and hurricane Katrina decimated new orleans. I went food shopping, , pulled out the sofa bed in front of the tv ,, and for four days watched in amazement at the scenes being beamed in. New Orleans looked like a foreign third world country ffs ,,,dead people in wheelchairs by the side of the road ,,, roaming gangs in the super dome raping and stealing food,,,cops ran away,,,it was pure chaos
Live and direct to your living room! I sat mesmerized for those four days , and eventually the government rolled in.
Atlantic City reminded me of Blackpool,,great once but very faded and jaded and needs updated or will become a relic
Dirty and full of seagulls also. Seagulls which somehow live in Vegas in the middle of a desert!

Anyway have a good weekend bro
Hail Hail


Gordon64,,thank you Sir . Winter wonderland looking out the windows with a bored dog also. Do have four wheel drive , not altogether daft. Watched the two wheel drives get parked as we roll past uphill. The neighbour drives a big rig aka semi truck . He swears a lit candle stops him freezing to death in his truck cabin should he have to pull over for an extended period.
Being unprepared will kill if alone ,, although neighbors always help us out.
Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

-9C to +26C here in one week.
The winds they are a changing.
I have great faith in the ability of the rotational quantum levels of carbon dioxide to maintain their meta state at night time. Mosquito borne diseases, no electricity, ebola, cancer, starvation and mass murder. Canny wait! Oh aye
BTW Kilmarnock 4-1 draw 3-1 Huns 4-6
who is todays £3m MIB?

The huns are a stick on today, it’s free money imo.

A thing of beauty

Fan a tic, I have followed your posts closely elsewhere and am always interested in your tactical view of the game as I agree with a lot of it. For some reason I assumed you must be a regular at Celtic Park. Now I see you’re thousands of miles away in the USA. I always feel you don’t see the game the same from the telly but I think you are proving me wrong. Anyway keep posting your thoughts on the game.

Two clay plant pots and four T lite candles will give an unbelievable heat.


TeT,,I have heard that . Tbh heat wasn’t the issue , a wood fire is nice. It’s getting the wood and storing it plus how much do you need . I thought I had 3 days , turned out to be 2. Then it’s turn to a well stocked neighbor. Might knock up a wee shed stall that holds a weeks worth in the back yard.
Propane for the camping stove seems to be the biggest issue, although there are now refillable 1lb canisters that I can fill off the big 20lb bottle,,rather than running out of 1lb cans.
Lighting drained the batteries most, need to get more efficient lighting.
Hail Hail

First penalty for Sevco. A non deliberate hand ball. Thankfully it’s a miss.

Margaret McGill

Huins get a penalty already. 14 mins played. Awe come on FFS!

They work, trust me on that, I have one in every room, wood is our staple here in the winter, no that we really need it but the Mrs feels the cold more than I do so we have a wood stove, our hot water and cooking is bottled gas, we can get Butane and Propane and it’s reasonably priced, they come in 15 kilo bottles, seems that 95% of Spain does the same.
Solar is the way to go, the panels these days don’t actually need sunlight, it’s a no brainer even in places like scotland.

So far, Kilmarnock 2 yellow cards, Sevco nil.

Margaret McGill

0-0 HT Kilmarnock 7-2 from 4-1
Huns now got 11 penalties so far this season. 6 in the last 3 games. The fix is in.
3 Kilmarnock players on yellows, no huns.
I’ll stick my neck out and say at least on red and/or another penalty coming up.in the 2nd half.
ha ha ha
you gotta love Scottish football.

Margaret McGill

So far this season
MIB Alan Muir’s 11th SPL game.
He has issued 38 yellows and 2 reds.
He’s 6th in the MIB table for issuing cards.

Kris Boyd now on for Killie. Come on Kris! (Never thought I’d hear myself say that).

Margaret McGill

replay. That’ll do. One more game for our SPL contenders.



100% Morelos getting off, the Huns a stick on the day…. your turning into Shug Keevins :-). Tip st Johnstone the morra


Surely it’s the worse fix ever as Brendan aims for his 25th cup game victory


Delighted everything ok… and some of us West of Scotland punters moan about a wee bit of wind and rain

The extra gate money will come in very handy.



Trust me the extra gate money might help in the short term, maybe cover Defoes February wages with Killie getting half, but another game for both the Sevs and Killie isn’t the worst thing for us


Was watching sevco and commentators showing their neutrality;-) One was Craigan.
The non deliberate handball by Eggface was a definite penalty.
Meanwhile the non deliberate handball by Tavs was definitely not a penalty.

big packy

FAN-A-TIC AND JIMTHETIM53, so its back to the bigotdome for the replay, where all the bigots and zealots will be waiting with baited breath, there is no way on gods earth that Kilmarnock will be allowed to leave that cesspit with a victory, also whats with the orange strip they trying to tell us something we don’t already know hh.


Don’t you know that the orange strip is a tribute to a bar of Dutch Chocolate that John Greig bought in 1972.He really enjoyed it.
A churnalist with crayons felt us.


Big Packy

Cup game… Killie might get Broomloan road depending on how many tickets they sell, they took a few thousand to Motherwell a few weeks back, belated birthday wishes hope you had a good day…?


A thing of beauty
I tend to watch the peripherals of the game rather than fixate on man with the ball..
Modern tv has numerous camera angles.
Would prefer to watch from the park.
I still think we could improve our movement off the ball and anticipation but Wednesday was a step in the right direction.

big packy

GERRY, how you doin pa,l yes had a good birthday thanks them cheating bassas are getting on my nerves hope you are ok hh,,

big packy

FAN-A-TIC yes forgot about that, they can do what they like in Scotland and nothing will get said or done,,but in all my 66 years nothing has changed ,so fecking sad hope you are ok.hh.


Big Packy

All good here, their cheating & thieving (and they are still at it) have got them to the square root of F all, we should enjoy these times more than moan about them but it annoys me just as much as anybody but then I think with all the help they get they are still a million miles away fae a possible treble treble :-).

A bit of good news tonight.

Prince Philip, 97, has given up his driving licence. We can all sleep a bit sounder in our beds tonight. I’m sure he won’t be stuck for a lift.

big packy

GERRY agree completely.hh..ps will catch up with you in the brig shortly.hh.


It seems they think previous court rulings and the law in general does not apply to them.
Wonder what gave them that idea?

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