Just another manic Monday

A domestic issue took all my attention for most of last week and when I finally did grab an hour or two to catch up certain things immediately jumped out from the maybe bent but never boring Sphell and Cup .

First off taking off the green specs Stevie Gee will be well pleased with his week as will the fans be no doubt .
On paper that was the result of the week , a win up at Pittodrie , but when you look under the hood and kick the tyres of the game , ouch that was an expensive three points .
But then the next three teams they play arent particularly strong and its actually a good time for a wee break for Alfredo , and if Defoe is going to start a scoring streak heres his chance .
Maybe thats why the under pressure Disciplinary Board finally acted ?
Coming away from Killie with a draw and building up a bit of a gap will boost egos over there .
Im expecting the solid second this year challenge next year claptrap to be rolled out .

However the Champions dont really care , they just keep beating whoever is put in front of them. With style and class . And Bayo still hasnt even played yet and all ! Handy enough a new good with the head striker in reserve just incase . Also hitting form at the right time is a player thats making me eat my words , Sinky .
I woulda sold him , but then I woulda sold Scott Brown back in the day . We all have called a couple wrong Im sure ( I wanted Glenn Loovens to be the rock of our defence but then Kenny Misser nudged him a wee bit a couple of times and Glenda was born ).
We are not so much turning the screw but hitting top gear , and what a time to do it , just when it will blow away any aspirations .

A big notice was the list of all those involved in “ drama “ during the week .
It seemed everyone else was bickering and scrapping ,, and for once there wasnt a dirty Tim involved , at least directly .
The malarkey with the refs and just general malaise is noticeably not just limited to our own club of choice and those who follow it ,, but it seems to me the entire top flight is having a mini crisis and some are saying hold on a minute . Theres just constant agenda and spin ,, and a lot smells fishy when scrutinized .
But thankfully it does seem as if there are some within the game at least recognizing this and speaking up . We would all wish Brendan to be a bit more protective , but I dont want him to spout and lose any aura of gravitas he has assembled .
His call for different refs might seem innocuous but I think its anything but.
Ideally though its wise to let the rest of the game cotton on to the corruption and start to kick up a fuss rather than yell by ourselves . The timing is good , keep it up Brendan !
Keep winning and call them out a bit stronger each week afterwards is my advice . Keep turning the screw .

One man who doesnt need my advice is Santiago Solari who , along with Ole , is showing the right man right time right place factor .
Bale , Isco , and Marcelo would start for almost any team on the planet , but not for their new rookie boss , and when it pays off his hand is strengthened.
Finding a talent such as Vicinius Jr will help ease the pressure on you ,, the kid was sublime in the weekends derby win and we will surely be hearing the name a lot more .
I wonder which of the two rookies will lose their shine first ? My moneys on Santi . Too much pressure at that post to thrive ( Zidane excluded ).

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big packy

morning mahe great result yesterday, if we can play like that against Valencia we might have a chance..hh.ps hope you are well.


Will be interesting to see our performance against a team who play skillful modern football?
We often gave lip service to the high press but never actually did until the last two games and Burke has been a huge reason for this.
Our spacing seems to be better so should make us less vulnerable to any team breaking with speed which was our main issue in Europe.
And Bain certainly makes it easier to play out from the back without conceding possession.
Valencia will be true measure of our progress.


We try the high press against Valencia and its goodnight Irene I have little doubt. I guess some of the guys are there already and it could be a quieter week than normal perhaps ?
I would approach it as a freebie if I were Brendan . Play with no fear and just go for it ,, test yourselves and enjoy yourselves.
I have missed the last few games and it seems we have found an extra gear after Dubai.
I certainly never had any doubt we would kick on and lift the title. Its next years title is up for grabs in certain scenarios .
Should we find ourselves with a new man in the dug out there will be a very unhappy fan base , possibly new Ceo if he gets run outta town , unhappy players , new style of play and usually players with a new boss,,, possible early demoralising exit from Europe ,,, all this will be music to Stevies ears .
He will have the Defoe and Davis wages freed up by moving them on , plus Lafferty and Morelos will surely go .
Morelos,,there is something not quite right about him and Im seriously starting to think he might well be dabbling with some substance or other as a few posters have remarked . Seems to have a lot of anger to channel does that fella , glad hes not on our books although he will probably end up being a tidy peice of business .

Ironically lost power a further two times yesterday ! Actually bailed the family down to her mums , only to phone and say turn around . Having talked about it our biggest problem is being stuck in the living room really ( beside wood stove ) with a child thats exploring yet is cooped up and cant go near the hot corner , plus a big dog that is upset at not being walked or downstairs in front of his patio doors with a big view of the world . 4 days of that has us both almost insane . THat’s why when the power went yesterday I said eff this we have already played that game , hit your mums and I will be fine alone and call when alls good.
The sump pump I need to install will obviously now need some form of battery or solar backup power as theres a high chance of power knocking off during the storm , just when I need it . A project Im not looking forward to , installing that in a small dark cold basement . However if I am to leave the house unattended over winter for a stretch it needs done . Been relying on neighbors so far if I leave town.

Hope alls good partner
Hail Hail


Good morning indeed Sir . Im fine thanks for asking and I trust yourself and Joan ( hard to type that name ) are good in Cheshire . Hamish cough has came along a lot and is now only occassional ,, the wife says its probably not kennel cough just a regular doggie cold .
The lads are in Spain I believe ,, its our blog this week . We shall just keep the banter flowing as best we can for good old mother Irelands sake !
Would love a steaming mug of bovril in this cold ! Wont complain as its steak and chips for dinner , im cooking of course.
Hail Hail bruv


The high press if properly implemented does not leave you exposed.
The spacing and cohesion of the team is key.
I have been very critical of our spacing in the past two seasons particularly in the centre mid area which is where European opponents shredded us.
On the press all 3 units of defense midfield and attack must press as a unit.
If one of the components does not fulfill it’s remit then there is a huge gap for a good opponent to exploit.
If the pitch is properly compressed it forces opponents to work really hard to be creative as Salzburg so effectively demonstrated at Celtic park.
I have held the unpopular viewpoint that it was not the financial disparity that hobbled us in Europe but a poorly implemented playing system.
In the last few games we have improved on this with only a few lapses that our opponents couldn’t exploit.
Maybe Valencia are a few weeks to early in our improvement but it at least will provide a yardstick on where we need to improve.


totally agree on the financial disparity bit . The fabulous home record we had in the Champs league until a few seasons ago kinda showed that . Lenny started to crack it and bring that mentality away from home for the first in a long time . Spartak away is a prime example .
Like you say a good yardstick indeed and perhaps as we arent expected to go through will play with cajones and freedom . Wish I was going to the game , either leg to be honest.
Hail Hail


Good to have you back,old bean. Damn power outages,well you will live in a Third World banana republic!

Next week for Spain,this week sees the home leg. And I must admit to thinking that we are going into it on the back of as good a run of form as I’ve seen us have for a while.

It’s easy to damn with faint praise,to say that we haven’t beaten much of note since we got back from Dubai,but the performances have largely been outstanding,and that is bound to boost our confidence for Thursday night. Yes,we still have shocking problems with injuries,but the players who have been given the jerseys have done us proud!

Mike in toronto

Hello everyone

Just in from diving Saw my first ever shark- an eight foot reef shark, plus a big turtle, a few rays and eels and more lobster than I could count. Wonder what is for dinner


MiT,, wow , and there’s us all freezing our arses off!!! Happy for you , we do want pics.
Never went diving but it’s on the list. Enjoy yourself brother
Hail Hail


Sounds like you’re having the anticipated wonderful time-good man!

Since its you,I’ll refrain from the obvious comment about sharks and your chosen profession. After all,you’re on holiday so I can take a day off too(!)

I see our reserves won 1-4 against Falkirk today. Interesting team selection – included were Bayo, Compper and Scott Allan. Bayo got 62 mins playing time the other two lasted the full game. Apparently Bayo had a few decent chances but didn’t have his shooting boots on. Young Aitchison scored a brace. Seems ages since he scored against Motherwell at 16 years of age. He will be 19 next month. Been out on loan to Dumbarton and Alloa for experience yet I don’t hear any bells ringing about him!

Oko-Flex on the other hand seems to be thought of as an exciting prospect. He also scored two today.

Wonder who we will get in the SC cup draw tonight. Aberdeen?

big packy

mike, hope you enjoy your break from the world of jury’s and hung jury’s, the pack say hi and woof woof to seamus.hh.

Btw, Celtic are second in the reserves league behind Sevco by 3 points but Celtic have two games in hand.

big packy

jim, how are you wish I was 65.?

A thing of beauty

Astonishing figures from England where a survey has shown 71% of Black and ethnic minority supporters have had racist abuse directed at them at least once in a match. I actually cannot take that in. Such behaviour would never be tolerated at Celtic park by our support. You would be lucky to get out alive if you tried any racist language at Celtic park. Except of course if you are a visiting sevco supporter, where it is quite acceptable, nay expected to indulge in racism for almost the full 90 minutes. So yes the figure are shocking but when you consider that 100% of us are racially abused 4 times a season it’s actually amazing we don’t hear more about it. Well it’s not but you know what I mean.


You would also think that such a thing would not be tolerated outside of a football ground either,but it has become more and more commonplace in recent years down here.

Last time I was in your part ish of the world, the Mrs and I ventured out of the way a bit, we were on our way to Portsmouth for the ferry, anyways, still pubs with the No Blacks and No Irish signs, they were serious as well.

Hiya Packy, I’ll be your age in October! I’m fine pal, hope you and Joan are well. (and the gang)

I’m a happy bunny tonight the snookers back on TV – The Welsh Open. My new hero Judd Trump has just won his opening game.

I’ll take a wee break from it to watch the draw for the Scottish Cup.


Sailing back via Bilbao? Someone mentioned that No Blacks,No Irish to me the other week,I looked at him like he had two heads or summat. I mean,surely not so,not in these enlightened times.

In fairness it was about four years ago 😉
Still as racist as ever good ol engerland

Santander, crap sailing, couldn’t sleep a wink, thankfully I am not the seasick kind, still better than driving through France, that is an expensive fecking nightmare,

big packy

THE EXILED TIM went from Southampton to Cherbourg overnight about 25 years ago haven’t been back since.hh.ps. best wishes to you and jan take care buddy.

Aye, the sailing is no the may west, then there is a 12 hour drive to where I live, as I said tho, far better than the drive through France, done that twice, never again.

Interesting draw…

Full draw:

Aberdeen vs Rangers or Kilmarnock

Dundee United vs Inverness Caley Thistle or Ross County

Partick Thistle vs Hearts

Hibs vs Celtic

Happy enough with the draw, could have been worse.

And if it’s a draw the replay will be at Parkhead!

Margaret McGill

When the Celts go up to lift the Scottish cup with Scott Sinclair

Margaret McGill

I think you need to understand that there is a distinction between racism and sectarianism.

Margaret McGill

Up until the 20th century there really hasnt been any racial distinction in the genetic phenotype in the British Isles. Religion. Culture and stupidity. Aye. Genes dont really give a fuck about that human shite as long as they breed.

New article published.

A thing of beauty

I think you may be right mags but I thought 40000 people singing up to their knees in fenian blood was anti Irish. My mistake, every day is a school day right enough.