Burning The Candle At Both Ends.


It’s no secret that I’m not that interested in international football. There are a number of reasons for it,but if I’m honest,the main ones are that both Scotland and the Republic are gash! If I wanted to support a diddy team,I’d go and watch Swindon Town.

Anyway,as far as I’m concerned,every international break-and let’s face it,there’s plenty of them!-is just a conspiracy to stop me enjoying my football. But the draw for the next round of the cup made me think. We will play Hibs at Easter Road,a few days after playing Hearts at Tynecastle. And if we manage to defeat Valencia,we will play the next round of the Europa League straight afterwards,the following two midweeks.

So that will be midweek/weekend until the middle of March,continuing the pattern since we returned from our winter break,a total of thirteen matches in 42 days,or seventeen in 56 days should we beat Valencia.

This is a shocking amount of football to expect footballers to play,the human body can only take so much. Football nowadays,at the top level,is played with such pace and intensity that it must be mentally exhausting as well as physically debilitating to go to the well as often as we expect our players to do. Yet we often hear that the squad is too big,what’s the point of all those players,we can only strip eighteen of them at any given time,etc ad nauseam.

It gets worse,of course. Looking back to just before the winter break,we were all exhausted just watching our heroes turn out twice a week throughout December. And in fact,with the exception of those much-maligned international breaks,our players have been on parade twice a week every week since the Rosenborg match.

That’s the one on August 1st,btw. All season,twice a week. Our cup tie against Hibs on 2 March will be our 51st competitive game of the season!

So are we in danger of burning the candle at both ends? I’d suggest that these stats I’ve just mentioned,the amount of games,the lack of down time,of rest periods between matches,are as likely to be the cause of our mysterious list of injuries as the many theories put forward about training methods,training surfaces,witch doctors! In fact,it’s quite likely that the amount of fitness work done during the season by Celtic players is kept to a minimum in favour of coaching and recovery time.

We are going to need our “bloated” squad to see us through to the end of the season,that much is for sure. The loanees will earn their medals,if any,the same as the full-time Celts. And although we will no doubt have to begin our qualifying campaign in mid-July,that’s about eight weeks after the Scottish Cup Final,should we get there. That’s a lot longer than we have become used to!

You just never know-some of our players might just manage a bit of a summer holiday this year. The ones that missed out on one last season are definitely in need of one!

I think the number of games players are now being asked for is burning them out,and UEFA/FIFA need to reconsider the whole qualifying process. It’s ridiculous to think that a player can play more matches in a season than the winner of The Open will take strokes in his final round.


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Bobby, as you know, the problem is it’s all money driven.
The Scottish Champions and many others have to play 8 qualifying games to get into the CL proper. It’s a gold mine for EUFA. And it suits the big 5 FAs.

Imagine it was put to EUFA that there should be 3 European club competitions. With pre determined qualification. 1/ League Champions 2/ Cup Winners 3/ Highest ranking outwith above.

That set up would be fair and would help avoid the physical burnout you describe. There might not even be less games played with 3 competitions. But can you think what the reaction of the elite clubs would be? All they care about is that the 16 of the CL will by and large consist of the 16 richest clubs in Europe.

Another solution might be for Celtic to not play in the Scottish Cup! Lets face it it’s a money spinner for our hated enemies – The SFA. Get the treble treble and then tell them to stuff it.

To be clear – There might not even be less games played OVERALL for EUFA with 3 competitions.

All they care about is that the LAST 16 of the CL

big packy

JIMTHETIM53 hi pal, yes agree about the 3 European club competitions, but us pulling out of the Scottish cup don’t know about that one have to think about it, the thought of them bassas winning it would give me nightmares.hh.

Hi Packy, I know it’s an outrageous thing to think about but there are many who would love us to leave Scottish football altogether! Join England or a European league for smaller nations.

A thing of beauty

Good article bobby. That is an astonishing amount of football. I know how I feel since the winter break and that is just watching it. Far too much football now a days and I would forefoot the league cup but I’m afraid that sounds like entitlement and a reminder of the Huns when they supposedly had three teams that could win the league. My point is though that something has to give. The injuries must be caused in huge part by the amount of games we play. I’d be interested to see how many games Benkovic for example is used to playing by January. His injury was so innocuous he didn’t even notice it at first then, bang, he’s out for 6 weeks. Rogue the same. Went to see about his hand and needed a knee op. That is not normal.

A thing of beauty

Shocking spellchecking there but I’m sure you get the gist. Heading out for the day so will check in later.


Been there,bought the sheertits. Erm,teeshirts.

What really annoys me about the iPad is that you can see it accepting your prose,adjusting on occasion which allows you to un-adjust or tell it to GTF.

THEN it sneaks in a really bad one AFTER you’ve checked that it’s fine. Fortunately I can now go into the settings on this site and adjust/delete anything embarrassing. I’ve not used that facility yet,my errors of judgement,like everyone else’s,should be there as a reminder to think first,type later.

Btw,KT played more football than any player in Europe in each of the last two seasons,I believe. While he was still growing,and while being kicked rotten with no protection from the hun basturts in the refereeing ludj.

He certainly won’t make that a hat-trick of seasons.


Good points that you raise,Jim. UEFA are too focused on the big boys,and this is where I feel a lot of empathy with AULDHEID’s idea of spreading our income stream around.

We have become Third World in terms of European football,the big boys aren’t interested in us even to make up the numbers. As MIKEINTORONTO will tell you,everything in life has an answer in The Godfather,and “we should all be entitled to dip our beak”

By that,I mean that the big boys have no right to cut us off from an income stream while making impossible physical demands on our players,yet likewise we have maybe been guilty of passing on the diddy clubs in Scotland.

I will never agree to a return to the 50/50 gate split of old as it does not sufficiently reward clubs who invest in their infrastructure,but is it really too much to suggest a 15-20% split for the away team?

But then I think back to the hilarity which ensued from fans of those diddy teams when we lost to AEK. THAT 15-20% split as suggested would put c£5m into the rest of Scottish football at our expense,but I don’t remember the rest of Scottish football thanking us for a similar input via UEFA for qualifying for CL group stages,nor lamenting that our loss was also their loss.

I don’t want to beggar my neighbour,but I’d like some f…..g gratitude for what I’ve done before I make the next move to help.

Couldnae make that up,passing=pissing

Bobby I also think we should be looking at the structure of our leagues. You mention ‘diddy clubs’ . Have a look at the attendances of some of them. 200,300,400, gates.


Should there be 42 clubs in senior football? I suspect some junior teams get better attendances. It’s alright talking about history and emotions but for a country the size of Scotland to have 4 leagues comes at a cost. Might be better with two leagues of 12.

As for the money earned by Celtic’s participation in CL group stages I think the SFA should spend it on introducing VAR and replacing plastic pitches. If Hamilton, Kilmarnock and Livingston don’t like it demote them to a lower league until they come to their senses. We did it with introducing all stadium seating. Besides, plenty of diddy clubs can manage to have grass pitches. Those three clubs are just too lazy to address the issue.

Cosy corner bhoy

When I were lhad we played 7 days a week?
Only kidding..the player of the fifties to nineties couldn’t do the pace and distances done nowadays in my opinion,so the games played are phenomenal.


Is this the reason we have such a large squad?
If so then our squad management is mince.


Someone in Renfrew County has sinned. Whoever they are, they must have committed a major sin. Further, it has not gone unnoticed. We all know that God sees everything anyway, but he has certainly seen this sin. His response will be immediate and harsh. Like Mike Ashley’s response to nefarious retail sales from the remnants of the Sevco merchandise operation, God’s reaction to this sin, whatever it is, will be punitive and massive in scope.

We shall never know what the sin was but we shall all have to deal with the punishment today. Twenty-five to forty cms of snow are forecast for Renfrew County and beyond starting around noon today.

Here in sunny Arnprior, Renfrew County, men and women like me are on their knees praying to that section of Heaven that deals with the workings of snowblowers. Please let it work today!

Frankly, I think it is caused by Mahe not accepting a few token cms of snow in Trumpland.

Not sure that I shall have time to be on here today.

Have a great day, everyone.


Mike in toronto

Hello everyone

Just in from horseback swimming … yes, swimming …I love this place!

Hope all is well in the SC world!


Here in Connecticut some bampoot must have sinned a little earlier as the snows coming down.
But looks like someone saw them sin as the council were gritting and salting before snow arrived making it as relevant as a hun at the tax office.
About an inch so far but the large army of ploughs and gritters have it beaten.

Mike in toronto

Not on internet much … so apologies if I have missed any posts this week

I agree that champions of their country should automatically get into the group stages, all uefa have to do is expand the comp to accommodate it, cup winners into the europa, never happen, the big five leagues won’t allow it, they have the fear that the likes of us will get a few bob, invest it, get better and blow them away, they should not worry on that account with Celtic, all we will do is hoard the money and every so often the suits will have a party when they will cream themselves looking at the balance sheet.


You’d need a wet suit with snorkel, mask and flippers to attend that party.


Is MIKE IN TORONTO practicing for a seat on the board?

That’s a thot that isny good for your health 😉

Celtic plc interim report
By: Newsroom Staff on 12 Feb, 2019 18:00
CELTIC have released their Interim Report for the six months to December 31, 2018.
Operational Highlights
• Currently top of the SPFL Premiership
• Winners of the Scottish League Cup for the third season in a row
• 17 home fixtures (2017: 19)
• Secured European football after Christmas by qualifying for the round of 32 of the UEFA Europa League for the second year in a row
Financial Highlights
• Revenue decreased by 30.1% to £50.0m (2017: £71.5m)
• Profit from trading was £6.2m (2017: £23.7m)
• Profit from transfer of player registrations (shown as profit on disposal of intangible assets) £17.6m (2017: £0.5m)
• Profit before taxation of £18.8m (2017: £19.5m)
• Profit after taxation of £15.2m (2017: £17.4m)
• Period end net cash at bank of £38.6m (2017: £30.9m)
• Period end net cash, net of debt and debt like items, of £37.7m (2017: £17.0m)

The happy clappers will look at these figures and see things a totally different way to the mineshafters.
I see it as the lack of investment pre the CL qualifiers cost us a serious amount of money, the others will see it as not going down the way of the huns and going bust.

big packy

THE EXILED TIM, just as you posted that the uber happy clapper on the other side, just posted ,no names no pack drill ,


It was a clear choice not to invest which resulted in us losing to a poor AEK who ended up being the whipping boys of the group stages.
The selling of one of our best players followed to make up for losing the Champions league cash.
Strange choice that it is okay to weaken the team but not the balance sheet.
This is the best strategy highly paid individuals can come up with?
One would think the football side is not important..

How wrong you are, everything we earn goes back into the team, Pedro told us so……
“In terms of investment our policy our commitment is every penny that comes into the club will be reinvested, it will go back into the club.
I do not think we can be clearer than that. There is no pile of cash sitting there that we could look at, watch, feel and touch. It doesn’t exist. It’s fantasy.”
Peter Lawwell 2014

big packy

FAN-A-TIC did not know you were in America im so impressed with you ghuys thousands of miles away and still supporting the bhoys and here is me thinking im far away from celtic park jesus im only 260 miles away hh.hope you are well.

Sol Kitts

Jeez. Just turned on BT Sport for the build up to the Man Utd game, and there’s Hugh Dallas on my TV. Can you believe that the bigot who was sacked for a disgusting sectarian email has found himself as UEFA Deputy Chief Refereeing Officer? He was telling us how VAR will help get the right decisions tonight, and it’s all about transparency. You couldn’t mark his neck with oxy-acetylene. Not the slightest hint of irony, no shame, just another example of the cheating SFA looking after their own by organising his promotion. Are his new employers aware of why he was sacked? Probably. I guess he fits perfectly in the corruption of UEFA.

A thing of beauty

Maybe he should spend more time home schooling his boy rather than bumming up VAR. Mind you others would say his home schooling over the years has worked perfectly. As someone said on cqn the orange never falls far from the tree.


A thing of beauty
The performances of Dallas junior suggest that his sectarian father spent plenty of time schooling him.
His performances are a mirror image of Papa Sectarians refereeing career to date.


I have missed replies from some of you recently .
What with one thing and another and some more things after that .
Not to mention the number you first thought of .

I found this interesting .


Hope it`s OK to refer to the competition.


Hullawrerrr , China.

You at yer whingein` again .


I have a lot of respect for James Forrest, we need sites like his to expose the truth. But after years of reading it begins to get a bit repetitive. Just a hammer against the sevco point of view. Who cares about what they think? He is on better ground when he attacks the SFA and the media.

Margaret McGill

look fellas
Its all flak
Celtic’s plc interim report
The quarter final draw
The usual SFA cheating shite
The bonkle dallas on TV
all of it.
Question is:
Has the glib and shameless liar bought out the hun shareholders yet?

Margaret McGill

and if not. Why not?

Mags, Cheer up. We all know about the cheating bassas. But you also have to give your heart and soul a bit of respite. We are doing OK as a team. I will bring that lot down as much as I can but keep your eye on the pitch too. I don’t think it’s good to concentrate 100% on the bad stuff.

Margaret McGill

ok mate i agree with you. I thought I was behaving more positively lately? no? 🙂


New Article Posted !


I’m not sure of the timeline for the offer to be accepted. Does it not have to remain open until March 1st?


G`day , Jim,
” Who cares about what they think ”

Spot on .
Frankly , I love it every time I hear their ” hymns of hate ” as they used to be called.
Reinforces the opinion we have of them .


What’s with the “1”? Should I alter it to “Free The MACJAY 1!”

Aye,I’m with you a tad. My Dad takes severe exception to being called a Fenian Basturt,and I suppose he is right to do so. So does his brother,though the latter doesn’t bother with the finer points of a debate on the matter-he just decks the prick!

Me? Well used to it,I just point out that it’s Unrepentant Fenian Basturt,and don’t you forget it.

It seriously messes with their few brain cells,you can see their eyes spinning and their chins dropping. Thoroughly recommended,old bean!


Years ago , a pal of mine told me that the fenians were excommunicated by the Pope.
Cant verify , but an interesting observation.

Im happy to be called a fenian.
No problem , although the CQN fenians might object .