May our pain be champagne

I dont know about you but I see the European double header as a freebie.
To me anyway objective number one is qualify for one of the Euro group stages
Two is win the league.
Three is be in Europe after Christmas .
Four would be the Cup.

Thus I see it as a win win scenario . Take any result and its puff your chest out time , dont take anything and its fully focused all steam ahead towards goal number 2 .
Ask a footie fan not affiliated with our team and ten out of ten will tell you we are going out here .
Perhaps one or two might opine that we could scrape a draw , even a narrow win , but will be swept aside ultimately over in sunny Spain .
Statistically they are probably right , we are just showing up .

Theres a few things in our favour here though .
Primarily we can actually play with the handbrake off and pressure off . Pressures on them as far as I can see . No one I have been reading is confident , just curious really .
We have nothing to lose and everything to gain .
Whether the gaffer feels like that is another issue ,, but then again why wouldnt he ?
Surely hes under no pressure from above for a victory and the fans are chillaxed about the whole situation , I cant see any other way for him to approach tomorrows game as a must win , attack them while we have them here bhoys basically .
If those who like to predict Brendans departure this summer ( I hold up my hand ) have any conviction then this is the last time ( on paper ) he will lead the Hoops out at home on one of those special magical nights ,,, and holy crap they are good arent they !
If hes going out ,, Im sure many of us would agree , go out with a bang Brendan !
Go for the jugular while they are on our hallowed turf .

A home victory is vital for any chance to go through ,, although the away goal or a team playing on the break can kill you quick .
Concentration is a hard word to type and an even harder part of the modern day game to master , but not being as skillful or as used to a quick passing game , its the one area that we simply must match to have a chance.
Our wide players have been on form and that is soo important in providing an attacking outball .
If Sinky can carry his current streak over into this harder plateau then we are in with a chance but a smart manager would be well wary of our dangerman and those he will come up against more used to that type of guile .
I have wrote him off before and now sit humbled , please humble me again Scotty. The floors all yours .
James Forrest has ( I hope ) proved a lot wrong by finding another gear for the last few seasons , and is hitting his peak . The opposition manger would be smart to be very wary of him and his pace.

Ultimately though Im hoping on Friday morning we are not scapegoating or sitting with regret ,, as they have earned the right to our support should we not progress further . This is bonus territory and we should just savour it and learn whatever we can from the tie . Its a good benchmark and nice exposure .

Speaking of exposure ,, one of the rookies I have been keeping an eye on got brought down to earth with a bang last night . Ole Gunnar was given a lesson by a canny operator Tuchel and his bling team PSG . Lets watch if the other rookie ( Solari ) also suffers defeat , although his charges are on the road in Amsterdam . A bit more of an excuse to me and you but I doubt the Madrid faithful will see it like that .

Let us know your thoughts on the team and we will publish

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big packy

HI MAHE don’t really care if they beat us over 2 legs, as long as we put on a show for the supporters, id love us to beat them at parkhead under the lights,, then who knows after that.hh.


Some excellent points,not least the wee extra impetus that the crowd supplies on occasions like tomorrow. Add to that,the fact that we have been playing some excellent football since the break,even as we bed in new players and deal with some unfamiliar faces at the back especially.

I rarely back on a game involving Celtic-though a few of us cleaned up towards the end of last season with correct scores v the huns!-and tomorrow won’t be any different,but I’d venture to suggest that we have a better chance than the bookies think.

Either way,I expect there to be a show!!!

PS-I still don’t think BR intends to leave in the summer.

Cosy corner bhoy

Tomorrow night the result is not really important IMO as you say,bonus game.The problem is a poorish performance and a bad result could affect our next game against Kilmarnock.That is my only worry.(on the other hand might be more tickets available for Valencia ?),it could potentially knock us back at the wrong time.
Looking forward to game as granddaughter is coming though daughter drops to TV bench.


Oh,she’ll be nippy sweeties for a few days if we win…


Looking at prices online,Valencia are 6/5,while it is 23/10 for a Celtic win or draw.

Overall,4/6 we avoid defeat. Hmmm…


“Concentration is a hard word to type and an even harder part of the modern day game to master”

Old joke about blondes and orange juice cartons springs to mind(!)

Delighted that manure got beat by the PSG second team, won’t stop the brits bleating about the best league in the world tho, winkers.

A thing of beauty

I felt man united got a lesson last night. Interesting to note that the commentator said the sir Alex has been guiding solskjaer during his time at old Trafford but even a managerial genius like fergie could not bridge the gap in quality. Any Man U team that contains the likes of Ashley young, Eric bailly and Jesse lingard must have fergie tearing his hair out. They are not the class of player he is used to working with. I can’t see them being a force in England or Europe for another twenty years and actually think it maybe a Liverpool scenario where they won’t win the title for decades. Frightening, when you think how they dominated for years down there.
You are absolutely correct btw that the English media will not analyse this too deeply and there will be no shouting from talk sports resident twat aidrian Durham that they shouldn’t get into Europe after getting a football lesson from PSG reserves!!


As you know,I was a huge admirer of Fergie,without necessarily being a fan. I always said that his greatest achievement may well have been winning that final title.

With that team.

God knows,there was some right manure in a Man U strip then,but he got them over the line. Today,Young,Valencia,Jones,Smalling are still there,and have been regulars for each of the last six seasons.

I wouldn’t give them a game for the Buffs. Their defence has been absolutely dreadful for years-and there’s four examples why!-and only having the best goalkeeper in the world has kept them even remotely relevant.

They spend H-U-G-E amounts of money up front,and eff all at the back. Recipe for continuing disaster.


I agree about a freebie, anything we get would be a bonus.
In saying that!!!. We need one victory to match last year’s co efficient total, In addition Scotland co efficient,again we need something from this tie and in season after next, the league winners would ” only ” have to go through 3 Champions league qualifiers rather than 4.
When Celtic lost to Salsburg and Sevco lost in Vienna, a result for any would have done, it didn’t happen, so it’s left to The Mighty Hoops, again.
Hail Hail

Changing the subject a wee bit,a guy in his forties canny buy a bottle of wine because he’s with his 17yo son?

He’s allowed to drink from the age of 5yo in the care of an adult. What’s wrong with people when they decide to alter the law of the land to suit themselves?

Sorry,mate-can’t serve you,you can’t prove you’re over 25? WTF? The law is 18yo. And it’s got eff all to do with staff if there’s a kid there,as long as there is an adult aged over 18yo.

I saw a woman two Christmases ago being refused a £1 box of chocolate liqueurs for the same spurious reason,she had a pre-teen with her.

Loadapish. A shop assistant shouldn’t be given that responsibility,most of them are on minimum wage so unlikely to make good judgement calls. I’m running out of supermarkets to boycott these days.


On last nights Man Utd game I feel all fans of the beautiful game should wish Psg ( big bling ) defeat every time they take to the field , and Manchessity ( wee bling ), as success for either will only help convince some other rich idiot to take a proud club and use it as his personal plaything.
God only knows how the ordinary decent Man City fan feels,, some would be ectatic probably and the wiser are probably shaking their heads saying thats not my team.
Its actually a conversation worth having as under the right set of circumstances our own club of choice could see itself becoming the golden goose ( or the fattened sow ) for instance an invite to a superleague of sorts may well see the old men in charge cash out for many multiples of the purchasing price.
In that situation an immediate investment would be wise ,, and if repaid then could be considered sound ,, but we would be wide open to be taken over and pumped up with bling money .

The cousin and myself fight about whether United are a bling club with my view being their growth was organic and the response is no its not and a lot of it is based off the Munich disaster.
He is a Pool fan though does have an axe to grind.

As has been pointed out the core of that United side is still the same after many years and it will take a proper long term manager to sort it all out . Shifting them may prove difficult , another case of lovely contracts so going nowhere. Speaking of nice contracts a player who has never even stood out to me watching any game he has been involved in , Jack Wilshere , just signed 400k a week .
Juve are obviously taking into account what his market value would be and offering that also to the player themselves on top of the monthly pay packet .
Its incredible money and chances are he will flop . After a smart move getting CR7 and keeping Dybala , they seem to have pulled a dumbass move .
Expect them to cut their losses in a couple years .

Ajax game should be a good one.
Hail Hail


thats actually common here in the states that scenario .
Was recently talking to a fella that was in the beer isle of the store and a shopper walking past said they arent gonna serve you . Perplexed he said of course they are I have Id and she said son its Sunday . He was in a county that doesnt sell the drink on the day of the Lord ( gas was just over two dollars a gallon though ). Probably the best day to drink in my opinion .
They card ( ask for Id ) everyone and anyone here as I was told 3 strikes and youre out as far as underage drinking goes plus theres actually an organisation that goes around trying to catch people out ffs.
Some great beers made over here I must admit.
Hail Hail pal and drive carefully hey


i think it was ramsey going to juve.


Tim, mixed my players up, cheers and hope all well partner
Hail Hail

Impudent Strumpet

FFS, you disappear off the face of the earth for a few weeks and everyone goes changing their monicker…


Re the Valencia match, I find myself feeling torn. Our desire to see Celtic achieve glory in Europe is based on our own vanity – UEFA competitions are a stitch up, why do we love them so much? No fairer or more balanced that the SPFL. But then again, old habits die hard, eh? We all want Celtic going out there tomorrow night to represent us all in being the best they can be (no, I don’t want them to join the US Army).

I’ll watch. I won’t like it much, but I’ll be loving it…


Impudent Strumpet ,
good to see you back and hope you enjoyed your wee break .
Its nice being the underdog and with little expectation. I think we will see a cracker actually as chances of going there and getting anything less than a couple goal defeat are very slim therefore the big chance is hit them at home hard enough to do the damage. Should play an attacking game with the aim of bringing a lead abroad ! I hope anyway .
Take it easy pal . Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

Damn right
I think European refs are anti British teams in a big way.
I thought the ref favoured PSG yesterday.
Anyone remember the Celtic Juventus 5-0 agg drubbing
or Lubo Michel
or even look at the CL final last year. Ramos should have seen red for his assault on Salah
etc etc etc
just like SPL. Its awe aboot the money.
Do I think European refs are on the take ? no?
However, I do believe they are “coached” like our MIBS.

Sol Kitts

I recently bought a tin opener, one of the butterfly type. You know the one, virtually impossible to hurt yourself with, never mind anyone else. I was asked to prove I was old enough to buy it (ffs I’m 57), then the manager had to authorise the sale.
I asked what they thought I intended to do with it, tin-open someone to death?
I was going to tell them to stick it, but I had a tin to open ?

Awe Naw

There is a bit more to its than big bling v wee bling. I also think that’s a poor reasoning to make the choice. Clubs like PSG and Man City are owned and sponsored by theocratic governments. Normal business cannot compete within a closed to. Government.governance market.Therefore such a sponsor is desirable to a emotionally blackmailed support. Already happened in Liverpool and Manchester. I want these clubs to win everything always. Our bhoys are showing the way. Only then will football eat itself when the Moslems are no longer ponying up

Last time I was in britland, we did a supermarket sweep to get stuff that are hard to get here, Tescos on the outskirts of London, massive store, had a few packets of asprins, as cheap as in britland, was told that I could only buy two packets, so the Mrs bought two packets, I bought two and three folks in the Q also bought packets for us as well, we packed the stuff away and went back for more, kept us going for four years +,

For all I think the Ajax support are scum, their club seem to do things the right way, start of the game here they are pressing Real and making them make mistakes.


Sol Kitts
It reminds me of a friend in Clydebank who told me a guy jumped out of a close with a potted plant and demanded money.
My friend just laughed at him and said what you gonna dae way that you gardening fiend?
Guy ran off leaving plant behind.

Margaret McGill

Same guy tried to rob me once with some planted pot.
Clydebank cops are notoriously weird.

Margaret McGill

Whats 10iar in binary?
The Old Firm


New Article Posted!


Oh,good one! Very nearly went over my head…