The Morning After…


Back to normality here on our fifth day/fourth morning in Valencia. It really is a wonderful city,or maybe my Dad and I have just been blessed with beautiful surroundings and fantastic friends.

On the latter,although we had a number of people batting against the averages for us,Hugh and Sheila it was who came up trumps with the tickets. Take a bow,superstars. If you haven’t met them before,dear reader,then that is very much your loss. Quite honestly,I cannot praise them enough,not only for yesterday and the rest of this trip,but also every other time I have met them. Just two great people doing what great people do,and I’m humbled to be able to think of them as friends.

Off we went to the match last night,and as we got there we could sense a slight undercurrent,a something-isnae-right. Not from the fans or the locals,just,well,some of you will know what I mean. One of the stewards didn’t seem too keen on my Dad and I going in-neither of us wearing colours,of course-but a few words from the fans around us quickly settled that.

And we were in!

And I swiftly wished we hadn’t been allowed in,it was a long way up to our seats but boy,it looked a long way down too! It was like sitting on a cliff-edge,brought back the vertigo that I last experienced on the roof of the Maryhill Barracks as we repaired a cradle for the window-cleaners. That was a long way down anaw,and I’m glad I didn’t find out how far.

On to the game,I don’t think we played badly but we didn’t play great either. Nor did Valencia. Broonie again seemed to be everywhere,and our three at the back pretty much worked. In fact,those three also offered us our best options up front too,but headers and shots were at a premium. Down to ten men before half-time,we were well up against it.

Next goal will decide the tie,if they score its game over,if we score it is game on. A scramble about halfway through the second half supplied the answer,a nothing goal,no blame just scrappy. 3-0 down on aggregate,goodnight Valencia…

So off we trotted after the match,with the good wishes of those beside us. Into a little nearby tapas bar which honestly had more food in its deli counter than my local Tesco,a bottle of wine on every table,and unsurprisingly,it was mobbed! There’s yer business plan if you ever fancy opening a pub,though I’m not sure that it would take off in Kilwinning.

Back into town to meet up with Hugh and Sheila,and a casual saunter round to our hotel. Did I tell you that our hotel is in the posh part of town? Oh,get me,punching above our weight here eh? Well,we were met by about twenty Celtic fans in full flight and a cadre of riot police full-montied up with batons shields and helmets. Not to mention side-arms. We asked the al fresco drinkers and smokers what had happened and they looked puzzled,the police had just arrived in a few vans and attacked the few fans outside the bar about fifty yards away.

The entire trip I only experienced one lairy Celtic supporter,we only experienced the most marvellous hospitality from the locals,but something has definitely spooked the authorities in advance of our trip. It hasn’t spoiled our trip because we managed to avoid the problems,but it remains a puzzle why it happened.

It won’t spoil our memories either of a fabulous trip to a fabulous city. What a way to celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday,and to those who helped make it so-that’s my Mum,two sisters,brother-in-law and my nephew-you have my grateful thanks. You know you do. And so too do Hugh and Sheila.

Everyone’s a winner with family and friends like these.


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I cannae believe you could write that brilliant account of the game and day, this early manana. You aff the drink???? ?


Cannot quite believe it myself,mate! It’s been a stunning trip,and even the wee barmaid Maria has just come over with a free farewell roll and large beer. She would like to know where my brother is,I told her to try specsavers,the lippy wee sod!

She’s a honey btw,I’m trying to figure out how I can smuggle her into my luggage!!!

Cosy corner bhoy

Just on to agree with BMCUWP this is a great city for a city break food and drink very competitive so 5 in one and 3 in another… and quite often the grander cafe bars are the cheaper! Go figure ?

PUERTA DEL MAR is getting my highest-ever rating when I get onto TripAdvisor later. Hugely impressive restaurant which allows the quiet little old beer drinker me to sit quietly with a pint of Amstel,and pay €3 a throw.

With free tapas anaw.

Incredible stuff from Steve Clarke and Kris Boyd,and kudos to DR for reporting it verbatim.

I’m working on an article which is along similar lines,but struggling to find a couple of things which will support it. No point going off half-cocked. But the gist is that the entire world has moved on,racism is abhorrent to everyone,the caste system is being,erm,cast aside in India,but we in Scotland can still be routinely called an FB or OB and nobody gives a damn?

I don’t blame the WATP,I blame the authorities for condoning it. If I complained to a police officer in Kilwinning that someone had called me an FB,he would tell me that I was one,so what did I want him to do about it?

And THAT is the problem. Give me lip or abuse,I’ll give it back. Report it,we get told to man up. No-one is taking responsibility,the laws are there to enforce it,but man up?

That’s some f…..g law that is.

What a difference from last week’s game. My question from a few days ago got answered – we did have a plan B. Although I think the biggest thing was self belief, more confident. They played as a team and worked their socks off. Goodness knows how it would have turned out if we had 11 men for the full game. It certainly affected us for the last 10 mins. of the first half. Less so in the second half, to their credit. Like everyone else I was impressed especially by the efforts of Bain, Ajer and Hayes. The good news is these are our players and will be here next season.

big packy

hi ghuys, if we had managed to keep all eleven players on the pitch, and had just a wee bit of luck, we would have won that game, anyway water under the bridge now, big shout out to ajer,,bain, and hayes magnificent.hh.


I would temper it by saying we used plan B because plan A put us in a bad position.
Our rigidity of plan A makes us an easy mark for decent European teams.There are no surprises and it means they can prepare knowing exactly what to expect.
Maybe we were more relaxed as we had accepted that we would exit the competition at this stage?
Our fear of good opponents and cautious tactics in European ties at Celtic park takes away
any advantage the crowd gives us.
There is a major psychological problem with our team and coaches on the European stage.
It needs addressed as this not financial disparity is the real cause of our teams European record during Brendan and Ronnies tenure.

Awe Naw

The problems in 2013 with Ajax and Valencia 2019 are directly linked to Police Scotland and Rangers finances

I couldn’t agree more Fan-A-Tic, I’ve said it for years there’s a fear factor in Europe. It used to be more the away ties but we usually had fortress Parkhead. But now I see it at home too. That’s what was reassuring about last night. As you say maybe there was an element of ‘we have nothing to lose’ about it.

The thing is, I believe we have psychologists in use at Lennoxtown. Maybe the nerves are coming from the coaching staff?

Awe Naw

I have to say that after last night. I got the warm feeling that Brendan might be sticking around longer than the summer. Anyone else pick up on that ?

Because he chose MJ rather than Timo?

Awe Naw

No cos he didn´t chose Eduoard over Burke. No cos he spoke about it being his proudest moment and that we did do well. and calling out those defenders that have to improve on the concentration. Sounded more like a man addressing issues rather than one who wants to move on. Time will tell


I have a long held suspicion that Amsterdam was a result of Police Scotland supplying their Dutch counterparts deliberately false intel.
The recent vindication in the courts of Celtic fans wrongly attacked and arrested has bolstered that.
At least they got justice in Europe.
The reaction of Spanish police hints at the same.
The sleek it ,sniggering hun’s that are prevalent in Police Scotland have no problems in lying to facilitate attacks on Celtic supporters.

Good point.

Awe Naw

I think it is a wee bit more more than how much the huns have in the bank it is also linked to Resolution 12. Sevco, Police Scotland, SFA, SPFL and UEFA cannot see it far enough, It will also expose the dark underbelly of Scottish media. The recent timing of the pedophile cases is also linked to it.

If I was to take a guess I imagine that sevco have next to nothing in the kit kat wrapping. Success of any kind will provide a BIG boost.

It explains the heavily increased coordination from all familiar parties with regards the increased harassment of Celtic

Can only be a good thing. If we keep winning domestically

Awe Naw

The games leading up to whether we win a treble treble will undoubtedly and without even the merest smidgen of doubt be the most important Celtic games that we have ever had the pleasure to witness. More important than any games that any other manager has for Celtic has participated in.

If we were to win a treble treble and the huns fall further apart between now and April then their ST money will be taking an absolute fucking hammering and I predict a summer administration event to get rid of the Steven Gerrads, Gary MC Allister, Jermaine Defoe, Steve Davis of this world.

The question is is a cup win for Rangers enough ? I think yes. That is why it is so important to win the treble treble.

Eat. Sleep. Treble has never EVER EVER EVER been so important.

If we keep winning then as the old adage goes … we aint seen nuttin yet

I do believe that a Celtic Treble Treble will ultimately mean a third hun. They really are becoming catholic without realsing it. They will be trying to convince me of the holy trinity before the years out


Happy FRiday and quite probably Fryday after a dozen black pudding arrived yesterday in one of those cooler boxes with dry ice inside . 2 days from New Jersey , not bad going at all .
It does have visible barley in it , which means its what I call southern style , but still heaven .

AweNaw thats quite a treble yell !
Strange you see it all that way , much more intense and a must than me . Perhaps thats because I dont put much truck in cups at all and would gladly play the second string ,, in our position someone who plays the lot is in for 60 game at least , perhaps thats why Kt is sidelined and why we get a lot of injuries .
Maybe its because youre much more aware of the pain they would fell than me . not having met one in a long long time.

On administration or Ger mark3 ,, I might be wrong here but although my gut instinct is to say well what does it matter as they get their predecessors awards anyway so death doesnt hinder the football side only the business side ( an absolute joke and Southampton were the victims of wrath when they considered it ) I THINK that after the liquidation the rules were changed and it was a one time deal loophole that was closed off .
Perhaps Im wrong like I say , but I believe death would actually mean death with the rules not passing history over .
Can anyone advise ?

But I cant see their fans walking away in big numbers ? Strange you think that .
They will announce solid second was the goal , now its a real serious tilt , and with the players removed from the wagebill ( lafferty , defoe etc ) they have a real warchest .
Brendan departing would make them snap tickets up also .
As you say though he stays and we strengthen , then like Bananarama said , its cruel , cruel summer !

Hail Hail


“Our match officials are highly respected at Fifa and Uefa level,” said Maxwell.

“I am acutely aware that changes implemented in the summer – changes that had input from and were approved by the judicial panel working group comprising Scottish FA and SPFL staff, club, players’, managers’ and referees’ representatives – have subsequently caused some confusion and uncertainty.

“For the avoidance of doubt, however, at no point during Monday’s meeting did any discussion take place on referees from outwith Scotland, nor will the Scottish FA countenance such a notion.”

By naming the other groups involved hes sharing the blame , wont go down well . We were told he was a good guy also ?
Some brave journalist should point out the criticism that some Scottish refs get in Europe , allegations of worse ref I have ever seen etc .
The whole thing is starting to splinter . Gonna be one hell of a few years coming up. Everyone gunning for the refs , The jam tarts and dons plus killie gunning for second and want Var to take out the refs , and the huns keep borrowing to stop 10 !
Now a gov summit in the making and all .
Its all gonna come to a head !


While lawyers exist and language and laws can be manipulated by semantics then the huns will always be allowed to exist in the best wee country.
If the dandies beat them in the cup though then i think their support will turn on the lying King and the coach with a worse record than his predecessors.


Should they leave the crumbledome I think many would say that’s it. Especially if paying rent and can’t afford own stadium.
In that case drop to the base level , actual real bears not supremacists, and insist on normal songs and no racist banter.
Now there’s a pipe dream.
But yeah they will probably be around in some shape or form.
Hope all good. Hail Hail


I think Ibrox is their be-all and end-all. Without it,they will struggle to maintain the continuation myth.

If they go nipples North again,they will lose their history,their five fag burns,etc. Lose Ibrox too,naw thur toast.

Canny help thinking that I’ve had my guns spiked to a certain extent by John James today. I’ve been looking into so much research to write an article on the behaviour of football supporters and also of the average halfwit in the street. I want to get it right,or as near as damn it.

But JJ is bang on today. Stevie Clarke a FB? Not when he sat beside me at St Andrews. Never once came near Celtic Park unless his brother,Paul,was playing against us.

But that strikes at the heart of the problem. I’m not an FB either,and neither is anyone I know. Ask anyone who has just termed you that to explain why,and what it means,his reply is likely to be well becos ye ur,an ye ur,ya FB.

See what I’m saying? How can you rationalise with the irrational? And until the authorities stop telling us that we are just as much of a problem so man up and deal with it-victim blaming anywhere else in the world,he’s a FB so he was asking for it,she was dressed to kill so I raped her-and actually impose the laws of the land,we will be stuck with it.

And you know what? Who on here has ever been bested by a hun? They give you lip,abuse,threaten a good hiding,we have all walked away with our heads held high because we sure won that one. Just like the time before and the time before that.

Sometimes we have had to run away,you have to box clever. But I’ve had this as an adult for forty years,my Dad for over sixty years. Between the pair of us we must have over a thousand incidents of hatred against us. Same with everyone else here.

Anyone else think that instead of manning up,if we had just reported it to the cops it would have stopped?

Naw,me neither.

But it bloody well would have if they had done their job in the first place.


Good post but a little unfair on the polis.
They would have viewed you as a FB as well so how could that be a crime?

Mike in Toronto

‘while lawyers exist’?

Sorry … unless DD, PL and the 62,000 fans who buy tickets every week are all lawyers, I’m not buying that one at all!

our Board, and our fans have as much responsibility as any lawyer …. our Board believed (correctly, it seems) that most Celtic fans wanted to continue the rivalry (although one could question whether a hegemonic belief that is inculcated could be said to be a true ‘want’), and so they stayed silent while rules were broken to allow the zombies to continue/rise from the dead.. Our Board gave most fans what they wanted (see above on hegemony) … a chance to win titles and rub the zombie noses in it … but, in order for that to happen, the zombies had to continue to exist..and even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while …

but blaming lawyers …shocking! dont make me call your wife and tell her that you are besmiriching our fine profession!

I have a read on zombiemedia sometimes … I think that, even if the dons beat them, they will give SG another season… they did a poll on there, and something like 96% approved of the job he is doing (‘just learning … etc.), and think that they need some continuity…

if they manage to win the cup this season, he will be knighted.. but,if they dont, he will be there to start next season … however, if they fall behind next season, then I think he will jump or get pushed….

Margaret McGill

Excellent comment. Agreed.
Third hun from the sun?
or hun the father, hun the son and hun the Holy Ghost?

Awe Naw


I agree with you entirely except our beloved board did not count on Resolution 12 and the shockwaves that it has undoubtedly had. It has stirred up a hornets nest. The question for our PLC is how long can they maintain credibility with a large part of the support. I.e they dont give a fuck about anything else. I feel Brendan is answering that on the pitch. Scottish freenasonry off it. Normally I’d agree with Mahe sentiments above entirely but not for the games coming up this season. That was my point. I think the freemason contingent are incapable of compromise or contrition and its costing them. They cant take the hit much longer due to Celtic winning everything always while making record profits and them losses. The spectre of VAR will frighten the shit out if them also never mind a trip to Strasbourg. These are things freemasons cant hide from union bears.


That,me oul’ mucker,is the nub and the whole point. It has not been,and still is not,treated as a crime. Man up,sort it yourself,if yer no man enuff to deal wi that,don’t come out.

This is honestly how complaints are dealt with,rather than immediately investigating what is a hate crime,even if the perpretators don’t think it is one.

We will never get the laws enforced while there is no appetite for it from the police,or as it turns out,the victims. I can look after myself,aye so that’s fine. But by looking after myself,I’m not helping those who cannot.

Awe Naw

Tom English calling Jim Traynor out via Gerrar today while English gets scolded by Barry glendinning fir toeing BBC editorial policy. None of them prepared to print the whole truth


AweNaw ,,
If you are convinced this seasons silverware means a lot off the pitch as well as on it , then I would ask why this season ?
8 not special , 9 would be , and ten probably mythical ,, so why this is this season different ?
And if it is the final backs to the wall season , they wouldnt go for a rookie surely ?
Funds have always been a mystery but keep appearing , cant count on them running out .
As Mit says they will stand by him , he seems to have them onside .
I will hunt for comments on slippys popularity at the moment .

As for Res12 thats the first I have heard of it in a while. The travelling support just backed up the fact its business usual no ?
Seems the masses have went with the fare on offer and the PLc have things well in hand .
The malarkey in the game at the moment is a lovely squirrel .
Sectarianism and bigotry are the terms being thrown about where as it should be strip the titles , proper governance and transparent or nothing etc.
Most blogs and orgs are just rolling with things , little sense of a groundswell for change unless Im mistaken ?
The summit now that the Sfa have run to the Scottish gov will be lovely squirrel manna for the media . Probably get some type of Var out of it and CCTV cameras at top flight grounds mandatory , or some crap.
Would love what you are hinting at to be closer to the truth than my take on things of course.
Hail Hail

Awe Naw

Union bears ponying up 18.73 a month on top of everything else. Without sevco titles were supposedly meaningless. Answer. Brendan and an unprecedented treble treble. Yes its just a money laundering gig but that’s an ever decreasing circle. No way is this conducive to spending more on Sevco to witness another treble for Celtic. Gerrard has a bigger brand name than Sevco. I cant see that being enough to buck that trend if he doesnt. Times about to get economically much harder for better together brexit Scotland.

A treble treble with millions in the bank isnt going to inspire investment south side.

Res 12 is still ongoing. Maybe Celtic still have an oar in there with regards cas. Otherwise why would UEFA not ajudicate. Cos they dont want cas either as every cunt knows its a slam dunk. Exposes freemasonry.

Sol Kitts

The best move I ever made for my family was to up sticks and move to Essex, left the bigots behind and all the crap they carry around with them. Now, my son and I can wander round town, go into pubs, go round Asda etc wearing the hoops and no one gives a damn. Last time I went to CP we were in the hoops and were verbally abused by a drunken woman at Central Station on the way back to Saltcoats after the game. My son was shocked, he’d never experienced anything like that. We just laughed and walked away. Seems we were both FB’s, which as BMCUWP will tell you is just a hilarious thought.
We can support our team in peace here, and that suits me just fine.



This excellent article by Fanswithoutscraves is well worth drawing attention to in terms of SFA Reform

My general comment is that the system of regulation in place was a tick box one that depended on trusting clubs would act honestly and in good faith.That trust was broken in 1999 by Sir David Murray and there is a cost to replacing the system with a more rigorous one which arguably, if it is ever done and a figure put on the cost, would make Scottish football another creditor of Rangers FC.


There is a good article on E Tims about our supporter behaviour from a Killie fan As Others See us

I responded a wee reminder that its nothing new, as follows:

It is good to see oorsels as ithers see us from an Ayrshire man (if only some power granted us the giftie ? )

This issue of supporter behaviour is one that surfaces regularly.

One major occasion was in 2008 when the Famine Song prompted this response at the 2008 Celtic AGM from Chairman John Reid.
John Reid’s Statement at Celtic AGM 2008 based on an internal interview.

Why did you decide to speak out about ‘The Famine Song’ and is it important that the club make sure that our supporters protect the integrity of Celtic’s name?
I spoke out about it because this is a pretty vile song and I don’t think that any reasonable person who has read the words of this song can see it as anything other than a pretty vicious, racist song.

It combines racism and sectarianism and goes beyond a lot of other things that we have seen in the past. That’s one of the reasons why I spoke out and I also come from Irish and Scottish descent myself, so that’s the main reason.


We are proud of the fact that we have Scottish origins and Irish heritage and we are never going to deny that. We will defend that and that is not a cause for shame, it’s a cause for recognition and celebration.

Indeed our very name ‘Celtic’ is about the unity of the Scottish and Irish people. It stands against those who would divide, discriminate and oppose those two entities. And because we start from that basis of the unity of peoples then we have always been open and inclusive as a club.

That’s why traditionally we have never discriminated. That’s why our board, our shareholders, our footballers and our footballing heroes come from all sorts of different backgrounds, religions, ethnic groups and do so internationally.

That’s why I said last year that whatever differences we have when we come into this club we leave them at the door because we believe truly, in a Scotland that is one bit of many cultures and is way beyond now being Scots and Irish.

That is our stance, therefore we have to speak out when we see racism or sectarianism being practised and of course, if we are going to do that WE HAVE TO PRACTISE WHAT WE PREACH.

We have to be careful, from our own point of view and that’s why I am absolutely delighted that our fans in recent years have had accolades from the world football authorities, from the European football authorities and let me say when I point out that there may be a minority who are transgressing our own rules, that they are our own rules.
I don’t know any Celtic fans who have been chanting racist slogans or anything of that nature, so I am not comparing like with like here.

WE AREN’T ALL THE SAME, but we have to make sure that that is evident to everybody.

The most important parts are highlighted in Capitals with two comments.

1. It is almost impossible for human beings to be whiter than white and pulling on a green and white jersey does not confer sainthood. Nevertheless it is correct to aspire to a level of civil behaviour that is an example to all. Certainly whilst NOT pishing in the street isn’t a sign of sainthood, it is evidence of a maturity beyond the nappy stage and the capacity to learn.

2. That statement was made in 2008, over 10 years ago. A lot has happened in that time with a younger generation who have yet to learn life’s lessons through the experience they do not yet have, perhaps they need a reminder of what Celtic signify to the broad church of their support?


Aw Naw

Formally Resolution 12 can only end at a future Celtic AGM. It was adjourned, not dropped and only passing it or providing reasons to shareholders why it should be taken off the agenda will end it.

That’s the mechanics,

What is needed to bring it to a satisfactory conclusion this year is a bit of transparency. That is being worked on.

Awe Naw

Its just about breaking the beast gettting a concession that can be heralded as a game changer to improve their credibility. Everything else is just perfect apart from Europe and you guys.

Just sing Celtic songs. We have many, some with a nod to Ireland. There might have been an argument for singing Republican songs at one time but not now surely? They are trying to get along together in the island of Ireland nowadays, why not here too? Not singing republican songs at football matches doesn’t mean you have lost you’re belief of terrible things in the past.


Your family are a credit to you both,and should never need to know the crap many of us have endured. But the thing is,we just gave it back instead of reporting it as the crime that it is.

That,I think,is the whole point of Stevie Clarke’s strategy. That it will always endure,will never change,while people are forced to deal with it themselves. Get the police and the courts involved,as they always should have been.

And as for calling you an FB,she must have had a guid pair of trainers on!!!!


Just sing Celtic songs? That’s one of the things which has been holding back the article that I’ve been hinting at for a while.

When we beat Killie 6-0 in 2012 to wrap up the league,it was a joyous and momentous occasion. The away support,which included my sisters and my Dad,sang the songs for ninety minutes plus injury time. Plus before,after and inbetween. But the songlist that day didn’t have your Broad Black Brimmer,or BOTOB,The Foggy Dew or even Sean South. All of which,btw,are personal favourites.

It was a ninety minute-fest of IJCGE,COYBIG, and maybe at a push Paddy McCourt’s Fenian Army.

We give our enemies ammunition by singing as we do. And that day proved that we do not need to.


Of the 2 statements today , king can’t say or won’t say Rangers , he says there’s
sectarianism in Scottish football.
The union bears is classic what aboutery.
Perhaps there is a real groundswell for change, could really really do with it.
One big problem is almost everyone is polarizing.
An outsider would be best.
Hail Hail

I disagree with that 100%, do you honestly believe that if the support stopped singing about anything that is perceived to be sectarian things would be Ok, jeezo, they hate us, they exist to hate us FFS.
Appeasement doesn’t work, never has and never will.

There is no desire for change, it will blow over in a few days, any change would entail them changing and that’s no gonna happen as well you know.

TET, I don’t think it is sectarian but it is political. I have my own love of rebel songs but we can leave it out of football grounds. I don’t equate Celtic with the IRA.

Apologies to the Celtic Board there, that won’t suit their thinking. You know, the Old Firm philosophy.


A sensitive lawyer.
Well i never.


While the Killie supporter had many fine points he lessened it’s credibility with a lot of hyperbole.
And a his myopic view was not that of someone who claimed to be neutral.



I love Scotland and I love where I live with many family & friends on my doorstep (religion never a factor) but am afraid until Scotland bans the “walks” of hatred some things will never change… the political parties here are scared of the “orange vote” it’s not the Huns that visit the bigotdome it’s the ones who don’t attend that they are scared of …. fenian bee / orange bee ??? Maybe Stevie Clarke should be more annoyed about being cheated the other night, as for Chelsea “saving”’his kids & grandkids ?? Wtf was that all about …. maybe as a father and grandfather he could just raise his kids & grandkids the way most of us do with zero hatred and no “help” fae Chelsea (& their headhunters 🙂

Margaret McGill

The Scottish vanguard for parochial sectarian vile repugnant filth died in 2012 yet here we are.
Rejuvenated by the Irish raj and the Fenian hatred philosophy.
You can shove awe yer moaning and whining about the MIBS and the cheating and unfairness and the moral high ground up yer collective arses.
You know you want it anyway.
So go ahead and pay.
Who cares?
In 2002 I saw a woman burned alive in a car crash.
Some of us tried to help but it was useless.
The feeling I get now looking at Scotland from a safe distance is the same.


Good to see you on Sir.
Kids are the product of their environment, and he doesn’t like the environment as a whole.
You have carved yourself and yours out a wee slice of your own heaven in the Brig, great.
Chances are though your kids will face some type of racism / sectarianism at some stage despite your good upbringing.
How this changes them nobody knows but I like Stevie Clarke would prefer to raise the wee one in the best environment possible just incase those encounters end up bad or worse.

Seen many a young man with good parents in jail. They had no intention of getting there , just victims of society.
Hope all good pal
Hail Hail