Weekend Squirrels-The Sequel


An interesting weekend,both in Scotland and elsewhere. And as predicted by MAHE,a few squirrels thrown into the mix to deflect from the prevailing narrative at the moment.

On that,I had intended to write today’s article largely in support of Stevie Clarke-and Kris Boyd-as they attempt to bring attention to the lack of action from Police Scotland and the SFA/SFPL over breaches of the law of the land and of the laws of the game,but there are steps being taken elsewhere which might see some coordination over the matter,so I’ll deal mainly with the weekend.

It started well enough,with England being sent home to think again by a very impressive Wales,but that was in a different sport. Prior to that,Spurs managed to lose to Burnley-despite being the only team in the top five of the self-proclaimed best league in the world to actually score a goal. Pretty turgid fare Down South,with only Watford and Crystal Palace impressing at all. More on the Palace game presently.

In Scotland,it was Hamilton hosting Sevco on that dreaded and dreadful carpet. They were bloody rubbish by all accounts,and took such a hammering that the referee didn’t really bother much with any cheating. It might have been a more difficult game for Sevco,mind,if the ref had done his job properly and awarded Hamilton the two penalties they should have got.

Meanwhile,the away fans trolled Stevie Clarke with a disturbing banner which wished him to “Get Well Soon” By their standards that is probably meant as humour rather than as a threat-after all,they don’t do subtlety. Steven Gerrard apparently stated that he’d prefer that their fans cut out the sectarian stuff,but I’m waiting for a statement from Level 5 denying any sectarian intent. Their fans,meanwhile,are being urged to march on BBC HQ at Pacific Quay to politely request that bad stuff is never said about the holding company or club or whatever. Now that IS a threat,and if the march is given official permission to go ahead,I’ll expect to see some journalists shitting themselves even more than usual.

The main event,of course,was at Celtic Park. We saw the long-awaited return of Kieran Tierney and Nir Bitton and while both were maybe a bit ring-rusty,they both performed well. We maybe went once too often to the well with Ryan Christie as his body finally gave up trying to do the superhuman,perhaps coming back too soon from injury earlier. Edouard looked back to his best,and to his hungriest-two great goals!-while Scott Sinclair and Jamesie performed well,even if in fits and starts. Man of the Match though,was Ewan Henderson,and if this lad is nurtured and allowed to develop,we could have a real gem on our hands. As Brendan repeatedly says that his main pleasure in the game is in improving players,I’d suggest that he has all the raw material he needs to work wonders with Ewan-and the even younger Karamoko,of course!

Which brings us rather nicely back to Crystal Palace and squirrels,of course. Palace utterly trashed Leicester City on Saturday. They haven’t won a match this year,and even managed to lose against Newport County in the cup. They have gone seriously downhill since their wonderful title triumph less than three years ago,and I think some of the players need to take a right good look at themselves. Of course,losing Mahrez and Kante would affect any team-they’ve also lost Robert Huth,amongst others-but are the likes of Jamie Vardy and Kaspar Schmeichel playing as well as they could be? I don’t think so,and Vardy in particular has been a disgrace since that title. 23 goals when they won the league,and around half that in 20 months since.

Why anyone would want to take over that mess beats me,but as they are now looking for their fourth manager since,it seems it is a certainty for Brendan to go-if you listen to the MSM and not Brendan himself! That rentagobshite Craigen even said on BT Sports that most Celtic fans would be happy to see the back of him!!! Fortunately,Chris Sutton was on hand to quietly tell him he was talking mince.

I often wonder what motivates eejits like that to come out with their pish,but I don’t need to wonder for long. It’s the same motivation that drives a manager to have a word with his players as they prepare to throw the ball back to their opponents after it has been put out to enable an injured fellow pro to receive treatment,tell one of them where to throw it and another one to run on to it and shoot. Of course,it led to a goal,and if that wasn’t disgraceful enough,the manager then tells the press afterwards that the player is only a kid and doesn’t know any better. He’s only on £200 a week,etc. I hope his club are investigated for not paying the poor lad National Minimum Wage. I’m sure that the MP who was running the line would help the young lad in his search for justice.

Aye,that’ll be right. As much chance of that as there is of him getting an offside decision correct when he’s officiating at a Celtic game. And don’t even start me on Kevin Clancy,he’s fast becoming a self-parody,an absolute joke of a referee. We played against a very “physical” Motherwell yesterday,only got fourteen free-kicks and had four players booked? Tosser.

That statement about referees from Celtic sure worked,eh? One word from us and they do what they like.


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As anyone who watched yesterday’s game will know-or for those of us who only saw the highlights,I was a bit busy doing an airport run!-Kris Ajer was particularly pissed at Motherwell for their unsporting behaviour to score their goal.

(IMO,Scott Bain still has a shut-out record,but the history books will show different.)

He certainly enjoyed the goal which wrapped up the points and which wiped the smirk off a few ugly coupons-aye,that’s you,Cowan.

With grateful thanks to by pal,The Mental Dental,aka POGMATHONYAHUN over on CQN…


Just look to the top of the pic,oh he sure enjoyed that!!!

Awe Naw

Ajer put the ball out and took on the responsibility for it, being Norwegian and therefore far more civilized than any Scot and probably more intelligent he put it out at the halfway line presuming that Motherwell would do the civilized thing. That was a mistake. Quite simply if you are Scottish and do not support Celtic then there´s a damn good chance that you are dealing with an uncivilized animal. Ajer should know this and have put the ball out for a throw in at there corner flag. Ajers problem is that the club have not instructed him about the cartel

He had to ask for permission FFS.comment image


Aye,ffs just about covers that.

Here’s another ffs while we are on it,Bawwy Ferguson complained in the DR on Friday that when he was playing for Rangers,his young kids wanted to know why oppo fans called him an OB.

The DR helpfully showed him on the park with his young kids as they celebrated winning a title. They youngest one had an orange scarf round his neck,with the words

“You can stick your rosary beads up your arse”

written on it.


Ajer will have learnt in five minutes,and will remember for a lifetime.

Awe Naw

No but it is an indication of where the club is at and how they want us and especially the players to see things. I don´t believe for a second that the players are schooled on the environment that they are coming into due to Celtic being a big part of the problem

Awe Naw

200 pound a week is crap pay but when you have no talent and all you are being taught is how to cheat then hardly even deserve even that amount. He must aspire to being a mib James Scott. Every Lanarkshire huns wet dream I suppose


Hmmmm,difficult one.

Let’s see,I’m no great fan of PL,but here’s how he approaches negotiations as he tries to sell the club to a potential new signing.

Right,son. Wages are great,much better than you are on at the moment.


You will gain a higher profile as a result of playing for a big,world-famous,club. In front of 60,000 fans who will adore you. And in The Champions League too,unless I’m throwing a wobbly with my manager at the time.


This will almost certainly bring international recognition,and the attention of the big boys,and the big bucks.


You will be kicked to buggery and beyond,booked or sent off for any minor infraction on the pitch,your social life will be minimal because of who you play for,and you best live like a monk or the press will have a field day.

Hmmmm,it was all going so well. Of course they aren’t told the entire truth,AWENAW. Because otherwise they wouldn’t sign for us. They learn. And in fact,with football being such a small world-stuff gets out!-I’m surprised anyone signs for us.

Awe Naw

SOUR NOTE Ex-Celtic and Motherwell star Andy Walker says Motherwell ‘took cheating to a different level’ at Parkhead
Motherwell professional James Scott sparked mayhem when he played on from a throw-in, instead of returning the ball to the Hoops

By David Fowler
25th February 2019, 12:18 pmUpdated: 25th February 2019, 12:18 pm
ANDY WALKER believes Motherwell ‘took cheating to a different level’ at Parkhead.

Celtic ran out 4-1 winners against the Steelmen to restore their eight point advantage at the top of the Premiership.

But the key talking point from the encounter was the visitors controversial goal to make it 2-1.

Well kid James Scott sparked mayhem when he played on from a throw-in, instead of returning the ball to the Hoops after treatment to crocked Ryan Christie.

The 18-year-old ran in on Liam Grimshaw’s throw-in and was denied by Scott Bain before the ball broke for Gboly Ariyibi to score.

Brendan Rodgers was left furious at the incident while Stephen Robinson insisted the youngster should be cut some slack.

But Walker, who starred for both sides, admits he was surprised by the reaction of the Well boss.

Speaking on Sky Sports, he said: “I know that it is acceptable to cheat against Celtic in Scotland but this is taking it to a different level.

“It was extraordinary to hear the reaction of Stephen Robinson.

“I have no idea why he is bringing the young players salary into it. He’s on a couple of hundred quid a week James Scott but I’ve no idea what relevance that has.

“I was a bit surprised that maybe some of the senior Motherwell players didn’t take control, realise that this was maybe pushing the boundaries too far and let Celtic go up the park and score a goal without anyone challenging them.

“But it is an all hands on deck brown envelope scenario to stop Celtic by fair means or foul

“We’ve seen that one or twice in England in the last number of years in the lower leagues.

“I seem to remember Stevie Crawford did it for Plymouth some years ago when there was bit of controversy in that game.

“Cheating Celtic on and off the park has always been an acceptable part of the game here in Scotland but that took it to a different level yesterday by making it unashamedly public.”


Not too much AWENAWing in your post there,so for once I think we have to say well done to Andy Walker for speaking out.

Surprisingly,there’s another article where the same publication is caught telling the truth…


Maybe there IS a groundswell of opinion behind Stevie Clarke’s comments. I’d certainly like to think so,but then,the tooth fairy and Santa Claus kinda turned me into a cynic.

Meanwhile,Chic the St Mirren fan,his response was that it was all the fault of Catholic schools,so maybe one or two people are trying their best.

Seeing a chance to support a movement against our ingrained bigotry.

I for one will support those who stick their heads above the parapet,and I hope that all right-minded people will do the same. We cannot let this be buried as it normally is.

Awe Naw

If the entire Scottish football fraternity can subvert a 1 billion pound fraud to keep Timmy down and our PLC accept it then this “new” outrage is going nowhere.

Steve Clark called out the bigots but as usual stopped short from calling out the cheats. Why ? because that would take bravery. Steve Clark only called them out because he knew the match was fixed. He has heard this song before aimed at him many many times but chose last Wednesday to go public. I see this as him playing the game. The same game as the Irish Raj and Peter Lawwell

I found it amazing last week to find out that Paul Brennan has never suffered any religious based harassment in his life anywhere. Occasionally hearing it in the distance .. Orange Walks I presume. I was told many things by many people that threats in his direction were regular especially leading up and after Feb 14th 2012 all lies perpetrated by the Celtic support. So nobody really needs to stick their heads above the parapet ?


Awe Naw

Brendan Rodgers! – Garry Parker Jr

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Do cheating Motherwell pay the minginghun wage?

Margaret McGill

Interesting article.
The logical conclusion then if we are serious as a society is to apply ” Strict Liability” also to Orange walks.
Fine the organizers.
Restrict road/street access maybe get them to march in circles in a park somewhere.
Fine any individual not doing so and send the organizers the billl for the cops.
Since these tits have no money anyway it might start to die out.
Such a scenario would also be a deterrent for all those Norn Irish pricks coming over with their sashes and attitude.


AweNaw, that last bit. I recall either a paint attack or the windows getting smashed or something years ago being talked about.
Perhaps there are crossed wires but I thought it was common knowledge this happened .
Maybe this isn’t filed under religious harassment?
Hail Hail

A fair few squirrels this weekend and now an even bigger one that Brendan is leaving, thing is it’s maybes no a squirrel, I hope it is tho.

Haven’t read the article as I know what it will say, not a hope the clubs will vote for strict liability, they need a 10-2 split and us and thems will never vote for it.

A thing of beauty

In my mind I have no concern that Brendan will leave for Leicester. That is a club that is a busted flush if ever we saw one. They done magnificently to win the league a couple of years back but have been on the slide since, in my opinion back to their level. Unfortunately their fans don’t see it that way and any manager that hasn’t got them in the top 4 or fighting for the title will be deemed a failure. It’s a no win situation. If Brendan does go to Leicester it is an indication to me that he is desperate to leave Celtic and there will need to be serious questions as to why that is. But as I said, I’m confident he will stay. Word for Nir Britton from yesterday. Slotted in very well and could have a crucial role in the run in.

He doesn’t need the money that’s for sure.
I hope it’s just a rumour, what gives it credence is Catman on cqn posted that he had heard not good news and said join the dots, his strike rate is pretty good, I agree, if he does go the question needs asked as to why.


TeT,, just read your post about catman. That’s not good at all.
I think the Foxes fans would be happy with deep cup runs and top ten for a couple years. They wanna see improvementioned after watching soo much going backwards.
Transfers terrible since they won the league, they squandered that dosh.
Best time to take over a team is when they are low on confidence etc,, it’s certainly that time.
Most worrying for me the times who seem to have a handle on it went from brendan or rafa,, to rafa dropping out,, to now we are prepared to wait until end of season to get our man.
Join them dots , and catman. Fork!!!

Big Packy,,hope all good pal. Hello to deepest Cheshire. Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto

To whom would we ask questions? ….presumably, the only ones who would know why BR lett would be BR and our Board …..

if BR does leave, he is smart enough not to crap on his past employer (no future employer looks favourably upon that)…

of course, I guess we could wait for an explanation from the Board …. sorry … posting from the office, and cant do emojis… but imagine someone laughing …

FFS as you well know it’s a figure of speech 😉
FWIW I don’t see him leaving us for Leicester, Chelsea probably but not Leicester.

Mike in Toronto

BR joined Chelsea around the same time that Abramovich took over, and stayed for a few years…. so one would assume that he is held in high regard there. Would not be a surprise if he ended up there.


I would not be surprised if Brendan left for Leicester.
He has often mentioned the inability to financially compete.
He has the self belief that with proper funding he can compete at the European level.
Leicester will afford him such whereas Celtic will stick for bigger director bonuses and a minimum spend on the footballing side.
He is of course a Celtic supporter and some will question this if he leaves but realistically he has had 3 years of success with little support.
To me it’s a no brainer.
Sentiment gets you nowhere in the modern football landscape.

Big Packy, Come on and say hello! 🙂

You are assuming that he will get into europe, a tall order imo with them, as with everything time will tell.


I am not assuming he will get into Europe but believe he is confident enough in his own ability that he see’s it as a realistic aim with the financial backing they can provide.
Just now his departure is just rumor and conjecture so like you said time will tell..

Actually I take that back, looking at the league table it wouldn’t be too difficult to get them up to seventh, that gets them europe.
The epl is probably the worst it’s ever been…….


Hopefully Big Packy will be on in a minute as he’s out walking the dogs?

Then you can throw in West ham and Newcastle

And Palace 😉

Oops, forgot Southampton

The more you look at it, the worse the best league in the world sounds

Hope so Fan, he’s been a bit down.


Big Packy report in please. Joan give him a nudge. Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

Canny be
Chelsea I’d be worried.
Leicester ?
Canny be

Margaret McGill

Earth calling Big Packy. Come in please.

Margaret McGill

Ah I see catman has been set among the smidgens

Margaret McGill

I think Brendan has learned a lot about football from Lawwell.
Tim will tell.

Margaret McGill

Unless a Scottish treble treble is seen as detrimental to ones career???


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