Long runs the Fox ?

Last nights news from the Herald that Leicester have made a move for Brendan followed a tip off from a well known poster that he heard bad news was coming.
The timing is manna from heaven for many ,, actually a squirrel from heaven is probably more appropriate.
The Herald also had a side article entitled how Leicester and Rodgers could be a good fit . Classy eh ?

They want him now , states the report . There would be a fee , a decent fee , to release him , but thats not important here.
This is a mega decision that could have big repercussions no matter which way the decision goes .
A staying Brendan just united the cause ,
A leaving Brendan just split the cause.
A departure would also say a hell of a lot about the state of Scottish football and give us the double heart in mouth moments of who’s gonna take the reigns for the rest of the campaign , and not just any campaign here , with a rebel treble going ?
And then who gets the gig full time ? A diminished gig if people are walking out close to triple silverware ?

Whether the Foxes realise it or not they have placed us , the entire club and fan base , in a predicament just when we didnt need it . We might need to face our position in the games pecking order , and the realisation that we have serious green tinted specs on most of the time .
If 12th in the Prem can waltz in and pay to take our successful manager away just at the business end of the season then I will endeavour to make sure the ‘ beautiful ‘ game never surprises me again . Whether that surprise is that he left now or for a team 12th place lets hope we never know .

As we approach a traditionally tough trip away to the Jam Tarts ( my fav away ground ) the momentum we had established , through hard work and tough decisions like going with Scott Bain when it would have been easier to stick with Craig , is in danger of being lost in this maelstrom .
Not being at full concentration usually sees the team punished at that ground with its partizan atmosphere ,, its a big test and although we have built up a lead any slip , allied with the potential of losing the gaffer would gave hope , probably great hope , to some who could do with it.
The game was already big but just became bigger .

But speaking of big , that split in the support should the manager depart will be huge .
We all know who will get most of the blame , and this with the two huge decisions to be made I mention above . Maybe overlooking a packed carpark on the phone to potentials ?
This could get ugly and theres enough frustration built up with the fans in general that , although it sounds stupid , this really really would not go down well .

Now , having hit you with the negative stuff , you will be craving some positives .
Firstly the idea of walking during the season . From a Celtic man with close family members aligned to the club is a very strange notion and one thats frankly hard to swallow .
Its whats being reported and hinted at , but its a hell of a big jump. During the season ? Nah , surely nah ?
Next up , the man himself is not stupid and will know exactly how to play a bit of uncertainty.
As mentioned any staying from today is a type of victory and I certainly wouldnt put it past the fella to put us all in palpitations and then announce going nowhere , much to the chagrin of just about the entire top tier and level 5 probably most of all .
Thats the final push needed right there for the treble if played right imo , so Leicester may just have helped us achieve our incredible target unwittingly !
Finally ,, they play in blue and lets face it anything blue is a turn off , psychologically unnerves you . Cardiff , Everton and der Hun have all been “ the enemy” and the played in blue !
Its a small angle but who knows how much a little thing can unsettle ?

This can look whatever way you want it to and most cynics will probably see sharpish departure on the books as a mid table Prem club that has money to spend and is on a low ebb can realistically be thought of as the best offer he will get at this point down there .
The green tinted specs though see a delighted and unified dressing room marching on to triple treble behind their steadfast leader .
We shall see. And live and learn .

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An excellent summation of events,assuming that the rumours are true.

A truly appalling vista. As you might expect,I’ll be blaming the breakdown in relationship-and trust-with PL,which came to a head in the summer when our highly-remunerated CEO took it upon himself to effectively down tools when he should have been out negotiating player signings.

That lack of activity was instrumental in our premature departure from the CL,IMO. It also cost BR a considerable bonus while doing no damage whatsoever to the one awarded to PL.

The best hope we have of BR staying is that DD gets involved. But PL is likely to point out that Leicester will pay the equivalent of BR’s income while he has been here. No heed paid to potential/probable loss of income due to the next manager not being anywhere near the same quality.

If BR stays,it is likely to be because of an agreement which will see PL neutered. And I doubt he will accept that. It’s either BR goes or PL goes,and I doubt I’ll get my wish on this one!

A thing of beauty

I’m sticking with my gut instinct that Brendan won’t go to Leicester. I’ll be more than surprised if he picks that club. It’s wellknown Brendan guards his career and will pick his next move very carefully. Moving to a club on the slide is career suicide in my opinion. As I said, if he’s not in the top four within a season the fans will deem it failure then he’s under pressure. Come Christmas the following season and he’s sitting around 8th they’ll want him out. Not for me. Brendan is too clever to move down there to what is, when you add it all up, a provincial club. Brendan stays and lawwell will leave at the end of the season. You heard it here first. That’s not cat man type info, just my wish list !!

I hope your woman’s instincts are correct


I don’t think Brendan’s career would recover from moving to Leicester;I think they are a busted flush which will take years to rebuild,if at all. They have sold their best players and replaced them with crap,as THEEXILEDTIM reminds us is also what Neil Lennon told DD.

They did the same when MON joined us,and paid a severe penalty,wrecking the careers of a few managers in the process.

Also,your point about fans’ expectations is also valid,and again going back to MON. When he took over at Aston Villa,they had been battling relegation for a while. He got them into the top six for the duration of his tenure. But they couldn’t break the glass ceiling,and the fans-and the top brass-turned on him.

Which worked out as expected for Villa after he left!

If BR leaves,it will not be for reasons of lofty ambition.

Interesting stuff from Martin Samuel in The Mail.


While the article deals mainly with player-power at Chelsea,he suggests similar at Leicester,which reinforces a couple of points I made on here yesterday,and which I’ve been making elsewhere for a while.

Oh well, according to posters on another site he is gone, Chris Davis and Kolo with him and Lenny takes over till the end of the season, Alison McConnel also running with it on twatter

Statement from the club at 9 apparently.

Awe Naw

We took MON from Leicester don´t forget. It shows you how much things have changed when it now feasible for the Leicester to come in and take Brendan when he is 8 league wins at most and 3 cup ties away from an historic treble treble. It hardly seems likely that he would walk away from that for the challenge of keeping Leicester up when it is a racing certainty that Fulham, Huddersfield and A.N other team below them will get relegated.

Long term Leicester will never be able to compete with the theocratic government sponsored clubs in Europe. So from a personal point of view if he accepts the Leicester job it is only about the EPL. Which imho is an attractive enough prospect.

I see it as a flyer from the Rodgers camp for a bigger EPL job in the summer. Our PLC will be hoping for that also. Talk of 20m quid compensation for Spurs if Pochettino took over at Man U. We would take 5M and be happy about it.

So I don’t see what all the hullabaloo is about. Brendan will be here until the summer. Rebuilding Celtic this summer is the biggest job in British football football at the moment. Our permanently dumb following somehow think that Brendan will be given a war chest and will wheel and deal to deliver us a European competitive team when the reality is that Celtic will start the qualifiers with Ajer, Hendry and Simunovic and a one stone overweight Leigh Griffiths and Brendan knows it.

There is also the absolute necessity to save our Old Firm. I spoke on Monday about it. The huns have to win something this year or we will have Armageddon 2. The proposed narrative of losing out on an historic treble treble (i.e a cup win for the huns this season) due to stumbling at the end due to Brendans exit is a tried and tested method. That will deliver …. and you guys always seem to forget it …our Boards modus of operandi …. having your cake and eat it… a rejuvenated hun. Two years earlier than expected and with 9 being an even closer fought battle .. ST´s will go like hot cakes. Compensation for Brendan in the summer if it is a bigger club than Chelsea about 10M. 13 players off the wage bill. How much will it take for Tierney and Mc Gregor to follow Brendan into the EPL. Would Weah, Burke or Toljan ? for Leicester ?

The day the 5WA agreement was made I predicted on CQN that Sevco would pip us to eleven in a row as that is all the Old Firm model can offer Scottish football.

“When you don’t change, history repeats itself. Then you have to decide if changing is for the best, or you keep seeing repeats because you’re doing something right.”
― Rebecca McKinsey

Awe Naw

So Neil Lennon and Brendan Rodgers managing both clubs respectively ?

I’m starting a new society/club.

Calling it PLIAC,work it out for yourselves.

Free membership.

No statement @ 9 is a good thing

Awe Naw

is that a question or a statement ?

It didn’t take much working out 😉
I have joined


Awe Naw

Many a time I have went for an interview to allow my superiors to concentrate their minds about certain things. Normally broken promises.


No he isn`t.


But some of his detractors are.

Awe Naw

By: Newsroom Staff on 26 Feb, 2019 10:00

CELTIC Football Club today confirmed that it has been approached by Leicester City FC to speak to Brendan Rodgers with regards to their current managerial vacancy.

Brendan has indicated to the Club that this is an opportunity he wishes to investigate further and therefore, very reluctantly, the Club has granted him permission to speak to Leicester City.

If he leaves which is looking on the cards, Marco Rose for me, I think he would come.
If Lawwell has his way not a hope in hell tho.

Awe Naw

Why leave Salzburg ?

Awe Naw

Damien Duff I reckon

Why not

Awe Naw

Err PL, Scottish football, weather, drop in wages, drop in quality, that is just of the top of my head.

Mike in Toronto

Of more importance, where is Big Packy?

I will give you the weather, he prob won’t know feck all about Pedro, as for the rest one and the same imo.

Come on Big Packy, let us know you are alright.


Honestly i am more concerned with the whereabouts of Big Packy then the ritual shooting ourself in the foot exercise by Celtic.
C’MON Big Packy give us a roar!


Gonnae pack in the realism.


Would have joined sooner but hard to type when you’re laughing like wean being tickled.

Awe Naw

Big Packy will be back. He just needs some chill time

I will echo that, come on BP

Awe Naw

Those pictures of Peter Lawwell driving Brendan through the gates at Leicester with Intelligent Car Leasing advertisement on the sides are highly revealing

Awe Naw

So Neil Francis Lennon. Will do me.

It was a pure coincidence that Neil Lennon resigned when he did.

If Neil Francis Lennon lands the treble treble then WAO just fucking WAO

Awe Naw

Good Luck to Brendan Rodgers. A class act. Unlike our PLC

when are we getting this safety report ?

Awe Naw

Phil confirming that Celtic knew he was off to Leicester last year.

Awe Naw

Paul67 telling us that Celtic only knew about it for the first time today

What is happening confirms my belief that BR had concluded that this was his last season at Celtic. I believe he had made the decision to leave after last summer’s disaster of a window, but was persuaded to stay on for this season. He agreed to this on the condition that he would be free to take any offers that cropped up in the interim.

He knows that he has taken Celtic as far as he can in Europe and he has rebuilt his reputation after Liverpool. Valencia, Salzburg, Zenit, and AEK showed him where Celtic are positioned in Europe and that there will be no appropriate player investment to improve our status.

He is young and a couple of good years at Leicester will give him entry to a better placed club, either in the EPL, or La Liga. From his perspective, it makes sense, for Celtic it is a disaster. Especially so, if NL gets the gig full time. We need a better manager than him to maintain some progress in Europe.

I expect our chances of retaining any of the loan players beyond the season will now diminish.

This was going to happen sometime, but this is a bad time for it to occur, and it has tge potential to lead to poor decision making by the Board.


Mike in Toronto

I would second that.

BP … if you are lurking, get back on here.

Awe Naw

NL a better manager in Europe than BR. The stats speak for themselves.

Lets not forget that Lenny walked out on PL also a few days before a qualifier that set us back two years (also due to PL choosing an inexperienced coach)

I am sure that quite simply Leicester were not prepared to wait and that is why we have to jump through hoops (excuse the pun). BR would take the first EPL job offered to him after last summer. He owes Celtic absolutely nothing and statistically is our best ever manager in our entire history including Jock Stein.

All loan players would have to take a massive drop in wages nothing to do with anything else.

Steve Clark has ruled himself out of the job (imho) in a number of ways.

Neil Lennon until the summer and then who ? Damien Duff ?


There is a natural sense of betrayal at the manner of Brendan Rogers departure.

Loss is always followed by denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance.

The quicker we go through that grief process as individuals the better, but the response to loss is perfectly natural including finding someone to blame.

However life goes on and when emotions recede there is always a job to be done.

BR was great at helping players achieve their full potential and has added a lot of value on the park. He has also made signing mistakes on the debit side but overall his management account was in credit until now where he is in overdraft territory.

He also had a style of play that was porous in Europe and sometime at home, but not often.

Neil Lennon who is older budweiser, has a good record of solidity in Europe and knows Celtic inside out and it makes sense to ask him to be the bandage over the wound that BR’s unexpected departure at this point has caused.

Neil might not fancy a short contract but there is part of the BR compensation to pay him handsomely.

Steve Clarke obviously has to be in the running although he might not fancy being an official Fenian Bastard at every away game.

Either are up for the job short or long term.

Safe pairs of hands.

So until the grief passes that is what is needed for on field success to continue. Safe hands.

Some players might feel betrayed which would be understandable but as professionals they have a job to do.

Win each game they play in, one game at a time.

Awe Naw

His departure was a definite since last summer. In fact it was only a matter of time. One thing is for sure when Peter Lawwell is crossed Peter Lawwell stays crossed. He doesn´t have the personality for reconciliation. His attack dogs still having a go at MON 15 years after his departure. That´s a massive ego .. bordering on being clinically diagnosable

Awe Naw

Last Christmas I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away
This year to save me from tears
I’ll give it to Brendan Rodgers

Since NL left Celtic he has managed Bolton and Hibs and apart from success in the Scottish championship, he has achieved little. He loves the club but his time has come and gone. We need a manager who has succeeded in a tougher league than the SPL, Scottish and English Championships.
As an interim, maybe, depending on who else is available at short notice.

Burke has made noises that he would like to stay but it depends on the clubs sorting something out. He wants to play football and is already a rich man from two multi-million transfers. Lennon, himself, took a salary drop to continue playing for Celtic.

I think we could get Toljan, if we want him, as he is unlikely to make it at Borussia. Recent displays suggest that he is quite ordinary defensively.

You are probably correct re Clarke, which is a shame, but, as you say, money talks.

IMHO, we should look outside Scottish football for a successor. Fairly average European teams can come to Scotland and comprehensively beat Scottish teams. Their coaching has to have something to do with it.



Tomorow’s article might be interesting,as I’m trying hard to keep my anger at BR and PL under control.

Maybe MAHE will save you all from a rant,maybe BR will turn the offer down. Nothing has yet been made formal about BR leaving-but I’m not the happiest of bunnies at the moment.


Holy crap , thought I was still asleep.
This is incredible. We should force PL out right now.

Awe Naw


Nothing but admiration for BR especially the timing of his exit. Brave and understandable even if he could control the timing

How ?


An owner has to respect the wishes of the support for such to happen.
They will continue pissing on our heads from their lofty perches.
If it starts to effect the bottom line they will pull out their joker cards of loyalty and tradition.


Rant and rage against the dying of the light.
Your post will echo the thoughts of many.


TeT, the fans should be wanting action. The blogs pushing the masses.
Res12 and this,,added to the that huge salary. The fans must wake up now.

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