Snakes and Adders

“I come to bury Caesar,not to praise him”


This is an article I wished never to write,but things have come to pass. As many of you know,this site was being discussed by Mahe and me about a year back,how to go about it,format,ground rules. That it happened when it did,right at the end of the summer transfer window,was no accident.

It came about,indirectly,because we had watched Celtic’s lack of activity in the transfer window with increasing dismay,and congratulated our manager for speaking out about it. We then saw the club,via an SMSM lackey-not known as a friend of ours!-launch an astonishing attack straight back at him. Shortly thereafter,I received a mail from someone I trust implicitly and who is near to the board which effectively told me that the chances of rebuilding the squad-which was essential-were nil. Worse,from an insider,it was clear that Brendan Rodgers no longer had the support or even the goodwill of the board.

I hoped that it would blow over,BR had given us some great times in his two years,the club had earned vast amounts in that period. He seemed to love the club,the players,the fans,even the tea lady for all I know. It was his dream job,he was our dream manager.

Surely sense would prevail?

Well,NAW! BR comes across as an intelligent man,but I’m not sure that an intelligent man would have taken the Leicester job to further his career. I’m on record a few times as to why I think that club is unlikely to ever be a force again,and I think BR will regret it. Probably by Easter,and certainly by about this time next year when he joins the long list of former Leicester managers.

He has gone,and on the cusp of a Treble Treble,cue for a song. On the cusp of becoming a legend. You surely have to have a good reason for doing that,and I’m sorry,Brendan,but Leicester isn’t it.

So why did he do it? The obvious answer is that he’d had enough of fighting with one hand behind his back,of not receiving the backing that he thinks he deserves,and which the team has clearly needed for some time now. And if he had the balls to say so,I would support him in that. If they are his reasons,even if unsaid,then I have to agree with him.

But his timing sucks.

Never give a sucker an even break,and he’s just thrown the huns a lifeline. Jee-zoh,we can forget about anything being done about the referees now,or even any further action on Stevie Clarke’s brave words less than a week ago. The narrative has moved on. And worse,to have done it in mid-season,that is not the action of an honourable man. Brendan will always be remembered by me fondly,not least for that great afternoon in Lisbon as I watched Tom Rogic seal The Invincible Treble,along with my Dad and about 500 Tims in a large bar.

But he can never be forgiven for walking out when he did,no matter the reasons behind it. That I will not forgive,and MIKEINTORONTO can tell you which movie that chilling line came from.

And it IS chilling,Brendan. Because with this one selfish and dishonourable action,you have destroyed your legacy. We thought you cared,it turns out you only cared for yourself


The above is not to distract us from the real culprit in all of this,as far as I am concerned. Step forward,Peter,you are once again Star of the Show,The Big Cheese. Nose put out of joint by the failure of Ronny Deila to ignite the fans,and then by the recruitment process being taken out of your hands by Dermot Desmond,you have played a blinder.

Support the manager in his first transfer windows,then kick the ladder out from underneath him. Rub your hands in glee at the sound of the ringing tills,then bemoan a paltry £6.7m profit in his first season,even though you knew we would have c£50m in the bank by the end of his second season.

The icing on the cake though was surely in the last transfer window,the unremitting gall to make sure that the biggest cheque you signed was for your own bonus,while continuing to undermine the manager who provided it. That’s a f…..g peach,that one.

Lawwell’s refusal to back the team-building plans of the manager in the summer is where this all started,and for a man who so fervently wishes it to be known that he always acts in the interests of the club,this whole affair once again gives the lie to that.

It smacks of not being the teacher’s pet anymore,and going in the huff till he gets what he wants. His behaviour in the summer was disgraceful and unprofessional,and should have seen him sacked because of it. Instead,he is King of the Hill again,and even appointing a former manager whom he also undermined and forced out of the door.

And with a long-overdue rebuild needed to replace the loanees,veterans,and out-of-contract players,he has the perfect excuse for sitting on his hands in the next transfer window too. New managerial appointment took priority. New manager came in too late for him to be able to push deals over the line.

Been there,bought the t-shirt,you’re fooling no-one. Except,of course,there are always some,as a look on the other sites proves.

This is a shameful episode in our history,and that history will not be kind to anyone we hold responsible for halting our momentum as we strive for ten titles in a row,or three trebles.

It might be trebles all round in the boardroom,but I think they might well be the only ones they see this season.


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BR was never going to get to a top club with his transfer record and his European record, so middle of the road mediocrity beckons.

Notwithstanding this, we are one half of Old Firm United and PL has generated a scenario that he believes will ensure ticket sales (blood, snotters, sectarian bile and random attacks on Lenny).

We all knew Brendan was off when he started taking pot-shots with the meeja last summer. Since then he has just being going through the motions, so not in the slightest surprised.

I am however surprised PL hasn’t taken the opporchancity to use all of the uncertainties around Brexit as a reason for not splashing out on players and only taking loans on board.

Wonder who will last longer: Vardy or Rodgers?


My bet is on VARDY,but having said that,the BR system may be about passing and possession,but it also involves one man up front. Suits VARDY to a T.

Vardy has been totally unprofessional the last two seasons,IMO,so him and Brendan should get along just fine. And Vardy is the leader in that dressing room,so it’s important to get him onside,pardon the pun.


I’ll stick by my thoughts that BR will be gone inside a year.

big packy

HI BHOYS, nobody comes out of this mess with much credibility lawwell or Rodgers, but we have a game tonight ,step forward neil francis lennon,,go on son do us proud hh,


Good to have you back,mate. Gave us a wee fright wi yer cri de couer the other night. I hope you read back for the responses.

Yes,we certainly have a biggie tonight,and I’m hopeful that the players will be spitting feathers. Take it out on Hearts,that’s what I say!!!


Tonight and Saturday to define the way forward. Pretty sure Broony will be motivational as usual and Lenny will be his usual self.

BTW, agree 100% on the above .. Brendan who!? Smarmy b*****d was laways niggling at the back of my mind.

Packy, good morning.

Bobby, What a difference a week makes! Just a few days ago I was enjoying reading about your time in Valencia with your da. Even although we didn’t win we went out with our heads held a bit higher. Then the talking points about the Motherwell game on Sunday.

Then the rumours starting on Monday night. To yesterday. I couldn’t keep up with the posts on here and CQN.

You couldn’t make it up.

I honestly blame both Lawwell and Rodgers. The only thing I will add is we knew what Lawwell was and is all about. I feel more betrayed by BR. I was never a 100% fan of him but he got domestic results. However yesterday he took to it to a new level. And we are not talking about tactics, formations, signings etc.

I wonder what he will think of this in years to come. Maybe he will justify it to himself. But he will not kid the rest of us on.

The Exiled Tim

I have always stood by any manager we have had
Never slagged them off no matter
When they leave it’s a different matter altogether
Just building up steam ?
Stuck in the hospital and my battery is gonna die
Lenny will see us right

Awe Naw

I have no problems with Brendan Rodgers at all. He came he saw he conquered like no other fucker in Scotland has. An absolute legend 2.9 trebles in a row ?? nobody ever made it past 1.9 and with Lisbon Lions or 200 million quid tax money. A tough job for Lenny to follow up on indeed He has been continually marginalized by PL ever since he considered him to be overly indulgent. Which may well be spot on.

The other thing is that if the PLC did not want rid of and genuinely thought that him not being there would seriously jeopardize 8 in a row and a treble treble then the compensation along with unhealable rifts being removed considered seems to be well worth it to them. They could have held him until the summer unless they misjudged his value and the compensation is a pittance. This is as much a PLC decision as it was Brendan Rodgers’s”

Wait until we start losing cup games again .. he is going to be missed.

All the best Brendan !!

A thing of beauty

Great post Jim and echoes my thoughts exactly. I think Rodgers betrayal yesterday is second only to Maurice Johnston. If we were to draw Leicester in a European tournament whilst he is manager I don’t see him being welcomed back. We can analyse his legacy in the days to come but tonight we have a game to win with a real Celtic man in charge, not some polished PR man that talks the talk then slaps you in the face. I’d love to slap his face but I wouldn’t know which one to pick.


Woo-hoo,welcome,stranger! Where have you been hiding,a fair few of us have had our best Sherlock hat on trying to track you down!

I gather ACGR finally succeeded,so just delighted to see you posting again.

And just in time for Cheltenham too…


Good luck,mate. You and TBO have the best wishes of all of us.


He came,he saw,he sodded off!

But as I said,I hold PL and his cohorts responsible for the departure of perhaps our best manager since Jock. I hold BR responsible for the timing of it.


PMSL,I hope you’re in a good mood when I see you at the weekend,otherwise I’m cancelling!!!


Aye,we can all deal with outright arseholes. It’s the sleekit ones that sicken us.

I think BR left when he did just to show how pissed off he was with how he was being treated,but he got that way way wrong. He thought the sympathy and empathy was his,instead of which PL has emerged virtually unscathed.

He misjudged the mood,and he got the timing terribly wrong. When he gets the bullet next year and finds his career in tatters,I suggest that he doesn’t try politics. He isn’t very good at it.

Mind,neither are our politicians…

Awe Naw

Invincible, 7 trophies in a row… the truth is that he bought into what DD & PL were offering him. He is only guilty of being gullible.

He has gone Lenny is back. Lenny who should never have left .

I wish we would all stop acting like hysterical medieval Monty Python drama queens.

Brendan has ambition. We as a club don´t. It is that fucking simple

Awe Naw

don´t agree with any of that


If Brendan had ambition,he would NOT be joining Leicester. He timed his departure to damage Lawwell,and that is his right,as Lawwell’s actions have seriously undermined his ability to put the team he wanted on the pitch.

He made a huge mistake in his timing,and it has damaged him more than it has damaged PL.

Awe Naw

Disagree the club were happy to get him out the door.

Phil reporting this has been on the cards since December.

Paul reporting the club only knew about it yesterday. That´s a slam dunk right there

Lenny´s manufactured departure from Hibs a pure coincidence Really ??

January window was performed with that approach from Leicester having already been made.

Leicester and Valencia and the PLC´s desire for the compensation were as much a part of the timing as anything personal from Brendan.

Leicester are the 25th richest club in the world and will find it difficult against the theocratically government sponsored clubs. Look at Arsenal, Manchester Utd and Liverpool … when was teh last time they won a league ? The foxes a stepping stone ? .. what´s wrong with that ?

I think it´s a good move for him and I hope Leicester do well.

Brendan is NOW at a a club where he can trust what the owner say and that the C.E will not interfere. He is also in a league that is not WWF

How our multitude of moronic drama queens can´t see that doesn´t surprise me .

No man is bigger than the club except for DD and his dogsbody PL. Not that the morons have noticed.

I look forward to Brendans book a rare intellect within football and in 10 years from now if it is been written that he was asked to throw a game I would´t be at all surprised.

Awe Naw

I think our performances since the turn ofthe year have less to do with Dubai and with what was happening in the background. Only one goal lost and what a perfect conceded goal to go and say FUCK YOU ALL too


yes, long time. Haven’t had any contact with ACGR since last year when you bottled the bottling!! Jesting!
Re Cheltenham.. will be making a rapid disappearance again if you give me any of usual bingers!

PL.. born survivor; and is Dermott interested?


Actually,I was hoping the tips would be coming from you-for obvious reasons!

Re the bottling,it was like paint stripper,and another year wont have changed that by much. Better to wait and get our moneysworth. Bottle it just now and I am sure we will all regret it.

Anyway,just glad to know you are still around. You’ll need to get yer arse along to the next hoot,I think Mahe will be making an appearance.

On which,do you or anyone else here have any info on the Outlander Tour? Seems his M-I-L wants to go-hopefully while we’re all out on a hoot!!!


So, what are the reasons for our performance? I don’t see your point.



So what is the answer if it’s that simple?

Is getting rid of PL and DD the simple answer?

Would the policies that the club follow from the top ie good business practice that keep Celtic solid,change?

How would they change?

What could be done to change them?

What is beyond Celtic”s power to change in say the next 5 years?

What is in Celtic”s power and are we using it?

How do we ensure continued domestic success whilst the prevailing circumstances that make Leicester a more attractive proposition than Celtic continue?

Lots of questions with no apparent simple answers.

Awe Naw

Well if everyone in the background knew that Leicester were sniffing about Brendan and they knew that there was a good chance that he was off to Leicester. Then it would make sense to do as well as possible before Leicester finally came calling. It´s been reported that Leicester were willing to wait, I reckon through courtesy. Celtic (PLC and Brendan) thought it optimal to make the move now.

How many times do people hand in their notice and then go straight into holiday mode ?

Professionals, as Brendan certainly is, always perform well in the last few weeks especially when they see light at the end of the tunnel, which Leicester was.

He was bedding in the new ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY players for the EL tie and for NL to take over … otherwise it would have been a bigger mess exposing our nincompoop of a C.E even more.


It’s maybe a stroke of luck that there was a capable manager with impeccable Celtic credentials, ready at no cost, to step in when what was the most most probable case ie BR”s departure in the close season , suddenly became urgent.

Luck or sound planning?

Any port in a storm?

The answers will depend on the meaning readers give to the above.

Since I know I don’t know I’ll hazard a guess.

It wasn’t luck.


When you look back on BR”s post match comments after the Valencia game about how proud he was of his team that night it was perhaps a recognition by BR that this was good as it gets in terms of what felt was his strengths in terms of player development.

Not just the younger guys but Hayes and Boyata. Then on Sunday he introduces young Henderson.

But if he knew he was off in the summer what better way to do it than leave with reputation in Europe less tarnished an 8 point gap and a team playing well although he could not have foreseen injuries to McGregor and Christie that will have a greater impact on performance and results than his leaving.

Gives him time to keep Leicester up and stamp his mark for next season. Gives Lenny time to assess what is needed to replace departures.

That doesn’t mean he is a shoo in but if he pulls off another treble he will be and will provide a solid base on which to build a team that can still dominate domestically and compete in Europe.


Meant if he knew his departure was imminent not in the summer.

Awe Naw

Agree Auldheid,

It was critical to bed in those new players to his Plan A.

Lenny will be content with what the PL scouting team offer him this summer.

bada bing1

IMO,it’s important the players continue to play formation and tactics, we have been up till this point. If NL tries to impose his ideas right now,it could be confusing ……

Awe Naw

Of course it wasn´t luck and until we remove this Old firm loving PLC we will not be asked any questions. To be honest with you when I read the sanctimonious blurb I´ve been reading these last two days on the internet. I wouldn´t want to involve them

bada bing1

Zack Lister And it all started with this….

So the boy Harry Brady is quite in with the board. Interviewed lawell and interview Rodgers ECT so usually knows a wee bit about what’s going on. He’s been quiet for a while but went on a podcast yesterday and basically said this happened… Rodgers was approached by a Chinese club (remember Chinese league is super rich) and offered 8m signing on plus 10m a season to move there. This was at the VERY start of the window mind when he kept talking about puntin dembele and KT. Apparently he tried to persuade dembele to go with him as well. He then goes to the board and says he wants the job and Desmond and Lawell get him to stay an agree a 2m bonus if he qualified for CL and 4m in shares which would match roughly what’s he was offered as a signing on bonus. They gave him assurances that he would be backed and we sign eddy for 9m. Everything’s fine team playing well and happy days. Lawell then f about with his three priority targets who where mcginn Fabian schar and Christin Pizzini. Pizzini was the priority signing for RB. He doesn’t get signed then they miss mcginn and schar (cb) and Rodgers goes mental cause he’s effectively been betrayed by Lawell. Has that presser before aek and slaughters him because he now knows he’s knocked back China and he’s not getting backed. Then we get pumped out an it’s bye bye to the share issue and bonus and he then isn’t getting backed at all because Lawell etc think he’s gonna walk before the seasons out. So we and up with izzy and mulumbu and only got benkovich because he didn’t make the LC squad. Then dembele goes and in his Lyon presser says Rodgers was a hypocrite because he tried to block his transfer but 2 months ago he was trying to get him to move to China. Rodgers down tools and Lawell looking for his replacement. DD apparently gets them both to a meeting in London mid week and effectively says to them sort this out. To Rodgers he says your in the top 10 highest paid managers in the UK start acting like it because if you don’t he will make him unemployable. To Lawell he says back him in Januray to the fullest of your powers or your finished. Q the St J game and BR has a positive press conference taking full responsibility and Lawell in the crowd. He says he is 99.9% certain that Rodgers will be gone before the end of the season if anyome comes in for him and the board have lined up moyes to replace him. Moyes spotted at Celtics last 2 games. He says he’s found this out mainly through agents and is 100% sure the players know what’s going on so many of them have downed tools because they feel that Rodgers is working his ticket and will abandon ship at the first opportunity.

That’s a text from an agent at Celtic

What can I add to the discussion? Precious little, I suspect. I try to make my mind up based on accurate information, rather than emotion. In football there is and should be plenty of emotion so, maybe, my thinking is flawed right from the start. However, I am always suspicious of conspiracy theories. Proponents of such usually have an agenda or fixed beliefs and events are interpreted to fit that agenda.
On the PL vs BR situation, there clearly was head butting going on for whatever reasons. BR was in an advantageous position……he clearly wanted to spend more and bring in “quality” players. We fans clearly favoured that, so, from the fans’ perspective, BR was the good guy. He cemented that by getting the best domestic results AND by saying the kind of things that the fans wanted to hear…..he was a fan since youth; Celtic was his club; an honour to be here; even the tea lady was important etc etc. Similarly, he was the players’ champion…….the massaging at the end of a game; increased salaries; improving players etc etc. Given all of that, BR was always going to best PL in the public arena.

Then, within two days, comes the crashing in of reality. He is gone. Further, he is gone to..”give his life” to making Leicester better. Good and exciting times are ahead for Leicester. Does that sound familiar, or, perhaps, just hollow? So, Celtic’s quest for 8 iar and a third treble, thrown aside and jeopardised. Players’ belief that the manager was developing them and acting in THEIR best interests……thrown aside. Two important games coming up…Hearts and Hibs…….so what! Did he stay for just one of them to steady the team in a period of transition? Nope, he preferred to watch his new “life” play Brighton, and, incidently, win without his services. So, why the urgency to leave one day before a tough game?

No, betrayal is too complementary a word to use for BR’s action. I do not begrudge anyone the right to better themselves financially or otherwise by changing jobs. Nor do I begrudge BR the right to stick two fingers up at PL and the Board, if that is what he intended. However, what irks me is the collateral damage…..the fans, the players, the ambitions of the club, the right of the good guys(i.e. the non cheating guys) to triumph in adversity………he betrayed all of that for selfish reasons.

I could go on about the PL side of the equation, but I have bored you enough. Suffice to say, there are no good guys in this episode….from either side.

As for the Board only finding out about it on Monday/Tuesday……..does the club think we were born yesterday? They may have formally been approached in the last couple of days, but they knew BR was for the off months ago….they just did not know his destination.

I feel betrayed by someone that I trusted and now I am expected to take the mushroom treatment! Celtica, you have kicked me in the privates and thrown me towards the sign marked EXIT. When I am more rational and less emotional, I shall decide whether to go through that door.



Outlander .. thought that was built by Nissan! .. no idea.
Currently in deepest darkest Africa .. manage to get all games on celtictv and reception not too bad.
Arrive Edi wk Saturday and daughter got me ticket for egg chasers at Murrayfield

Awe Naw

Nobody has betrayed us more than this PLC M´Lud ask Auldheid


beyond power to change? .. Geography! Until something else comes along satisfaction will be dominate domestically, qualify for group stage UCL and fill the coffers

Money killed the game!

The Exiled Tim

That’s a very interesting and very plausible.
I was thinking along the lines of what the Canman said yesterday, that he told the board he was leaving at the end of the season and they said no you go now, I imagine the compo issue would have loomed large in the boards thought process.
Good to see you here btw

The Exiled Tim

Cheers M


Want to risk answering some of them?



Howdy,,can sense you’re pissed off Bobby. Totally understood. I’m more confused and embarrassed ffs.

Anyway dear posters we are looking someone to write a match report for tomorrow’s article. We decided the games needs analysed next day but I won’t be watching ( babysitting and refuse to pay for Celtic tv) and BMCUWP has a double shift going on .
Could some generous chap or lady please volunteer ? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Hail Hail


Strangely enough i posted the Marc Antony speech on CQN last week before the shenanigans and par for the course it was ignored.
The position in the vipers nest returned to it’s default position yesterday.


Good to have you back.
Hail Hail


Hope all goes well.

TET, you out the hosp now? Hope you are well.

I nominate ATOB or Fan -A- Tic.

(Beyond my capabilities)

Awe Naw

I can’t understand,
She let go of my hand
An’ left me here facing the wall.
I’d sure like t’ know
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But now mornin’s clear,
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It could even be like a myth.
Yet it’s hard t’ think on,
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From darkness, dreams’re deserted,
Am I still dreamin’ yet?
I wish she’d unlock
Her voice once an’ talk,
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‘Stead of turnin’ her back t’ my face?
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An’ if anybody asks me, “Is it easy to forget?”
I’ll say, “It’s easily done,
You just pick anyone,
An’ pretend that you never have met!”

Mike in Toronto

How you doing Auldie?

I wondered about BR’s comments at the time. I thought they were way over the top; It was a good performance, but it was a performance (i) with no pressure (as we knew the tie was done after the first leg), and (ii) against a team that also knew the tie was done…. felt like an exhibition game to me. So, BR’s comments seemed strange to me …

in hindisght, it does seem like he was writing his own Celtic obituary/while maybe at the same time polishing his resume for Leicester ….

so, I am in the ‘no chance this all happened in 24 hours’ camp.


Considering some of the responses i got to some of my in game posts on CQN it could destroy the camaraderie of this blog. Flattered by your nomination .Hail Hail

It reads lovely. But I have always been hopeless at poetry. Sounds like a sad break up?

Awe Naw


Bobby Zimmerman

You’re messing with me Awe Naw !! I looked that up, it’s Bob Dylan. I take it it’s a song then. 🙂

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