That Was The Week That Was,and what a week indeed. It all started so brightly-hot on the heels of a spirited display but a disappointing result in Valencia,we faced an agricultural Motherwell at home on the Sunday. This was a team in form,remember,having recently risen to be challenging for a top six place,and we trounced them 4-1. Despite them cheating to get the goal,another incident airbrushed from history by what was to come only two days later.

Celtic suddenly found themselves without a manager,the man who had brought back our mojo and with it,the crowds. Seven successive trophies speak for themselves,as do two successive trebles. But they didn’t speak loudly enough to dissuade BR to join struggling rent-a-manager Leicester City,nor did they speak loudly enough for the board to make much of an effort to keep him.

But he is no longer Celtic manager,and we now have Neil Lennon to lead us into battle. And just as well he is battle-hardened,as his first two games saw us visit the capital twice.

On Wednesday night,we faced Hearts at Tynecastle,and having taken the lead through James Forrest-after a lightning break from defence-we contrived to hand them a route back via fannying about at the back.

At least,I think those were the words NL used!

Fortunately,French Eddie came to our rescue late on,with a superb shuffle of feet to get on to the ball inside injury time. Three points maintained our eight point lead at the top,and with only ten games to go,I’m hopeful we can achieve trophy number eight.

Trophy number nine is a different matter. There were only three games to go in that one,The Scottish Cup,and NL duly took us back to his old stomping ground for what again looked a very difficult tie. We took early control but did nothing of note with it,although much of that was down to referee Willie Collum being his usual spineless self. Hibs then gained the upper hand for about ten minutes before NL moved James Forrest inside.

This was to prove the turning point of the match as we took the game by the scruff of the neck. Fifteen minutes into the second half,Forrest received the ball about 25 yards out. A few paces to his right to make space for himself and then he fired high into the opposite corner for the opener,and what a way to do it! A goal good enough to win any game,but there was more-possibly even better!-to come.

Our captain Broonie found himself in possession just inside the box fifteen minutes later. He too took a few paces to his right to make space for himself and fired it into the opposite corner that Jamesie had recently bulged. And when I say fired,I mean like a rocket-I haven’t seen a Celtic player hit a ball so hard since Dariusz Wdowczyk down at Highbury in 1991.

Even Tommy Gemmell would have been proud of that one!

That was the scoring over for the day,a satisfactory 2-0 win seeing us comfortably into the semi-finals where I would like to see us drawn to play either Aberdeen or Partick Thistle! Lenny can be well-pleased with events during his first few days in charge. He now has the luxury of something not afforded a Celtic manager since 1st August-a free midweek! That’s an incredible statistic,and it shows how hard the players have had to work to keep up their high standards in the face of such an unrelenting schedule.

So,a maximum of a dozen games left-can we do it? Watch this space!


In other news regarding the game in Scotland,it appears that the Scottish Government are planning to enforce Strict Liability on the clubs via pressure on the SFA,or by legislation. I’m not sure how FIFA will take to that as they have a long-standing policy which heavily sanctions political interference in the game. The weekend saw a continuation of the theme of unsavoury or downright disgraceful incidents marring a game.

The bar in which I watched the match was too noisy for me to hear any proscribed or offensive singing or chanting from our fans-not that I’m too bothered about it during a game at the best of times if I’m honest,I’m too busy watching the match and willing our bhoys on! But we have a recent track record,and there’s no denying it.

But it was the Hibs fans who gave us the worst moment of the day,as a Buckfast bottle narrowly missed Scott Sinclair as he went to take a corner. The 50p deposit flung shortly afterwards came even closer. It has been said on here and elsewhere that someone is going to get hurt,and that it has to be stopped.

And at Aberdeen,someone was indeed hurt-badly enough to be hospitalised. The hun thugs given carte blanche as usual to support their team in any way they see fit ripped up the seats inside Pittodrie and started throwing them at the opposition fans. One young lad was struck,and I hope he is well on his way to recovery.

I haven’t seen a statement from Aberdeen or Rangers yet-I’m not saying that there hasn’t been one,just that I haven’t seen it,same as I haven’t seen one from Celtic-but the one from Hibs was breathtaking. They alleged that two bottles had been thrown,including one from the away end! With cameras everywhere,I await with bated breath the evidence of this-once the photoshop fella comes back from his weekend off. Whataboutery at its worst.

Or is it? Back to Strict Liability again. Is it any coincidence that behaviour at Scottish grounds has worsened since the repeal of OBaF Act? The authorities will tell you No,that they warned that this would be the outcome. Well,IMO,it is indeed the outcome,but it is because of a lack of action by the police to enforce existing laws which already enable arrests for bottle-throwing,coin-throwing-when a Rangers fan hit a linesman and opened the back of his head in Autumn,the culprit was clearly shown on video but no arrest was made.

That’s only an example. The flare which our support threw on to the pitch on Saturday -in another example of CGAF behaviour-was clearly caught on TV just as it was lit. I’m willing to bet that the culprit can be seen clear as day in footage from that same camera. There are photos of seats being thrown yesterday with clearly identifiable people,so “wind back the frames” and get some proper police work done.

This has gone on too long,and the police have done the square root of sod all about it. That cannot be a coincidence,orders have clearly come down from on high-hands off,there’s capital to be made from this,let them hang themselves out to dry.

Well,I don’t think the game needs Strict Liability just yet. For starters,sanctions applied will be challenged in court and it will probably end up unworkable,as well as bringing down the wrath of FIFA. What the game needs is the police to start doing their jobs properly. There is a photo of Willie Collum handing the Buckie bottle over,with about twenty cops in the background. Not ONE is making any effort to do anything but walk round the perimeter of the pitch talking to their mates.

Do your job. Your services are highly paid for by the clubs. Apply Zero Tolerance by all means,because you’re zero use to anyone at the moment.


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Seems RALPH MALPH over on e-Tims agrees with me anyway!

Awe Naw

It´s not the polis job to search fans for unwanted contraband or can you buy Buckie at Easter Road.

One word or everyone writing about Scottish football “priorities”.

1) Ibrox roof safety certificate
2) Where is the report from the Old Firm game crush
3) half billion pound Rangers Fraud

Why are Scottish football fans so obscenely stupid and submissive ?…. now there´s a topic worth writing about sadly very few worthy of delivering on it understanding it or truly caring about it.

And because they don’t care and have been so stupid and submissive I hope they get taken for a fucking ride. Everyone that is still spending money on it .. deserves all they get except for their children* (see stupid and submissive above)

big packy

hi bobby, maybe the polis are just lazy bassas.hh,


It might not be their job to search for it on the way in-and I’ve certainly seen it done,even recently-but it is certainly their job to apprehend the arseholes who throw a bottle or coins at players.

Awe Naw

If NOBODY give’s a shit about the Ibrox safety certificate the crushing at Parkhead or a half billion pound proven fraud why should THEY give a fuck about a bottle being thrown ?

The Gombeen Man

Hopefully the acrimony of the last week and the shock of Brendan’s departure has sunk in with us all.
Who knows what happened but it was disappointing to read much of the hun like stuff on the internet.
It’s amazing what a bit of fear can to us.
Anger would be most folks go to emotion I guess and all sorts of innocent bystanders probably got a lash of projected and misdirected anger.
It’s probably just fear and shock.

Anyway Brendan’s gone and I watched the second half of yesterday’s match at Watford.
Brendan looked a forlorn figure on the sideline. I almost felt sorry for him. He looked to have aged.
What a fine old mess our egos can get us all into.

Fair play to Lenny and Broonie’s captaincy. There looked to be a fair bit of frustration released as he booted the baw into the net. Forrest’s goal was sublime. Sinclair often frustrates but never seems to hide and never seems to be ‘injured.’

The best striker in the world took another dive, this time at Pittodrie. A statement from the Ibrox club confirmed last night that he’d seen a left wing member of the Green Brigade throw a half bottle of Buckie at him and had taken evasive action.

All this and no goals at Merseyside and I didn’t hear the El Clasico result…Too much happening in the pub league.

HH and regards to TET.

A songs debate on the heals of Brendan’s exit was maybe well intentioned but a victim of unfortunate timing.


The Gombeen Man
No need for that cheap jibe at the worlds best striker!
Snort funny.

bada bing1

Keith Flint RIP

bada bing1

OLD PALS Celtic boss Lennon has spoken to Griffiths more than Rodgers did during past two months, claims Commons

Former Hoops star Commons also says Griff is on the verge of boosting Celtic’s Treble bid by returning from special leave

By David Fowler

4th March 2019, 8:53 am

Updated: 4th March 2019, 9:15 am

KRIS COMMONS says Leigh Griffiths is set to boost Celtic’s Treble bid by returning for end of season run-in.

The striker has been on special leave since December to deal with some off-field problems.

Neil Lennon signed Leigh Griffiths for Celtic in 2014 from WolvesREUTERS


Neil Lennon signed Leigh Griffiths for Celtic in 2014 from Wolves

Griffiths hasn’t kicked a ball since December 8KENNY RAMSAY – THE SUN GLASGOW


Griffiths hasn’t kicked a ball since December 8

Griffiths has a close bond with interim boss Neil Lennon – who brought him to Parkhead from Wolves five years ago.

And Commons claims Lennon has spoken to Griff more times in the past week than Brendan Rodgers did over the last 12 weeks.

He wrote in his Daily Mail column: “Don’t be surprised if Leigh Griffiths fights his way back and plays a key part in Celtic’s run-in towards the end of the season.

“It’s my understanding that Griffiths is close to making his return following some off-field personal difficulties.

The Gombeen Man


You’re right it was a nailed on penalty. Shocking refereeing. He’s treated differently in Scotland.


I had a little debate on another site of the impact Brendans appointment had on Griffiths.
When Brendan arrive Leigh was our number 1 and his goals tally the season before was a huge reason for our success.
Brendan had a different system in mind which did not play to Leigh’s strengths.
Leigh soon found his number 1 status removed for a young dynamic but unproven Dembele.
This was not personal by BR but it definitely had an effect.
When Leigh got some playing time he tended to try to hard to score/prove himself.
When Dembele was out in the second half of last season Ed was given the nod.
To a guy who has personal problems this had a very unsettling effect.
I have mentioned before that BR seemed to have doubts around Scottish players and they were judged on a harsher standard than others.
I don’t think the Henderson situation was coincidental.
He refused a new contract and rightful panic ensued.Suddenly he resigns and suddenly gets playing time.
Just guessing but i think someone had a word in BR’s ear and it irked perhaps playing a small part in his abrupt exit.
This is not another attack on BR just my feeling of what compounded an already vulnerable Griffith situation.
I look forward to Leigh’s return.

bada bing1

Aye,LG back would be a huge boost,we all hope he’s getting better


I said at the time that for a 40 goals a season striker to be dropped was a strange decision. But LG will never be a lone striker,in the usual meaning of the term.

But that suggests a player who can be trusted to hold the out-ball played up to him,bring in the other players as they race up the pitch.

A team playing on the break,in other words. Celtic rarely play on the break-ask Harald Brattbakk,cos that was his main strength-and we sure didn’t play much on the break under BR.

Dembele was a great striker for us,no denying that. But that doesn’t take away the harshness which LG would rightly feel that he was accorded.

Awe Naw

I politely disagree . I don’t think we should see Leigh in a Celtic shirt this season. Leave it to those who are currently scoring , currently fit (mentally and physically) and are currently contributing.

Leigh is not good enough on the European stage. Never has been. Never will be. That might not be so important these days for Celtic.

bada bing1

Marco Rose 5/1 from 33s……

Even when he was with us I often read comment that BR rarely had a plan B. Using two up front was one such option to mix things up and catch our opponents on the hop. I can only imagine how LG must have felt sitting on the bench so often after scoring 40 goals. Getting used as an impact sub in the last 30 mins. As you say Bobby he often came on and tried too hard.


Aye,and his trying too hard meant that he wanted to impress.

That meant goals,and that meant ignoring his team-mates who might have been better placed.

I don’t blame Leigh for that,but it was poor man-management.

Btw,I’m trying to change the format,but I haven’t found out yet how to do it. If I do,I’ll need to get the agreement of MAHE to do so. You are right in what you say,it can be difficult to follow when the posts pile up.

Fortunately,today is Monday. The Graveyard Shift on blogs,and not just this one!

Awe Naw

Only second favourite. We all know how stupid Celtic fans are.. Get some more money out of the the sentimental old fools.

I would keep it simple Bobby. Don’t differentiate between comments and specific replies to comments. That results in new posts being all over the page hence the need for scrolling so much. I would just have posts in order as they come in with a new page after about 30/40/50? posts.

Easy for me to say? 🙂


bada bing1

Throw this one out there for a quiet Monday,would Lenny take assistant manager to Marco Rose?


I agree. It is best for all parties if Leigh takes the season off.

The situation exemplies the difference between need and want. We do not need another striker, but we would want him to be available.


Por cierto

Bass perhaps earlier in his managerial career, but not now por cierto.

Por cierto



Interesting thought! I hope it happens. However, it is too soon to discuss managerial options. Let Neil do his job first. Save such speculation for tge old media.


Por cierto

Leigh scored against us playing for Hibs as a lone striker. I think he can play that way if he runs the channels but not as an outright target man which Dembele was por cierto

Por cierto

If he is fit, in all ways, then he should return before the season ends. We may need him fully up to speed for the CL qualifiers por cierto.


There has to be a fast track way of identifying and arresting culprits who endanger the safety of players and other supporters.

It should start in real time as soon as an incident occurs by filming those in the area and establishing who bought tickets and interviewing them within 24 hours to pin down the culprit. Then a well publicised arrest followed by a quick trial set up for the purpose of swift justice where corrective action according to the individuals circumstances is taken, fine or jail.

When it comes to singing, that is in the sticks and stones category and might involve many. So a few need identified, arrested within say a week, tried the following and punishment published.

On legislation I agree that anything that affects a players wage would be challengeable if any bonus was related to where in the division a club ended at end of season.

Interestingly I heard the idea of club licensing being an alternative deterrent to legislation

If you think about it, it was UEFA stepping in (and they have rules covering safety at grounds that could apply ) that ended The singing of The Billy Boys (that started the Gotcha trail of the previous article) at UEFA matches.

Why not extend that to domestic competition and introduce indicators (UEFA like indicators) to show if a club 1) has a problem. 2) has addressed it 3) how successful their attempts have been at ending it and then decide at licensing time based on those measurements if a club is one UEFA would want a licence granted to?

UEFA could have no grounds for objecting to that since its not Government led, but if a transparent measurement system was introduced into club licensing it would have the same deterrent effect on the supporters of bigger clubs with European ambitions and for smaller clubs with no UEFA ambition making a licence conditional on improvement or playing behind closed doors would be a deterrent.

No reason why both approaches should not be explored..

Por cierto

Good piece here by John Nicholson of por cierto.

Usually, praising Scottish football comes second only to praising the women’s game in attracting some of the most idiotic ill-informed responses the internet has to offer, as I’m sure some of the comments provoked by this piece shall rather deliciously prove.

It has long seemed to me that there is a deep insecurity in some quarters that fears Scotland being any good at football, or indeed at anything else. Fears the country’s self-confidence and broadly left-leaning consensus. Is intimidated by its strong sense of self and of identity and does not fully appreciate that it is not some sort of vassal state forever on bended knee to the south. It is a country with its own legislative, legal and education system and in Revenue Scotland (of which my brother happens to be Chair) its own body for the administration and collection of devolved taxes.

It is a country currently with lower unemployment than England, but some will forever paint Scotland as a band of gaunt heroin-addicted wastrels, the hive mind being reluctant to change its default settings.

So I knew when Brendan Rodgers made his – some might say – unseemly, poorly-judged and extremely undiplomatic and speedy southerly journey to Leicester City, as much as it was a cue for some pointless Celtic tribalism, it was inevitably also a cue for the anti-Alba types to say that he has left the wilderness to join civilisation. Left a comedy league to join the Big League.

There is a patronisation of Scottish football borne out of ignorance of the game here and, hand in hand with that, an equally unjustified aggrandisation of the quality of the Premier League’s entertainment.

I’d wager if I showed Sunday’s Watford v Leicester game to such blinkered Premier League fans and told them it was Aberdeen v Hamilton, they’d have said it was typically boring and poor quality Scottish football, with just a few moments of skill. Daniel Harris in the Guardian summed it up as ‘Watford were organised, doughty, and found that extra little bit at either end of the game. Leicester were poor’.

But if I showed them Aberdeen v Hamilton – the highlights are here…

…and told them it was Watford v Leicester, they’d think it the better, more exciting game and with a spectacular opening goal that the Scottish Premiership could never muster. That’s because when it comes to assessing the Premier League’s entertainment value, marketing has replaced understanding.

But the truth is that the Premier League does not offer more fun than the Premiership. That’s not to say the Premier League offers none, it clearly does. But those 14 teams below the top six – most of whom, let’s face it, after a few seasons in the league don’t really even know why they exist anymore, except to earn money in order to keep on existing in their existential nightmare, one that they can only be woken from by the sweet bliss of relegation – can play some very dull games. Premier entertainment, it often ain’t.

For all that Celtic dominate in every way at the moment, taking the league’s fixtures as a whole – and not just those involving Celtic – they are usually, though obviously not absolutely always, more enjoyable than the majority of Premier League games. And that’s what counts: enjoyment. They are consistently more unpredictable and far, far more competitive. Plus, there is no existential crisis up here. There is much less angst at overpaid players under-performing, because most players outside of the Old Firm (and even some of them) are paid ‘normal’ wages. Kilmarnock’s average pay isn’t much over £1000 per week and they’ve been great to watch all season. We don’t have the same discontent with the game here and we’re happier for it. It’s also worth noting that we tend to be far more cosmopolitan in outlook by being exposed to both the Scottish game and the English, and knowing about each. So Hibernian fans, for example, will know what is happening at, say, Chelsea, while Chelsea fans won’t typically know much about Hibs..

Stripping out the tribal nonsense of the few, as evidenced with that nonsensical Celtic banner, Rodgers moving from Celtic to Leicester City is without doubt and quite objectively a step down from one of the greatest jobs in world football. That’s not to say Leicester City are not a fine club; I’ve always really liked them, going back to the days of Frank Worthington and Keith Weller’s superbly baggy white leggings.

And yes, the title win was the most thrillingly brilliant thing that will likely ever happen while the Premier League is in existence (which hopefully will not be for much longer) and indeed was the sort of sudden ascent to greatness that used to happen far more often when football was played on a far more democratic and even playing field.

But all the same, Leicester are simply less of a national, European or global power than Celtic. Partly this is because economics have meant the west of Scotland and Ireland has exported a lot of people to all corners of the globe. Go to Boston, Mass. and try to find any Leicester fans and you’ll struggle, but Celtic fans are everywhere and many will tell you with glassy eyes that Caledonia’s been everything they ever had. As manager, you are the figurehead at the prow of that huge, worldwide ship in a way that will never happen at Leicester City.

Celtic’s history of silverware in Scotland is incomparable to Leicester’s in England. And while it is no longer one of Europe’s powerhouse leagues, for almost the entirety of its history, the Scottish top flight absolutely was. That sort of history does not evaporate in the hot flames of new money.

I note that many supporting Brendan’s move were quick to proffer the fact that he will have more money to spend and will doubtless be paid more. Ah yes. Money. It’s always about money is the Premier League. That’s its exceptionally shallow USP of course, and if there’s one thing Scottish football isn’t, it’s shallow. Scotland’s instinct isn’t to kowtow to the monied and powerful, nor to feel envious of them. Quite the reverse. And that’s why this being offered as a reason to take such a job cuts little ice here.

Indeed, many of us feel the relative or comparable lack of money in Scottish football has meant it has kept its soul. It is still close to the communities that gave birth to the clubs, still has a significant presence in every area of this staggeringly beautiful country, from sea to shining sea, from Peterhead to Stranraer, from Queen of the South to Wick Academy. It has not been sold to the highest bidder. It has not traded its black feathers for a crown.

It is not financially enslaved to an oppressive theocratic country, it is not owned by Russian oligarchs, it is not part of a global corporation’s leisure industry asset portfolio. Rather, almost all of it is – as it has pretty much always been – modest, local, funny and working-class.

Yes, it has its Old Firm problems in the west with sectarianism, something addressed and put under the noble scrutiny of Steve Clarke recently, but to tar the whole of the culture of football in the country with that uniquely localised and too slowly fading problem, is simply to not know these lands.

This is a glorious country, with a glorious football past, present and future and, although this isn’t often acknowledged beyond its borders, it doesn’t make it any the less true.

This is what Rodgers has left behind. I would not seek to pass judgement on his choice. Obviously, absolutely he’s entitled to do whatever he wishes, for whatever reasons and without any hostility despite his clunky departure. It is a different job, yes, and it will have different challenges, but it is absolutely not an upgrade and anyone who thinks it is, is either blindly in thrall to riches and cannot separate money from soul, or simply has no idea of the global import of the Bhoys.

There is a vast, cavernous gulf in income between the two leagues, that is without doubt, but the difference in quality of entertainment is often nonexistent. Everything else is marketing.

big packy

HI BHOYS AND GHIRLS, maybe old news, but just seen a story about alex neil being linked to the managerial vacancy, what do you think . bada id love marco and neil together.hh


Your article on trouble at grounds made me think of a growing divide (heck! When do I get the chance to use the word schism). In simple terms, there are now two main types of fan…….ones that go in thru the gates, and one that watches on a streaming outlet.

Streamers do not throw bottles or anything in the ground. They do not display banners. They do not rip up seats. They do not boo players, other fans or management at the ground. Altogether a much easier group to manage than those lucky enough to attend a game.

Perhaps the solution is obvious. Find a way of streaming the games to all those interested and abandon game attendance. Too radical? Probably. However, Edward De Bono of lateral thinking, once advocated looking at solutions that seem extreme in order to find a workable solution.

Just a thought.

Incidently, if streamers areca growing portion of revenue, is it not about time that the club started treating them as something other than a target for selling merchandise?



Now if I were on the Board I’d be asking questions about the risk involved in not just employing a manager but also the team that he wants to support him.

There are stories that BR tried to entice away more than his own men.

Neil Lennon has paid great tribute to John Kennedy and the help he has provided.

Stability is very important for a club who want to be successful every season.

What Id be looking into is establishing a team that stays and works with any manager appointed and any manager appointed would take the job on that basis.

Of course it is an easier sell to an incomer if the in house team has a good pedigree for coaching and player development.

If BR has taught us one thing it is the dangers of a personality cult where all hopes are pinned on one guy.

So I’m not into bringing in guys who only see Celtic as a stepping stone at manager level to the EPL. which is a reason for appointing NL longer term. That and looking forward to a game in Europe again.

However if we allow personality to hold sway then back room stability is essential. We might even promote from there if it were not perceived as lacking ambition.

Bloom where you are planted I say.


Some really great points.
A director of footballing operations to preside over all aspects of the playing side would help.
In the present financial climate integration of youth should be a priority.
Would also like to see coaches at every level appointed with a view of upward mobility.

Por cierto

Is Football Director a place for John Kennedy to grow a nurture. Thinking long, long term here. Or is it too big a position for him at this time por cierto.


Por cierto
I would be for Kennedy.
Think we should be sending him round European clubs to see how they use Football directors.

big packy

POR CIERTO just read that piece from john Nicholson id love mr Rodgers to read it.hh.

bada bing1

Levein getting pelters?

Sol Kitts

Well now, Sevco or the sheep in the semi-final. Whoda thunk it?

Margaret McGill

“many of us feel the relative or comparable lack of money in Scottish football has meant it has kept its soul”
Does this mean if you steal a £1bn you have no soul or you still have a soul and all the cheating you did on and off the park is forgiven?


Is cheating in the semi final an acceptable path to progress for a ref?
Or would assisting on a sevco cup triumph be the ultimate honor?

Por cierto

Yes, great idea pr ceirto

Por cierto

Yes, wish he would read it, deflate that ego of his por cierto

Margaret McGill

please excuse the temerity of my interference and correct your grammar
I think what you meant to say was:

“Is not cheating in the semi final an acceptable path to progress for a ref?
Or would assisting Timmery on a 9th consecutive Scottish trophy be the ultimate horror?”

I think that’s is what you meant.

Margaret McGill

Good point.
Remember when Jesus was crucified and no one gave a fuck until 300 years later?

Margaret McGill

Strict Liability is easy to implement if you have the motivation.
If you want to reduce UEFA fines you send season ticket personal details to the police for everyone in the Green Brigade sections.
If you want to reduce police overheads in situ at the grounds you strike up a deal with the police on minimal maintenance on crowd control. (Throwing bottles and coins etc, flares, ripping out seats) we can deal with that later on a cost effective basis.
Win Win.
Strict liability.
Love it.


Margaret McGIll
I stand corrected.


Jesus was at least 300 years ahead of his time.
Still is.


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