Anyone but Him !

Just like slipping on an old glove Our Lenny waltzed back into the hotseat and negotiated two toughies to round off a hell of a week with a BIG statement .
We know hes happy leading us , and the feeling is mutual on the fans behalf .
It’s just a nice warm fuzzy feeling KNOWING one of your own is in charge .
And as we sit entering the business end of the season things are pretty much wrapped up except the Cup it’s natural to look to the future and ponder how next season will play out.

It’s a HUGE summer this one .
We are looking at major upheaval in the playing department with many out of contract / loans ending .
Whos gonna be in charge dictates their replacements thus the manager is the biggest decision we will be taking .
A Director of Football is on the agenda apparently , and would alleviate the above problem of new man facing huge decisions at squad level when he’s trying to work his arrival out himself .
Should Big John get it I must admit it would be a very heartwarming case of looking after one of your own , but a big risk given the inexperience . More on that later .

But as we all know Lenny wants the job , and sees it as his .
Logic would dictate that if the club want to deliver ten he is the safest pair of hands as he knows the domestic scene.
To bring in a foreign coach at this juncture would clearly be more of a risk than someone who already knows the game . It would also seem to be saying we trust you to deliver the league but we want an impact in Europe and that would take a few different things to come together,,,
Better signings than what we are used to
A bigger splurge than usual
Quite a guy to pull it off
A slice of luck , quite a slice infact.

So I just can’t see it happening when Lenny is sitting free and wants the job .
I had previously reckoned a foreigner would be brought in , and put through the wringer by the Plc , but we have seen an unexpected departure allow us to grab someone I , and probably many , never thought was going to be in the frame for a variety of reasons .

Last week I blogged Im not sure if the decision to retain Lenny will be taken on footballing grounds alone and that worried me.
Also I’ve been saying how I feel things in the domestic game are all coming to a head and I’m delighted there’s a few clubs involved so the usual isn’t thrown about .
The game is getting worse and the pressure is building ,, on the refs ,, on the Sfa ,, on the Plc ,,der Huns finances as another loan has been taken out ,, on Stevie G ,, Res12 .. on Levein ,,on Morelos ,, on the video disciplinary panel ,, on the SMSM to even exist at all with those spiralling downward sales figures ,, there’s more .
Level 5 for instance will be in a sweat as der Hun go bust and there goes the main client and bills payer. They aint getting anywhere near that amount of client income from any other club in the land that’s for sure.
And if rumours are to be believed Peter himself might actually come under a bit of pressure ,, and not just bringing in a decent quality of player to fill the squad ,, but the failure to support Brendan to the fullest ( as ordered by der Kaiser by all accounts at the London clear the air meeting after the McGinn fiasco ) should bring dismissal if the accounts are true .
A brand new everything is unlikely though , I expect him to attempt to see ten through and then skedaddle.
Then again Dermot might just have a new fella lined up ,, his regular business will bring him into contact with many a potential candidate,. And who can tell with suits.

While the game is undergoing serious internal strife and there’s a lot of soul searching from fans about ,,,
Their fellow fans behaviour ( a huge topic these days )
Strict liability
The songs
Why ffp doesn’t seem to affect one club
The Refs
The compliance officer
Keeping money in the bank
Being walked out on
There’s more , a lot more , and last nights news that a child had to attend hospital after getting struck by a seat will surprise absolutely no one , that’s how low an ebb we are at .

And into this maelstrom Neil wants to take up the most prominent position , again .
I reckon Gov ministers arent sleeping at night due to what might happen here. ( hence scrambling for some type of law quick )
I’m willing to bet Lenny leading the Hoops to 10 would be many a Ger’s supporters worst nightmare .
When you sit back and think about what this could do , the potential this has , the timebomb this might set off ,, that was my rational when I said he might not get this job .
The most bigoted wee country in the world will be forced to face up to their fears over the next two and a bit years in the event Neil gets the gig .
Things are coming to a head now , but you ain’t seen nothing yet if this goes down .
This is many peoples , and organisations ultimate worst fear I reckon as it would light the fuse on a powderkeg situation that has the potential to not only get very very ugly ,, but actually wake a lot of people up to who and what type they are sharing a country with .
Or how much or little support Neil gets all around sometimes .
This has potential to rock the Boat BIGTIME ,,, maybe fatally harm the current domestic game.
Scotland will implode before it allows Lenny to waltz up and parade “ his “ 10 ( and we would probably end up calling it something similar ) and that won’t be lost on certain people.
People who prefer the best wee country in the world keeps its dirty secrets in house .

That logic I like to try and use was rocked by Brexit , and I have vowed never to be surprised at anything the beautiful game throws up ever again . But that logic does say that many do not prefer dirty little secrets out in the open , would rather the Scottish game wasn’t put under the microscope ,, would like to keep things buried and attempt business as usual .
Would love anything but a Neil Lennon leading his beloved team to glory while the light blues stumble in his wake .
And thus will probably attempt to try and sway public opinion , and boardroom minds , to cast aside this firebrand who besmirches what he touches.
Gonna be hard to twist Celtics arm in this case though , they hold the aces.
Let’s hope they hold their nerve.

Seems we are in for a hell of a couple of years , my advice is buckle up and enjoy the ride !

We are seeking articles from fellow Celtic fans . Our aim is a different writer everyday .
If you have time why not pen something and send it to
Tell your fellow fans how you feel .

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big packy

HI MAHE, unless something drastic happens I think lenny will be here for ten in a row hopefully,, he is a safe pair of hands and knows and loves the club, he doesn’t need ten thousand fans to come out and welcome him to paradise like some other former manager, honestly I think he would walk over broken glass to get to parkhead, the only thing that worries me is the best wee bigoted country in the world wont let him.hh,


Hope you enjoyed getting hitched at the weekend(!)

42 years yesterday since the release of The Clash,their first album. How time flies…

Won’t tell you how many years ago,but




I gather Lenny has some large friends keeping an eye on him. Certainly hope so!

Awe Naw

The continually increase in the ugly atmosphere surrounding Scottish football can be linked primarily to Sevco´s financial state. We as a support are sedated by it due to winning. The teams without the Old Firm see it as more of the same. No difference to them who wins 9 in a row. For the majority it will be the third time (if it happens) that they will experience it. 3 x 9 = ?. Very few Scottish supporters currently attending have seen their team win the SPL in their lifetime (guesstimate: less than 500 in entire Scotland). That Celtic fans are unwilling (not unable) is due to the fact that they are green huns (The majority). They just want to lord it over the Sevconians and fuck the rest of the PROTESTANT nation because they are the bigots not us. Now I am not daft enough to recognize that there is truth to this. When the huns won 9 in a row the nation was happy. Masonic lead institutions is Celtic now one ? were content with the huns winning almost absolutely everything. The masonic war machine was in hibernation then but not so now.

The above article touches on Europe. Clearly we are more interested in rejuvenating the Old Firm than we are in of our own European standing. Who in their right mind would ditch a 100 year old working model. (see Irn Bru) We have given up on Europe as we know we are only going to be further marginalized within Europe. We want to qualify for Europe and that’s that KPI ticked. Anything further than pot 4 is bonus territory and the likelihood of that is diminishing with every year.

All we are currently doing (at PLC level) is giving the nation a lesson (punishment) there is no other way (by winning all the time everything) while making tens of millions and turn over being measured in 8 figures. Once that punishment period is considered to be over with then it will be stopped. The only indication of that will be measured in profit and product stability.

So I make one of my famous predictions crystall ball out

If Neil Lennon wins the treble then he will be given the managers job as there will be no need to punt Season Ticket after a treble treble and Neil in place no box office marquee signing will be made. This summer we will not recruit heavily. Far from it. For what reason ? If the huns don´t win something this year and I think they will then they will have even less spending power. Gerrard will no longer be such a rookie. The job of being an Old Firm loser will be less attractive. He will have less money probably none or next to little in trying to turn it around. So why would we spend ?

I reckon the punishment period may be over. You NOT ME can blame it all on Brendan Rodgers.

I expect Neil´s remit will be to rejuvenate the careers and increase the number of minutes on the pitch given to the likes of of Griffiths, Bayo, Lustig(new 1 year), Henry, Compper, Kouassi, Bitton, Rogic, Ntcham, Hayes, Arzani and to try and develop further Henderson, Ralston, Johnston. With the main stays being Kierney, Brown, Forrest, Mc Gregor, Edouard, SInclair, Christie, Simunovic

We also will have the loan players Miller, Morgan, Mulumbu, Perez, Gutman. Shved, Benyu returning.

The plc will believe that we can be “less gubbed” in Europe with Neil´s horse for courses approach than Brendans philosophy approach. No need to spend on that.

That´s 29 players Neil will have to work with he will not be getting anymore unless it´s a “no brainer”. There will be some comings and goings but not of the multi million pound variety

This would mean Neil going head to head with Gerrard with still a far better squad than the huns have and the focus will have been removed from Trebles to stopping the nine. I think a treble treble will be a better ST mover than Gerrad winning the Scottish cup.

There will be a massive clear out this summer and that will be it.

Por cierto

Surely, if a Director of Football is to be hired, then that appointment will come before the First Team Coach, as I think any DoF would have to have input into that decision, or he would invariably use him not having input as an excuse if the FTC fails. I don’t think Neil Lennon would take to kindly to a DoF, he would probably feel that belittles his standing somewhat, and may be the reason he doesn’t get the job, especially if they do take the punt of John Kennedy for the DoF. Other FTC’s who have worked under a DoF would probably be the better appointment in this situation. If the board decide that a DoF is not required, but I think they will go down that road, then Lenny, is a shoe in por cierto.

Awe Naw

Brendan Rodgers wants kudos and respect… and you can’t get that at Celtic
Brendan Rodgers had reached his ceiling at Celtic, winning everything on offer
The Northern Irishman was never going to get the funds to compete in Europe


PUBLISHED: 22:30 GMT, 4 March 2019 | UPDATED: 07:53 GMT, 5 March 2019

Barring a niche interest in east European football, chances are you may not have heard of Viktor Goncharenko or Alyaksandr Yermakovich.

They are the most successful coaches in the history of BATE Borisov, the leading Belorussian club from the city of Barysaw. BATE are currently enjoying the longest run of dominance in European football: 13 consecutive titles. The new season starts later this month.

Goncharenko won five titles straight between 2008 and 2012 and was succeeded by his assistant Yermakovich, who added another four between 2013 and 2016.

Why Goncharenko he leave? Well, in 2013, Goncharenko accepted a position at a club in Russia, Kuban Krasnodar.

The previous season Kuban came fifth and qualified for the Europa League, but the club had experienced mixed fortunes across the previous decade.

They were relegated from the top division in 2004, 2007 and 2009, and while historically Kuban had been Russian champions, the last time was in 1987 and the time before that 1973.

These days Kuban are no longer a professional entity. The club went bankrupt in 2018, although their name continues in the Krasnodar Krai regional league.

So, why would Goncharenko desert a club so dominant, one that he had taken for the first time to the Champions League group stage, to take charge at what, frankly, appears a mid-ranking outfit? Simple: Brendan Rodgers syndrome. No new worlds to conquer.

BATE had already won the league the two years before Goncharenko took over. By the time he left, it was seven titles straight. Relative success in Europe had further strengthened their position because UEFA’s money has a corrupting influence in a league so small.

BATE, like Celtic or Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia, can use their annual UEFA windfall to recruit the best young players from around the country and later sell them on, or abroad. One revenue stream creates another, so the money builds and builds.

The year after Goncharenko left, reaching the Champions League group stage earned BATE roughly £9.4million. The current prize money for finishing second in the Belorussian Premier League is £77,000. Third place gets £35,500. So where’s the challenge?

Goncharenko left BATE for the same reason Rodgers turned his back on Celtic. Nothing he did, domestically at least, was seen as an achievement and European success was unattainable.

It was the same for Pep Guardiola at Bayern Munich. Winning the Bundesliga became par. Unless he won the Champions League, his triumphs were met with a shrug.

Rodgers may have had hundreds of thousands of Celtic fans celebrating every win, but if his ambition was to manage again in the Premier League elite, beating St Johnstone 6-0 away is nothing to put on a c.v.

Where is Goncharenko now? He is the manager of CSKA Moscow, the second-best team in Russia last season, and currently third in the table. CSKA were desperately unfortunate not to progress beyond the Champions League group stage after beating Real Madrid home and away.

And where is Yermakovich, BATE’s second most successful manager? He is his assistant.

The move into mediocrity at Kuban worked for them, the way Rodgers hopes swapping Celtic for Leicester will benefit him.

Rodgers lost his first match as Leicester manager on Sunday, repeating inauspicious starts at Swansea and Liverpool.

It took him 69 games to lose at Celtic. Still, no doubt at Parkhead they are happy, closing in on a treble treble, just as BATE Borisov will have enjoyed a 13th straight title.

Yet competitive advantage leading to complete subjugation does not equate to credibility in the world beyond. Any ambitious young coach wants kudos and respect, too, which will not come shooting fish in a barrel.


42 years since The Clash eponymous album. Wow!
Really gutted that Keith Flint had enough.
Loved his live shows. Never forgotten.


Many Happy Returns A Thing of Beauty.
I know you are loads of years younger than yer bro. ????????


Eponymous? Get you wi the dictionary for breakfast and the cryptic crossword for elevenses!

I only knew that from listening overnight to R2,Sounds of the Seventies,overnight. Tom Robinson standing in for the marvellous and mellifluous Johnnie Walker.

Bugger gave us the facts but didn’t play the tracks!

Good to see you back on,bud.



Placing JK as DoF is just a cosmetic exercise signifying nothing. He is PL’s man,and I have no problem with that. But as a DoF,you must be your own man,and I can’t see JK standing up to the man who has kept him in gainful employment since his career was wrecked by a thug

Btw,PL has my total respect for doing so.

AWENAW. 0842

Ah,but PL will have learned the lesson from the RD era that downsizing doesn’t work.

Won’t he?

Because if he hasn’t,the Celtic fans won’t be slow to show him a repeat!


Always knew it as The Clash Eponymous Album at my posh school. Saint Bams. REM have a brilliant album called Eponymous
Working too much on nights at moment. 12 hour shifts reduce my social media time. Hardly had time for a shite these last few weeks. Bank balance better though ????


R.E.M. went all mainstream on us,but I’ve got a four track EP from their early days,and that was a band!

Don’t Go Back to Rockville,was class,but this is just superb.


Amazing REM track Mick. I turned every stoner in Knightswood onto Michael Stipe and his genius musician band. Early stuff I preferred. Murmur my favourite. Saw them at Balloch. Took a 7 year old Ryan. He got live music that night by Loch Lomond

Mike in toronto


I have also heard a few people, who are in the know, describe JK as PL’s guy. That concerns me. And if NFL knew this, and accepted the job nonetheless, this concerns me greatly.

Remember hearing Radio Free Europe in 1981. Didn’t see them then, but did catch them at a small club around the time Reckoning cameout (early 84?)… still one of the best shows I have seen

Awe Naw


It will not be portrayed as down sizing and to be honest it is not. It is really an exercise in streamlining. If as I expect that Lustig* and Sinclair* sign for another year deal then we will have 29 players.

Bain, Gordon

Lustig*/Ralston Ajer/Hendry Simunovic/Commper Tierney/Miller
Perez/ /Gutmann

Forrest/Christie Brown/Ntcham McGregor/Rogic Morgan/Sinclair*
Shved/ Bitton/Mulumbu Benyu/Kouassi Arzani/Hayes

Eduoard/Griffiths Bayo/Johnston

If a Forrest or a Mc Gregor get their heads turned and leave then the money obtained is going straight in the bank.
If Ntcham has had enough then that´s also money in the bank.

The question is is this squad good enough to qualify for the CL ? Nowhere near it due to the paucity of quality in Central defense and strikers

Think how delighted Peter Lawwell will be at the removal of the salaries and costs of ; Brendan Rodgers and his backroom team, Lee Congerton included. Boyata, Burke, Weah, Benkovic, Lustig, Sinclair, Allan, Gamboa, Ntcham, Izzaguire , De Vries possibly. The extra income that a treble treble will bring in.

I can see us making an even larger profit the next financial year and not even qualifying for Europe. Hoe impressive is that



Reckoning was magic.
Preferred Life’s Rich Pageant

Love Stipey ??????????

Awe Naw

And again this time less pigs breakfasty

(Bain, Gordon)

(Lustig*/Ralston/Perez) (Ajer/Hendry) (Simunovic/Commper) (Tierney/Miller/Gutmann)

(Forrest/Christie/Shved) (Brown/Ntcham/BittonMulumbu ) (McGregor/Rogic/Benyu/Kouassi) ( Morgan/Sinclair*/Hayes)

(Eduoard/Griffiths) (Bayo/Johnston)

Even after losing 15 this summer the squad is still extremely bloated

anyone expecting any kind of spend should stop listening to shiny happy people

Awe Naw

also our present management team only have a contract until the end of June


What is the consensus?
Lenny till summer or Lenny permanent?

Mike in toronto

Gary @12:47

Both great albums, butReckoning shades it for me … ‘83/‘84 was a favourite period for me … at one club (the old MasonicTemple), saw REM, Simple Mind, Aztec Camera (also saw Lloyd Cole the same night in another club), General public …

In Belleville now , chat later mate


All bands I saw live too. I am devastated by the suicide by Keith Flint RIP. Saw The Prodigy and Keith at Benicassim Spain two years ago. Great gig. The Day is my Enemy.
Keith Flint RIP


Next season if this one goes to plan will see Old Firmism triumph.
The defiance of the Celtic support has been reduced to a whimper.
Can’t judge him on the two games so far.
He has the pragmatism that’s been sadly lacking in our recent coaches but hard to tell if he has the ability in the modern tactical climate?
We have enough to see out the season successfully.
There is a good crop of youngsters on the horizon but Neil has never been a great user of youth.
He did give JF his chance though he had just stepped up from being a youth coach and had seen him often .
If given the job i would be surprised if he got more than a two year contract and prioritizing youth will be a stipulation in it.
Hoping a wiser and more experienced Neil surprises.

On the subject of BATE Borisov and Mr Goncharenko, the key learning is that this club has a system and sticks to it.

On the playing front, as indicated, they can attract the best young players from the country because of their status. They supplement that with experienced players in the twilight of their careers that wish to return home after successful stints abroad.

Managers are promoted from within. Goncharenko is typical…..former player for the club; groomed through the reserves and being assistent coach, ultimately to be the coach. So, in summary, their basic model is grow your own players and coaches. The current coach, Baha, is the same…..young and a former player. If they lose a coach or a player, the system produces the replacements. If it works why change it?

They achieve all of this with a squad of 25 and a ground that hosts 13,000.

Lennon, Mark 1, was our Goncharenko.


For moi, the blog seems to have lost the function of replying to a particular post. Others?

MIT and Bobby and Garry and bands, nobody has Canadianised the discussion. What about The Tragically Hip? Too much Canadiana for Brits? Start with New Orleans is sinking.

Youtube it.


Awe Naw

Who said that ?

Last post before heading out to a doctor’s appointment.

Would NL work as the DOF with a coach under him?

After taking the job, as he did, under difficult circumstances, I have warmed to him(NL). This alone merits that he gets the job, but, I know that a couple of bad results will change opinions. For example, a loss to Sevco in the semis, would jeopardise his chances.

JK is too young and has too limited experience for the DOF role. His horizon is Celtic. He is, however, a loyal servant to the club. If he made the decision to move Forrest inside on Saturday, then there is more to him than I figured.

If the blog is going through a format change, I preferred the REPLY facility.


Awe Naw,

Who said what?

Are we experiencing Blog Jumble?

Got to go. Back later.



Howdy folks.
A Thing Of Beauty many happy returns on your special day.
As Bobby said was away over weekend, got hitch installed but wiring isn’t done yet.
Seen a songs debate and a flounce ffs!!
Take a day off and look what happens,,,
Anyway yeah the reply function is gone. After a day or two if it’s wished for again I will go back to the reply box. Just testing this method out,,and trying for 50 comments a page.
Hope you’re all well. Keith Flint RIP.
Never seen them but loving the music talk,,I learn a lot from you guys.
Hail Hail

bada bing1

Sorry for DM link,but content is very relevant


I am grateful for all that Brendan delivered during his time with us. There were heavy defeats in Europe, nevertheless we got there and reaped the financial benefits.

The rest of this season is now panning-out perfectly for us, thanks to wins at Kilmarnock, Hearts and Hibs. I look forward to a gala day out in May at Hampden to crown our triple-treble.

There will be much work to do within the squad during the summer – we will lose important players – and we will bring in others to replace them. That’s what happens in football the world over.

Neil will get the nod as permanent manager when he delivers the TT.

Celtic was always going to be a stepping-stone back to the EPL for BR, just like Sevco is for Gerrard. The timing of Brendan’s departure was not ideal, however we have recovered and the future is bright. HH

Mike in toronto

Hitched? Computer numpty that I am, I was going to congratulate Mahe on his nuptials?

bada bing1

Allan and Bayo score for Academy side

bada bing1

Oxo Flex scores….4-0

big packy

hi mahe congrats, and a thing of beauty happy birthday, well done the academy bhoys.hh.


A Thing of Beauty
Hope you have a fabulous birthday.xo

bada bing1

FORMER official Derek Crothers has accused the SFA of nepotism, bullying and cronyism.

Crothers decided to hang up his whistle after 13 years in the game at the end of last season.And he has blasted the governing body as he hit out at Andrew Dallas’ breakthrough to top-flight matches.

He told the Daily Mail: “Scottish refereeing is in crisis. The key issue is that guys are not getting to the top level on merit.

“The FIFA-level referees in Scotland have had a very bad season.

“The Lanarkshire Referees Association I am a member of used to feel like being part of a family. We were there to support each other. It’s not like that now.”Hugh Dallas is now second in command with the UEFA referees.

“If the SFA put their nominations to UEFA, it’s Hugh Dallas who is in a position to influence those positions.

“And it’s no coincidence that John Beaton, Frank Connor and Alan Mulvanny are all friends of Andrew Dallas. And all four are FIFA officials.

“In my opinion, they have not been appointed to that level through ability.

“If you position yourself with the right person you have a good chance of making it in Scottish refereeing.”


Technically it took BR one game to lose. We lost 1-0 in Malta in CL Qualifier.

Margaret McGill

No point in having a Director of Football when he is outranked by the Dictator of Football.
Cap doffed.

Sol Kitts

Happy birthday, have a great day.


Margaret McGill
Celtic plc surely deserve credit for being the first to create a Dicktator of Football position.

big packy

tell me to get lost if you want but, TET AND GOLD we are all tims, life is too short for arguments okay if you dont want to converse with one another just scroll past each others posts, come on you know it makes sense.hh.

A thing of beauty

Just popped into say thanks for the birthday wishes. I’ve not had a lot of time to read back properly but I did see some posts about thoughts on whether Lenny should get the job permanently and will post my thoughts when I have time to put them over properly. Once again thanks for the good wishes.


Me thinks with no reply button the comment box should be on the bottom. Ain’t good scrolling up to comment . Or bring reply back.
Big Packy , Hope alls well pal , Joans Scousers are faltering just when they need to find gear. Gonna be a very tight race.
More rain here on Fat Tuesday as its known.
Hail Hail

Mike in toronto

Some remarkable CL performances today

Spurs, who did not deserve a 3-0 win in the first leg, are being battered by Dortmund.

Ajax, who did not deserve to lose the first leg, look irresistible. But you can never count out Real in a cup competition

Had my wee flounce and decided that bigots are not worth getting upset over, what a twat for allowing masel to get waylaid.
ATOB Feliz Cumpleanos, I hope you have many, many more of them.
Ok, see this well run club that so many Celtic supporters go on about, you know the one that has a kick in the arse off £60 mill a year wage bill and struggles to do anything in europe, I just watched Ajax destroy Real Madrid tonight, they tore them apart, ripped them new arseholes each and every one of them, well then, that Ajax team, and we might as well throw in the Ajax second team and just for good measure add in the Ajax youth team, the whole shebang if you will, that costs Ajax £28 million a season, the same as Real Madrid pay Gareth Bale, but half of what we pay our “Stars” who would have destroyed us as well.
Something seriously needs done to change the shit we are paying for, £58 million to beat the huns, something far far wrong with the well run club as far I can see.
I also see the clamour for Lenny to get the job, that will suit Pedro down to the ground, cheap, will take any players he is given and do what he is told and like it, prepare for serious downsizing, the narrative is out there, the wage bill is unsustainable etc, we need to get rid etc, we can’t compete etc, all this pish and more will be coming your way soon, in saying that most of it is here already and the support are lapping it up, the Pedro spin machine will be in overdrive.
They are taking the support for mugs as ever and as usual the mugs are taking it up their jacksie, fools and their money eh, Pedro has them all sussed.
The fact your have times on the posts now is 100% better, before it was a pain but with the times it’s so, so much better, it’s actually better than the reply as you can address the poster with the time so no need for new posts all over the shop, if posters don’t use the reply tab that is 😉

big packy

TET, nice to see you back.hh.

Just to add afore I retire for the night.
I see that John James has said what I said last week about BR leaving and the club getting Lenny in just like that, a cynic would think that it was planned, knowing the club and how they go about things, for sure it was, I knew how Lenny leaving Hibs was just not right and said so at the time, the media never really did any digging, normally they are over these things, but the Pedro spin works when it needs to.
BR leaves and we have a replacement in the same day, aye right, coincidence I’m sure it is…..
See all you thick lurking huns, Pedro really does run scottish football and he totally controls the media, the reason we don’t like him is he doesn’t run us like he should, if he did, you knuckle dragging arseholes wouldn’t have a club to vent you bile every week, yous should all get on your knees and thank him from the bottom of your black hearts.

Glad to be back