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It has been an eventful few weeks for us as Celtic supporters,and the number of topics available for discussion on sites like these has certainly made life easier. While the articles don’t write themselves-however it might appear to you all!-we have certainly been spoiled for choice.

Be it our continuing good form domestically as we consolidate our lead at the top of the table with games rapidly running out,all the while keeping going in The Scottish Cup,or our continuing decline on the European stage despite a creditable performance in Valencia,or the shocking behaviour exhibited by some fans of various clubs,the sectarian singing of some in particular leading to a widely-reported outburst by Stevie Clarke followed by much hand-wringing,the puzzling refusal of the police to act on these matters,or even the departure of Brendan Rodgers from the manager’s office at Celtic Park to be replaced by Neil Lennon,no-one can say life has been dull.

So it’s just my luck to have to write an article on a slow news day,innit?!!!

Maybe not entirely a slow news day,of course. There is always something happening. Spurs,for instance,must have thought they would have little chance of progressing past the Round of 16 when they were drawn against runaway Bundesliga leaders Borussia Dortmund. Especially as they were likely to be without their two best players in Dele Alli and Harry Kane,and their league form had taken a hefty knock. Of course,they got Kane back earlier than expected-he was originally thought to be out till later this month-and he applied the coup de grace last night in the Westphalion Stadion to knock them out 4-0 on aggregate.

A surprising result? Maybe not so much,as Dortmund have been stuttering in the league lately. Only one win in the last five has allowed Bayern Munich to draw level with them,making up seven points in the last four games alone. A test of nerve to come in that neck of the woods. Meanwhile,Spurs continue in to the quarter-finals of The Champions League-despite having never won the title in my bloody lifetime!

Champions League,yer having a laugh!

Real Madrid,on the other hand,must have really fancied their chances,and who can blame them? Having held Ajax to a 2-2 draw in The Amsterdam Arena,they would have fancied themselves to finish the job at home. Winners four times in the last five years-though only champions in Spain twice in the last twelve years!-they might even have fancied their chances of doing it again. Well,they’re stuck on an unlucky 13 for a while yet,as they were steamrollered 4-1 in the Bernabeu. I wonder if anyone got the correct score up at the bookies? This is a team which has looked unbalanced for a while,and the internal squabbles and departure of Ronaldo may lead to a long decline. They have work to do,that €750m income last season may be something they don’t see again for quite some time.

Ajax,on the other hand,have an income similar to that of Celtic,and a strategy also of bringing through the youths or signing from smaller clubs to develop and sell on for a big profit. Strangely,their mouthpieces don’t tell the fans that they can’t compete in Europe or in the marketplace-no,they do what is needed on and off the pitch to make themselves competitive.

Two weeks ago,we lost in a lesser competition in Valencia. They come to the home of the perennial holders and hammer them! Someone is doing something right,and I don’t believe he is resident in Kerrydale Way.


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Good to see that THEEXILEDTIM has unflounced!


Apparently,the long-awaited report into the stadium crush over SIX months ago will be published today.


Two small points,

1-this is NOT a report on the particular game,it is a wide-ranging review. I await the internal report commissioned by Celtic with bated breath.

2-the article appears to have been edited from its original form. That stated that GCC were rigorous in their safety checks,but that one stadium had not been checked in NINETEEN years. Begs the question-who signed off the safety certificate every year?

big packy

more importantly where is jimthetim53, he has not been on for a while, jim let us know if your ok.hh.

Awe Naw

Yet this is why the SNP SPECIFICALLY AND VERY SURPRISINGLY included stadiums . They have given the SPFL ten years to bring Ibrox up to the correct safety standards but the hatred of Celtic winning has to be addressed first . I do not expect anything significant it´s only a warning shot across their bows.

Awe Naw

HSE must have signed off the safety certificate … or did they ? that´s the 6 million pound question

Awe Naw

Ajax signed Tadic from Southampton for a 7 figure sum.

Aye and there´s the rub

meanwhile Brendan Rodgers still has to live with the lie that we paid 9 million for Eduoard.

Why are Celtic fans so fucking stupid ?

Awa naw
I think the fact that teh GCC have refused any FOI inquiry re the safety cert is telling, had they nothing to hide they would have released it no problem.
Not a hope in hell we have paid £9m for Eddy, possibly that will include wages and goals related to caps, half of that would be nearer my estimation.

Awe Naw

TET Flounced !!!! ????? !!!

I´ll have some of that TET what was it Sierra Cantabria Teso La Monja Toro ? 🙂


Stadium licensing is a local authority issue. HSE will not be involved,except afterwards in an investigatory role.

However,SOMEONE must have signed off on the stadium involved-remember,we have no proof that it is Ibrox-and that should be investigated. I don’t think it likely that he did it only for love.


I’m pretty sure that when he signed his loan deal in 2017,the option to buy was for €5m. I recall around October that year demanding that we just pay the money now,and that was the sum I mentioned.

If I’d been wrong,you can bet the usual crew-who are quite happy to play the £9m card now!-would have been queuing up to tell me.

Btw,for a master negotiator like PL to pay twice the quoted price suggests that maybe he’s not as good as everyone would have us believe…

Awe Naw

If he is still playing for Celtic after his 20th cap then yeah we might be required to pay 9m if he is still on the books


I was really worried. Couldn’t sleep at night for the thought of him in a tutu…

Awe Naw


excited ?


Not exactly the mot juste I was looking for…

Awe Naw

Only kiddin bud !! 🙂


Peter the Great is doing one thing superbly.
He and his website poodles have convinced most of the Celtic support to dumb down their hopes and expectations of the football team.
Anyone not toeing the party line is set upon by a pack of his loyal devotees.
The financial excuses trotted out are selective as only those considered to bolster the companies stance are allowed.
Personal attacks and long winded deflective posts are used to undermine any doubters concern at the club’s lack of ambition or support of the footballing side.
Last night’s Ajax result was not what Pete and his followers wanted or expected and spin was in immediate effect.
I expect today we will see all of the above especially as it could have a clear impact on their Old Firm plan which seems to be the only blueprint for the future.


Oh,you’re preaching to the converted! Can you imagine the reaction I would have received on CQN had I posted last Wednesday’s article there?

I read most of the Celtic blogs about BR leaving,and I was genuinely puzzled that,although I didn’t miss BR in my article,it seems to have been the only one which went after PL’s role in it all. And I know many of the bloggers in question would normally have gone for his jugular.

I think there has been a charm offensive beforehand,the arch-schmoozer doing what he does best. Which is very disconcerting,like he has his own laptop loyal.

(You can have that last bit for free,for use elsewhere as you see fit!)

bada bing1

So the same Klub,who were blamed in court for the deaths of 66 people in 1971,are operating a stadium, without the legal compliance? They know that if anything happens, theycan blame Glasgow City Council, who are not doing their job,and being bullied by Der Hun.A Klub that has been run by conmen and shisters for decades, Arthur Daley FC


We still don’t know that the stadium in question IS Ibrox,though if no questions are asked,we will have the answer(!)

Two big questions arise though-WHY were no inspections undertaken/allowed,and WHO signed off on their safety certificate?


The often used term gullibillies and it’s ironic connotations draws many a wry smile.
And seeing so many who attacked me for my criticism of our tactics and system over the last two season’s use exactly those after BR’s departure is so wickedly satisfying.


If the unnamed stadium is the crumbledome that would be a damning incitement on Scottish society.


Ah,but he was The Messiah then,he’s just a naughty boy now.

If we are talking about the GCC it has to be the bigot dome, I see that Dundee is mentioned, who would be under Tayside, where is this info re the safety cert coming from ?


Roy Croppie, Calton Tongues and I met BR in Belfast in June when I was over wi you. He is a great self salesman. Won us all over. Duped. I don’t fancy Neil beyond this season. I totally support and respect him though.


The padded bra often left me deflated.


Garry , who do you want?


If you check out the UEFA record of Ajax there was a yo yo effect for a number of years as a consequence of their develop and sell policy. It is easy to see why.

Chances are their best players will find themselves playing in white at the Burner Bowl ( (c) The American Soccer Guy who is a hoot) next season.

However I did see a Tweet which sounded sound that reported that Ajax had tweaked their policy by signing some experienced seasoned players that has helped them be more competitive in Europe

Now that approach is worth looking into . They clearly could not have cost the earth without skewing the wage bill and, whilst there is a price to pay to attract an experienced player at European level to Scotland, perhaps the benefits of such need to be explained to those still in the inexperienced category.

It doesn’t mean breaking the wage structure, it means convincing the guys climbing up the wage structure that they will benefit both as players and financially over the higher paid player contract from having played in the higher quality bracket (having demonstrated it in their careers) from accepting the argument for exceptions has merit.

The extra cost can be found from reduction in squad numbers although had we not had such a large squad the injuries this season might have cost us more points.

There is perhaps a new balance (no pun intended) to be struck.


You know guys I do wonder if seeing everything through a pair of “PL is to blame ” spectacles is helpful when discussing points.

If you start from that proposition anything that follows will be in support of it, knowingly or unknowingly.

That is not to say PL is above criticism, far from it, but he is not the cause of all the issues under debate and suggesting he is detracts from some of the points put forward.

This very post might see me placed in the poodle category but I think it worth making in blog terms to look at the issues rather than those trying to cope with them.

As I said before if PL left and the policies stayed the same all you will get is PL2.

Fanatic this is not a response to you per se but to the blog as a whole.


Was it not big Pete who once said This Worm Isnae Fir Turning.
There has to be a recognition of failure before change is mooted.
Having a fawning crowd tends not to lead to introspection.

As an aside i think our board were aware of BR’s dismal European results were affecting our standing on the international front.
Would they be hoping Lenny could replicate our Barcelona glory?
Based on their past performances this is the likely outcome.
Which is to singular to be a progressive step.

Awe Naw

They know that Lenny is a horses for courses man whereas Brendan stood by his philosophy. It exposed our weakness in the transfer market and their greed and much worse than that it meant that DD was even less likely to turn up at home to watch us. Was Oct 2017 the last time DD was in Celtic Park ?

Don´t forget that Brendan never lost to Man City with his first CL campaign. 3 draws against Man City, Barcelona and Gladbach second time round he got 3rd pot against Bayern and PSG then we drew Zenit and this is the stick that they are using to beat him with.

A lot of imbeciles follow Celtic luckily for them

I think the problem we as a club have is that the board, Pedro in particular run it as a business first and foremost, the footballing side of things comes a distant second, nobody who is one of Pedro’s groupies has managed to convince me otherwise, so with the utmost respect, etc….;-)

Margaret McGill

I definitely have a bias against corruption.

Awe Naw
Awe Naw

Brendan Rodgers’ wife and step-daughter were forced to barricade themselves in a bathroom after coming face-to-face with thieves as they ransacked their Glasgow home, Sky Sports News has learnt.

With Rodgers in the midlands, wife Charlotte and her six-year-old daughter, Lola, were asleep when the intruders broke into their home in the Bearsden suburb of the city.

Shortly after 1am, the pair were woken by voices on the ground floor as two men ransacked their property.

The two intruders burst into the main bedroom, shining torches on the mother and daughter who were huddled together on the bed.
Rodgers left Celtic last week to join Leicester and was not at his family home in Scotland
Rodgers left Celtic last week to join Leicester and was not at his family home in Scotland

Amid screaming and shouting, mother and daughter took refuge in a bathroom while the intruders fled the property with a number of boxes believed to contain Rodgers’ belongings from his office at Celtic’s Lennoxtown training centre.

The stolen boxes are thought to contain a host of Rodgers’ personal belongings, including most of the medals and trophies won during his two-and-a-half years at Celtic Park.

It is believed Charlotte and Lola were badly shaken, but otherwise unharmed during the break-in.

Police Scotland confirmed to Sky Sports News this afternoon that an investigation has been launched and inquiries are underway.

Rodgers led Celtic to seven consecutive trophies and collected Scottish Premiership, Scottish Cup and Scottish League Cup winners medals in 2017 and 2018.

Margaret McGill

IMHO you should send this as an email to Lawwell. I’m sure he’ll listen.


AweNaw,,where the balaclavas green per chance .
That’s not nice , I remember one night sitting on the sofa and the front door got kicked in ,, front of house in darkness. Burglar thought empty probably. The bitch found one hell of a turn of speed to get away.
Genuine question to those in bonnie Scotland,,can a high profile person get a personal weapon from the law?
A panic button would have helped the family in that case,, surprised they didn’t have one.
Hail Hail


First leg was 2-1 Real and is it not Kerrydale Street?

Margaret McGill

Knock Knock
Who’s there
(whole family stampede and barricade themselves in bathroom)
Pete who?
Pete-za delivery

ok corny and in bad taste I know. Couldny help it.


Mattybhoy,,aye was just testing you 😉
Don’t believe I’ve welcomed you, good to have you on Sir !
Look forward to your take on things.
Hail Hail


Mags ive always thought big Peter Kay ( not sure whether I love him or hate him but which comedian is funny these days ) had the best KK gag.
Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Biggish who (big issue)
No thanks mate not today

big packy

I will wait to see the evidence, before I believe it was celltic fans that broke into brendans house. .hh. and has anyone heard from jimthetim53.

A thing of beauty

BMCWUP thinks that Neil Lennon and Celtic fits like a glove. I think he’s right in some respects and at this particular time he is probably the best man for the job but is he the man to take the club forward? I’m not so sure. He has grown as a coach since he first came to Celtic and achieved some fantastic results, domestic cups aside. The Bolton experience is difficult to judge as he was behind the 8 ball from the start but he certainly did well at hibs, achieving some noteable results beating both Celtic and the deid club. He played an attractive brand of football and squeezed every ounce out most of his players, Kamberi excepted. He has came back to Celtic, a true Celtic man to help the club in our hour of need but and there’s always a but is he the man to take us forward? As I said, I’m not so sure. I was struck by something he said when he gave his first press conference. He had been to Lennoxtown and said Brendan Rodgers had left behind information he had never seen before and he was going to need to talk with John Kennedy. Now I assume that to be something to do with Rodgers training methods and sports science stuff away from the dugout. To my mind that is the crucial difference between the modern day coach and the ex pro manager. If we use Rodgers and Neil as an example, Rodgers has been learning different coaching methods for nearly 25 years alongside some of the worlds best coaches and managers. He is a student of the game and has kept up to date with different methods and ideas from seminars and exchange programs. Whilst this was happening Neil Lennon was busy building a very successful football career and yes he played under a top manager in martin O’Neill but as we have seen in recent years, martin oneill’s Football tactics are a thing of the past. He was never one for the training field anyway so certainly coaching was not his forte. What I am trying to say is that there are massive gaps in neil’s Knowledge of what makes a top modern day coach and I think he is going to have to take some time out of front line management if he truly wants to be the best manager he can. He probably has enough in his locker to get us the fabled 10 but I think if we see ourselves as a progressive club we have to go for a modern coach. Who that is I’m not so sure but that’s what the board get the big bucks for. Your call Peter.


Big Packy,,,no? Jim say hello pal


ATOB ,, a very astute comment . Many thanks .
Looking from the bigger picture angle is easy for me and you , but that information vacuum the PLc prefer ( I must surmise or they would change it ) comes into effect when looking ahead and we have no idea it mine and yours vision will match those who hold the strings.
In a normal club these answers , the ones we seek such as long term plans etc . would be given or coaxed , or ultimately forced from those in charge . Silence isnt enough for many supporters but its fine for the majority of those who follow our club of choice.
It sucks but who knows perhaps that will change in the future , a strong blog can influence events for instance , as could a unified concerted social media effort with good intentions I think .

In that silence all we can do is speculate . I have previously speculated that the ten or its ending would bring about natural large scale upheaval what with targets being hit , allied with what will surely be a record turnover and share price year , and throw in the fact they are retirement age and viola I have came up with the fanciful notion of those two selling up and sailing into the wind.
Unfortunately things such as a very recent stakeholding in Shamrock and subsequent tie up moves afoot lead to to believe Im dreaming .

If it was a case of these next two leagues and sail away however , or at least begin proceedings to depart the scene , then Lenny would be the ideal man as
He will surely deliver
We can all get behind him
A great big eff you to Scottish football before bowing out

In order to take that hotseat from Lenny any new fella has to be an absolute stick on for the league ( just as Neil is ) but must have better pedigree than Neil in Europe or else whats the point ?
And he will want a style of play and new players who may or may not bed in ,, and he just might not get the refs , the hammerthrowing , the media , the pressure , the religion , the politics etc
And thats where it tends to fall down ,, too big a risk .
They dont really do risks . These unique circumstances need someone who understands them .
Logic says Neil gets the job. Get 10 fullstop and anything you do in Europe is a bonus I would expect his brief to be .
A foreigner would be thrilling ( I think ) , but also possibly a nod that the Plc dont want the land to implode as I predict it would if Neil is leading us to glory and der Hun wobbles. Cant see them doing it.
THey chase money , more money in ten. The merch they will shift will make the drool .
Hail Hail

A thing of beauty

Hi mahe, You make some fair points about the money that 10 in a row will bring in and whether our board will be able to see past that. I have my doubts. What I hope is happening is that we are getting a feasible short list drawn up and sounding out possible candidates. If Neil wins the treble it’s hard to not give him the job but I think that is short termism. I’ll look forward to hopefully reading other peoples thoughts on the matter and having some healthy debate about the direction the club takes.


ATOB,, I think the biggest selling shirt that year has the number 10 and ” in a row ” above.
Mega money spinner right there.
Hail Hail

A thing of beauty

I’ll try not to post this twice!! That was a great article and pulled no punches. I was interested about in the bit about fans who go to games not enjoying the premier league. When I lived in London 20 years ago my friend was a Fulham supporter. She loved the club and went home and away from being a wee girl with her dad. At the time they reached the promise land of the premier league and after two seasons she stopped going. I couldn’t understand it till she explained. The camaraderie that she had so enjoyed as her club struggled in the lower divisions was gone to be replaced by big time Charlie’s on the park and in the stands. She hated it. She no longer goes to football but when her dad died around 10 years ago his program collection was donated to craven cottage. He had every program from circa 1954. He used to buy two from each game, one to keep and one to read and in the unusual circumstances where he wasn’t at the game a friend was given an envelope and money for the two programmes. His ashes were scattered on the park. Shame he no longer has anyone following his footsteps due to the greed of the worlds most over hyped league. Brendan Rodgers has traded immortality for mediocrity but he won’t see it that way. I honestly believe he thinks he’s never made a mistake in his life.