Time for the afterburners.


A timely contribution yesterday by FOOL TIME WHISTLE,given the events at Easter Road last night. His article led to a spirited debate on the vexed matter of Strict Liability,but as always on here,I’m delighted to say that it was all carried out in a polite and civilised way.

Leanne Dempster apologised to Sevco and to Tavernier over the incident where a Hibs fan-who might as well start supporting another team as he will never be inside Easter Road again-physically attacked the Rangers captain. No harm was done to the player,although I’ll bet he was a tad shook up by it all,but that’s hardly the point. The next one could have a knife.

Of course,I don’t remember her making a similar apology last week when a bottle thrown from the same section narrowly missed Scott Sinclair. Instead,her club released a masterpiece of whataboutery by claiming that a bottle had also been thrown from the Celtic end,despite NO-ONE seeing it and no supporting evidence of any kind. Nor do I recall Sevco apologising when Broonie was wrestled by one of their fans in a recent game at Ibrox,but nevertheless…


Again I’ll say it,the police HAVE to do their jobs. They have stood idly by all season in the face of various and manifold cases of criminality,and again I’ll ask why? Again I’ll say that there has clearly been a directive from on high to this end,to let the fans hang themselves. Who knows the draconian measures being considered to combat this,but I doubt it will be pretty.

This opinion,btw,seems to be shared by HAMILTON TIM over on CQN,who reported that various meetings have recently been held with Celtic on similar subjects. The fans are making a rod for their own backs,and I fear we will all suffer.


Back to the football,and a draw at Easter Road last night provided more signs of a Sevco recovery under Gerrard.

Hibs usually beat them at home!

Another pointer to this is their points tally after 29 games. They already have 59 points,which is a vast improvement on last season’s miserly 58 at the same stage of the season. Clearly the money spent on the new management team,and in backing him with new recruits,is paying off big time. Of course,they have a difficult schedule in the last four games before the split,so these figures,for which all concerned should be congratulated,might be slightly skewed. Maybe best wait for the split before making comparisons. They have to face us and Motherwell away from home,with Kilmarnock and Hearts visiting Ibrox.

That’s a pretty difficult last four games-and last night was never going to be easy either. I could almost feel sorry for them,but for the fact that it means that four out of their last five league games have been against the cannon fodder at the lower end of the league. No wonder their goal difference improved!

Our last four games before the split are away to Dundee and St Mirren-who held us to a scoreless draw last time!-and home to the huns and Livingston. But before that,we start with a difficult home match against Aberdeen. This will be the first time Neil Lennon has taken charge of a home match as Celtic manager since we beat Dundee Utd 3-1 on Sunday 11 May and picked up our third title trophy in a row. I remember where I watched it too,and why and who with,but ATHINGOFBEAUTY will kill me if I glory about it on here. Suffice to say a Hootenanny wasninvolved,it was an enjoyable occasion,and I’m hoping for more of the same today. Hopefully I’ll find a link to it somehow and watch it on the oul’ iPad…

We don’t seem to be any nearer getting our medium-term injured back,so again we will have a midfield without McGregor,Christie and Rogic. At the back,Benkovic will still be absent as will Ralston,but Tierney can hopefully continue to play himself back to fitness and form. Up front will probably be as you were,except that I saw a photo of Oliver Burke wearing compression boots,which is a bit of a worry. If he’s fit,I’d probably play him,but where does that leave Eddie? And Vakoun Bayo must be champing at the bit for a place in the squad at least?

I’d give Bayo a sub spot on Sunday-edit,grateful thanks to ATHINGOFBEAUTY-against Dundee,with maybe 25 minutes to give us a show. Ollie today for me,run them ragged,with Eddie coming on for those last 25 to inflict more pain. With the same backline as last week,and Brown,Bitton,Henderson in midfield,there you go,Neil. Done your job for you,son-put your feet up and enjoy the match!

Aberdeen are always difficult opponents these days,no easy matches against them. I don’t expect today to be any different. They will throw everything they have at us,and that includes a lot of skill as well as a lot of aggression. They have a number of players who have little or no compunction regarding going beyond the boundaries of the laws of the game,and the referee will be aware of this. Whether he has the desire or the wherewithal to do anything about it remains to be seen. Past experience has not been promising,however. We could probably all name at least four Dons who will have been deserving of a red card by the end of the match-and that’s before it even starts! But likely as not,they will get away with it.

You have to ask yourself why,as their recent league form of only one win in four games has seen them fall well off the pace for second place. They are now nine points behind Rangers,and even with those four difficult matches to come for the huns,I cannot see them catching up. Their best-and only chance!-of glory lies in The Scottish Cup. They play Sevco in a replay at Ibrox on Tuesday night. It would NOT be good management of resources,in fact it would be downright stupidity,were McInnes to brief his team for today’s match without bearing that in mind.

Anywhere else,the manager would be reminding the players that the rest of their season revolves around Tuesday night,that all games are important but some are more important than others. Also,that same manager had his reputation trashed by Tuesday’s opponents after a job interview last season went sour,with their version of events taking pride of place in the SMSM which effectively labelled said manager as not being up to the job. If Aberdeen go toe-to-toe today with Celtic and leave themselves short on Tuesday I will not be the least bit surprised-but I will be disappointed in their lack of nous and of ambition.

But as we’ve all seen recently,there is little in Scottish football to surprise us anymore,and a helluva lot that disappoints us.


Above article by BMCUWP. FOOL TIME WHISTLE contributed a wonderful article yesterday. You can be centre of attention and debate too! Just send your article to Mahe on


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March 9, 2019 4:58 am

Good news for those of you concerned about JIMTHETIM53-he fried his laptop but is expecting a new one shortly.

Not sure if fava beans and a nice chianti were involved…

March 9, 2019 5:48 am

Good stuff , Bobby.

Fan Behaviour.
I remember cooryindoon in the middle of the Celtic end at the 7-1 game as the bottles went skiting overhead and my big brother R.I.P. leaning over me to protect me .
Billy Simpson had just scored at the Celtic end.
We were 3-1 up at the time. QUE ?
The following game , the ne
erday game , we lost 1-0 to a Jimmy Millar goal . Exiting the Celtic end to be greeted by a hail of bottles raining down on us from the railway line on our right .
Now that was proper violence. None of your wimpy wee coins and an occasional token half jack and handbags at multiple paces.

There will always be violence involved when Jocks are involved.
Its as Scottish as mince and tatties.

Viz. USA and cherry pie.
And Stokely Carmichael ?

IMHO Things have improved in the violence stakes.
Well , at least from an antipodean perspective .
Hail Hail , Bobby and soixante neuf ramorra.

big packy
March 9, 2019 8:15 am

HI bobby good news about jim,, so on last nights events, we don’t want to go back to bad old days of bottle throwing yes I remember them well. sometimes the bassas didn’t empty them first, be a hard game today but think we will win.hh,

March 9, 2019 9:27 am

Can I please draw the attention of your match-going readers to this:-

Glasgow City Council have finally granted approval for a memorial to AN GORTA MOR to be sited in the city. A fundraising bucket collection will be held today at Celtic Park.

Please give generously.

Reply to  Macjay1
March 9, 2019 9:33 am


Always a pleasure to hear from you,old bean. I presume that your soixante-neuf comment relates to a birthday rather than a wish for me to get lucky tonight?!!!

I agree that the levels of violence were appalling in days of yore,fortunately I usually attended The Celtic End in my early days and was so far down the front of it,they couldn’t possibly have hit me! Even Fatima couldnae have thrown a big Whitbread that distance!!!

Had a wee mail discourse with KITALBA this week. A pleasure to hear from him,too. As always,we spoke well of you-someone has to!

Reply to  big packy
March 9, 2019 9:35 am


Rather worryingly,I think you’ll find that even though the cans and bottles were full,they had indeed been emptied first…

Aye,mighty good to hear from Jim. At the moment,he’s pressing all the buttons and shouting at it to get it to work.

A thing of beauty
March 9, 2019 10:53 am

Tough game today and I will be interested to see how Lenny sets the team up. Will he go with lustig or toljan. I like toljan but he got a hard time against the Motherwell winger a few weeks back. He was then subbed against hearts and it may be he’s just had too much football in a short space of time after not playing much previously. Midfield is important. I like Henderson, he has an eye for a a pass and great touch. We should start with him. I’m finding it hard not seeing Eddie in the starting line up. We paid a lot of money for him and he is our player but his lackadaisical approach seems to be holding him back. The way Burke harasses players and terrifies them with sheer speed means he is getting the nod and Eddie needs to address this. Weah hasn’t featured much since Lenny took the reins, not sure what is going on there but I like him as an impact sub. Does anyone know what has happened to ntcham. I would hate to think he has put the tools away but for flips sake I’m beginning to think I’ve more chance of seeing shergar in our midfield.
I was busy yesterday so couldn’t post but appreciated the time put in by fool time whistle to get his thoughts across on strict liability. I just can’t agree with it. The police need to do their job, arrest people for arrestable offences – I know they can’t get everyone but get a few every time and we’ll soon see a difference. I do believe it is symptomatic of society today and drugs are playing a huge part. There is no reasoning with people who are coked out their nut. I’m not sure of the answer to that but it’s surely not my club being deducted three points because one of them completely loses the plot.

Reply to  A thing of beauty
March 9, 2019 11:21 am

The cynic in me thinks the police have been doing there job.
They now have the groundswell for more targeted legislation.

Reply to  fan-a-tic
March 9, 2019 11:34 am


That is what I’ve been labouring to suggest,and what seems to be backed up by HAMILTON TIM last night. And he is more in touch with these things than either of us.

Reply to  A thing of beauty
March 9, 2019 1:21 pm


I agree that arrests should be made. Not being able to get everyone is a red herring. When we go fishing, we do not expect to catch every fish!


March 9, 2019 1:43 pm

Good Morning from a frigid Cali.
Bobby great point about resting players today,,he really should go for that Cup , but we have heard that’s it’s not on telly on Tuesday so expect the Mib to ensure der Hun go through.
Stevie simply must win a trophy it seems.
I wanna see Bayo hopefully.
2 zip to the good guys.

Hi there Big Packy,,hope all good Sir.
JimtheTim53,,he missed you get back on here and keep yer pal company 😉
Hail Hail

Reply to  A thing of beauty
March 9, 2019 2:31 pm

ATOB ,,, dont think we shall see Ncham in the Hoops again tbh and Im not sad at that as the fella never had me convinced . Might sound like poor grapes as hes dropped and hindsight and all but I couldnt actually tell what type of player he was . Admittedly I dont see many games but I dont know if he was box to box , all action , great user of the ball ,, I have no idea. My own fault I suppose but I have known players who are out there and you just wouldnt realise it until told.
And for the record I dont rate Rogic.either.

Once again my youth might be showing here but in my mind alcohol is way worse than coke for making a ” hard man ” .
Enjoy the game .
Hail Hail

Reply to  mahe
March 9, 2019 3:45 pm

That’s me got my new computer, but I’m struggling with it, I’m hopeless with technology. It will take me a while to get the hang of it.

Listening to the game on Radio. Ajer seemed to come close.

Hail hail.

Reply to  jimthetim53
March 9, 2019 3:47 pm

JimtheTim, ,
Delighted your back. Stay off them dodgy sites this time. 🙂
Hail Hail

Reply to  mahe
March 9, 2019 3:52 pm

Mahe I tried to get a stream for the game there but no luck. The next thing some porn came up! I swear to God it wasn’t me. Then these messages come up saying I’ve got 3 viruses! I’ll need to get in touch with MacAfee for them to transfer my cover to my new laptop.

Reply to  jimthetim53
March 9, 2019 5:18 pm

JimtheTim Yes you do Sir. I think a computer without virus protection lasts approx 9 minutes once connected.
The free ones work for me btw.
Hail Hail

March 9, 2019 5:22 pm

Spoiler Alert, Mahe. Look away now.

Discussion of the game!

That was a very poor performance by both the team and the manager. First half, Burke was too isolated up front to be effective. There was a lack of urgency in getting the ball forward. It was rope a dope from Aberdeen for the first half. Forrest had an off day and should have been subbed. Johnston did more when he was on than Forrest did all game. Moving Burke out to the wing did not work in the second half.
Edouard tried for the first part of the second half and then gave up. The most creative player of the first half, Henderson was subbed. Why? The Brown/Bitton midfield is not creative enough so few chances are created, but I know our best midfielders are out injured. But one of BItton or Brown needs to go. Toljan is poor defensively and I hope we try for better next season. Tierney is a shadow of his former self.I hope he is just playing his way back. Ajer and Boyata were very good.

A very exciting game in the second half and one that we should be able to win but both the team and the manager were out of ideas.

B-grade…effort was commendable but need to be more creative.


Reply to  rebus67
March 9, 2019 5:38 pm

Your grading was generous.

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  fan-a-tic
March 9, 2019 6:06 pm

That was brutal.
Totally devoid of any kinda ideas, Broonie and Bitton just doesn’t work, never has never will, we can all see it, it cost Ronny his job and Lenny is making the same mistake, why he subbed Henderson is a mystery, he was our best midfielder imo, for sure we are missing a first choice midfield but the players at hand have done ok the past couple of weeks, had a horrible flashback to when Lenny was here before, no inspiration, nothing.
He will be our manager next season, I will wager anything on it, he is cheap and pliable, a dream for Pedro.
How the ef can the players be tired, a week to prepare and we seem to be going backwards, still eight points with nine to go, with performances like today the league is not over.
Brother thompson was his usual masterful self, breaking up any rhythm we managed to muster, let the sheep away with a few agricultural challenges, a cheat in other words, but if I had to choose a ref for our games he would be my choice, not as big a cheat as the rest imo.

big packy
Reply to  mahe
March 9, 2019 6:22 pm

JIMTHETIM53, glad to see you back, I watched it on a dodgy stream you didn’t miss much, as tet said brown and bitton doesn’t work, but lenny’s only had 3 games so lets wait and see.hh.

Reply to  The Exiled Tim
March 9, 2019 6:45 pm

I was hoping Lenny had learned a lot in these last few years.
On the evidence of all 3 games i don’t see it .
I always felt in his first tenure we were coached to stay organized and often got results due to the fact our better players would produce good individual moments.
The Hearts and Hibs game reflected this.
Today no one was able to produce such a moment.
My feelings on the Brown /Bitton partnership are well known and honestly i feel like a broken record talking about it.
The half time subbing of Henderson was baffling .
Though perhaps Kennedy chose first half and Lennon the second?

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  fan-a-tic
March 9, 2019 7:05 pm

Something is just no right, I understand we are missing a fair few, but…..
I thot that Lenny said he wasn’t going to change mush but he wanted to get the ball forward quicker, can’t see it masel, still dithering about, very few forward penetrating passes on show.
Your last sentence, I shudder to think but you could just be right 😉

Fool Time Whistle
March 9, 2019 7:21 pm


No surprise at all I know, but I disagree with some of your thoughts.

If the clubs admit people who they cannot/will not control AND who adversely impact the safety of ANYONE inside the ground then the clubs are fully responsible & liable – NOT the Police. That’s not an opinion – it’s the law.
No amount of clamour for the Police to get stuck in will change that fact, but that clamour begs many questions that reflect the internal politics involved – by all the “players”.

The clubs themselves know that they face a dilemma with this situation, but one of their own making.
They know that they are responsible for safety & security inside their stadium & don’t really want the Police to take any prominence inside their stadium for any reason: they want to demonstrate that they can manage things in their own house.
They know that if they ask the Police to sort out things inside their stadium they are effectively saying they cannot cope & have failed in their statutory duty.
This plays into the hands of the Police who actually think that clubs either can’t cope or, for their own reasons won’t cope.
The Police by law, have to give primacy for security & safety inside the stadia – to the clubs.

In almost every case there are relatively few police inside stadia for all of the reasons above.

The Stadium Manager is in charge in the Control Room – not the Police, although the opinion of the senior Police officer there will carry significant weight when operational decisions are made.

All of this means that the clubs want it both ways – they want to retain primacy for security inside their stadia but they want the Police to bail them out upon request, but carry no specific responsibility for that failure.
That is why they obfuscate by saying it’s a “societal issue” & not a football one – if it’s not football’s fault it means the clubs must be blameless.
They dont want “SL” because they want the best of both worlds – full legal control of their stadium but no real responsibility if things go wrong, despite the Safety at Sports Grounds law making them entirely responsible.

The Safety Teams around the country are run by local authorities under the same legislation that gives clubs stadium responsibility & those Safety Teams have to answer questions about their inadequate supervision of these grounds. The nonsense at Easter Road in the past week is a complete embarrassment to the Edinburgh City Safety Team.

From all of this it’s very evident that there’s a lot of deflection at play and so many overt & covert agenda from all the players in this pathetic saga. The one group who have no say are you & I & all the other fans.

The Police are doing their job – sort of. They’ll say that their heavy intervention inside the grounds has to be either a Safety Team agreed move OR an emergency such as the 2016 Cup final on field melee.
The council’s are doing their job – sort of. They’ll say that they issue licences but act on the advice of delegates (Police, Fire, Ambulance etc) to the Safety Team.
The clubs..well we know what they are saying…

Net effect is they all have an interest in blaming the X factor/Act of God – that means none of them are at fault.

For years we had complaints about heavy Policing around Celtic Park, kettling nonsense well away from the ground, about interventions within teh stadium as Police arrested folk in the Green Brigade section or Police stopping supporters buses on the way to away games to search for alcohol.

Now when “SL” is being discussed as a possible option – fans want the police to get wired in & lift the culprits.
Sometimes the same fans will say that Celtic fans are only guilty of mild infractions & that the Police target Celtic fans purposely.

Fans don’t want “SL” if it means they can’t attend away matches, or if it means that “liberties” will be infringed or they would be required to completely & personally accountable for their behaviour – much as the scheme that operates at Windsor Park, Belfast for international matches requires. Generally, fans don’t want it because clubs don’t want it.

Everyone is punting this ball over the fence and into someone else’s garden – and no one, so far, wants to have an open discussion about it. Every outburst is based upon the speakers own prejudiced view of the likely or possible outcome & none are based on trying understand why & how the problem occurs.

For me, Fraser Wishart’s comments this morning indicate what will happen if football doesn’t sort it’s own house out. By deflecting blame & rejecting any interpretation that might put the onus on them to do something, they are making it more certain by the day that the buffoons in the Scottish parliament will call a conference & hobble together some law that never resolves the issue/makes it worse. This law will be resented & hated accordingly & after some anguishing will be repealed.

The scenario is all too familiar & is destined to be repeated as long as clubs refuse to accept responsibility as easily as they insist on having control.

Disappointing to drop points today but the gap is still 8 with onbe less game to make up the difference.


The Exiled Tim
Reply to  Fool Time Whistle
March 9, 2019 7:26 pm

From the last thread.
That was his name, as soon as you said it I remembered, I met him a few times via my bil, not surprised to hear he hasn’t aged well, he sure did like the smarties.

Reply to  Fool Time Whistle
March 9, 2019 7:30 pm

FTW ,,, if you’re referring to today’s article alas it was my partner in crime BMCUWP who is responsible, and I’m sure will come on and take you up on your stance.
Or was it from yesterday?
Hail Hail

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  mahe
March 9, 2019 7:46 pm

Thankfully most of the problems are happening outwith the confines of Celtic park, very, very little problems occur at our home ground, no damaging seats, no throwing objects from the Celtic support, so why the clamour for SL, why the desire to do damage to us when there is no need, I honestly can’t get my head around that.

A thing of beauty
March 9, 2019 7:56 pm

That was a poor performance today. I couldn’t give anyone pass marks aside from Henderson who was subbed at half time, I assume due to injury. Brown and bitton together is definitely an issue but we can only play with what we have. Bitton as discussed previously is all right foot. 3 times in the first half inside 3 moves he had the chance to shuttle the ball left. Couldn’t do it. Total lack of spacial awareness as he shunted the ball back to where it came from. This guy has to stop this. We don’t need a continuity man when brown plays so he bitton has to take more responsibility and hit more passes. In his defence it’s difficult to hit passes when your centre forward is not making intelligent runs. Only once can I remember Ollie pulling wide in the first half and he nearly got in the rest of the time he just kept coming short in a straight line. This is the problem trying to school a player when we’re trying to win a league. And he’s not even our player. Eddie came on, did well for 20 then it was back to lackadaisical Eddie or greedy Eddie as he tried to bundle his way through rather than pass. I see some plaudits for Mikey Johnston. For me he did very little and playing against physical players when it’s two banks of five is no use. He was getting bounced about like a pinball. We should have thrown sevco an anchor today instead we threw them a life line. I’m disappointed. Complete wasTe of 45 minutes when we couldn’t get out of second gear. Big improvements needed for next week.

Reply to  A thing of beauty
March 9, 2019 8:16 pm

A thing of beauty
I struggled to see what game coaches were watching.
Won’t be popular for saying this but we have been pretty shot shy in all 3 of Lennie’s games.
Got the required good goals in the Hibs and Hearts game’s courtesy of good moments from our better players.
The only player in the first who mad a creative run was Henderson so his subbing was baffling.
Our half time subs only improved Aberdeen from a tactical standpoint.

Reply to  The Exiled Tim
March 9, 2019 8:17 pm

TeT,,I think there’s a general awareness that the game is getting worse hence something should be done,, and that’s correct.

We all know we arent the worst by a long stretch , but it’s not aimed solely at us.
They should tackle other parts of the problem alongside this one.
Perhaps they are scared of what will go down over the next two years heading towards ten. Just woke up to what it’s gonna be like.
I just think there’s a clamour to get the lid on football in general and it’s ills , not us as you hint.
Hail Hail

big packy
Reply to  fan-a-tic
March 9, 2019 8:23 pm

ATOB/FAN-A-TIC my thughts as well, if id posted this on cqn id be called a hun, god bless mick and stevie for this site.hh.

Fool Time Whistle
Reply to  rebus67
March 9, 2019 8:26 pm

Maybe having the week to recover also meant we lost that winning mojo?

Wondered if Ewan Henderson had taken a knock, because he is also the corner kick taker…

Post match comments from the BBC

Celtic manager Neil Lennon admits his team looked tired in the goalless stalemate with Aberdeen.

“It’s frustrating in terms of our play in the final third. We looked leggy, little bit fatigued. and I understand that,” he said on Sportsound.
“Psychologically they’re a little bit fatigued too after everything that’s happened. After the last week there was always going to be a lull and hopefully that’s over now.
“Give credit to Aberdeen, they defended very well, but we didn’t test Joe Lewis anywhere near enough and were far too pedestrian with the ball.”

Reply to  big packy
March 9, 2019 8:30 pm

big packy
I’ve been called many things over there.
Though since the BR saga their anger towards me has tapered off.
The cordial nature of this site is refreshing.

big packy
Reply to  fan-a-tic
March 9, 2019 9:02 pm

FAN-A=TIC god bless pal ive lurked on there, sorry about that, ? and read your posts. just wish I could write as well as you,cap doffed.hh.

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  mahe
March 9, 2019 9:14 pm

True, but I will guarantee you that we will be hardest hit if SL is introduced.

Reply to  big packy
March 9, 2019 9:23 pm

Big Packy
I’m thick skinned so doesn’t bother me.They have some fine posters.
Living a long way from Scotland i find the patter on here and there funny.
Stay true to yourself.

Reply to  A thing of beauty
March 9, 2019 9:39 pm

Poor stuff by Johnston late on. We had two great chances to win the game but instead of trying to find a man he was greedy and tried to score from an impossible angle. Hh

Reply to  Gordon64
March 9, 2019 9:43 pm

He is a young kid just learning so thats a little harsh.
Others have no such excuse for their performance today

March 9, 2019 9:47 pm

Fair play to the Dons who got what they came for but we were devoid of any inspiration today. The sooner Callum is back the better. Hh

Margaret McGill
Reply to  Fool Time Whistle
March 9, 2019 10:05 pm

FTW 10/10
As for the huns its the hope that kills them ….or their stadium

Reply to  Gordon64
March 9, 2019 10:09 pm

Callum wasn’t the only absentee today
There were a few wearing the jersey and some in the dugout .

March 9, 2019 10:10 pm

Had the pleasure of meeting Hamilton Tim today at CP and contributing to his very worthy cause. That is what it means to be Celtic. Hh

March 9, 2019 10:18 pm
Margaret McGill
Reply to  The Exiled Tim
March 9, 2019 11:24 pm

How about this for Tim paranoia.
The whole misbehaving crowd and strict liability scenario is to detract attention from the fact that the Eboladrome is a death trap. For it to be repaired at taxpayers expense or postponed by the glibbyites indefinitely is the objective here. Celtic PLC can use it to their advantage in a number of money saving ways by remaining silent as usual and the occasional glib statement. thats bound to be a consequence of this latest Scottish bowel movement. You will just have to accept the fact that Scottish football has now entered its glib and shameless lying phase.

Fool Time Whistle
Reply to  The Exiled Tim
March 10, 2019 12:26 am

Smarties :o)))
Sometimes I really miss the patter from home.
Hope your weekend is going well.
8 Points Clear CSC

Reply to  Margaret McGill
March 10, 2019 1:04 am

Mags you think there’s a mechanism for Mordor to be fixed on the taxpayers?
Cant be surely

March 10, 2019 7:53 am

New Article Posted!