Celtic vs Aberdeen Match Report

CELTIC: Bain; Toljan, Boyata, Ajer, Tierney; Brown, Bitton, Forrest, Henderson, Sinclair; Burke.

Subs: Gordon, Lustig, Hendry, Hayes, Weah, Johnston, Edouard

Lenny was brought in as a safe pair of hands and so far living up to that with selections.
Feel Ed is a bit unlucky not to start.
Will Weah get first game time under Lenny?
Love the excitement of young fans during Walk On when they spot themselves on the big screens.Pure magic.
Dons started by launching series of high balls.
On the 3 minute mark we get a free kick thirty yards out and pass it all the way back to our own half.A portent of what’s to come.
On the 10th minute we had a good chance of breakaway near halfway but Thomson blows for foul to us and nullifies advantage.
In fairness he consistently does it to us.
Lots of huffing and puffing in first 25 minutes with no real threat.
Ajer has a great run and shot but goalie makes a good save.
Boyata booked fo little at the 40 minute mark.
KT then has a great run and cross that leads to weak JF shot being easily saved.
Just before half time Ajer has goal disallowed from great Hendo free kick.
We had nine corners in that half without producing a save from goalie.Are opponents comfortable conceding corners against us?
Lack of creativity evident and only Henderson making forward runs to support Ollie.
Ed and Johnston replace SS and Henderson for the second half
I don’t like it as Henderson was only creative mid in first.
Aberdeen have more of ball as our centre midfield looks all over the place.
Ajer gives ball away and Bain spares his blushes.
Ed has nice run in box and keeper makes a good save.
Bitton is lucky with refs leniency as he fouls again.
Brown naively chases ball up to half way line leaving huge gap but Dons shot is weak.
We have a sustained period of pressure but no shots.
They know no press needed as we don’t play balls forward or early just wide.
77minutes sees Weah replace Burke.
12 corners and no threat from any.
Johnston has great run and cross across 6 yard line but no takers.
Johnston then fires wide with a lot of goal to aim at.
Bain saves free kick from about 25 yards.
Then they miss a header from 6 yards out.
Game fizzles out.
Draw about right.
I have said before this Brown -Bitton combo is poor and reduces our chances of scoring.It did for Ronnie.
The first half seemed like a Kennedy team and the second Lennons.
Both looked bereft of positive play and shape.

Guest match report by Fan-a-tic

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Sol Kitts

Was bloody scary, not helped by all the stewardesses only being able to speak Russian. Not that we could hear them until the pressure equalised. Fair play though, they didn’t panic, at least they didn’t appear to. I think Aeroflot had such a poor record for airworthiness that the probably expected problems.

Por Cierto

There have been rumours that Celtic had contacted Neil Lennon with a view to him taking over as the 1st team coach at Celtic, if BR decided to go without warning, and that this led to the heated argument, among other things, with Lee Anne Dempster and the decision of the parties to end things amicably. Celtic PLC, I think, knew BR was for the off the only thing they didn’t know was if it would be at the end of the season or sooner. Now we all know the answer. I also think that the board has already interviewed or at least sounded out a few candidates for the job, they may have already offered the position to someone to start once the season is over, and Neil might know this too, also Neil is in attendance in the meetings re next seasons preparations for the 1st team squad ins and outs. Why would Neil be so heavily involved? Well, he would be if he was to be the Director of Football, wouldn’t he? Thought? por cierto.

big packy

sol kitts, saltcoats was our venue every other year for our school bus outing, ayr being the other one, fond memories hope is all ok.hh.

Sol Kitts

Facebook friends keeping me up to date on it. Seems no one hurt, thank God. Scottish press now running the story.

Sol Kitts

The stewardesses all looked like Danny La Rue ?

Sol Kitts

I always remember St George’s day, as it’s also Mrs Kitts’ birthday……?

A thing of beauty

I think it’s a bit extreme to say we had two different managers selecting the team each half but either way none of them thought that brown/bitton was the problem. For me we need to get Eddie back playing every week. He’s our player and if fit should be selected. Ollie has done well in flashes but like your brother I’m concerned for the run in. We’re not scoring many goals or creating many chances. We need that to change. Rogic, mcgregor, Christie cannot come back quick enough. I don’t even consider ntcham as I don’t think he’s interested.


Por Cierto,

I floated this idea a bit earlier. I have no idea how Neil would perform as DOF, tho.

If not DOF perhaps some other role as head of scouting.



Bomb explodes in Saltcoats,causing thousands of poundsworth of improvements!


The two main settlement groups in Newfoundland are from the South of Ireland and from Devon/Cornwall. Miners and fishermen were the jobs that brought them to the island.



We have three playmakers in our squad,and all are out injured. Worse,I’ve not seen any news on likely return dates for any of them.

We do of course have a fourth for that role in young Henderson. He lacks experience,being just a kid,but he isn’t likely to get it by sitting on the bench,and hooking him at half-time yesterday was just poor man-management,IMO.

Lenny would imo be a far far better DoF then Pedro is, even if he was garbage at it, he would still be better than Pedro.


Might take a while

I hope and pray the Moyes is not one of them

I thought you couldn’t post on here any more !


TeT not at all Fairhills a Sentinel at heart 😉
We hitting Vegas Fairhill ?

I thought he said a while back there was a problem with his log in


TeT he’s well sorted,, just just playing hard to get 😉
Cannae wait do drink him under the table in Vegas actually.
Hail Hail

That’s right, you are meeting up there, I’m sure you will both give it a lash, being younger I reckon you will be the victor right enough, but you never know, for an old man I can handle a bit 😉
Building a concrete rocket stove the morra, going to put pipes in it to heat the water as well, just using 1″ box section instead of copper that I have lying about, works a treat, won’t be connecting it up as yet but it will be ready to connect when I have the hot water tank installed, bought a huge chemical tank the other week, it wasn’t nasty stuff, 60 euros is cost me, I have cleaned it out and it’s getting painted black and going on the garage roof to be a solar hot water tank, I will get there yet 😉
Laters, it’s tomorrow already……


I totally agree – the lad done the business and scunnered the Birmingham support – he had opportunities to go last Summer but remained. Yesterday he showed he has real quality that any Top Team would Love to have.

The Birmingham Supporters applauding him as he went off – you will not be so quick to do so next time as that NED has likely cost you more than you will EVER know.

Unlike Scotland, England isnae run for just 1 club. A massive points penalty is likely – especially as he was cheered off the park (that shouldnae come into it but I reckon it will influence things) – fair play to the Steward who done his best.

I hope he gets the Longest jail term possible.

New article published!