An Interesting Weekend? Not at Celtic Park!


Plenty of stuff for discussion after the weekend,just a pity there’s so little to talk about over Celtic Park way. The only good thing about our game against Aberdeen was the kick-off time,3pm on a Saturday,just the way it should be. Well,if that’s anything to go by,I’m bloody delighted that we play our next game at 1230 on a Sunday!

There was nothing wrong with the line-up,of course-Neil Lennon picked the same team I did on Saturday morning,bar the right back position. But the motivation was seriously lacking on the pitch and from the technical area. I don’t know how substituting an 18yo at half-time is meant to motivate him,especially as he was the only midfielder displaying an iota of quality. Brown and Bitton have to be TOLD not to play as mirror images,or else not played together at all. Sometimes when I’ve seen Broonie this season,I think he could play till he’s forty.

Playing the game at the pace he did on Saturday,he could probably play until he’s ninety-and still not make an incisive pass!

Bitton? Ffs,son-you know how to pass the ball,that’s why you’re an international midfielder. Try it,you might like it.

The only bright spot for me was Ajer,continuing his march to Young Player of the Year. What a prospect. Least said about the rest,the better. Takes me back to the days of Ronny Deila,and a phrase I had to use far too often-a bad day at the office!

Of course,we weren’t the only team who struggled to break down a team who showed little interest in scoring goals. Chelsea came up against a resolute Wolves at Stamford Bridge,only equalising deep into injury time. Sarri,when asked his opinion on how organised Wolves were at the back,was scathing. “Not organised at all”,he said. “No organisation needed,just pack the penalty area!”

Now,that’s not even grudging praise,that’s damning stuff. And he’s right,fans don’t come to watch football like that. BUT…if you watch how Chelsea played against that packed defence,God,it looked familiar. Slow,sideways,backwards,no incisive passing,no movement.

Bloody turgid,in other words. Just like Celtic far too often when we face this type of set-up.

Ole Gunnar Babyface came down to earth with a bang too,as his rampant United team took a bit of a dicking at The Emirates. I doubt that he’ll be too happy that his team made even Mezut Ozil look good on the day. Ed Woodward must be sick that he only bought Fellaini for David Moyes when everyone knew the team needed rebuilt from top to bottom,bar de Gea. Gary Neville reckons it will take £250m of signings before Man Utd are able to challenge again. I reckon you’d have to shoot the Liverpool and Man City squads too,because they’re miles behind.

The fabled Top Six has become a Top Two in the last two seasons,and I think it will remain that way for some considerable time.

That game at The Emirates was notable also for an eejit running onto the pitch and shoving Chris Smalling. As usual,the defender never saw him coming,how he has remained at Old Trafford for so long is one of life’s mysteries-even Phil Jones has finally been sussed and dropped! But worse had already happened elsewhere in The Second City Derby. A home fan rushed onto the pitch and decked Villa captain Jack Grealish from behind. This,of course,was met with resounding appproval from the Birmingham City fans as the culprit was hauled away. I doubt they’ll be quite so delighted when the FA order that stand closed for three games. Either way,it will be interesting to see how a proper Football Association deals with a case like this,for sure it will put our numpties to shame.

Best performance of the weekend might just have gone to Cardiff City,as they kept their survival hopes alive,but really it is hard to see past Newcastle United. 2-0 down at home to Everton and nearly halfway through the second half,the Toon Army must have been fearing the worst. But when their front three of Almiron,Perez,Rondon,clicked into gear,wow. If Benitez can get more performances like that out of them,they might have a decent future to look forward to. Just a pity that the rest of the team look like they were bought at one of the closing down sales in the owner’s retail empire.

I’m looking forward to Sunday. Paddy’s Day,with a few Guinness and Celtic at lunchtime. Hopefully one or the other will wash away the bad taste in my mouth from a poor weekend for football.


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big packy

HI BOBBY, yes not a good weekend for fitba, that moron who punched jack grealish should feel the full force of the law come down on him, or it will be a return to the bad old days methinks, any way roll on st patricks day and see the bhoys again.hh..

What with my computer problems of the past week and getting hooked on the snooker, I didn’t see any football. So it was great to read that article this morning giving us a resume of all the action. Easily as good, if not better than the writings of the Scottish hacks. Watch your back Tom English! 🙂

I did listen to the Celtic game on BBC radio Scotland. It’s hard to judge a game by radio. For instance they spoke glowingly about Ajer, Boyata and Broonie. From what I have read on here & CQN they were correct about Ajer. I have read little about Boyata’s performance. But Broonie!!! According to shortbread he was running about like a mad man. Putting in a shift and getting a bit more forward. All I’ve read since is that he was very poor. And the age old complaint regarding the Brown & Bitton partnership.

Doubts have started arising again about Lenny. In the immediate aftermath of BR leaving I think people were mighty relieved that a manager was available in such short notice before two very important matches. There was huge happiness that we got the result in both those games. But there was an underlying question mark for some. ie. We got the results from a few individual performances. Not because of a team performance nor superb tactics. Saturday seemed to confirm this in buckets full.

I said at the time Lenny would need to do till the end of the season, but not ongoing. I stand by that opinion.

The Gombeen Man

A chance my missed at the weekend. Having watched the game it was a turgid affair and in the end we could have lost it.

The opposition will always get an opportunity and having failed to score there was always a fear that we’d leak one at the back. Thankfully Stevie May’s later header bounced harmlessly past the post.

Neil Lennon, three games in. One goal conceded, two wins and a draw. On the face of it not too bad a return. With the departure of Brendan and the hysteria that followed there was always going to be a bit of a hangover.

Neil was a robust midfielder and his first term at Celtic always reflected that. Records were about clean sheets and we’d a stubborn streak that maybe served us well in Europe but Brendan’s philosophy seemed to deliver what was needed in the Scottish game.

His record stands out in cup victories and the Double Treble. He really was too good for the SPFL and the controlling PLC at Celtic.

Who knows how much notice Lawwell and Co had of Brendan’s departure? Neil’s fortunate availability has been commented upon elsewhere.

Anyway, for whatever reason it appears to be business as usual. Distractions about Directors of Football are all very well but only one man signs the cheques at Celtic.

That might be a good thing in the unscrupulous world of football’s finances but there remains a feeling of what might of been if we’d of had the vision to trust Brendan a bit more.

I was at the home cup defeat to Morton a few years ago and that memory has left a scar. Let’s hope Saturday was a blip. Aberdeen aren’t mugs and we’re still undefeated under Neil’s stewardship.

A victory for Aberdeen on Tuesday might be unlikely but you never know??



You nearly got the first red card on the site for mentioning that game!

I uttered the phrase “bad day at the office” far too often during RD’s tenure-I hope this is the last time I say it under Neil Lennon.


Thanks,mate. There wasn’t much to say about Celtic on Saturday,and I had an article to write!

Keep persevering with the new lappy. Think of it like a puppy that needs house-trained(!)


Sometimes these articles just about write themselves,other times I’m driving about all night trying to think of some decent content!

The reaction of the FA will be interesting,I think. And draconian. They will be well aware of events up here,and of the coke-fuelled frenzy which is feeding it.

Maybe we should drug-test the fans as well as the players!

Shockingly poor article by Keith Jackson in the DR today.

Btw,it is just me,or is the DR site as slow as a week in the jail,and frequently loads a different article from the one clicked on? Been happening for as long as I can remember.


Maybe some of our pedestrian players could do with a snort and point in the right direction.
I would prefer a rocket up the jackie for some including coaches.

I’m sure the FA will be taking advice from the SFA who expertly dealt with the situation when Brown was attacked by a zombie shitebag and they conveniently ignored.
Big difference is the English press are not quite so partial to lamb.
Was interesting that even the American news stations ran the story.Big corporations have a lot of bucks in the Premier and won’t take kindly to such events .
Upsetting a major income provider is not in the English games interest so i expect them to demand real solutions.


Shockingly poor article by Keith Jackson in the DR today.

So the normal then.
Wish someone would confiscate his crayons.
So he could be replaced with another hun scribbler of course.
Relevance to readership is key.

Talking about the idiots who throw things on the pitch and how to deal with them. One thing I noticed was the collection of stewards and police huddled together in that corner of Easter Road. When Collum went over to them with the buckie bottle he handed it to a steward! Why not to a policeman/woman? Surely that was evidence with fingerprints on it? Into an evidence bag it should have went. Or at least the copper might have had gloves on.

Also, after the incident they didn’t seem to go up into the crowd but remained static.

I’m sure that’s what I saw.

bada bing1

Steven Gerrard has revealed he would be willing to remove his players from the pitch if any are attacked by supporters.

Brassneck/blowtorch stuff,from the Klub with the worst record in Scotland, pitch invasions at every away game,seats and bottles thrown regularly, LG with an industrial size battery thrown at him,Broonie confronted by a halfwit (remind me,what punishment did they get?),.These stupid peepil,live in a total bubble.

bada bing1
bada bing1

STAN COLLYMORE has donated £100 to Celtic fans’ Irish famine memorial fund.

The An Gorta Mor Glasgow campaign raised funds outside Parkhead on Saturday prior to the Hoops’ match against Aberdeen.


Well done,Stan. A tremendous player at his best,who suffered from the macho mentality within the game when he really needed proper man-management and understanding of his mental health problems.


Indeed. That and many other infractions,also conveniently ignored in the Jacko tripe this morning. And,as BADABING pointed out,by the Sevco manager anaw.

Although Jacko does mention the coin thrown by a Rangers fan which split open the head of a linesman,so fair dues.

Latest update on the vexed issue of a safety certificate at Ibrox,from Gerrard.

“An opportunity to get to Hampden, I don’t need to encourage the fans in the media they will take the roof off Ibrox tomorrow, they have backed us since day one.”

Insert own joke in reply box,please…

bada bing1

Commper scores from an Oxo-Flex corner…..shurely shum mishtake..


Raise the roof.
RaIse the hoof.
TV companies have people to stir up the audience when recording shows.
Sevco just use the refs.

Marvin Compper who couldn’t get a game with Brendan Rodgers gets a goal and an assist today in the reserves. Apparently he had a good game last week too. Where’s he been?

Let the rumours commence!

bada bing1

Listen to the guy in the crowd as Dembele scores the winner…

Awe Naw

John james a must read today.

If Doncaster is not dismissed then every chairman and chief executive in Scottish football is complicit in his artifice and is prepared to accept his lies to them when he urged them to ratify LNS’ recommendations.

bada bing1

Calmac back in full training

bada bing1

Bain called up,McShagger retires

Mike in toronto

At some point, something will have to be done. I suspect that eventually Doncaster will take the fall. I would also not be surprised if he is ‘incentivized’ to resign quietly; The league can then says ‘the bad guy has been punished; time to move on’.

Awe Naw
Why would they look for him to get his jotters, to a man they are happy with the status quo, had they not been he would have walked a long time ago, the whole game is corrupt, some clubs have money as their agenda, others have money and tradishun as theirs.
IMO people who contribute to the charade have no right to complain about anything, they know the game is bent, the know why the game is bent, yet they continue to prop it up with their money, so why complain.

big packy

evening bhoys, just spent the last 4 hours watching the micheal Jackson video neverland,harrowing stuff hope all is well.hh.

I think all the senior clubs in Scotland knew everything about Rangers and then LNS, 5way agreement etc. but they were terrified of there being no team playing out of Ibrox. Mainly for financial, but not exclusively, reasons. They are all complicit. Scottish football is corrupt at that level. They will not be surprised at johnjames’ revelations.

Of course they did, every single club, our included, it beggars belief that the clubs didn’t know what was happening.

TET, There’s also the brotherhood element of it. Rumour has it that the boards of directors in clubs and at Hampden is rife with it. Not all masons are criminals but at the very least they know when to keep silent to protect each other..

bada bing1

Any links to JJ article

For sure

And it’s no just a rumour, it’s a fact

The Gombeen Man

On JJ,

According to the other channel Neil Doncaster is a good guy?

If JJ’s allegations are correct, they have either been fooled or are unfortunately full of…..

Who else was present at the alleged meeting where Aberdeen and Dundee Utd voiced concerns?

No doubt our guy was,

a) Out of the country on holiday and not contactable.


b) Had resigned from that board and and present at the material time.

It’s quite intriguing watching the inevitable flow of information as this deception slowly unravels.


Margaret McGill

One good thing I heard on Clyde this evening. They were talking about all the neddish behaviour recently. At one point they were discussing penalties for bad behaviour – the punishment fitting the crime so to speak. Keevins reckons a 14 week jail term was too lenient. Mine host (can’t remember his name) asked the question ‘what if you have 20,000 fans singing sectarian songs?’

That is the first time I have ever heard a media person admitting it isn’t just a few! I am of course supposing he was referring to ‘them’.

bada bing1

TET- Thanks

Pedro and Doncaster were bestest buddies at the time of the hun going bust and prob still are, when you hear the garbage that the biggest club in scotland didn’t have anything to do with the 5WA and all the other carve ups it shows to me anyways that these people deserve everything they get, I would be appalled with our suits if our board didn’t know what was happening and didn’t have an active role in deciding the outcome of where the game should be heading, utterly appalled.

Margaret McGill

Celtic PLC are totally complicit in the revival of the huns.
I just puked.

Well that’s Zinedine Zidane out the running as our next manager. He’s away back to Real Madrid. Coward!


Complicit at best,methinks. I very much doubt that Lawwell will suggest he was “duped”,although of course he was “surprised” at the outcomes of LNS.

Kilmarnock move to within a point of Aberdeen in the league. That means that the next two teams to visit Ibrox should be giving 100%.

The Gombeen Man


Yep…But everyone knows the real problem in the game is the thugs with flares and missiles in the stands.

Many don’t seem to have a problem with the financial shenanigans of sharp dressed men.

Oh well, I suppose the young provide something to project our hypocrisy at.

Anything is preferable to having a look at our own failings.


bada bing1

REFEREE Steven McLean phoned Steven Gerrard to apologise for missing the foul that led to Hibs’ equaliser last Friday night.

The official blundered by failing to award Rangers a free-kick when Stephane Omeonga tripped up James Tavernier.

I’m sure he would have asked his hero for a signed photo too,another sickening cheat….

A very good point Gombeen Man

bada bing1

A few rumours Martinez and Maloney next season…

The Gombeen Man

Cheers Jim,

Nite All,


Margaret McGill

been saying that since 2003

Margaret McGill

surprised ? nah
satisfied? aye

Margaret McGill

Any Celtic supporter who thinks BR leaving Celtic had nothing to do with the board is a
pick 2.