Hell of a week for football

This time last week I bet no one could envisage the scale of impacts the beautiful game would sustain on a number of fronts in such a short space of time .
In my mind , and it seems to more and more also , these 7 days have been the perfect microcosm of just what it is exactly they are flogging and this entertainment we are seemingly hooked but increasingly disgusted by.
The game had plenty of positives to talk about after the Ajax – Man United double unexpected victories but yet has been plunged to new depths of ugliness after a series of not so well viewed or maybe publicized events as the games mentioned above.
Its manna from heaven to those who already had an agenda and that should worry us all as I have yet to read or see a solution to this mess that everyone would accept.

The notables have been,,,
Man City being hit with 4 investigations after the new revelations is not good for Englands flagship team and attempts to make themselves look like top dogs have taken a right kicking here . BOOM !
Major repercussions expected , transfer bans being spoken of as is points deduction which puts Liverpool in top spot or Champions. Double BOOM !
And they will lose Pep if he cant buy the players he needs to shape his vision so a transfer ban and hes gone ,,, the triple whammy ?

Real Madrids President entering the changing room after their exit to Ajax and yelling at his players including Ramos who said pay me and I will go !
It was a clear sign the rookie Solari wasnt really in charge , and he got turfed out ,, for the fella who walked 10 months ago !
And this from one of the three juggernauts of the game ,, you couldnt make it up , but thankfully we dont need to , they just give us ammo free !
He told them they were a disgrace,, well if 4 out of 5 Champions Leagues is a disgrace whats a good streak look like ? You lost the best player in the world and havent managed the squad well yet its their fault ! Idiot !

3 occasions of fans entering the field of play will just ramp up calls to do something , anything !
These acts alone are the type of ammunition some were praying for ,, and again we should all be worried because usually the average fan suffer when bodies are forced to make decisions .
Its easy for me to sit here and type its not that serious but the idiots did swing kicks or punches and the general worry is that these particular events have the potential to get nasty if someone brings a knife for instance.
If it keeps happening there will be repercussions.

Qatar World Cup,,, an old bugbear of mine and one which is going to keep rumbling on and on .
These leaks have shown that , taa daaa !!! it was crooked after all surprise surprise .
If the leaks stand up in court ( he says he didnt hack them but was given them ) then surely this again puts the WC in jeopardy? Its a lawyers wet dream is the whole fiasco.
That US dollars are again involved in encouraging to these ears as those boys tend to not mess about or respect reputations, just what we need.
Expect more on this for years to come but again I do not see a normal World Cup if one at all . It will end a farce is my prediction with players or countries withdrawing .
Culture clashes will lead to fan incidents also if staged. Bets shelved as a bad idea.

In the land of the lawsuit and my adopted homeland the womens soccer team have had enough of being treat way worse than the men , even when actually doing better , and have banded together to sue the national association ! Go girls !
Lead the way on this and open those floodgates to sue the suits !
Marc Bosmans currently lighting a cigar with a 20 dollar bill and throwing an after trial party !

The mighty West Brom sacked their manager at this stage of the season while sitting in FOURTH ffs citing they wanted promotion and it wasnt looking forthcoming !

Coutinho was jeered off the pitch despite his team winning ,, and now needs public backing to win his confidence back .

Theres more , much more.

The game is in disarray , more now so than ever , and it seems many are waking up that fact .
The general consensus is that its a societal problem according to many sections , which may well be true .
But the fact remains ,, with alls its ugly facets being dragged out into the open for the world to see ala dirty laundry , it is naive to expect the masses to keep following the sport blindly and faithfully . Very naive infact .
If theres not major change then this wont survive long term .
There are people out there paid very handsomely to govern the game and yet it falls apart around us ,,, Fifa like Nero are fiddling while Rome burns it seems .

There are many many influential people around the game ,, big names that are listened to when they speak . Its for the love of that very game that some of them need to step down off their lofty perch , off the gravy train for a while and actually put the sport and fixing it first for a change.
They are happy to ride that train but lets see some put in some overdue work on the games behalf. Not as if many need the money .
Football will get one big chance to clean its act up and it best realise that fans arent coming back once they walk. The old fashioned bodies are trying to find their feet after the scandal hit years and massive upheaval , and many are tainted by whiff of association.
The time is right for change , for someone to grab the bull by the horns and say lets sort this .
Theres been many great characters spawned by the beautiful game ,, lets hope in its hour of need the right one is out there. Damn they are needed more than ever .

Do your own little bit in the struggle by writing for the site . Its good for you .

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Top top stuff this morning,mate. Hat doffed.

As a minor addition to the Man City angle,they have just announced that they will pay (unstated) millions into an escrow account to cover compensation for the victims of paedophile coach Barry Bennell,who was recently jailed for 30 years.


Blowing a gale outside,with heavy rain forecast for most of the day. Wind will die down here when the racing starts.

Not so promising back home,where severe gales are forecast till well into tomorrow evening. So here’s a song to cheer you up this dreich morning.


A thing of beauty

Huge repercussions for us. We’ll be under pressure to do the same and that is the right thing. The argument around it being Celtic boys club and not Celtic football club is semantics and once you’re arguing about semantics there is usually no argument at all. It will cost us millions as a club but we have to do the right thing.

big packy

HI BOBBY, brings me back 10 years the m5 and the a417/419 at chetenham time packed with horseboxes.hh,


The thought had occurred to me too. Yes,there is the fact that Celtic Boys Club were never officially affiliated with Celtic FC,but there is a huge elephant in the room over all of this sad episode.

That Jock Stein saw sufficient reason to make sure that Torbett never again came near the club-or Celtic Boys Club either-is to his credit. That Robert Kelly supported this move,despite insufficient evidence for legal intervention-this was the 70s,and different parameters applied,even though the laws were pretty much the same-is also to his credit.

Celtic FC acted responsibly and in a timely manner,and I doubt we would be facing the same problems that you have rightly pointed out had things remained that way.

But Celtic FC welcomed him back onboard a few years late,as though nothing had ever happened. In fact,I think at least one of the board worked for him!

Sadly,I think that we have to face up to the fact that bad decisions were made in the past which allowed a predatory paedophile-a fact which was known to that board at the time-access to the inner sanctum of the club,and through that,access to innocent young lads who deserved our protection and duty of care.

Celtic FC failed to do that,and they failed every one of those lads.


Worse. The Sir Daniel Arms in Swindon packed with racegoers when I want a bloody pint!

Worse than Christmas with the once-a-year brigade in full flow…

Mahe, a cracking article. Must have taken hours mate, well done.

Lots of talking points.

Dealing with stuff. I have mixed feelings about strict liability. As you infer, sometimes it could end up punishing thousands of innocent fans for the damage done by a single idiot. Stand closures, points deductions. On the other hand when it is sectarian singing by the majority it might just work. Takes care of the argument that the police cannot arrest multiple thousands.

Self policing sounds good. It might have worked a couple of generations ago – a clip round the ear – but doubt it nowadays. Besides a drunken or coke filled idiot might just retaliate, a skirmish ensues and you end up in the dock too. No it should be the police and stewards.

I can’t get that picture out of my head at Easter Road where loads of stewards and cops are all bunched up in a corner. When I used to sit in the North Stand there was always a steward at the front of our section, back to the pitch, watching the crowd. For the North Stand there must have been at least a dozen. And we were the home support! I don’t know how many times I have seen games on TV where there are no stewards in front of home support stands. Think of the incidents at Ibrox when a ‘fan’ confronted Broonie. Batteries thrown at LG. No stewards in front of the home support but hundreds surrounding Celtic fans. This weak stewarding happens at more than Ibrox.

Police should be walking around the pitch all match. Staring at the crowd not the game. Better use of the cameras on them. Act as a deterrent.

We all know that the Police can be heavy handed outside and around the ground, especially with Celtic supporters, but they have a role to play. At the front line inside the stadium. Instead of hiding away at the corners of the ground, get on the track.

I don’t understand why we are not hearing of more arrests because of CCTV. It’s common enough in civi street, why not in football stadia? Are they all fake?

So there we have it. SL for mass offensives. Better policing and stewarding for individual idiots.


I’m firmly of the opinion that the police and the politicians are raging at OBaF being repealed,and that a decision has been made for hands-off “policing” to prove to the public that football fans need to be controlled,kettled,crapped on and legislated against,that the only thing wrong with the disgraced previous legislation was that it didn’t go far enough.

Hamilton Tim,who has closer links to supporters groups than me,made a similar point last week. So it’s not just me who’s paranoid!

Bobby, I signed up to the petition against OBaF. I sent the email to my MSP. I was against it because it criminalised football fans for being football fans. A criminal offence is a criminal offence regardless where it takes place. There are plenty laws in place already to deal with it. Why didn’t they create a similar act for rugby fans?

I hate as much as anyone fans getting kettled and harassed whilst doing nothing wrong. I just want the police to do their job correctly. Without an agenda. Treat all fans the same, consistently.

It seems a big ask in Scotland.


Shades of That was the week that was.
Satirical Celts rule.

“The game is in disarray , more now so than ever , and it seems many are waking up that fact .
The general consensus is that its a societal problem according to many sections , which may well be true .”

As far as FIFA, UEFA, SFA, Clubs corporate dishonesty is concerned, it does reflect society. Think of the City of London. The banks. The PLCs. White collar crime. Off shore trusts. Tax avoidance. Bribes.

“They are happy to ride that train but lets see some put in some overdue work on the games behalf. Not as if many need the money ”

The problem is, for many people the more money they have the greedier they get. There doesn’t seem to be many philanthropists hanging around football.

I wish there were some people – probably from out with football – who had a very high level of intelligence and integrity. No dodgy background. And very brave. To tackle football corruption. Start with FIFA to begin with and see if it trickles down.


Haw you,did you not see the title of the article last Monday!

Agreed,though-excellent article.


As Mahe points out,if corruption has been served in US currency,the US sees that as falling within their jurisdiction.

Think RICO Act.

As far as the World Cup goes, I would stipulate that no, none, nil, zilch stadia be built for the event. Start to bring the costs down. Cut the opportunity for bribes and deaths.


3 occasions of fans entering the field of play will just ramp up calls to do something , anything !
These acts alone are the type of ammunition some were praying for ,, and again we should all be worried because usually the average fan suffer when bodies are forced to make decisions .
Its easy for me to sit here and type its not that serious but the idiots did swing kicks or punches and the general worry is that these particular events have the potential to get nasty if someone brings a knife for instance.
If it keeps happening there will be repercussions.

I blame it all on John Terry’s dad.

And Teresa May…


Have the memory of a gnat .
And it ain’t improving with age.
Doddering fool CSC


I blame it on yon prick from Medellin. Did you see the photo of the Arsenal fan who was lifted? Coked outa his skull.


He’s deid.
But his legacy stands as does Ronald Regans.

Not that I am condoning the ejits that throw stuff and come on to the pitch but a wee bit of perspective here.
Think of all the people who attend football games and the trouble they cause it’s actually quite small, it seems to me that there are far too many sheep jumping on the medias bandwagon here.
A few weeks ago there was very little in the scottish media, virtually nothing at all, it all changed was the day we got the last min winner at Killie, a few fans spilled on to the track then media went into overdrive after that, they have ignored the many times the hun have done the same, this is not whatabourery, it’s the facts, we do it all hell breaks loose, they do it, ignored, given the way the media and the powers that B in scotland work, the last thing Celtic supporters should be doing is shouting for SL or anything of that ilk, it will only hurt us, will it take a points reduction for it to sink in to our support that this is what they are angling for, it’s the only way the hun will win feck all imo, the referees are not up to it over a season but a points reduction will be just what the Dr ordered, be careful what yous wish for.
I’m with the others that the financial and fraudulent corruption is far far worse than what the fans are getting the blame for.
Again the police are not doing their job, most of those who run the game in scotland should be in the jail along with the hun board-s, yet the deflection is on to the fans and the thick supporters are lapping it up, they actually deserve everything that is coming to them.
Just the way I see things.
Crackin leader Mahe.

Awe Naw

Agree TET.

They can send us to a stadium without a bona fide safety certificate for ten years where there have already been two major major disasters

And we should be looking at what and where exactly instead of this ?

You gotta be fucking kidding ?

Awe Naw
It was only a few short seasons ago when the huns were “on their journey through the divisions” a huge section of the support had to be moved during a game cos part of the roof in one of the stands was falling down, instead of evacuating the ground they just moved them to another part of the ground and taped it off, imagine if that had been at say Celtic park, the media would be in creaming mode FFS, but nothing, carry on as per, the money overrides everything else, a death here and there no problem, it can and would be smoothed over, how sad is that.

Awe Naw


all true and the only conclusion you can come to is that our PLC dont give a tuppeny fuck about our sons and daughters. The lengths they will go to sell 800 tickets for Ibrox and don´t forget they set the precedent

Guardians , custodians ???

And you have some really truthfully awful people coming on here extolling their virtues.


TeT,,I do remember that and safety is by far the most important thing here, AweNaw is well right to be pissed at this .
The media has often perplexed me though as it would make good business sense for at least one rag to be CFC friendly, to get the snippets and be bought by the faithful.
It’s clear they all sup from level 5’s cup but surely one could have said target that demographic.
Of course the brotherhood probably forbids it. Paper print will be dead as we know it soon anyway.
Hail Hail


AweNaw,,believe I’ve said this before but imo the head of the supporters orgs have a duty to their charges and that would include ensuring those fans under their umbrella are as safe as possible.
To this end if there is any doubts whatsoever then the heads of these groups should request the safety certs as a prerequisite to organising trips or encouraging members to attend.
Those who are not forthcoming do not get visitors.

I have often questioned where are the orgs and groups and why are they not using their weight and numbers as sway in the fight?
I can’t hold my tongue on them much longer.

Hail Hail

Awe Naw


the crux of the matter is that football is outwith the law globally and within Scotland the Old Firm is sacrosanct, protected even further.

The majority of our dumb ass support don’t give a fuck because they are bigots and our PLC is only two happy to cash in for grand sum of 800 x the % profit on a 49 quid ticket.


The Gombeen Man

“The original context of the term scapegoat was a Jewish purification ritual described in the Book of Leviticus, wherein a goat was symbolically infused with the transgressions of the community and driven into the wilderness. This rite was a major portion of the priestly ceremonies of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.”

Everyone knows that the answer to the woes of Scottish football lies with the thugs that lob stuff onto the park and set off flares.

Football’s troubles have nothing to do with the greedy self-centered executives that run the game.
Years of cheating, financial impropriety and deceit have had no detrimental effect on the game.

Those who ask about Safety Certs and the responsibility of Executives aren’t real football men.

Sort out the hoodies and sort out football.

Leave the leaders of the game to get on with what they do best…

Roll on the Day of Atonement.

You make a very good point re supporters clubs etc, they don’t realise the power they are holding, sadly they won’t use it, I remember having a debate a few years back about a boycott at away grounds and some people wouldn’t even consider it, they know the game is bent but even for one game they still wouldn’t go for it, that I honestly can’t get the head around.
How can you pay to watch something that you know is bent and that they are cheating your team so the establishment team can be the top dog, the mind boggles so it does.

The Gombeen Man


Sadly it’s pretty simple.

It has all the hallmarks of an addiction.

Just the inability to stop doing something that the individual knows to be harmful.

Hence all the attempts to rationalise and justify… ‘real supporters’ etc.

Much of the behaviour of the ‘thugs’ and paradoxically the ‘executives’can be understood along these lines too.


Aye, I know exactly what you are saying, I would find it very difficult to not watch Celtic, I managed to stop paying-contributing a while back, that was hard enough but it did make me feel so much the better for it.
I honestly don’t know what the answer is.
Carry on with the charade I suppose, I just can’t walk away.

Sol Kitts

Link to the changes to the Laws of the game….http://bit.ly/Changes2019_2020
Some of these are quite radical, wonder how many the Scottish mibs will ignore.


Apologies if a version of this appeared previously. As I was posting my article the Interweb went down and the article disappeared.

I am continually amazed that the two guys that run this blog can come up with interesting editorials on a day by day basis………Hats off to you both.

The theme of the editorial today is disarray in our beautiful game. The stance taken is that this is a phenomenon that crosses clubs, countries, and football associations. In particular, violence is an issue in Society and also in the game itself.
Various media, traditional and new, have taken this as a theme and, of course, it is a motherhood issue. Who can condone pitch invasions, assaults, and missiles launched from the terraces? In short, these themes are safe, and, ultimately, if it is a societal problem, solutions will take time and people will forget particular stances taken by the media. In short, it is both a space filler and a palliative whilst appearing to have concerns for the game at heart.

However, it seems to me that the focus on this “safe” topic is excluding an issue in our domestic game that has reared its ugly head again. Yesterday on the John James blog a copy appeared of a letter, purported to be written by Neil Doncaster promising …”clearly and unequivocally guarantees that no action will be taken against Sevco Scotland Limited in regard to the EBT payments arrangements.” This letter could, of course, be a fabrication. In which event, we should sit back and expect Mr Doncaster to take legal action on the matter. However, if it is not a fabrication, and if, as JJ purports, it was included as an addendum to the five way agreement, it poses several interesting questions. Firstly, why was it written at all, given that it pre-dates any final decision on the status of EBTs? Why was it requested in the letter that it be kept secret? If the letter was sent, could Mr Doncaster and others within the league and the football associations be regarded as impartial in the LNS Commission of enquiry?

This topic addresses an issue within our own game…one related to the governance of that game and to the existence of one club. Is it not appropriate that some entity within our own media ask these questions and seek answers? It seems the traditional media are skilled in deflection rather than reflection. No wonder their credibility is declining along with their sales.


Mike in Toronto

After 2 years of consultation, they come up with radical changes like…

… a player being substituted leaves the pitch at the nearest spot, instead of jogging to the centre line…

and a goal kick can be played by the team who played it before it leaves the 18 yard box…

revolutionaries … and it only took 2 years (and probably a few million quid) to come up with those ideas!

money well spent!

Not a dig at you, Sol Kitts… more frustration at the amount of administration that is strangling the game)

MIT, At least they held their big meeting in Aberdeen! Always look on the bright side. 🙂

Sol Kitts

The ones which caught my eye were the drop ball and handball ones. The handball ones remove a lot of the “referee interpretation” excuses, only problem is our refs inability to see even the most blatant handball.

Mike in Toronto

All joking aside, I did notice the handball one, as well … but, there seems to be no agreement on what the existing rules re: handball actually mean, so I am not sure that these will change anything. A lot seems to depend on who is playing and where ….

I have become far too cynical


The Gombeen Man


And the suits know it.


big packy

evening bhoys sorry im late been a busy day with the dugs, just been reading back from what I can gather we are all pissed off with our custodians, well add me to your list they will always take the bigot pound, awenaw is right for once..?? only joking awenaw, they know we wont boycott or stop going to games because its in our blood, as soon as we came out the womb we had celtic scarves on, don’t think their is any other club in the world like us, we are a club like no other, feck the plc.hh.

Go on Niall McGinn BP

big packy

jim I love nial McGinn fenians r us hh.

Can’t find a stream for the hun sheepies game, but I see that the sheepies are 1 up, strange thing is or not as the case may B, the huns are still favourites with the bookies, do they know something……

Come on Partick Thistle! 🙂

Sod it, the minis have scored. My prayers are not working. I asked for the scores to remain.

You won’t believe this, Morelos DIVES!!! Yellow card.

big packy

TET would not watch them bassas if playing in my back garden fecking scum

I’m listening on the radio Packy. Don’t get angry with me 🙂

big packy

hey jim would never get angry with you.???.

Never sure whether I should be OK with Ross Co & ICT but I know I def. don’t like Falkirk. So go on Ross Co.

Seriously, out of the game if they get through against us, fecking magic
I just want to see the scum losing, can’t fault me for that now 😉

That infamous defeat by ICT at Parkhead was more to do with our problems that night. The defeat by ICT in Ronny D’s reign was down to cheating officials. So I’ve never held that against them.