You’d Need a Heart of Stone…


If there’s one good thing about nightshifts,it’s waking up to a text from a Celtic-daft pal with the words “Haha haha hahahahaha!” on it. It works better if you know the tune to say it to. I did,and how I laughed!

I said the other day that the Kilmarnock victory at St Mirren on Monday night meant that the two teams next visiting Ibrox would be fully committed. Only a point in front of Kilmarnock in the league,Aberdeen couldn’t take the risk that they might be caught and lose out on the automatic European qualifying spot,that they would have to go for victory in the cup last night. Equally,Kilmarnock have their eyes on that Euro spot,and a top three place is the only way to guarantee it. A win on Saturday will go a long way to assisting them in that.

After I’d had a wee laugh at the comments on various Rangers sites,my thoughts turned to Stevie Gerrard. I still hadn’t stopped laughing,and the thought of a young man in mourning would surely put a stop to that,wouldn’t it?

No,not really. And it could get worse if he loses on Saturday and again in his next game-away to champions Celtic. Graham Murty might just get his old job back! I really don’t know who had the worse day,him or Theresa May,and neither do I care. They are welcome to many more between them. But they both head ruthless organisations which despise failure,and I don’t give a tuppeny damn for either of them-or for their chances of survival.


In other,related,news since I wrote Monday’s article,JOHNJAMESSITE published a transcript of a letter allegedly written by Neil Doncaster AFTER the infamous Five Way Agreement.

In it,Doncaster clearly promises that no action will be taken against Sevco in respect of EBT payments. This was prior to the bent LNS enquiry,and completely undermined any possibility of proper punishment being applied in the case. Notwithstanding the point that DOS payments-for which Rangers had already admitted guilt!-and EBT payments-which were still subject to appeal,and therefore legal AT THAT TIME-were rolled into one and treated as a single matter,and that the relevant dates on the charge sheet were changed in order to avoid unwanted scrutiny,the fact of Doncaster’s promise meant that LNS was handed a charge sheet AND a verdict,and tasked with figuring out how to do it!

When an experienced former Supreme Court judge can be manipulated in such a manner,it is little wonder that people have so little faith in the authorities in this country,no matter their area of responsibility. This looks like a case of acting outwith his authority at best,and of possible fraud or malfeasance in public office. Of course,the document might not be genuine-JOHNJAMESSITE is not infallible-but the clubs must surely be asking those questions of Doncaster and of the entire process,even if only to prove his innocence. In fact,given that sports journalists spend their day poring over such blogs to get their “exclusives”,you might ask why none of them have highlighted it? The answer of course is the same as that for why Doncaster & Co made such promises in the first place-that a Rangers must always exist,no questions asked.

Fortunately,Stevie Gerrard is playing a blinder…


Some of you may have been sent the same tosh I received the other day regarding the Celtic managerial vacancy,linking us with the current management duo of the Belgian national team. Now I like Roberto Martinez,I like the way that he prefers his teams to play-to score more goals than the opposition! And he might even persuade big Deadly to sign a new contract,though I doubt it! But even apart from the prospect of multiple heart attacks in the stands every time the opposition get the ball in our half,I think this is a non-starter. No team can afford their assistant manager to be out injured for most of the season(!)


I’m indebted once again to SOLKITTS for drawing our attention to the latest interpretation of The Laws of the Game. The most interesting change surrounds the award of a penalty for handball,as it widens the net somewhat. To the extent in which I think Andrew Dallas will,already be salivating at the prospect of beating his own record for penalties to the huns. My own suggestion would be that a handball in the area is a penalty,regardless of intent or circumstances. With one exception-when a player is adjudged to have deliberately played the ball against an opponent’s hand,in which case he is booked for Ungentlemany Conduct. The resulting yellow card to be allowed to be subject to appeal.

On the subject of penalties,if anyone can be bothered to get the abacus out and count how many times Morelos/Polaris/Louganis dived in an attempt to win a penalty last night,I’d be very grateful. That spineless clown Clancy only booked him once as well,shocking refereeing. It’s not like he didn’t know where his cards were-he managed to book EIGHT Dons players.

Of course,he’s not only spineless,he’s brainless too. Those decisions mean that Shinnie is out of the semi-final against us,and that most of the team who line up against us will be concerned about receiving a card in case it rules them out of a place in the final. I think I’ll check the prices for no yellow card for Aberdeen in that game…


Above article by BMCUWP. Apologies for it being late,my internet connection kept going down and I had to start again three times! If you want the chance to be as frustrated as I was,post your article to Mahe at

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big packy

HI BOBBY, morelos is one diving bassa a fekin horrible man,,as regards managers I agree with the exiled tim, lenny is free and cheap, peter will be rubbing his hands.hh.


One good thing about Morelos-henhas a good agent. Every time Level 5 or others inflate his expected feee,he negotiates a pay rise for his client! Dunno what he spends it all on,Coke is as cheap as chips nowadays-(25p a can in multipacks,just in case any lawyers are looking in)

As for Lenny,I think THEEXILEDTIM will be proven correct. The only way that PL will decide otherwise ismif he reckons he can offset the new hiring costs against savings on transfer expenditure (due,of course,to the protracted hiring process…)

The Gombeen Man

Wow some effort BMCUWPS….

‘The dog with the loudest bark is the most afraid?’

Who remembers this gem from Ibrox? Thinking of it made me laugh this morning, can’t think why????…

‘THERE has been a great deal of media speculation regarding the appointment of a new manager. We assure all supporters that they will be the first to know when we are certain we have someone with the correct qualities required by our club.

The Chairman made it clear at the AGM that the club did not consider there to be an outstanding candidate among those who had applied for the position and the club was therefore considering managers currently under contract. This requires permission from their present clubs.

The position of Rangers manager requires an ability to win football matches and the mentality to cope with the demanding off-pitch environment that goes with being the Rangers manager. This is a critical aspect of our assessment of any candidate during the interview process.

After the two games against Aberdeen, we requested permission to engage with their manager to assess his readiness and willingness to consider the Rangers position. This was declined. We were subsequently made aware by Aberdeen’s statement that, at this stage in his career, it would be best for him to remain in his current post. We endorse that position because moving to a massive club like Rangers is a big step with concomitant risk. We continue to consider candidates but will only appoint someone in whom we have full confidence and who feels he is ready for the job.

In the meantime, we have great confidence in Graeme Murty, who will continue as interim manager at least until the end of the year. The manner in which he has approached this task is a credit to himself and the club.’

Cosy corner bhoy

Grand article from BMCUWP!,though unlikely I would say otherwise ?.
Whilst agreeing with TET and Big Packy that PL might choose the ‘cheap option ‘ I hope to God that Neil’s position as manager till season’s end is just that.
Celtic need a different type of manager from NFL in order to maintain/improve our position in both Scotland and Europe. With all due respect Neil does not have what we need in his locker,IMO.
Don’t ask me who I would like as I’m still working on it!
Good t see Huns being Huns and losing to Aberdeen and WATP … Walking After The Pumping….??


I hope you’re heading to the golf course today-yer pals will be on a bit of a downer and could do with some cheering up.

I suggest a song…

“Oh the bluenoses are blue,oh the blienoses are blue!”


Was that the statement they released after McInnes had refused to breach his contract with Aberdeen simply to save Sevco a few bob?

Ah,the crosseyed crook is a shortsighted one too.

The Gombeen Man


“…We continue to consider candidates but will only appoint someone in whom we have full confidence and who feels he is ready for the job.”

… What made them think Stevie was ready and Derek wasn’t? Looks like their fear of the truth (pride leading to dishonesty) just came back to haunt them.

Our silence is frustrating at times but it avoids embarrassing karmic moments like this…

Well done on the huge effort to get to press this morning.


Sevco 0 Aberdeen 2.

The Gombeen Man

Any word on Stevie Gee’s progress with the Coaching Badges, he’s probably due some exams about now?

Till Later.


Thanks,mate. My internet went down faster than my line at Cheltenham yesterday!

bada bing1

And they will still be subsidising Defoe’s wages next season too… them try and renage on that deal….


Serious injury in training? Gross Industrial Misconduct? Farting in the bath?

Anything is possible with that lot.

The Gombeen Man

Better luck today…
What’s up with Defoe? Didn’t know it was long term.?


Howdy folks,,,
It’s hard to see where Stevie turns from here apart from the solid second this year challenge next year but was that not Warbs excuse also ?

I see many or most don’t want Lenny. I’m disappointed but I do understand.
I have wrote that I expect a foreigner , that he will get used unwittingly as either the front face of downsizing, , or will take the media and or fan fury at us hitting ten .
Seems we are gonna downsize also , streamline if you will.
Martinez and Maloney, ,, nah but not the worst I’ve ever read. At least he attacks apparently.
Shawn always seemed timid and I really never had him pegged as a coach. He might surprise me.
If Bielsa doesn’t go up try for him would be my call. The Aek coach was only on a two year deal , not that expensive to but out.

What about my boy Ronaldo eh? Better and better. Watch him while you can.
Hail Hail


Congratulations to Aberdeen but let us not forget the role played by Celtic in the win at Ibrox. Celtic permited the Dons to test their tactics at Parkhead on Saturday. For 90 minutes, Celtic allowed the Dons to perfect their defensive shell during the first half, and then to experiment with counter attacks in the second half. Well done the Bhoys! Not content with testing their plan at Parkhead, the Northerners went on to add the concept of an early goal to rattle the opposition, before retiring into their defensive shell until the second half.

Celtic have been tutoring teams in Scotland for the last few years on how to play against a superior team. I am pleased to see that it is baring fruit.

Aberdeen will receive further tutoring in an upcoming game to decide who holds the cup aloft in May.



Good article.
How you keep your train of thought on a myriad of issues is baffling to a rambling idiot like me.
Looking forward to your take on how and why our next coach is appointed.


On the matter of points sanctions applied to Clyde FC and to Hearts (although why Hearts lost 2 points for the 3 points they got in their and Clyde lost 4 for the points they earned in their 2 games Is a mystery) more on the moral hazard LNS introduced into Scottish football.

where it is posted as it’s a cross cutting issue.


I thought Lennon was a good choice to steady the ship till seasons end.
Saturdays coaching fiasco has me worried.
My reason’s for doubt is i want something more than defiance taking us forward.
The game has moved on since his last spell and he has until now and till the end of season to prove he has also.
I hope financials are not the only deciding matter.


Further thoughts on the game last night or rather the outcome of the game. It should be a very interesting game vs Aberdeen. The tactics used last night plus at Parkhead on Saturday would not be out of place if the away team had been called Valencia or Zenit. Solid defence plus fast counter attacks…we have seen this work at Parkhead on European nights to our disadvantage. I doubt Aberdeen will play any differently…..why should they?

I have a feeling that the old Lenny was susceptible to such tactics in cup semis. However, come the occasion, come the man. This is a great opportunity for folks like Burke, Benkovic and Weah to strut their stuff on a big stage. For some players the semi(perhaps the final) will be their last appearance on a big stage for Celtic. Interesting times ahead, indeed!



The folly of Bitton -Brown partnership being continued is worrying.
Burke and Weah both are excellent at running between the seams.
But what’s the point if two myopic central mid have already been preprogrammed to hesitate slow play down and pass wide or backwards?
Young Henderson made some brilliant between the lines runs on Saturday to be rewarded with a half time substitution.
The new Lenny loos pretty much like the old Lenny so far.


I wouldn’t put that partnership down to folly but necessity.
McGregor and Christie add an energy missing in their absence and if Rogic is fit enough then his languid style of play which is so easy on the eye also needs a bit of energy in support.
His ability to score from distance will be welcome v Aberdeen too.
A lot will depend in the semi on availability and Aberdeen are missing Shinnie and Consodine for sure.
They will be worthwhile opponents with no mattresses in their defence. They will be up for it.


You can take yer tongue out yer cheek now. ?



Good point re Rogic’s shooting from distance. I have to admit I am not a fan of Rogic. During my limited career as a player we had a player “like” Rogic in the team. Good looking guy as well!

He would do little for 80 minutes and then do something brilliant for three. At the end of the game all the talk would be about his brilliance whereas the rest of us gave 90 minutes of endeavour. Where is the praise for the honest muckers!

Every time I see Rogic I think of Dougie in our school team. Where are you now, Dougie?

Wish I could go back and do it all again!



Why necessity?
There are different formations and persnonel available even with present circumstances.
A partnership that’s detrimental to team performance is not a solution.
Ajer could be moved forward,Scott Allen at a pinch,McInroy from youth looks a player.
The partnership of Brown – Bitton led to one coach losing his job and recent evidence suggests there will be other casualties if they are allowed to continue.

big packy

HI BHOYS,,must admit I don’t like the brown/bitton partnership, bitton who I think is a good player, he definitely slows the game down,hh.

Fool Time Whistle

Morning all & a tip to Boaby for the article today.

Neil knows that if he delivers what we all hope he delivers – then the gig is pretty much his for the asking.
If he fails in one trophy then his chances reduce quite a bit, but I’ll bet that the BRexit is being lined up as an excuse by some.
If he fails and we play crappy football & the empty seats start to appear again, then his chances of getting the gig plummet…
Once again, the injury stats will be – correctly I think – flagged as a big factor in that.

From what I read elsewhere there are 9 league games left so by winning six of those and the remaining (hopefully) 2 cup games the goal is secured.

Mixed feelings when I heard him talk after Saturdays game of players being psychologically drained.
I think that he, his new mangement team & the players knew the extent of the challenge they faced in Edinburgh last week & having come through that successfully, there may have been a reaction. It also didn’t help their concentration for Saturday when the other mob drew in Edinburgh. So, perhaps an element of complacency over both of our wins & that draw sucked a little air out of the team’s energy before we faced Aberdeen.

On the other hand, we seemed less than effective with the tactics & subsitutions. The open play from us was uninspiring & we were pretty well contained by the opposition. Significantly for me, it was a player breaking across & through the lines that created the clearest chance to score. Ajer was unlucky, but he showed exactly what was missing tactically in order to create the goal scoring opprotunities. Aberdeen successfully stifled any threat from us down the flanks & rarely left the gaps between their lines, especially between Lewis & the defence, for Burke’s pace to exploit. That only left is with Ewan Henderson probing as best he could, so like many others, I was puzzled by his departue at HT. Maybe he had a knock or strain, but I’ve heard nothing since to confirm that. Johnston is a good ball player but he has not got the vision of Henderson in setting up others. He is a striker with a striker’s mentality when he thinks he has a chance on goal. His last curling right foot stirke aimed at the far corenr of the net was fine enough – if we were already in front. He gets tunnel vision too often when he within range & on that occasion he ignrioed r just didn’t see players that were better placed to get a shot off.

I took some consolation from the fact that, as he did when he manager previously, Lennon’s teams don’t give up easy goals. We didn’t look like conceding but neither did we look like scoring. When either Brown or Bitton had the ball at their feet in the Aberdeen half – their effective passing options were almost zero. Ahead of them were four Celtic players running in straight channels towards the Aberdeen goal, with no crossovers, diagonals or switching. All four were tightly marked with spare defenders to mop up deflections/ricochets. Bitton has great passing ability & we saw against Hertz that Brown is no slouch in passing skills either. There’s been lots of moaning about how Brown Bitton doesn’t work with special references to the Deila period, but we (me included) didn’t really look at what decent options were available to them with the ball at their feet. With Henderson subbed no one seemed to be doing the unorthodox which would give their defence something to think about.

It’s strange how when our defence creaks we blame the defence & when our midfield labours we blame the midfield etc. I sometimes tend to overlook the interdependability of all parts of the teamso maybe the statistical analyses need to be tuned better.

As others have said, Aberdeen used the same tactics to win last night as they used against us.

The “semaye” (as they say over here) final will be interesting when they don’t have the bionic Shinnie doing his stuff.

HH to all hereabouts

Fool Time Whistle

BP, He’s a pretty loathsome person on the field.

If he’s not diving (I counted at least 4 simulations in the short highlights reel on YouTube) then he’s kicking his way around the oppostion. I wonder how much his onfiled persona reflects his real personality. Shudder to think of anyone normal having to spend time in his company.
Is he the son of Trump?
Or is he McGregor’s long lost fraternal latino twin?
McGregor’s reaction to one challenge from McGinn was almost cartoonish. He fell down in the collision but then leapt to his feet to harangue Clancy that he should card McGinn for daring to raise his foot towards him. Zero contact but he contrived to fall clutching the imaginary point of contact on his shin. Crazy eyes, frothing at the mouth & syhthetic apoplectic rage – all for the cameras & the blue herd in the seats.

I imagine it’s only a matter of time before Clancy is the subject of a excoriating statement from Level 5.

Thought he reffed it pretty well – apart from The Colombian should have conced at least four fouls for simulation.


Fool Time Whistle

Funnily enough I often wonder about the system where these guys whizz through their badges.
Maybe it’s a bit like rich Americans getting their dumb progeny into the top yoonies.

I did the Uefa C badge years ago (In HIgh Wycombe) & had to work my socks off to get it. Even on that course there were favourites (not me) who got an easier time & then we’d find out that they knew the assessor or were ex-pros in small way somewhere in the past. It’s a fix ah tell ye, they’re aw duds.

I never ever did the rest of the badges & gave up my dreams of coaching in the EPL.
Mind you if Southgate could blag his way for years….

Largs CSC

Fool Time Whistle

For my sins & to my eternal shame – I sometimes look into some of their fans sites.
On “Heart and Hand” last night the host David Edgar was keen to say that even though their season was effectively over now – Mr Geeerard would get next season.

He also complained of players not performing & that fresh talent was needed.
Cue a clearout and more high spend by the man in charge.

Aberdeen showed last night that quick, one touch, surefooted play will rip their central defence apart.

Now who do we have ready to come back for the game at CP?

As for our coaching future, is there an out of work EPL manager with untapped potential who get/keep bums on seats?

Hard to escape the conclusion that the board will choose a candidate that requires the least radical overhaul of our systems & playing staff. That will definitely limit or field of candidates. Can we take NFL at his word that the systems bequethed by BR as as ticketyboo as he implied. Or was this the corporate script to calm the frayed nerves of insomniacs in planet Celtic?

Margaret McGill

Folly Folly we will Folly Rangers…….
just kidding my good man 🙂

Fool Time Whistle

Have to say that I saw nothing of the running between the seams on Saturday.
What I saw when Brown or Bitton had the ball & looked up at options – was four Celtic players in front of them running in almost straight lines towards the Aberdeen goal.
No stopping & coming short, no crossovers, no diagonal runs.

The space between the Aberdeen goalie,defence & midfield never opened up so the running in formation by Celtic players was pointless.

We know that both Brown & Bitton can pass well – but with nothing to risk passing to – they are made to look clueless as they then elect to recycle the ball between Celtic’s defence & themselves and try to draw out any break in Aberdeen’s formation.

Does anyone know if Henderson was injured at all?


bada bing1

Aberdeen v Celtic

Sunday 14 April 2019 (kick-off 2:00pm) | Live on Premier Sports

Hampden Park, Glasgow

Ticket prices are as follows: 

North and William Hill South Stands – Adults: £30 Concessions*: £15

East and West Stands – Adults: £20 Concessions: £10

Margaret McGill

I see it this way:
1. Stevie G a naive novice and completely self centered manager.
2. Scottish traditional bigoted lying dumb Mibbery
3. Hun attrition cheating off the scale
4. Total corruption
5. Hun staff “in the know” coaching for penalties and increasing the chances of opposition yellows and thus gain advantage by diving.
6. A sport that isn’t.

Then you get the total disgusting diving theatrics from the huns that seems to know no bounds that even some of their own fans are beginning to be ashamed. Now that’s saying something.

Suits Celtic PLC fine. Not a peep.

big packy

MAGS, agree,agree,agree, ask mr desmond about he rainjurs, and how they are one of the great football teams ,with a great history.hh.

bada bing1

Just think where the huns would be this season, without the cheating?

I was just thinking about that earlier, every single game they have played this season has had at least one big decision that has gone in their favour, not all would have given them points, but at a guess, they are twenty points better off due to the cheating, players that should have been sent off is quite serious, most games this happens, they are a mid table team without the cheats.

So after not being in the pub for a week I went down to my local this afternoon. The place was filled with racing punters! Cheltnham in full flow on the telly instead of the free mid week juke box. I was not best pleased I can tell you. Folk I normally have a good blether with were otherwise engaged.

So I joined in. £1 ew on a 25/1 shot something – Paddy – came nowhere. Never again!

Hail bliddy Hail

Heaven, I’m in Heaven
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak
And I seem to find the happiness I seek
When we’re out together dancing, sheep to sheep

Heaven, I’m in Heaven
And the cares that hang around me thro’ the week
Seem to vanish like a gambler’s lucky streak
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Oh! I love to climb a mountain
And to reach the highest peak
But it doesn’t thrill me half as much
As dancing sheep to sheep

That’s what £70 million gets you, crackin goal from VvD

Go to Bing homepage

Heaven, I’m in Heaven
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak
And I seem to find the happiness I seek
When we’re out together dancing, sheep to sheep

Heaven, I’m in Heaven
And the cares that hang around me thro’ the week
Seem to vanish like a gambler’s lucky streak
When we’re out together dancing, sheep to sheep

Oh! I love to climb a mountain
And to reach the highest peak
But it doesn’t thrill me half as much
As dancing sheep to sheep

Oops sorry for the double post. New laptop. Me in the pub this afternoon.

I blame the laptop. Stupid laptop!!!


🙂 🙂 🙂 Stupid lap yop. The sooner AI comes in the better for me. And robots that do the hoovering. N other things.

big packy

jim, that reminds of the movie the green mile, check it out.hh.,

Great film Packy. What were you up to today?

big packy

dugs and more dugs, as you know joan has a dog grooming salon, so im the dogsbody pardon the pun .hh.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow pal. It’s getting late.

Margaret McGill

I see McGinn scored 2 for Villa tonight
I hope Porto Barcelona Ajax and Juventus each get an English side
No French or German sides in the quarter finals.
I wonder when the last time that happened?

Margaret McGill

Bada Bing
Everything about Celtic PLC is vile repugnant hun loving filth.
I just puked again.
just liars


I said at the time that the compensation for BR would amount to more than his salary during his stay with us.

PL gets rid of an irritant,and gets a nice wee payday into the bargain. Now you know why he was being so heavily briefed against.