The Get Out of Jail Card


Firstly,apologies from Mahe and myself for the lack of a new article over the weekend. I was in London on Saturday for a wee sesh with my nephew followed by a visit to my local to watch yesterday’s match,while Mahe was visiting friends. Each of us thought the other had Saturday’s article covered!

Yesterday saw an absorbing game,which is about the only decent word I can think of to describe it. But before I do,allow FAN-A-TIC to give his opinions on it.

*CELTIC: Bain; Toljan, Lustig, Ajer, Tierney; Brown, McGregor, Forrest, Johnston, Sinclair; Edouard

Subs: De Vries, Benkovic, Hayes, Henderson, Weah, Burke, Bayo.

Looks like Lennon has reacted to recent performances and decided to play a more positive team.
In Johnston,Sinclair and Forrest we have 3 wingers so interesting to see who will support Ed?
Also seems like a team with an eye on next season with Burke,Weah and Benkovic on the bench.
Scrappy start but at least a positive approach.
9minutes great one-two with McGregor and Johnston leads to a good save from McG shot.
13 – lovely over the top ball by McG to Ed falls to JF but he shoots over.Poor effort.
Madden is up to his old tricks ignoring dangerous tackles .
17- stonewall penalty denied as SS is clearly pulled back in box.
Brown shoots goalie spills SS shot blocked and Ed shot well saved.
Lack of leadership at back is allowing Dundee to much space.
Someone has to assume role.
Our corners are just awful.
JF volley blocked then cleared.
We are are entertaining but not incisive enough due to our habit of hitting the last third then hesitating..
40- SS shot saved by keeper.
44 Bain makes great one on one save after Lustig and Ajer ballwatching.
Half time
MJ not playing badly but the central area is too crowded and more than once we have got in each others way.

Second half starts and SS curls a shot just wide on 48 minutes.Corner given.
Pretty poor with no real purpose or shape
58 Hayes for MJ.Strange substitution.
73 Lustig volley easily saved.
Ajer off and Benkovic on.
In this half JF has been dreadful and SS invisible.
77 Weah on for Toljan.
Not much threat especially from our truly awful corners.
6 mins added.
Will Dundees feigning injury and time wasting come back to haunt them.
95 minutesJF finally appears and cuts back to Ed who started move to score.
How many goals would Ed have with decent service?
96 encouraged by his previous play JF hits the bar from Weah pass.
Lennon goes nuts at final whistle.
Thankful for the points but that was poor.
I have stated previously that Lennon lacks tactical acumen and seems reliant on our better players digging out results.
Today clearly showed this.
KT no longer adds anything in an attacking sense and looks hesitant in tackle.What has happened to him?
The defense clearly had no idea who was responsible for what.
A better opponent would have made us pay
Toljan was the best of the bunch and unlucky to be subbed.
Johny Hayes put in a good shift and should be given time.
Bain is excellent.
Our hopeful punts were depressing for a team with plenty of skill.
Still the points are in the bag and title inching closer.
Hail Hail


And now mine,I had few strong complaints about the line-up,given our well-documented injury problems,and it was good to see Callum McGregor return to action. Possibly the employment of three wingers in Sinclair,Forrest and Johnstone was a trifle optimistic,not to say confusing for the players in question and the rest of the team. Add in two full-backs who like to overlap and you can see a potential for problems.

The surfeit of wingers provided another problem,namely a shortage in midfield. Relying on Broonie,who is beginning to look like the close season can’t come soon enough,and a returning-from-injury Callum,and you can see why our game plan was to get the ball forward as quickly as possible.

Michael Johnston is having a brutal run of games to be selected in,rarely being seen in his favoured role out wide in the team,and often in potentially difficult games. I’d be inclined to give him a run in home games against the likes of St Mirren,Hamilton,etc-and in his favoured slot. He’s not a bad player but he is rarely given the chance to prove he is a good one!

He wasn’t the only player not to shine,not by a long way. Ajer and Lustig didn’t click at the back,Toljan and Tierney-who actually looked to be struggling physically-barely made a telling run all day. McGregor started brightly but faded as the game wore on,and Broonie struggled to cover,especially in the second half,on a number of occasions when Dundee broke forward.

Our front men flattered to deceive for most of the day,and it would have been a brave man who ventured round to the bookies to bet in play with 85 minutes gone. Of course,the remaining time was more than doubled-much to my surprise!-when Madden added on SIX minutes due to injuries and substitutions,and it was then that we scored.

Eddy got the ball inside the box,fed Forrest on his left,who cut it back across goal for Eddy to slot into the net. The relief was as great as the joy,most of us had thought by then that we had walked once more into the open door left to us by Sevco’s draw the previous day! I know I didn’t cheer the goal,delighted as I was. It was more of an “Aw,Hallelujah!” reaction. And I wasn’t alone.

But it should never have come to this. Some heavy-duty industrial tackling by the home team was punished by a shocking SIX free-kicks and one booking against them. One tackle,about fifteen minutes in,could easily have led to a red card,but Madden saw absolutely nothing wrong with it and waved play on! This was a recurring theme throughout the match,including another howler on our right side late on. Near the corner of the box,it could have provided us with another opportunity to put a dangerous ball into their box,but since we had failed to do that thus far,despite twelve corners,it probably saved one of our players further embarrassment. And it had all started so well,we genuinely looked capable of scoring every time we went up the park in the first half,only to be denied repeatedly by the Dundee keeper and some less-than-quality finishing. Not so in the second half,where we barely looked capable of opening them up,despite laying siege to their penalty area.

Though sadly not their goal!

Would it have been different had Madden given us the penalty when Sinclair was brought down in the box? A tug on the shirt collar as you burst past your man is a foul even in rugby,ffs! It was as clear a penalty as you will see-and he saw it alright! Say what you like about him,and we did plenty of it in the pub yesterday,you can rarely fault his positioning. He didn’t give the penalty because he simply didn’t want to give it. There’s a word for that,and it isn’t refereeing.

With less than twenty minutes gone at the time,we would have seen a different game as Dundee were forced to open up and attack us.

I got the firm impression that the home team weren’t so much interested in getting a point as in denying us two points. And I’ll tell you what,if they had shown as much determination and resolve during the rest of the season as they did yesterday,they wouldn’t be in the mess that they are in now. Which is definitely not to their credit.

Still,three points and a ten point lead,and I would have taken that at the start of the weekend. So all in all,a successful weekend,as the history books will show. Which will do for me!


Above match reviews by FAN-A-TIC and BMCUWP. During the international break,we will be presenting you with the occasional Most Memorable Matches. You can provide us with one of your own-or an article on any other topic-for publication by mailing Mahe on

PS-a young fella down the pub yesterday suggested I give the following site a try. Good suggestion,Matt-now get posting on here!

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Remiss of me not to offer my condolences and best wishes to all involved in the tragic events yesterday in Cookstown.

big packy

FAN-A-TIC and BOBBY can I also offer condolences to everyone involved in cookstown,,now I think you have both summed up the game correctly, athough the way Dundee played everyone behind the ball its hard to break defences down when they play like that, man of the match for me, tin hat on was scott bain, some very good saves at crucial times, good to see calmac back but the midfield still wasn’t right, id have played ollie burke from the start with his pace running at defenders, that would have tired them out for the second half, then bring on jonny hayes for the full second half, anyway we won that’s all that matters hh.

Was sent this by SOLKITTS. With the comment-I blame the schools!

Awe Naw

For as long as we play Eddie with his back to goal we can expect performances like yesterday’s

Still playing players out of position.


I pointed that out to the people I was with yesterday,along with the fact that few passes were made to a player on the run.

They were ALL playing with their back to goal yesterday,and I think the only two passes to players on the run were the last two in the move for our goal.

I don’t think that’s a coincidence.


We have rarely passed to a player on the run for years.
Have anticipation and off the ball movement been banned at Lennoxtown?
Will JF and Ed be made to run laps for yesterday’s transgression?


big packy
Totally in agreement that Bain was M.O.M.
He has been vital.


We played plenty of passes to players on the run in the last two games against the huns last season. I remember commenting on it at the time,and hoping against hope that it might flick a switch in a coach’s brain.

Sadly,as John Cleese said it’s not the despair that kills you,I can cope with that. It’s the hope.

And watching yesterday,it’s both!

bada bing1

Irish flag being removed at Dundee yesterday…


Yet some Celtic fans suggest appeasement?

bada bing1
Margaret McGill

Football clubs only care about money and that looks to me that the tricolour was obscuring a scaffolding advert. That may be a simpler explanation.

The Gombeen Man

Strict Liability cuts both ways.

What’s in place to deal with overbearing stewarding by club employees?

For example the attempted theft of property and common assault on the supporter by paid employees of Dundee Football Club?

It’s all very well to highlight the easy targets but what about when those charged with the health and safety of supporters cross the line and engage in loutish behaviour?

A fluorescent jacket isn’t a licence to act in a offensive and discriminatory manner.

On another note had anyone heard from TET?


big packy

THE GOMBEEN, MAN think he posted on cqn the other day probably busy.hh.

Mike in Toronto

on that note, I haven’t noticed Delaney’s Dunkey of late … either here or CQN.

The Gombeen Man


Every Celtic supporter attending the next away game(s) should be encouraged to bring an Irish Tricolour to the game.

This action would highlight the racist and unacceptable behaviour of the police and stewards.

I can’t remember a Union flag or any other flag being forcibly taken in this manner and I’ve seen videos of supporters being arrested for the offence of being in possession of an Irish flag.

This intolerance needs to be highlighted and stopped.


Tit for Tat ?
Are we about to see a rise in terrorist atrocities against innocent people?

The Gombeen Man


I think Jobo was looking for TET here on Saturday. I don’t recall seeing TET on?

I don’t go on ‘Commercial Quick News’ much but think I recall DD the other day…he was working 7 till 7.



The Gombeen Man
In the video above by Bada the police seem to be condoning the aggressive behavior of the steward.
Were they hoping the fan reacted against psychical provocation so they could arrest the victim?
Only in the best wee country.

I think TET posts on Celtic Noise.

big packy

HI MIKE, think he said to gftb he was working nightshifts.hh.

Mike in Toronto

Thanks BP. I must have missed that.

big packy

THE GOMBEEN MAN, yes your right it was 7 till 7.hh.

big packy

FAN-A-TIC, its certainly worrying times, this could easily escalate,god help us if it does.hh.

Margaret McGill

Well remember the Orange Bastard and Fenian act was passed in order to target Celtic after Broonie did the Broonie. I have as much hope for Strict liability.

big packy

mags how do you think celtic fans would fare in an independent Scotland.hh.

bada bing1

Guys who have been out for at least 4 weeks this season,

big packy

HI BADA, yes that’s a lot of injuries.hh.

The Gombeen Man


Yeah it’s about time this racism was called out. Officials acting like thugs leaves Scotland looking like a medieval backwater.


bada bing1

Forgot Ntcham…..

Margaret McGill

Originally being a believer in Labour most of my life I didnt want it but with Brexit I think we have to take the chance.
I know their are concerns on the catholic side with discrimination and schools and other stuff but I believe a lot of the Union jack shite will dissipate with independence.
Anyway Glasgow Celtic PLC gave the vanguard of bigotry in Scotland a lifeline.
A betrayal I will never forgive.

If an Independent Scotland meant we got rid of the monarchy in Scotland, I’d take to the streets myself.

Would much rather have a president. Not a political one like Trump but like the Irish one a figure head of State.
I was disgusted with the SNP for cow towing on this issue.

The Gombeen Man

Cheers Packy

Margaret McGill

Best way to deal with Sectarianism is dont go to away games and dont give them your money. They’ll soon let you fly the tricolour or any other flag you want.

big packy

MAGS AND JIM, thanks for your replies, because I live down here was only testing the water, remember getting told years ago that snp stood for strictly no papes obviously has changed I hope.hh.

Fool Time Whistle

Morning All,
How was the Wimbleodeon Centre Bobby?
Guinness to your liking I hope?

Hard work yesterday & I’m referring to the misbegotten souls that had to watch it from afar or even close up.
Fractious atmosphere at Chez Fool as my interaction with the TV became a near frothy mouthed variety.
Most of my ire was directed at the tactics that we chose to employ especially when chances came from ricochets more than planning.

I’m not disparaging Neil Lennon at all in any of the following.
You only have to watch him ion the touchline to know that he still kicks every ball at matches.
His 50 yard dash & haka at the corner flag were just great – despite what Tom English implied.
(An odious attention seeking tweet amongst quite a few from the scoddish meeja)

The performance yesterday was actually worse than against Aberdeen despite the fact that we only drew that game.
We accepted the Aberdeen performance because it was ..well against Aberdeen who will finish 3rd & if Newco implode maybe 2nd.
We also accpeted it because the post Rodgers bump had worn off after 2 good victores in Edinburgh.
However, against a team battling against relegation our tactics seemed just as barren.

Facing a 10 man, organized defensive formation is no surprise to Celtic, but we often seem bereft of ideas on how to win against it.
In addition our players seemed off for some reason. Passes going astray, first touches that became passses to an opponent, and shots that either hit roof of the stand or one of our own players. I don;t know whether NFL gave them a yoga session or the hair drier treatment but we seemed better in the 2nd half. But better is a comparative term – so we still looked unlikely to score.

I didn’t think Madden was that bad – he was just Madden. It wasn’t his fault we were poor & though I felt the Sinclair pull was a penalty I wouldn’t have been happy had that been given against us. Maybe I shouted less at him because I was to busy “encouraging” our players. He didn’t seem to favour them more than us – he was just Madden for both teams. I saw Jim McIntyre’s post game interview comment about 6 mins of added time, but poor Jim managed to contradict himself at least twice in 3 mins.

Like every other Celtic fan I hoped for a late winner but by the last minute I’d resigned myself to 0-0. We were lucky for the goal. A Brown deflection took the ball to Eddie who was out of position in midfield. He had time to collect it, look up & move forward. Then Jamesie who was around the penalty spot ran inside to out, collected the ball, beat the defender and left footed a perfect pass into the path of Odsonne. Eddie’s finish made it look easy & we all wondered where both he & James had been for the first 95 minutes.

Neil was relieved and delighted in his interview. No psychological stuff & in fact he offered no excuses for the team. He admitted that we were slow getting forward, our passing wasn’t great & we were off. I wonder what our tactical options were supposed to be, because either they weren’t any use or players didn’t follow them – maybe a bit of both. We seemed to have no guile about our game-plan: they were disciplined & we were predictable so we made no real headway. We scored by being unpredictable.

Terrible events occur too frequently it seems.
People go to church/mosque/synagogue & never come home because of hate.
People get on a brand new airplane that was unsafe because the FAA allowed Boeing to self certify the safety of their own product.
Teenagers go out to the local St Patrick’s Night disco & never come home because of an avoidable crush.

HH & Take Care

Just catching up, no been on for a couple of days, life getting in the way as they say, no internet friday night and saturday, serious withdrawal symptoms 😉
Fantastic three points but desperate stuff, don’t like critting the manager but Mikey Johnson, wtf is that all about, he was swatted off the ball so easily, all the long balls over the top for the defence to gobble up, some very decent crosses into the box by Jonny Hayes again for the defenders to swat away with ease, we have a player on the bench who we paid a couple of mill for that is supposed to be good with his head, feckin use him, unless he is another project that is doomed to fail like so many others.
Tri colours getting taken down and some are advocating SL, no way was it was covering advertising, had it been flags of other teams would be taken down, it obviously offends them that much.
Appeasement has Never worked in the past.
Appeasement Doesn’t work in the present.
Appeasement will Not work in the future.
Eff them.
That TET on Celtic noise isny me, his or her posts are nothing like stuff I would post FFS 😉

big packy

TET, nice to see you back on, and in a good mood for a change,??.

I’m always in a good mood 😉

Fool Time Whistle, I know it didn’t go down a storm with everyone but I thought your post on CQN was very good. Lots of good points.

TET, Sorry, no slight intended, I didn’t read any of his posts I just noticed someone ‘TET’ liking other posts. I’ve only been on the site 3 times for a nosey. Not my cup of tea.

I know that, I went on it a few times when it first started but like you not my cup of T, no proper debate, fast food blog imo.

bada bing1

Embdae on here played Pine Cliffs Golf course in Albufiera?

Fool Time Whistle


Thanks. High emotions all round but I tried to roll with as much of the feedback that I saw.
Last night, fell asleep smiling at thought of 10 points ahead…but Mrs FTW was very suspicious.
Had to make my own coffee this morning.

Fool Time Whistle

Just put this up in another place (paraphrasing Parliamentary lingo)

How many Celtic fans knew about this in advance?

From Celtic FC SLO at 1.42pm on Friday, March 15
Following Following @CelticFCSLO

Important Info for Sun: @DundeeFC like many others these days, have advised that due the Shankly Stand being completely sold out there is a lack of free space therefore fans are asked not to bring large flags or banners as they cannot be accommodated RT @CelticFC
From Celtic FC SLO at 12.24pm on Sunday, March 17 (6 minutes before kickoff)

Mar 17

Couple of reminders for Dens today, gates open 11:30, new access arrangements in place, no large bannners. Enjoy yirsels, Hail Hail ???

A few things occur…

What is “large” in this context?
Who decides what is large & what isn’t? (well we know who’ll decide)
Was it really because the Bob Shankly stand was full that flags were banned? Really?
Does this mean that fewer fans in that stand will mean flags & large banners will be permitted?
What system did the stadium management have for receipts for return of confiscated property afterwards?
What protocol & training did stewards/police have to implement this change?
What realistic steps were made to ensure fnas were aware in advance?
When was this change put before the Safety Team & when was it finalized?
When were Celtic FC made aware of this alteration to the usual customs about flags & banners?
Did anyone at Dundee, Police Scotland or Celtic consider the implications of enforcing this against Celtic fans on St Patrick’s Day of all days?
Can we expect that fans of all clubs will be subjected to the same rules?

And for JP, what else did Celtic do to inform fans well enough in advance?

Clueless & Gormless – Solicitors to Dundee FC



Peter didn’t like it ;-))


Guinness was just peachy,old bean. As was the company. Watched the second half of the rugby in the pub around the corner,didn’t bother much with the first half.

Pretty sure there was just as much added time on the clock there when England equalised as there was on Sunday when Forrest scored,yet not a peep from the Scotland camp(!)

Even managed to get my train home without any problems,which might be a first for me!!!


Just watched the end of ‘This time with Alan Partridge’ on BBC 1. Tears are running down my face. Get it on catch up. Hh