Fly that Flag high

Howdy folks ,

I trust all are well after a hell of weekend and didnt drink too much.

The only thing I saw was the bottom of a glass repeatedly and zero sports , but on such a weekend thats fine by me .

As the onfield action was addressed yesterday its only fitting to address the off field action that the bent never boring Sphell threw up in its weekly what now round of games.

We on this site have often wondered just what it exactly it would take for our fans in general to say enough and act in unison for the common good of themselves and the game.

After numerous incidents which would have been enough for some , it seemed nothing would awaken the dragon was the general consensus.

Upon browsing to see what I had missed while on the lash it wasnt long at all to see that what had occured up at Dens Park wasnt normal at all , and theres video’s surfacing that leave a lot of questions that need answering .

But let me state very clearly ,, at the weekend we seen lines crossed , important lines that mean something to the average fan .

At the weekend they scored a massive own goal .

You will have seen the fan shoved to the ground , arrested for having a banner that goes to every game .  

You will have seen the Tricolour removed also .

These are two things that no right thinking fan thought they would see that day .

These are also two things that the fans hold very very close to their heart ,,,

The bond with Mother Ireland

And looking after our own .

As you know I wasnt there but I must say to those who managed to keep a cool head on the day well done as I dont think I would have and you never know if it could really kick off but those two issues cant help but inflame the fans.

Perhaps that was the whole point though ,, knowing that the fans are on the drink all weekend and loving the rebel tunes and feeling the connection with the Old Country lets treat them like second class scum and with disdain .

They only act this way because they know they can ,, thats the worrying part .

They obviously are not very smart though as they would have left the flag alone if they were , one battle they lost before and will only enrage many many people if they attempt to again .

The SLO has spoken up , but then Operation Deflection began almost immediately with pesky Timmy getting the blame  ,, actually two Tims acting up outside .

Two Tims !       Im not sure how many arrests occur at any big social gathering but two out of over 10 thousand seems pretty decent to me .

Throw in St Patricks Day and its looking like a hell of good number , only two .

Throw in provocation and its a miracle number .

“ This was dealt with professionally “

Eff me,, I wouldnt like to see what they call unprofessional if thats the case .

That is pleasing to me is the CSA has waded into the row and issued a statement , lets hope they stay focused . A strong unified supporters org would be priceless ,, and if used correctly could be a force for change in the game , which is desperately needed more than ever as these events show .

Unfortunately though once again another weekend round of fixtures throws up unwanted scenes, scenes that should make rational people shudder .

Theres only one Club can fix this ,, and ironically their hand might be forced on this one .

The simply must stand for the Tricolour , no ifs buts or doubts.

That flag is part of the club . Its in the fans blood . Its going nowhere , absolutely nowhere .

This is one issue that may have been underestimated by many .

Another attack on that flag will force hearts and minds to start thinking and acting ,,, at last !

Would you share a memory of a favourite game with the site during the international break?

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March 19, 2019 5:37 am
March 19, 2019 5:52 am
big packy
March 19, 2019 8:27 am

HI MAHE, hope you had a good st patricks day, as regards the tricolour an absolute disgrace, that video of the celtic fan being held face down like that, brought back memories to me as a young lad watching the troubles in northern Ireland and the b specials knockin shit out of the catholic population, remember they tried years ago to have the tricolour banned but sir robert Kelly refused to budge, we need to stand together on this.hh.

Reply to  big packy
March 19, 2019 8:55 am


Indeed. I should have guessed that when I called for zero tolerance by the police,that SL wasn’t required if the police did their jobs,that they would make a start by hammering the Tims at the next game.

Of course,turns out they didn’t do their job-as seen on the footage where they allowed a steward to steal a tricolour then assault and eject the flag’s owner.

Maybe they got the idea from a preview reel of last night’s Alan Partridge show?

March 19, 2019 11:17 am

I’ve been trying to find a clip of the Connor Goldson tackle on Conor McAleny in injury time,the one where McGregor in his usual coward-aggressive way booted the ball as hard as he could at the prone Killie player.

Couldnae find it,of course. But I did find a cracking photo of the tackle from an unexpected source.

I know Vass is the huns equivalent of Leni Riefenstahl but he does take a good photo. And it shows what a perfect view the referee had.

The Gombeen Man
March 19, 2019 12:03 pm

Good article Mahe, highlighting a very depressing picture of Scotland.
It’s abundantly clear that Scotland has a deep rooted problem.

The football authorities have shown themselves to be incapable of running the game in a transparent and credible way. Cheating is rife. Laws are ignored and dishonesty is King.
Refereeing is so bizarre it’s comical.

The flag of a nearby multicultural, friendly country is treated with appalling disdain by those charged with protecting the peace.

Young people are treated like criminals simply because of their connection to their Irish heritage.

Lies about protecting advertising are used to distract and insult the public’s intelligence.

The disgraceful scenes at the weekend by supposed guardians of the peace are sickening and should leave those who advocate a ‘get tough’ policy in no doubt what that means in a racist reactionary country like Scotland.

It means the targeting and victimisation of the minority. It means dawn raids. It means public humiliation by cybernet thugs and unfortunately the mainstream media. It means lost jobs and families targeted.

Paradoxically it usually also means court cases dropped and embarrassing climb downs by the state.

Irish people are completely unaware of this toxin in Scottish society. This morning in the car I listened to commentators praising Scotland’s performance at Twickenham. The contributors have no idea that the innocent possession of a Irish flag is an arrestable offence at a Scottish football match.

I honestly can’t recall the arrest or theft of the theft of any other nations flag at a game?

On Paddy’s Day I drove past families of African origin here. They carried the Irish flag and we’re dressed in green, white and orange. They also carried the flags of their country of origin and can and are encouraged to celebrate both.

Thank God that I don’t have to carry the toxin and intolerance of so many in Scotland.

Reply to  The Gombeen Man
March 19, 2019 1:18 pm

Thanks . I was disgusted at the scenes I saw.
The scenes from Bolton show you that if cops step outta line the people should step up.
II hope out fans do the same if needed.

The thing is they have gave it a legitimate excuse ie the ad hoardings, but it’s clearly crap.
The Plc should have agreed to normal protocol , especially on Paddy’s day.
Saying you can’t bring that flag on that day is just plain anti Irish racism.
And theres a fella holds it against me for deciding not to pass this on to the wee one!
This Plc ain’t gonna fo nothing,,the fans need to stand up together.
Hope all good pal
Hail Hail

Bada Bing
Reply to  mahe
March 19, 2019 1:19 pm
Bada Bing
Reply to  Bada Bing
March 19, 2019 1:20 pm
Reply to  Bada Bing
March 19, 2019 1:36 pm

It’s a pity he didn’t announce he was retiring from football altogether. Except we would probably have to suffer him as a pundit.

Bada Bing
Reply to  The Gombeen Man
March 19, 2019 1:38 pm
The Gombeen Man
Reply to  Bada Bing
March 19, 2019 1:43 pm

A ratbag of a new Club…

The Gombeen Man
Reply to  mahe
March 19, 2019 1:50 pm


All good cheers.
The scene of the lad on the ground are more reminiscent of the B Specials or the dark days of South Africa.

Thankfully in these days of the internet these horrific scenes can be highlighted…the down side is the behaviour of the police and stewards will inevitably lead to further incidents.

March 19, 2019 3:01 pm


Thank you very much for bringing last night’s Alan Partridge episode to our attention.

If I’m honest,I tended to view his stuff as too much of an in-joke,so not for me.

So I showed it to my Tim pal down the pub earlier,”I’m no’ watching that,he’s pish,widnae watch him getting run down on a zebra crossing”

Oh,aye. He did,of course. First time he’s shut up in years,he couldn’t believe it!

I think Mr Coogan has had a word with his accountant,enough to cover him for life. Because his chances of working again at The Beeb are minimal.

Or maybe not,The Beeb weren’t cowards back in the seventies. Told everyone back then exactly what The Black and Tans were in their flagship series.

March 19, 2019 3:12 pm

Scottish police are an extension of the best wee country’s society.
They are their government and judiciary sanctioned military wing.
They bear the same malice to Tim’s as American cops have towards black or hispanic people.
Only difference is the Scottish cops only have batons to date.
God help us if they are ever allowed to carry guns.

Fool Time Whistle
March 19, 2019 3:29 pm

Morning Mahe – hope you had a good weekend

As for the main topic in your article today….

Am I the only one who sees a direct connection with what happened at the Dundee game & the issue of seat/bottle/coin throwing & fans running onto the pitch And especially the alleged failure of the police to deal with that?

“Police should do their job” or “Police inaction is a scandal” or “If the Police did their job there wouldn’t be a problem.” were some of the types of statements made. I mentioned at the time that this was a devil’s bargain & reminded folk how negatively many had reacted when the Police had previously gone into sacrosanct areas to “do their job”.

I also warned that if the clubs didn’t step up & take their legal safety responsibilities seriously, then other agencies would step in and impose control on them AND their fans. Since then, the Scottish media have been breathlessly telling us about the SFA, SPFL wanting to discuss this “upsurge in fan misbehaviour” with the Scottish government (which would essentially have to involve Police Scotland too) to come up with a solution. Significantly though, it’s also very clear now that some clubs (Dundee), Safety Teams & Police Scotland have been discussing this “crisis” at local level – and so we come to the farce that unfolded at the Bob Shankly Stand on Sunday.

Was anyone really & truly surprised that were or appeared to be more Police & Steward than usual to greet Celtic fans at that entrance to the Bob Shankly Stand? After all that has happened in the last 4 weeks & especially the pointless frothing by media & fans about Police inaction – really? I would have been astonished if it had been otherwise, particularly since Celtic fans have a history there – according to legend & Police Scotland.

On Friday of last week I saw a tweet from JP, the Celtic FC SLO
Mar 15
Important Info for Sun: @DundeeFC like many others these days, have advised that due the Shankly Stand being completely sold out there is a lack of free space therefore fans are asked not to bring large flags or banners as they cannot be accommodated RT @CelticFC”
I retweeted it & thought nothing more of it – then Sunday blew up.

At some point last week, the Dundee Safety Team met & discussed the upcoming visit by Celtic fans & decided that they would impose a ban on banners & large flags in the Bob Shankly Stand. The presented justifcation was & remains unconvincing: Celtic fans hadn’t complained about their own banners & very clearly they weren’t consulted about any proposed ban. Strike one against the Safety Team/DundeeFC/Police – if there is a genuine safety reason for any enforcement then explain it in full & ensure that all those affected by it a) actually know about it & b) why it’s being introduced. None of this was done & we are left speculating that flags & banners made it difficult for stewards & Police to identify their targets – and so we’re back to the misbehaviour of fans hiding amongst the throng of other supporters – the very issue that only last week led to calls for the Police to just do their job.

At the ground on Sunday, confrontations occurred between Club Stewards/Police & Celtic fans over flags & banners. As news of this emerged the CelticFC SLO tweeted the following – at 12.24pm – 6 minutes before the kick off.
Mar 17
Couple of reminders for Dens today, gates open 11:30, new access arrangements in place, no large bannners. Enjoy yirsels, Hail Hail ???”

Only JP knows what prompted this tweet AT THAT TIME – but the timing seems significant to me.

So we know that the Dundee Safety Team decision to ban flags & banners on Sunday was passed on to Celtic FC at least as early as Friday, Marc 15. We know that Celtic got their SLO to tweet about it on Friday but I have no knowledge of what else they did to make sure their fans knew what they were walking into in Dundde on St Patrick’s Day. I’m pretty sure that JP would have taken other measures to pass the information on, but regardless, the vast majority of Celtic fans at the game were not aware of the new rules over flags/banners.

At the same time, the recent controversies over unruly fans & the subsequent ineffective action by clubs & Police ensured that those both agencies in Dundee were well briefed & prepared to enforce this new rule – about which Celtic fans were completely oblivious. The course for collision was clearly set & collision duly occurred.

In all of this nonsense, the ones who suffered were Celtic fans, fans who naturally took additional offence at Police & steward actions as this all took place on St Patricks Day. Did no one in Dundee or the Safety Team consider how this would be likely to play out in the media? Were they all asleep at the wheel – because it seems that way? I usually prefer the cock-up theory to the conspiracy theory when things like this occur – but it truly stretches my credibility when faced with such mind numbing stupidity by alleged professionals who are paid to weigh these things carefuly before making a decision. That said, I tend to the belief that the Police in particular were not for backing down on this issue regardless of the siginificance of the day. Basically, they said to Celtic fans “Tough, that’s your problem.”

I don’t think Celtic FC come out of this that well & I know that JP does an unenviable job really well, but could the club have done more to fully prepare their fans for what they would encounter at Dundee? The communication was clearly defective since very few fans knew about the ban. Were television or radio announcements considered? What about supporters clubs or fans blog sites?
It seems that the notice given to Celtic FC was very short & that is something that should be biunced right back to the Dundee Safety Team & the timing of their decision – but since notice was so short it makes the case for saturation & comprehensive notifcation by the club to Celtic fans even more vital not less.

In the aftermath of such a clusterf*** – outrage, jobsworths & finger pointing predominate. I feel great sympathy for the fans who were effectively ambushed & little sympathy for the other players. Those other players were all in a position of some control but chose to punt rathet than run with the ball & I have to include Celtic FC amongst those. The Police will point to recent events & suggest that they were only doing what they’re paid to do – very familiar refrain during the strict liability discussions. The Club & thier Stewards will join the Police in saying that once the decision had been made they told Celtic so that they could tell their fans about it & all they did was enforce something that they believed was common knowledge among the travelling Celtic fans. None of these agencies seemed to have tried to find out if this was true – because “it wasn’t their job”.
Celtic via their SLO are in the crosshairs sadly. I imagine that JP runs aorund in ever decreasing circles as match days approach & he is especially overworked on away days. He should be supported more & the implications of his job must be understood better by senior folk at the club.

The whole mess is redolent of the dysfunction within Scottish football & very often Scottish society in general. Eeveryine gets on a bandwagon of hysteria when it rolls into town, but no one really wants to accept their reponsibility within the larger picture. When it goes “tits up” CYA & NMF kick in – Cover Your Arse & Not My Fault.

The whole buildup & fallout were all predictable & as things stand are set to be repeated ad infinitum.

Have agreat rest of the day.

Bada Bing
Reply to  Fool Time Whistle
March 19, 2019 4:46 pm

The club need to realise, not everyone is on Twitter or Facebook

Margaret McGill
March 19, 2019 5:44 pm

What did Celtic FC say about the debacle at Dens?
what about MSM?
As I said yesterday dont give them your money
If you do you have no right to bitch and whine about the unfairness of it all.
Its sheer antagonism and your’e falling right into it.
Dont give them your money and they will soon overlook whatever fucking flag you want to fly.

The Exiled Tim
March 19, 2019 5:56 pm

Good leader Mahe.
If you want to solve the problems in the game in scotland that affects us and our support……………….
It’s really no rocket science, for an in the main intelligent support, not to see this is breathtaking, when you stop funding the hate against us, they will sit up and take notice, till then, whine and stamp your feet till the cows come home, it will do no good, the opposite in fact, they will fleece you while laughing at you and arresting you.
Now who was it that said the huns were stupid !!!

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  The Exiled Tim
March 19, 2019 5:59 pm

I honestly never saw your post, but you know that 😉

Reply to  Fool Time Whistle
March 19, 2019 6:05 pm


No,you’re far from the only one who spotted it. See my post at 0855,near the top of the page.

Disgraceful stuff,and little wonder that so few in this country anymore have the faith and trust in the police force that they were brought up to believe in.

Margaret McGill
Reply to  The Exiled Tim
March 19, 2019 6:09 pm

Its like Spinal Tap “This volume goes up to 11!”

big packy
Reply to  The Exiled Tim
March 19, 2019 6:11 pm

TET, we both know its not going to happen, I wont bore you with the eleven monkeys in celtic strips quote, but you know what I mean, the main event for a lot of celtic fans is the games against them so feckin sad hh.

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  big packy
March 19, 2019 6:31 pm

So what’s the answer, if there is one, I just don’t see one if the truth be told, on other blogs, highly intelligent posters who know they are getting cheated still contribute to the charade, astonishing.
When we first thought about moving here in 2008 we came here to suss things out and spend a few days exploring the place etc, we rented a cave to see what we would be letting ourselves in for, went to the local shop and bought a few bits of the local eats and vino, delighted, after that decided to see what the village had to offer, a fair walk into the village so we stopped at the first bar, the winker ripped us off, we found this out the next day after frequenting a couple of other bars, needless to say in all the time we have been here we have never given him another cent, the moral of the story is……………….

Margaret McGill
Reply to  The Exiled Tim
March 19, 2019 6:41 pm

As long as their is a bigot buck there is no answer.Its the only raison d’etre.

Margaret McGill
Reply to  Margaret McGill
March 19, 2019 6:41 pm


The Exiled Tim
Reply to  Margaret McGill
March 19, 2019 6:44 pm

Aye, it’s quite sad the lengths that some folks will go to for the filthy lucre, imo robbing your own takes the biscuit.

The Gombeen Man
March 19, 2019 7:43 pm


It’s always been the way, I think.

That’s why in 1916, men and women took the GPO. The British overreacted and executed the leaders and buried them unceremoniously in a mass grave.

The public reacted to that outrage and in response the Black and Tan and Auxiliary thugs were sent over.

Human beings seem to live in a fear locked daze. Many suffer shoddy treatment from the the authorities in the UK and there seems to be nothing that wakes them from their slumber.

I’ve even read posts acknowledging that maybe the flag was obscuring the advert.

At the weekend Cardiff hosted a sell out rugby match between Wales and Ireland. Adverts we’re obscured by both nations flags.

There was no issue with public safety at the sight of an Irish flag.

This is pure and simple;

‘We have an issue with football thugs. The police are getting it in the neck…This is an opportunity to demonize the Celtic support.’

Despite that there still will be the usual ‘self-righteous’ bores that will exonerate the ‘authorities’ in the hope of a free heated seated near PL.


Reply to  Fool Time Whistle
March 19, 2019 7:51 pm

FTW ,,
Good afternoon and loving your contributions btw.

Seems to me someone is lying , the terms of the agreement were changed , or just left open in the first place , and Cfc had zero idea of what was to happen hence the announced investigation ( we must count up the running investigations one day ).
This investigation must ask was there precedence from other such games especially involving those teams with large travelling support ?

Theres no way they would have been told Triclours will be confiscated , and said only that tweet. That tweet from JPT seems just an innocuous comment, that ads will not be allowed to be obscured , and that its not special to the occasion or visitor at all .
But what happened was basically an ambush , and we are told our fans got agitated yet what else was supposed to happen given a fella wrestled to the ground when he could have been politely marched to the back of the paddy wagon ,, and on St Patrick’s that particular flag being confiscated.

What is happening here imo is this social media age has created a monster in that facts dont matter in the long run ,, its the initial imprint that counts for instance Amsterdam .
We had a great re4cord and got attacked by the cops over there and have since been vindicated but that night all certain sections of the globe heard was our name and rioting in Amsterdam ,,,, job done , reputation tarnished.
Something similar just happened I think . Even if this went to court for lost / confiscated flags and the fans won the newspapers MIGHT give them inches , not pages as the alleged offence hence the smear is complete ,

Some people think cops justifying existence, I think a high level smear campaign ,, possibly aimed at disrupting / stopping ten ,, or us tearing too far ahead in any dual race .
Maybe just good old fashioned racism ,, who knows.
Who could do this is a better question and only gov can influence fuzz no ?

Hail Hail partner

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  The Gombeen Man
March 19, 2019 8:03 pm

I read that masel re the adverts, must admit I burst out laughing, as if.
The green appeasers are imo far worse that the hun, the huns know no better, they are huns and do what huns do, the shite I read on some blogs actually bothers me big time, they know what the powers that B are doing and yet they still appease them, mind boggling, over the years I have mellowed a tad, my young fella has also mellowed thankfully, it’s taken me long enough to convince him it’s really just all about the money and that the hatred is secondary, I know I am pushing it but I have to, he is a rabid young fella, like I was, thankfully he is smarter than I ever was, just 😉

Reply to  The Exiled Tim
March 19, 2019 8:18 pm

TET-thank god you ain’t on that Celtic noise,they can unpleasant ??

March 19, 2019 8:19 pm

Be ?

March 19, 2019 8:35 pm

Fairhill Bhoy & TET, You belong here.

Reply to  jimthetim53
March 19, 2019 8:43 pm

Jtt53-you’re probably right ?
And thank you for the other night ??

March 19, 2019 8:53 pm

Fairhill Bhoy,

The blogs have been a wee bit down the last couple of days. But we are up there. I live in hope mate. IF we win the league that will be enough for me. The Cup would be off my radar.

Take Care.

The Exiled Tim
March 19, 2019 8:54 pm

When the Celtic noise thing first started I thought it might be Ok, wrong, it’s what I would call fast food, too fast and nobody is interested in anything other than themselves, was surprised to see the TET moniker being used right enough, but assured it’s no me, I did register on it but under the moniker of Father Jack, posted a few times but just not my thing, I also posted on another channel as FJ and was surprised to see the reaction to posts that under TET wouldn’t have been noticed, but a newbie as FJ caused a bit of a stir, strange things are blogs 😉
I will leave them to it.

Ralph Malph
March 19, 2019 8:56 pm

You may have just suggested something akin to beachball sunday..or that time when we read tje sunday papers.

Reply to  Ralph Malph
March 19, 2019 9:00 pm

As a boy I loved the Sunday Post.

The Exiled Tim
Reply to  The Exiled Tim
March 19, 2019 9:10 pm
The Exiled Tim
Reply to  jimthetim53
March 19, 2019 9:19 pm

Ralph Malph
Magic to see you on here.

The Gombeen Man
March 19, 2019 9:20 pm


Hopefully my lad too.

I’d like to see what the appeasers would be saying if it was their lad lying on the ground handcuffed with knees pressing down on his/her back?

Incredible that Celtic supporters would be anything other than appalled.

And yet some are advocating strict liability, in the best wee bigoted country in the world?

Where an referee can go boozing in a Loyalist boozer after refereeing a Sevco v Celtic game?

…and that’s before we consider the shambles of his performance and the whitewash that followed.


The Exiled Tim
Reply to  The Gombeen Man
March 19, 2019 9:40 pm

You just posted that to upset me didn’t you 😉
We are on a loser, the support are happy enough with the way things are, they fund the sham and there is feck all we can do about it other than keep harping on about it, it’s our only weapon, bore the ejits to death with repeated stuff about their cheating and your contribution to it is only extending things.
At least if we beat the huns at the end of the month things will be A ok again, how sad is that eh.

Reply to  Ralph Malph
March 19, 2019 10:15 pm


Reply to  The Exiled Tim
March 19, 2019 10:16 pm

The exiled Tim,
Don’t tell him that….:)

Margaret McGill
March 19, 2019 10:37 pm

Why anyone and especially why any Celtic supporter contributes ANY MONEY whatsoever to Scottish football since 2012 beats me. Paying in any way shape or form either directly or indirectly is promoting bigotry, power, corruption and lies in Scotland. IMHO anyone whomsoever that funds the rebirth of the huns and this blistering bigotry that we see before us is worsethan a fucking scab crossing a picket line.

The Gombeen Man
Reply to  The Exiled Tim
March 19, 2019 10:38 pm


You’ve been consistent all along while many others ‘caved’ in ?.

I’d be embarrassed to show the footage of the last few days to anyone here…They just don’t get the racism of the Klan.

They wouldn’t be so quick to assault someone carrying a US flag or Russian flag to a game.

Maybe it’s an inferiority complex?

Anyway respect to the lads that had the audacity to carry an Irish flag on the feast day of St Patrick…who was born in the UK.


The Exiled Tim
March 19, 2019 10:52 pm

Ralph Malph and Monti posting on the same night, something tells me I should know who they are, but as ever, as thick as I am, I am clueless, or am I 😉
It gets to me, it really does, it shouldn’t mind you, but it does, if I had a smigin of an answer it would help, I do have answers but since locking up the huns, the cheats, the fraudsters, the thief’s etc etc is not what the Dr ordered, I am pissing in the wind, nothing new there then but it does get you down from time to time, esp when you see no progress, if anything they are taking more and more control, that’s what really gets to me.
Anyways, up soon, much to do in the morning.
Take care and God bless you all
And please KTF if not for you but your grandweans.

Reply to  Margaret McGill
March 19, 2019 11:15 pm

Margaret McGill,
Maybe people just want to go & see Celtic, the game is corrupt but Celtic isn’t!
We want to will our team on, it can be that simple.
Talking of simple…..i see Ralph has been on 🙂

Good Evening Mahe!

Reply to  Monti
March 19, 2019 11:24 pm


Nice to have your irreverent wit joining the Motley Crew on here!

You do realise the danger of suggesting to MAGS that Celtic aren’t part of the corruption in the game? May God have mercy on your soul…


Margaret McGill
Reply to  Monti
March 19, 2019 11:30 pm

People? Only peepil want to see the OF in my opinion.
Anything that promotes the OF for the bigot buck has no soul.
Celtic PLC is totally corrupt.
If a bigot fest is what you want to see and are willing to pay a bigot fest is what you will get.