From Paradise to The Theatre of Dreams…


Today sees the return of our Memorable Matches,which we will be running for much of the remainder international break. Today’s offering is from SOL KITTS,and is a timely reminder that not all matches are memorable for good reasons.


Stunning highs and devastating lows, these are the realities of being a Celtic fan.

November 1984, 2 down from the away leg, Celtic welcomed Rapid Vienna to Paradise. Little did we know how that night would turn out, or how that would be the last time we would ever make Rapid feel welcome. BMCUWP and I watched a magnificent display by Celtic, as we scored the 3 goals we needed to progress. Rapid weren’t in the game, and it was all looking good until near the end, when some eejit threw a bottle onto the pitch.

A Rapid player, Weinhofer, went down like he’d been shot. Mayhem ensued as Rapid sought to take advantage of the opportunity a fan had presented to them. Cue bandages on Weinhofer’s head, despite the fact that the bottle had landed nowhere near him. TV footage showed this to be the case, and the linesman apparently corroborated this fact later. Weinhofer was duly subbed, game over, 3-0 to us. We went back home, delighted by the result but with a niggling worry about UEFA’s reaction.

What happened next was high farce of the 1st degree. Both teams were fined. Celtic were fined £4000, Rapid fined £5000. We thought that was the end of it, but Rapid appealed. UEFA responded by doubling their fine, and inexplicably ruled that the game should be replayed with the original struck from the records. It also had to be played at a ground no less than 150 miles from Glasgow!

I think we all expected Celtic to show some backbone and tell UEFA to do one, but the prospect of another money spinning game was enough to jellify the board’s spine (some things never change). Even though the original game was struck from the records, the original ticket price wasn’t refunded.
Anyway, the game was to be played at Old Trafford, and we managed to get 4 tickets. We hired a car for the day, and off we went to Englandshire. BMCUWP, Cosy Corner Bhoy, me and a mate who claimed to be Alan McInally’s cousin set out early morning for Manchester. Our mate was about 5ft 2, whereas AMc was a good foot taller, we reckoned all they shared was a surname.

The first part of the journey was reasonably uneventful, plenty pit stops, a few beers, and the usual pee breaks. We got to the M6 by early afternoon, straight into a massive traffic jam. Wall to wall Tims stuck on the motorway, most of us with a few beers inside us, and in need of a pee. Only one place we could go….the central reservation. Quite what the coachload of pensioners heading north made of the sight of hundreds of peeing men facing them, I don’t know.

The traffic started moving slowly, and I had the idea of getting off the M6 and travelling down the A6 instead. Genius, we were moving fast while watching the queue on the motorway crawling along beside us.

So to Manchester. We found a pub near the ground, few more beers, then walked to the stadium. Our tickets were for the Stretford End, we were standing behind the goal.

The game was a major disappointment as Celtic couldn’t repeat their previous performance. The atmosphere was shocking, we lost 1-0 but that didn’t tell the whole story. Two of our fans got onto the park, one assaulted the Rapid goalie, the other kicked one of their players on the way up the tunnel, which at the time was in the middle of the ground, not in the corner like it is today.

The journey home was subdued, we made it back to Edinburgh in the early hours after dropping CCB off in Ayrshire.

We were gutted at the result, raging at Rapid’s blatant cheating, pissed off that UEFA fell for it, disgusted that our board refused to stand up and be counted. Then UEFA landed the sucker punch; they punished our fans behaviour by forcing us to play our next home European game behind closed doors. We went crashing out against Athletico Madrid, a game which would have been a sellout, so the board shot themselves in the foot when they let Rapid and UEFA walk all over them.

Would we have won the tournament that year? Possibly. We were good enough, but we’ll never know for sure. All we were left with was the memories of a magnificent display at Paradise, a great day out getting to Manchester, a horrible night at the game, and the bitter taste of defeat by cheating scumbags.

Stunning highs and devastating lows? You better believe it.


Thanks very much for that,SOL KITTS. More articles like this,on similar or otherwise subjects,are always welcome,and always published-except ones like what I REALLY think of the board,for example! All contributions welcome at

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What about that wee pub in the middle of nowhere with enough different whiskies to survive ten nuclear winters? A great dayooooot,ruined by the obvious.

However,you’ve opened the door for someone to write their recollection of the original match in more detail. It was certainly one of our better European displays in the 80s,up there with Real Madrid,Sporting Lisbon,Ajax.

We would probably have faced Everton in the final-if we hadn’t already knocked them out!-and although they were building their best team in the last fifty years,I would have been mightily confident.

On the subject of Everton,I got sent this the other day by my wee Scouse mate. And to be fair,he WAS truly a great keeper.

big packy

SOL KITTS lovely post especially the bit about queing up on the m6 for a pee, been there done that got the tee shirt, yes living down here then, I managed to get a ticket big disappointment.hh.


I was a 13 year old in 1984, remember the Rapid games well.
The return at Old Trafford was crazy, a Celtic fan assaulting the keeper in the back of his net & was it Peter Pacult getting a boot n the bawz at half time as the teams went off the park.
The following season we played Atletico away 1-1 with Judas scoring ( Johnston not Rodgers).
If i’m right we played the second leg at home behind closed doors, i think it was a monday afternoon or something?
Lost 1-2 at home.


Noel Skytrot

Mad night in the Jungle when we played them, Parkhead was sizzling that night. As it was when we played Sporting Lisbon, another remarkable night of drama.


The Sporting Lisbon match was a belter! Here’s my memories of it,written in January before I reverted to BMCUWP

There are a good few similar memories posted by various members if you click on the archives for January and November. The October international break saw us picking our Best Ever in each position. Worth a look if you’re bored on Sunday or whenever!


Thirteen? Hard paper round?

Aye,2-1 we lost that game. Not sure anyone’s heart was in it much. It turned out well-we could concentrate on domestic matters,culminating in 5-0 at Love Street!

Cracking article from Ralph on e-Tims re wages in football,especially big Virgil. Add it up,he’s on about £60m over the six year deal he signed.

That’s a lot of SkySports subscriptions…


Back of my mind,I think the pub near the ground was The Maypole. Met someone who played football wi my Uncle Jim aka The Growler!

I’m convinced Stephen Bochco based Sgt Belker from Hill St Blues on my Uncle Jim. Must have invaded his space or nicked his paper in the pub.

Morning Packy.


Dun, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, “Don’t forget Bobby”, own up, you nose who you are!

Hold tight, sing out loud,
talking Celtic makes us proud,
What you say is for real,
Speak aloud about what you feel.
Hold tight, sing and shout,
Tell me what its all about,
Talking Celtic is my game,
Guest appearance is my name.


A guest appearance from yourself can only be bettered by a regular one!

I entered the caption competition on e-Tims earlier,the one with McPished and McFud in it. Knowing my comments need to be approved due to-I’m told!-a glitch,I suggested an incisive and honest caption.

Not approved! And no wonder…

San Marino must be fancying their chances,I hope the Celts in the squad are considering their options.


Awe shucks Bobby, Looks down, makes circles with his toes, blushes profusely, please say Hi to the Gombeen Man, is he still a wheeling and a dealing? and who could forget the Brylcreem bhoy Mahe. “Howdy Dowdy” pal. All the very best to Sentinel celts.
Guarding The Celtic from harm…


‘Tis done.

You must have a Memorable Match or twelve? Go on,gie’s wan!

Mike in Toronto

I object….

I think this other imposter should be called ‘Mike NOT in Toronto’ to avoid trademark confusion over the name Mike on this blog…

or you will get a sternly worded email from my … eeerr , me.


Fool Time Whistle

Nice stuff SolKitts.
First time I can recall seeing blatant cheating by a player – as opposed to debatable refereeing ones.
But I did lead a sheltered life..

Just saw the Dundee have officially apologised to the two Celtic fans who had their tricolour taken from them.

Seems like the two lads involved conducted themselves well in those discussions.
The seizing of their flags was not don following the agreed procedure.
Dundee statement says they will try to do better in future.

Ban was not the issue here, but the way those two flags were taken from fans.



Sol Kitts, ,
That’s a cracker pal cheers. What a day eh. With your mates and all
I didn’t know many of those details tbh and am a bit shocked . If rockets are running onto the pitch and assaulting players then you can only hold your hands up at a closed stadium in fairness. But to replay a match for a non striking bottle is pure ridiculous tbh.
Many thanks for that yarn partner.

Anyone notice or have any thoughts on the new train system , lonDon to embra 4 hrs 25quid.

Happy Friday all . Overcast with raim due and father in law coming up for his bday weekend . I have a much older drinking partner for a wee while.

Hi Mike 😉

Hail Hail

Fool Time Whistle

“I’m Spartacus.”

Sit down ya ol duffer – do ya think yer Tony Curtis or somethin.


FTW,,,I recall being in Dublin departures waiting to fly to Philly and who is in the lounge getting pics,snapped etc but Martin Sheen.
I’ve always got him and Kirk Douglas mixed up and I swear I was on the verge of walking up and saying to him I’m Spartacus. 😉
I often wonder if he gets that often .
Hail Hail


Sol Kitts
Wonderful story.
I traveled on British Rail from London to Manchester.
The miserable journey was a portent of how the day would turn out.
Hate Old Trafford as a ground.
Match was just awful with very little football or evidence of the normally joyous Celtic support.
The long journey and late arrival back in London only made it worse.
I still hate our spineless board and corrupt uefa for that day.

Sol Kitts

I met Kirk Douglas in Russia in 1978, asked him for his autograph and was swiftly told to “f… off, I’m on holiday.”


Sol Kitts
Being told to f-off by a celeb is a badge of honour.
I have encountered many in my working life.
Was once at the MTV beach house and Queen Latifah was there.
We got chatting and after a few minutes she says to me weren’t you in Braveheart.
I said fuck off that’s like me saying all you people look alike.
We both fell around laughing and had a great time for the rest of the day.
A truly warm and funny human being.


Speaking of celebrities my Barry White story is coming out at the Hoot in September !!!
If that don’t get you there nothing will 😉
Hail Hail

Fool Time Whistle

Mahe & Sol Kitts

As a child, the films in which Curtis & Douglas starred were usually my favourites – starring in them together or separately.

The Vikings, Spartacus, Gunfight at the OK Corral, Some Like it Hot, Ace in the Hole, Paths of Glory, Seven Days in May, Houdini, Trapeze…

Both men were Jewish, Curtis’s real name was Bernard Schwartz & Douglas was Issur Danielovitch Demsky. Their families fled persecution & poverty in Eastern Europe in exchange for poverty in New York. Curtis who didn’t speak any English until he was six ended up in an orphanage & Douglas’s dad was the Ragman for his neighbourhood.

I can still hear the ragman’s bugle as he led his horse & cart round Govan.

Fool Time Whistle

Birmingham City docked 9 points for financial irregularities.

Ooooer missus.

Sol Kitts

A team that plays in blue punished for spending money they don’t have? It’ll never catch on.

Good stuff SK.
A game that I would rather erase from my memory 😉

It’s not often I agree with Hugh Keevins but I do tonight. He is scathing in his opinion of the SFA – not fit for purpose. McLeish got the job due to the old pals syndrome. He reckons the Scotland management team should be run out of town.

WOW, we had better watch out next week, the world superstar will demolish us…….
El Duffalo came on in the 87th min and the record are pyoor gushing about it FFS.

Alfredo Morelos pulls off ‘fantastic’ trick as Rangers star wins second Colombia cap
The striker replaced James Rodriguez during the closing stages of his side’s 1-0 win over Japan.
It was but a brief cameo but Alfredo Morelos always seems to make his mark on a game.
The Rangers striker won his second cap for Colombia on Friday as he came on as an 87th-minute substitute in the 1-0 win over Japan.
Morelos replaced James Rodriguez and was given little time to impress with the friendly clash drawing to a close.
But the 22-year-old was denied an assist by the width of the post after picking out Luis Fernando Diaz.
He also found time to nutmeg an opponent in a display that still managed to catch the eye of the Colombian media.
Miguel Angel Prieto Perez wrote in AS: “Just a few minutes for the Rangers striker who came on for James. Precise passes – like that for Diaz who then struck the post – and a fantastic nutmeg.”
Next up for Colombia is another friendly encounter, this time against South Korea as new boss Carlos Queiroz eases himself into the set up.
The former Manchester United coach hailed Morelos as the “future of football in Colombia” and insisted he wanted to see the frontman in action over the two fixtures.
Considering he was brought on with only minutes remaining against Japan, Morelos will hope for an extended run-out against the Koreans on Tuesday.
Steven Gerrard, however, will simply pray his star man returns fit to face Celtic on March 31.

big packy

ok you ghuys not to be outdone,I have met and chatted to ken dodd and little and large when I lived in Liverpool hh.??

JTT @ 6.48
It’s no often Shug slags anyone in the game off, but he didny hold back re McRae

TET, It’s a pity he didn’t get ripped into Petrie as well.

Ah, but Petrie is the future, Shug isny daft 😉


Surprised the record did not say he came on in the 87th minute and immediately put his stamp on the game.
Looks like operation sell a hun will go into complete overdrive between now and end of season.
One would think they desperately need some money?

Aye, but their problem is nobody outwith scotland give a feck what the media here say, their biggest problem is a work permit for england, greatly reduces options me thinks.


I think the Boumsong to Newcastle and Wilson to Liverpool opened the EPL’S eyes to the Scottish presses penchant for bumming up hun duds
Whereas we have a track record of our players being successful in EPL the huns have had the opposite.
The huns comparison of Dembele fee is laughable and the fact that Defoe has managed a few goals for them despite firing blanks for last two seasons in England won’t go unnoticed.
It could actually work against them.

Moult, Boyce to name but two who have been top scorer in scotland and went for next to nothing, El Dufallo is the the same bracket as they are, Dembele was always gonna go for mega bucks, he had it as Lyon knew, the thick effs just canny handle us getting the better of them on and off the park, it’s magic.
Engerland score and offside goal.

Mike in Toronto


Morelos is not a bad striker … he would do okay in a decent team…

and because he is not Scottish, and came from a different league where he did well, they will get a bit for him…. 6- 8 million I would think.

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the article sol kitts. I was at the original game with my dad, cousin and uncle and would’ve been 13. It was my first European game and I loved every minute. I was too young to even think we might be punished and when we were I was so steadfast in my belief in the Celtic that i never contemplated we would lose the replayed game. Oh well that was a wake up to the realities of life. Now I’m a lot older I agree that Celtic should’ve told uefa to stuff it but like you said the opportunity to make more cash would not have been turned down. I was high up in the Celtic end that night. Probably never saw any of the game but the night is imprinted in my memory. Weird eh?

Fool Time Whistle

Sol Kitts

A football association applying the rules…
It’ll never catch on.

Between that & Uefa going all drama queen over the Viennese drama queens’ simulation performance against us…

The Gombeen Man

Sol Kitts,

Thanks for the post of a painful day on the Celtic journey.
I was at both games and I can remember Tommy Burns being taken out running into their box. A brave guy was Tommy.

For a number of reasons the replay should never of happened. It is a dark memory and one that will hopefully never be repeated.

It’s great to see that your friendship with CCB and BMCUWPS has endured. Reluctantly I suppose those negative nights are every bit as vital as the more enjoyable ones.

Names like Rapid Vienna and Atletico Madrid are difficult/impossible ones to erase.


That sounds about right, tops, but as I said the leagues are limited, no way would he got to any of the top leagues and england he will struggle due to work permit issues, Turkey possibly, or what about the Chinese 😉

Margaret McGill

The huns must win on 31st of March else the next downward spiral of liquidation begins again. Discuss.

Mike in toronto


He seems to be well thought of in his home country. If he was coming from any other club/country, they would get more. But other clubs will know that the zombies are desperate for money, so will go in low. The zombies are clearly hawking him around, and trying to get a bidding war going, but his poor disciplinary record will be held against him

Fool Time Whistle

The Gombeen Man

I was at the Shame Game against Atletico in 1974 & the memory lives on.
I also nearly got banjoed by some neds in the Celtic End for daring either a) be too tal or b) standing too close to them.
My father-in-law intervened to spread peace & harmony before I got a kicking.

In 2016, Mrs FTW & I went on a trip to Madrid, Lisbon & Seville – to visit museums & such :o))

On day one, still jet lagged after flying across the Atlantic, she cajoled into getting out of my bed mid afternoon as we’re wasting a day – is how she put it.

Half a mile from the hotel was the Vicente Calderon Stadium so that became her punishment for wakening me up. A guided tour round the home of Atletico Madrid – or the “Los Rojiblancos”.

The guide was great & spoke great English, then just before the tour started we blethered & he told me that Dad’s second club was Glasgow Celtic. His Dad just remembered how we won the Big Cup in 67 & then beat the other Madrid team in Di Stefanos testimonial and was a fan ever since. As we spent 4 days in Madrid we went to the Bernabeu which was a completely different experience, less personal, more chaotic – we preferred the Atletico tour even though their stadium was old & decrepit.

We used taxis a lot because of the heat & distances involved & we were repeatedly told by all the drivers told Atletico was the workingman’s team while RM was for the toffs & tourists.

My experience on that trip was at odds with my initial feelings about Atletico, but I reflect that back in 1974 their manager was Alf Ramseys pal from 1966, Juan Carlos Lorenzo, the Argetina manager of the team Ramsey descibed as “animals”. A few of the Atletico players in 1974 were also Argentinians, certainly Ayala was..and he was one of the worst offenders.

Anyway, I now find myself favouring Atletico Madrid in head to heads with the royal team. I put the shame game down to Lorenzo & his countrymen who lived up to Ramsey’s epithet from 1966.

Mind you, Diego Simeone looks as if he’s no stranger to forcefully standing his ground in the pub.


We will see, he will go for an undisclosed fee, that will be more than we got for Dembele in the huns tiny minds, he is not a great player imo, hasn’t got a record of scoring against decent defenders, ok against the bottom clubs, maybes if he laid off the coke it might help with his goals scoring and his disciplinary problems.
As I said earlier, he would be on a par with Boyce and Moult, they were prob better imo.

Margaret McGill

I see what you mean.
Simeone. Another addition to the long list of Argentinian animals that are employed in Madrid.

bada bing1

Take your pick from Jagger, Richard,Watts,Wood,Justin Timberlake, Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach, Donny Osmond, and Bryan Adams…..who I’ve met….

Some heavy duty name dropping going on in here tonight!

Margaret McGill


Billy Connolly John Clark Sam Neill Ivanka Trump??