Going Tonto,But Not In Toronto,Objection Overuled.


Still not a lot happening as we head towards a weekend which will have a big bearing on our season. I expect most of the players will be back in light training today as they build up a head of steam for it.

Today’s Memorable Match is brought to you by MIKE,and it’s one I didn’t get to see. For that alone,a special thank you-I’m off to YouTube it!


The Scottish Cup Quarter Finals: Celtic verses Dundee United, 10th March 1996 at Celtic park. Crowd 32,750. As the new stands rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of the old ones…

Celtic: 4-4-2. Marshall, McNamara, Hughes, O’Neil, McKinlay, Donnelly, Grant, McStay, McLaughlin, Van the man, Hooijdonk (88) Thom (89)……..( Jorge Cadete was still in his SFA. holding pen.)

Dundee United: 4-4-2. Maxwell (MOM) Perry, Pressley, Welsh, Malpas, Winters, Bowman, Johnson, Coyle, (38), McSwegan, Brewster.

Some Celtic games stick in your memory for many different reasons, the score, the glamour, revenge, the players or the competition. This one is etched in my memory because of the “whole” game experience. Little did we know that our club’s new resurgence would add untold pressure onto the club from Govan and their friends in the governing bodies. Scottish football would never be the same again.

After some dark years of faerytales and disappointment, culminating in near insolvency, Fergus began the rebuilding of Celtic park. My sons and I took our seats in the north stand, the Dundee United fans below us. The Celtic pitch was heavily sanded, the Donegal turf pushing up seeking the sun’s heat.

The game kicked off with Celtic playing fast moving, attacking football with short triangular passes echoing the way that Tommy Burns teams play. The atmosphere was as usual then, brilliant as songs like YNWA and the “Fields” rang out from the support. Of course numbers were down due to the rebuilding works, but how they sang, loud and proud. Ally Maxwell, the “Arabs” keeper, had made some excellent saves and he was busy. A Peter Grant chip, disappointment when Jackie Mac. was through on goal but slipped when one on one with Maxwell, a Tosh McKinley rocket going just over the bar with the “Maestro” pulling the strings, well assisted by Andreas Thom and big Pierre. United were up for it though and had some good players, then, disaster as Robbie Winters, turned and made a defence splitting pass to Brewster as the Celtic defence did a Scotland and fell asleep. Marshall brought Brewster down in the box, penalty. Owen Coyle took a very poor penalty, Marshall parried, but Coyle passed the rebound into the Celtic net. The score was 0-1 at half time.

The second half started much the same way as the first, with Celtic playing attractive football, good passes and making good runs. United fought back and a Brewster corner found an unmarked McSwegan’s head, phew, just over the bar. Andreas Thom pushed wide by Maxwell, Pierre went down in the box, but no penalty. Time was running out but the pressure on the United defence continued. A free kick taken by Jackie McNamara and big Pierre rose high in the box above the United defence “GOAL” the equaliser on the 88th. minute. “Pierre there’s only one Pierre” the songs rang out, the atmosphere brilliant. Then seconds later, Andreas Thom scores a brilliant solo goal on the 89th minute, two goals inside 90 seconds and two minutes later, “The Fool Time Whistle”, Celtic are through to the semis. Bedlam, the Celtic support go Tonto, as we blow “kisses” to the United supporters, they are going ballisTIC as they throw their scarves away, take off their United tops and chuck them away. Joy, unbridled joy as only two late goals inside two minutes can bring and a winning score. (2-1).

The joy continues into the car park, scarves return to their usual position, fluttering out the window, cheesy grins, heads a-shaking, wrapped up in our own thoughts on what we had just witnessed. The traffic backs up as we reach the A80 near the roundabout for Airdrie and Kilsyth, as the Celtic supporters get out their cars, running, singing, dancing, dancing, dancing up the dual carriageway, mental, scenes that you could never forget.

For us, it was that reason that this game is etched into our brains, after such disappointments over the previous years, to witness such joy and happiness in the Celtic support, getting their club, our club back, seeing a Tommy Burns team playing football the Celtic way with skill and fight, for these reasons alone,it gave us the most brilliant feeling of all.

Celtic began its long journey back, never suspecting that soon, barefaced lies and cheating would begin underpinning the dead club and that leads us to where we are today, but still with “A support like no other”.

Wan gein! ?


Thank you very much,MIKE. A great day,brilliantly recounted. As you all know,Sentinel Celts is YOUR forum,so if you have something to say,this is the place to say it. Have the daily article to yourself by mailing it to Mahe at


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I was still living in London at the time,so I presume that the match wasn’t live on TV. Wouldn’t like to have been the groundsman sorting out the pitch afterwards-especially the near side!


By the way,the technical wuckfits that are Mahe and I are honestly trying to move the comments bar to BELOW the most recent comment.

Don’t hold your breath though…


Thank’s Bobby, things to consider.

Jock and the Lions success ensured that significant investment in Paradise took place long before Fergus took control of the club.
He, Fergus took control in 1994. After our short stay rental at Hamden, building work started at Celtic park in 1996. McCann’s vision was a 60,000 capacity stadium. £26 million was raised, £9.4 mill. from Fergus and £14. mill. from the support. The stadium was finished in 1998. In the 98-99 season season ticket holders exceeded 53,000, the highest number at that time in Britain.
“Rangers” introduced EBT’s in 2001. A direct correlation methinks!

big packy

HI mike another great post, like bobby I was down here in englandshire at the time, but remember listening to it on the radio, nail biting stuff, loved big pierre and andreas thom .hh.


Don’t forget the DOS payments made to the likes of Flo. Or the article in the DR where Minty showed the world De Boer’s contract.

This was in response to disquiet amongst the fans at the alleged large amount he was being paid,Minty “proved” that he was playing for,in his words,pin money. Well,yes,because there was another contract…

There’s also the infamous occasion of Goram being found guilty in court of,I think,a driving offence. When asked to state his income,his lawyer provided documentation to prove that his client was on £1000 a week. I doubt that Goram’s remuneration was paid in a significantly different manner from his team-mates-they were all at it!

Judas’ wee problem with an overdue tax bill taken care of,Mark Hateley signing for Rangers from the tax haven of Monaco,the likes of Francis and Wilkins signing from “tax-friendly” footballing countries,etc,etc.

And so on,like Arthur Numan quitting entirely when his wages were cut in half on the expiry of his first contract. He said in a newspaper interview that his wages had been cut from £40k to £20k. Another journalist,different paper,claimed that he had proof that Numan had ALWAYS been on £20k a week.

My point?

Murray was at it from Day One. That’s what drove our club into the ground,almost as much as incompetence. The board might not have been upfront with the fans,but they were careful enough with the tax authorities. But,yes,when Fergus got a third more season ticket holders into our ground than the huns could manage,Murray had to get really creative.

So he built a house of cards. The Emperor’s New Clothes. Pick your own analogy,but he was screwed.

Tough titty…


All Pierre lacked was a decent agent. Relying on a verbal promise with Fergus,tchah,not worth the paper it’s written on!

A decent agent would have prevented the crass stupidity of his “homeless” comment.

Bobby, what was the ‘homeless’ comment? I can’t recall that.


Not long after I returned from London,I was at Celtic Park. I think the first game I attended was a friendly v Barcelona,£20 and we lost 1-0.

In 1980,17 years earlier,I’d seen us play Real Madrid in the QF of the EC. We won 2-0 and it cost me a tenth of the price!

I don’t think you could buy a pint,even in a Wetherspoons,nowadays for the price I paid to get in to my first huns game in 73,but you certainly couldn’t have a bloody large night out,even then,on the cost of a ticket.

I sure could now for £49.

Probably wouldn’t remember much about it,mind!

Bobby, yes it rings a bell now. What a terrible thing to say or even think. Although I see in the second link he denies saying it. But even the watered down version he admits to is still disrespectful. His weekly wage of £7k would have been about 6 months wages for me at that time.

Mike, I think I might have been at that game. I was certainly at a lot of games in the TB era. Good players, good football. Remember the Hampden season? So frustrating. Too many draws and a certain Rangers goalie!.


I cut him some slack as English isn’t his first language and he was obviously p’d off. It’s difficult to think straight at times like that,never mind having to translate your thoughts into words in a foreign language.

But he wasn’t a poor speaker of our language,I think it all got to him and it came out wrong. Jee-zoh,I’ve said many a thing which wasn’t quite how I intended,and that’s in the only language I know!

Remember a difficult interview on Offside with Cowan and Rudi Vata? Rudi is a very intelligent guy,as it turns out,fluent in a number of languages too. But he clearly had to translate the questions from Cowan into his own language,formulate the answer and then translate it into English before replying.

In perfect English,I may add. Better than mine!

After the second question,Cowan saw this as dead air and started ripping the pish! It was car crash TV,Jim. I never watched the twat,nor listened to him,read his pish restaurant takes,again.

Apart from the next episode,to see if he would apologise.

Aye,as if.

The guy’s a four letter word that would get me barred from my own blog!!!

Going down to the pub this afternoon. I normally only go out on a Tues., Wed., or Thu. afternoon. Free Juke box, free pool table and a wee reduction on prices. The owner works these shifts and he is a ST holder so I’m never stuck for someone to talk to about Celtic. His wife works at Parkhead so I get loads of programmes and Celtic Views. Good wee crowd too. A few pensioners and guys on their day off. Sometimes I get a lift up the road.

What’s not to like? 🙂


Thanks Packy and Jim the Tim, a lift up the road and a lift over the turn-stiles, free juke box, free pool and cheap bevvy. I wanna stay there. 😉 <0 Bobby, the thing about the articles is that, you have to check the facts. It brings back happy memories, puts a smile on your face and you remember things that you had pushed to the back of your mind. "sharing is caring".

bada bing1

Brother Madhun on Sunday….

Bada Bing, I think he refereed our last game. Has Collum ever refd. a Sevco game since they complained about him months ago? I don’t think he has.

A thing of beauty

Thanks for that mike. I was in exile down south at that time. I have absolutely no memory of that game as I do with a lot around that time. I’m sad I missed most of Tommy’s tenure bcos the football by all accounts was a joy to behold. Bmcuwp and I were actually discussing memorable matches around that time but memorable for the wrong reasons, like the games we pummelled the Huns only to lose to their one shot on target. Or the hampden season when the defiance of the support in the face of cheating Huns and a collusive sfa must have made that time torture. But it’s those times that must make the present day so joyous for the supporters who were there in the tough times. I salute you all. And I bet it provides some great friendships and memories I’d love to hear about.


Many of us have enduring friendships because of Celtic,you are 100% correct in that.

We could be in the pub any other night and argue black was white with each other,then someone would say…

Aye,but what about that pass from McStay?


Mike ,
Great to see you around and many many thanks for todays great read. A game I knew nothing about btw was am delighted to see young Jackie was involved in the equaliser . He never gave up did Jackie , a true Celt in my mind.
The mask slipped off the Norn Iron fans last night by all accounts but at least their Fa arent doing the head in the sand act and seem to be talking tough over this one. After years being out of the spotlight for it they will hate this latest outburst of sectarianism.
And poor Ronaldo,, injured ffs. Just when I thought he would cement his status as the Goat with another Big cup win this time with another team . I hope its not too bad , hes a pleasure to watch.
Im giving a free class elsewhere but will be around. Someones gotta do it.
Hail Hail

Jim that sounds like my kind of local hey ! How much a pint may I ask ?
Hope youre well pal and enjoy your few refreshments. Hail Hail


A thing of beauty: I only met Tommy the one time, the goodness and devilment shone out of his shining eyes and easy smile, but I watched his Celtic team play often. You are correct his Celtic team played some wonderful football, it was a pleasure to watch them. As for the Huns, well, they played on the counter attack against Tommy’s teams and they had an inspired keeper, he trained in the pub and his blood brother is their present keeper, two of a kind. Every time I think of them, “Spit the dog” comes into my mind. 😉 Celtic has given us so many great memories, here’s hoping that we will get to see another one, this weekend!


A fine story.
Well played Mike.
Tommy Burns was a great Celtic player.
With a little more backing he may have become a great Celtic coach.
The cheating his teams endured was disgusting.

Fool Time Whistle


A lot of similarity in the comments section about your favourite game – and I’m going to join that gang.

I too was esconced in southern Englandshire at this time.
A wee bit shame faced, I cannot specifically recall this this game either.

I’m always intrigued by some of the games that are held sacred by other Celts & yours falls into that category.
You did a great job setting it up & giving us some context about the corruption that was already undermining the team that died.
The Murray millions he used to buy & develop his club were in fact the Bank of Scotland’s millions & that relationship helped bring down both the bank & the club.

Laughed out loud at my daft moniker appearing – so a hat tip is due for getting that in there too.
Well done for the whole thing.

In another life, I was Head of Licensing at an English Local Authority around the time of the sudden death of an English MP: he expired during what is now euphemistically referred to as “auto-asphyxiation”. It involved an orange & a rope apparently.
In the gallows humour that made our job less stressful, members of my team took on a challenge to try and genuinely incorporate in their official council reports, a phrase used frequently in the media to describe this thing.

And so genuinely including the phrase “in unusual sexual circumstances” in reports became the grail for these coonsil workers.
I’m rather disappointed to say that no one was able to do it & I had to heavily edit some reports before publication – as imagination & creative writing were too much in evidence at the expense of the facts. The prize (getting home early if I remember) remained unclaimed.

If our other generous mods think this tale is too much for this place, then feel free to edit. If I’m going to edit/censor I can hardly complain when it happens to me.

The thread that starts with Andy Thom’s winner somehow diverts to this….


Great stuff Mike.
Tommy Burns, I agree that had he been backed he would have turned out to be a top top coach, he could also spot a player and ther football we played under him was a joy to watch, I remember when we played the huns time after time we played them off the park and the scum mugged us, a tad naivety on Tommy’s part, but knowing now what we always suspected back then, we were a proper honest team who by rights are probably going for thirty four-five in a row this season.

Fool Time Whistle, I love you mate but that all went completely over my head.

Fool Time Whistle


The fact that it did speaks volumes for the good life you’ve obviously led – I mean that.
It also suspect that it says a lot about the world that we each inhabit but that often barely intersect.
I will explain no further & adopt the “stop digging” metaphor.

Hope your day is more that you hoped for when you opened your eyes this morning.


Enjoyed that read, well done m8!

big packy

FOOL TIME WHISTLE I rememeber that case very well, but enough said.official secrets act and all that ?

big packy

BADA BING scum of the highest order im lost for words .hh.

big packy

JIMTHETIM53,sorry pal ive been trying since yesterday to post this photo of the dugs to you without success im gonna ask bobby if I can e-mail it to him because I have not got your e- mail address.hh.

Fool Time Whistle

Bobby, it was a lame attempt to tag onto Mike incorporating my moniker into his piece & relate a time when we tried that.
Nuff said & please delete if you think it needs it.

Onto other stuff…

Imagine if you were alive at the time of Shakespeare and were still alive in 2019.
Let me introduce the Greenland shark that can brag about that.
400 years old 7 that’s not the record age for sea creatures.


Guys and gal, I enjoyed that game so much, Tommy Burns team was a joy to watch, I enjoyed the “Joy” of the Celtic supporters just as much. Seeing them happy made me happy. Thanks very much for your comments, much appreciated, thanks also to Bobby and the mad Mahe for giving me the opportunity to rekindle my happy memories. Its the “Fool time whistle” for me, that made me lol. Just a pity that MIT isny Tonto, but unfortunately he’s still in Toronto. Best of luck to you all. COYBIG. Ken.


That shark must be wondering why any sane creature is still celebrating 1690.


Fool Time Whistle


No wonder it hides under the polar ice…
Is it safe to come out yet?

Fool Time Whistle

One time Newco director is suing the Police.

Isn’t he the same Imran Ahmad who did a runner to Pakistan when the polis wanted to interview him?

He’s suing from Pakistan…


bada bing1

Dallas in charge of Malta v Spain ffs,talk about rewarding failure…


Evening all,,
So the Mahe household had an eventful week
Having a ring of trees around the house we were quoted 3.5 k for the outer ones , and 2.5 for the monster oak overhanging the actual house .
Humming and hahhing about it for months and lo and behold a couple fellas start work on a neighbours tree which is a decent size.
I ramble over and ask about the operstion,,just a retired air force fella who did tree work for a living. Is now seeking spending money ,quotes 700 bucks to take down the outer trees which was 3.5k quoted.
Bargain of the century was great until tree number three went through two sections of the neighbours fence.
Incredibly being a military guy and not wanting to hurt a vet trying to make an honest buck he refused help and said they are cheap to replace it’s cool !!
He had to take a few days off to calm the nerves before dropping the last two ,, and boy was crapping it,, but job done and bargain of the century complete.
Good start to spring.
Hail Hail

GC58 738


I also had a bit of good fortune today, did a five team acca this evening, a tenner to win 250, Bosnia, Ireland, Barnet, Inverness, Dun Utd, wasn’t thinking about cashing it out as I was totally confident that the bet would come up, I cashed it out at 110 by accident, one of the dogs nudged me when I was scrolling about the site and I clicked on it by mistake, was cursing masel for being so feckin stupid, then I seen Greece equalising in Bosnia, nice wee turn of 100 euros, no very often I get a bit of luck like that 😉


I remember that case,it caused uproar and hilarity at the time!

Billy Connolly suggested that the reason given for his death was actually to SAVE the family from embarrassment-as the truth was that he was actually wearing a Celtic strip at the time of death.

Which shows you just how much of a difference Fergus made shortly afterwards…

Fool Time Whistle


I don’t remember the Billy Connolly jibe, but I never forgot the name Stephen Milligan.


Arborists rule
Have chainsaw, will travel.
No tree stands in my way



Ranking Roger RIP
Stand Down Margaret!

Margaret McGill

I should have been a pair of ragged claws/ Scuttling across the floors of silent seas but i stumbled up the river Boyne in 1690.
I would proceed with Imran Ahmad’s prosecution of Police Scotland as long as he appears as witness for the defense in situ and provides the video on Paul McBride. Otherwise GTF.

New article published.