Hunskelping Time?


Hallelujah,the fitba’s back. That’ll give us something to argue about,discuss and cogitate-let’s face it,there’s been little of interest football-wise lately. Some minor occurrences have taken place since we last saw a ball kicked in anger-I think it was by the Dundee goalkeeper as he punted up to the centre spot for the restart after Eddy’s late late winner!-so I’ll summarise those in this article before a brief preamble about Sunday.

It seems that Scotland’s latest shameful displays on the travels/travails have led to some serious soul-searching in the upper echelons of the SFA. Outsiders might be inclined to term this as blame-shifting and finger-pointing,but that would be churlish. Or accurate,take your pick. Either way,the person being held responsible for the whole fiasco will be the manager,Alec McLeish,and of course he will have his contract paid up in full. Whether that be as a one-off payment or in monthly increments until he finds another job remains to be seen,but the SFA can save themselves a lot of admin with a one-off payment rather than 35 monthly ones to a man who will never find a job again.

Assuming that mumbling his way through match analysis for BBC Scotland doesn’t count as everyone will have turned the sound down.

There will be no blame attached to President of the SFA and former chair of McLeish’s testimonial committee Alan MacRae and his VP Rod Petrie,the men responsible for sacking Gordon Strachan and installing Alec McLeish as a more palatable choice than the odious stand-in,Malky Mackay. Despite,of course,McLeish having previously walked out on the job to sample the delights of Birmingham. Hell knows who they’ll dredge up next,and I’m long past caring anyway. The gravy train will roll merrily on as Scottish Football dies a lingering half-death.


The blame-shifting game isn’t the sort of thing that Celtic indulge in,of course. No,no,no,and perish the thought. We do things in an entirely out-of-the-box manner at Celtic Park. We decide that no-one is to blame. The independent report finally arrived at a satisfactory conclusion-ooooops,sorry,I meant to say was finally published to huge fanfare earlier in the week. Fanfare,maybe-fan welfare,naw! The report looked at the events and the conclusion that nobody was to blame and managed to fill in the blanks,for which they should be commended. This took only 38 weeks,and is a veritable masterclass.

And so it goes.

It seems that a game at noon on a Sunday is because of Sky,and that the police have absolutely no say on the matter. Absolute rubbish,if I were Sky,appalled at the suggestion that their schedules might be to blame,I would demand that the next one be played at 530 on a Saturday evening and wait for the outraged responses to it. The report also claimed that reduced public transport on a Sunday was a factor. Since when has anyone in Scotland paid attention to public transport restrictions? It’s not so long ago that they wanted Aberdeen to play a semi final in Glasgow on a Sunday where the kick off time was before the first train from Aberdeen arrived in the city! Utter balderdash,but there’s more.

Hardly a mention of the late closure of London Road,and no attempt to find out who authorised it,nor why,nor a request for justification. Sticking it to the Tims would not have looked good in the report,so maybe don’t ask that question. Nor any others which might throw up potentially problematic or awkward answers. Like why around 30% of the access areas were used for 1.1% of the crowd,while the remainder were shovelled through ever-narrowing spaces.

And there is the pointer to the one question above all others which should have been asked at the start of this independent enquiry. Was there anything different about this game from the many others which have taken place at this time and place?

Answer-Yes,only 800 Rangers fans,which meant another 6200 or 12% more Celtic fans.

Okay,follow-up question. What steps were taken to cater for this large increase in the number of Celtic fans wishing access to the stadium?

Answer-Obviously we increased the access areas for the Rangers fans to around 30% and shoved the Celtic fans through the eye of a needle,both in the environs of the stadium and outwith.

Clearly these are questions which couldn’t be asked due to the other follow-ups like who thought this was a bloody good idea and who decided to agree to it? There are some very lucky people alive today-those who escaped a death similar to those at Hillsborough,and those responsible who will never have to answer those or similar questions while defending charges of manslaughter or worse.

They got away with it this time;that report does nothing to convince me that there won’t be a next time.


Looking forward to Sunday’s game-which I am,as we can nail the lid back on the zombies for another season (you’re getting your Horror genres mixed up-ed)-it looks like Celtic still have injury woes,though Neil Lennon may have his biggest squad yet to choose from. Lustig has a dead leg,but should be fit to give Kent a couple of dull ones. Benkovic,Ajer and Simunovic are fine though Boyata might be a late decision. Kieran Tierney should be fit,and if he isn’t,I expect Johnny Hayes to deputise,rather than Izzy.

Up front,our only injury niggle seems to be Jamesy. He’ll also be a last-minute decision. All the rest of our forwards are itching to start-I won’t hazard a guess who they’ll be as the last time I did that,Neil Lennon took my advice 10 times out of 11 and we needed a late winner against Kilmarnock! Even better news is that Leigh Griffiths is back in training,and despite suggestions from elsewhere that we won’t-and shouldn’t-see him playing again this season,I’ll stick my neck out.

Cameo late substitute in one game. He is one appearance short of the ten required for a medal.

In midfield,we may suddenly have an abundance of riches. All players are fit or sufficiently close to it,and will be available for selection. This includes the possible and long-awaited return of Tom Rogic,our Wizard of Oz. Lordy,we have missed his magic! In Oliver Ntcham,we have another superbly gifted midfielder,and one who certainly owes us for some poor at best performances this season. I hope he casts the demons out of his mind,plays like the star he is,and gets the move he so clearly desires at the end of a tremendous season next year. McGregor,Brown,Henderson and Christie will be a headache for any team,but NL faces a selection headache to get the balance right for this game.

We can’t play any worse than the last time we played the huns,so I’ll be happy enough for whatever bunch of players he picks,as long as we win!


Finally,we have been blessed recently at Celtic Park with some outstanding keepers. Long overdue,we put up with some adequate at best and bloody awful ones too before the arrival of Artur Boruc. Not since Ally Hunter wrapped his,erm,confidence round a Wembley goalpost had we had one,but I was delighted when we signed Magnus Hedman. Problem was,Coventry City got the best from him,and he was another disappointment with us. Maybe his concentration was poor and he needed to be in the game all the time,and while that might have been the case with Coventry,it certainly wasn’t so with us!

He talks here of his battles with depression,drugs,suicidal tendencies,since retiring. There’s a piece also on Stevie Clarke. Worth a listen,I think.


Above article by BMCUWP. Have your day in the sun,mail an article to Mahe.

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Not a huge lot to discuss really,so it was either all of the above…

Or Brexit!

A thing of beauty

Just about to nip out for my morning dose of torture on the turbo trainer but before I go a quick point. Under no circumstances in my humble opinion can Rogic or ntcham feature on Sunday. Rogic is notorious for taking a while to get up to speed after injury so I expect he will be firing on all cylinders come the end of the season – probably just in time to get injured again playing for Australia and therefore gubbed for pre season, AGAIN. Ntcham is another who needs to play every week. Unfortunately his performances when fit this season have not merited playing every week. At Celtic we get players of his class for a reason. It’s because there is another very important component missing elsewhere. This is the case with ntcham. His attitude to being a professional sportsman is poor. The top players turn up,with the same attitude every game no matter the other stuff affecting them. 100% dedication to the team and their craft. If ntcham had this he’d have made it at Man City, I believe he’s that good but he doesn’t and that’s why he’s with us. We need to get any money we can in the summer and call it quits. He’ll move one elsewhere, set the heather on fire for 6 months then disappear again. It’s just how it is for him, I think. Who we play in there instead on Sunday is a problem. Possibly Forrest if fit with Burke out wide. Or maybe trust Henderson, but personally I think it’s too early. Thoughts?

big packy

HI BOBBY you have given us quite a lot to discuss there well done, but ill go with goalkeepers the first one I ever saw at parkhead big bright yellow jersey a mr frank haffey, second one the original holy goalie who i think wore a green jersey, and then the man himself, perhaps the most important, who also wore a green jersey mr Ronnie simpson,,yes hedman was good when he first came then faded, idid like boruc but loved fraser forster and by the way don’t call me jock ??


An excellent summary “A Thing Of Beauty” one that I fully agree with. For me it would be to play Odsonne in the number ten role with Olli up front or vice versa. Big strong talented players, playing together. I was looking forward to watching Odsonne up front with Dembelle, that for me was the biggest disappointment of Dembelle’s departure.

Fool Time Whistle: Thanks for your reply last night, it was very much appreciated. You are correct “ultimate control” defines who was fully responsible for the stadium and the stadium’s footprint safety, it reverts to the police if criminality occurs. It is crucial to have clear definitive roles for all charged with fan safety.

Awerabest. Hail Hail. and GIRUT. We love you Celtic, you know its troo, we hate the Sevco GIRUY. We love you Celtic, we do-diddly-doo, oh Celtic, we love yooooooo. Fine team yeh are.

Awe Naw

Sorry I haven´t been on much recently. Completely snowed under with work to the extent that I hardly even know what is going on these days. I see the safety report came out there was no surprises there. I see Scotland got humped by Khazakstan again no surprises there. I really don´t care about them. I feel the same way about SCotland the SFA and the SPFL as I feel about non conviction politicians.

For the game on Sunday if Boyata and Benkovic are fit then we will win.

Awe Naw

oh one other thing a Neil Lennon Team will never be as easily kicked off the park as a Brendan Rodgers team. That´s reassuring but the MIBS will be aware of that as well.


I was very careful not to second-guess team selection,merely pointing out who was likely to be available for it. I agree with you on Ntcham,but I’d keep him and expect him to play for the telly and the scouts next season. That’s about all we can expect from someone like him,unfortunately.


We certainly saw a different approach from the players in NL’s first season compared to the pussies the season before!

Awe Naw

Tolljan Boyata Benkovic, Hayes

Forrest Brown Bitton McGregor Sinclair


Bloody hell,AWENAW,I was bloody careful not to mention Bitton either!!!

bada bing1
A thing of beauty

I’m with mike on this on team selection. Play Burke and edouard and go for it. Right back is a problem too though. Toljan looked great in the first game but when you start to question if Lustig should play then you know we’ve got a problem. Lustig got a chasing from Kent in the last game but equally toljan got a chasing against the Motherwell left winger a few weeks back and hasn’t improved much since. Also factor in that Lustig picked up an injury so if the legs were gone before… When you weigh it up they are shite but there has been a lot of times this season we’ve been shite as well. They will need to win and they’ll be given as much leeway as possible so it’s not a game for the faint hearted. For me it’s:
Toljan boyata benkovic teirney
Brown mcgregor
Forrest edoaurd Sinclair

This is a good article about Bert Trautmann. A film is being made about him,I reckon many of us know the background,but this goes a little deeper.


I genuinely don’t think NL will follow the BR formation of two wide men. I reckon he might play Burke and Eddy,aye,but with them both playing the role of the wide outlet ball too.

Four midfielders is my thoughts on how he will go. Swamp them in that area and let the pace of the two front men destroy them.

Mike in toronto


Great picture of the pups. Makes me think Seamus needs a brother or sister.


Big Packy, Those wee dogs are smashing. Are they yours or ones you look after?


Always happy to help,lads.

They reminded me of my Mum’s guid pal back in Kilwinning. June had two wee Westies,spoilt them rotten. Dressed them up to take them out,ffs!

Anyway,she was out walking them through the town one day,and someone stopped to admire them and asked…

“Are they brother and sister?”

“No!”,replied June. “Husband and wife!”


Ntcham has paid a high price this season by being the victim of tinkering and injury.
Ran the show against the huns first outing playing in the central role.
Was brilliant with CMcG in our 6-0 humping of StJohnstone.
Unfortunately the only person who did not recognize how well we played that day was the coach who tinkered and never used that line up again.
Ntcham seems to be the fall guy for the when he was played wide left at ibrox for the debacle where no one showed up and the coaches tinkering only baffled our team.
I think Ntcham is the most complete midfielder we have and the right coach will see him shine.

Bobby, apologies, I meant to thank you. I’m having bother with my remote mouse it’s driving me to distraction.

Brilliant story about the Westies in Kilwinning! 🙂

Fan-A-Tic, I’ve read a couple of times that KT was ‘over coached’ by BR. Do you think his natural game was coached out of him? Great as he is, I don’t think he has been quite so good this season as a couple of years ago.

Or is it just a case of playing too many games and getting kicked up and down the park?

bada bing1

Brian Rice looks like something Dr Who would be chasing after…


It is clear that ” A thing of beauty” has a good clear insight into football, how its played and the players that can play it. 4-4-2 against the shite that’s called Sevco. (awe-naw)! Right back, well Tolgian has gone “right back” in the pecking order, caught out on the wrong side of attackers on several occasions, once incurring a red card and another 2-3 yellows, so for me it boils down to two choices. Lenny prefers Lustig and that’s who I think he will go with, the other alternative is to play young Kris Ajer (sits back and waits for howls of anguish) at right back, that is if he is not playing at centre-half. Mike likes his team made up in the MON mould, big, strong skilful players, who can handle the lightweights that play for Sevco. What’s to fear? apart from the masonic men in black, nout!


i posted often last season on another blog that KT’s strength’s were being reduced by coaching direction.
I also felt it reduced the potency of the SS/KT partnership of Brendans first season.
I took a severe amount of abuse for suggesting such.
So i started to question myself over that opinion.
I then decided to evaluate his passing stats in the next game.
Can’t remember the opponent but they were not a top spl team and it was a home game.
In the first half he had approximately 29 backward passes 19 forward and 12 sideways.
When i stated those facts at half time rather than discuss i faced the criticism of what kind of fanny keeps stats rather than watches game:-)
This was in stark contrast to the marauding full back of Ronny’s team.
I realize that BR was trying to coach defensive patience into a young player but his well intentions have been detrimental to KT’s game as has been his overuse.
Football habits are conditioned so i think KT probably needs to leave for a team with a more positive playing system to maximize his talent.
I expect him to leave next season.


Take a bow son great piece of work and a great way to start off this fine Friday !
The gets home at lunchtime and all woo hoo !
When the crush fell to me I was stumped , youve mentioned some great facts that I didnt even think of. Do you know if the same arrangements are in place this week and is your sis going to risk it ?

I wouldnt dare pick the team but the dodgy site I get my games on for some reason usually stick these derby games up so I probably will have access to it at some stage .
I certainly wont be watching live though.

Fan-a-tic from yesterday re the supporters orgs.
The sad fact is you are right and I suspect there are many in positions of which they could influence events that are not pushing for change or are content in their own wee pocket of power. Too many infact. Free tickets or mingling with bigwigs who to eff cares but we sit here with the game at the lowest point I remember , and having been handed a dud report by our own club , and they biggest org is campaigning to have Big Billy knighted or doing or chores that I consider the PLcs work like chasing Reagan.
THere are ways around all the problems you point out like finger pointing and people getting corrupted by a wee bit of power etc.
For instance if youre not there you cant be charmed etc but we both know even if you found the perfect person to present and say lets get behind this man there would be many who doubt , many who wont as they dont personally know you etc.
In other words theres always an excuse.
I often told this to Saltires en Seville who was looking for a leader that a leader will get smeared and it will hurt everyone ,, the good men for failing and the fools for falling for it.
Its not a leader we need its the right message delivered by as many as possible consistently allied with strong independant fan media .
We could use both in many ways. THese orgs though,, I could blow it about them. Perhaps thats the next project , grow the blog and form and supporters org or at least use the blog to get someone elected to a body / board .
I think they have lost their way somewhere along the line . The CSA handle tickets as far as I know and I personally have seen supporters clubs split over the ticket malarkey.
We all know a fella could get tickets,, and he sold that many his season book was free know what I mean . Theres a good old gig there for those that have it.
Hope alls well pal and sorry for the ramble. Let me know if you wanna go to war with them 😉

On a personal note and in the weekend spirit , dear lurkers would you please consider getting involved in the forum.
I know there are less comments than readers and thats natural but we dont have ad’s or want money , we just want your words .
Commenting ( even if just a good article or whatever ) is your way of telling us we are doing something right. Help us grow the blog and theres many friends you havent met yet awaiting. Besides new posters are always interesting ,, we cant enough viewpoints and you will receive no personal abuse on these pages I assure you . This weekend would be a perfect time.

Hail Hail

Mahe it’s true what you say. When it’s very quiet on here and on CQN I have a look in on Celtic Noise. Rarely post. But I noticed earlier there were 54 people on line. 11 members and 43 ‘guests’ (lurkers). Believe it or not it can be a bit challenging posting for the first time. I remember mine about 5 years ago on SFM. I was nervous as hell. But it gets easier.


How are ya pal? Couple later? I’m starting early ( 8 pm your time )
Yeah I know what you mean although I always think you can find someone that you feel is ” your cup of tea ” and just have a friendly well said or I agree with that .
It’s each to their own I guess.
Anyway, the numbers are encouraging, another ten contributors would really help bring the blog along.
Big Packies dogs are indeed wee crackers aren’t they!
Hail Hail


I’ll keep it short, get wired intae them from the first fkn whistle!


When we are 5 up, i’d like to see Jozo come on and give el fudalo the kenny miller treatment.


ATHINGOFBEAUTY could play a bit anaw when she was younger. Thing is,she’s twice the age now-and never been fitter. Many a time we discuss the game,she points something out I hadn’t even thought of,much less noticed!

Of course,it is difficult to have an overall view from watching on TV as I do,but aye,she does know her stuff. Just don’t tell her I said that. I’ll never hear the end of it!

PS-COSYCORNERBHOY taught her everything she knows. He did the same for me too,but I kinda forgot some of it…


I like your style,but if we are five up I’d prefer it for Neil to get stripped and do the business!


As you know from my days on CQN and “organising” swally sessions,I ended up with the equivalent of,a list of details of Celtic supporters to contact and vice-versa.

As a rule,I don’t divulge the details but if anyone-Fan A-ever asked to be put in contact with Fan B, I would pass the deatails to Fan B for him to decide.

Point is,I still get regular mails from people. Almost all congratulate us on the site. Occasionally they mention difficulty registering-which I talk them through-but the main reason for not posting is,I think,familiarity.

One or two reckon the site isn’t for them,the perceived direction of it isn’t to their liking. That’s their decision,though I point out that ALL views are treated cordially. The site is still only less than seven months old,we’ve both seen the stats and it is going along very nicely. Far better than I expected or even hoped.

But I suppose it’s like Bob Geldof when everything was just magnifico at Live Aid,but the money wasn’t flowing in. So,lurkers,this site doesn’t want your money and it won’t subject you to ads or force you to try for twenty minutes to make a three sentence post.


Sod it,I’m putting that at the bottom of tomorrow’s article-if Mahe will let me!

R.I.P. Wee Shay McGinlay


When did you ever let anyone tell you what to do???
Print and be damned.
Did Ronnie Barker need Ronnie Corbett’s permission?


Print and be damned…

Good advice,which I wish more journalists would pay heed to.

However,it didn’t work too well for Piers Morgan during the Iraq War.

Which was nice…


A sad day indeed. I’ve mailed CELTICROLLERCOASTER my condolences.


bada bing1

Celtic’s Kieran Tierney has suffered a reaction to his ankle injury and is now a doubt for Sunday’s match v Rangers.

From STV

Reminds me of someone else.
Peter is no angel.


I don’t think KT has looked himself since returning from injury.
Rest will do him good.
Hayes was unlucky to lose his place when KT returned.
Johnny has the mindset needed for the huns.


Show them none

A thing of beauty

Fanatic 1159
I understand where you are coming from with ntcham. On his game he is the best player in Scotland by a country mile. My point is we don’t see it often enough. He should be controlling games from the middle of the park every week, the fact that he wasn’t selected every week says something to me about his attitude. St mirren away earlier this season springs to mind. I feel he strolls through games and then when he needs to step up he can’t because he’s almost seized up. It annoys me because there is a top drawer player in there but we won’t see it regularly at Celtic. Just my opinion. As regards tierney, if he’s not fit he can’t play. Send him away till the start of the season to allow this injury to heal. It’s not good news for us but I fear we are going to ruin this boy.

Noel Skytrot

The independent report, right you fucking are.
William = I suspect the Celtic players haven’t forgotten all their talk from the last game and it will give us even more reason to scud them, I’m going for 3-0

Since that mob restarted they have beaten us once in the league and once in the cup. All that time and that’s the best they can muster. Roll on Sunday.

Mike in Toronto

Can we really call it hunskelping anymore?

Their team died… so, those huns died..

we dont play their fans….so, they aren’t really the ones getting skepled…

so, zombieskelping perhaps?

Noel Skytrot

for the memories match category, can a writer cover a game that another poster might have already covered?

Mike in Toronto


I would have Ntcham in my team every week … he knows how to pass the ball … the problem is that, as soon as we get possession, our players motor forward to their designated spots, stop, and then turn back to the goal … no mid-fielder is going to look good if he has no one to pass it to…

If we get a coach who actually insists that players pass the ball forward, instead of worrying about their optastt completion rates, Ntcham will be a revelation…


A thing of beauty
My point was when Ntcham was played in the right position he looked miles better than every midfielder in the spl.
Unfortunately coach clever kept shifting him around to accommodate others.
Poor tactics and systems can effect a players ability and confidence.
A bad solution is never a solution.
KT should be given time off as he is clearly neither fit or ready for the first team at present.

big packy

jimthetim53 if your around, very sad news indeed about wee shay.may he rest in were asking about the photo of the dogs,,from left to right its benny, then Jorge he is the one we adopted, Donny he is a bit bigger than that now, and frankie,yes they are all mine glad you liked it.hh.

big packy

MIT/AND MAHE, glad you liked the photo.hh,


Alright Bhoys and Ghirls, first time poster who’s only recently discovered this blog but I’m really enjoying the articles, well written and good craic. Keep up the good work.

Hail x2

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