Oh,Hampden in the Sun…


We have an important match tomorrow,the chance to bury a certain bad memory and stick it to the huns. I don’t think Lenny will need to do much to fire up our bhoys,maybe a “video” of that mob celebrating on the pitch and in the stands like they’d won the league,a “tape” of them gloating in the dressing room afterwards,a photo of the ref in a hun pub a couple of hours later.

Alternatively,he can pin the following recollections of a Memorable Match on to the dressing room wall. Yes,Sentinel Celts proudly brings you an eye-witness account of The Scottish League Cup Final in 1957,as recalled by COSYCORNERBHOY!!!!


Oh Hampden in the sun, Celtic 7 Rangers 1.

Well here we are again … 19th October 1957 and another cup final! They’ve been getting like buses,took 8 years for my first (13 years for my Dad and his age group) and here we are in our sixth since 1951,albeit we didn’t win them all. But…This one was different….not only was it against the Huns but coincided with a Saturday night,Sunday morning off weekend off! (did someone not make a film called that?).

This meant a cup final and a Saturday night stay in Glasgow and a night at ‘the dancin’)!!!

My best pal,who was also my cousin,had a Granny that stayed in Bridgetown,328 Nuneaton Street to be precise,so we were able to stay overnight when I was not on shifts and though Robbie Burns said Ayr was a town unsurpassed in pulchritude,Glasgow was a city and there were a lot more of them.

To the game…Not a full house,about 85000 I think,as League Cup was not as popular as the Scottish cup,and we lined up as follows…

Beattie,Donnelly,Fallon,Evans,Peacock,Tully,Collins,Billy McPhail,Wilson and Mochan.

They had some really good players too,such as the recently deceased Caldow,their new signing from Queens Park,the much sought after Valentine,Scott and Hubbard.They also had the always referred to
Korean War veteran Davis and at centre forward Max Murray who had gone to Ardrossan Academy (just over my backdoor) which was actually a rugby only school!

Up to Glasgow really early and out to Andy’s Gran’s house to dump the dancing gear,then the Plaza (the bar,no’ the dancin’!) before setting off to the game via Allison Streeet pubs-Mount Florida being a “dry area’’.

We opened the scoring through wee Sammy Wilson (never the same player after McPhail had to give up playing),followed by one from Mochan and another from Big Billy!! We were in seventh heaven ?!

Did they buggers no go and score wan through Simpson and deflate us a bit?..Howevah…Neilly again,followed by two more from Billy.. a cup final hat trick… and a last kick of the ball penalty from Willie Fernie (90 minutes then,no time added on shit) and we were off to enjoy even savour a major result.

Biggest win against them,highest score and record cup final winning margin ever and against them!!

Now,back to Bridgeton via the same pubs.???

This game gave rise to the song ‘Oh,Hampden in the sun’ based on the Harry Belafonte song ‘Oh,island in the sun’ and I (and my cousin Andy and about 85000 others) were there!!

What aboot the dancin’ I hear you say…… well the usual result…two lumbers?,but that’s another story.


So there you go,Lenny. Send your bhoys out to become heroes and legends,still talked about 62 years later,and immortalised in song. Not much to ask for,but then you despise the basturts as much as we do! Grateful thanks to COSYCORNERBHOY for,well,a lot of things,actually!!!

You know the rules by now,folks. Send us an article and we will print it. In particular,we would like as many reviews of Sunday’s game as possible-it doesn’t have to run to great length or detail,we simply want as many views of the game as possible posted in the main article for people to chew over in the morning. Mail it to Mahe on


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Noel Skytrot

Oh Hampden in the sun, when Celtic beat the dead club a record 7-1

As much as I enjoy reading the memories of folk regaling about the actual match I also like reading the things that people do before and after the matches, it gives you an insight into how people done things differently in times long past.

big packy

HI COSY CORNER BHOY. wonderful memories I was only 4 years old, but remember my father sitting me on his knee and telling me how we beat them 7-1, and singing oh hampden in the sun down my lughole, funny thing was he nearly never made it home, he was that drunk he conked out in the middle of the road and a taxi driver found him and brought him home, complete with scarve and rattle, luckily not many people had cars in glenboig then or his number would have been up,hh.


Oh Hampden in the sun,
That was the score when it came time up,
The Timalloy’s had won the cup.

And a decade later the BIG cup. Thank’s for sharing your memories Cosy-Corner-Bhoy. a smallish crowd of around 85,000. I sit back and try to get my head around what a global business football has become and there is still some way to go, so many untapped markets. You can bet your bottom dollar that the money-ballers are licking their lips at the thought of that. Twelve years after the second world war, devastation still ruled as towns and cities were starting to rebuild. People hardened to hardship and poverty, but the human spirits rose above it and at least the hardship could be forgotten for a wee while to enjoy the fitba. and that game certainly lifted our spirits. Cosy corner bhoy, that invokes thought’s of, sitting in the pub, next to a roaring fire, enjoying a dram with your mates. Well done that man…

G’Morning Packy and everyone else.


Imagine how drunk your Dad would have been if we had scored another three instead of hitting the woodwork!

Bertie Auld was expected to play in this game,but was dropped for some reason. That would have been some double,57 and 67…


Howdy folks,
What a great read to wake up to . Cosy Corner Bhoy thank you soo very much and I am officially jealous. Its great to get these memories on record also , again many many thanks.
I am sure thats one of your outstanding candidates when it comes to a special day .
I recall getting my NZ Csc to sing the song every week , to be glorified in song is something indeed. Somehow I cant see a Sentinels tribute topping the charts.
I recall seeing a documentary about Lisbon and Big Billy was recalling that if you watch certain footage theres a banner in the crowd that very simply states 7-1 .
Even all those years later for that to get a banner at such an important game shows the gravitas in which that day was held.
On the flip side Im sure some of the dross you see in the beautiful game today leaves you shaking your head after witnessing Scottish footie at its prime. I believe it will happen again , football goes in cycles.
Cheers partner and enjoy your weekend.

Atob from last night if you dont mind.
This interests me as I consider your views the neutral on the ground view kinda and it would sorta lead me to know where we would stand if we went down that road ( an org ) so with that in mind please,,,,
“I admire your passion but surely you know from where you find yourself at this time in your life taking up the cudgels and fighting the good fight is nigh on impossible. It’s a massive commitment and one I would suggest would be beyond your reach unless you’re willing to sacrifice time with your family and a lot of money.”
It cant be that much more time consuming than this blog and on the time and money will come to that.
“ I just think sometimes we are quick to moan about what other people are doing and not examining whether we are actually willing or able to take on the commitment to do better. “
Hence the blog and years of blogging trying to build up support
“ bmcuwp is saying the blog needs other people to help with articles – I don’t think we’ve reached the level where we are starting our own supporters group. “
Totally correct , WE are not but Im thinking we could shake up a few current ones ? At least get them on their toes or just let the average fan know they are doing jack for them?
“ All I’m saying is it’s easy to carp from the sidelines but a totally different ball game when you are actually involved. “
Im not sure about this sidelines lark. If you mean Usa where I live , I can have a face to face conversation on our phones or laptops within 10 seconds and I am 48 hrs away from anywhere on the planet if I really need to be . I fail to see the point here though , with this interconnected world no one actually need physically be anywhere anymore.
Our major shareholder is in St Tropez,, ok for him ok for me 😉
Involved ? Being a member of a committee is probably an email a day and using your brain . Again this confuses me,, surely every member of the Celtic family is involved here ?
“ It’s not the job in my opinion of the supporter organisations to ask about referees, that’s the boards job though I know they don’t seem to do anything about it.”
Holding the board to account on that would be a start . And threatening to use action if change is not forthcoming might actually break the status quo , if not the action itself certainly would force a huge spotlight. Its not their job to go after Reagan but they just spent months doing it .
Its their job to do what their members give them a mandate to do and that should mean clean up this farce the domestic game has become . And show us the safety cert before we go near there !

Again you know this isnt personal just curious . I feel what you are saying is theres no way the average fan would accept someone not there perhaps ?
My reply to that , and to any and all , is take me down ! Dont play the man , pick up the argument and show me that I am wrong in any or all aspects of where I think they fail the fans.
If you cant beat the argument perhaps it should become your viewpoint or at minimum make you think .
Hardly my fault Im not there and I was when I lived there.
Old fashioned people may not accept what they cant see but I think the net has broken that mould for instance I havent met the Res12 fab four but I know they are good lads no doubt about it.

Anyhow ,, enjoy your weekend and please dont use the same route as last time ! Hail Hail

Awfy quiet today. I’m a bit nervy about tomorrow. Just the whole changing managers thing. Don’t know what the mood is in the Celtic camp.

Will we win? will we win convincingly?


Hi partner,,hope youre good. I see theres a rumour Scott to retire end of season started to keep you busy .
I think it will be tight , goal or two max. THey really need to stand up this one ,, Stevie can hide behind a decent showing .
Expect lots of diving around box. THe big question is Morelos temperatment ,, can he stay calm. Im thinking this being his last visit to Parkhead he will run riot and get sent off .
Any online gamblers should back him getting a red . Wonder what odds are ?
Hail Hail

Looking out the window. The lamp post isn’t moving. The big fir tree is standing still. The sun is trying to break out. I have no company on here. I think God is telling me to go down to the pub.

Cheers Mahe but I’m now in the mood for the pub. Besides a big guy from Manchester is here at the moment. He is a long distance lorry driver and appears every now and again. He supports Rochdale. You would need to see this guy to believe it. Built like the gable end of a house. Smashing bloke but wouldn’t like to be on the other end of an argument with him. Rochdale is now my ‘English’ team! 🙂

Fool Time Whistle

Morning all,

Nice article CCB and I agree with Noel that the personal stuff enhances the whole thing.
A bit like the stories, books & films about how fans made it to Lisbon 10 years later.

Mahe/Bobby, maybe there’s an article idea in there of the lengths & time it takes ordinary (not personal jet types) fans to just get to a game at Celtic Park. A wee compilation like the one you’ve asked for about Sunday’s game.

Strangely, I’m less nervous about NFL being in charge of things than I would be if BR was in the dugout.
Is it because of some lingering resentment towards BR? – Not for me, as far as I’m aware I’ve moved on.

I always thought (pre-BR-exit) that BR was the smarter coach, but I despaired at his insistence on playing an expansive game in every game regardless of the opposition. Being horsed in Europe was no fun for fans or players & despite all that the man did for the club on the domestoc front – we became a joke in Uefa competitions.
Now that he’s gone & we have NFL 2.0 I have more confidence in NFL’s ability to have us prepared for the game this Sunday than if we still had the ex-manager.

I also can’t ignore the thought that our meek & weak performance against them in December was in part due to BR being half way out the door. If Moussa left in August knowing that BR was on his way out the door, then the rest of the squad & backroom guys would have had another four months of that knowledge undermining everything that the team was supposed to be about.
If a team is not united then it’s not a team.

Loads of cliches spring to mind – bring your game face or get your head in the game or win your personal battle etc etc.
I believe that NFL will give them the dressing talk they need before they go out, that he will put out a team that will fit his tactics & that he will tell them to leave nothing out on the field at FT. On CelticTV yesterday he was asked about the game & he mentioned the physicality required. He was excellent throughout the interview but I took great comfort from that because that for me was the main element that was missing in December.
No surprise – he wants the fans to create that fortress atmosphere on Sunday.

Here’s his interview in full.


Thank you for the memory of a legendary day to all Celtic supporters.
Every time i hear Oh Hampden in the Sun it brings a huge smile to my face.
Hail Hail

Interesting conversation with A thing of beauty.
To throw out a cliche the Celtic support is a broad church.
As a Celtic supporter i have never felt any of the supporters organizations ever truly represented or supported the Celtic fans view.
Not an easy task as even on the blogs there are many contentious issues.
The average fan just wants to support the team and neither ask’s for or receive’s any favor.
Some people will always see opportunity for self enrichment and this is the reason we have the present climate.
I include shareholders, directors ,fan organizations and blog’s in this.
I still hold the suspicion that some blogs are used by the club to control and certain poster’s are planted to direct or deflect the narrative to the clubs liking.
Would love to have a united support but unfortunately corporations see the danger in such and will always strive to maintain the status quo.


The support is a very broad church indeed so theres only one way to unite ,, their love of the club. Thats what we all have in common.
We would aim to tug in those heartstrings with everything we have got,, the finest pensmiths pulling out all the stops.
IT would take a concerted effort but thats doable.
Like I say people are divisive , its the message that must be true and cant be defeated.
Smashing the current ones and filling the void would be nice.
Corporations and companies will try to smash or smear yes ,,, but thats where we have an advantage . They havent considered the web and all that it brings.
For instance someone may well try and smear me for example,,
But what are they going to smear me with? Wants money and fame ,,, ah no I dont and theres many that know that by now.
Never a Celtic man ,, can prove it as far as anyone can without having the season ticket of course
Etc etc
Its all crap and everyone should always insist on play the ball not the man.
We will see what happens here but it seems those who are not happy with the status quo are growing while those content decline.
This league cant keep on going like this ,, somethings gotta give Im thinking.
Theres a farce / scandal a weekend usually .
I hope theres a fresh travel plan for the fans tomorrow.
Hail Hail pal


Owen Archdeacon hunskelping!


Henrik (MAGNIFICENT 7) hunskelping .

The Gombeen Man

Clocks go forward tonight /this morning. For the last time (sorry) for those of us in the 26 Counties.

Not sure what the UK’s doing next year.

There again.

Who knows what’s happening there.



Great to read memories of iconic Celtic games from before I was born coupled with the story’s of before and after really brings it to life, great job CosyCornerBhoy. Yet another record for biggest win in a cup final. With regards tomorrow I’m pretty confident we’ll win the game as we have better players all over the park and so long as we turn up we’ll play them off the park.
Hail x2


Welcome aboard. Sit down in a darkened room with some Celtic “videos” and go-“Haw,I wiz at that wan!” and tell us about it!

Even better,watch the gemme the morra and mail us your review of it. We will put it in the main article on Monday.

This offer is open to all,just like the site!


The first time I heard of Scott retiring at the end of the season was in a post from CANALAMAR on CQN. He was the original driver of Res 12-egged on by STEINREIGNEDSUPREME,I may add!-and both are damn fine fellas.

It was along these lines,that he complained in an interview that he was getting cramp,his muscles couldn’t take it any more.

The interviewer pointed out that he ran all day,lasted the full ninety every game,and was still full of running even if 30 minutes of extra-time had to be played.

To which Broonie said-“Naw,my legs are fine,but my arms canny take lifting all these trophies any more!”

I was about to mail CANAMALAR to ask him if it was ok to c&p it onto here when I noticed that it had been deleted.



Belief is such a vital component of winning football matches.
Watching Man U v Watford .
Score 2-1 utd in 90th minute with Watford just pulling a goal back.
The shot count is Man U 8 and Watford 20.
If Watford had shown a little more belief in the final third they would be winning.
Big teams often win matches because they and their opponents accept that as the natural order.
A bit like us in Europe.
A winning mentality throughout a club is so vital.


I would be a bit of a fraud if I posted how difficult it was to get to a game in my youth. Living in Kilwinning and then Ardrossan and Saltcoats,it was either an hour or so on the supporters’ bus or on the train.

I much preferred the latter,btw. Pick your own time to leave and return. But without the buses,I wouldn’t have learned the songs,might have missed out on historical yarns,so aye,I’m grateful for the days on the buses.

Perhaps the most difficult game to attend was the Paul Davis testimonial at Highbury in 1991. I’d been living in Streatham,London,for a year or two and ATHINGOFBEAUTY had recently arrived on the scene too. I went to Highbury ticket office and asked for two tickets for the Celtic End. After the counter assistant had stopped laughing,she explained that those tickets were only available from Celtic.

“And how am I supposed to get them,I live in London! Just give me two Arsenal end tickets then,please.”

As that end was pay at the gate,I picked up my kid sis at her work in “Shaftesbury Avenue doncha know” and she was resplendent in The Hoooooops,having changed at work. Fuxake,how are we gonna get into the Arsenal end wi you rigged out like that?

It’s a testimonial,who cares?

Well,we joined the queue,and we’re almost immediately removed,despite no-one in the queues having a problem. I explained OUR problem,told to go round the Celtic End and go in there. Of course we couldn’t,we didn’t have a ticket!

Now I was getting pissed off,I don’t like being given the runaround,and I’m perfectly capable of disappointing my sister without others doing it for me. So I approached a Police Officer who looked like he was in charge and explained the situation. He took a look at the suited and booted me-no time to get changed after work!-and my wee 20yo sis and decided we were unlikely to pose a threat.

He took us to a gate,asked us to cough up the admission,marched us to a point halfway up the terraces and right behind the goal and asked us not to let him down. We were on camera,please don’t both go to the toilets or the pie stalls at the same time.

Nae bother,mister!

What a night,we had a great time with the Arsenal fans. They weren’t bothered who we supported. But it was a bloody rigmarole all the same.

It was worth it though for the Wdowczyk free-kick,and ATOB telling our new friends what was gonna happen. Forty yards out? Penalty kick for that guy.

If that’s the hardest I’ve had to try to get to a game-and it was frustrating rather than tough!-then it’s a molehill compared to the mountains some Celtic fans have to move to watch us-even on tv!

It never leaves us,even when we have left behind the easy bus or train journey. And every time I approach the stadium I can honestly feel the hairs on the back of my neck bristle,my heart skip a bit faster,a smile attempt to crease my face.

It’s magic,it’s magic.

Fool Time Whistle


Self belief, individually & collectively to win games intially sounds like hocus pocus but it is a factor for me.

The Lions had no right to achieve what they did, based on the resources of our club & the poor record of Scottish & British teams on the European Cup. When I think of them in the tunnel area lining up against the bronzed & oiled & giants of the Inter team, they didn;t give a flying fig. Started taking the proverbial out of them to help with their own nerves, then busrting into the Celtic Song. The cup was won there, right in that little cameo for me. It made it clear to the opposition that we were not there to collect runners up medals & I’m sure it planted the seed of doubt that grew the longer the macth went on.

In another NFL interview oin Celtic TV he almost touches on that when he talks about the Barcelona 2-1 game.

Here’s Part 2 of that interview..


During the rugby Champions cup match today between Saracens and Glasgow which was live on TV the referee Nigel Owens incorrectly gave a decision to Saracens however after consulting with his linesman he correctly reversed his decision and then apologized to both sets of players. That’s how you deal with honest mistakes however i doubt it will ever catch on in Scottish football. Hh


An honest mistake in rugby is very unusual as the referees are pretty much on top of their game,especially at that level

The same is also true in football,and frequently referees hold their hands up after an event like the one you mention.

Scottish football is a rarity,an outlier. Those basturts know what they are doing. As a reference,the semi against ICT when Meekings punched it clear just before half time.

As the officials are leaving the pitch,one of the assistants asks McLean “How are you gonna get away with that?” Reply-“Just watch me.”

Watch the video if you can find it. It was there for long enough but strangely edited from the game now.


Reading your recollections of the Bobby/Jinky Testimonial,and the accompanying photo,it reminded me of one of the two weaknesses that Big Jock was guilty of,IMO.

I know,it’s a heresy to even suggest it,but heyho. Much of my thoughts were confirmed by THEBARCAMOLE,a right good mate-he must have been,I don’t spend a fortune on the phone to The Philippines for joooost emdy,you know.

Franny was tight with a number of Celtic Legends because of his role with Dubai Tims. And he’s an easy guy to like. Which a lot of the legends did,as I think you may recall.

He told me often of the disconnect between Jock and players whom he considered not to be in his plans anymore,which Franny thought was his only weakness. I said that his weakness was with goalkeepers!

I saw this article today on CQN,which kinda backs us both up…


And going back to the photo you supplied,there is Roy Baines in all his glory. I have no idea how many goalkeepers played for Jock-I think Evan Williams,also another good pal of my namedropping mate TBM,might have been most often picked. But he was jettisoned for Ally Hunter.

Again,I mentioned this in an article in midweek,that we have been blessed with goalkeepers since Artur in 2005,but for hell knows how long,we were cursed with garbage.

And then in another article,I point out how we only hammered Real Madrid 2-0 because Peter Latchford had a worldie in the first half. Blinkin flip,it’s no wonder Jock struggled wi goalkeepers,they’re only as good as their last game!

Btw,the last game Denis Connaghan played for St Mirren was a 0-0 draw,where he WAS the Alamo. Signed for us a few days later. £10,000 if I remember correctly. Still never trusted by Jock.

Just so strange how he treated keepers. He probably signed about twelve of them.

big packy

BOBBY HI, just back in from the shop, everyone wants their dogs cut on a Saturday, from this mornings post, yes I dread to think what my dad would have been like with another 3 goals scored,hh.

big packy

jimthetim53,just seen your post from this morning, about the lorry driver from Rochdale, that was where I was based when I was driving, drove past spotland road rochdales ground many times. p.s. how did the homemade soup go down.hh.



Some strange names in England,mate. Green Street Green,Tiddlywink,The Shoe. That’s only tipping the iceberg. But spotland reminded me of when I was I was going out with a girl from Snodland.

It’s a wee village in Kent,and we were on our way to a guid night out in Maidstone. We sat on the train and my wee darling pointed to Rochester Castle. That’s where they shot Hamlet.

That’ll be the Mel Gibson version. I pointed out that nobody was shot in Hamlet,dunno what they teach you in English schools.

She politely pointed out that I might struggle for a last train back to Streatham

Sol Kitts

What’s this about you liking the train? Last one we were on a Polis wanted to arrest you for the heinous crime of putting your feet on a seat. Still, we put him back in his place – stranded on Saltcoats station while we waved at him ?. But nothing beats the bus driver who refused to let us nip out for a pee at Harthill.
Enjoyed our call earlier, will sort out a day oot and let you know when.
Did I mention I got myself a chainsaw? If you see the headline Maldon Chainsaw Massacre, it wisnae me……..??

Fool Time Whistle


Ahh the Paul Davis testimonial is it?

Lived in Reading at the time & got tockets for myself & my two sons, aged 19 & 17.

We witnessed London’s finest (actually a lady polis who was about 5 ft tall) being an a**e with Celtic fans who attended early & were minding their own business standing on the still very empty Clock End terrace. Move along she said, pointing to the fence which separated our section from Arsenal fans. They refused politely and said that fans will filter in and find their own level, but she was a nippy wee tart & couldn’t leave it alone. One of her colleagues eventually restored common sense.

We both know how the game ended & all seemed fine until my elder son decided to join the thousands of other Celtic fans who ran from our end towards to the North Bank end. The Police wet themselves as they had not banked on any bother & this looked like being the mother of all rammies, because thousands of Arsenal fans from the North Bank ran on to the pitch & headed towards the Celtic fans. Then the whole stadium burst into a mixture of laughter & sighs of relief as the witnessed the two sets of fans meeting at the halfway line: both groups stopped, exchanged scarves & hugs before chatting for a few minutes. The police expressions returned to normal and they started clearing the pitch.

I now had a problem though. My elder son was in amongst the thousands around halfway, but when the Police started to clear the field, he was caught on the wrong side of the two police cordons moving fans to their respective ends. They wouldn’t listen & refused to let him go to our end of the field, they kept shoving him to the Arsenal end. He needed a ride home, so he jumped into the enclosure in stand opposite the main stand & managed to find his way to a spot where we could see him. We all got home safely.

Happy days with Charlie Nicholas and Darius scoring our goals in a 2-2 draw.


It will be interesting to see how NFL sets out our team tomorrow after the Dens Park performance. Will be disappointed if Oliver Burke does not start.

big packy

ok you younger ghuys, wont remember, but we need a tam Gemmell jim craig running at them, pinging crosses in, unfortunately we have not got a willie Wallace stevie chalmers or bobby lennox who could all head the ball into the net, there is no one in the present celtic team that is a proven goalscorer with the old head. the last one was a mr Larsson..agree or disagree that is the question.hh.

Fool Time Whistle

Big Packy

Willie Wallace, Joe McBride were supreme finishers but Henryk was the business,
Finish from any angle, any height (it seemed) & from any distance almost.
He was such a deceptive player, slightly built so much that he tended to ride over tackles rather than meet them foot to foot.
Two footed & an ability to leap that shocked Porto in Seville, to name one of the many teams that he helped defeat in the hoops.
Lubo was wonderful but he only seemed to score spectacular goals.

Can’t think of anyone that would beat Henke in the striker poll.


big packy

FOOL TIME WHISTLE forgot about joe McBride and yes Henrik could leap like a salmon but who have we got now.hh.

Fool Time Whistle

Big Packy

We have no one in his class & haven’t had since he left in my opinion.

To have a player so talented with either foot & his head was special.
His composure was breathtaking.

The closest in the composure department is Callum McGregor, with Tom Rogic probably tied with him.
Neither can leap or head like he could though.



Big Packy,,
Big Jan Veenegor of Hesselink was great with the napper,,scored some vital goals with thon skull.
He was a great capture , a real surprise, and seemed a nice character.
Little and large,,Jan and Skippy. Ah the good old days.
Hail Hail bruv. 2-1 the good guys


Henrik was the greatest goal scorer and headerer of a ball I’ve ever seen although by all accounts the Garngad Torpedo at 5ft 6 was the greatest ever. Hh

big packy

MAHE, hope your right glad you liked the photo.hh.


Jimmy McGrory is our all time record goal scorer with 469 goals in 448 games however he did have a weak spot. He only took 3 penalties and missed 2 of them. Hh

big packy

anyway bhoys, up early in the morning, think there is a game on..goodnight and god bless.hh.

Night Night Packy.

Jimmy McGrory was my great uncle.

Fool Time Whistle

Nigh Night Big Packy.

What a relation to have.
Accounts say he was a gentle man AND a gentleman – is this what you remember?


And they gave us James McGrory and Paul McStay, they gave us Johnstone, Tully, Murdoch, Auld and Hay Hh


Morning bhoys
Up early on a beautiful morning in sunny troon looking forward to the game later,off to mass light a wee candle for our team
3.0 to the good ghuys
Hope you all have a beautiful Sunday
Troons Green and White

Noel Skytrot

Morning all, it’s showtime. I hope we get right into the Klan from the off, no fucking around today Celtic. William has to come out and play and if so we will punish them. I’m going for 3-0
Enjoy everyone

big packy

morning troonbhoy. yes nice and sunny here too ,bobby/mahe/jimthetim/ftw/tgm/tet/ get up we have hunskelpin to do.hh

big packy

morning noel. yes lets gerrinto them.hh,

The Gombeen Man

Morning all,

I’m going to the game today. My bhoy’s working 6 till 2, so he’s given me his ticket. Nervous about the game after the last outing against them but we need to put this shower in their place.

Bobby Madhun is a concern. He’s a better cheat than the rest. That tackle on Odsonne by McKenna was savage and that’s how our talented youngsters like Tierney get hurt…no protection.

Anyway, just do it today Celtic and remind this new club that Glasgow’s green and white.


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