Aye-It’s The Hope That Kills Them!!!


What a Beautiful Sunday,although we contrived to let the huns back into it with a poor second-half display. Two loose balls,two quick passes to Eddy,two goals. One superbly finished on his own and the other a slide-rule assist to Jamesy to slot home just as that lot were getting their hopes up.

It should have been a lot easier,especially after Rocket Man Morelos flattened Broonie and was red-carded. Kent did the same was not even spoken to (I expect the Compliance Officer to take a different view) Gerrard says both were provoked? Garbage. If you watch the Morelos incident,he pushes Brown in the back first before Brown brushes against his knee. With Kent,Broonie pulled the ball behind his back before dropping it. I doubt any court would consider either as provocation to justify a serious assault.

I don’t think we will see Boyata again after pulling up with a hamstring injury,and I genuinely think we need to tell KT-who had a cracking shot superbly saved-to bugger off,get some rest and top medical advice,and not to come back till he’s fit again.

100% fit. Nothing less.

But the game itself? Well,let’s have the thoughts of THE EXILED TIM and of MAHE…


Celtic vs Rangers match report

First and foremost thoughts and prayers go out to the three victims of the cowardly attack after the game yesterday . Hopefully the attackers are caught asap . Youre all far more precious than three points.

The game itself will not go down as a cracker by any means although it did provide some throwback to games of yore in that for a spell we see attack vs counter attack consistently.

Neil’s brief will have been simple . just dont lose. The three points and physiological boost that would give , allied with the temporary nature of the gaffers position and fans getting nervous , could have seen us in territory thats best not thought of at all .

However no doubt craving that hotseat position fulltime there was no doubt Lenny would not have settled for a draw at all but sent his bhoys out to win and thus advance his claim to the throne.

The first half seen our team of choice on top without hitting first gear , the breakthrough goal coming from my own Joint MoM Odsonne with another fine cool calm collected finish .

He is raw but the talent is there , its should be a pleasure watching him grow.

The Buffalo showed he has a lot of growing up to do . I had blogged on Friday night he would be a good bet to see red ,, he has surely blown his chance with Stevie G now and it will be interesting to see how much wedge he pulls in .

Of course dont expect anything but an inflated fee to be announced as a feel good factor.

The second half started with Hayes off who had been quite effective even if his corners werent.

It seemed Stevie had fired them up a bit as well as they started playing a bit and gaining confidence . The goal Kent scored was well done and showed a bit of skill ,, but again Dedryk was weak in the tackle and was taken advantage of .

Smelling blood now and having silenced the park a bit der Hun actually fancied their chances and this was just reinforced when the ref miraculously never sent off the goalscorer for throwing a punch . The pundits claimed he must not have seen it and neither did the assistants . Its the only explanation and as such he will receive a ban similar to Morelos hopefully. This will see Stevie under even more pressure with those two out , just what he needed .

But its all Scott Browns fault !

The Captain just delights in these games now , having 30 under the belt he should know whats needed . He was at his impish best ,, strolling , smiling , tripping , cajoling .

I think we wont realise just what exactly we had until hes gone but this was one of his best derby displays.

The real rock though and other joint MoM was big Kris Ajer , as predicted last week he will be the mainstay of this defence under Neil . Whether he thought he was playing for his position he was simply immense, a rock they bounced off , and his very slight touch saved an equaliser to his enormous obvious delight .

He has been quite a find to be honest , and once again will be the most experienced ( in playing for the club ) of the back two for any qualifiers early next year and we will all lean heavily on him. Yesterday will be a huge confidence booster for the young man. Notable also was big Mik who shut this doubter up,, good game big lad.

As for Neil himself he will be pure delighted although he could not have legislated for such an injury hit day , and would probably admit that in hindsight playing Kt was not the most clever thing .

He will know the three points have all but confirmed the league title , and has a few games left to show he can get a style of play to go with the points to aid his case in getting the big seat . At this stage of the season victories are the most important thing and the lads can now stroll the league while hopefully saving the big performances for the cups.

Morelos gives Stevie and easy out also , his cred will not have fully evaporated yet but its almost gone. His big summer buys Davis and Defoe have been a waste and thats a black mark now , his transfer dealings .
As for the ref , the best time to speak out is after a win ,, saying something about yesterday would have all our backing although with the promised incoming Var system the Kent punch at Scott would have been caught within minutes and didnt see it will be a thing of the past . Hopefully.

All in all , a good day all around !

Hail Hail Mahe



Today was the proverbial game of two halfs, we could and should have been one up after a couple of mins , Ncham had a decent chance close in but for a good reaction save from McGregor we would have been in the lead.

We kept up the pressure on them and they had very little to offer going forward, our final ball was wasteful at times, we were battering them, 27 mins in they had a free and from the resultant kick we broke at great pace, Eddie shrugged off the challenge from goldson and with Broonie racing in on goal I kinda expected him to pass it to him, instead he did what all top strikers do feign in the box and slot it away for the opener, nothing less than we deserved, a couple of mins later Broonie was running just behind morelos and clipped his heels, instead of ignoring it moreloss elbowed Broonie in the face, the ref never saw it but thankfully his assistant must have and for his troubles the cheating hun saw red, 100% deserved.

We continued to lay siege to their goal but wasteful finishing saw them going in only one down at half time.

For the start of the second half Sinclair replaced Hayes, a strange substitution I thought but as they were down to the 1o men Lenny obviously thought that Sinclair was a better option going forward, his hunch if it was that nearly paid off when Sinclair had the chance to make it two but he brought out another very good save from the hun keeper, then for some unknown reason we seemed to take out foot off the gas and let them into the game, they took our invitation with both hands and when they scored through kent in the 63rd min we appeared to be unsure of what was happening, our problems were compounded when KT had to go off and was replaced by Toljan, we had to shuffle things about, our woes were further compounded when Boyata tried tostop kent in the box and pulled his hamstring, the same kent who should have seen red for hitting Broonie in the face knocking him to the ground, astonishingly the cheat with the whistle didn’t even have a word with him, the game by this time was end to end, 10 v 10 in reality it could have gone either way, we were our own worst enemies at this point,Calmac made a superb interception gave the ball to Eddie who fed James F who slotted the ball home.

All in all we fully deserved the three points, forget all the hun mindset that we got away with one, they did, they should have been at least four down at half time, they got away with it, we gave them the chance to get back into the game, yet we scored when it mattered and took the well deserved three points.

As for Lenny’s subs today, I don’t know, he obviously saw reasons for them.
My MoM in the first half was Eddie closely followed by Lustig, he didn’t do much wrong Eddie continued to impress in the second half as did Kris, he was immense today but Eddie for me just shaded it.


Thanks,lads. I couldn’t have put it better myself-so I won’t! I’m off to dig up highlights of it to watch again and again. I’ll fast forward through the scary bits…

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Repost from last night because everyone needs a laugh on a Monday morning!

Margaret McGill

Huntellectual debate

April 1, 2019 2:45 am


“I thought that “Rangers” were terrific, well it is April the first, so “Hun-ti-gout”. I really enjoyed the game, in any exciting match, you need two teams to participate and they didny. A terrific first half, the second a disappointment, did we think that the game was won? I don’t know about that, but then again, I am not into criticising young players. The substitutions strange? but NFL would have had his reasons for doing what he did. Was Halliday also red carded? I think he was after the game. It was brilliant to see the Huns getting agitated, Mr. Windup, wound them up and like a salmon to the fly, they bit it and were caught, GULP. Brooneee. 13 points ahead, they are due £10 mill. to Close Brothers as they spend wot they don’t have trying to “catch us if you can”, Karma rules. Thoughts with the young men attacked by the scum.

The Gombeen Man, Sounds like a great young man, but then again so does his father.

Where’s Packy? Must have been on the juice yesterday.


Oh,it was a terrific match,hearts were hammering during the entirety of each half-but for different reasons!

We really mullered them in the first,only that horrible piece of work in goal for them kept the score down. Second half was like,WTF? I certainly won’t point fingers as I know every player was trying,but it just wasn’t gelling in the second half as it had in the first.

But the end result,the important thing,is three points,a stake through their zombie hearts-there’s me getting my horror genres confused again!-and Morelos’ value cut by about 80% for any manager with two brain cells to rub together.

Best laugh was Glen Kamara crossing himself when he came on,and then a few minutes later Jermaine Defoe trying hard not to do the same! Cue hun heids exploding all over Scotland and Norn Iron.

But,if I’m honest,I don’t care how we beat them. A last minute offside own goal penalty is good enough for me.

big packy

THE EXILED TIM AND MAHE,excellent summation of the game, as you say what a player we have in young Kris ajer definitely.man of the match,, the subs im not too sure about, but lets give lenny till the end of the season and see what happens.hh.

I’ve just noticed that the repost by Mags from last night didn’t copy the URL properly. Here it is,it’s hilarious.


big packy

HI JIM, I was on the juice, ive just posted. any soup left.hh.


Thanks for the info re GFTB last night. He’s a lovely guy,but gets carried away sometimes. I don’t think he really believes that any Celtic supporters would be upset at yesterday’s result,and I’m 100% sure that the only negative comments he will have read about the match were actually on his preferred site.

He’ll still get his invitation to the next Hootenanny,same as everyone else!

The thing is Bobby it’s not a competition between the blogs. There’s room for all. I like to look in on here, CQN, SFM, ETims, they are all different but enjoyable in their own ways.

big packy

HI BOBBY, I like Gerry he comes from the brigg, but it was the senile celts jibe that annoyed me,.hope you are well.hh.

big packy

catch u all later dogwalking,hh,

Noel Skytrot

Morning my fellow tims, how’s your happiness today? I’m not going into a big speil about yesterday’s game, I’m keeping it simple.

Morelos, Kent and Halliday done by Brown.
Slippy, has the cognitive capacity of a No Surrender tea towel. Lacks class

Performance, first 30 mins, grand. Still got the 3 points.
Ref, the usual
Scottish Meeja, total permarage, particularly Graham Speirs, stay off the Sauvignon sir

Here we go 8 in a row

Noel Skytrot

That video of the feral degenerates being interviewed outside the hun pub at Duke st is a belter. The four participants have the combined intelligence of a fridge magnet. Definitely the Peepil.


Aye,it fair cheered me up watching it. If somebody gave them a loan of a brain cell,they’d have sod all to mate it with.

Noel Skytrot

I was listening to 3 of them on the number 1 on my way to the game yesterday, and their take on Brexshit left me aghast. Without boring anyone it went along the lines of “get them all tae fuck, the lot of them, we’re British.” I wonder who “them” are? Crazy people, mate.

Noel Skytrot

Scott Brown is getting a bit of abuse from the meeja about his performance yesterday.

How must it feel to zombies when one man can get into the heads of their full squad, the manager and his backroom staff, eight hundred reprobates and the thousands sitting watching the game in their hun pishhouses.
I said on another thread on here that Brown wouldn’t have forgotten the defeat and behaviour of the Sevco players at the William Dome and would have a stormer. On yersel Broony.

Noel Skytrot

Going out with my missus after her work for a belated Mother’s Day meal, I’ll be having a large portion of hun pain and a glass of Bitter Orange Tears to wash it down. Their delusion and pain today is delicious.


Bitter Orange would have been the tipple of choice in my home town of Kilwinning yesterday!

The Gombeen Man

Morning All,

So many talking points from yesterday.

Mike, Thanks for the compliment. The young fella made it back safely, thankfully.

Sevco have a rookie coach. Watching his interview it showed. It’s no wonder they have discipline problems. Did I hear him correctly when he was talking about making changes and starting to fine players? It’s no wonder they behave the way they do…Even Scottish officials have to draw the line somewhere.

Bobby Madden did everything he could to look impartial but the excesses of Andrew Dallas and Mr Beaton have tied their hands a bit this season.

I wonder what Mr Madden said to Gerrard in private at Full Time?

As for our performance?

We should have been out of sight but the grit and determination of the players got us there. If we don’t take our chances they’ll always get a sniff and it was back to the walls stuff at times. The team looked exhausted in the second half.

For me the surprise was starting Hayes but he provided the energy that I hoped. Tierney was flagging early in the second half and you could see it starting to unravel. We started playing the way Sevco did in the first half, passing it about the back and the stadium knew it.

The 850 Sevvies gave us a chorus of “You only sing in the chapel.” Three young guys beside me asked “What they singing?” When I explained they looked perplexed. The guy next to me just shook his head and laughed.

Anyway, the winner was scored in the far away end. I just remember a quick move, a shot and the Celtic End erupting. I’d no idea who scored until the Big Screen told me.

The Sevvies left at Full Time, I thought they were being held back?

The Tunnel was okay before kick- off. There were loads of stewards and a lot of confusion as they tried to keep supporters moving by creating two lanes….there were plenty of apprehensive senior polcemen around.

Respect to the players, whatever has gone on behind the scenes have virtually secured the league despite Dave King going big on Gerrard, Defoe etc.

Roll on St Mirren…secure the title and then immortality with the Treble Treble.

If they do that it will be the biggest party in Glasgow since 1967.



A lot of bitter journos with their poisoned pens scribbling furiously after the match.
Big Bad Brown has upset many.
The best wee country is not happy.
Still our second half ineptitude gave them fleeting hope.
Edouard is a genius.

Well it’s the day after the day before.
So many talking points, to read the salty tears of the smsm is delicious, they are hurting to a man, and every single one of them is blaming Broonie, as has been said on here and elsewhere he owns them, they prob hate him more than they hate Lenny and that is saying something.
I have scoured filthdome [ the smsm ] today looking for confirmation that it really wisny Broonies fault that they lost, sadly couldn’t find it, not a one of them has said that morelos first of all barged Broonie then Broonie clipped his heels then the mad buffalo elbowed him, not a single one of them has admitted this, yet we all saw it, it’s there in all it colourful glory, yet Broonie is El Hombre Malo, it’s magic.
For slippy to say that he would have reacted the same as haliday says so much about him, they conveniently are forgetting how they reacted when the won at the bigotdome in December, eff them all.
I apologise for a huge mistake in my match report, not to worry I say.

You’ve got to feel for poor old Alfredo Morelos. Here he is,standing on the verge of history as the player to be sent off most times in one season and now he’s only got three more games left till he can phone The Guinness Book of Wanker Records.

And one more booking triggers,I think,another two-match ban anaw.



Maybe that’s because when Sky reviewed the incident at half time they edited out the initial sly dig.

However some good Tim research has tracked it down,with the aid of Bonfigli from The Huddleboard and Lymmbhoy from CQN

Hopefully this is it.


Awe Naw

‘HORRIBLE’ SFA to call off next Rangers vs Celtic match, writes Bill Leckie
The Hoops extended their lead to 13-points over closest rivals Rangers with a 2-1 win

By Bill Leckie
31st March 2019, 8:41 pmUpdated: 31st March 2019, 8:41 pm
THE question now isn’t if anyone can stop Celtic win the league.

It’s whether the people who run the league can stop them winning it at Ibrox out of respect and dignity.

But if they go there hunting the result that could clinch eight-in-a row?

Sorry, but it doesn’t bear thinking about.

So forget fixture computers. Forget the luck of the draw. Right now, Neil Doncaster and his cohorts will be praying it’s all done and dusted ASAP, preferably before the split arrives next weekend.

Even then, they might still be wise to suggest they call off the last Old Firm clash of the season, and everyone can just make a donation to the war vetenarians .

Of course, there’s never been a meeting of these two that meant nothing.

Yet after what we witnessed, after the behaviour of way too many Celtic players, and the over-reaction of their fans, the best place to be whenever the next one takes place will be anywhere else in the universe but Ibrox.

Most especially if your name’s Scott Brown.

If you are Lennon, any of his players or any Hoops fan, you want your leader, your talisman, your protector-in-chief leading you out into that bearpit, of course you do.

If you are either club’s head of security, though? If you are the police match commander?

You want Brown left in the house for the day, no question. From first to last in this astonishing High Noon showdown, Brown goaded Rangers. He intimidated them. He laughed in their faces.

It was Brown who waited his chance to clip the heels of Alfredo Morelos behind the ref’s back, and was more than happy to ride the smack on the jaw for the red card that followed.

It seemed like a pre-emptive move, seeing as the world saw Killie defender Kirk Broadfoot do the same at Ibrox the other week, and Morelos react in exactly the same way.

It is exactly for that undignified behaviour that Brown should never be allowed to play against Rangers again.

After James Forrest won the points — and probably the league – at the death, it was Brown who wound up Ryan Kent and landed on the deck again with a hand shoved in front of his face.

Kent will, undoubtedly, face a retrospective and undeserved two-game ban for his stupidity.

At time-up, it was Brown who headed towards the baying masses of away fans, and stuck it to them.

His antics lured Andy Halliday into a nose-to-nose confrontation, and sparked a brawl that will surely lead to more charges and more suspensions for Celtic.

Put all of this together and it’s a simple fact of life that Ibrox on the day of that final Old Firm game will be even less of a pleasant place to be if he plays, especially if Celtic win.

Not that I’m blaming Brown for the way anyone behaved here. Not the Rangers players who lost the plot, nor the Celtic fans who once again let the side down by invading the pitch, smashing down hoardings and letting off smoke bombs; no, all of those responsible should know better.

No I blame Neil Lennon for picking and priming him.

Morelos is a bot of a walloper, pure and simple. His manager and his less exceptional team-mates have defended him time and again over antics that would have had many others hung out to dry.

Yet he rewards this loyalty with yet another needless sending-off.

Kent was a wee bit silly waving his hand in front of Brown who went down poleaxed , rising to the bait when he should have been getting on with trying to save the game and the season.

Halliday is only guilty of letting the fan inside him run wild and defend, in his eyes, at least, the honour of the shirt.

As for sub keeper Wes Foderingham and subbed winger Daniel Candeias?

Their conduct during that post-match brawl was expected, shoving opponents around, scrapping with stewards, snarling and pointing and screeching.

But was all Brown’s fault. But he’ll still have gone home last night thinking: Job done. Brown also wasn’t alone at the wind-ups. In the wake of that winning goal, Kristoffer Ajer loomed over the stricken down Scott Arfield, gloating in his face.

While Mikael Lustig, who came off after that mass brawl with his shirt ripped in two, was also at it with poor Halliday.

Let’s just say that on this day of all days, a few mammies would have been clipping a right few ears, and telling their Celtic sons to behave themselves. Not that they can

Because here’s the thing about this rivalry; it never ends, none of it ever goes away.

It festers, it simmers, it seeps through society like a poison.

It will have spewed over on to the streets and into the Cities Irish pubs last night, it will pervade in workplaces today and tomorrow and the next day.

By the time Ibrox comes around, whether or not the result means anything, it will boil and bubble back up to levels that do no one a shred of good.

Yes, there’s forever a car-crash excitement about it all, the endless anticipation of what can possibly happen next.

It was the madness of Morelos, the pandemonium of that opening goal, the way Rangers dug in with ten men to haul it out of the fire with Kent’s brilliant solo strike.

Then the brain-freeze of James Tavernier that sold the shirt, Kent tolerating Brown, the goal-line heroics of Ajer to prevent a second equaliser straight from the kick-off.

Right down to the final five seconds, with Rangers launching one last, desperate attack after another, Ajer went into a 50-50 that could be heard above the din of 60,000. So, yes, it’s exciting.

But it’s horrible too. It’s horrible to hear away fans bawling sectarian ditties in an empty stadium at 10.30am.

It’s horrible to hear words like Huns and Beast being traded across the stands, it’s horrible to see people being hurt by lawless, surging mobs.

It’s horrible to see the reaction of Morelos and some of his team-mates to such a blatant red card.

It’s horrible to see gangs of Celtic players showing such a bad example with their behaviour at the end.

If it was a one-off, if it was all miles of character, you’d maybe write it off as blip. It’s not, though. This level of nastiness is becoming more of the norm each time this pair lock horns, and it’s building up to something properly game-changing.

You wonder what that will be before either of them come to their senses


An AWENAWed Leckie article? You’ve really got your work cut out parodying that tosser. And yet he comes across all holier-than-thou,look at them bad boys mammy.

Bit ironic considering all the trash in his private life,innit?

Of course,nobody is perfect,but I don’t live in a glass house and throw stones.

He does make a valid point about Broonie at Ibrox. Just discussing that wi my kid sis. It’s certainly a concern.

Good to have you back on board,old bean.


I often LOL at the forecasters, such and such will be a game changer, (even if he hadn’t played for three months previously) a cracking player, but out for three months. Wonder what they do with their game changing exclusives, do they look back and think jeez I was wrong there, or do they look sheepish, take the prediction away and burn it, hoping that everybody hasn’t noticed their ramblings. But that’s the beauty of football, who could possibly predict the unpredictable, some might get lucky, one or two might even win the pools but only after one thousand attempts. But you can have faith in your team, know that they are vastly experienced compared to the opposition, experience always counts. But so too does youthful exuberance, the energy that young players bring to the game, how do you get to be experienced unless you are given the chance. Like young Christie, destined to be released in the futile attempt to sign McGinn, I might be wrong, I often am, they are after all both good young players, but McGinn was never ever a Celtic player, while Christie waited and waited for his chance and then grabbed it, hat doffed to him. As the big clubs in Europe use their Dyson to hoover up all the young football talent, spending big in there attempts at world domination, we at least give young players the opportunity to showcase their talents. More loan moves equals more opportunity’s for young players to attract financially bigger clubs, the financially bigger clubs give them the wedge, but by not playing them, they give us the hope to attract them. Players of football after all want to play football, it really is as simple as that.

The Gombeen Man

What a backhanded compliment they are paying Broonie by ignoring all of their failings (as usual) and blaming Scott Brown for their failure to win a senior trophy again.

No talk of their poor performances, their rookie coach, appalling disciplinary record, financial shortcomings, sectarian support or even that Celtic deserve to be 13 points ahead.

As everyone in denial does, they have latched onto a scapegoat. Mr King’s shenanigans are ignored. Club 1872’s creative financial accountancy is forgotten. David Murray’s destruction of Rangers is airbrushed. Green and Whyte at Ibrox really didn’t happen. Mr Khan was never there. Mike Ashley didn’t sign a valid contract either.

Instead of a wee bit of mature thinking and dare I say, humility. The sum total of the wisdom of the Ibrox regime has arrived at the conclusion that “It’s all Broon’s fault. He’s a bawbag.”

( words I heard this morning.)

This is similar to saying “It’s no fair.” It’s the product of a deluded entitled mindset. It’s also insanity.

The reality is the ‘entitled’ just can’t take it. Their over the top reactions are an embarrassment. They assaulted folk. They always revert to cowardly acts of violence and never accept responsibility.

By their denials they have elevated Brown to legendary status. Your just not supposed to beat them. You’re supposed to meekly surrender.

Scott Brown has known personal tragedy but if he can captain this side to a few more wins this season he’ll become an all time great.

They will hate that.

The cherry on the cake would be Leigh Griffiths tying a Tricolour to a post at the Bigot-Dome in few weeks time ?.


Fool Time Whistle

Morning all & especially to Bill Leckie’s Alter ego

Great match reports in the leader & in the replies.
I watched the game AND posted on here yesterday at the same time – mostly when it started to unravel a wee bit.

NFL clearly wanted all his warriors on the field – even if they were carrying some/just back from injuries.
So we had KT, Lustig & Boyata all less than 100% & Ntcham starting & Rogic on as sub.
Some might suggest that this selection nearly cost us the game..
Others that it was that selection that ensured victory.

1st half highlights a great counter attack goal & a red card.
Footage on the card was very clear & showed Morelos come from the side & make sure he connected with Brown.
Scott merely returned the compliment while llooking up fiedl, which then provoked the assault.
Those who complain about Brown are biased, disingenuous or are just plain out of touch.

As it was, just prior to that incident first Kent then Jack had a dig at Scott Brown.
Scott & Kent had a quiet word & Broonie patted him on the head.
Jack was thuggish & with the ball long gone took Brown out with his knee into his guts.
He should have seen yellow at least for that bit of “afters”.

In other words, there was a concerted effort by Gerrard’s “innocents” to target Scott Brown.
Scott had Arfield, Kent, Jack & Morelos all after him.
The same players had tried to wind Scott up at that game in December.
He didn’t flinch then or yesterday – and for that reason I revise my choice of yesterday.
Scott Brown is my Man of the Match.

Gerrard’s pre match media session was laughable as he described lions jumping over a fence to chase folk..
He was consistent though, as his post match drivel focused on nasty Scott Brown provoking his players.
His players were more guilty of trying to provoke Brown but when you can’t face reality, you choose fantasy.
Seeking excuses for his own players indiscipline – he should look in house for the answer.

Neil’s other decisions yesterday were often puzzling for me, but the result can obscure that.
No loan players until he was forced to put Toljan on.
Hayes off, maybe because he was on a card, but we missed him defensively.
Sinclair snatches at the ball closer to goal & he kicked his golden chance straight at McGregor with nearpost and far wide open.

Going against the grain here, but I thought Madden did ok.
Like all Scottish refs it seems, he struggles with consistency within a single game.
But if he didn’t see an incident clearly or at all, I don’t want hims to do a Willie Collum & make a decision based on what might have happened. That is what the Compliance Officer & the Review Paenl are there for.
In the heat of this fixture, seeing everything seems impossible to me, but with cameras up the wazoo nothing is missed.

I remember their players (Lovenkrands sticks in my mind) getting players like Alan Thompspn sent off at their place by provoking him & then falling over when he moved towards them. Morelos is quick & bad tempered manchild who is sneaky at his core.
He looked in a daze as he stumbled off the field yesterdaym, but he needs therapy or a new career.


Fool Time Whistle

I commented yesterday that Callum McGregor set up the first goal & I was wrong.
While watching the match I saw a Celtic player play a blinding first time ball with his left foot from which Odsonne scored.
I thought it was Calmac but it was James Forrest – with his left foot, first time, perfectly into space for Eddie.
The second goal had the real Calmac doing the self same thing after Tavernier’s poor pass.

So James Forrest gets a goal and an assist. Fantastic really. His composure to score the winner was the kind of thing a few of discussed on here on Saturday.

When you’re Newco & you win it’s because of your players, coaching & superiority.
When you’re Newco & you lose it’s because your opponents did play fair.
Even though, playing fair is the least priority for your own mob.

The Gombeen Man, liked your comments this morning.

The Gombeen Man

Fool Time Whistle,

An excellent summary, I enjoyed reading it.

Madden refereed the game okay from my vantage point. I remember thinking to myself halfway through the first half that the Sevco players were going to start losing it. I couldn’t see all the incidents you describe.

It’s a bit of a mystery what’s happening with the loan players. Bayo seems to have disappeared too. I think he scored for the Reserves recently?

Yesterday was a day when we looked out on our feet. Ntcham had his hands on his knee at one stage and looked done. I remember we’d a good break going through Lustig in the Second Half, he’d plenty of space to run into but hoofed the ball aimlessly up the park. He looked exhausted but to all of their credit, they kept going.

Hopefully the suits will get their act together and ensure this special group of players are supported in the weeks/ months to come.

Gerrard and Co have shown their hand. ‘Get Scott Brown, Get Celtic.’

Broonie’s performance (s) and resilience will be talked about for years to come.


The Gombeen Man

I haven’t seen Rebus on for a while. Hope everything is okay.

FTW, Just saw your post, cheers.

Till later all.

Fool Time Whistle

This is a tweet yesterday from Graham Spiers, self annointed sensible, independent journalist, son of the manse & former attendee at the dead club’s stadium as a boy.

His bout of righteousness had nothing to do with the dead club being his boyhood heroes.
His lack of integrity was clear when he chose to NOT make similar comments after the December game wher Arfiedl, Jack & Morelos all tried to wind Scott Brown up.
His selective vision yesterday permitted him not to see the same players plus Kent all targetting Scott Brown AND failing.
His prejudice is laid bare as he indirectly subscribes to the “he brings it all on himself” school of journalism.

“Have to say I wasn’t in the slightest bit impressed with Scott Brown’s antics today. Provoking, goading, laughing at defeated players, acting like the all-round tit. There was nothing classy about it at all.”


As long as the hun’s continue with the self delusion of victimization they will remain a distant and sour second.
It has allowed the lying king and other merry fraudsters to retain power and the gullible pay for that privilege.
To strive to improve upon second you have to realize there is room for improvement not wish that those above you decline.
Today was a journalistic triumph for Celtic.

bada bing1

Got to laugh at the media huns like Rae and BFSDJ,always craving for the huns to ‘put their foot in’, ‘ let them know you’re there’,the Joke Wallace bully tactics ,it’s all they know. Yet when they come up against a streetwise player in Scott Brown, they moan like old wumman.The bottom line is they would love a Broonie in their team,and they don’t have anything close.They regaled in the fact that the promising Junior, Halliday rattled someone early in the game at Poundland, but when Broonie gets in about them, and winds them up,they cant take it.


Surprised you used integrity and Scottish journalist in the same article.
Guys like Spiers have been exposed by google.
The days of fans being impressed by big words and bullshit are over due to accessibility that google provides.
Theres a lot of bitter oranges being eaten by sour faces in the best wee country today.

Mike in Toronto


Victimization is all they have at the moment ….I will use an old CQN chestnut …. cognitive dissonance …

they see themselves as superior (WATP), and, on one level, they know the deck is stacked in their favour ….

but somehow their superiority is not manifesting itself in the results…..

so, to square the circle, they come up with the only explanation that allows them to hold two conflicting views….what they believe (they are superior) and what they see (humping after humping) … they are being victimized.

There is not a manager in the league that will tell his players not to provoke Morelos, they will do the opposite, the little scumbag is manna from heaven for the likes of Broonie.
That video you posted this morning M from Mags is not working btw.

Fool Time Whistle


I know, I know, even when I’m taking to wotsit it still sounds all wrong.

Here’s the Unique Angle video from Celtc TV of yesterday’s victory.


Fool Time Whistle

John Kennedy took today’s main media conference.

He spoke very well & didn’t seem fazed at all.
Encouraging stuff.

Awe Naw

Fan a tic

To strive to improve upon second you have to realize there is room for improvement not wish that those above you decline.

I hope so but I can’t see it.

I expect Celtic to lose the loan players Arzni excepted and to sell one player for circa 10m or more. Boyata, Lustig, De Vries, Izzaguire, Allan will be let go, It also remains to be seen whether Sinclair and Gordon take up thier one year options.

On the 12th of April if Mike Ashley receives a big multi million pound damage claim then the huns who would not have gone to close bros if they did not have to will have to and will want to sell. Super subs DeFoe and Davis are costing 70k a week and their loan deal runs until June 2020 will not be removed from the wage bill unless their is an admin event.

10 in a row will suffice for our dumb ass support so why would the PLC spend ? If we don’t make the CL the likes of Ntcham will want to move anyway.

Margaret McGill

The huntellelctual debate has been pulled. Shame.
Anyway here’s another good one:

Seethie Gerarse

Is this the video ?

Fool Time Whistle


The video is comic gold & could be put out as an April Fool effort by Steve Coogan.

“Wee Robert” looked like he was a heavy duty rough/tough man’s man – and then he spoke….and then we laughed.
Instead of a deep throated growl we got a high pitched nasally whine that Alan Cumming at his camp best couldn’t match.

I read English’s account of the match at BBC online.

I have yet to read or hear of ANY media report that will say what the whole world saw…
Morelos deliberately walking into Scott Brown to provoke him.
To give any account of this incident and exclude reference to the whole sequence of events is incompetent or deliberate.

Morelos will hurt other players if he thinks he cna get away with it.
Morelos will feign injury if the thinks he can get away with it.
Morelos will simulate being fouled if he thinks he can get away with it.
Morelos will react violently/aggressively to tackles, ref decisions, and anything else that moves him because he’s been indulged as a pampered manchild for years.

Gerrard quickly became an apologist for all that stinks at that club – and he joins a long list of duds hired by the spivs on the board to restore them to the glory days. Another April fool as manager.

Margaret McGill

That’s the one. Glad you found it.

A thing of beauty

TET and mahe, thanks for the match reports and taking the time to put your thoughts out there. But the biggest accolade must go to TET again for finding the video they tried to delete. Oh my days, comedy gold. What a meeting of the brains trust that was. Robert brings a different visual meaning to the term orange man and the one in the middle…. glad the internet hasn’t invented smell-o-vision. The other two were just your typical ugly enough to be Huns but even they seemed embarrassed by their pals antics.
I would like to add my appreciation to all the tech savvy guys that post the links, especially the ones that give us the opportunity to revel in their pain. I love that… so more power to your elbows bhoys, bring them on!!

big packy

evening all, tet and mags, just seen the huntellectuals video, they sound like they have not got a brain cell between the lot of them.hh.

The Gombeen Man

Great video TET. If Only an Excuse produced that they’d be told it was too far fetched.

Which one is Dave King? Is he the one with the false tan and ‘high pitched’ voice??



Excellent find,mate. I was gutted when the original got pulled before most people had the chance to view it. And well done Mags also for the original post about it,PMSL this morning.

Margaret McGill

No worries mate. Stumbled into it last night looking for the Ryan Kent punch.
Got my Private Eye today:

“Virgil Van Dyke is probably a shoehorn for player of the year.” Jamie Carragher. Sky Sports.
“This is an isolated incident. But it’s happening week in week out” Ray Parlour, Talksport
“The team is inconsistent from time to time” Danny Mills, Sky Sports
“This add’s another feather to this horse’s bow” AP McCoy, ITV Racing.
“The new anti-porn legistlation seems to have too many holes in it” Elaeanor Oldroyd, Radio 5 Live.