The Blame Game

As we approach the business end of the season aka squeaky bum time fans in general should be hypnotized by the entertainment on offer , the heartache and ecstasy involved with these late season fixtures.
On Sunday we had our own moment in the sun , and are still savouring it.
As are Portsmouth fans who tasted glory and seen silverware after many years of neglect to what was once a household name club .
Likewise Liverpool fans were sent home on cloud nine after a last minute goalie blunder kept them in the hunt for their first ever Premiership title.

However over the last week or so these onfield dramas are overshadowed by ( once again ) scenes that any sane rational sports fan would not want anywhere near the occasion.
The International break seen its share of scandal close to home with a black English player racially abused away in Montenegro .

Over on the Emerald Isle a section of the North’s fans engaged a bit of banter aka sectarian singing on an away trip which has opened old wounds for a small place trying to get along .

Their Fa and manager rightly came out strongly . Its not surprising for those fans on an away trip and it will be a while before it is unfortunately.
Its southern companion , the Republic , had their own troubles at exactly the same time how ironic. You will remember ( who could forget ) beachball Sunday , and of course Helicopter Thursday ,,, well the Free State made its own ,, tennis ball Tuesday !!!

The usually friendly crowd had been riled up by the news that out very questionable character John Delaney who was thankfully due to end his role with the governing body , had a new role specially created for him ! And this after giving the FAI a personal loan ,,, ahem.
Uefa will look into the affair and I think the motherland is in for a worthy slap on the wrist for this one . Pity as big Mick could actually be the man to lift the footie side after a bit of a slide under Martin and Roy.

Of course the big news was very close to home and it seems the weekend was just a magnet for violence , or at least the deranged came alive .
Sunday morning seen this maniac bite a cop ( didnt get jailed though ) and abuse Tims

It also seen graffiti aimed at Lenny

And Sunday evening seen stabbings in bars around the town

There’s a common denominator here , and that is the game is being used as a vehicle for groups of people with their own agenda . And its not love of the sport.
The occasion is bringing the worst of society out into the open for all to see and its pure ugly and dangerous . As I write one of those stabbed clings to life say according to the news .
Just for having a pint with maybe the wrong top on or in the wrong bar .
Its disgusting and it needs to end before lives get taken and things get outta hand.
Now the Cops have waded in in saying onfield antics are putting lives at risk .
Pure crap !!!

As I mentioned earlier there was aggro before the game even started , theres that theory out the window .
And somehow I dont think 3 Rangers fans would have been stabbed in a bar should their team have walked out with the three points !
Again the Cops are full of it here .
The Celtic fans dont become violent rabid animals in the event of a defeat ,, and ” Old Firm fan ” is just one big convenient flag to drag our clubs good name down to gutter level where others dwell.
And should the Club face even the hint of a fine they should say F#@k Off.
All we did was show up and win a game . Just watch the whataboutery come flying now.

We are being failed here , failed bigtime . Wheres our leaders here , who is standing up and saying enough ? They are all on the gravy train while the national sport falls apart and fans get attacked . And its now the fault of the “ Old Firm “ players ! Jesus wept.
Time to look for new leaders. No effing doubt about it.

Please folks ,, pray for the victims , especially Francis as he fights for his life , and remember youre all far more precious than three points.

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Strong stuff,mate. And some superbly targeted arrows. No-one is in any doubt that we have some rockets amongst our support,certainly we’ve witnessed some behaviour that’s quite simply not on.

Having said that,I don’t recall any Celtic supporters getting tooled up and bursting into a Rangers pub and stabbing a few innocents. Or graffiti suggesting we hang a hun.


And it’s a well-known fact that A&E departments are significantly busier when the huns lose than when we lose. Which is no coincidence.

The authorities can deflect all they like,attempt to lay the blame anywhere that is convenient for them,but IMO the one reason above all for this is a culture of tolerating behaviour from that mob simply because they ARE a mob. They think,as a result,that they’re untouchable,and when you see the reactions to their thuggery and catalogue of hatred,it’s difficult to argue.

So we get branded because they can’t behave,the laptop lapdogs are doing their bit to muddy the waters by suggesting provocation,the cops blame the players,and the huns laugh up their sleeves while planning their revenge at Ibrox. That will not be a pretty occasion,and for once,I really honestly fear for our players.

And all because Scotland has indulged their hatred for too long.

Twists n turns

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Howdy,old bean. Great to have you on board,and most prescient too. After Cheltenham,I was just thinking that I needed a bloody miracle for Aintree. And here you are…

How’s the new everything coming along?

A wee favour to request,for an old pal with a heart of gold…

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We would be ever so grateful if you could vote for us. Importantly, it is not just people in the Border Region that can take part in the vote. Any of the 13 ITV regions can vote for our bid. So Big Packy1 in Cheshire, BMCUWP (we know you still lurk) can vote in Swindon, Gerry Fae The Brig, Delaney D, Sipsini anyone from Land’s End to John O’Groats and all you guys in The Six Counties can pile in too. After voting please share with all your family, friends and contacts – it would be much appreciated.

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A final word to Marc: A very big thank you for spending time with me back then and remembering us for The Seville Beneficiary for Goals Galore 4. Your support has been immense.

Noel Skytrot

The narrative being peddled that Scott Brown is somehow responsible for Sundays violence is beyond any rational thought. The media are stoking the fires and should be held accountable for their tawdry and baseless lies.
The current ” custodians” at CP should be taking action against those demonizing our captain, over to you Lawwell.
A game of football was played and one team lost, why supporters of that club chose to propagate serious violence due to the result should be where the fire is aimed at, not at one man who’s just doing his job. This is more about a fetid sub culture that exists amongst the Klan supporter, rather than what has transpired on a football pitch. We should boycott the next game at the WilliamDome and leave them to revel in their own degenerate filth.

big packy

HI MAHE great post once again some hard hitting points as bobby has just said I fear for our players and fans going to the bigotdome next time, revenge will be in the air.hh.

big packy

BOBBY, have just done it.hh.

Noel Skytrot

All the flak aimed at Brown for allegedly goading the hun support but not one mention of Kent running to the same area with his fingers on his pursed lips making the silenced gesture.
You couldn’t make it up.

Twists n turns

Hi Bobby
Won’t clog the blog up on personal stuff but generally going ok. New venture moving along. Start producing on May 1st. I’ll e mail you separately.

Still waiting on the blood pressure getting back to normal after Sunday! Ironically I was sitting at half time unbelievably relaxed. 1-0 up, Broony had done what Broony does, Morelos had done what Morelos does, and Eddie had done what Eddie does in big games. All good eh? What’s to worry about?

Fast forward 45 minutes, 15 mins to go, and I’ve been through the mill . Nerves shredded, blood pressure through the roof ( as evidenced by my watch keeping alarming with its ‘breathe ‘ message.
Scotty ( Sinclair) was doing my head in with his penchant for collecting, facing the defender, pausing for 5 seconds to allow their horrendous back line time to regroup before rolling it inside 5 yards.

Of course circumstances had determined that we were playing 10 v 10 so no other options open except the forced upon reshuffle of Calum to full back.

Absolute joy and relief when Jamesy showed magnificent skill to bring that Eddie pass under instant control and his composure was admirable as he tucked it away.

Should’ve signalled some respite for my hypertension but sadly not. 5 mins to go I walked out the main doors and stood at the Jock Stein statue listening to the noise from inside trying to determine what was happening. The staff had all been congregated in the main lobby as I walked past staring at the tv. I was on my second cigarette by now click watching.
93 mins I made my way back inside and out to the pitch just in time for the final whistle.
We’d made it so much more difficult for ourselves than it needed to be, but there’s something about winning 2-1 that’s in our DNA. I’m sure there was another nice 2-1 win somewhere in 1967. Can’t recall exactly where but I’m sure I’m correct.
Anyhow, all’s well that ends well and all of that. Unfortunately it didn’t end well as the aftermath testified to. Stabbings in the city centre, and numerous other incidents. It’s been thus for as long as I can recall, though there’s no doubt as the magic 10 looms larger ( not to mention a triple treble) it’s going to get increasingly worse.
No answers to resolve it I’m afraid. Other than hand the horribles the title next season. Their conduct will only deteriorate further if the 9 is secured.

I met Ajer about an hour after the match. What a stalwart . Bloody and bruised but fought like a lion.

Dedryck take note.

Hail hail

Twists n turns

Geez where’s the settings guys? How do I stop getting e mails telling me when new comments have been posted?


Most fitba folk are ok with Brown’s performance on Sunday,content that they’d have done similar if up against a loose cannon like Morelos.

Of course,their comments were made during and immediately after the game-the laptop lapdogs have had time to orchestrate their blame game and place it anywhere but correctly.

They really should be ashamed to be led so supinely by a useless fat controller like Traynor. But that’s yer SMSM for you,utterly spineless.

big packy

TWISTS N TURNS., my apologies welcome to the blog.hh.


That shouldn’t happen,mate. I’ve not heard of it before. Gimme a minute,I’ll investigate.


Did you fill out anything in the “Subscribe” box? If so,undo it.

Twists n turns

I’ve removed my address in the e mail box bobby but doesn’t let me reply to comments. I’ll unsubscribe and try again later

Noel Skytrot

there was calm in Scottish football after Rangers died but the minute they came back up to the SPL all the same shite started again. The press and many other commentators have had a big part to play in this by espousing the lie that they never perished in 2012. The current huns had a chance to leave all the sectarianism, self entitlement and superiority mentality behind, but this is what drives them. They chose not too and this is where we’re at.
The ScotGov quangos such as NBM and SRtRC are doing very little to eradicate sectarianism in Scottish civic society, empty vessels, imo, something needs to change right across the societal strata before we can even try to do something about this blight.

The Gombeen Man

For as long as I can remember Celtic supporters have been target of the misdirected anger of ‘the entitled’.

This is not a new phenomenon and in my youth my main concern before the final whistle was getting home safely. I’d been drilled by the older guys to stay with the group, don’t go this way or that way, take your scarf off.

Today it’s no different. My brother did the same thing on Sunday. When we got to the car. ‘Take your scarf off. It just takes one idiot with a bottle.”
Sure enough I’ve heard plenty of stories of supporters being scarred for life by missiles thrown at and from vehicles.

Scotland has a problem.

The journalists know but can’t say it. Generations of Scottish people have been taught that the source of all their problems is a Roman Catholic. That delusional belief is represented by Celtic Football Club. The Celtic supporter is the ‘legitimate target’ for every fear and anxiety of the screwed up belief system that has been carefully nurtured over hundreds of years.

The angry Sevco supporter appears to believe that his or her loyalty to a corrupt, bigoted and deluded system of beliefs guarantees them superiority and safety from the most terrifying prospect of all, the Irish Roman Catholic.

The irrational fears of the Sevco support have been deliberately encouraged by society and are embedded deep in the psyche of many here in Scotland.

These irrational deep rooted fears operate at a more subtle level within the professions. Failures at senior levels simply reinforce the delusional thinking of the Sevco support and their executives.

What about Celtic’s approach?

If I cut them some slack and accept that their silence is a response developed out of years of experience of dealing with a structurally unsound system I don’t really have a problem.

Silence is the only way to operate in the toxicity of the Scottish system. Recent days have demonstrated how keen those in denial are to latch onto any excuse… it’s dishonesty to be precise.

If our policy is not to feed irrational resentments and fear by not providing statements but working to a coherent policy to run a successful club and by our silence allowing the irrational at all levels in Scotland to embarrass themselves then, so be it…

As time progresses the blundering incompetence of the SFA is being exposed, the referees and other agencies too. Transparency will eventually be seen as a virtue when the pain of continued failure makes it more and more uncomfortable to risk your career or reputation trying to defend the completely irrational.

Problem is do I trust the PLC?

Thoughts and prayers with the latest victims of sectarian violence in Scotland.


bada bing1

Noel- After Levein dragged Scott’s name through the mud last year,the non reaction from the manager and the Club to defend the guy was truly shameful, i don’t expect anything different mate HH


Wow,brilliant stuff. Quite simply,when people do not think they will be punished for wrongdoing,they are more likely to do so.

When they are indulged and tolerated,where sanctions against them are rarely applied,they will become ever more blatant in their disregard for the mores of society.

And when that has been allowed for decades and even centuries,their sense of entitlement,their belief that they are above the law,that they are not doing anything wrong,will lead to serious violence when they are subjected to the same rules that the rest of us have to live by.

The authorities are shit scared of them,not because they are happy to let them believe that the rules don’t apply,but because they have by their own inactions allowed them to actually believe it to be true.

The feral thugs can do what they like,but the establishment is petrified that they will turn on the very people who gave them life.


No surprise that I agree with you. Shocking thing to say about a professional. Shocking thing to hear said about your captain.

Not a shocker that sod all was forthcoming from our custodians.

The Gombeen Man


The only rationale I can come up with to justify the silence is that by not giving them excuses or justifications and by issuing statements. By not providing distractions they will continue to embarrass themselves and Scottish society.

So long as Celtic lead the way their model of superiority crumbles beneath them, their beliefs are exposed as flawed.

That’s not to say that the Roman Catholic belief system is in any way perfect either.

Trying to rationalise with institutionally entrenched bigotry and sectarianism is impossible. They are blind and are incapable of seeing the reality.

That’s why the most appropriate course is don’t provide them with excuses just simply expose the system for the fraud it is…

Beat it and undermine it’s irrational sense of superiority.

As we approach 10 in a Row, their entitlements are in for a bit of a shock.

Till later.


Twists n turns

Big Packy

Thank you


The Scottish main media are the “Rangers” news, seeking to deflect the truth away from the guilty. “There is no Old Firm” but it is the co-joined terminology that is used once again as an excuse to deflect away from those guilty of bigotry. Police Scotland is rife with bigotry, how else could it be that its own narrative is to deflect the truth. For example: There was an incident in the merchant city, involving the “Old Firm” supporters, no mention once again of whose support did the stabbings and whose support was the victims. Once again the lumps of wid, use the “Old Firm” terminology to deflect or to circumvent the truth. Thankfully the CPS recognised that Scot Brown was innocent of any kind of incitement, after all the truth was mostly on T.V. is it a crime to laugh at your opponent or to wind them up? if it were there would be an awful lot of incitement.

Every week in Scotland throughout the marching season, we witness the O.O. walking down the streets of the towns and the cities of Scotland, it’s culture don’t you know, it must be the only culture immersed in bigotry and if that is not incitement then I don’t know what is. Until the voices of the people of Scotland are listened to, those that do not wish to see or hear that “culture”, then things will never change. Once again Police Scotland can find no reason to stop them marching past Catholic places of worship, that to me says it all. “Remember 2012” it was an awfully good year and if Close Brothers can do what their name suggests, then perhaps 2019 could be an awfully good year…. CHAMPIONEES.


Senti-Mental Celts:

Jimmy, Jimmy Johnstone, Jimmy Johnstone on the wing, Jimmy, Jimmy Johnstone, Jimmy Johnstone on the wing.
A young lad named John Thomson, from the west of Fife he came, to play for Glasgow Celtic and to make himself a name.
Stein, Jock Stein, Jock Stein. Pleas feel free to join in.
In the jungle the Celtic jungle, the Lions roam tonight, A Win away, a win away, a win away, at Paisley. Ah, that’s much better…

I have to say that I’m pleased at how well the posters on this site have veered clear of politics since its inception despite some really serious shit happening here there and everywhere. Hopefully that continues,take a break from all that by popping onto this site.

However,this article is actually about Sporting Integrity,and relates to the sport which perhaps dead-heats with Snooker on the importance of the principle that by cheating you are only cheating yourself.


Twists n Turns ,, welcome partner and take care of yourself.

TGM,, great writing . On silence or taking the moral high ground by showing them up I fear the suits do and can as not rocking boats is their style however when the normal fan on the ground starts getting stabbed having a pint then all bets are off .
Silence might cut it under media attacks but when physically attacked is a hell of a different kettle of fish. Those is positions of responsibility have a duty to act in that case , at minimum to speak out and what they need be wary off is people who have an ulterior agenda taking the lead or filling any leadership void by encouraging courses of action that might inflame the situation.

As pointed out the closer we get to any ten the more violence we can expect and that means alarm bells must be ringing right now and definitely should be after that shocker of a week for the national sport.
And then while everyone has a view on what the club should say or do , just look at the public servants themselves the cops getting involved with politics and deciding at who this trouble stems from ! Theres where his boss should say shut up , and the minister for policing should have him in to set him straight. Of course both wont happen, he speaks because he can.

Wise heads best start thinking about getting a lid on this situation while they can .
THe Plc had best think about how they will look if things go to crap off the pitch while they stay silent and cream it in .
Silence is not going to cut it without harming the Clubs image I dont think.
Sports just the vehicle for societies ill’s now , especially in Scotland.
What I wouldnt give for a normal game. Fat chance of that now.

Hail Hail

MAHE et al,

Harming the club’s image,that might shortly be something that will be highlighted.

As you know. Who has harmed the club’s image the most? Is it the fans with their Palestinian flags and £170k donation or the board by parking Res 12?

Will we ever know much about Res 12,will the truth out?

Watch this space…


The Gombeen Man.

” That’s why the most appropriate course is don’t provide them with excuses just simply expose the system for the fraud it is…”

Sounds like a plan.

Transparency leads to accountability .

Yup like it but.

Thing is do folk want transparency, is the fraud more enjoyable? It definitely is when it is overcome, but what if that changes?

Anger, win or lose, is needed, to create a cohesive group, the Club, the CSA, the CST, the Affiliation, influential bloggers etc. The message?

Up with this we will no longer put?

Graham Taylor style.


I will keep it simple.
Would the mssm’s slanted narrative be so easy if we didn’t have such a spineless bunch in our boardroom?

“FA Cup: VAR replays to be shown on big screen during semi-finals if decision overturned”

Maybe we will get to this stage here in Scotland in about 10 years time. I’m sure all the big wigs at Hamden are on to it!


SFA are waiting until some hun geek can develop a video programme that distorts every decision in favor of the hun.
Will be interesting to see how stone wall penalties are turned into simulation against their opponents.
Clear dive by hun in box will miraculously be turned into a definite penalty as the defender suddenly grows a 10 foot limb.
Huns hand balls in box will be ignored as limbs will shrink to two flapping hands at their sides.
All punches and over the ball tackles by huns will remarkably turn red card’s for opponent.

In the recent huns v killie game when Bachman was sent off though rescinded by panel a video appeared the next day on hun twitter showing him clearly striking the hun.
It was from a different angle from official tv feed which shows he did nothing wrong.
I posted at the time it was a clear fake as there were changes of frame speed and a double movement that was not there in tv footage.
Those cheating huns have no shame and will stoop to any level to cheat.

Margaret McGill

A bit of hypocrisy here on the Scottish component above.

These 3 stabbings would not have occurred on Sunday night if there had been no OLD Firm game.
There would have been no Old Firm game (for that is what it is) if the huns were allowed to die permanently in 2012.
I gave you 5 way agreement and Celtic’s indirect involvement and promotion of the ongoing bigoted filth which they do for money. They are just as corrupt as all the other piggies (Cops SMSM, The judiciary, SFA and all other Scottish football institutions) feeding at the corrupt corporate trough. Celtic supporters are like the abused wife who needs the abusive husband around because she loves to hate him. The price you pay is a fucking kicking every time he gets drunk.


This article seems to hint that it’s all leading to strict liability. The cynic in me thinks this is the latest attempt to chop the club down at the knees before tearing too far ahead off and on the pitch .
Just focus all cameras on Timmy and then start picking away,,divide and conquer.
Some places will tell us its good we need rid of them. Won’t mention it’s disproportionate. Or its focus seems mainly on us.
As long as the gravy flows eh.
Hail Hail

Noel Skytrot

I’ve expressed the exact same sentiments you have over the clubs role regarding the 5 way agreement, have you or anyone else any valid proof that the board are complicit in this affair?

Margaret McGill

Remember the Broonie game?
Hun vile repugnance at not winning in “OF” debacle results in Orange Bastard and Fenian Act (to whip Celtic supporters)
Same here.
Another Broonie game.
Hun vile repugnance at not winning in “OF” debacle results in Strict liability being implemented (to whip Celtic supporters).
Meanwhile Celtic are thinking 60,000 x £49. No police fee. Small steward fee, Fairhurst waiting on the wings. Players to sell. Yippee!
Not a peep.

Fan-A-Tic, Will need to get the Celtic geeks on to them. We are every bit as clever as them.


Hey BMCUP and Mahe your encouragement the other day for some to stop lurking and post reminded me of an occurrence on another blog.
It can be daunting and sometimes the subsequent hassle is just not worth it especially when people get nasty and personal.
There was a poster who always waxed lyrically about Paul McStay.
Praising Paul and posting music was his thing.
One day someone posted an article on a popular Celtic player who he never took to.
I then posted my thoughts on Paul McStay and the responses were ferocious in condemnation.
It wasn’t that i didn’t like him but that i differed on others opinions of him.
The one poster launched a long diatribe that never dealt with the reasons i gave for not being as enamored by him as the wider general support that was nasty and personal.
Clearly contravened that blogs rules but as a favored poster he was allowed.
I tried to be reasonable and asked him what points he didn’t like and said he was welcome to refute.
He responded with more personal insults of the cretin,imbecile,druggy,alcoholic variety and was supported by a few others.
One guy wrote that he thought my assertions were reasonable and valid and suggested they debate my points.
He was then subjected to some nonsense.
Never at any time did the mods or blog owner try to stop or even condemn.
For months after when the guy posted his Friday night monologue about entering the CQN bar before starting the music he would have a personal and petty dig at me.
Usually of the clueless, imbecilic variety and conjured up images of me as a sad lonely loser who everyone ignored.
I never responded to any of his posts or jibes after the initial contact but he was always ready to attack any post i made.
I don’t really post there now as the selective nature of mods, pack mentality and deflective nature of some rendered has rendered honest debate almost impossible.
Happy to have found this site which has a far greater tolerance and seems to encourage differing opinions.
So to any hesitant lurkers out there get your fingers tapping and enjoy the rambling nonsense of fellow tims.
Hail Hail


Good afternoon, Tims. Just checking if this is the correct way to register…..

Mike in Toronto

Lets play Jeopardy:

What are:

‘You sleep with dogs, you get fleas.

Turkeys dont vote for Thanksgiving

Never give a sucker an even break’

Answer: Reasons why Celtic dont speak up about the cheating.

Seriously, both Boards have to be loving this past weekend…. fans will eat up the ‘they [the other side] are the bad guys…. support your club … renew, renew, renew’….

I am hearing that Celtic and Sevco will be announcing new marque signings shortly … Hulk Hogan will sign for Celtic, while Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage will sign for Sevco.


Fan-a-tic, ,
You make some very valid points.
I felt every available blog had their own problems and aimed to not have these issues plague this one.
Things like posters getting bored by a repetitive viewpoint/style can be cured by publishing many different views etc.
“ Never at any time did the mods or blog owner try to stop or even condemn.”
You know as much as you have a point I’m not sure if expecting the owner to weight in on every stooshie is correct or realistic.
There won’t be mods here I dont think so essentially it is down to the posters to behave and put right any that aren’t.
This is where having a solid core really helps as you can trust them to keep the sites ethos.
Plus a few have my mobile number for real emergencies like libelous posts etc.
Thr time zone helps in that probably myself or Mick will be awake at any given hour.
Basically I’m not policing the blog and if any crap goes down the perpetrator gets carded.
On manners and politeness I try to always show both but tbh it takes every type of person to make the world go round and sometimes a quick witty one line response can be devastating.
We shouldn’t be quick to judge posters by their ways,, not everyone will be your cup of tea but I think there’s a good mix and you will find similar minds no problem.
What you describe,,basically a personal grudge against you is clearly a case of playing the man and not the ball.
Should that happen we point that out and if they continue then this blog isn’t for them.
Hail Hail


Hello. Welcome! You live in Norway?

Sol Kitts

I’ve always believed I would learn nothing new if I only spoke to people I agreed with. In a couple of weeks time I will be discussing all sorts with BMCUWP over a few beers. Will we agree on everything? No chance. Will we get abusive over different views? Not a hope in hell. We’ll just do what we always do, get another round in and move on. Much like this blog.

The Gombeen Man

The reason I believe that Scott Brown infuriates them so much is that he provides them with a mirror, he reflects back everything they’d like to be.
He’s tough, he’s a winner, he’s a leader.

When they see him doing his thing they just can’t help themselves…that includes the Sevco players.

On another note, my son was working on Sunday and didn’t make the game. He met a few pals after work for a couple of pints.

The doors were locked by staff because this lunatic was marauding around the Village in East Kilbride. The incident in Glasgow wasn’t an isolated one.

Watch the guy in the orange top to the end of the clip.


FenianintheOsloFiord, ,,
A very big welcome and what a name!
You realise you will be Fiat now probably 😉
Look forward to your take on things .
Hail Hail


I reckon Scott infuriates them soo much as they actually stood and sang they had him and they realise he’s exactly what they miss and how big a scoop that was for us.
Plus because they consider him to be born one of their own,,but he seen the light.
Hail Hail

Fool Time Whistle

Morning all,

Scott Brown is the new Neil Lennon.
Dithery grannies used to comment at the Co-op check out that “that Neil Lennon was very angry & asked for trouble.”
Said directly to me.

The media influence on the default mind set of folk is only matched by blog & social media echo chambers.

Their mob are unhappy because
a) they lost
b) their players lost it
c) their manager lost it in the tunnel interview
d) they know more action will follow on Kent
e) they know that we’ve got 8inarow in the bag

Frankly, where do they go from here.
By my count that’s six managers in 7 years & they’re still tilting at the Celtic windmill.
King is Don Quixote & the managers are always Sancho Panza – destined to fail becasue they see the world not as it is but how they want it to be.

No real money, poor shirt deal, no bank prepared to loan cash, outstanding loans converted to shares, outstanding loans from loan shark types at crippling ineterst rates, litigation up the wazoo over ex investors & ex employees, no trophies AGAIN, no real player assets that can be converted into serious cash, etc etc

Their corporate aims have become tainted by the personal grudges that their hierarchy hold, grudges that the lowest for of knuckle dragging fan also holds. This means that sensible business practices are swept away if they see a shiny trophy ahead.
For us, this is just The Murray Mints 2.0 & we know where it will end – they don;t seem to know or perhaps know but don’t care.
Spending money you don’t have on stuff you can’t afford BUT convincing yourself that it’s a sensible investment – while relying on the most unreliable variable of all to fulfill that investment – is called gambling.

They’ve gambled before and lost big time and this will end just like that, maybe not his year or even next, but unless they change radically from top to bottom – it will happen.

When spivs recruit cowboys you shouldn’t expect integrity & a coherent strategy.

We may moan about some of our board decisions, but keep it in perspective.


Fool Time Whistle

Mahe & Fenian in the Oslo Fjord

Surely it’ll be Fitof in shorthand.

I said Fitof, F-I-T-O-F – and not that other phrase offering unsolicited advice about sex & travel.


big packy

FOOL TIME WHISTLE, what do you mean good morning ive been up for the last 9 hours ill have you know ??.

The Gombeen Man


Yep. I agree he represents a real betrayal. A manifestation of the sense of betrayal they feel but can only articulate through anger.

The media are directing this anger at Celtic/Brown/Lennon to conceal the real culprits.

The only thing that can stop Celtic is the Plc.

That’s why every subversive tactic will be tried.
Laws ignored, violence, complicit media, intimidation…new laws implemented.

The completely fear that without their illusory sense of entitlement they are done.

That’s why it’s good judgement not to make decisions or act when angry.

Just keep on gradually focussing the light on their insanity.

They might one day grasp that this nightmare isn’t going to end. They have been fed a lie and been fleeced for generations.



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