Broonie Charged With Ripping The Pish.


I hate Thursdays. Split shifts,and I got up yesterday to the news that Scott Brown had been charged by the SFA with “Not acting in the best interests of Association Football.”

Naturally,I checked the date…

I really don’t know where to start with this,apart from the obvious,that most people,had they known of the existence of such a rule,would have volleyed it straight at the SFA for their behaviour over the years. Like just for starters perpetuating the myth that a seven year old club is the most successful in the history of the game with 114 trophies,won at an average of,erm,precisely nothing per year of their existence. Work that one out!

It is interesting that the charge has been levied through the SFA,and not The Compliance Officer. I’ve said previously that I think she will leave the first chance she gets,and this merely hastens that day. That the charge took four days-rather than the normal two-day period-speaks volumes,in my opinion. It smacks of certain interested parties with an axe to grind,poring over the rule books to find something,anything,with which to do Broonie.

And on finding that he hadn’t broken any of them-cue much wailing and gnashing of teeth-they decided to tailor one to suit. That’s right,instead of looking to make the punishment fit the crime,they decided to make up the crime to fit up the defendant.

In other words,a fit-up. But we all know that.

Presumably they couldn’t find any of use in this list,but give them time…

I don’t need to remind you of sequence of events on Sunday,nor of those in previous games-though I’ll mention a few. And I certainly don’t need to remind you of the hypocritical howls of moral outrage that have poisoned our screens,newspapers and airwaves in the few days since. Though I’ll give a special mention to The Screaming Skull,Alex Rae,who has been demanding the head of Scott Brown during that time. Presumably so that he,TSS,can kick it,just like he did the Spartak Moscow player who was unfortunate enough to be on the pitch at the same time as an unbridled thug. He got a five-match ban for that,and I presume he paid his fine via an EBT.

Scott Brown has been the victim of serious attempts to both injure him and to wind him up in the hope that he will react and be sent off. We’ve all seen it,all too often,over the years. Well,apart from those in the SFA and the MSM who are currently calling for him to be done,for surely they would have levelled the same attacks on his abusers had that been the case. Not so long ago,a Rangers supporter even attacked him on the pitch! And in the last match at Ibrox,he was booted in the nuts-IN FULL VIEW OF THE REFEREE!!

No action was taken,then or afterwards. The media were silent,the SFA were silent. Everyone was happy.

On Sunday,as usual,the opposition did everything they could to trigger his temper. They elbowed him,they punched him. They kicked him,attacked him after the game.

Broonie’s reaction was the one that,strangely,everyone is advised to do in such a situation-in all walks of life.

He laughed it off,allowing the authorities to deal with it. Well done,that man. You deserve a medal. Instead,have another boot in the baws,we’ve made up a charge using a rule that nobody knew even existed and which certainly wasn’t designed for such an occurrence,and we are gonna do you.

That’s not even victim blaming,that’s victimisation.

Celtic have said that the club will vigorously defend itself against all charges-the club has also been charged with failing to control its players on Sunday. Presumably because we didn’t lie down to be battered by members of The Establishment Team as they physically attacked our players at the end of the match.

Well,Celtic,I’ve got a completely different opinion on how you should be dealing with this.

DON’T say you will vigorously defend,go on the attack. Tell the SFA that they must justify the charge,demand to know why this obscure part of the rule book has been so manipulated that Scott Brown-the victim of some serious assaults on the day,remember!-can be charged with an offence when no-one in the history of the game has similarly been charged using the same mechanism. And get them told that you are contemptuous of the process whereby our players are deemed to have been unruly when the facts are clear as day,that they were being physically attacked en masse-a situation which their officials were woefully inept in dealing with.

The only thing we were guilty of on Sunday was wearing The Hoops-oh,and winning. Everything else is a smokescreen to deflect from the poison that pervades every level of The Greatest Wee Country in the World.

We are guilty of bringing it on ourselves,as they say…


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At the bottom of the article is a link to the Resolution 12 website. It didn’t come up well on the article!

It details the machinations that The Fab Four have had to face in nearly six years of obfuscation and obstruction. Not to mention lies. It doesn’t mention the threats and intimidation,nor the costs they incurred.

Recent events show that it is more important than ever that we get the SFA disbanded and replaced,and I think there is a growing groundswell of support for that from fans of other clubs.

Read it bit by bit,it is too much to digest in one hit. It is damning. This is the bunch of self-interested charlatans who control our game and it is high time they were run out of town.

big packy

HI BOBBY dony know where to start
to think as a teenager in Scotland I used to belt out bonnie Scotland we’ll support you evermore when watching my beloved country they hated us then they hate us even more now because we have got the upper hand make no mistake the gloves are off the bassas will stop at nothing to damage us we need to stick together and fight them tooth and nail.hh.

big packy

MAHE, happy birthday to fionnnuala,hope I spelt that right.hh.


Nothing wrong with Scotland,mate. It’s the people who run it that’s the problem.

And yes,you did spell Mahe’s daughter’s name correctly-as long as I did!

The Gombeen Man

Happy Birthday Fionnnuala.

Good leader BMCUWPS, especially on a Thursday, which is a demanding day for you.

My tuppence worth…

As with most things this reaction by the SFA is born out of fear.

Fear of a reaction by the violent supporters of Sevco. Fear of a loss of control of the game. Fear of the domination by Celtic. Fear of intervention by the government. Fear of being seen as ineffective. Fear of censure by Lodge?

Scottish Football is run by the Scottish Fear Association.

At the last embarrassing fiasco at Ibrox…

The Celtic Team bus was attacked. Flares and pyro was used…

Nothing was said.

Celtic players were assaulted. Nothing done.

The match referee jokes with Sevco players and drinks in a Loyalist Pub…

Nothing said.

Celtic PLC have talked about not acting due to fear (employees). Employees have been targeted. Fear.

Res 12, not pursued. Fear of violent reaction/ fear of lost income.

The situation has become so toxic that nobody seems to be capable of saying or doing anything with honesty. Even bloggers on other channels seem to avoid writing the truth out of fear of providing the other side with ammunition.

Now as BMCUWPS states, we have a precedent. Even if it’s window dressing to distract the irrational Sevco hotheads.

Celtic have been cited. Our club captain has been cited too.

Why now?

Fear runs the Scottish game. Sevco know it and are using it to distort and manipulate and distract their support from their own failings.

The silence of those in positions of responsibility and the fear of the truth will come home to haunt the game’s decision makers.

Maybe that’s the moral of the story?


Here’s the GOAT in action,most of which is him taking Ramos to the cleaners. Ramos answers the only way he can-kicks him every chance he gets!

Maybe when Messi calls it a day,Real Madrid will retire the No 4 shirt in his honour?

The Gombeen Man

Alternative headlines for Sevconians,

“Broonie sighted with Treble Treble.”

“Broonie sighted with Eight in a Row.”

“Broonie sighted in with Ten in a Row.”

“Gerrard sighted with feck all.”

“King sighted with administrators (or Fraud Squad).”

HH & Till Later.?

Feliz Cumpleanos Fionnnuala.

Oops one N to many, sorry 😉


Thanks,mate. It’s now Friday in the UK,so the recovery starts here! To confuse matters more,Fionnuala’s Birthday was on Thursday-although I completed the article around 6am BST on Friday,it was still Thursday in California!!!

I’d hesitate to say that the reactions against our club are born out of fear-except maybe fear of our success. For me,it’s hatred of our club and everything we stand for,everything we originated from.

I agree with you that fear certainly rears its ugly head when it comes to how the huns are dealt with. But that is a two-pronged problem. Journalists in particular are scared,in some cases,to criticise the club because of the reaction,the violence and intimidation,it will provoke. Some have even lost their jobs due to mild criticism.

But that fear is because the hordes of hunnery have been indulged for far far too long. As I’ve said,they won’t behave like normal citizens if they aren’t subject to the same sanctions as everyone else.

As an example,the Merchant City stabbings. They took place inside a bar which would have its own cameras,and in an area where you can’t sneeze without it being caught on the multiplicity of CCTV cameras in the environs. Now,I’m gonna stick my neck out,because I saw it mentioned on CQN that the huns are saying it was Tim-on-Tim action.

If this was the case,do you honestly think that the cops wouldn’t have made arrests by now?

Which begs the obvious question-why have no arrests still to take place?

Treat these basturts the same as everyone else and they might just learn to behave like everyone else. Until then,you honestly can’t blame people for the lack of action against them.

Fear Is The Key…


Haha,brilliant-seen what you did there!!!

The Gombeen Man


Similar to the assault in Girvan.
Last I read the Police had stated it wasn’t sectarian or football related…….

Active investigations and I’d be sensitive to families too also wary that anything can be put online to muddy the waters.

But a worrying trend… possibly.

HH and must go.


So the truth comes out that they all lied.
Lied lied and lied again.
All bodies. Everyone.
So what?
That is the scary thing. We appear to be more willing to live a lie than embrace the truth.

By we I mean sentient human beings.

M Scott Peck author of The Road Less Travelled and People of the Lie had a theory that Orginal Sin was laziness. Mankind rather than gain knowledge through learning from experience took a short cut because thinking about what their experience teaches us is hard work.

It is an interesting theory and on a Cosmic and philosophical scale is reflected in the Res12 experience.

The backstop though is that laziness produces bitter fruit in the time it takes for the fruit to ripen and the music goes round and round until it gets back where it began.

There an opportunity to eschew laziness and do the hard work of learning what works and produces good fruit presents itself again and again until the tune changes.

“So what ” is an incredibly important question but the answer might be if you keep living a lie the experience will keep being painful.


Correct,and in much the same way,the original police response about the attack on St Alphonsus and the priest and congregation was that little of note had happened. It was only the social media outcry-and doubtless a phone call from someone in Edinburgh-which got them to do something about it.

They arrested ONE poor sap as a token.

I would go as far as to say it is institutionalised,and that word alone should worry the authorities as it should NEVER be used in the context of policing.

The Gombeen Man


It always comes back to a form of fear I believe.

Sometimes a bit of humour or music is the best antidote.

Great lead story today.



It will not surprise anyone if I say that if Celtic fail to challenge the Judicial Protocol of SFA that allows the Scott Brown charges without reference to the material in the Res12 Archive, which demonstrates SFA treat Celtic with contempt and lie to them (as in hiding the truth), then perhaps Celtic fear what the SFA might say in response .

As I said a couple of days ago, the only possible reason why Celtic have been so silent on LNS, 5 way agreement and Res.12 can only be their complicity with the SFA.
“SFA treat Celtic with contempt and lie to them (as in hiding the truth), then perhaps Celtic fear what the SFA might say in response .” (Auldheid)

A stripping the titles demand would be a good place to start. It would open up a whole can of worms.

What your reply said in the last article was…my reading anyways, unless the sfa and the plc are forced they will do nothing.
With respect mi amigo, what is the point of allowing them to keep kicking the can down the road ?
Things like this latest charge against the club and the captain are a consequence of no action and allowing the authorities to shaft us as they see fit.
Presently there is a only minority of the support who actually know about RES 12, I would be willing to wager that if the majority knew about it, they wouldn’t be too pleased with the sfa nor the plc, imo the only way to inform the majority of this would be court action, so far the internet has failed to get the message across, even the mere threat of court action would be enough imo to get things moving, as things stand they are ripping the piss.

TET, agreed.


And there,sir,is a problem which has been niggling away at me for a long long time.

I’ve mentioned it once or twice before in fact,on CQN. That if someone made has made a mistake,an error in judgement,which has long-term implications to the detriment of his company,he should always admit that mistake in order to limit the severity of the damage.

By keeping silent,he only worsens the situation,and we all know that truth has a nasty way of worming its way to the surface eventually.

An appalling vista,nothing less.

The problem we as a support have is the media know fine well what has happened, they will know of Celtic’s involvement, but if they attempt to expose us…………….
Come what may the media still have the megaphone, we have a penny whistle, the only real problem the authorities have is the courts, for it not to be used is……
Our problem is what do we do about it.
I reckon that if a go fund me page was set up, the authorities would know about it the day it was activated, it’s the only way forward imo.

TET, yes I would donate to it in a heartbeat. I just hope it would be Auldheid and his team. They know everything inside out and are trustworthy.

I think folks would be surprised how effective it would be, I won’t be setting one up, it has to come from the Res 12 bhoys, it will, the only question is when.

Awe Naw

The EU controls FIFA and UEFA: a principal–agent perspective
Arnout Geeraert & Edith Drieskens
Pages 1448-1466 | Published online: 19 Mar 2015
Download citation
This article demonstrates that the European Union (EU) can curtail the autonomy of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) by building upon insights from the principal-agent model. It explores and explains the EU’s control over these organizations by mapping the actors and instruments that define EU control of FIFA and UEFA and discussing their activation and mitigation. In this light, it introduces a new perspective (exogenous control) and instrument (steering). Whether or not the EU deploys the control instruments at its disposal is defined by a constant interplay between FIFA and UEFA, their political and football principals and their EU supervisors. Activating and mitigating control within this triangular set-up will dictate whether or not FIFA and UEFA can expect their autonomy to be curtailed if and when they break from good governance practices.

KEY WORDS: Control, exogenous control, football governance, mitigation, principal–agent, steering


Me noo

The only way that that SFA will get it´s baws booted is with full EU cooperation that means going here. As the SFA answer to UEFA and what the SFA are doing has full UEFA approval.

Maybe after the EU have finished going after the Anti tax EU loopholes they can start on UEFA

So it would need to go through here

Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) | European Union
EU institution ensuring consistent application of and respect for European law.

and not CAS

Pity aboot you Island monkeys Brexiting maybe ooor Irish contingent could pick up the baton .. oh wait a minute that´s no gauny work either

or you can stop being a pathetic junkie and stop giving them your money


Re that “appalling vista”,it seems that others are well aware of the possibilities.

RALPH on e-Tims trolls quite magnificently in the article linked below…


Bit harsh,mate. I’m not sure that many Celtic supporters voted to leave the EU. Plus,this site has a high proportion of overseas readers and posters.

As you know,for obvious reasons.

An interesting article,and apart from the money laundering side of things-I believe new EU legislation was introduced on Monday,btw-the EU also holds the cards re Employment Law,which means transfer fees.

Obviously allowing total freedom of movement,that an employee can join another company subject only to a minimal notice period and with no money involved,would favour immensely the bigger clubs.

But-and here is why it probably hasn’t been implemented-it is anti-competitive!

Not an easy circle to square,that one…


Howdy folks and a big Happy Friday to all .
BMCUWP well wrote and thanks for the surprise ! Many thanks all.
Might even draw a response from her mother if youre lucky.

Anyhow TGM I noticed you think its fear.
Like Bobby I cant say Im convinced , I think they are just plain businessmen and dont want to rock any boats or public spats. They just want to hit this ten and all the accompanying riches that will ensue.
I dont think its an exaggeration to say that we could have 100 mill saved after hitting ten.
Just think of the merch in particular ,, the special new design strip with the number 10 and the name IN A ROW across the shoulders etc.
I think they want left alone to make money ,, and all this sideshow is alien to them as it goes against normal rules of business.
And like I have been blogging they might just be pushed to act here ,, and that will abhor them probably but push has came to shove .
We know Dermot is very very wealthy and has powerful friends,, I know who my money would be on in any scrap ,, but only if he wanted to get his hands dirty and theres zero sign of that.

However this leads me personally to a moral dilemma .
Those in charge of that great club are failing to do one thing that is core to my beliefs , and that I need them to do it to be honest in order to feel thats my club.
It is simply unthinkable to me to lie down and be treated like crap without hitting back.
You wont win every battle but if you are attacked you defend yourself.
You get up on your own two feet and start swinging at the bassa.
Its a core foundation of who we are , the fightin Irish and all that.
You stand up for yourself and each other , full stop.
They fail to defend the fans ,, those who pay the wages.
They failed to defend the club when victim of fraud.
They MUST not fail to defend the players or WTF exactly are they doing there except creaming it!

I dont think its fear ,, its new world meets old world essentially .
There are many who wish bonnie Scotland to remain the best wee bigoted country in the world and there is the new emerging generation who have smelt the coffee and want normality .
The footie and religion are easy excuses to latch onto and use as vehicles for such views .

I did mention last night to Noel that a shrewd businessman would have huge cash reserves and evidence of cheating and the minute they die again ( I expect the next death to be serious and possibly take years to find a buyer thus having major impact on league not just mark3 with titles starting the next year) will approach another setup and say we were cheated and we have cash ,, let us in and we spend this money to ge competitive.
Now a couple of smart fellas would impress me with such plans. If only I was in charge eh?
And then the angle noone seems to have looked at yet is how will Scott feel if he does get a ban? He could say eff this for a game of darts as I thought they had my back .
The PLc had best keep their Captain happy , not just pay lip service.
Expect Kt to say see ya later if they dont seriously help Scott , he would be next ffs.
Would Neil even stay ? THis has potential to have major repercussions.
These fools at the Sfa may well have done the one thing we have been crying out for ,
Make the Club act !

Always good to see you on.
Like others I think we need a plan of action . The Res12 crew must either start ot back it to give legitimacy in may eyes. Coordinate the blogs and influencers in one direction ?
We await you orders General 😉
It cant go on ,, it was one scandal a week , there was three in 7 days last week ( crush report , stabbings, Scott done ).
One big horrific real life soap opera and our clubs soul is at stake.
( ps tell Peter the fans are considering adopting Belfast Celtic and travelling there instead and watch him crap it )
or ( we have consulted a lawyer with regards to a leveraged buyout ala the glazers with a fans consortium taking over and then sticking the debt on the club but the bank account will pay off a chunk so its ok )
Hope youre well
Hail Hail

Awe Naw


Plenty of them voted No in 2014 to keep their catholic schools and UK pensions so fuck them in particular
I´m definitely with Churchill when it comes to the British electorate.


I was ridiculed for a good few years on CQN for suggesting that Celtic PLC knew exactly the precarious financial state that the huns were in and took their foot of the gas for the sake of preserving the Old Firm. They know it continually it´s not even math its arithmetic, not rocket science as you are prone to say. I got the tin foil hat accusation..often

I´m on record many times as saying that is why WGS decided the game was a bogey. This shelf life axiom of a Celtic manager due to the pressure is bullshit. The bottom line is that it takes Celtic managers circa two years to suss out that they have been had and circa two years to extract themselves from the situation. Only MON was wise enough to know exactly what he was dealing with. That was not so much PL taking over but DD walking away. Hence the continued sniping and character assassination we see on CQN from Pavlov

But even with our kid glove approach to the Old Rangers they still sank due to their rigid belief systems. Rigid belief systems are designed to sustain stupid people from attempting to think for themselves.

That is all that happened in 2011 it was the last throw of the dice of the Rangers kid glove policy. Our PLC were prepared to do the three monkey´s they were just too stupid due to their own rigid belief systems in underestimating their proletariat clientele

Before and afterwards nothing has changed.

Forget the Good governance, accountability and corporate mantra that Paul Brennan fed us for years

It´s all about the fucking money and on Celtic PLC´s largest shareholders terms

Junkies, Drugs, Money …. now where have we seen that before

One game boycott …. maybe two and we would get somewhere


bada bing1

“Not acting in the best interests of Association Football”?

Did Motherwell get charged the other week, for their goal at CP?

bada bing1

Recieved a text showing a page from The Scotsman 19 Sept 2017,outlining new rules saying players can’t be charged retrospectively for gestures, maybe a techy guy can format it for here? Strangely enough, the reason this hastily trumped up ‘rule’,was to protect Windass,so he would be ok to play against Celtic……


What your reply said in the last article was…my reading anyways, unless the sfa and the plc are forced they will do nothing.
With respect mi amigo, what is the point of allowing them to keep kicking the can down the road ?
Who actually is allowing them?

The resistance needs to be wider. It has to include representative supporter groups and you will be surprised that supporters of two of the biggest clubs other than Celtic are informed as are the CSA and CST.

Res12 guys have after 6 years exposed the truth but the final straw only emerged last May.

It has studiously been avoided since, an indictment in itself. When you get to the end of the Timeline in the archive it says to be continued.

What is coming is more than a straw but it will still be up to trusts and associations to get behind it.

That does not rule out just going to the police but the fear is they are members of the Fukavi tribe. Short men living in long grass.

Patience TET. Patience lol.

Awe Naw

The Scottish Football Association has revealed it has changed the rules so no retrospective action can be taken against players and coaches for ‘gestures and actions’ unless they play for Celtic. The news comes as it was confirmed Rangers midfielder Josh Windass, who allegedly made an obscene gesture to Partick Thistle fans on Friday night after mass hallucinations, won’t face action by the SFA Compliance Officer. There had been drunken speculation that Windass would be banned for Saturday’s Old Firm game after he reacted to supporters who would not return the ball for a Rangers throw-in. However, it has emerged that, after the involvement of PFA Scotland and the Coaches and Managers Association, rule 200 – which covers retrospective action for on-field offences – was amended to remove gestures and actions towards the crowd. An SFA spokesman said: “The only cause for retrospective action now is for violent conduct, serious foul play or spitting missed by the match officials.” There was the possibility that Tony McGlennan, the compliance officer, could have used rule 202 which covers “excessive misconduct” if he wished to cite Windass but he decided it was not merited. Had he done so, he would have been greeted with stern resistance from Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha who feels McGlennan’s hands were tied as he did not act when the Hibernian manager Neil Lennon gestured at Ibrox on 12 August. Similarly, Kyle Lafferty seemed to make an offensive gesture at the Celtic fans a week earlier by removing his hoody and the compliance officer did not get involved. Caixinha said: “As long as they are current with the decisions they make. He should have the same punishment as others who did the same thing before him. “If it’s like that, we need to accept it, but, if it isn’t, then I won’t accept it. “‘If there is something decided before and you have a similar situation after, the decision needs to be the same. I am not a lawyer, but I know it is like this. “First of all, I don’t know what he did. But if he did something, of course he needs to understand he cannot do that. That is something between me and him. “But punishment from the SFA is another thing. I’m talking about jurisprudence. And I’m talking about the relationship between a coach and player. That is another thing. What´s teh ammter you .. whats the matter me hey shudda uppa yer face

Read more at:

bada bing1

That’s the article Bhoys,thanks

bada bing1

…..well of sorts…..?

As you know patience wouldn’t be one of my virtues 😉
I trust you and your judgement of course, is there a time line on patience ???
As for the police, it’s the fraud squad from the Met are who you should be talking to, the stock exchange is down south, feck all to do with the sectarian polis.


Ah,but nobody knew that they had changed the rule. And so,nobody knows that they’ve changed it back again.

Interesting that the article says that the SPFA got involved. Fraser Wishart,I expect.

Silence from him re Broonie.

If I was a Celtic player,I would demand a very short loan spell at an English club. Just long enough to join the PFA,and then continue to be a member of it.

Think I preferred the AWENAW version,nearer to the truth.

Btw,you know the problems I had on CQN with my anti-board stance,virtually from the day I joined it over ten years ago. We all like to be right,but sometimes,you know,you want to be wrong.

I’m pretty damn sure we are right on this one. And I wish I wasn’t.


Aw Naw.

Having worked in calculating pensions due to ex Colonial Civil servants in place before and after independence was granted , I had a fair idea of the principles at play to ensure they received the benefits of their labour on retirement in a country that had become independent in the meantime.

I saw nothing in the referendum debate to tell me that the issue of sharing liability post independence had been addressed. Particularly were one party would be a lot less accommodating to a country they were not happy to see leave the relationship.

I made that very point to my SNP MP last year in order to address at any future independence referendum.

Telling folk who did not know if the benefits of independence would deprive them of some of what they worked for for years to fuck off is a bit rich, especially if they depend solely on one of the lowest state pensions in Europe to live on.

The Gombeen Man


It’s always fear.

It always boils down to fear. It masquerades in a whole host of things like anger, anxiety, denial and isolation.

Fear of loss of money, status, reputation etc.

Not wanting to “rock the boat with public spats,” is simply fear. A fear of the unknown, the reaction of the public…

Don’t confuse it with anything else.

Steven Gerrard’s reaction after the game was his survival mode. Defection, denial and blame. It’s fear of the reaction of the support and Sevco Board… Ultimately loss of reputation and dismissal.

Fear has a legitimate purpose and when the individual becomes aware of it the impact of it can be reduced.

The problem is that when it’s concealed and not confronted it festers and affects everyone in it’s proximity.

Fear was manipulated in the UK for example around Brexit. Immigration etc. How often in the media do you read/hear words like terror, horror, disaster, carnage…?

Try and note how often you hear those type of words in a 24 hour period?

In football terms there is fear on all sides. A way to deal with it is in an environment of openness and trust. Grown up mature thinking away from the traditional back and white thinking of recrimination or winners and losers.

Similar to what happened in the 6 counties.

It’s actually an opportunity to for progress, if there is the courage and leadership to grasp the opportunity.

Whether Scottish society is ready to evolve to a more mature level is at best debatable. There has been garbage buried for generations and resentments run very deep, even among the professions.

If they don’t there will be further pain on all sides and the inevitable finger pointing, defection and denial.

And no winners, including the businessmen.




We know that but matter was discussed with a lawyer who advised caution.
Not ruling it out. Canman territory. 🙂


The Gombeen Man

Spot on.

Love more, fear less.

Learn the distinction and watch out for consequences.

When Regan said Armageddon he might not have been far wrong.

Love v Fear

The Gombeen Man


Who does Anthony de Mello play for?

Keep shinning the light. Where there is darkness there’s always light.



A wee bit history in EU involvement in European football.

A good few years ago, more than 10, a Belgian MEP called Ivo Belet/ Belot produced a paper on better governance of professional football in Europe.

It covered several areas and was put to the EU Parliament and from it a EU White Paper on Sport was ratified by the same Parliament.

A consequence of that was pressure on UEFA to act on the White Paper recommendations that became UEFA Financial Fair Play Club Licensing introduced in Oct 2010.

UEFA FFP has undergone changes since as result of experience and although it has taken a while for the big spending clubs like PSG and Man City to be tasked with compliance, it has been extremely successful in reducing the number of professional clubs facing insolvency year on year from 2010.

Although it was introduced in 2010 it contained the same regulation in respect of overdue tax as previous licensing rules, but in June 2011 introduced further monitoring after a licence was granted.

Its perhaps significant that Rangers drove a horse and cart through it in 2011 at granting and monitoring stages. Not something UEFA would want to admit to really is it?

Awe Naw


I can understand why they feel that way but they have fucked over the next generation without a second thought for them. Who are blameless. The older generation not so much. So they can still Fuck Off

Awe Naw

FFP was the trap that Brian Quinn was helping to set for Old Rangers.

Done him personally more good than it has ever done for the Scottish game.

Margaret McGill

Why dont you (and others) accept the fact that the reason Celtic have obfuscated, lied and procrastinated on res 12 is that Peter Lawwell is implicitly and provably involved in the SFA/Hun cover-up since 2011 and doesn’t want his money making hypocrisy dragged through the SMSM gutter while still in his current lucrative job?
There are only 3 ways res 12 will be given any kind of public credence:
1. After Lawwell has left the scene (either via his own engineered last AGM exit in 2021 or 10iar failure)
2. Another hun liquidation.
3. A supporters financial revolt.

I will go for #1. Most Tims dont know about res12 dont care and just want to fuck the huns and thats quite hunky dory for tory Celtic PLC.

Awe Naw



What he´s in the RA ? 🙂

Frankie says ……

Fool Time Whistle

Morning all

Seems pretty clear that Scott Brown HAD to be implicated in doing something – in fact anything that could be construed as “wrong”.

I’m grateful to BadaBing for that 2017 clip about gestures Rule Change – which only underlines the above.

Scott Brown took abuse, assaults & fouls and came out smiling – that is his “offence”. The SFA, charged with controlling & managing the game in Scotland, hid while calculating what move would most make them look like they were really in charge.
This laughable charge is the best & indeed only thing they could come up with & as Bobby half jokingly implies in his leader, the use of this rule in this manner will only succeed in rebounding on the SFA themselves.
The list of actions/inactions by the SFA where they were “not acting in the best interests of football” is extensive, and a rule that most of us had never heard of before will now be quoted & referenced daily.

Neil Lennon is correct – a trumped up charge pursued by weak men who’ve wilted under pressure from several unseen hands.

Scott Brown will come out of this stronger than ever & the SFA will emerge as even more clueless & incompetent.


Margaret McGill

Awe Naw
youre getting yer provably and provobly muxed ip. 🙂