And Now For Something Completely Different


We can now leave the pantomime of the last week or so behind us-with Sevco w-e-l-l behind us!-and move onto more important matters.


(Just as well,really. The huns hammered us at their sport of choice,Throwing The Toys Out The Pram. Yep,genuine Invincibles,I raise my hat.)

We have eight games left this season if we want to win The Treble Treble Cue For a Song,we start today with that rarest of occurrences,a traditional 3pm kick off at Celtic Park. We play Livingston, eight months since we played them in our opening match of the season to raise the flag for Seven In A Row. That was a special day for the grandson of one of our regular posters,as he was the team mascot and stood proudly beside the players as Mr McGrain-“you can call me Danny,son!” unfurled the latest in our collection. The following day was a bit special for me too-I’d never met an official team mascot before!

Next week sees the semi-final against Aberdeen,a 2pm kick off which I’ll be unable to watch. As will everyone else who doesn’t subscribe to whatever it is channel which is showing the match. Somehow,I suspect I’ll find a way,as will many others! The rest of the season is as follows:-

Celtic’s post-split fixtures

Hibs v Celtic, Sunday, April 21 (12.30pm)

Celtic v Kilmarnock, Saturday, April 27 (12.30pm)

Aberdeen v Celtic, Saturday, May 4 (12.30pm)

anger v Celtic, Sunday, May 12 (High Noon)

Celtic v Hearts, Sunday, May 19 (3.00pm)

As you can see,not a 3pm Saturday kick off between them,so make the most of today! Listening to Neil Lennon’s press conference yesterday-which was a delight,btw-he explained that most of our injured players are available for selection,the exceptions probably being Anthony Ralston and Dedryck Boyata. I expect everyone who is picked today to be making a concerted effort to be in his plans for the rest of the season,there’s a chance for legend status for those Treble Treble heroes if we achieve it.

Which would be nine-in-a-row a year early!

But to be in his plans,the players have to impress our manager. And yes,our domestic results since the turn of the year have been virtually flawless,but our performances have not. Too often we have relied on late goals,which are a Celtic Trademark of course,and always welcome,but too often also the performances have been unconvincing. Admittedly I can’t remember an occasion where I thought that the other team impressed me and played better than us,but we are lacking fluency in midfield and bite in the attack. In fact we have been missing a bit of creativity and imagination for much of the season,and I’m hopeful that will change as our line-up takes on a more familiar look after a horrendous run of injuries.

Neil tasked himself immediately with “cutting out the fannying about” at the back. May I respectfully suggest,Neil,that you apply the same principle to the midfield and front line? More of the likes of the snap passes from James Forest and Calum McGregor which ripped the huns apart on Sunday and led to our two goals,please.

A lot more.

It will be fitting if today is the last match we play before being crowned champions,as Motherwell might do is a turn tomorrow and hand us the title in our absence. That would mean that Hibs would offer us A Guard of Honour as we run out onto the pitch on Sunday 21st. Rod Putrid will likely choke on his complimentary drinks! Well,we can all dream. The main focus for us now must be on two wins in the league and two wins in the cup. Then the whole rancid lot of the rest of Scottish football can choke on their bile and stew in our slipstream.

Let them Carry On with their pantomimes,their daydreams of bringing us down by hook or by crook. We will just continue with the football.


Above article by BMCUWP. I’ll be back on Monday with a review of the match,and as always,the reviews from others will be posted in the main article. Send yours to Mahe at

Same address applies if you have something for us to publish as Article of the Day. The floor is yours,the choice of topic is yours also.

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Been watching Bayern, they are awesome going forward, 4-0 up at half time against Dortmund.

Continuing the theme of the title of the article,a mock up of a certain Monty Python film. And superbly done it is too.

big packy

HI BOBBY, today wont be an easy 3 points we will have to work for it livvy urny a bad team, but we should have enough to beat them, where’s bayo we could maybe give him a run out, I was so impressed with lenny at his presser he tells it straight a true hunskelper.hh.

big packy

sorry for the double post.hh.

The Gombeen Man

Morning Packy,

I read during the week that Bayo is supposed to be very raw and there is a lot of work to be done with him at Lennoxtown.

Brendan Rodgers and Toure were blamed but we’ve seen this before with Balde, Pukki, Cifti & Kazim Richards (to name 4).

There is something wrong with how we evaluate players/signings that precedes Rodgers etc.

Tough game today only six days since Sevco and we’ve already had a trip to Paisley.

You’re right 3 points would seal a fantastic week for the club.


A thing of beauty

Quick post before I head off to get the troops for the game. Early start today as some old duffer has lost their season ticket last week so trip to the ticket office first ?
I’d like to see Tom get a run out from the start today. We need to start winding up the classic car before we put it on show for the big games ahead. I’d play a front three of weah, Burke and edouard as I’d like to see James given a wee rest. Simunovic should come back in fe the run in alongside Ajer. He’s a decent centre half when he’s focussed – a treble treble should give him that plus there are no plastic pitches till next season now so a run of games together will do them both good.
I wouldn’t play tierney till next season, he does not look right but Neil says he’s fit and will play. I’d also play toljan and rest Lustig for next week. I thoaught toljan was going to be the business but oh dear, he’s faded somewhat!! Midfield is a question of who feels they need a rest so maybe no brown or mcgregor but resting both maybe too much. I’ll be interested to see what Neil goes with. COYBIG ?

If a manager buys a player for his team, especially a player that is needed in a certain position they tend to play them, with the Griff being out, Moussa left and only Eddie, Bayo was brought in, by whom, I have no idea, but if BR had scouted him I’m sure he would have had game time, as it is, as TGM he is just another who is added to the long list of hopefuls.
Now I may well be doing the club a disservice here and BR did infact scout him, but he may well have been, lets say for arguments sake, tenth on the list of targets, as BR said before when he had just left Lpool, he was on the tele with Kamara one sunday morning, they were discussing the transfer panel at Lpool, when he said, any player no matter how good or bad is better than no player.
The scouts will be given targets, find me a striker from the manager, the CEO will then put a limit on the spend, kinda hamstrings the scout, but it’s the scout and the manager who always gets the flack if they don’t work out.


Tell the daft old duffer that I hope he learns a lesson from this.

What a waste of drinking time on a Saturday!

Leave him in the queue at the TO and go give A a surprise. And say hi from her daft uncle!!!



I’ve just woke up,busy day ahead,wee kulchur trip to Bath,and you give me bloody nightmares!

Btw,I saw Balde score for Celtic. I did,honest.

Against Brentford-and The Magic Hat was the manager!

Whoever signed Balde must have been on the magic mushrooms…


Yep. I suspect the good old days of Project Who? are back again. PL should at least stick to defenders and midfielders. They’re cheaper.

Awe Naw

As the greatest of men said, it’s difficult to score against 11 dustbins in the 18 yard box. I expect Livi to play just like the buddies, the jmamboes, saints, I. E passionately for thier masonic managers within the 18 yard box knowing that the mibs will favor them. I will take a dreary 1.0 o.g win right now. Hopefully it will be an easy win to ease the tension in the stands and curtail the Lenny carping.
Been on the internet all morning BMCUWP and that’s the best thing I have read. Drop me an email and I’ll show you how to get the semi on your smart phone for free. You do have a smartphone?

Well, the East end of Glasgow
Is the baddest part of town
And if you go down there
You better just beware
Of a man name of Scotty Brown

Now Scottys more than trouble
You see he stand ’bout five foot four
All those downtown ltims call him “Treetop Lover”
All the huns just call him “Sir”

And he’s bad, bad Scotty Brown
The baddest man in the whole damn town
Badder than old King Kong
And meaner than a junkyard dog

Now Scottys he a gambler
And he like his fancy clothes
And he like to wave his diamond rings
Under everybody’s nose

He got a custom Continental
He got an Eldorado too
He got a 32 gun in his pocket full a fun
He got a razor in his shoe

Jobo Baldie

Apologies for interrupting but, TET (if you’re still looking in), any chance of completing this week’s coupon pick? 😉


You can interrupt anytime,old bean!

Looked at Ladbrokes prices,c40-1.

Btw,I think it’s POGMATHONYAHUN who hasn’t picked,and he is in Australia. As I think it’s Melbourne,I reckon he’s met MELBOURNEMICK. Doubtful he knows what day of the week it is!


Blinkin’ flip,I thought you were gonna give me directions to a porn channel!

THAT semi,aye. Mail incoming…

Awe Naw


Noel Skytrot

Trying to get myself into stride for going to the game today has been difficult, I live in the area right next to BAE systems factory on the Clyde, and it looks like there has been a large over spill of water that’s flooded the area and an incessant whining noise that’s giving me a right sore head. I can’t fathom the reasons for both of these occurring. Anyone know why?

The Gombeen Man


Sorry to say but that’s the reports on Bayo.

I remember Amido scoring one night at Firhill, I think it won us the game? Lenny looked stunned when it went in.

Yep Rodgers will cop any flack for any delays with Bayo but we’ve been down this road before. There must be something wrong with the system in recruitment. This just keeps happening.

Anyway, my bhoy was telling me BFDJ said on SSB last night ‘I know what Brown said to Ryan Kent.’

Still greetin and deflecting…

It’s simple…

‘Derek did you hear what was said?’


‘You don’t know what was said.
Stop talking sh**’


At this time of the season results matter more than the performance however i’d like to finish the season in a bit of style and with the return of Callum and Ryan to full fitness I hope we get back to playing the fast, free flowing football that we played in late autumn. Hh

I sent it in last night, @ 22.05.

BFDJ was a hoot last night, he was overdozing on the helium big time.

Jobo Baldie

Apologies TET and BMCUW. Looks like I’ll be going with the 6….

The Gombeen Man


12.23, previous article.

Jim the blog name is a word I heard a few years ago over here and it stuck in my mind. It’s tongue and cheek really.

You still hear it now and again in Ireland. Many of the place names were just written in English from the Irish.

You mentioned your family might have a connection to Cromwell’s army? Most folk would probably have some kind of a connection like that.

Certainly in the south there was lots of inter-marriage over the years and everyone I meet seems to accept they are Irish and gets on with things.

Last night on the tele I watched a young Syrian refugee girl playing the traditional Irish music and speaking with a local accent. She’s only here a few years.

I know a farmer, who has a farm on the border. He was telling me that he has a tree…Some branches are in the south, some in the north.

He started laughing and explained, “in a few weeks, some of the branches will be in Europe, some of the branches will be God knows where…”


The Gombeen Man


Sorry I missed it. The young fella said it was a ‘classic’.

The Irish are fiercely proud of their roots, descended from Cromwell or not.
When I was living in Ireland I heard a prog one day while out in the lorry, it was about people who were living in the sticks of Argentina, I think it was the Joe Duffy prog, anyways, they had been there for generations, since the mid 1800s and you could tell what county they originated from by their accents, none had ever set foot outwith Argentina let alone been to Ireland, the prog was fascinating so it was.
If you get the chance to listen to Clyde catch up, the first 20 or so mins is worth it re BFDJ, I honestly thot he was going to combust at times, with all that helium he was inhaling he was a prime candidate for it 😉

The Gombeen Man


Didn’t know I could get SSB here…I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

Cromwell and his men sent large numbers of Irish people to Barbados, as slaves, from his time here after 1641. They’re still there and live in desperate poverty.

The slaves and their descendents were/are known as ‘Redlegs’ due to the effect of the sun, while working in the sugar plantations. They are/were also known as ‘Baccrah’… because they were only allowed to sit at the back of the church.

I think Cromwell sent Scots to Barbados too.

HH & Till Later.


(Just as well,really. The huns hammered us at their sport of choice,Throwing The Toys Out The Pram. Yep,genuine Invincibles,I raise my hat.)
Brilliantly funny for it’s absolute truth.


Apology due for crediting Mahe with your above leader.
Hail Hail

Noel Skytrot

Just got a wee text from my friend stating that Boyata has signed a pre contract with Hertha Berlin. Thoughts?

Awe Naw

The last shame game was a pretext to them going bust. Imagine it was to happen again.
12th April a judge will decide on how worthy Mike Ashley’s 9.8m quid damages claim is. Are hun ST on sale yet. If they don’t sell enough will they immediately reverse the away fan ban. That will be an indication to how well they are selling. They also have a few follow up transfer fees. To Brighton for example
Fingers crossed for Journey 2

Awe Naw

Berlin a great town. Mid table Bundesliga. A step up for him league wise for sure.

A thing of beauty

Best wishes to norrie m and his family today as his daughter gets married. Congrats Laura and Stephen.
I’ll miss his salient points from three seats along today.


Way to many lateral passes in this Celtic side.
Constant hesitation then slow pass to wide man.
Meanwhile Livvy funnel everyone back into defensive position.
Only real danger created is when JF goes on forward diagonal runs.
38 mins played.


Also KT no longer faces forward.
He is always facing back to his own goal negating his pace and usually just returns pass to where it came from.
Simple coaching adjustment would help.


Our dead balls cause no problem to opponents.
Was hoping Lennon had worked on them.


Typical Scottish officials.
Lennon was pointing out to fourth official during the first how much time wasting the Livvy goalie was doing.
The half ends right on the 45th minute.

Awe Naw

I don’t understand when we play against 11 dustbins why we still insist on playing with only one forward.


We show all the potency of a 90 year old without access to Viagra.


Lennon sticking to his usual game plan of keeping it tight and hoping one of our better players produces a moment to get the win.


Commentators pointing out how many men Live have behind ball.
Not difficult when almost every pass we make is sideways or backwards.
To think i thought Rodgers was the master of purposeless possession?


Lennon bringing back the whimper.

Awe Naw

Well done Livi and the mib they came for a draw and achieved it. We need to adapt our game better for when we come up against this setup. In my unqualified opinion we need to stretch them wider towards their own corner flags, play two up front and select midfield players who can shoot accurately from outside the box. Surprised Ntcham and Sinclair never started. I think the staff are concerned about injuries towards any of our two strikers.
Makes for awful viewing. Was Burke celebrating the goal before he put it in the net. I would also suggest that Burkes problems are psychological. He has definitely regressed since he has been with us.

TET’s match report
First half huffed and puffed and got nowhere fast.
Second half huffed and puffed a bit more and go nowhere even faster.
The sitter that Burke missed at the end was also brutal.
Shocking stuff.


Perfectly succinct.


Only bright spot from today’s performance was I won 20 Euro in pub sweep.

Had Burke had the technical ability to curve his foot around the ball with that last minute chance I’d happily have lost the prize.

Gombeen Man

On the north east coast of Barbados facing Atlantic is an area called the Scotland District were descendants of Scottish Cromwell slaves live.

It is also a bit like home with a craggy mountain overlooking the coast.

Spectacular scenery.

This is what we have to look forward to next season and I must say am not really looking forward to it.

There was a very good radio doc about that on the radio the other month, heart wrenching stuff.


I agree unless Lennon really makes a pigs ear of it.
Seems to be doing his best.
Lawwell will be having a few nightmares if the fans don’t accept his cheap and second rate appointment.
I have already decided i won’t renew Celtic tv next season as i’m so fed up with the corruption in Scottish game and lack of ambition by the spies in our boardroom.
This board and Lennon being given the job will be more effective in stopping the 9 than sevco could ever dream of.

Margaret McGill


Margaret McGill

testing again

big packy

HI BHOYS, im prepared to be shot down in flames here, but I thought I was watching Ronnie deilas celtic team, turgid display, ive said this before, we put balls into the box but we never score, when was the last time we scored from a corner, our shys are shite,i love neil to bits, but I live in hope that mr lawell is looking at someone big what is jose Mourinho doing.hh.

I decided a while back that contributing to the charade was only allowing them to cheat more and more.
I doubt Pedro will give a flying duck about what the fans think, Lenny will be the boss and we will either like it or lump it, Pedro will then count all the money he is saving by not using the £9M windfall from BR leaving, if we blow it, then I imagine he quite possibly will have a few sleepless nights or not as the case may B.

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