And Now For Something Completely Different


We can now leave the pantomime of the last week or so behind us-with Sevco w-e-l-l behind us!-and move onto more important matters.


(Just as well,really. The huns hammered us at their sport of choice,Throwing The Toys Out The Pram. Yep,genuine Invincibles,I raise my hat.)

We have eight games left this season if we want to win The Treble Treble Cue For a Song,we start today with that rarest of occurrences,a traditional 3pm kick off at Celtic Park. We play Livingston, eight months since we played them in our opening match of the season to raise the flag for Seven In A Row. That was a special day for the grandson of one of our regular posters,as he was the team mascot and stood proudly beside the players as Mr McGrain-“you can call me Danny,son!” unfurled the latest in our collection. The following day was a bit special for me too-I’d never met an official team mascot before!

Next week sees the semi-final against Aberdeen,a 2pm kick off which I’ll be unable to watch. As will everyone else who doesn’t subscribe to whatever it is channel which is showing the match. Somehow,I suspect I’ll find a way,as will many others! The rest of the season is as follows:-

Celtic’s post-split fixtures

Hibs v Celtic, Sunday, April 21 (12.30pm)

Celtic v Kilmarnock, Saturday, April 27 (12.30pm)

Aberdeen v Celtic, Saturday, May 4 (12.30pm)

anger v Celtic, Sunday, May 12 (High Noon)

Celtic v Hearts, Sunday, May 19 (3.00pm)

As you can see,not a 3pm Saturday kick off between them,so make the most of today! Listening to Neil Lennon’s press conference yesterday-which was a delight,btw-he explained that most of our injured players are available for selection,the exceptions probably being Anthony Ralston and Dedryck Boyata. I expect everyone who is picked today to be making a concerted effort to be in his plans for the rest of the season,there’s a chance for legend status for those Treble Treble heroes if we achieve it.

Which would be nine-in-a-row a year early!

But to be in his plans,the players have to impress our manager. And yes,our domestic results since the turn of the year have been virtually flawless,but our performances have not. Too often we have relied on late goals,which are a Celtic Trademark of course,and always welcome,but too often also the performances have been unconvincing. Admittedly I can’t remember an occasion where I thought that the other team impressed me and played better than us,but we are lacking fluency in midfield and bite in the attack. In fact we have been missing a bit of creativity and imagination for much of the season,and I’m hopeful that will change as our line-up takes on a more familiar look after a horrendous run of injuries.

Neil tasked himself immediately with “cutting out the fannying about” at the back. May I respectfully suggest,Neil,that you apply the same principle to the midfield and front line? More of the likes of the snap passes from James Forest and Calum McGregor which ripped the huns apart on Sunday and led to our two goals,please.

A lot more.

It will be fitting if today is the last match we play before being crowned champions,as Motherwell might do is a turn tomorrow and hand us the title in our absence. That would mean that Hibs would offer us A Guard of Honour as we run out onto the pitch on Sunday 21st. Rod Putrid will likely choke on his complimentary drinks! Well,we can all dream. The main focus for us now must be on two wins in the league and two wins in the cup. Then the whole rancid lot of the rest of Scottish football can choke on their bile and stew in our slipstream.

Let them Carry On with their pantomimes,their daydreams of bringing us down by hook or by crook. We will just continue with the football.


Above article by BMCUWP. I’ll be back on Monday with a review of the match,and as always,the reviews from others will be posted in the main article. Send yours to Mahe at

Same address applies if you have something for us to publish as Article of the Day. The floor is yours,the choice of topic is yours also.

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Been watching Bayern, they are awesome going forward, 4-0 up at half time against Dortmund.

I would rather have Lenny than Jose, his brand of football is worse.

Margaret McGill

Hi guys sorry for the confusion on the chronology of posts. trying to help mahe and BMCUWP fix something. I’ll try again later.

big packy

THE EXILED TIM,,should have put a smiley on the end of that, but I did not enjoy that one bit ,any thoughts.hh.


Howdy folks,,
Bobby many thanks for the article today,,wasn’t happening here.
Just read score and seen turgid again,,strange as Lenny should have them playing to show he can get a tune and wants position.
Will probably get it with a we tried but couldn’t find better.

Shorts and tshirt weather today,,very nice.

JimtheTim, , email your mobile number to our gmail and I’ll try and give a call next time I see you’re bored. Sometimes easier making a call.

Hail Hail

The Gombeen Man

I saw the First Half and the stream wasn’t great but didn’t catch the Second Half.

Not going to complain too much, take the point and put it down to demanding week.

7 points out of 9 over 6 days isn’t bad…I’m happy with the 3 points from Sevco and can live with a bit of a damp squib today.

I know there are concerns but I’ll listen to BFDJ again if I need a pick-me-up.


There’s a lot of connections between Ireland and some of the countries of South America. Argentina has 600,000 people who claim some form of Irish descent.

Counties like Bolivia, Mexico and Chile still honour Irishmen that led or took part in wars of Independence…

The Irish/Scottish descendents in Barbados seem to still suffering from the injustices of the past. The Irish were forced marched, across the country to Kinsale before being transported.

The GAA have clubs in Argentina and it’s something they hope to build on.


I noticed I have a post pinned at the top, strange.
Aye the game was devoid of flair, it was just a rehash, albeit with a very different formation of the turgid stuff we have seen for a while now.
I get we are unbeaten at home and have played pretty good since the turn of the year but there is no flair, I never slag the team or the coaches, but this is getting to me, I don’t know if it’s a hang over from BR leaving, somehow I doubt it, but BR usually managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat to get us a win, Lenny seems incapable of doing so.
He has said that he hasn’t changed the tactics from when BR was here, well we are getting results but the football is brutal and late goals are all well and good, but they are getting latter and latter and today it didny happen, the sheep will fancy their chances next week big time.

I don’t mean it’s getting to me, I should have said I don’t understand what is happening and why we are playing like we are, it seems like the players don’t know their roles.

big packy

THE EXILED TIM, yes your comment about the sheep worries me, if they go into that game all guns blazing and full of confidence and we play like we did today, we are out of the cup, and the bigots from the bigotdrome wil start believing they have a chance of the title,.very very frightening.hh.

The law of averages tells us that we just can’t keep winning baubles, I would rather we lose one to the sheep than the hun, not that I want to lose one mind you, but it will happen sometime.
They have no chance of winning the league FFS.

big packy

THE EXILED TIM, I hope you are right, just don’t trust the bigots in the sfa.hh.

big packy

okay ghuys just aboot to take the dugs oot, jimthetim53, you better get posting on here by the time I get back. or else.hh.


I know we have the players and resources to out perform any team in Scotland in a proper football match but when 11 players defend like they did today you need something special to break them down and when you don’t have that we bit extra a nil nil draw is inevitable.


A well below par performance by our players and manager. FFS 3 centre backs to cope with Menga. KT looked lost in no mans land. Our midfield trio of Calum, Ryan and Tom failed to fire, although Tom’s performance was much improved from last week. And the service to our lone striker was woeful. It looked a nil nil draw from a long way out. Hh

Evening Packy, lying low today. Have the hangover from hell, staying off it for the next few days. Never seen the game today but it sounds like I didn’t miss much.

A thing of beauty

Just a few thoughts on the game today. 3 centre backs against livingstone at home, whit? None of them can bring the ball out very well either but playing Ajer on the left of the three negated any chance of us bringing the ball out at all. He touched the ball 3 times with his left foot in the first half. Like I say, whit? Lenny said he needed to get game time into some legs. Subsequently we started the game with 5 players who were not fully fit or fully match fit and to top this we played a different formation. Strange decisions today from Neil. If the chat around me is anything to go by he’s not first pick for the job by a long way. Celtic through and through but he’s certainly not doing himself any favours with how the team are performing.

big packy

JIMTHETIM yes you did not miss much, as long as your ok that’s all that matters.hh.

The Gombeen Man

I’ve always seen a role for NFL at the club.

Maybe similar to Tommy? A sound number two? Possibly Scouting/Recruitment? Think he’s good for players and he could do with being out the limelight.

Don’t know how that would work for him but the last week have shown what we are up against and the pressure from our own fans.
Last thing I’d like to see is Neil’s relationship sour he’s Celtic through and through and could play a vital role in the future.

On current performances, there are concerns. The bar is set very high and expectations are at an unprecedented level, we’ve completely failed to build from a position of strength.

Not pointing any fingers but we’ve been here before.


big packy

THE GOMBEEN MAN, yes I would love to see a role for lenny at parkhead, might not be head coach, but he is a hunskelper thru and thru.hh.


Unless The Mothers avoid defeat tomorrow we can’t win the league against Hibs on 21st April and the earliest we can win it is at Celtic Park on 28th April.

The Gombeen Man


Suppose it’ll just have to be one game at a time.

All big games now against the better teams. Nothing is won easy. That’s why the chance of a Treble Treble is history in the making.



Leicester City win 4 games in a row as we draw 0-0 with Livingston at CP.


Hi all will comment later


Where do we go from here, for 4 seasons played Ronnie Delia football. Nothing wrong with that but no progress. Brenda did not change things, same old. Nothing new, same player’s same style,did not anything new. Tired old system, sad,eh!!


Mario We go to our next game. Its clear to all concerned that Neil as much as we love him is not the future. Hh

Margaret McGill
big packy

morning everyone been thinking back, did someone say bayo was injured or something, because watching that game and most games, we have not got anybody who can get on the end of crosses and bloomin head the ball into the net, or at least make the keeper work, they either end up behind the goal or out for a shy, any thoughts, just about to take the dugs oot will catch you later.hh.


Sitting having breakfast in Prague and calmed down a little from watching yesterday’s coaching fiasco.
Was taking notes for match report but got so frustrated during game i just posted my thoughts at random.
Decided any summary could have been condensed to the word crap so didn’t bother.
And headed to airport
I spoke to my sister and brother from the cab who both attended the game and they said the consensus amongst the fans is Lennon is not good enough to be given the job next season.
I told them Peter does not give a f%ck what the fans think and his website poodles have been sitting the stage for Lennie’s appointment.
A decent press conference manner should not qualify him for the coaching role.
They both said no way and i reminder them of how average to poor Lennon was when he replaced Mowbary resulting in a disastrous semi final exit and performance when almost 100% of the fans expected a different coach the following season.
Cue the deflectors and poodles getting their instructions from Lawwell and a few round table tours with his plants and he got his chosen and cheap option.
The mythical thunder was from the fans as his coaching often produced a snore fest.
I posted a few weeks ago that in his first term we were an organized team who relied on our better players creating individual moments for us to win.So far that’s all I’ve seen and when they haven’t managed it we look bereft of any tactical coaching input.
I have no doubt that is what’s planned for next season and only a true fiasco by Lennie will stop him getting the job.
If he is the level of the board’s ambition then god help us.
The deflection and squirrels will come fast and thick between now and seasons end.

Noel Skytrot

Another Celtic performance were we can’t break well organised teams down. I worry that when we play Dolly in the semi-finals they’ll try similar tactics as they did at CP a wee while back. Try to score then sit in and hold it. Can anyone at CP instruct the players on how to take a corner, shocking all season.

The Gombeen Man


The only person that looked uncomfortable at Brendan’s first Press Conference was PL.

Pedro had no input into Brendan’s appointment. The interviews and selection process were dealt with by professionals, who were selected by DD.

Not a 100%, but was Neil interviewed?

The point being that Desmond took control of the process from Pedro. That has been forgotten in all of the drama.

Pedro’s track record in coaching appointment is poor.

Ronny’s departure unearthed a better managerial/coaching selection process, that process should be followed on this occasion.



I struggled to see what formation Neil had us playing at the start of the game yesterday and by the end of the game im not convinced even Neil or the players knew what formation we were playing.

The Gombeen Man

Noel Skytrot,

The corners and dead ball situations have been a mystery for a while. I used to think that we spent so much time on our passing game, that we might be neglecting the corners etc?

I can remember a time when I stand up at a game in anticipation of a corner…

I don’t know how our stats compare to other teams but this is a long term issue.

As I type this, I can vaguely remember the defeat to Morton. God knows how many corners we had that night? Big Virgil played, he’s arguably the best CH in the game and still nada.

Is it better defending at set pieces? Poor delivery? Lack of practice? Different emphasis in coaching priorities?



Our cross balls from corners and free kicks are generally woeful as is the positioning of our players who appear incapable of attacking a cross ball.

The Gombeen Man


Agree 100% about the positioning at corners.

I can understand why the reaction to Neil’s Press Conference was so positive but it concerned me.

Because Neil is so attached to the club he tends to react and isn’t as able to detach as (I don’t like to compare) as Brendan.

Rodgers used to frustrate at times by not saying more in public. But he wasn’t easy fodder for the media.

Neil tends to get drawn into their distractions. I don’t think that helps the team and drains energy.

There is an expression here, ‘a cute hoor’ and by dodging the distractions, controversy and diversions Rodgers was able to keep the eye on the ball.

Not saying I didn’t agree with NFL but I think they know how to pull his strings.


The Gombeen Man

Thanks for that Gordon. Reminds me of a Paddy Roberts type player. Hopefully he’ll provide the bit of trickery we’ve been missing.


big packy

so im not alone in saying our corners are crap, in fact any crossball is wasted, and don’t get me started on throw ins, by the way nobody has answered my question, is bayo injured.hh.

The Gombeen Man


Morning Packy,

I read during the week that Bayo is supposed to be very raw and there is a lot of work to be done with him at Lennoxtown.

Brendan Rodgers and Toure were blamed but we’ve seen this before with Balde, Pukki, Cifti & Kazim Richards (to name 4).

There is something wrong with how we evaluate players/signings that precedes Rodgers.

Don’t think injury is the problem Packy, unfortunately.


Noel Skytrot

The Gombeen Man, Gordon64 and Big Packy,
With the height of some of our players 6+ you would think we could do well if we had someone who apart from Leigh Griffiths who could utilise this. Terrible

big packy

THE GOMBEEN MAN, thanks for the reply, yes as you have pointed out, I don’t think injury is the problem either,, hope you are well.hh.

big packy

NOEL SKYTROT, nail on head ,cant remember the last time we scored from a corner or header.hh.


Goals change games and the perception of performances or lead to improvement immediately after a goal is scored.

They also impact on the performance of the opposition and if a couple are scored early their heads go down and ours go up.

Now in first half yesterday we had a few chances but either failed to get power or direction or were saved by a keeper in form

The outside of the foot shot by Forrest was top quality and so was the save.

The problem was a lack in threat from set pieces and yesterday I was thinking we need a Sutton or Hartson type player and beefier CBs.

We also need to shoot from further out to bring defenders out but we don’t seem to have that ability in the armoury.

Goals change games and perceptions and we need to take our chances. As I recall under BR there were games like yesterday and goals came late as opposition tired.

Short memories at play.

Noel Skytrot

Big Packy,
Lennon will possibly give Bayo a wee bit more game time once the league is officially clinched. I also suspect that he won’t be picked before Weah, Burke or Edouard. I know someone who watches our youngsters and says that he does quite well in the matches. He told me he was really good against Dundee reserves but is a work in progress.

The Gombeen Man


Gordon pointed out the positioning at corners. Countless times the ball floats across the box. I remember that happening yesterday and Tom Boyd talking about it.

Even Ajer had a chance yesterday with the head.

Everything seems to be about keeping the ball on the ground, don’t know if that’s got anything to do with it.

We even tried Leigh at taking corners which seemed crazy at the time, given he’s the striker. Man City even have tried Agüero taking them.

It must be something to do with not playing the long ball and the emphasis on passing?

It’s not as if they aren’t good players individually and collectively.


Noel Skytrot


I just wanted to say that the Res12 site is excellent and that any football fan who wants to see fairer and better governance within the Scottish game should visit the site.