And Now For Something Completely Different


We can now leave the pantomime of the last week or so behind us-with Sevco w-e-l-l behind us!-and move onto more important matters.


(Just as well,really. The huns hammered us at their sport of choice,Throwing The Toys Out The Pram. Yep,genuine Invincibles,I raise my hat.)

We have eight games left this season if we want to win The Treble Treble Cue For a Song,we start today with that rarest of occurrences,a traditional 3pm kick off at Celtic Park. We play Livingston, eight months since we played them in our opening match of the season to raise the flag for Seven In A Row. That was a special day for the grandson of one of our regular posters,as he was the team mascot and stood proudly beside the players as Mr McGrain-“you can call me Danny,son!” unfurled the latest in our collection. The following day was a bit special for me too-I’d never met an official team mascot before!

Next week sees the semi-final against Aberdeen,a 2pm kick off which I’ll be unable to watch. As will everyone else who doesn’t subscribe to whatever it is channel which is showing the match. Somehow,I suspect I’ll find a way,as will many others! The rest of the season is as follows:-

Celtic’s post-split fixtures

Hibs v Celtic, Sunday, April 21 (12.30pm)

Celtic v Kilmarnock, Saturday, April 27 (12.30pm)

Aberdeen v Celtic, Saturday, May 4 (12.30pm)

anger v Celtic, Sunday, May 12 (High Noon)

Celtic v Hearts, Sunday, May 19 (3.00pm)

As you can see,not a 3pm Saturday kick off between them,so make the most of today! Listening to Neil Lennon’s press conference yesterday-which was a delight,btw-he explained that most of our injured players are available for selection,the exceptions probably being Anthony Ralston and Dedryck Boyata. I expect everyone who is picked today to be making a concerted effort to be in his plans for the rest of the season,there’s a chance for legend status for those Treble Treble heroes if we achieve it.

Which would be nine-in-a-row a year early!

But to be in his plans,the players have to impress our manager. And yes,our domestic results since the turn of the year have been virtually flawless,but our performances have not. Too often we have relied on late goals,which are a Celtic Trademark of course,and always welcome,but too often also the performances have been unconvincing. Admittedly I can’t remember an occasion where I thought that the other team impressed me and played better than us,but we are lacking fluency in midfield and bite in the attack. In fact we have been missing a bit of creativity and imagination for much of the season,and I’m hopeful that will change as our line-up takes on a more familiar look after a horrendous run of injuries.

Neil tasked himself immediately with “cutting out the fannying about” at the back. May I respectfully suggest,Neil,that you apply the same principle to the midfield and front line? More of the likes of the snap passes from James Forest and Calum McGregor which ripped the huns apart on Sunday and led to our two goals,please.

A lot more.

It will be fitting if today is the last match we play before being crowned champions,as Motherwell might do is a turn tomorrow and hand us the title in our absence. That would mean that Hibs would offer us A Guard of Honour as we run out onto the pitch on Sunday 21st. Rod Putrid will likely choke on his complimentary drinks! Well,we can all dream. The main focus for us now must be on two wins in the league and two wins in the cup. Then the whole rancid lot of the rest of Scottish football can choke on their bile and stew in our slipstream.

Let them Carry On with their pantomimes,their daydreams of bringing us down by hook or by crook. We will just continue with the football.


Above article by BMCUWP. I’ll be back on Monday with a review of the match,and as always,the reviews from others will be posted in the main article. Send yours to Mahe at

Same address applies if you have something for us to publish as Article of the Day. The floor is yours,the choice of topic is yours also.

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Been watching Bayern, they are awesome going forward, 4-0 up at half time against Dortmund.


Howdy Folks.
Hope youll all forgive my enforced absence.

Mario, welcome to the blog. At first I thought you had for some reason taken the name of that ginger haired celebrity chef who I dislike but a quick google informed me otherwise.
Interesting choice of blog name. Youre a fan I assume ?
Anyway call it straight and Hail Hail from me.

Fan-a-tic thats an interesting post about yesterday and it seems to be the general line of thought , that Lenny isnt good enough. ATOB says the people around her are claiming the same.
You know this is actually very perplexing as we must assume Lenny wants the job , and thus would be determined to seize his golden ticket now hes in the hotseat , yet he cant seem to get a tune. Some say hes getting a decent tune , what do you expect when its every man behind the ball,, some say we are back to the worse of Lenny football ,, some say the players are tired and having basically won the league they are waiting for the semi final etc etc

Not watching every game myself I defer to the good people on this and other sites which leads one to gauge the general mood of the online support ,, a section which we are told by some that its small but I personally doubt that as I think most use the net these days at least a little .
A quick peruse shows a support that was more or less happy with the safe pair of hands is now questioning the future under him and asking for someone else if possible , not demanding change but more seeking a fully professional approach to appointing a new man and not resting on our laurels so to speak.

Alas and alack football is viewed through our own spectrum , so no one can say that yours is wrong and theirs is right . However the one concrete thing we all must share is the scoreline , and as we are in the business end of the season and cemented the title instead of giving others a glimmer of hope , perhaps there has been a slight ease of effort , despite the new man issuing orders.
And if Neil himself doesn’t seem very upset or alarmed by this then perhaps its because he himself has sat in that very same position ,, weary and more or less choosing to put in as much effort only as the game demands come this time of year.
We all know ultimately the record books will show another title , and that these results will not be important in the scheme of things.

Would the treble be enough to forgo these performances and restore some faith ?
Would most consider Neil to have earned the right to the position should he deliver a treble ?
Should we even entertain a new man when theres a ten to be won ?
And theres many more valid questions that could be asked although we dont get answers.

Just a personal view , I cant wait for the thing to be over . Ten that is,, hitting it or being stopped .
Both would be watershed moments for our club of choice and should initiate big changes ,, changes that you me and many are crying out for .
No matter who is in the dugout next season though while they will inherit an eight time league champion winning team , they are also inheriting the squad that has relied heavily on flashes of brilliance ,, a very old basic tactic that comes unstuck the moment you meet a better standard of player.
The defence alone gives me shivers , and as I have said Ajer and Jozo with Hendry backup lead us into Europe . Yes there may well be a new bhoy there but expecting him to lead us in June is fantasy land , or behind the sofa stuff .
New players need brought upto speed and time to develop a relationship with their fellow teammates.
To thrust the weight of responsibility onto new shoulders would also be a mistake as that could break the new bhoy , especially in the eyes of some fans probably.
It doesnt help we will also have a new right back probably also .
I will stand up for the defenders come these qualifiers as as you cant blame them for being selected plus at least big Kris looks like he is trying , cares a lot , and seems to be improving although I may need to be corrected on that.

Soo assuming we go with Neil and the current bunch , and are in the hunt for a defender . He will get game time as Jozo’s usually crocked and his position shouldnt be hard to take.
Well Ive gave it some thought and Ive narrowed down my search to the outstanding candidate.
My bhoy will also solve a couple of big , nay huge , problems that exist .
The corners , check. The set pieces , check . Leadership , check.
PLUS he is good enough and mentally strong enough to lead us into any qualifiers next season confident in his own abilities.
Im also pretty sure he could very well rub off on big Kris and help mold him into a much better player.
Look , its not even 5 am here ffs , and the baby has gave me jetlag ,,
But I have a dream , that he will join again and go on to coach and manage us one day if he shows nous. We start a bootroom if you will .
Neil and Peter do us all a favour and solve our problems at one stroke.
Just go buy Charlie Mulgrew !
Hail Hail

The Gombeen Man


Getting balance in assessing performances is difficult that’s where blogs help, if we’re open to other views and not rigidly stuck to a belief.

On one hand,

7 points from 9. Including the scalp of Sevco.

On the other we’ve possibly played 5 unconvincing half’s of football since the first half against Sevco?

There’s no doubt that despite our league position and success in the cups, performances seem to have been on the wane for a while.

Missing Griffiths and Dembelle, Armstrong and the lack of investment. Rodgers looking elsewhere etc?

It’s a huge achievement by the players when we consider where we are. They have looked to be running close to empty for months.

A change of coach, uncertainty and constant media mischief making etc etc…


I think we will have seen the last few glimpses of Scotty Sinclair, with the Ukranian fella coming in at a greatly reduced rate than SS will cost and seemingly Lenny’s reluctance to use SS, imo he is gone.
As for the Bayo fella, the few mins he had on the pitch he did look a tad clumsy, but we will see, he may well turn out to be a star 😉
There is going to be a massive clear out in the summer with dare I say it, very little incoming, a couple of freebies I imagine but there will be no quality signings.
Pedro will need all his time to count the cash we will have in the bank, so much of the stuff sloshing around we are gonna have to pay tax on it, a disgrace but there you go.
The downsizing has begun bhoys, get used to it.


In furtherance of my argument goals change games.

Motherwell 60% possession making chances.

Well CBs gift a goal.

Dynamic changes.

Well CB gifts another. Game over possibly but Rangers performing no better than Motherwell.


Auldheid Agree and therefore the reverse is true. I would suggest that f we had not scored late winning goals against Sevco, Dundee and Kilmarnock the performances would have been viewed much more negatively. Hh

bada bing1

I’m guessing NL been told to manage Sinclair and Bitton out the door…

How long has Bitton got left ?
SS will be gone for sure, the club won’t take up the further year when they will have a far cheaper option.

bada bing1

TET- Bitton might have another year left?

I recall a while back reading comments from Bitton and the jist of what he was saying is that he would see out his contract come what may, it’s again down to paying average players far too much, we just can’t get rid, not a fault or blame on the player.

North Sentinel Island is a tiny island, part of the Andaman chain, off the coast of Myanmar. Native to the island are the Sentinelese who have lived there for over 60,000 years and are extremely opposed to outside influences and remain entirely disconnected from the modern world. For this reason, very little is known about North Sentinel Island.

Hi Mahe, thanks for welcome. I follow Celtic and have done since a wee boy. Used to go games in mid late seventies. leaving from Falkirk. Then other things happened, motorcycles, mortgages etc. But I never miss a result. And keep up to date on various blogs. l like this one, fans are knowledgeable and there is no in fighting that you get on some others. Ta. We will prevail. We will reach the Impossible Dream.


JimtheTim, ,
I read about them recently also.
Very fascinating and I like the idea there’s still uncontacted peoples.
However the future does not look good for them.
The original Sentinels?
Hope all is good pal.
Hail Hail


Mario,,I had a scooter and generally found bikers in the main ,, even just bike lovers as opposed to the tradition view of a biker,, to be nice people. No joke.
A popular bumper sticker here would be think you’re tough punch a biker.
The Hells Angels offered to form their own battalion and go to Nam , but was refused on the grounds they must operate under military jurisdiction.
They literally just wanted to go aND kill Charlie with zero input from others,,but officially and as their own unit only. Madmen !
We have a biker , vfr , on sometimes.
Also have a Beppe around the very odd time.
Hail Hail

A thing of beauty

Here we go again. We really need to meet in person and have a good chat because I think I’m not getting your sense of humour. I assume that’s what is making you suggest a return for mulgrew. If not, away back to your bed, you’ve obviously woke up thinking it’s 2009 not 2019. Charlie mulgrew has a left foot like a wand, but it’s no the NFL. We can’t just bring him on to deliver a dead ball like a place kicker. Yep you are defo joking, I’ve worked it out now but I’m going to post this anyway, just in case.
Shakes head, muttering on way to kitchen to make the dinner…..

Mahe, I remember VR from CQN. If I remember I think Hell Angels originated from ww2 vets chopping military bikes. I stand to be corrected.

big packy

MARIO BERTOLIN,I humble apologies welcome to the blog, no in fighting, wait till me and the exiled tim start,hh,??

Big Pakey, thanks for welcome, CQN a few years ago was a nightmare, with folks arguing totally destroyed posts.

Wolves score a well worked goal from a corner, just shows you how easy it is if it’s practiced 😉

Welcome Mario B
Very little infighting on here no matter what BP tells you 😉

BP and TET, put em up, put em up. foghorn leghorn.???

Awe Naw

Scattered thoughts.
Yesterday was so predictable. See my first post. Did we react the same way when Brendan secured a 0.0 last time against Livi?

WGS thinks he’s smarter than he is. As do most successful footballers but we have lost a pro Celtic pundit on Sky

Why will the club act differently this summer than last summer when it comes to recruitment considering Sevco must downsize?

The new Hibs manager seems to be getting more out of Hibs than Lenny did.

When DD appoints managers it’s better than when he leaves it to PL. I hope he’s learned that lesson. DD only knows and cares about the EPL so if he does it will be a name we know from there. Someone out of work with EPL experience preferably with an Irish connection

I reckon the increased in unsavory incidents from the lesser teams with no sign of it abating is borne out of frustration with regards the SFA, SPFL and Celtic winning

Awe Naw, what you said about DD gives me a glimmer of hope that we might go about the recruitment process in a professional way. I don’t mind Lenny being in the short list but I just hope it’s not a Pedro cost cutting exercise.

big packy

AWENAW, I agree with jim we don’t want a cost cutting exercise.hh.

Awe Naw
What is that re WGS ?

Sol Kitts

Getting old, 58 today. Yesterday put me on a downer, today picked me right back up as I realised how lucky I am to have good health, great friends and a fantastic wife and kids. And 2 new granddaughters born since my last birthday. Blessings counted, now please can I have a treble treble?

A thing of beauty

Welcome mario and happy birthday sol kitts.
You are right sol, you are indeed blessed. All that great family stuff and a Celtic supporter as well. Enjoy the good times.

Sol Kitts, 58? Young fella! Think of poor Packy and me. He’s 66 and I’m 65! 🙂

Happy birthday by the way!

big packy

SOL KITTS happy birthday, im just coming up to my fortieth when life begins, don’t believe what jimthetim tells you.??

Awe Naw
Found it.
Sol Kits
Feliz Cumpleanos.

BP, what about all those matches you went to in the 60s & 70s? 🙂


Noel Skytrot

Thank you.

If nothing else come from the expose of dishonest governance it will be to refute the false narrative of victims that form the crutch that the deniers lean on.

big packy

JIMTHETIM, ok I give up you have caught me out,, how are you pal, hope the insomnia is not getting to you, I do suffer from it sometimes and its no joke.hh.

BP, went to bed at around11pm last night. Got up at 6.30am. But it was a light sleep, tossed and turned. Hopefully better tonight.

Awe Naw

I strongly disagree. We definitely need a cost cutting excercise
We have 35 first team squad players not counting those that are on loan.
We have many players taking a large wage who contribute nothing.
A squad size of 28 should be sufficient
Quality over quantity. When you listen to Brendan he seemed to want both. It makes it harder for the players to. To get comfortable with so many potential changes.
I think we have done the majority of our business. Lenny’s comments about skoosh being the fulcrum of the team for the next two years. I. E ten in a row was revealing.

Nobody answers my simple questions on here but with Sevco downsizing and we didn’t buy last summer. What’s changed? Why would we do so this summer? It’s perpetual wishful thinking.
Lenny will be expected to develop and use our very young squad. Arzni, Shved, Bayo, Henderson, Ajer, Morgan, Ralston, Osdonne, Johnston, Gutmann, Perez, Hendry

Brown, McGregor, Forrest, Tierney, Rogic, Button, Mulumbu, Eboue, Bain, Griffiths, Simunovic will still be around. The loan players will go back.

Boyata, Sinclair, Lustig,Izzaguire, Commper will be let go and not replaced unless Lenny wants to keep them.
So apart from cover for Tierney and Bain and Ralston financed by Ntchams exist.

The focus is on ten in a row not Europe. So everyone stop dreaming.

WGS should have been carpeted after his genetic shite after Llubjana

Awe Naw, I can’t speak for BP, but when I was speaking about ‘cost cutting’ I was referring to the recruitment of a new manager, not the playing squad. I more or less agree with you that the squad is too large. I would add a new CB to the list of needs. I have little faith in Hendry and Jozo has terrible injury record.

Awe Naw

ironically recruiting Brendans team made them 2 million profit not including the massive record profits he helped them make. Circa half of Spurs record EPL profits. Hopefully not lost on DD

Awe Naw

I forgot Christie and Allan. Christie a fulcrum of the team next season. Allan has already gone really

Awe Naw

De Vries and Gordon I also forgot as well as Gamboa
Hayes and Oko Flex

Do you think Hayes would be sufficient cover for KT?

big packy

AWENAW, that reminds of the cqn day’s I always agreed with you, but other posters called me a hun for agreeing with you, luv ya to bits pal.hh.


Awe Naw,,you’re very right we have a huge squad and already the nucleus for next five years.
We need a central defender though and it would make sense to get a good one to secure ten , which would then probably pay for him in extra merchandise sold .

ATOB,,you crush my dreams of a triple treble being met with a Chazza treble of signings.
The old warhorse would be a great example and his utility is a plus.
I want him back when his contract is up. He’s been doing well in a better league , why not have experienced cover around and he will want to come home up north soon.
He’s not our new rock at the back for years but an old hand there to help the cause. He can happily replace Jozo as far as I’m concerned that lump has never been dependable.
Gutted you don’t want him.
Hail Hail

big packy

JIMTHETIM that’s a good question, in all honesty no, jonny hayes is a good player, but Kieran has the ability to be world class.hh.

Awe Naw

Hayes. No
To be honest I’d like to see a couple of big yins. Sick to death seeing Kieran, Izzy, Gamboa, Ralston, Tierney being too small for the diagonal in Europe. It’s up there with our deplorable set piece ability

Awe Naw

Oh… And lustig

That’s the MON way of thinking, big tall strong defenders.

Awe Naw

I know you always backed me up on CQN

big packy

AWENAW ,true right more power to your elbow,hh.

Awe Naw

As in Ramin Vega treble as in Seville MON or 6.2 Skelpings against the Dutch hun select as in I am the chief executive of Bobo Balde type of player. It might be a bit dated now but.. Areial prescence yes. Would also be interesting to see how many goals MON type defenders Bobo, Joos, Dolph contributed compared to today’s class