Change is guaranteed in this game, despite efforts otherwise

Although I was busy over the weekend and didnt see our draw a few things stood out when looking over the scores in general.
The fact that three of the four Fa cup semi finalists are unfashionable names was very refreshing , but a glance at the teams in question showed why they are there in the first place.
Wolves , yes Wolves , just done the double over a very resurgent Man Utd and gave another blast from the blast Watford quite a game before succumbing to them ,, through a fella who has been to jail and 10 years ago was paying a tenner to watch games at the weekend.
I remember Wolves supplying the England team with Steve Bull when they were in the Championship ,, he was hitting them in with too much regularity to be ignored,, but to see them emerge as a real test for any other side in the top division is clearly a success story .
Likewise Watford, not a very fancied club also , but both are established now as Prem forces and are in the top ten this morning . Many would not have seen that coming .

Some more food for thought is that twenty years on from Fergies finest hour with United in doing an amazing treble that deserved plaudits , their neighbours are hoping to better that with a staggering quadruple of trophies .
20 years ago they were not even in the same division , and now they have overtaken them on the pitch and have laid in place infrastructure that will challenge the off the pitch dominance United have enjoyed for , well probably always.
Surely Fergie that night could never have imagined the blue half of the city bettering his precious feat but here we are.

Tottenham have the best stadium in Europe by all accounts . Again Fergies “ Lads its Tottenham” seems to be coming to back bite him as the footballing world gets to see what a billion buys you . One journo complained they were unable to buy a packet of crisps alone ,, it was a burger and crisps or sandwich and crisps but they dont sell you the packet straight !
Levy’s idea to clear the debt quicker no doubt but by all accounts its a footballing palace and the customer is heavily catered for .

The Republic and the North are separated by a single place in the Fifa world rankings at 33 and 34th respectively . Again this is a hell of a stat as twenty years ago , just like Swallex’s United to City , the South would have wiped the floor with the sorry excuse of a footie team the North called upon.
Big Mick will help the Republic get some pride back and organisation back ,, but Michael O Neills side would probably beat them ,, again it was unthinkable not long ago.

Psg have emerged as probably the biggest spending project in Europe and have plans to take over the world ala City ,, this relatively new club.
Ajax are on the way up after many years of upheaval , and being preyed upon by bigger clubs.
Leicester took the Celtic manager ,, where 20 years ago it was the other way around .
Liverpool were a miserly 7th then , now they aim for a heroic double.
England were the usual gash then and now look the real deal.
The Champions of Scotland that year went on to get liquidated.
Inverness are in the semis this weekend despite having no business being there on paper.

The obvious point Im making is that the game runs in cycles for many clubs and countries also even if you were not a giant before lady luck can smile on you or anyone for that matter.
Yesterday is literally in the past and anyone can see fortunes reversed very quickly or even emerge as a genuine player whether you me or the masses seen it coming or not.
The Champions League becoming essentially a closed shop soon is perhaps a sign that this has been recognised and those at the crest of the wave now wish to take steps to help them stay there. It wont work forever and it smells of love of money not sport.

So while our club of choice and indeed bonnie Scotland have fallen big time on the European stage the signs do point that its not permanent and that both will thrive one day again on the continent . Perhaps the two are more intertwined than we think .
We can only live in hope and every time we can , support the unfashionables.
Football needs them to keep the dream alive.

We are seeking writers and we know you are out there. Roll up Roll up ! Orderly fashion now.

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Awe Naw


nice article but I think the time has come and gone where we can talk about cycles. If a theocracy took a shine to Boness Utd they´d be playing in Europe within 4 years.

We all know the big Euro league is going to happen soon. We either get the invite or we don’t, and if the invite is not based on making profits then we are out. There may still be other opportunities to hoover up among the carnage that it will cause. Needless to say of that happens our benign following will be so buys lording it over a 7 year old club to notice.

Honestly I think we already missed the boat and the suits know it hence the ghost Rangers live on Sky.

Awe Naw

if that happens … buys=busy .. proof reading is me

big packy

HI MAHE,,good post some food for thought there,, I tend to agree with awenaw,, the new euro league will happen,, will we get an invite don’t know,, if they can make money out of us maybe,, but unfortunately as mahe said all eyes are on this new glesca club.hh.

big packy

AWENAW that’s twice ive agreed with you lately.?

Mahe, I remember the time you are talking about when Man. U were the only name in town. Back then City were more famous for the Gallagher Bros. being supporters. Rumour used to have it that a huge amount of Man U fans were from the South etc. and that real Manchester folk tended to follow City.

Football is very upsy/doonsy!

The Gombeen Man


Good article and morning everyone.

You touch on a great point, everything revolves in cycles, the world is inherently cyclic. I won’t mention the average number of years in a cycle.

Economies do this too. They often talk of the ‘boom and bust cycle.’

I think the problem is that emotionally, it’s our perception that’s the problem. I’m often in the past or the future rarely am I here.

It’s only when I realise I’m stuck being angry or resentful that I become aware that no matter what is happening I’m either going to react in the same predictable way.

The clue is in the word re-act.

So it isn’t just football, Brexit, house prices, bullies…whatever is going on. The key is to identify the underlying emotion like fear or anger and detach.

Otherwise I’m literally prey for a ‘topsy turvey’ (Jimthetim53) world.

I’m literally going round in circles, chasing my tail not realising that it’s what’s going on under the bonnet that’s the issue…Not what I’m trying to change out there.

As I’ve read others say…’stop giving them your money.’

The suits know we’re emotionally attached and find it very hard to do an Ally McCoist.



Anyone who is daft enough to buy a food item like crisps at an “event” of any type deserves to be ripped off. If you can bring it yourself and don’t,then don’t complain about the queues and don’t complain about the prices.

Same when I get a train from London to Glasgow. I’ve got one suitcase of clothing for my break,and a smaller one,which is basically a picnic hamper and infotainment system. iPad,book,sandwiches,crisps and most importantly beer.

It helps that I always book a “table seat” otherwise I’d be in bother.

£3.50 for a can of lager,I’m bloody sure I wouldn’t!

Bobby, I know what you’re saying about rail travel. I grudge the prices they charge. They have a captive audience! But if you won the Lottery, after you have bought your big nice house, nice cars, seen the family OK, gave to charity, the big thing left is travel. I hate flying so my dream would be to go on luxury train journeys – like the Orient Express. And cruises. If I could fit in some Celtic away games all the better.

One can but dream!:)


Again touching on your article,some of the big names who are trying to enforce the closed shop in European football are actually fallen giants-especially the non-Juventus Italian teams-and many more are riddled with debt-despite enormous current income-due to past expenditure and/or monies owed to their new owners.

Virtually all of the Spanish giants involved fall into the former,and the latter applies to virtually all of the English clubs involved.

I actually view this closed shop as a last throw of the dice for all of them,that they know that this is for many of them the only way to avoid ruin. But it all depends on TV money.

And there’s the rub. Twenty years ago,who amongst us would NOT have the fitba on subscription? Perish the thought,and those unable to afford it would join the troops wi a carry-out at a pals. Often,off to the pub,big game on doll,see ya later.

Now? Most games if they were played out my back door,I’d draw the curtains. And I’m hardly alone,as viewing/subscription figures prove.

However,the clubs involved don’t have to worry about domestic tv uptake,not at all,they’re looking at the global stage,doncha know? There’s 500m people in Western Europe and sixteen times that elsewhere,that’s our audience!

Good luck with that. Cos it won’t last,and might not even happen,given the disparity in disposable income available to purchase expensive subscriptions.

That takes me back to where you came in,about cycles. I think theirs is one of those exercise bikes,and despite putting in all the effort they aren’t gonna get anywhere.


Aye,well,the lottery…

Stick a fiver on two lucky dips in tonight’s Euro. Jackpot is,drumroll…

£67m-its a sign,I tell ye!!!

Don’t forget yer pals when you win,of course. Well,you can forget about them if you like,but ffs,don’t forget about this one!

bada bing1

Man City are not a big club, can’t sell their stadium for even the biggest games in their history, a pal is a big MC fan and asked me if i wanted a ticket for the Spurs CL game,its not called the Emptihad for nothing.

Bada, I didn’t know that.

I sometimes wonder about wee Fergus’ decision not to replace the Main Stand and allow for a capacity of 70k +. He reckoned there would be too many empty seats on normal occasions.

I think that with a go ahead, ambitious Board, a top manager, top players, good match day experience, affordable prices, we could sell it out no bother.

Celtic have a family fun day organised for Easter Sunday. 3 course carvery meal, fun stuff for the kids, Celtic game on the big screens. £25 per adult, £10 for kids under 12.

Add on the stadium tour – £12.50 for adults, £7.50 for kids.

Now these aren’t scandalous prices, but that’s £110 for two adults and two children. I’m sure it would be a memorable day for a family and many working parents could afford that.

I wish they would have one every now and again for people on benefits. I know they do some good stuff for the homeless, thank God, but what about the unemployed, single parents, pensioners, the disabled etc.

bada bing1

Craig Thomshun on Sunday…

bada bing1

JTT- Aye a bit expensive, could the tour not be included with the price of the meal?

bada bing1

Martinez 4/6 fav,but manager market is very volatile…

Good stuff Mahe.
I have an old footy mag from the late 90s lying about and it reckons that the huns are going to dominate for the foreseeable and we have no chance of catching thems, funny old game so it is.

Even as little as £20 on someone causes the betting to go daft.
Back in 2002 I was told that Howard Wilkinson was going to be the Sunderland manager, he was 100/1 with the bookies, it was from someone who didn’t have a clue about football but she did now someone who was connected to Sunderland, but I wasn’t sure about the tip so only stuck £20 on it, about half an hour later his odds came into 66/1, they stayed at 66/1 then he got the job, they never moved, he was appointed out of left field, I often kick masel over that.
I would love someone like RM to get the job but it has Lenny’s name all over it.

I said it was a tip, it wasn’t, it just came up in conversation about her father and HW, I put two and two together and came up with he was getting the job.

big packy

THE EXILED TIM/ BADA, id love Martinez with maybe Maloney coming as well, but I fear peter will have lenny earmarked, we can but hope.hh,

Mike in Toronto

Hello lads

I hope everyone is doing well.

Of the names bandied about, I would be most happy with AVB. But Martinez would also be a good choice.

Fingers crossed.

Mike in Toronto

that assumes that Fan-a-tic is not available or doens’t want the job

(and, yes, I just suggested him because he and I seem to agree on most things football … so I think he would make the best manager ) 🙂

big packy

mike id rather have seamus than fan, but don’t tell him.?


Howdy folks , busier than I thought I would be today but hope all are well.

AweNaw , that superleague ain’t coming soon it seems as the fudge ( as predicted ) is a closed champions league from 22/23. This keeps the bigger clubs happy for a while , aND pisses the rest of us off. That has pushed the train on down the line.
Hope now rests with the rest of the bigger clubs who aren’t there banding together and forming some type of league or two.
We all know they will get invited if in existance in some form or other. That’ll be very hard to swallow for us,,their dream come true.
There was a great article about Wolves and the Champs league I will try to find.

Tonights game being labEllen as the battle of Britain seems strange as to me that would need two separate countries. It’s an all English tie nothing more. They can’t help but hype I suppose. England is a smallish place ,, and they must keep up the ” great ” part so once they find someone from that small place who actually shows they could have an impact on the world stage in their profession of choice ,,, needed to show the masses they are still ” great ” plus needing filler they simply hype the crap out of the poor soul knowing the person will most likely implode under the coming avalanche of fame and adoration. And that will sell even more!

Anyway ,,, Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto


At some point, I can see the big clubs getting so greedy that it will force the hand of the ‘second tier clubs’ who are excluded from the top tier (and most of the money). At that point, I can see the idea of a Euro league/Scandavian breakaway league (that was threatened previously) being revisited.

But, until then, Celtic are probably stuck where they are.

For me, this is why Celtic’s refusal to deal with the cheating is all the more galling… if we are going to be stuck in this league, why would we not, at least, want it to be as clean as possible?

We had a once in a lifetime opportunity to make some improvement in the game.

Sadly, when Rangers died, our Board acted like a love struck widow throwing herself on her lover’s coffin. As a result, they have seen how weak our Board is, and the cheating has only gotten worse.




Awe, naw..

Reckon when, if ever a euro league becomes reality. There will be more than one league and we would get an invite to hopefully the second teir.
It’s a start I suppose.

BMCUW… I would take my own cargo on a long journey on a train. ?☘️

IF there is a euro set up it will have four divisions, there will probably be twenty teams in each and we will be in the fourth, third, very unlikely, if Pedro bends over possibly.

bada bing1

So Collum can’t referee a Sevco game, but 4th official at a CL Quarter Final?

Just watched Spuds v Cty, pretty crap game for all the “superstars” on show.

Bada, the power of the Ibrox voice! Collum prob. feels lucky to be getting a minor role.

Oor Willie will get £5k plus expenses for his wee gig tonight, no bad for a crap referee 😉

That makes me sick. £5k.

Mike in Toronto


I think, with the proposals being discussed at the moment, we would likely be in the third tier tournament….

Now see if we had stuck in at school 😉

It may well be more than £5k now, it was £5k a couple of years ago.

MIT, I have fallen out with you. You have been missing a lot recently when I needed you. Besides, I read that Canada is warming up more on the entire earth because of the legal systems use of laptops!

Btw regards to Seamus.

TET, hope you don’t mind me asking, don’t be precise, but do you live in Spain?

My sister has a house in the Costa Blanca. Cuisada. (I think that’s how you spell it!)

Mike in Toronto


Apologies mate. Nothing personal, I can assure you.

I have been absenting myself from the Celtic blogs of late.

But i still read SC… I just find I have less to contribute these days (hallelujah, I hear some say!)


MIT, No problem my friend. Sincerely hope things are good with you.

I’m awake. Its nearly 2am So it doesn’t matter I’m alone but I will share this. Its so beautiful.

That is so wrong song. Sorry. Night night.

Margaret McGill

Mike In Toronto
Nonsense mate. I always love your contributions.

New article published.