3 x 3 Time?

A lot of the blogs seem quiet which Im going to speculate as the calm before the storm , as opposed to many being nervous.
Truth is with a free midweek and the only for some Champions league it seems its as good a time as any to take a wee break now most of our hard work has been done.
Not that anyone is missing Sunday’s game though.

Theres actually a strong argument to say its the biggest game of the season.
Many would see the league as a foregone conclusion with three times or so the turnover of the nearest competitor , and the first of the domestic cups could well be viewed as β€œ ours if we want it β€œ and we have recently.
The bigger of the two cups is a different kettle of fish with everybody from mid Championship up it seems thinking lady luck might smile on me today , its been coming .
Also its traditionally when the bigger teams start to fade late in their season that they start coming up against unfancied but hardworking journeymen who will give everything for that one moment in the sun.
Its beautiful ,its historic , and its why we will all be glued .

The Leather Belts and the Jam Tarts will be favourites to meet at Hamdump ,, where perhaps the masses will join me in a boycott ,, but the purist will wish for Caley and the Dons and probably most of the nation will also , well at least half of that anyway.
Our opponents stand as third favourites to lift the Cup which may surprise some and at 6/1 may well tempt some also.
No point in stating we are favs , but its worth mentioning that Hearts are seen as twice as likely as the Dons to win overall at 3/1 showing I know nothing as I would have them a lot closer.

Speaking of Cups though I see my boy Ronaldo scored yet again with the precious vital away goal that is soo very important in that competition.
Another winners medal but with Juve and at that age would surely cement his place as the best there has been but the bookies at least dont think its going to happen and have Juve third favourite behind City and Barca with some actually having Liverpool closer odds .

Speaking as a man who loves his Cups full of cold goldness I will stick my neck out with some predictions and say a hard fought extra time victory with probably a Rogic goal as hes due one and always pulls them out against them and then to go on and meet Hearts in what they will consider a home final and Leveins last hurrah .
This will prove quite a final indeed Im thinking .
Ronaldo to show the world how its done again and lift another Cup with another team ( again ).

Stay tuned for more wisdom or if you prefer to preach send us your sermon

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Morning all, hope it’s a bit busier today, all the blogs were deadly quiet yesterday.

Hope it doesn’t have to go to extra time. Brings back memories of us versus them which led to the exit of Ronnie. Every cloud has a silver lining as they say. Although I will always have a soft spot for RD.

I watched the game in Spain and with the hour time difference it was very early (11am?). There was only two of us in the pub to watch it, most of the British locals are English. The other guy was a sevconite from Larkhall! We didn’t speak much but when we did he was OK.

Hope we wrap it up in the 90 mins.

The Gombeen Man

Morning Jim,

Fantastic Spring weather here in Ireland, I hope it’s good over there too.

Yep, all the blogs were quiet yesterday. Personally I don’t like talking about who should be our Coach on a full time basis with so many big games coming up.

Our form has been pretty erratic but quite a few guys have got a bit of game time and hopefully that’ll make a difference.

If we start like we did against Sevco and take an early chance or two that’d do for me. Ryan Christie scored a great winner in the League Cup Final from a sublime long ball from Boyatta

Broonie was on the bench.

Let’s hope the low key performances have been a wake up call and we step it up at the weekend.



It’s definitely weird how quiet Timternet was yesterday,and as you point out,not just on here.

When I got up for work last night and saw the lack of responses,I went into the site settings for the day. They were perfectly normal,yet responses were down by about 80%. I then briefly flicked through the other sites and it was obvious that Timternet in general was having a quiet day. Very strange.

Keeping our powder dry for the biggy at the weekend maybe?

The Gombeen Man


Think so Bobby and not wanting to unsettle anyone with conjecture about the job…

Personally, I just hope we do our talking on the pitch.



If Juventus win the CL this season,I wonder how Buffon will feel having left them and joined PSG to give himself a chance of that Big Cup medal he’s always wanted.

A bit of a buffoon,I’ll venture…


Indeed. I had planned my article to be on the subject of our manager next season-quiet midweek and nothing much to write about otherwise!-but fortunately Rent-a-gob got fired in.

Speculation,for that’s all it can be really,can wait.

bada bing1

AVB not interested says his agent


I reckon his time in the UK previously has sickened him to working here. Can’t say I blame him.

He also needs a big high-profile club to get his career on track. Sadly,that ain’t us no more.


Buffon is a fine keeper , since the great dane retired the best no doubt. But he has put me off him a wee bit these last few years. Chasing the money etc , getting himself suspended for huge games. I reckon he will be all over media after retirement.
Ronaldo though he has just made me respect him even though if he was made of chocolate he would eat himself. I seen Messi have a terrible game, one moment of magic that counted though , and thought you’ve dropped deeper but never changed.
Cr7’s final season ,, I can tell you all now is going to drag on and you will be so sick of the tears and stadium lap of honour with all cameras in tow. But hopefully by then we will all realise Mahe has been right all along.
The first good weather explains it,, the wives and kids had won, if not THAT chore. For the single lads the beer wins.
The off licence is usually the big winner with the ice cream van putting up a valiant effort but fading late on. PlayPark a solid third to round off the sunshine podium.
Hail Hail

Yip, quite, one wonders why.
Incredible thunder and lightning storms the past few days, after a week of miserable damp weather, a bit of sunshine today, hopefully it’s now into proper Spanish weather.
People talking about Benitez, Martinez, AVB and the like are gonna be well disappointed, Lenny is gonna be the next manager for sure.


TeT,,not soo sure now. I had thought for sure but it seems the masses don’t want him.
One thing though if O Neill leaves NI for the Hoops it will hit the north hard and possibly not in a good way. They get an old school manager to galvanise and the songs of hate come back along with the accompanying he looks like one beatings / stabbings. Don’t want him anyway, nothing personal as he has said the right words and his results are decent.
Hail Hail

The exchanges think the job will be Lenny’s, I know they get stuff wrong now and again but in this instance I think they are right, he ticks all the PLC’s boxes, free and little cost being the main one, a knowledge of the club and how it works obviously helps, more mature that his last tenure, will accept what he is given player wise, has already acknowledged that the infrastructure that BR set up is top class and he won’t tear it down, all these things and there will be much more will be manna from heaven for the PLC, the same PLC who don’t give a flying duck about the support or progress in europe, they were stung by BR, who I would have thought would have taken us to a far better place in europe, I can’t see them splashing out for a manager who in their opinion might do another BR re europe, why take the gamble, even tho the BR experiment cost nada, nothing, zilch, he paid for himself and more, naw, they are happy with the status quo, the OF sells, the OF makes them money for little or no work.
That vid btw, the bike guy, dearie me πŸ˜‰

The Gombeen Man

Mahe @ 1.49,

You make a good point about the North and the possibility of an old style manager coming in if/when Michael O’Neill leaves.

For a while I’ve watched the changes behind the scenes and their success on the pitch might also have something to do with an added bit of ‘maturity’ behind the scenes…


10,000 on the waiting list for season tickets next season. Kind of ties in nicely with what I said a few days ago that we should replace the Main Stand and increase capacity to 70k +.

I just had a look at the first article posted on 31 Aug. 2018. I was there at the beginning & TET. Big Packy didn’t arrive until 2 Sep. ! πŸ™‚

Oh and there was a ‘Majoc’ posting. Mahe was posting as ‘Mahe’ and ‘the madman’, couldn’t seem to make his mind up whether he was mad or not.

bada bing1

HEARTS have confirmed they will close a section of the Tynecastle stands with immediate effect.

It follows a series of incidents at the recent Edinburgh derby clash with Hibs.

The club announced the decision on their website this afternoon.

And it specifically relates to lower section G of Tynecastle’s Wheatfield Stand.


I have noticed you’re about the North sometimes . I won’t ask why until face to face for that makes meeting up for pints easy and interesting. September is booked for home and hoot across the water to meet the rest of the clan. I didn’t know what your moniker was I will admit, never heard the phrase before yourself. My ma told me yesterday the weather was mighty fine.
The norths fans are starting to behave but it’s never far away and won’t be until the peacelines are gone and everyone is working and living side by side. That will happen .
I see the island uniting within 25 years and the hardcore leaving.
I notice today Belfast Celtic might well join the league of Ireland next season, perhaps we will go watch the bhoys play. On my old school pitch btw , a pitch were I gave sweat and blood πŸ˜‰

One more thing about the norths fans, they arent tough even in packs as the Poles showed that time by charging a much bigger group who to a man ran away. Mind you the normal Poles livjg and working among us at the time were horrified at what was going on,,one told me there’s a rocket down in witherspoons just got out for murder speaking in polish whipping them all up ,,, tell everyone you know stay out of downtown. It went down true enough.
Enjoy the sun partner.

Jim ,,,
You’re one of the originals indeed.
I say we toss you the keys and fiND a role for you ?
By the way fling me your phone number to our email for a yarn sometime .
Let’s make sure Packy makes this hoot more to the point!
Hail Hail

big packy

hi bhoys cant believe what ive just witnessed, just about to go into our little co-op store, when I noticed an elderly chap probably mid seventies, coming up the steps next to the store, he seemed to stagger slightly at first I thought he might be drunk, then he just collapsed right in front of me head first on to the concrete floor, I ran to him he was bleeding profusely, I put my coat over him I just kept shouting help, staff came out of the store and called for an ambulance, then I thought my doctors surgery is round the corner, I dashed round, now they no me in there,,,,, so just explaned what had happened can you get a doctor to come round and check this man, no mr Christie was the reply, the doctors aren’t insured to come out the surgery, I just left in disgust, luckily an ambulance came pretty quickly and carted the old man off to hospital, is this 21st century Britain, god help us.hh.

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the response.

I’d noticed you were planning to head over during September. Hopefully we’ll catch up while you are home.

‘The Gombeen Man’ is a term I first read in Patrick MacGill’s classic book ‘The Rat-Pit.’
The book’s a classic and is an account of the tragic experiences of Donegal folk and the welcome they met in Glasgow, in the early 1900s.

For anyone with an Irish heritage and affinity to Celtic, it’s a must read in my opinion.

For info;



Packy, that’s shocking. What’s the difference between doctors and nurses leaving a hospital to attend an incident and leaving a surgery? I realise that Drs surgeries have a private element to them but attending an emergency should be an NHS issue and the Doctor covered insurance wise.

big packy

JIM, I was disgusted to say the least, but not surprised, its not what it was when we were growing up that’s for sure hh.


Packy I don’t know if it’s today’s world but somehow I’m not surprised. That’s probably the worst part. Hope the chap is okay in the end.

TGM,, I do/did love a good book but giving a free class on footie and life πŸ˜‰ plus a wee one has me almost flogged to death. However dear old Donegal is one subject that can easily peak my interest. I know her fairly well and that helps,, have a story for you about a bassa guard in Culdaff plus my by a mile best fish supper ever was the old Donegal town chupper and was haddock. Will probably see a bit of it again next time,,Tom the Tim is in those parts also.
My own reccommendation if you haven’t read it is https://www.amazon.com/Vincent-Mad-Dog-Coll-Prohibition-ebook/dp/B00PY5FUCY
A Donegal boy who had quite an eventful if short life.
Hail Hail


I’m not one for politics as you will all have noticed but this Assange thing is worth watching. If he ends up in the States it’s simply the fix is in and expect next month for a new US Britain arms deal announced or something similar. Post Brexit trade deal wouldn’t surprise me.

Was talking to redneck who served in military and spent overnight at Shanon air base in Ireland. I’m shocked to hear the troops aren’t allowed to drink in the local bars.
He swears it’s true and they will court martial with the local publicans probably shopping them in. Carry outs on base only.

Hail Hail

big packy

MAHE thanks for your concern, will let you know if I find out anything, this is only a small village so I will get to know something.hh.

Re. Assange, I laughed when I read this:
Mr Moreno said: “The most recent incident occurred in January 2019, when Wikileaks leaked Vatican documents.”This and other publications have confirmed the world’s suspicion that Mr Assange is still linked to WikiLeaks and therefore involved in interfering in internal affairs of other states.”

As you know Ecuador is a very Catholic country. This was the last straw for them, ‘Don’t mess with our Holy Father’ so to speak!

Noel Skytrot

I see a lot of type about who’s possibly going to be the new manager if it’s not Lennon. Can any posters remember where ( snaky) was in terms of being the bookies choice before he was appointed?


JTT53-I was there at the beginning to mate?

Fairhill Bhoy!!! Your’e back! Yes you were indeed mate. Packy has been worried about. Don’t make yourself a stranger. Hope you are well.

big packy

FAIRHILL BHOY glad to see you back.hh.

“Former Burnley manager Owen Coyle, currently in charge of MLS side Houston Dynamo, is 6/1 to come to Celtic, while Roy Keane is the same price.
Alan Stubbs, Northern Ireland head coach Michael O’Neill and former Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers are all 10/1.”

Daily Express April 20th 2016


JTT53-haven’t really been away,still read everyday,just couldn’t let that one slide ?
I’m good mate and I hope you are to ?
Back to the golf ?️






Lovely song Sean Keane, Home. Smashing picture too.

You homesick Mahe?


not today mate . The fact I can actually stand it is testament to that for its rare I can listen to the oul music.
The one who makes the jump suffers the most but the rest benefit. Besides home hasnt been the same since da passed.
Am looking forward to it dont worry.
Hail Hail




Noel Skytrot

thanks. I just wondered where he was in the running stakes before being unveiled as I don’t recall Mr Leicester being a front runner before being appointed. HH



Mike in Toronto


Dont tell Claire Grogan, but, about 20 years ago, I saw Bic Runga open for Tim Finn … I was almost tempted to give up my infatuation with Ms. Grogan for Ms. Runga.


Fairhill Bhoy

Mahe-I have that Bruce Willis album somewhere,return of Bruno or something like that??aw naw ,respect yourself na na



MIT ,, if I had met her I wouldnae have left NZ and thats why I listened from afar.

Fairhill,,that album will be worth money one day,, stick that in the mail or put it away safe πŸ˜‰

I think its fair to say I prefer a female vocalist,,just something more traditional and tugs the ould heart better. IM sure the blog agrees

Fairhill Bhoy

Mahe-will do?it’s up the loft beside my 12 inch versions of real gone kid,Americanos and Love Train ????

Mike in Toronto

Bruce Willis?! Jesus!!

he’s rubbish … up (down?) there with Billy Bob Thorton as proof that actors cannot sing….

I happened to go to a BBT concert once (not by choice)… possibly the worst show I have ever seen… and I saw a one man punk band, where the guy sang like Donald Duck!