Time To Make The Sheep Nervous!


Couldn’t resist the headline,and let’s be honest,there should only be one team which is nervous about tomorrow’s match. That’s the opposition,an Aberdeen side which languishes in fourth spot in the table,and which has rarely looked much better than that position suggests. Celtic,on the other hand,are clear at the top,have better players,and are looking for that Treble Treble to put themselves in the history books.

So why should we be nervous? Well,I’ll discount the so-called Hampden Hoodoo afflicting Neil Lennon. Most of that has been down to downright cheating-the worst examples are the penalty awarded against Joe Lesley for stopping the ball hitting the floodlights against Hearts,and THAT penalty we didn’t get against Inverness Caley,as clear a case of the genre as you are likely to see. And as I said,we have the better players all over the park. In French Eddie,we have a top top striker,and we have goals in midfield. So why the trepidation?

Well,my main concern is our current form. We aren’t scoring goals and we aren’t creating chances. We aren’t attacking the ball in the vital areas,our passing is poor and our invention even worse. In short,if we play as we have been in most games since BR left,we can forget about that Treble Treble. However,we know we have players with the ability to unlock a defence,to turn a half-chance into a goal,to play the killer pass. We just have to have them turning up on the day,fully fit and raring to go!

Is that likely,given recent displays? Well,I think it’s more likely that Aberdeen will do their utmost to defend deep and hit us on the break,kick us off the park and hope/know Thomson will let them away with it in the interests of “game management”. That’s cheating by the ref,whereby he is selective in his application of the laws,in case you didn’t know.

That’s about all this Aberdeen side have in their locker-raw,physical aggression. Oh,I don’t doubt that there’s a football player hiding in some of them,and I’d be worried about an unexpected flash of brilliance,but I’m more worried about the ability and willingness of our players to cope against a plethora of elbows,kicks and knee-high tackles. But then,Neil Lennon’s teams have never been known for lying down in the face of aggression. “Do unto others” is his motto. “Only do it first”

And that is how we have to approach this match,to my way of thinking. Come firing out of the blocks,let the opposition know we are up for it,put down a few markers and then let the game commence. This will give our danger men-Eddie,Tom Rogic if fit,Ryan Christie-the confidence and courage to go about their duties and book our place in the final next month. A chance at revenge against Inverness Caley,what’s not to like?

Oh,and in case that’s not incentive enough,the final is on 25th of May. The anniversary of a certain other team of legends creating history.

This is your time,lads. Your shot at immortality. Treble Treble,cue for a song…


Above article by BMCUWP. If you would like to send us your review of the match,we’ll publish them all on Monday. If there’s something else you want to say,we’ll publish that too. Send it to Mahe


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A thing of beauty

Morning bmcuwp, quick post before heading out for a cycle. Lovely day for it btw but I bet before I get out it starts blowing a gale. About tomorrow’s game, I am so confident I keep thinking I’ve woken up in someone else’s body. Unfortunately it does not appear to be a supermodels but thems the breaks. As I say I am super confident and I have no idea why as we have been so poor this season. The whole season, not just since Lenny came in as some would have us believe. We have not been fluent and have played too much of our u bend football, with 40 passes around the park except in the bit that matters – The penalty box. It’s so frustrating to watch but I believe this team has a couple of good games left in them and then it’s time for a reset. I’ll leave that conversation for another time. The bhoys have to turn up tomorrow and play at a tempo that Aberdeen can’t live with. Settling into our brand of walking football will give them the only chance they have so right at it from the start and it’s over by half time.

Morning everyone. I’m a bit nervy about tomorrow, mostly for the same reasons given above by Bobby. But I’m always the same on big occasions. Doesn’t matter the manager, the team or the current form. It’s the nature of the beast. I just want us to win. And pray for a fair MIB.

Packy hope you have got your day planned for tomorrow. I will be looking forward to your opinion on it Sunday evening.

big packy

morning bhoys and ghirls, jim yes I will give you my report after the game on sunday,, starting to get a bit nervous, Aberdeen will be no pushovers especially if gms and McGinn are playing,, as atob just said we need to up our tempo and play the Glasgow celtic way, attack attack attack.COYBIG.HH.

Packy, I think GMS is injured.

See if Celtic had a ‘poacher’ type player we would have scored about another 20 goals this season.

Cosy corner bhoy

The first question to ask is’Would you be more nervous with NFL in charge than BR’ and depending on your answer lies the answer to your nervousness!
A bit of nerves in a cup semi is a good thing and over confidence usually the opposite.
I am as always both confident and nervous ?
Another question should be ‘Which camp are you in? The ‘We should play our ‘own ‘players only or the’winning the tie is object of the afternoon ‘!
I am in the latter. Watching the’ Cellic ‘ is brilliant but a winning Celtic is even better.
So,I would have Burke and Weah on definitely and Toljan at least on the bench.
A question for another day…. Why the opprobrium towards BR who left us for Leicester and little comment on NFL who just left us and we ‘inherited ‘ an inexperienced coach in RD? who was only deprived of a treble by the worst decision ever I’m my 76 years of watching Celtic.At least R H Davidson was just himself,there were 6 of them at that game.
Looking forward to the game but not the walk from the pub!!

big packy

COSY CORNER BHOY AND JIM, agree with you both, if we had a poacher we would score a barrowload, and ccb im just old enough to remember mr Davidson, my dad called him a dirty orange masonic bassa hh.

CCB, that hellish game against ICT, the linesman staring at the incident was a Celtic supporter for years, as was his father. He is not allowed to forget it. I think he has been consumed by the Dallas family.


WTF? You,brimming wi confidence? Must be drugged or summat!


I remember Davidson in a few matches,but the first time I remember him being up to his tricks was against Aberdeen in the cup. Sent off Jinky because he kept getting kicked!

Drew 0-0,Billy scored on the Wednesday. Hope it was from a cross from wee Jimmy,that would have been poetic justice.

(Aye,he was playing in the replay four days later.)


We should certainly have scored more than we have done. Timo is the closest we have to a poacher,I think,though Eddie has fired in a few from close-range. It’s not Griff’s strong point either.

Oooops,above to JIMTHETIM53


Send us a match review,we can post it on Monday morning. And nothing to stop you posting your thoughts after the match either,of course,except a few too many of the goldies!

On which subject,I’ve got a nice bottle all ready for my visit to SOLKITTS and his missus this weekend. Won’t tell you what though as I don’t want to spoil the surprise. It’s a malt that I can’t believe I’ve not had before,so looking forward to it!

Enjoy the weekend,bud.

Turned on the Hearts v Ivness game there, very poor fare and if you didn’t know it would be hard to tell who was a division above the other, pretty crap crowd n awe, right ten mins is enough for me, cleaning up after the dugs is a far better option me thinks.

bada bing1

Ikpezu scores,leaves the pirch into the Hearts fans,no card

Excuse me if I don’t cry over a penalty against ICT in a SC semi final.



Having said that,Hearts got a dodgy one to win against us in a semi,as I mentioned in the article.


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQuKCpkbCRE Eriskay The most unique pitch in the world

Gordon64, Thanks for posting that, I seen pictures of it during the week. I loved the ‘Celticy’ strip they were wearing and then the truth came out at the end! Everyone on the Island is a Celtic supporter. Bar one! 🙂

Crackin wee video G64.

I’ve just read there was only about 12,000 at Hampden today. Surely that can’t be true? Does anyone know?

Just checked the SFA site. It was 21,000 attendance. Maybe the guy who wrote 12,000 just got his numbers mixed up. It’s easy done, mind you I’m 56.

That’ll be Lidl on the banned list….we’ve got buns, hun 😉comment image?_nc_cat=103&_nc_ad=z-m&_nc_cid=0&_nc_zor=9&_nc_ht=scontent.xx&oh=031703fcde7de580e6f4953d5078de35&oe=5D385981


When men were men, and sheep were nervous.

Wouldn’t be football if we weren’t curious, no point in rolling up to the Kings Park end, as generations of Celtic fans have done before us. No point, in pinting it in the Beechwood or waiting outside for your Daa, whilst you have a packet of crisps. No point in getting soaked in the ash laden footfall, or dust in your face with two black rings round your eyes. We’ll go tomorrow and keep up the tradition of the gift of Glasgow Celtic, and the best men will win.


Cant help feeling sorry for Fort William in the Highland League. 32 games played. Nil wins. GD -215. Points -7 (don’t know how that came about). I think they might need a new manager.

big packy

GORDON64, thanks for that video, brilliant, and all celtic fans bar one hh.

big packy

now anyone who knows me knows my love for fish and chips, I love a good fish supper, whats that got to do with tomorrows game I hear you say ,well everything really im taking you back to a midweek game against Aberdeen circa 1970/71, was never a big fish lover but coming back from that game we were starving, me my father and my 2 cousins we stopped at stonehaven, found a chippy, and my dad and my older cousin went in ,and they came out with the best fish supper ive ever tasted in my life, mind you we were starving, but that fish supper made me a lover of fish and chips, so thank you Aberdeen for that.p.s. but I still want to beat you tomorrow.

Joey Barton looks like he is in a bit of bother.

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the video G64. Football is indeed the beautiful game. I played in similar conditions once at Eastbourne. I didn’t know they had cliffs till I saw the football pitch at the top of them. The wind was so strong I managed to clear a shot off the line and I started running from the 18 yard line.
That was some twitter link exiled. What a state for professional athletes to be in. No club in this era should have players behaving like that. Let’s hope they had a world class breakfast at Auchenhowie to chase way the hangover.
Also Welcome to the blog bournesouprecipe.
So a win tomorrow sees us meet hearts. Good, I love beating them as well. We turn up, we win. I’m looking for a top drawer performance but does anyone who tuned into the game feel the grass at hampden was a bit long or am I getting paranoid again. I certainly thought it was. Admittedly I only watched five minutes but that was enough, horrible hearts winning so went out instead.


Big Packy , I can indeed remember my own best fish supper so I know you’re not telling tales, not that you do.
Best food ever is in Italy, they know how to eat.
Was 10 courses at Beppe wedding, a feast it was. Italian chef refused to serve the meat anything but rare ,, but was delicious.
Pork cheeks with red wine and bacon stood out.

About to start chores after playing video games for hours like a child here ffs.
Hail Hail

big packy

MAHE, how are you pal, yes love my fish and chips, are you looking forward to tomorrows game, where will you be watching it.hh.

It goes without saying the fish suppers on the coast are so much better than inland. I love them in East Neuk of Fife. There’s a good Italian one in Troon too if it’s still open. I suspect the chippies in places like Lanarkshire use frozen fish. The fresher the better.


ATOB I watched some of the game today and wasn’t sure if the slowness of the game was down to the grass or general lack of pace in both team of hammer throwers. Big Ikpeazu looks like he’s pulling a cart when he runs.


Best fish supper I have tasted was Pittenweem Fife. Wee fishing village, funnily enough ?
Worst fish supper was in Camden. My first time in London. Bit into the batter to find black skin still on the fish. Made me puke. Fife the best.
Looking for a good win tomorrow.

big packy

jim when I lived in glenboig Lanarkshire ,it used to be all Italian chippys, and there fish was fresh haddock, don’t know what its like now though, when I moved down to England the fish and chip shops were mostly Chinese, to get a decent fish supper in Cheshire you had to go over the peninnes to Yorkshire, where they fried in the same way as Scotland in beef dripping.hh,

big packy

HI GARRY long time no speak, how are you, hope your keeping well, yes the fish and chips in our country are streets ahead of England, except maybe yorkshie, they are the closest to a good Scottish fish supper.hh.


All good BP, thanks for asking. There is a cracking chippy near Elland Road Leeds. Scottish family ran it like a Scottish chippy.
Hope all good in your life pal.

bada bing1



About to enjoy The Masters.
Mon the Frankie Molinari!

bada bing1

The Masters on cooncil telly BBC 2

Barton prevented from leaving Barnsley today after the game.


Ms Barbour is a fave of mine. ?

“To get a decent fish supper in Cheshire you had to go over the peninnes to Yorkshire”
I suppose there is logic in that, somewhere 😉


BSR Like you I will reluctantly attend our ‘National stadium’ tomorrow where unless you have a main stand seat the matchday experience is generally awful. Also I really grudge giving any succour to the Sleekit Feckers Assoc. The only positive is that I can walk there and back from the Vogue. Hh


BP,,all good but saved up all my chores for this weekend and now don’t feel like doing them!
I will try to find a stream. 1 nil. Close game.
Hail Hail

bada bing1

Garry- totally agree 🙂

big packy

THE EXILED TIM. not pulling your leg, the chippys in England are crap apart from Yorkshire, you will probably know the chippy in stonehaven I was referring to, probably long gone now,.hope you and yours and the dugs are well.hh.

I have never even seen a chippie since I have been in Spain apart from down the costas where it’s egg and chips to beat the band, the rest of Spain, no way.
I reckon the chippie in Stonehaven will still be there depending on which one it was, logic there.
I have to agree with Garry tho, the best I have ever had has been in Fife.

BP, Can’t wait till the game tomorrow, I will need to try and find a you know what or listen to it on the wireless. When I do have to listen to a game I like to also follow the match updates on CQN, ‘GG in particular, just to make sure I’m listening to a true account on the radio. It’s on in the pub of course but I’m trying my best to curtail my visits there.

Meanwhile, Vera is on the telly at 9pm. She is one tough cookie of a detective, you wouldn’t to bring home a broken wage packet to her. I love whodunnits. My memory is so bad that even if I have seen it before I haven’t a clue who did it. It’s almost like watching it for the first time. ! 🙂

That’s me for the night, Rosaries to make.

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