That Winning Feeling!


Well,that’s the sheep shorn again,and as I said on Saturday,they really are no better than their position in the league table suggests. They couldn’t manage a corner or a shot on target-from only two attempts,while we mullered them with 12 corners,24 attempts and ten on target. They had two players sent off for truly dreadful ‘challenges’ as well as their manager and his assistant-the former claiming he was provoked by sectarianism.

Strangely,that never seemed to bother him when he played in blue…

Our 70% possession yielded a satisfactory three goals and we are still on course for that Treble Treble.

Neil put out a very strong side yesterday,a team which looked like being first to every ball,prepared to battle if necessary but also capable of The Beautiful Game,given the opportunity. Well,we didn’t take every opportunity-Jozo had two great chances in the opening few minutes and their keeper was the only player to get pass marks-but we took enough of them.

We are on an amazing run in domestic cup competitions. This was our tenth successive semi,and our sixth successive victory. It was our 26th straight win,our 21st clean sheet,our 79th, 80th and 81st goals on the way,with only seven conceded. Pretty astonishing stuff!

James Forrest was our first half hero,cutting in and firing it into the top corner. Special goal,special player-maybe he’s been watching those videos of Marian Shved?!!! Aberdeen were down to ten by this time,with Ball sent off for a shocking assault on Ryan Christie. Ryan was stretchered off after lengthy treatment and we all wish him a speedy recovery.

I suspect he might need a good plastic surgeon too.

Our second was a calm penalty from Eddie after Johnny Hayes was tripped in the box. Our third was the work of the Karma Gods. Ferguson got a straight red for a brutal lunge at Tom Rogic,and although TR looked like taking the free kick,Mikael Lustig fired it in instead.

Straight into the wall,that is!

Undeterred he laid the rebounding ball off to TR,who showed him how it’s done. 3-0 and the only pity was that we didn’t completely humiliate them.

Well,we did-but the scoreline doesn’t reflect that. But it would be churlish to deny Aberdeen my gratitude for being there yesterday-after all,they saved us having to play the huns,and our treatment room being full to the gunnels as a result. We will welcome the guard of honour from them when we play them in three weeks!

Overall,a convincing display,and a welcome return to form. It bodes well for our title run-in.
It is never good to discover that our heroes have feet of clay,even worse to discover that they are morally reprehensible.

Those whom the gods wish to destroy,they first make into sporting superheroes and media darlings?

Tiger Woods ticks all the boxes here,a sporting billionaire,the first black superstar in golf. Fourteen majors in his first decade as a pro,none in his second decade as his personal life publicly imploded and fell apart-and with it,his career,his health and for a while it seemed,his sanity too.

1200th in the rankings a couple of years ago and now?

His fifth Augusta Masters.

He deserves our congratulations for that achievement. If his humility and contrition as shown is genuine,he deserves our congratulations for that too.
I’m iPad-less for two weeks and unable to access certain things,like the site mail account. Or my own gmail,come to that. Hopefully I can get them set up on this phone soon enough. If you have sent a match review or article for publication,my sincere apologies for being a twat. Mahe can still access the SC mail account though,so panic not. Keep sending stuff to him for publication…



And just to prove that Mahe can still access the mail account,he sent me the following-so please,FAN-A-TIC,accept my apologies as above…


Here’s Fan-a-tic match review.

Celtic Team vs Aberdeen

Bain, Lustig, Simunovic, Ajer, Tierney, Brown, McGregor, Christie, Forrest, Hayes, Edouard

Substitutes: De Vries, Toljan, Sinclair, Rogic, Ntcham, Weah, Benkovic
Celtic v Aberdeen April 14 2019

No real surprises as the safety first approach by Neil continues. Is Burke injured as he doesn’t even make the bench.

Game starts with both teams sending long probing balls forward.
4th minute and Kaiser Jozo slaloms through half the Aberdeen team to see his great shot saved for corner.
From resulting corner he puts an easy chance just past post.
6minutes Hayes breaks into box but cross come shot goes wide
.As the game settles in first twenty Celtic playing all the football,not silky but purposeful and direct.
Aberdeen sitting in and hitting long balls to Cosgrove.

22nd minute Thomson up to his usual standard and books JF who was clearly pulled back.
24 minutes the old KT arrives with great bit of skill to beat a few men and cut back to Ed who has his shot blocked.
29 minutes great interplay by Calum and Hayes leads to Calum shooting over.
35 minutes game very scrappy with no real flow.

37 Minutes ball gets second yellow for scandalous assault on Christie.Was a clear headbutt by player with no chance of getting ball and should have been a straight red.
Typical behavior from an ex hun.
Christie receives prolonged treatment before being stretchered off to be replaced by Rogic.
46 minute JF cuts in from right and hits a thunderbolt into top corner

.Poetic justice 1-0

48 minutes Jf almost makes it to after great combo with Ed but keeper makes a good save .
50 minutes Lustig header saved after good Hayes cross.
We are finishing half strongly.
Aberdeens Ferguson has not made one tackle without fouling yet goes in at half time without a card courtesy of Thomson.

Ferguson starts the second half with another foul without caution.
50 minutes Lustig great cross across 6 yd line but no takers.
52 McGregor effort cleared just in front of goal.
gic54 Ed free kick blocked for corner.

61 Hayes tripped in box.Penalty Celtic.
Ed dispatches in bottom corner . 2-0

65 minutes A Aberdeen head hunting and fouling constantly.

66 minute Ferguson sees red for two footed lunge on Rogic.Pure thuggery and no place for it in the modern game.

68 minutes Lustig free kick rebounds back to him off the wall and he passes to Rogic who plants it in the bottom corner. 3-0

69 minutes Hayes shot saved for corner.
74 minutes greetings face McInnes gets sent to stands and Celtic sub Hayes and JF for SS and Weah.
80 minutes SS shot blocked.
82 minutes Weah shot saved.
83 minutes SS shot blocked resulting in another hopeless corner.
84 minutes Kaiser Jozo volleys just wide from Lustig cross.
89 minutes Ed brings out great save from keeper.
Game ends on 92 minute despite 5 subs in second and delay on Ferguson red card incident.

We played an effective game and were deserved winners but not in a particularly modern way.
But definitely an improvement.
Our corners are now a reason to go and take a piss or make tea as nothing is bound to happen.
Kaiser Jozo was imperious today and old man Lustig not far behind.
Onwards with the treble clearly in sight.

Hail Hail

Notify of

Everyone is a Sinner.

Listened to the Tiger efter the game.

Absolutely delighted that Celtic might get a Treble Treble.

That is a genuine Generation of Domination.


There were some truly terrific posts over the weekend from a variety of contributors-grateful thanks,everyone-but this one damn near deserves an article of its own
The Gombeen Man

For a Celtic side that lost a highly successful Coach and backroom staff a few weeks ago, the last few weeks have been a triumph.

Our competitors saw an opportunity to capitalise. Our form hadn’t been convincing and the sudden nature of Brendan Rodgers, at the business end of the season looked ominous.

That’s why there are such sour grapes among the disappointed followers of Sevco and Aberdeen tonight.

They know Celtic are the best team in the country. Celtic players can also be justly proud of their disciplinary record. That record is all the more remarkable given the allegiance of most of the officials to Sevco.

Hard work, talent and courage has brought Celtic to the point of writing and righting history.

Any acknowledgement by the media is always grudgingly made. Invariably there is a focus on anything remotely negative. Never the positive.

As Anaw highlighted earlier, the fallout from the demise of Sevco continues in expensive litigation.

The miracle of the 5 Way Agreement is an albatross.

Resolution 12 details the underhand Gombeenism of the administration of the game. It’s all there…

Tick tock.

It isn’t going away.

There is clean money in the bank. Trivialities like institutional investors, a billionaire majority shareholder and even a Nomad are in place.

Nothing will be taken for granted. Humility and respect are key in a club that’s open to all.

Let’s look forward to the next few weeks and be grateful for them.

HH & Ni

BIGPACKY from yesterday

I doubt you’ll be banned from here for stating an opinion,mate. Not unless it’s potentially libellous or a direct attack on a fellow poster.

Btw,The Cheshire Chippy Association’s lawyer wants to know your address!!!

Twists n turns

One more Hampden victory away from the most astonishing achievement, and a feat that will almost certainly never br repeated.
Winning 3 league titles on the bounce in Scotland isn’t new. Winning 9 trophies in succession would have been unthinkable in the days leading up to Ronnie Deila’s departure.
It’s the SC and League cup runs that surely have amazed us all.
The best teams in World football inevitably tumble to a lesser opponent in cup ties, but not these bhoys.
Hearts await – and you’d look at at fixture and think yet another tricky tie? Well yes, complacency if allowed to set is a dangerous thing, but there has been nothing to suggest these players won’t see us reach the Everest peak.

What’s the term for 12 successive trophies? Quadruple treble?

( or is that a somewhat complacent attitude)

Seriously- truly remarkable.


Neil has the inside track.

I think even Billionaires are insecure.

bada bing1

Celtic will again be in the money if Moussa Dembele is sold by Lyon this summer.

The Frenchman left the Hoops for £19.8million last August but his former team could be quids in with a pair of Premier League giants circling.

The 22-year-old is enjoying a strong season in Ligue 1 and Manchester United and Arsenal are eyeing a move for the striker, according to the Mirror .

The Gombeen Man

Thanks BMCUWPS & Fan-a-tic for the leader.

It was a great weekend and there were some really good posts on here. Jimthetim53’s insights, ToB’s wit and observations, CCB’s wisdom, Gordy’s tunes, Bada’s tweets, Packie’s dugs, Noel Skytrot’s, anagrams, Anaw’s humour to name but a few of the highlights (sorry if I missed you).

Even Mags had the green jumper on at one stage.?

I hope Ryan’s okay. A Treble Treble takes guts.

Odd how some folk don’t like to lose and have no difficulty deflecting by playing the Orange Card.



A very satisfying and not nerve shredding performance on the day against an Aberdeen side trying to offset loss of key footballers with stuff of the agricultural variety.

Not surprising they were manure.

We have some really good players and it looks like NL has decide to leave the loanees on the bench as they are unlikely to be around next season.

Hope Weah, who got game time , is able to be retained.

Good to see Hayes playing well , proving once more fans are not the best judges or are too quick to judge.

Sorry to see Ryan Christie stretchered off, his determination to win the high ball led to his injury. We need that kind of bravery but less of how it was met.

On a general theme though: has our domestic game as result of Celtic dominance resulted in each game we play in becoming a boxing match?

When your nearest opponents in last month end up with 9 players as a result of violence against us, how is that countered?

Ordering offs reduce the spectacle and refs can get it wrong trying to make it a match, as Thomson did yesterday almost at the cost of a serious injury to Rogic.

Should Celtic be asking questions about the indiscipline that is on the rise or is it just part of the nature of Scottish football at this time?

Cosy corner bhoy

Well that was nearly a GREAT day oot! We won ‘oot the park ‘ we got the first goal scorer at 5s,we had 4-0,and Celtic to score both halves and 3 corners each half and we got 2 in first and umpteen in second!!
Who cares it was a great day oot!!!
ATOB’s supreme confidence was not misplaced!
Only downside….. getting away after game. I think we could have walked back to the Vogue and had a celebratory pint and got home quicker???

I’m afraid we have made a rod for our own back when it comes to the referees, we have pandered to the sfa for years and have allowed them to discriminate against us, you only have to look at the huns, they get to choose who referees their games, I get not rocking the boat, I disagree with it 100% but I understand where they are coming from, when it injures your players you need to speak out, eff the media, they will print and say what they will against us, nothing new, outwith scotland nobody gives a flying duck, they all believe the hun narrative as it’s the only one coming out of the country.

I always enjoy Fan-A-Tics take on a game. It’s easy for me to understand. Today, if there is a recurring theme on his report it’s the fouls and dirty play by Aberdeen.

Last night on Sportscene Michael Stewart, my favourite pundit, spoke briefly on Aberdeen’s agricultural approach. Whilst admitting to them crossing a line on occasions, he infers that opposition teams in Scotland have no choice but to take this style of play. He has normalised it. I was disappointed in this. It’s like they can’t attempt to play decent football. Avoid humiliation at all costs. Of course they are aided and abetted by the refereeing fraternity in this.

I cannot think of one single team in Scotland who do not take this approach. Some more than others. Yesterday was the dirtiest Aberdeen side I can remember seeing. Cue the squirrels.

Even when Celtic are at their worst they never resort to being a dirty team. I am proud of them. And yet we are the most hated team in Scotland outside our own support. We try to play football. If Celtic ever joined the club that is Scottish football I would give up.


Haw you,what about mine?!!!

No,I agree-that’s why we are so keen to get additional opinions on the games. He does a great job,as has everyone else who has proferred their thoughts

Time you tried it!

Bobby, yours was brilliant as well. I think the problem is I take you and Mahe for granted! Also, Big Packy told me you get £20k per year for writing yours! But it’s well worth it in my opinion. 🙂

Dave King has sent out an appeal for Season Ticket renewals. A wee snippet:

“Rangers has always been a leader on and off the pitch. Apart from the aim of amassing titles and trophies, being part of Rangers as a fan, player, manager or director means we conduct ourselves in a specific manner. Our club often comes under unfair attack and we are relentless in working hard behind the scenes, and up front when necessary, to make sure we are given the respect our club and our massive support deserves. But we will not engage in unseemly debates through the media.”

We will not engage in unseemly debates? Has he forgotten all the statements they have issued when things are going their way? What about the endless quotes from Stevie Gee a couple of weeks ago? What is Jim Traynor’s role at Auchenhowie if not to stir things up and create debate?

Dignity? don’t make me laugh. Dignity as personified by Morelos and their players at their recent night out in Glasgow.

‘when things are not going their way’

Awe Naw

In the last scene of GOT thrones was all very predictable as expected, when she´s pumping the dragon and once the dragon finally orgasms .. there is a large puff of smoke … as puff the magic dragon warned you about in your childhood .. well some of you and there is Bronnie doing the Broonie

bada bing1
Awe Naw

Former Rangers stars face huge tax bills after missing EBT deadline
It’s understood several of those who benefited from the Ibrox side’s Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) will be hit with massive tax demands.

ByCraig Robertson
04:30, 15 APR 2019UPDATED07:23, 15 APR 2019

Former Rangers stars face huge bills this year after failing to strike a deal with HMRC over a controversial tax avoidance scheme.

It’s understood several of those who benefited from the Ibrox side’s Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) will be hit with tax demands – with some potentially owing millions.

It’s because they didn’t agree a repayment plan with HMRC by a deadline of April 5.

HMRC rules on so-called “disguised remuneration schemes” say the unpaid money will now be lumped into one income tax bill which is due at the end of the tax year. It’s not known which former Rangers figures have yet to settle with the taxman.

A source connected with the EBT investigation said: “Some former players were quick to agree a deal with the taxman who has been very fair in sorting out repayment plans.

“But others involved in the EBT scheme believe it’s the club who are to blame for this and are reluctant to pay the tax.”

HMRC was given power to go after former Rangers figures following a Supreme Court ruling in July 2017 that said EBT payments made under the David Murray regime at Ibrox were not loans but earnings that should have been taxed.

The payback could hit Ibrox old boys from goalie Stefan Klos to less heralded signings including Nuno Capucho and Julien Rodriguez.

Former club owner Murray, with an estimated liability of more than £3million, is by far the biggest potential loser.

A UK spokesman said: “HMRC is committed to providing affordable payment arrangements and enhanced support more vulnerable customers may need.”

The Gombeen Man


“… amassing titles.” Glibby.

A classic. That’ll keep me going for the day.

The Gombeen Man, I often wonder if glibby actually believes what he is saying. It’s often crazy in the extreme. I’m sure there must be a condition where you can delude yourself to believe everything you spout is the truth. Otherwise he has a brass neck as brassy as brass can be. Either could be true with him. But always remember what the judge in SA said of him – He is a glib and shameless liar.

Awe Naw

Dave King Statement in Full

“I begin by again offering my most sincere thanks to each and every Rangers supporter for the continued commitment and understanding that you have shown throughout the recent rebuilding of our club.

“It was never going to be easy and it is extremely gratifying to have witnessed the progress that has been made over the last year. We are now within tangible reach of Rangers becoming the dominant force in Scottish football forever.

“Much of the progress on the pitch can be attributed to Myself, Mark Allen, Steven Gerrard and their respective management teams. Turning to a young manager was a risk but it was one that Mark and the board felt we should take because of Steven Gerrard’s football pedigree.

“Steven’s passion, professionalism and winning mentality has been inculcated throughout the football activities at all levels and we have seen strong benefits from this. Of significance was our first, strong European campaign for many years.

“The team was heroic at all times in battling through four very tough qualifiers and went on to narrowly miss making the knock-out stages. However, the inconsistency that inevitably comes with another new management team and a new group of players was also evident. We saw periods where we were rightly regarded as title contenders, followed by periods of varying quality.

“However, despite these periods of inconsistency it is clear that the playing squad is significantly stronger than in recent seasons and, importantly for future transfer activity, the overall value of the squad has greatly increased.

“This is a tribute to the work that Mark, Steven and their management teams have done to improve the process behind player recruitment and their overhaul of the training methods and the general well being of the football squad at all levels and age groups. The team requires a further upgrade and the board will continue to back Mark and Steven, who fully understand that Rangers must win titles and cups and plans are already in place for recruitment in the summer window.

“Rangers has always been a leader on and off the pitch. Apart from the aim of amassing titles and trophies, being part of Rangers as a fan, player, manager or director means we conduct ourselves in a specific manner. Our club often comes under unfair attack and we are relentless in working hard behind the scenes, and up front when necessary, to make sure we are given the respect our club and our massive support deserves. But we will not engage in unseemly debates through the media instead we will continue to issue our statements.

“Conducting ourselves with dignity is a part of who we are and it is up to us to set standards. However, in doing this, we will not allow ourselves to be treated differently or held to a different set of rules from Steve Clarke or any other supposed big shot.

“The institution that is Rangers Football Club is special and has a unique place in football history as having won – by quite some distance – more trophies than any other club in the whole wide world. We must now start adding very quickly to this record but can only achieve this by remaining together and being stronger in our unity than other clubs.

“This season, a record number of season tickets were sold and it would be remarkable if we could again hit that number as we lay the foundations for what we hope will be the season which sees Rangers triumphant again before we may lose money through the courts to our enemies. Your Board is committed to providing further funding and we are also asking for supporters’ help through renewing season tickets, which will increase in cost by only 5%. We feel this is not an excessive increase to help pay for Daniel Defoe and every fan should know that the season-ticket revenue will solely go towards the first-team squad and toilet rolls on match days.

“We have also witnessed a significant advancement at the Academy under the guidance of Craig Mulholland and his team. This was evidenced by our under-17s who went to Qatar and won the prestigious Alkass Cup. This triumph – and the fact that more than 20 of our players across all age groups were called up for international duty recently – are clear signs that the Alex Mc Leish is doing a terrific job.

“Rangers is a massive club and our importance demands that we contribute to the broader community as a whole. No club in the country does more to help those less fortunate than we do. Nicola Strugeon the First Minister and teh head of Poice Scotland reiterated how important match day Saturday afternoons are at Ibrox with regards to the economy , repairs and resources.

“The Rangers Charity Foundation’s work goes mostly unheralded but through its various education, health and well-being, employability, diversity and inclusion programmes (as well as many others) it continues to be a force for good and has eased the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who need help in so many ways. Gary McAllisters false dentistry is only the beginning. In order to further boost our charitable activities we are proud, for the first time, to have included a £2 donation for the Rangers Charity Foundation as part of the Season Ticket payment. I know that all fans will support this initiative to help us help ourselves

“I sincerely hope that you will renew your season ticket for 2019/20 before the inevitable fakes news and bad press that our status seems to attract and thank you in advance for your continued support and stupidity.”

Awe Naw

Rangers chief Dave King has everyone reaching for the dictionary again with latest statement
The man who brought the word ‘concomitant’ has now used the word ‘inculcated

By Keith Jackson and Gary Ralston
12:13, 15 APR 2019 UPDATED 12:40, 15 APR 2019

Dave King has had fans and journalists reaching for the dictionary again after his latest letter to supporters.

The Rangers chairman released a statement on the back on season ticket renewals being up for sale.

In the wide-ranging address, he declared the Ibrox giants are on the brink of the club again becoming Scottish football’s dominant force forever.

The businessman also revealed Steven Gerrard will be backed by further funds in the summer transfer window after paying tribute to the work of the manager and director of football Mark Allen.

King had many scratching their heads when he employed the word “concomitant” in 2017 in a statement that dismissed perenial loser Derek McInnes after he knocked back the chance to become manager.

In a thinly-veiled swipe at the Aberdeen loser, King said: “We were subsequently made aware by Aberdeen’s statement that, at this stage in his career, it would be best for him to remain in his current post. We endorse that position because moving to a massive club like Rangers is a big step with concomitant risk.”

As everyone now knows now, Thanks to Dave, concomitant’s dictionary definition is something that is “naturally accompanying or associated”.

Now the South Africa-based tycoon has dipped back into his varied vocabulary with another word you don’t hear every day.

In his latest address to supporters, King uses the term “inculcated”. The sentence reads: “Steven’s passion, professionalism and winning mentality has been inculcated throughout the football activities at all levels and we have seen strong benefits from this.”

A quick search with an online dictionary tells us inculcated means “to have instilled an idea, attitude or habit by persistent indoctrination towards a simpleton”.


Having achieved legendary status on CQN for lampooning anyone and everyone-especially the SMSM and hunnery in general-I doff my cap to your latest two efforts.

Satirising the unstitirisable,parodying those beyond ridicule,that is a special gift.

Turns out that CQN didn’t welcome the messenger. We are glad to have your talents on board.

I wonder what we may dig up if we look beyond the reported facts and look at unconfirmed conjecture?

The truth,perhaps?

The Gombeen Man


I’d love to see a polygraph test on Glibby. It would probably register the highest the highest score ever on the Richter scale.?


Awe Naw


I think we are about to witness groundhog close season


I’d love him to explain his part in the liquidation.

His I’m only here for the fans crap doesn’t cut it. He’s only there because they welcome the messiah.

Grasping at straws,on other words-though not green ones,obviously.

King and hunnery are a match made in hell,but it’s a pleasure to watch the latter being-royally!-screwed as they deny and deflect. And coughing up big time.

Gimme the money!!!


I’m on record here as saying that we will be watching PL having a nice wee summer holiday during the transfer window.

Get used to it.

The Gombeen Man


I thought I heard Gerrard say that he didn’t expect to spend (I might have dreamed that) in his interview at Celtic Park

Seems that has changed.

Someone’s telling porkies your guess is as good as mine who?



Howdy troops.
Didn’t see game as stupid website only had day before Hearts game still
The youtube highlights showed that was some goal by James, surely our POY and someone who has made me about turn my opinion that he was a bit of a lazy show up sometimes player that flattered to deceive.
He’s lifted his game to a new level, fair play to him. Old Arry wanted him years ago , now I know why.

AweNaw,,theme crackers,,pure quality 😉

Jim,,,would you care to share what happened on der Huns night out ? Haven’t heard here.
Hope you had a good day pal.

Fan-a-tic, , many thanks for today’s report partner. Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

So the police are investigating McInnes;s claim of sectarian abuse
If it turns out he was sent to the stands for arguing with the 4th official and the 2nd sending off and nothing to do with Celtic fans singing (power wee soul) and this is McInness playing the bigot card to protect himself then we are at the dawn of a new era of whataboutery. I wonder what Celtic PLC will do about it?

Margaret McGill

The cost of DK and SG to Rangers success is inculcatable 🙂

Mahe, this is Joe Worrall coming out of their player of the year awards bash. He say ‘ the Celtic’ and his lady companion says ‘no surrender’.

There was another twitter clip going around with several of their players drunk as monkeys including allan McGregor. I can’t find it though. I’m not being a prude but there’s having a drink and getting blotto. Sportsmen shouldn’t be going to the extreme whilst in the public eye.

For the sake of dignity. As glibby says, on the field and off the field. I wonder if he will be having a quiet word with them?

bada bing1

Listen to the Sheep singing, what a surprise….

comment image

bada bing1

Was McInnes ‘acting in the best interests of association football ‘ ?

bada bing1

Looks like Awe Naws handiwork…

bada bing1

“We hope the authorities also take the same interest in offensive chanting directed at Celtic Football Club and our supporters at yesterday’s match and other games.”

Margaret McGill

Scottish Police have now confirmed that there was a lot of singing at Hampden yesterday followed by even more singing over the borders and overseas.Police Scotland are have requested everyone write to their local, national , international and inter galactic representatives and put an end to this universal unbridled joy. It’s no the way things are done here!

big packy

sorry having watched a rerun of the game, my post from yesterday still stands, if gms and niall McGinn were playing yesterday and it was 11v 11 forget the mick McManus steve logan forearm smashes, would we have won that game 3-0 answers on a postcard,.so here we are I digress to 1982 my father had just died from lung cancer, ok he was a coalminer all his life cardowan colliery and bedlay colliery before moving us down south for a better life dawmill colliery in Warwickshire,where he had 8 good years before he passed, he pulled me aside about 2 weeks before he died and said jim if you have any sons please bring them up celtic supporters the way I brought you up, this was because my Liverpool born wife was of the Anglican faith and he thought rightly or wrongly that they would be baptised in the Anglican church, well that little problem was taken out of our hands when both our sons died at birth ,but I can see now one of them saying mum I want to be a celtic supporter and the other one saying dad I want to be a Liverpool supporter, im lost for words now only because they would be in their 30s today and I often wonder who would they support, in all honesty if they had lived and were right next to me now and they said dad we want to support Liverpool im sure my father their grandfather would not object the one thing that keeps me going in this life apart from joan and the dogs is knowing they are up there with him .sorry for the long post luv you all to bits I love this site if mick and stevie said feck off packy that would be the end for me oh ffs ive just found out in the last 5 minutes my youngest brother has had a heart attack he is only 55 must sign off now .

A thing of beauty

I am on record as stating I would like us not to sing the song that derek mcinnes found so offensive. We have hundreds of songs to sing when we are celebrating our team’s success. Songs which give oxygen to the two cheeks of the same arse stuff really annoy me. It is unnecessary. What I will say is that I am glad Celtic have raised the spectre of the paedophilia chants aimed at the Celtic support. It’s only taken them around 6 years but they got there in the end.

Packy, I hope your brother is alright, I will be praying for him. We love you on here mate. Take care.


wiz ‘at you oan CQN yesterday?

bada bing1

Celtic v Aberdeen full game Sky 422 Freesports

Freesports channel 64 on my telly 🙂

A thing of beauty

The full 90 minutes is being repeated on freesport sky 422. Unfortunately it is not in HD. When I turned over I thought I had gone back 15 years. Strange to think that’s what the football looked like for me every week when I used to have a right few drinks before going to the game. Changed days indeed.

Awe Naw

Interesting that only one of todays court cases involving Sevco has been reported tonight in the media. The Mike Ashley case. Nothing really to report on it as well. The usual squirrels reported as if it is another ongoing skirmish with equitable outcomes rather than it being a process to see how much damages SD will be awarded. Which is to be totally expected. Very interesting though that the Craig Whyte case concerning who owns the assets has not been reported at all. Arguably a far more important and serious matter with much less to consider.
Anyone hear anything about it?

You would almost think the SD case is going to be used as a squirrel. Let’s not forget here that Craig Whyte has not been prosecuted for anything involving his takeover unlike Charles Green whom he is up against in court.

During hun ST sales time. Headlines about King taking on Ashley is good copy. The names of Charles Green and Craig Whyte splashed across the media not so much.

Yes my inner extra sensory establishment protection mechanism is twitching

bada bing1

That Ferguson needs sorted out next time we play them…

I read somewhere yesterday that Ryan Christie and Dominic Ball are quite pally because they played together at Aberdeen. Now I cannot know what was going on in Ball’s head but when you look at the incident, Ball wasn’t even looking at the ball but at Christie’s face. And my goodness what an evil look on his face. If that is how he treats his friends I dread to think how he treats his enemies.

Out of curiosity I just looked up Dominic Ball on Wki. He spent a season on loan to Sevco when they were in the championship. Explains everything.